Oct 142011

Last night the Duke and Duchess attended the 100 Women in Hedge Funds London Gala.

100 Women in Hedge Funds Facebook Page

Above we see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Board Chair Anne Popkin and Executive Director Amanda Pullinger.

Kate wore the Sarai dress by Beulah London, we thank the always amazing Regal Eyes for the identification.

Beulah London Sarai Dress

Beulah London is an upscale label, Regal Eyes also tipped us the label was actually started by one of Kate and William’s friends, Natasha Rufus Isaacs, along with Lavinia Brennan. The company is engaged in a number of charitable causes, something I’m sure that didn’t escape Kate’s attention.

©Theodore Wood/Polaris

©Theodore Wood/Polaris

No one will be surprised to know the dress is sold out at Beulah London, it originally retailed at £680, or about $1075 at today’s exchange rates, however it had been marked down by 30% to £476, or $750. But don’t despair, our friends at Not on the High Street are taking pre-orders for the dress in Kate’s color, ‘fiery red,’ with delivery expected in 4 to 6 weeks. They do have the dress in stock in almost all sizes in dazzling blue and navy, selling at £551, or approximately $870.

This sarai dress is made from the finest silk jersey and chiffon fabric. With the jersey bodice and sheer chiffon sleeves, this piece is perfect for any smart summer event, whether it be day or evening, going to Ascot or attending a ball.

Beulah London Sarai Dress at Not on the High Street

Last night’s event raised more than £675,000 for an organization William is a patron of, the Child Bereavement Charity. You can learn more about the good works done by 100 Women in Hedge Funds here, on their Facebook page, or by following their Twitter feed.

Our friend Allison Lackey alerted us to the fact the dress has been worn by other notables, including Cat Deeley. Below we show a photo from Ms. Deeley’s twitter feed.

Cat Deeley Twitter Feed

It has been a busy week for celebrity sightings in Beulah frocks, while Kate was at the 100 Women in Hedge Funds fundraiser, sister Pippa was at another event in London with friend Katie Read, who was wearing Beulah London.

Our friends at Kate Middleton Style readily identified the bag, it is the Wilbur and Gussie envelope clutch, below we show it in the silver color at House of Fraser. Kate carried the bag in gold, below we show it in both colors.

To see much better images of the bag, pop over and visit Pippa Middleton Style, she carried the bag to the Boodles Boxing Ball.  The bag retailed at £140, approximately $220.

I will try and update the post with more information later, I am utterly buried at work.

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  1. This is several years after the fact, but this dress remains one of my favorites that Kate has ever worn. It doesn’t surprise me to see the negative reactions, since it’s the type of garment you either love or hate, with few opinions in between. I have something very similar but in a shorter length and in a vivid coral instead of red. Whenever I wear it, I receive numerous compliments but also a few snickers. I don’t care about the snickers, since the compliments far outnumber them and I love the look, but I’m aware that a look this “retro” elicits a wide diversity of reactions. I’m sharing my opinion so late because I was looking for the designer ID on this dress today in the hopes of finding it somewhere – at a high-end consignment, for example – and stumbled upon this page. I was surprised to find that this dress was worn all the way back in 2011, since it is still very current (for example, Candela has a similar design available this year that I just purchased for an evening wedding reception, but it’s a wrap dress, has a cut-out back and is only available in black. Still, pretty much the same silhouette with a deep V-neck, floor-length hem and bishop sleeves). I love a 1970s silhouette, personally, especially if you’re thin and tall enough to “pull it off,” as Kate is. Bishop sleeves have been around for centuries, but it’s true that they “had a moment” in the 70s, so I always associate them with that era. I have slender arms but still really love an occasional evening look with sleeves. This dress recalls the seventies without looking like a Halloween costume or a disco disaster. To me, it is very vintage Halston. Love, love, love it. Unfortunately, I did not like Kate’s hair. It looks like her hair dresser curled it and then didn’t brush it out, so it looks “unfinished.”

