Jun 302012

Kate and William were out and about in Somerset today for a friend’s wedding.

Via Official Freyja Twitter (@OfficialFreyja)

The bride is one of Kate and Pippa’s closer friends, Alice St. John Webster.

For the occasion Kate went to a label she has worn previously, Beulah London. Many thanks to Bella from Duchess of Cambridge News on Facebook, she identified the Blossom Dress as what Kate wore.

Beulah London ‘Blossom’ Dress

From the product description on the Beulah London page:

With long billowing sleeves and knee length style, this dress is the perfect piece for any smart, summer occasion. The unique print and cut makes this dress original, flattering and feminine in a versatile way that can be worn from day to evening.

Here we show more detail, you can better see the pleating at the neckline and waist.

Beulah London

More on the dress:

100% silk chiffon print with bemberg/acetate lining . Pleating on shoulders and cuff. Thin tie around waist. Concealed zip fastening at the centre back of the dress.

Th ‘Blossom’ pattern is a relatively well-known motif for Beulah, it is available in other colors and merchandise, below we show it in a Scarf. Our pal Carly at Pippa Middleton Style has several photos of Pippa wearing Beulah, including one here.

Beulah London

Some may recall it was the Sarai dress by Beulah that Kate wore for the 100 Women in Hedge Funds party back in October.

100 Women in Hedge Funds Facebook

As Regal Eyes told us during the October event, the label was actually started by one of Prince William’s former flames, Natasha Rufus Isaacs, along with Lavinia Brennan. The company is engaged in a number of charitable causes, something I’m sure Kate pays close attention to.  Below, a tweet from Niraj Tanna of IKON Pictures.

Niraj Tanna/IKON Pictures Twitter Feed

Kate also wore her trusty Sledge pumps and carried her Natalie clutch, both from LK Bennett.

LK Bennett

Mr. Tanna tells us there will be professional photos from today’s events, we should see them Monday, if not sooner.

Will apologies for the brevity of today’s post, we’ll see you soon.


  48 Responses to “Kate in Beulah London for Summer Wedding”

  1. Some of the comments on here are ridiculous – almost like the ones on sites where women bash Kate. Come one! It’s a pink, flowery dress in the middle of frikin JUNE! She looked summery and beautiful. I thought this was absolutely appropriate and lovely. I attended a wedding in April and wore the same color, summer dress. Maybe this was a casual wedding, since all the women are dressed in light dresses? As for Pippa, I really liked the dress; it’s dainty and girly.

    Kate looked so pretty, just like before she was engaged and used to wear those wrap dresses: airy, light, flirty. Very youthful, if you ask me. I’d wear it any day and I’m a few years younger than Kate.

    LOVE the nude pumps; they are a staple and go with everything.

    We shouldn’t even KNOW what she’s wearing to a personal friend’s wedding; we’re lucky we got to see her … let’s be nice.

  2. At least she looked a darn sight better than some of the guests especially the bloke in the tartan pants.

  3. I truly hate it when my perfectly legitimate replies to people’s comments aren’t posted. It is beyond unfair and biased.

    • That’s unfortunate. Comments deemed to be combative, argumentative, off topic, or otherwise inappropriate are not published.

      • You allowed one poster to tell another not to write in all caps, and yet that’s not “off topic”? All I wanted was to respond to cks’s absurd comment about the Kate/Kardashian dichotomy. That is indeed unfortunate.

  4. Love this picture! Whistling past the graveyard and all.

  5. I thought the dress was pretty. I think it is important to note that the Duchess was not supposed to be the center of attention – it was her friend – the bride’s – big day. It was bad enough that as she and William got out of their car that a gaggle of young girls ran across the lawn screaming (in joy) at them. While some of the outfits that Kate wears are not ones that I might choose – I find that she has an unerring ability to dress for the occasion – keeping in mind what her place at that occasion might be. The dress looked comfortable and, given the weather, one in which she would keep warm on the arms without the encumbrance of a coat or wrap. Too much is made of the sledge heels (criticism wise). Wen one is going to be standing for long periods, it is important to have shoes that are comfortable. Look at pictures of the Queen – one will see that time and again she has on the same shoes – black with a metal chain. There is nothing worse that being on one’s feet and having foot pains.

