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Kate and William spent a good part of the day enjoying tennis at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, more commonly known as Wimbledon.

Thomas Lovelock/AELTC Facebook Page

The first match they watched showed Roger Federer handily dispensing with 26th seeded Mikhail Youzhny.

Matthias Hangst/AELTC

The Royal Box was crowded for today’s matches, Prince William chatted with Philip Brook, chairman of the All England Club, and Kate was seated next to Mr. Brook’s wife, Gill.  

Matthias Hangst/AELTC Facebook Page

Some of the former champions on hand included Steffi Graf and her husband, Andre Agassi, as well as Australia’s Rod Laver, Pam Shriver and Richard Krajicek of the Netherlands.

Matthias Hangst/AELTC Facebook Page

Many Duchess fashion fans will recognize what Kate wore, it is the Alexander McQueen sailor dress.

Dominic Lipinski/Press Association

The last time Kate was seen in this piece was precisely one year ago today, July 4 of 2011.  Kate sported the frock in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island during the couple’s North American tour.

Canadian Heritage

Our post on that appearance is here.

Kate and William clearly enjoyed today’s matches, they also watched the UK’s Andy Murray battle David Ferrer of Spain.

Olga Bermejo/Splash News

The couple left just as the rain started, it was strong enough play had to be stopped in the middle of the 4th set between Mr. Murray and Mr. Ferrer.

Kate also carried her Jaeger ‘Kate’ bag.

Press Association/Jaeger

It appears Kate has a barely there manicure, she wore her sapphire earrings again.

Press Association

She also wore them with the dress last year.

Canadian Heritage Association

We thought you would enjoy a bit of background on the Royal Box from the Wimbledon website.

The Royal Box has been used for the entertainment of friends and guests of Wimbledon since 1922. The Royal Box has 74 seats.

Protocol – dress is smart, suits/jacket and tie, etc. Ladies are asked not to wear hats, as they tend to obscure the vision of those seated behind them.

Speaking of protocol, some of us remember players curtseying and bowing to all Royals whenever they arrived or departed Centre Court. That changed some years ago, here is the official policy:

In 2003, in accordance with the wishes of HRH The Duke of Kent, the Club’s President, it was agreed that the time was right to discontinue the tradition of players bowing/curtseying to members of the Royal family on entering or leaving the Centre Court. The only exceptions will be for HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales.

For those wondering about the final outcome, Andy Murray won a very hard fought battle.

The primary reason Kate and William left before the match concluded is their schedule, the couple needs to be in Scotland early tomorrow for William’s official invesiture to the Order of the Thistle.


We wanted to share a few looks form the Temperley London Resort 2013 collection.

Temperley London Courtesy Photos

Three more knee-length styles.

Temperley London Courtesy Photos

Our final four shorter frocks, the two on the left appear to be wool or wool blend knits more appropriate for daytime wear, while the two on the right could possibly be more suitable for dressier occasions, the neckline embellishment on the blue seems to be ‘very Kate’.

Temperley London Courtesy Images

These are also three possibilities, although the dress on the far right would require significant adjustments to the front hemline, I don’t see Kate in that sort of low-high length; major surgery of that kind would dramatically impact the way the garment drapes, arguably destroying the very element that makes it distinctive.

Temperley London Courtesy Photos

And four more of the formal looks.

Temperley London Courtesy Images

Again, some would need substantial changes to work for the Duchess, but I can see Kate in several styles. By the way, Temperley’s pre-fall collection is now available for ordering.

Temperley London

We’ll see you again tomorrow for the Order of the Thistle.

  29 Responses to “Kate Brings Back McQueen for Wimbledon & Temperley London Resort 2013”

  1. very nice.

    tho as i said to liz: wearing tennis-y dresses 2 years in row is starting to smack of costume.

    and is it my imagination or has she put on some weight – her cheeks are looking fuller, giving v pretty softness to her face.

    will is looking esp dapper.

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed for another wimbledon appearance!

  2. I love this dress to pieces since it looks quite comfortable and fun.

  3. Okay. She’s very pretty, very well put together. Her clothes are impeccably tailored, not too showy but attention-getting. I enjoy checking out what she wears just as much as the next girl. But here’s the thing … and this little knit number solidifies it for me … a lot of times I feel like she’s dressing in costume. This to me looks like a throwback to early 1900s tennis wear. She wears crimson in Canada and cowboy hats in the US and a military-style coat to review the troops. Somewhat extreme examples but still, she’s done it. I would love for dear Kate to infuse some genuine personality and genuine personal style into her wardrobe and to stop dressing like she’s the mascot for every occasion she attends.

    • i have to admit i’ve been thinking something similar, tho only in terms of her wimbledon outfits:
      last year and this year her oufits were tennis-y in style. i liked both dresses, but doing a theme 2 years in a row starts to slip into costume-y imo.

      just an fyi: kate wore cowboy hats in canada. at a rodeo. and so did will. i think not wearing a cowboy hat would have marked her as a bad sport for not joining in.

  4. Sailor dresses are hard for many to pull off – the event has to be just right and the figure like Kates, very trim to pull one off. This one borders on a slim tennis strip vs. a real nautical look in it and that helps pull it together. With all these investitures Wills is doing, seems he might end up not going back for another stint with the RAF.

  5. I didn’t like this dress in Canada although I might have been influenced by the pony tail hair-do.
    At Wimbledon, with her hair loose, it looked just right. And I love the quilted bag!