  2. I’m sorry–i know I’m coming late to this, but I needed to say how disappointing this is to me: unfortunately, this reminds me too much of Nancy Reagan

  3. I must admit that I prefer the web site when it is exclusive to Kate. The added Halloween pics etc. bring the site to a different level

  4. Loved KM to bits but this dress just looks a bit copied from Kate’s fav’s like Issa. She could totes do better!

  5. What happened? Catherine was really on her way with her first two evening dresses, cut, colour, everything looked great but now it’s back to the same old thing she’s worn for years, albeit in different colours. It looks like a longer version of her blue engagement dress but without the vulgar plunge.

    A quick look back over the last few years and you see that most of her evening dresses are all variations on the same theme. Adding to the lazy look is that too long flopsy mopsy hair, more suited to a teenager at a barbecue, and there you have it. The model in the photo made the dress look so much more fashionable with her easy updo

    • I think being in the Royal Family changed her fashion style, she is more conservative,dresses much older and wants to gain approval from her inlaws. Thats what the picture says.

  6. Love this! A few comments–this is a black tie event, not a white tie or state occasion, and it doesn’t draw the A-list the way the ARK dinner or the BAFTA event in LA did, so it would be inappropriate to dress up like a Christmas tree, so to speak. The red is bright and celebratory and looks great with black tie. And Kate is young enough to pull off the ’70′s reference and make it look hip and trendy, not old and matronly–and folows the basic rule: never wear an outfit that strongly references an era if you are old enough to have worn the look the first time around. Kate was born in 1982, so no danger there. I think she looks glamorous without looking fussy, especially when you compare her look to the two ladies next to her, quite aside from the obvious physical advantages Kate has! Quite frankly this dress reminds me very much of the Issa dresses she’s worn in the past to the boxers ball only with sleeves–very Kate, IMHO.

    I do agree that she seems to have let her eyebrows grow in a bit, which I’m glad of, because I thought they were a tad overtweezed before. Tired?–hmm, brings to mind the photo of Charles and Diana’s tour in Wales, when it was later revealed Diana was pregnant with William, but now I’m just starting rumours…

    • I totally argee, but she always looks so amazing in Issa! This dress isn’t as nice as the ones she’s worn before, she should stick to her favs!

  7. it’s hard to tell because her hair is down, but i’ve been wondering if her earrings could possibly be the 18k version of her elsa peretti “mesh” earrings that she was seen wearing the last time she attended the boodles boxing ball (with the pink issa gown). something about the glint …

    mesh earrings in 18k with diamonds.

  8. So here is what I’ve been noticing about the outfit..and would like to see improved.. remove the sleeves alltogether,or have the sleeves style like the engagement dress.. loose the sash. Wear hair up with a small tiara, or hair up without tiara diamond necklace. Kate does not wear necklaces and wears hair long all the timefor a reason(she has a long neck), You really can’t see the earrings or jewllery she is wearing because her hair is down. She should not wear a necklace if she is wearing her hair up or would avoid it all together which she has(smart). I have never seen her hair up with a tiara dressing up formally, she’s pretty but the outfit would look good for the Queen Mother.

    • Actually, she wears necklaces quite a lot; they tend to be small and inconspicuous in design. I’d also say that this dress isn’t the sort of gown she would choose for a tiara-worthy occasion anyway. The event they were attending was simply not the kind of thing for which one would be required to wear a tiara.

      However, it’s true that she should try to experiment more with hairstyles. She can’t wear that very ong, curled look forever, and when she does need to wear a tiara, it will look most appropriate with an updo of some kind.

      I have the distinct impression that there aren’t as many occasions calling for tiaras as there used to be, so we probably shouldn’t expect to see her in one very often.

      • I would like to see Kates hair up as well, she wore it in a ponytail once for the Canadian tour and it looked fantastic. This is a very Kate look and am curious for more pictures of her wearing jewlery ie)necklaces, as she doesn’t go overkill on the bling and I like that.

