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Today Kate and William attended the wedding of Prince William’s cousin Emily McCorquodale.

James Whatling / Splash News

The bride is Princess Diana’s niece, the daughter of Diana’s older sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale. She was a guest at William and Kate’s wedding last year, and has overcome challenges in her young life, more from a Telegraph article upon the occasion of her engagement:

Emily, 28…has accepted a marriage proposal from James Hutt, who helped her overcome her illness.

Emily, who is close to her cousins the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, was discovered to be suffering from plasmacytoma, a form of cancer which usually affects the elderly, after she fell ill in 2003.

She was given radiotherapy treatment at Nottingham Hospital for several tumours close to her spine.

Kate chose familiar pieces for the wedding,our thanks to royal photographer Mark Stewart for alerting us to what the Duchess wore for the function.

Regal Eyes Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

Many readers will recognize most (if not all) items. Kate was in Katherine Hooker’s raw silk Buxton Coat in a dove gray, officially referred to as ‘ash,’ previously seen for last June’s Order of the Garter.

Katherine Hooker/SplashNews.com

It is an exquisite garment, available in a variety of linens or silks.

Kate’s Jenny Packham frock was previously worn during the couple’s North American tour, seen at the polo match in Santa Barbara last July.

Jenny Packham

Our original post on this event is here.

Kate wore her hair in a partial updo and accessorized with the Whiteley hat worn to last year’s Epsom Derby.

James Whatling/Splash News

Here you have a better look at the chapeau, it is Whiteley style #434/318 in Cappuccino Parisisal with curled Parisisal trim. (Our original post on the hat is here.)

Whiteley via Strictly Kate Middleton & Splash News

The earrings are a pair we have seen on numerous occasions, this was pointed out to us by Anna of My Small Obsessions, as well as Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels. After seeing them on Kate again at the National Service of Thanksgiving last week several WKW Facebook friends starting hunting for the jeweler responsible for the earrings.

Heavenly Necklaces/UK Press Association

Fortunately for everyone, Michele C messaged Anna with a pair she thought were the perfect match and Anna went to work getting confirmation the correct pair had been found. They were indeed, from a company called Heavenly Necklaces.

Heavenly Necklaces

Made of cubic zirconias and reconstituted freshwater pearls, the earrings are only £48, roughly $75 USD at today’s exchange rates. It will come as no surprise the earrings are currently sold out but those interested in purchasing a pair may sign up to be notified when more become available. Our thanks to Michele and Anna for the hard work identifying these so quickly last week!

We saw the LK Bennett Sledge pumps once again, as well as the Hobbs bag Kate carried in Canada.

Via Hobbs

That is the ‘Somerton Clutch’ in silver, it was paired with Kate’s Catherine Walker dress, our original post is here.

More on today’s ceremony from the Daily Mail:

A protective Duke of Cambridge kept one hand on his elegant wife’s back as they chatted with fellow guests on his cousin’s big day.

There was good news for all of the Royals this morning, Prince Philip was released from the hospital today, just in time for his 91st birthday. More from the Telegraph:

Prince Philip emerged from the King Edward VII Hospital in central London on Saturday morning in good spirits after spending five nights there being treated with antibiotics.

As he left, the Prince waved to well-wishers, shook hands with staff at the hospital and thanked them for their care. When asked if he was feeling better, he nodded and quipped: “I wouldn’t be coming out otherwise.”

We’ll be back in another day or two with updates on several other items!

  53 Responses to “Kate Recycles for Emily McCorquodale Wedding”

  1. I agree with the comments made here about the outfit being a nice mix of formerly worn items. Love that she finds fresh ways to combine clothing and accessories-as I think most of us do. I think she looks lovely and the outfit is entirely appropriate for a June wedding in England.

  2. The first time I saw this outfit I was so-so about it but after looking at it again I actually love it. I think if I hadn’t seen the first outfit with this silvery dress jacket I would have been on board from the beginning.

    Anyways, I love the used of blue/silver with brown accents. I think as an art history major and accessories buyer she has a great eye for colors, coordinates, and details!