    • For me it is exactly the opposite: I loved that dress in Canada, while my favourite mise at wembley remains the fantastic Temperley she wore last year

    • I have to agree with you Prue. I felt exacth the same way and I think also she looks fuller now than last year and that to me was a bonus. :)

    • I like this dress w/ her hair down much better too! I think it’s b/c when her hair is up her shoulders look a little too wide in this dress. With her hair down it makes her look a little more balanced. She looks adorable for Wimbledon.

  6. I saw Kate last year in Charlottetown, PEI, on the day she wore this dress. I was front row just like the your pic of her is showing – she was beautiful – and the dress – so pretty!!!

  7. I found this dress drab the first time I saw it — I still can’t see why anyone would design a sagging hemline on this style of outfit so the chief virtue of the latest outing is that the Duchess is sitting down in most pictures so I don’t have to look at it all! She looks to have filled out a bit more which helps the dress sit a little better.

    I’m also mystified as to why the choice of knitwear given the humidity of these islands which makes any temperatures much over 75 degrees seriously sticky.

    But I think it’s a nice piece of sartorial programming to make the outfit work first for a nautical context and this time for a sporting one — a la tennis/cricket whites.

    And at last she’s changed out of the nude shoes. Plus of course she always looks lovely in herself and if the Duchess likes the outfit then that’s OK by me!!

  8. I do like Kate’s dress!

  9. I loved this dress the first time she wore it and hoped that it would be seen again soon. A perfect dress for the cool weather and I always like to see a “nod to the past”.

    Sailor themed clothing is classic. I believe that women of all ages can be wear this design.

  10. I disliked this dress the first time I saw it, and I still do. It’s far too schoolgirlish. In my opinion, sailor dresses should not be worn by anyone over the age of 8. At least she’s not wearing her hair in the partly-up look she’s occasionally sported. That style with the dress would make her look very juvenile.

    I will say that it wasn’t a bad choice for Wimbledon. The Daily Mail pointed out that it somewhat evokes the old-fashioned tennis dresses of eras past.

    I find Temperley to be a very uneven designer, and I’m not seeing anything among these looks that seriously excites me. In fact, there are some “gimmicky” touches that I really don’t care for, particularly the short-long hems. They’re unfortunate, and I can’t see the Duchess going for them.

  11. I love this EVEN MORE at Wimbledon. It just screams vintage tennis to me, and I love it!!! I’m glad that we got to see it again. Excellent choice for the day, Kate.

  12. Kate has the perfect body for a knit dress. I’ve always been fond of the sailor look because it’s so young and classic.

    • Kate looks perfect as always. With respect, I would like to be informed what undergarments she wears. This is an unforgiving white dress and there is scarcely a strap-line to be seen in all the pics. To me this is the essence of a careful dresser. Hope some readers of “What Kate Wore” can help. Thanks.

      • Do you have the brand Spanx in England? It is based in Martinsville, Virginia and is quite popular to wear under clothing to smooth out those nasty bulges….of which Kate has none. Many styles including a one piece that has built in bra and legs that go about as long as you want. I wore one to my son’s wedding last month.

        • Someone found a picture that made it clear that she was wearing thong underwear underneath the dress. Whether it was part of an overall smoother, who can say?

        • Thanks very much Kathy and Serena for your suggestions – but it’s not bulges that I need to cover as I am as slim/thin as Kate. It’s the absolute smoothness of the back in this white dress that I am after. Perhaps the dress is lined very well or she has an Unbelievable Bra.

          • Gosh, I certainly never meant to imply that you had bulges to smooth out. I’m so sorry if I gave that impression. I just meant to provide an option. The Spanx undergarments can work for most body types. It provides smoothing for those of us who have some bulges yet can also be worn for coverage by slimmer figures . The Spanx catalog certainly has very slender models wearing the product. I too have worn pantyhose without other undergarments myself. BTW, I’m so glad that it is once again ok to wear hoseiry. They do cover a world of flaws on legs that are not picture perfect.

      • I seriously doubt that the Duchess is wearing “Spanx” or some British/European equivalent. She doesn’t need it, and frankly, it’s not really made in sizes for very slim women. The smallest Spanx size is for women with a waist of no smaller than 27″.

        She’s too thin for Spanx.

        I suspect, on the basis of some previous evidence, that she wears nude thong underwear, with or without nude hose (which is sometimes called for), and nude bras — without underwires, padding, or trim.

        I am slim and small-breasted. When I wear a light-colored, clingy dress, I wear nude, control-top pantyhose (for a smooth line) and a simple nude bra — with no padding, lace, embroidery, or underwiring. I don’t wear slips, and I don’t wear panties under clingy dresses – just the pantyhose. I prefer as sleek a look and line as possible while still wearing some underpinnings.

        This sailor dress is lined, which obviates the need for a slip. It didn’t need a slip or anything more than pantyhose/tights, maybe thong panties, and a simple nude bra.

        • Lili…I just saw this comment. Thank you. I’ve just gone online and saw that Spanx makes a seam free bra in nude with broad/soft back bands. That’s more like it.

  13. Link to previous coverage doesn’t seem to work for me. Which LK Bennett court shoes are these? Coverage only says suede but doesn’t say the style. Is it Shilo? Thanks!

    • DeAnn,

      They are by Prada – the same shoes she wore with this dress a year ago. They are not the LK Bennett court heels that Daily Mail is claiming. Hope that helps!

  14. Love the red long one and the blue long one!!

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