  9. Im curious as to why Kate and Pippa do not ever have their nails painted or if they do it is a very neutral color. I saw pictures of Pippa at this event and you can tell all she has on her nails is a clear coat of polish. I can see Kate being more conservative with polish colors because of her role as a royal but I am not saying they should be wearing light blue or green nail polish. I think if she could have painted her nails a nice red to match her dress it would have looked nice. Red is always a color that is in style and is also a classic color which you can’t go wrong with. I even looked at pictures from years ago of the girls and I noticed they did not have nail polish on either. So maybe it has nothing to do with being a Royal (for Kate) and they both just don’t like to wear it? I have never read anything either that says its an unwritten rule for royals that they can only wear nude colored nail polish like there is for hosiery. It’s just something I noticed and wanted to know if anyone knew a reason why or had a better explanation then mine.

    • I don’t know about them, but I personally avoid bright nail polish colors because you notice the instant they start to chip! And I know I seem to be able to get a chip within hours of getting a manicure…

    • -shrug-

      I don’t have any sort of fondness for color nail polish (which is a shame, not to brag, but I have great nails), I’m 20 and very much not royalty.
      It isn’t in the “rules” per-say, but I do believe both Middleton girls were brought up in a slightly conservative setting, private schools and what not. Also they’re both young professionals, and personally I tend to perceive bright red nails as kind-of vampy. The same with other bright colors, at times they seem a bit young, not in a good way.

      Either way Kate is in line to become the next Queen Consort (Camilla will be Princess Consort) and so perhaps she feels she has a certain type of image to keep up.
      After all could you imagine QEII with red nails?

      Also agree with the chipping comment. Not worth the upkeep when you’re busy enough already.

      • It could be a personal preference. None of the women in my family growing up wore nail polish (my sisters, mother and I still do not). I tried a couple of times – I always had the sensation that I had weights on my fingers – it felt uncomfortable). I also have lovely nails that I keep manicured. I do not think there is any roal prohibition against nail color – I believe there exist pictures of the current Queen (when she was younger) wearing polish. If I rememebr there are also pictures of her sister and mother wearing polish as well.

    • No, of course there’s no “rule”.

      The Duchess does paint her nails, but she does prefer “natural” shades. For her wedding, she had a manicure that combined soft beige and rose shades, and she’s pretty much kept to that palette. In fact, I noticed that on the day of the engagement annoucement, in close-up photos of the rig, her nails were painted but again in a pale, almost clear, natural shade, and she seemed to be wearing something similar during the North American tour.

      Not everyone really likes bright nail color. Some people really find red and other bright shades a bit overdone and even a little tacky. It’s largely a matter of taste.

      I prefer the shades the Duchess wears myself. Only occasionally will I wear a brighter shade, and I REALLY don’t like the “matchy” look of wearing nail color the same shade as my dress. Many people object to “matchiness” in nail color, make-up, and accessories. It’s not a fashionable look.

      • Agreed that bright nails can also look tacky or vampy. I think this is especially the case if you have longer nails (which I believe is how Kate keeps her). Darker colors on short nails is more on trend these days, but long nails in strong/bright colors really are not.

        Overall I would say the neutral/clear choices are safest, which is how Kate seems to play her fashion choices. Low key nails are timeless, so nobody will be looking at photos saying how dated her nails look in twenty years. And given that in some quarters her eye makeup (esp. the crazy amounts of eyeliner) is viewed as a bit “cheap” looking, I think not adding to that with brightly painted nails is a smart move.

        • Low key / neutral nails also won’t have to be changed often; coloured nails to coordinate with an outfit would need to be changed a lot, which would be very hard on the nails and take a significant amount of time.

          Ultimately Kate is never going to be as daring with her wardrobe choices as fashonistas will want her to be; she seems highly unlikely, both in her current role and in her previously demonstrated inclination, to push the envelope.