    (Whenever comparing Kate to other women around her at any event- she always looks more elegant and better dressed, even if her clothes aren’t necessarily more expensive. She knows what she looks good in and she’s confident, both of which go a long way!) :-)

  3. I agree with most of the comments- i totally dont see the connection between any of these peices whatsoever. I DO love that she recycles, and if her goal was not to outshine the bride and groom i do think thats really sweet. However, she is so stunning and has such a great figure- its rare that i think something doesnt look awesome on her- this is probably the first time, she has plenty of outfits that could have been recycled and i could think of 100 different combinations that would have looked better than this. (that gorgeous white coat she wore to last years troop the color come to mind!!!) Having said that- she looks beautiful either way!

    • Totally agree with you—as much as I love Kate, and most of her outfits, this doesn’t work for me. Dress seems too long for coat, and not cut well for “layering”. Also, loved the hat the first time she wore it, but it doesn’t work for me with the grey coat. Let me say that I love her LK Bennett nude sledge shoes, and do not get the recent criticism of them at all. I think they look great with almost everything. Furthermore, we all have a pair of shoes in our closets that are our “go to” pair. I would have loved to have seen the outfit from trooping, or perhaps the exact same ensemble as when she wore this coat the first time at Garter day. As you say, she is a beautiful lady no matter what she wears, and I respect that she was trying to not outshine the bride on her special day.

  4. I really loved how she pulled this outfit together. She is ever mindful that people are watching and she has done perfectly to shop her closet, same as anyone else would, for a friend’s wedding. I like how she buys pieces that we think of as one-time wears but she always has a plan for recycle. I was so happy to see the Jenny Packham dress again in a more formal occasion, and I liked that it wasn’t perfectly matchy matchy. Love it.

  5. There are slight differences between Kate’s earrings and the “replikate” ones. The pearl is bigger and/or the little cap on the pearl is smaller. The way the cubic zirconia is attached looks different/more noticeable than Kate’s. I’m begining to wonder if Kate’s earrings are on loan from the Queen because Princess Sophie has the same pair! I have also noticed that the website that the “replikate” earrings are sold from also has a lot of other “replikate” jewelry as well (her “Diamonds by the Yard” bracelet, the KiKi McDonough white topaz and diamond stud earrings, the earrings from the Jubilee concert, etc.). I think that the jewelry artist is copying Kate’s jewelry and is claiming that Kate bought “(his/her) earrings”.

    A link to the pictures, you have to scroll down the page a bit:

    ***I know that the person who runs this website has stated that Kate’s earrings are the “replikates”, but I’m not convinced!***

  6. I totally enjoy it when Kate dresses like a sensible person for a personal social event. All of us, no matter what our personal wealth, would naturally mix and match good selections as a matter of course.

    Or we SHOULD be doing so.

    If Kate were attending the Oscars, a Royal function, or the Nobel Prize Award dinner, I could understand some intense critical scrutiny, and I would expect her to lean towards more one-night, “disposable” fashion.

    But she is attending a friend’s wedding–and she is not supposed to be the star. Bless her. The bride got to be center stage.

    Kudos Kate. You look great in those colors (although I must admit you looked far more smashing in red), you didn’t upstage the bride, and you didn’t spend a zillion needless pounds on non-essentials. Obviously you dress as though your relationships matter more than the opinions of blogs and press.

  7. Am I missing something? Kate’s earrings don’t look like the ones on that website. Hers do not have a stone on top. They are similar.

  8. I like this outfit (from top to bottom) very much! … very interesting choice!!? ..showing Kate at its most experimental – mixing & matching seemingly odd pieces, all worn previously. I like the unusual combination, its quirkiness, the soft, muted colour palette and subtlety of it all. The lovely cappuccino hat looked more golden on her braided hair – It’s so cute!. Both her coat and hand-painted dress are exquisite garments, and go well together. The earrings

    • Sorry – pressed the “submit” bottom by mistake!! … meant to say The earrings made the whole look Perfect!! (I want to buy a pair of these!)

  9. Kate understated and elegant as usual. I liked the combination of neutral colors, nicely light and summery (even if the weather was not). The hat picked up a bit of the flower colors in the dress, I thought. We know and Kate knows that wherever she goes and whatever she does, pictures of her will appear world wide. However, dressing for a private event is different from dressing for official dos like the Jubilee events. She always looks nice but is under no obligation to set a style trend at a family wedding or other private affair.