    All in all, she sets an example of how one can be stylish and appropriately dressed. Countess of Wexford also is stylish and appropriate. How I wish more young women would look to them rather than the Paris Hilton’s, Kardashians et al, or any of the others who feel that more skin, skintight and thigh high outfits are appropriate.

    • Great comments – add to them what seems to be clearer every day, that she is going to do her best to avoid having a “fashion following”, including people screaming over her arrival…Prince William is certainly not into that response, and it’s clear it isn’t what Kate wants either. Solution? Limit the wow factor when all eyes shouldn’t be on her, such as weddings, Jubilee events, etc. She picks pretty clothes, no question, but uses them to the absolute hilt, and very shrewdly, in my opinion. Most people expressing dissatisfaction with her style reference boring, monotonous, etc. – and I still say that is exactly how Kate wants it. That hopefully, at the end of the day, people won’t be excessively interested in what she wears, and will instead pay attention to the causes that truly matter. Too often we judge other people’s sense of style on what we would wear in their circumstances, not on WHY they’re wearing what they do. The skintight, skin-exposing brigade dresses that way for a specific reason too, just a very, very different reason from the DoC. I vastly prefer her mindset.

  6. Could it be that my beloved Princess Shinylocks & I have come to a designer disagreement?! I officially do not care for the Beulah frocks on her. They’re hardly a disaster, but there’s just something about the billowy sleeves that come across as slightly mumsy on her. In this particular case, I think it’s a case of busy pattern + big sleeves + pleated & slightly long skirt that could use an inch or so off the hem = just not my favorite look.

    Still coveting that Natalie clutch, though, as well as the chapeau. If we can’t be entirely chic here, at least we accessorized well – and yes, I’m using the Royal “we” here, it’s Monday so why not?

  7. I think the real “criticism” here is the styling or the occasion itself. Kate and Pippa’s dresses are not ugly or dowdy. Kate’s Beulah dress is perfect for a summer picnic or BBQ paired with adorable flat sandals or even chunky heeled sandals. Pippa’s dress would look cute with summery ankle booties. Or mid-calf booties for fall (maybe even with tights)… it looks so vintage so it can be styled so many ways.

    I noticed that the other female guests at this summer wedding were wearing casual looking summer dresses, not necessarily the typical wedding outfit especially in the US. Maybe it’s an English thing?

    Hey, I’m glad Kate is branching out to prints. Prints and patterns are so in this season. And Pippa’s hat is exquisite!

  8. Kate looks lovely. Her style is very predictable and she knows what suits her. If one know what suits then one can choose wisely instead of having a cupboard full of clothes that are eventually given away. Pippa’s dress this time is just not right. Temperley dresses are a hit and miss is most cases. This Temperley Rana Dress and the Fan dress Pippa wore for the Fashion Week last year did not do her justice.

  9. It is a red and white dress—how can a white hat “not match”? The quirky hat helps give the more sedate dress an edge, IMO. Also, I see that the model in the Beulah catalog picture is styled with nude shoes, so I don’t get the complaining about those, either.

    I do agree that the style of dress is odd, but I think that the designer was trying to go for the retro 70′s vibe. Designer is obviously a fan of flared sleeves—they were on the red evening gown that the duchess wore from this label.

    Not my favorite outfit she has worn, but certainly that has nothing to do with the hat and shoes.

    • I agree with you. Probably thid is not her best dress number, but she is just fine if compared to other guests, not to mention her sister (Pippa has a lovely taste for evening gowns as well as a very bad one as it comes to wedding events)

    • I agree with you about the shoes. I don’t understand why people here are so critical of Kate’s beloved Sledge pumps. They are nude, so go with everything.