    • I personally love all sorts of shades of nail polish, mostly in light pinks or dark reds/purples. I agree that bright red would be too vampy. My favourite shade is a dark red, Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ by OPI – it doesn’t look great on their site, but it’s very nice in person. I think Kate could pull that off as it’s not too obvious.

  10. I think she looks beautiful (as always)!! The cut, fit, COLOUR, and flow of the dress work very well on her. Yes, I do like the other gowns she’s worn better than this one, but this is most assuredly not a miss (for me at least; it appears I am in the minority here!). She does look a bit tired; poor Kate:/ I think she must have done something differently with either her eyebrows or her eye makeup (or both). It looks to me as if she’s wearing less eyeliner under her eyes than usual; what do you all think? Whatever she did, I’m not sure I like it–she looks a bit odd. But then, I think Prince William looks a bit odd in these photos too, so maybe it’s just the light or the camera or something. No idea. :) But I do like the dress, and she looks great, as always!! :D

  11. I think she looks beautiful. She carries the neckline and the color exquisitely. But it’s clear from the promotional photos that the sash can be tied multiple ways, and I think she could have tied the sash in the back and prevented the bathrobe comments

  12. I like the colour and the regal quality of the dress however the sleeves and cut don’t suit Kate.

  13. She looks about 15 years older than she really is. Don’t like the length of the dress or the belt/sleeves. I agree she needs to do something different with her hair every so often. A loose bun on top of her head or an elegant high pony would have made her look a little more modern.

    • Yes, it really ages her. I like the color a lot, but when I saw the picture, I thought “Helen Mirren would really rock that dress.” On Kate, it looks frowsy, mumsy, frumpy, etc. I agree with the comments that say if she had put her hair in a ponytail or messy bun, it might have “moderned up” the look. But even then, I still think it would be a miss.

      I do love the clutch. Is it the “Edith” or the “Charlie”? The Edith is a slightly larger size of the Charlie.

  14. It looks classy with the hair pulled back, but she wears her hair long to distract from her long neck and have only seen it back or up once. Not a fan of the gown but your right at least it’s long and would like to see her in more long dresses.

  15. For her defence, those sleeves are called, bishop sleeve. Not 70′s hippy sleeves. Those sleaves have been around for as long as Christianity and they have been worn by nobles for centuries.
    It’s a clever design. BTW, that color looks stuning next to a black and white toxedo.

    • I went on the website of the label and found that they are selling the same dress, same color in a short version for fall 2011. Looking at the label, the dresses are 4 seasons.

    • I hate to tell you this, but bishop’s sleeves are associated with 1970′s fashion. They became rather popular on women’s clothes during that decade. The fact that a certain style has been around in clerical or other clothing for centuries doesn’t mean that they didn’t also experience a life in fashion during a certain era. After all, to mention another example, every now and then Roman gladiator sandals experience a fashion revival. We don’t insist that they aren’t associated with whatever fashion era in which they are popular simply because they first appeared (we think) in ancient Rome.

  16. I adore almost everything Kate wears: but I have to agree the red dress is quite off. When I saw it I immediately thought it looked like an elegant robe, expecting to see pajamas underneath. Only joshing, but I do agree her make-up was different and yes, I would like to see her hair upon occasion.

  17. I love this dress, especially the sleeves. It looks really comfortable and effortless.

    I do wish she had put her hair up in a bun, like in a messy version of the model’s hair. I think the curls make the look a little dowdy. There’s too much going up on top.

  18. I really love that colour on her, it looks amazing with her hair. I also don’t see how this qualifies as a summer dress, since the dress itself and the sleeves are so long. I think it’s appropriate for the season.

    • I went on the website of the label and found the same dress, same color in a shorter version for the fall 2011 collection. I think the designer releases new dresses twice a year but they are really 4 season dresses in most cases.

  19. Normally I am a HUGE fan of everything the Duchess wears but this is just hideous. It is definitely way to old for her. It would be a “passable” dress if there were no sleeves but those completely ruin it. I really wish she would do something more with her hair. I love the length and don’t think she needs to cut it and it works for an everyday style but I wish for appearances or more formal events she would put it up or somthing. no point in having gorgeous hair like that and then doing the same thing with it all the time.