    PS The mother of the bride is Lady Sarah (the daughter of an Earl), but the bride herself was just Miss McQuorcodale and is now Mrs. Hutt. ;) (Why are we Americans- me, anyway- who are all just plain Mr. or Mrs. (even the President) so fascinated with these complicated British titles?)

  10. I just love how William has not neglected his mother’s side of the family. I remember him specifically stopping to speak with them at his wedding and blew a kiss to one of them. I’ve always wondered whether he had much contact with them after Diana’s death. (Similarly, I’m happy that Kate hasn’t had to abandon her own family as it seems so many royal brides need to do, due to royal obligations.) Would love to see a picture of the bride and groom.

    Regarding Kate’s outfit, I didn’t even notice the dress is longer until someone else pointed it out. The coat and dress seem to work well together but the color of the hat is a little off if she was trying to match. Otherwise, looks great to me.

    • There has never been any suggestion that Princes William and Harry were not in touch with their mother’s family. They have always been close to their aunt, Lady Sarah Spencer McCorquodale, who was the executor of their mother’s will. She, of course, was the mother of the bride here.

      Moreover, William and Catherine attended the wedding of Laura Fellowes, daughter of his other maternal aunt, Jane Spencer Fellowes, a couple of years ago. (William and Laura Fellowes were famously child attendants together at the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.) To that wedding, Catherine wore the now well-known bird-print Issa dress. The Duchess does know the family on that side.

      Royal brides have never had to “abandon” their families. If Diana had problems with hers, it was for personal reasons, not because the royals somehow pressured her into not seeing them. The late Queen Mother certainly remained close to HER family members. And Prince William likes the Middletons and likes spending time with them, he has made that abundantly clear. No one would ever try to separate the Duchess from her obviously loved parents and siblings. That would be a recipe for disaster, and they are all quite keen to keep her happy.

  11. .. beautiful braid circlet !

    maybe it’s because I am a musician that I want to use the analogy of ‘striking the right note’- for Kate.

    to my eyes, she looks perfectly lovely-

    I like that the flowers on the dress are suggested in the flowers on the coat’s cuffs and waistband.. I like that the dress peeps out from under the dove grey linen, like a petticoat, but not. I like the colors- especially with the sunlight on them, as in the picture- demure yet fresh. understated, respectful of the occasion, even calming yet happy. and the material and color of the hat remind me of a tie on a Summer bouquet..

    but it is when I think of the occasion, and the people involved (the bride an extended family member- recently having “overcome a challenge in her young life”) that the ‘rightness’ of the outfit comes into focus.

    the differences between this outfit and the last one Kate was photographed in (the final day of the Jubilee celebrations) speak volumes.. of subtleties.

    I see nothing that I do not like !

    • Thanks for seeing the outfit in a good light — it helps me to take a second look! Agree that she looks lovely despite everything — and also love the braid circlet, like yourself.

      But I still find a mis-match between the cuffs and the dress pattern — they don’t quite tally for me. Evidently it’s just not my day…

  12. I can’t help feeling this is a so-so outfit — it doesn’t quite make it for me — I find the dress too full altogether under the slim fit coat and the effect is bunched and cramped, quite apart from being longer than the coat.

    I like the recylcing for diplomacy’s sake, but do sometimes wonder if too much understatement comes across as a bit untactful, especially for a wedding. I don’t recall an entire outfit of repeats before, even down to zircona earrings.

    I like the hat but am suprised at this one being re-used in that Kate usually at least manages a new chapeau for a wedding. I think the hat looks better here than last time on that pretty hairstyle.

    • How can wearing something to a wedding that you’ve worn before in any way considered a “untactful”? I bet that the bride and groom and all the wedding guests felt honored by the future king and queen’s mere presence and wouldn’t care or even realize it if the outfit Kate wore was brand new or five year’s old.

      The young woman being married is not a royal nor even a close relative like Kate’s sister. The bride is Kate’s husband’s first cousin on his late mother’s side. Kate most likely barely knows the bride, and almost certainly isn’t a friend.