      I do think the hat is a miss. It’s not the color that is wrong, but the shape. Something angular and avant garde just doesn’t make sense with this dress. I think a natural-colored or white straw hat with a wide brim and a soft shape would be more consistent with the dress’s style.

    • It’s not that the cream hat doesn’t “match”: it’s that it doesn’t quite work with the nude heels and natural clutch. Moreover, while I love Corbett’s interesting and complex molding/twisting of her materials, these work best with a solid-colored outfit, letting the hat stand out: the plum-colored coat at Christmas; the cream McQueen coat at the Garter ceremony.

      Think about how a simple small hat/fascinator in a natural straw would have worked with this somewhat fussy dress, and with the shoes and clutch. I really don’t like the dress, but I think I would have liked it BETTER with a different hat. In fact, I’ve always thought that black hat she originally wore for Trooping the Colour (with the cream McQueen coat) in 2011 would have looked terrific in natural and been very versatile.

  10. Any of the great elegant coatdresses she’s worn would have worked much better here. This dress is just – odd. As some have mentioned, I don’t understand why she seems to think she’s got to dress like a woman in her 50s now. Looking at pictures of the outfits before she was engaged, she put things together in a fashionable way and always looked very appropriate for the event, for her appearances with William and for her age. Where did all that great fashion sense go?

    • Those elegant coatdresses are all in wool. They wouldn’t have been suitable for a June wedding. Moreover, I have to point out that these Beulah dresses aren’t designed for 50-somethings. They are designed for young women BY young women, who obviously think their designs are youthful. That we don’t agree might well not cut any ice with them.

    • Careful Jayne, I’m in my 50s and feel the dress is too young for me :) Actually, I love many of Kate’s outfits even though most of them are too young for me. This one isn’t my favorite but it isn’t the worst dress I’ve ever seen.

  11. proper photos are up now at the daily mail.


    pippa’s dress is hideous to me.

    • thank you for the link.
      Really :
      Pippa = 0
      other invited = 1
      Kate = 0,5
      In my opinion, separately the hat, shoes, dress are very nice, together a total mismatch

  12. I have to say that this if the first dress that I find to be so hideous that it is almost offensive. What was she thinking. That dress and that awful hat – my goodness.
    Pippa, on the other hand, I like everything that she is wearing. I think that she has true style and understands fashion better than her “fashion icon” sister ever will.

    • I’ve liked some of Pippa Middleton’s clothes, though for the most part I think they’re nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. And that Temperley dress she wore to this wedding didn’t epitomize “true style,” in my opinion, but rather sheer bad taste.

  13. I wish people would ease up on the complaints about Kate’s nude shoes. They go with a lot of things and she obviously finds them very comfortable. Even the model in the picture has nude heels. So designers must not consider them outdated or ugly.

    • Agree with you completely about the shoes. Don’t get the complaints at all.

      • The style of Kate’s shoes (platform) and the sickly color create a nauseating combination. Nobody wants her to stop wearing nude shoes. She just needs some that are more aesthetically pleasing. And yes, there are plenty of comfortable & pretty nude shoes out there that can easily replace her LK Bennett’s.

        • Nauseating? That’s a bit much. They’re a simple platform heel – I’ve seen….concoctions that designers have dreamed up for women’s feet that are truly nauseating, and these don’t even come close.

  14. She looks like a farm girl just coming back after milking her cow. This dress is awful. The hat is entirely not matching with a dress. This hat looks too glamourous with a simple dress.
    First, I would wear this dress maybe to visit grandmother (it would be ideal choice for the occasion), with no hat, I just can’t imagine any hat with that dress. Second, I would be so embarassed to put on a dress like that.
    I’m ok with a shoes. I think they are extremely comfortable that is why Kate wears them everywhere.
    Pippa looked rediculous as always. Total lack of style.

    • well put — LOL!!

    • Let me guess – you’re not English, are you? Take a good look at the other guests, and realize that there is a significant difference between British and American clothing – and the Brits and Yanks who wear them. These designers are popular in England, and aren’t being designed for the middle-aged woman, regardless of what Americans might think.