  20. I have to admit that this isn’t my favourite look… I love the colour of the dress, but think it would have looked better either with long sleeves and a somewhat shorter dress length OR keeping the long length, but making it sleeveless. There is just something about the long sleeves and the length of the dress that seems a little off to me.

  21. I think the sleeves make this dress “off”- it didn’t look very good on Cat Deeley, either. Kate, however, remains gorgeous!

  22. She looks fresh and unspoilt. She’s still a newlywed and the Valentine red is spot on reflecting her love … Her true love I should add because that is what this is and what is there for any one us to see…a true love. Mutual and reciprocated. Unusual in its rarity and especially is persons so you saught after. This will be a marriage to watch, emulate and admire. I’m so happy for the queen. I’m so happy for Diana. I’m so happy for Charles. I’m so happy for me. People in public life to look towards for encouragement and inspiration. Isn’t that a very hard thing to find.

  23. I like the dress, especially the sleeves. Despite the “dated” comments, this dress is quite trendy for Kate. Red is very much the color of the moment, and the 70s are all the rage in fashion right now.

    The dress seems appropriate for the event, not too casual, not too dressy. It hits the right note when the other women are wearing everything from pants to short dresses to fancy dresses (see the wider picture with all the women). It’s right in the middle and I imagine makes her very approachable. A tiara and ball gown, would not.

    I also like the charity/ethical angle. Unlike celebs, royals and first ladies do have to play a bit of “politics” with their fashion and put thought into their outfits. Michelle Obama’s recent pick of a South Korean/American designer for the South Korean state dinner is an excellent example. :)

  24. It’s rather more low-but than she usually sports, don’t you think? This misses the mark for me somehow. Kate looks good, but it’s not the usual amazing. I don’t think it’s her; I think it’s the dress. However, he looks so happy with her. I’d like to see her in a more ornate ivory for evening.

  25. This look just isn’t my favorite – it’s far from dreadful, but the bell sleeves and long skirt together read too “bridesmaid circa 1970″ to me. Fine if that’s your look, but I agree it’s a bit too LA pool party/Rachel Zoe chic for my taste. A shorter skirt or shorter/no sleeves would look less dated & mumsy here.

    I am, however, in full support of that vibrant color, as I am of her teaching me how to achieve that hair (which looks suspiciously & delightfully like Big Texas Hair here).

    • Get out of my brain!

      I’m just kidding, but seriously, you really put into words what I was thinking about this dress. It’s not an awful choice for Kate, but I just feel so “Meh” about it. Isn’t that weird? It’s fire-engine red and has a rather daring neckline, but it just feels so off and bland to me.

  26. I actually liked it! It’s different and we don’t see enough red on her. Her hair is done differently and her eye makeup isn’t so defined. But I agree with another commenter, for some reason she looks tired. Probably from all of the small talk and meetng people!

    Keep it up!!

  27. When I first saw the picture of Kate in this dress, I thought she looked stunning. But, when I scrolled back up for a second look, I thought that something did look off… whether it is makeup, hair, length, or the informality of the dress. Basically, I agree with several of you that have already posted.

    Also, I’m just really bothered when people wear looks that are inappropriate for the season. The Not on the High Street quote clearly says, “for any smart SUMMER event”–and this is mid-October. Granted, I am not opposed to accessorizing summer looks so that they are fall-appropriate (I mean, who can really afford two separate wardrobes??), but when you’re at a formal event, I think you should keep the season in mind. (Then again, this look DOES have long sleeves, but it just doesn’t look like a Fall outfit to me.)