      Given all the public events Kate is required to have new dresses for and the private functions she is also obligated to attend, having Kate repeat an outfit to attend this wedding was completely appropriate and sensible. Even for a woman of Kate’s position and wealth, there are limits to how much she can buy or spend.

      If your husband’s first cousin whom you briefly met once or twice were getting married, would run out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dress? Or would you reach for something appropriate already hanging in your closet.

      • The bride is a close cousin of William – She and her mother (Sarah McCorquodale) know Kate very well and are good friends – They sat with Kate at the ceremony when William was awarded his wings as RAF helicopter pilot 2 years ago

  13. I like the dress with the coat, and the hat is ok but the right shade of green, blue or even black with shoes to match might have struck a sharper note.

    A hem which droops below the coat is tacky, sloppy and unnecessary.

  14. I could fall asleep looking at this outfit. Boring. Not inspiring…

  15. She didn’t wear the Jenny Packham dress, She wore the champagne lace McQueen dress (from last post). Of you look closely at the photo where she is in the car (next to the earring-photo), you will se she not wearing Jenny Packham. Btw love her outfit:)

    • That’s a photo from the day of the Jubilee church service. Notice that she’s wearing a different hat, a veiled hat that she wore to the service. To the wedding, she clearly wore the Packham dress.

    • I think that picture is from the jubilee church service earlier in the week. It was just shown so we could see that the earrings are the same.

  16. I agree that the pieces don’t go well together. Dress and coat passable, but hat colour and style doesn’t really match in my opinion.

  17. Adore the coat and dress separately and the hat with the Derby suit, but this combination is not a good one. The hat is too sporty for the outfit, the beige shoes don’t match and the dress is way too long for the coat. It’s great to recycle, try to look act “normal” and not outshine a bride with something new, but not to the extent of mismatched hems. Sloppy on anyone, even Kate.

  18. I think they are absolutely the same earrings. Probably the company is taking advantage of the similarity. The diamond in kate’s earrings are embedded, not badly glued and union with the pearl has another form. Here there are good photos


  19. I agree with other commentors–individually ver y nice pieces but a bit of a mash up all together, particularly the grey coat with a dark taupe hat. When there is no real colour as a unifying element, too many neutrals together just look bit haphazard. but this is a private function, where she is being respectful of the bride, so not brining her “A” game is excusable, especially after all the treats she gave us over the last week. if there is a picture aroundofmthe happy couple (the bride and groom, not Will and Kate!)I would love to see it.

  20. she looks lovely. I love her outfit. but does anyone have a photo of the bride? it was her day.

  21. As long as she ‘recycles’ her clothes, I’m content. She should wear subdued colors like grey or beige when it’s imperative not to outshine the star of the event, like a bride or the Queen.

    The outfit, once again, is more befitting of an older lady. Some complained that the hat doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit. But if it did, some people would say it’s too “matchy-matchy”. Verdict: She looks just fine.

    • If this outfit is for an older lady, sign me up!! I’m signigicantly older than Kate and love 98% of what she wears. The other 2% tends to be something that just doesn’t appeal to me but that doesn’t make it inappropriate. And recycling an outfit is not tacky just because its being worn to a wedding. Just about everyone has to rewear things whether it be to a wedding or some other event.

      • “I’m signigicantly older than Kate and love 98% of what she wears.” You just proved my point. Thank you.

        I never said that recycling is tacky. So I don’t know why you mentioned that in your response to my comment.

        • A post earlier said it was “untactful”. I was simply responding to a couple of posts at the same time and happened to post it as a reply to yours. Sorry if it was confusing.

        • Meant to add this…
          Although I’m significantly older than Kate and love 98% of what she wears…I can’t because it is too young for me….not that I would wear it at the age I am now. If that proves your point, so be it.

      • I’m a decade younger than Kate and I love 90% of what she has worn. I don’t get the matronly comment about her outfits

  22. To me it almost sounds like the sophisticated Kate has done on purpose to be “not so…put together” when she attends others weddings. The red lace dress, the blue Erdem lace with the belt and this outfit…they aren’t as perfect as those at her own events. :) Coincidence? or just she was being considerate not to outshine the brides?