  15. I feel the proportions/shape of the hat, and indeed the colour, simply don’t got with that style of dress. It needs something less angular and softer.

  16. I <3 this dress and I am a teenager!! I do NOT think this looks like a grandma and would love to own it!! It's called vintage peeps.

    • You tell ‘em Stephanie! You nailed it – vintage notes are all over the Beulah designs. Sometimes it takes a teenager to set the crowd straight. :)

  17. Addendum: having just seen the very unfortunate Alice Temperley dress that Pippa Middleton wore to this wedding, I have to say that the Duchess’s Beulah dress was a brilliant choice in comparison. Alas, that’s not saying much.

  18. I like this dress. I can’t quite figure out the colour though–it looks coral on my monitors although I have seen it described as pink. A nice treat for us as usually she wears a repeat to weddings. I think it is respectful and appropriate while still young and fresh.

  19. Ugh, I really do not like this dress. It reminds me of a Gram stain of bacteria that you would see under a microscope. Overall, not a fan of Beulah designs.

    • :D I knew it reminded me of something – and something unpleasant. Gram staining is right, although not quite the right colour for that, at least on my monitor.

      As someone says above, it looks coral or slightly more orange than coral, and not pink at all.

  20. Oh, dear. I REALLY do not like this label and its “70′s Redux” designs. I’m sure the Duchess wore this dress about as well as it could be worn, but I suspect I’m going to hate it even more than I do now when I see the better photos.

    Is that the cream Corbett hat worn with the McQueen coat at the Garter ceremony? I think a natural straw would have worked better with the dress, the nude shoes, and the clutch.

    I’ll reserve more comment until we get a look at the better pictures.

    • I agree completely. I thought the red Beulah dress resembled a night gown, and I don’t like this dress either. Those sleeves are the worst…

  21. It’s hard to make a judgement about this dress without better pictures (but bravo to WKW for getting us the picture so fast). I think the color and pattern are great for a summer wedding, and the waist detailing is very Kate. I can’t stand the sleeves on the dress shown on the model, but we can’t see them on Kate so it’s possible she had the dress altered.

  22. That dress, the hat, those horrible shoes. This is her worst look yet. What is the deal with those darn nude shoes. She wears those thing everywhere now. She looks 50 years old. She continues to age herself with her choice of outfits. I just wish she would get herself a stylist. I would not care about public opinion or about people wanting her to be down to earth and just like normal people. She is not. She is a future Princess of Wales and a future Queen of England and she should start looking like it. She is only 30 years old. She needs to start dressing like a young woman and not like the Queen herself.

  23. No other site I visit has this photo. Thanks for getting it up so quickly. I was expecting a real drought of Kate and William pictures. I’m hoping they are enjoying some peace and quiet in Angelsey.

  24. I actually really like this dress–I’d wear it if I could afford it! In fact, I’m going to be on the lookout for at least that style:) I don’t even like pink, and I like this dress. Something works for me, but I can see why it doesn’t for others:)

  25. Something tells me I don’t like Beulah on Kate — certainly I find this outfit uninspiring, the dress pattern too fussy and the colour distinctly strange.

    And does she by any chance keep wearing the nude courts to upset the fashionistas? Certainly the colour and style of both hat and shoes do little for the outfit.

  26. I think the dress is gorgeous—would give anything to own it myself. The Duchess looked just lovely. I give her ensemble two thumbs up, for sure (and the Prince looks so handsome, too!). What a Power Couple! Am hoping for more photos of Pippa, as well.

  27. Hmmm. Typical of our English summer – bring an umbrella, preferably large!
    Not my fav colour and I don’t like fussy patterns. Those horrible, horrible billowy sleeves so remind me of the 70s that I shudder everytime I see them.
    Overall reaction to this one is ‘ugh’.

  28. This awful dress is like a pink version of that grandma Libélula green dress she wore to a polo match in May. Nude shoes, pink dress, white hat? Dreadful.

    I know the designer’s clothes benefit charity. She could have chosen more attractive clothes from them or at least wore better shoes and hat.

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