    • I agree.Kate looks stunning as usual, and the dress is nice, although I am a little tired of all these jersey dresse, but a little unappropriate for the season and “not enough” for a gala

  28. Oh, I forgot! I remember reading a long time ago that the designer, Will’s ex, wanted Kate to wear one of her dresses. I was wondering if that would happen; I bet she’s happy! I’m guessing it’s the same girl; I can’t imagine who else. I remember thinking at the time that she didn’t get Will, I hope she at least gets to make Kate a gown. Xp haha

    BTW, I dreamed I met Will last night. I think I am too obsessed with all the Kate sites. hahaha

  29. I think I am almost alone in this opinion, but I was very, VERY pleased to see her in this gown! ;) And I’ll explain why …
    1. She doesn’t wear evening gowns often enough, and I’ve been waiting for her to bust out another one!
    2. The dress is the first thing she’s worn, in my eyes, that’s princessy – besides her wedding gown. What I mean is, most of her fashion is fit for CURRENT princesses, modern royalty. But very, very few royals ever wear gown suitable for the royalty of our dreams, the fairy-story royalty. If you look at old paintings of queens, this dress is more like something a princess in the Middle Ages would have worn: the gorgeous sleeves, especially. Think about a Renassaince painting. Except for the neckline, Kate – wearing this – could easily be painted right into there and not be out of place. So, for me, this is antiquated royalty, which is VERY cool to see once in a while. I wouldn’t want ALL her dresses to be like that, but I don’t see 1970s as much as 1300s! ;p

    That’s my lengthy explanation. I love it. HOWEVER, she looks rather tired, and I agree the hair would be pretty half-up in a dress like this. :)

    Does anyone else wish she would wear a tiara sometimes? Or is that not acceptable in her current role? I don’t know about the rules for that, but I recall Princess Diana wearing tiaras a lot. They don’t really fit Kate’s everyday appearance, but I look forward to seeing her wearing one, for the sake of being a princess. ;)

    • Tiara appearances tend to be few and far between. State Banquets, and evening white tie affairs. This was a gala event filled with what we can call “commoners”. It wouldn’t be appropriate for Kate to wear a tiara in this sort of situation.

      Diana may have wore tiaras often, but she was married to the Heir Apparent. She was always going to State Dinners, in England and abroad.

      Also Kate’s only been in this role 6 months, comparing number of tiaras to that of Diana who was married to Charles for some 15 years, isn’t exactly meaningful. Of course Di wore more :P

      Also State Dinners in England often happen behind closed doors, and most times there isn’t any sort of receiving line for photo calls. The last one I can recall off the top of my head was for President Obama, I can only remember a photograph of Princess Anne being driven there, wearing the Meander Tiara. -sigh-

      Although I have hopes that in a few years Will and Kate, will replace Edward and Sophie as the go-to abroad representatives.They go to almost all the wedding and birthdays outside of the UK, which would be perfect, wayyyy more tiara opportunities. -wink wink-

      To close this up, I don’t believe we will see her in many tiaras for her first few years. And when we do they’ll follow her style, minimalist.

      More info on Tiaras, Who wears em and When.


      • Thank you for the tiara information! That solves the mystery for me. :) I also would love to see Will and Kate replace Edward and Sophie, or at least go abroad more often in the coming years.

  30. I don’t know why I didn’t like this gown..I liked the dress the women beside Kate was wearing, it suited her.. But the red gown looks similar like the blue engagement style dress, it looks quite old on her. I think Kate is pretty and don’t know why I didn’t like this one..

  31. .. I like the color- and mostly, my first thought was how comfortable the dress looks! soft with drape.. I particularly like how simple and unbusy the dress looks. and its flattering, casual, bowed waistline. so maybe the hem does look a little random in the picture (maybe another view of the hemline would prove better). anyways, Princess Kate will have to do alot worse for me to criticize! I’m even willing to read into the comfortable, unbusy look and say it makes a great contrast with the bling-y, moneyed, starchy-ier, constructed concepts that Hedge Fund calls up in my mind! but that’s making fashion political.. ! and I don’t mean to do that. I think she looks lovely. as usual.. (-:

  32. She is stunning as always and badly dressed as frequently.
    I really appreciate the ethical making up of Beulah products, right for a charity event but i don’t think Kate’s gown is right for the wife of a prince, at a gala in a royal palace. She looks like a show-girl, too much curly-haired and almost naive.
    An outfit suitable for a pool party in LA, IMO. I looked to Beulah dresses, they are more cocktail or off-duty dresses than black tie ones.
    She should wear Mc Queen (or Marchesa by Chapman) at a gala, not in riot zone!