    • I thought the same thing! :)

    • I didn’t think of it that way before! Hmm, that’s a very interesting theory – recycle outfits and make sure they look ever so slightly off for an event when she’s in the background (like at a wedding), then pull out all the stops when the focus is on her (like the pre-Olympics event). Heh. I think I like her a little bit more for this.

  23. Well, there’s the Packham dress I thought she might recycle for the garden party, but I don’t think much of this combination of items. Somehow, the coat doesn’t really work with the dress, in my view, partly because of length and general design, and partly I feel the different fabric textures clash a bit. Moreover, the dress and coat fall into the gray/silver family, while the taupe hat and nude pumps belong to the beige family.

    I do like the earrings, and I loved the hat the first time I saw it; I still do.

    In any case, this outfit just says “Miss” to me, though perhaps after spending a vast amount of money on two knockout McQueen dresses for the Jubilee events, she was anxious to look a little less riveting and high-fashionable and a little more frugal and “let’s-make-do-with-what-we’ve-got”.

    • Incidentally, we never really saw what she wore under that gray coat for the Garter ceremony; and I know she has pale gray shoes. I wonder why she couldn’t just wear that first dress and the gray shoes and perhaps buy a new gray hat to freshen the look a little?

      • Or maybe keep the hat, dress, and shoes, but purchase a new coat? I know it would be the more expensive option, but my penchant for coats is on level with your addiction to hats. I would *love* to see a new coat.

  24. I love that all pieces of this outfit are things Kate has worn previously. These 2 seem to really try to be ‘normal’ by doing things like going to the cinema (the other night) and wearing clothes that have been seen, because that’s what all of us do; we wear clothes over and over again.

    Plus, she may just be trying to not upstage the bride by wearing something new, because the media and maybe even the guests, would be all about that new outfit and not about the newlyweds.

  25. I don’t think it a faux pas because the lengths are so similar. Princess Mary did something similar, but with a coat with short sleeves, when Charles & Camilla visited Denmark.

    So glad to hear Prince Philip will get to celebrate his birthday at home with the Queen. Happy 91st! :)

  26. Sounds like Kate and William’s friends keep getting married. Is this fourth wedding she has been to since she got married herself? LOL just kidding.

    • This is a family normal wedding, the bride is a close cousin of William … It’s a private occasion, much less formal (like a village wedding) – I think Kate’s simple outfit reflects that.

  27. Nice outfit and smart decision. I like seeing Kate remixing her clothes. :)

  28. I’m not sure about these three pieces paired together (hat, coat, dress). There is something that just feels slightly unfinished and thrown together about the whole look. One commenter on the WKW Facebook page pointed out that the dress is slightly longer than the coat, a faux pas (albeit a mild one) that the Duchess usually avoids.

    Of course, maybe I just feel this way because of the string of perfectly-coordinated outfits she pulled out for the Jubilee events. I’m interested to hear what others think.

    • I agree completely. Separately, I love all of these items, but I think they don’t work so well together. Aside from the dress being longer than the coat, I think that since the dress is a bit loose-fitting, when squished under the coat it makes Kate look a bit bulky. I don’t think the hat is the best match color-wise, either.

      Question from the warm USA: why is Kate wearing a coat in June? Is it really that cold in the UK? Or is that more of an etiquette thing?

      • We are sharing similar weather as in UK currently here in northwest. Wearing a light weight coat is totally necessary; in fact I did myself yesterday. However, I am not sure of the etiquette thing. :)

      • Unfortunately it is pretty cold here at the moment! If getting married in a church it is certainly good etiquette to wear a smart jacket or dress coat (like Kate’s) to the church service.

        • While I believe UK has been unseasonally cool since summer officially started a week or so ago, many English churches are built of stone and are notoriously cold inside… So apart from it being good etiquette to wear a smart jacket or dress coat (and hat) to church, Kate is dressed most sensibly for the venue IMHO :-)

          • It’s not been cool, it’s been cold and bone-penetratingly damp! We’ve put the heating on. In June!!!
            I’m surprised the guests weren’t wearing winter clothes.

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