    • I don’t get showgirl at all. I think it is too tame, matronly and dated. I wish she had worn the red Jenny Packham dress that was featured in this blog a few weeks ago (pictured here http://whatkatewore.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/s-2012-2.jpg on the right)

      • I agree with you Lysis, tame.
        “Showgirl”, I mean a doll or a Barbie… spiritless.
        What a pity! She is so beautiful, with a role to “fairy tale” and quite often badly dressed. I hope she’ll improve.

      • I agree with you Lysis, tame.
        “Showgirl”, I mean a doll or a Barbie… spiritless.
        What a pity: she is so beautiful, with a fairytale role and… she is often badly dressed. I hope she’ll improve.

        • Often badly dressed? Considering she is making Best Dressed lists in almost all the major magazines, and our obessesion with her HERE, I would have to say the world disagrees. ;p Not that you aren’t entitled to your own opinion, of course. But this entire site is dedicated to the clothing Kate wears – we like her fashion sense over here. She is in a faery-tale role, indeed, and she’s been doing a phenomenal job in her first 6 months!

          • Of course i like Kate, i love her smile and her moderation. I like also her (very common IMO) wardrobe, that’s why i read this blog.
            She doesn’t flaunt her new status through clothes (like Charlene of Monaco, over-dressed by Armani IMO), she recycles wisely and shared (in the past) accessories with mum and sister.
            However, about her style and fashion sense, i’m agree with Vivienne Westwood and most of all Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia).

          • Of course i like Kate, i love her smile and her moderation. I like also her (very common IMO) wardrobe, that’s why i read this blog.
            She doesn’t flaunt her new status through clothes (like Charlene of Monaco, over-dressed by Armani IMO), she recycles wisely and shared (in the past) accessories with mum and sister.
            However, about her style and fashion sense, i’m agree with Vivienne Westwood and most of all Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia).

      • I wished she will wear THAT RED TEMPERLY too, it seem to be designed for her.

  33. As much as I love the Kate’s style with sleeves, this one is bit off to me. It’s…somehow awkward. Don’t really know where, probably the sleeves. maybe it would be much more stunning without them. The color is no doubt great on her. And the hair…I would prefer an up-do for this type of silhouette. Just my 2 cents.

    • I agree absolutely. I shrank from those sleeves – possibly because they are reminiscent of sleeves in the 70s? Body of the dress is lovely, colour ditto. An up-do certainly would have added to this dress.

  34. I wanted to add: the pictures really confirm what I’ve been saying about her height, which is that she can’t possibly be as tall as 5’10″. We see that she’s several inches shorter than the purportedly 6’3″ William even though she is surely wearing high heels — probably 3″ heels with that dress and for an evening event.

    • Not to mention, the dress really looks like it’s a tad too long for her. As someone who IS 5’10″ I can say for certain that it’s difficult to find a dress long enough for fabric to pool on the floor when you’re wearing heels!

      Overall I like the dress but as others have mentioned, the hairstyle is so-so. We get it Kate, your hair is amazing. Now pull it back and up a bit!

    • William wedding tailor did say he was 6’5″ in Hello Magazine

      • Make that 6 feet, 5 & 1/4 inches to be exact (according to tailor for his wedding Irish Guard uniform). 5’10″ or not (my guess is perhaps very slightly shorter than that), they’re a towering couple who stand significantly above the rest of the room.

      • I find that hard to believe also! Yes, William is obviously tall, but if he were 6’5″ he would be absolutely towering over everyone he’s ever photographed with.

        Also, when they met the Obamas, Michelle Obama was CLEARLY taller than Kate (even accounting for the angle of the photos), and Michelle’s height is typically reported as between 5’10″ and 5’11″.

        I would guess she is more like 5’7″, maybe 5’8″ first thing in the morning on a good day.

        • And I’ve read that Michelle Obama was 6’1″ in some articles . Except for William wedding tailor who has measure him. All those height and weight that we have heard in the media are estimated. and Male shoes size often have 1/2″ in height also.

          • Sure, but I still think that if he were really 6’5″, it’d be more obvious in photos. 6’5″ is a LOT taller than most men, and while William is clearly tall, he does not look towering in photos. Even if you assume that celebrities/politicians are on average taller than the general population (which I could believe), 6’5″ would still really stand out.

    • I agree. Nicole Kidman is 5 ’11 “, looking at this picture


      it’s clear that Catherine is at least 4″ in less. Not that its height is about change.

  35. The dress is beautiful, but still too serious, we see another royals dressing more relaxed, well it’s her style, she changed a lot..
    What i don’t understand is: why she always looking for clothes that shows her like “off”…. an old and serious woman, if she is soft and relaxed person? She isn’t this person… and…
    What happened with her eyebrows? it’s more clear, i don’t no exactly… more “wild” or “messed up”?

    • The dress is awful. It looks like “loving hands made at home”. It does not fit well and the color is so garish it hurts my eyes. I think she wore it because she is only comfortable in that neckline. To pay that much for a dress that looks like she purchased someone’s left over hippy gown from a charity shop leaves me wondering…

      The dress in blue looks great on the model.

      • “loving hands made at home” Its just the beauty on it… it’s no expected for her, that always use dress commons… with another accessories, another hair and another make up… another look!!!

  36. I have to admit, I think this is a “miss.” The dress feels too old and matronly for her and I think it negatively accents her slim figure. I like the neckline and her hair and makeup, but I do not like the sleeves or the tie at the waist. I feel like she borrowed a vintage 1970s dinner party dress from her mother’s closet.

    • I looked at this pic earlier today…and thought well its red, its a floor length gown on pretty kate…why am i not liking it. I am so glad to see others think on the same lines and i absolutely agree with your comment- the sleeves and everything is just not good. This dress is a miss- according to me. I love and adore kate’s style of wearing classic pieces.But this one’s not classic, just matronly. She looks really old in this. Also- i thought the other day at the cancer center opening she was glowing and looked healthy….seems all missing today.

  37. she look absolutely stunning in red!

    i love will’s fingers ’round her tiny waist! =)

  38. She shines.

    But she looks different. Maybe is it due to the eye make-up, which seems less present?

  39. Alas, I think this dress is a “miss,” though I love the color. The Duchess has been accused of dressing in a manner too old for her, and normally I don’t agree, since I think her style can be worn by people aged 17-70 with age-appropriate tweaking.

    But this dress really does look matronly. There’s also something “70′s” about it, and that was a very sad decade for fashion. The dress just doesn’t flatter the Duchess, whose make-up also seems to be out of kilter with the color. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s wrong there.

    It occurs to me that if this dress were knee-length and had a slightly less plunging V-neck, it could have worked well for a daytime or just less formal event.

    • Yes, I too think this dress is a miss (along with the yellow “little girl” dress that blew up in Calgary, revealing her tush, and the green Diane von F. dress worn inappropriately to a wedding). These numerous jersey evening dresses are a bit wrong for Kate’s stick figure. She should wear more structured clothes for formal affairs. And part of what’s wrong with this dress is the odd hemline and that her boobs are lopsided. If there are cups built into the dress (likely), they are not well placed.

      But she can’t be on the money every time. Generally, I love Kate’s style and think, for her role, she hits the mark most of the time.

  40. I believe (but could be totally wrong) that Katie Read perhaps works with/for Beulah – on the Beulah blog, with Pippa it says “Our very own Katie is wearings…” ??

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