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We didn’t expect to be back with a post so soon, but St. James’s Palace has released dates for official Royal appearances at the London Games and we thought you would like the updated schedule.

Below are confirmed appearances, the times listed for events are not from the Palace, but what we discovered poring over the schedules. Schedules for Princess Anne (President of the British Olympic Association), Prince Charles & Camilla, and other Royals are not included here, our focus is on the three official Ambassadors, William, Kate and Harry.

Thursday, July 26: Kate, William & Harry watch the Torch Relay go by Buckingham Palace at 6:35pm (1:35pm EDT/10:35am PDT)

Friday, July 27: The trio joins other Royals at a Buckingham Palace reception for Heads of State and Government, followed by the Opening Ceremony (9pm/4pm EDT)

Saturday/Sunday, July 28/29: William will attend Equestrian events at Greenwich either Saturday or Sunday, but not both days. Competition begins at 10am both days (5am EDT/2am PDT)

Sunday, July 29: William watches Football, Team GB plays UA Emirates at Wembley at 7:45pm/2:45pm EDT

Monday, July 30:

  • All three young royals watch Equestrian competition at Greenwich. Individual and Team Cross Country events commence at 12:30pm/7:30am EDT
  • Harry will be at the 10M Diving (I believe this is the 10M synchronized diving final, starting at 3pm/10am EDT)
  • William and Harry are both slated to visit Team GB House (see more in this BBC story)
  • Kate is at the UK Creative Industries reception showcasing the GREAT Campaign at Royal Albert Hall

Tuesday, July 31:

  • William, Kate and Harry attend Equestrian Events at Greenwich, they are also expected to award medals. Team Jumping Finals begin at 10:30am (5:30am EDT), the Individual Jumping Final begins at 2:30 (9:30am EDT)
  • All three will also visit the Athletes’ Village at Olympic Park

Thursday, August 2:

  • William & Kate attend Tennis at Wimbledon (Team GB Tennis is here), matches begin at 11:30am/6:30am EDT
  • Prince Harry will be at a reception for medal winners from May’s School Games, he is President of the organization. More than 1600 school-age athletes took part in the Games, held at four Olympic Venues. This is a morning function, we don’t have a specific time yet.

Friday August 3:

  • William and Harry watch Equestrian Dressage at Greenwich, events start at 11am/6am EDT and run through 3:30pm/10:30 EDT
  • William and Kate will attend Swimming at the Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, there are multiple events for both men and women. Medal races today include the always-popular Men’s 50m Freestyle and Women’s 800m Freestyle, heats begin at 10am/5am with Finals starting at 7:30/2:30pm EDT

Saturday, August 4:  Kate will be watching Women’s Hockey at the Olympic Park, we expect her to attend Team GB’s game against China at 4pm/11am EDT

Sunday, August 5:

  • Kate goes to Gymnastics at the Olympic Park, there are 3 medal events today, including Men’s Floor Exercise at 2pm (9am EDT), the Women’s Vault at 2:50pm (9:50 EDT) and Men’s Pommel Horse at 3:40pm (10:40pm EDT). The Team GB Gymnastics site is here, its Facebook page is here.
  • William, Kate and Prince Harry will attend Athletics (commonly referred to as Track and Field in the USA). Medal events include the Men’s 100m, the winner of this race is frequently referred to as “the fastest man in the world”. It’s expected Harry will want to watch Usain Bolt, presuming he qualifies for this event. (Harry famously “raced” Mr. Bolt when visiting Jamaica earlier this year.) The Men’s 100m starts at 9:50/4:50pm
  • Kate will also visit Team GB House at some point in the day

Monday, August 6: Kate will be at some of the day’s Sailing events at Weymouth. There are two medal races on the schedule, the Women’s Laser Radial at 13:00/8am EDT and the Men’s Laser race at 14:00/9am EDT. There are also qualifying races at Weymouth today.

Wednesday, August 8: Prince Harry will attend the Beach Volleyball at Horseguards Parade. The Bronze Medal match begins at 7pm/2pm EDT, the Gold Medal match is scheduled for 9pm/4pm EDT.

Thursday, August 9:

Friday, August 10: Kate watches Women’s Hockey if Team GB qualifies, games start at 8:30am/3:30am EDT

Saturday, August 11: Kate is planning on attending the Men’s 10m Diving at Olympic Park. The semi-finals begin at 9:55am/4:55am EDT, the Medal round is at 8:30pm/3:30pm EDT, my guess is she will be at the Finals at 3:30pm EDT.

Sunday, August 12: Kate, Harry and Princess Anne are on hand for the Closing Ceremony (9pm/4pm EDT), along with quite a few other Royals.

The release from the Palace shares this about William’s schedule:

The Duke of Cambridge is unable to attend events in the second week of the Olympics Games owing to his Royal Air Force Search and Rescue commitments.

These are not necessarily the only events the young trio will take part in, back to the news release:

Their Royal Highnesses may undertake other engagements in and around the Olympic venues, including to meet athletes from other Commonwealth nations. Details will be announced in due course.

Hopefully this will help everyone in planning what events they hope to watch. Following are some links that may also be of assistance:

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  1. Thanks so much! Wonderful post as usual! I am really looking forward to the Actual olympics as well as all the Kate appearances, I am sure she will be looking lovely and elegant :)

  2. THANK YOU!!! ………Wow!

  3. i believe only members of the IOC can present medals so I’m not sure they will be presenting any medals, though I may be wrong here

  4. WOW!
    You *are* amazing :)
    You’ve thought of everything, and I thank you!

  5. I’m really disappointed in this. The Olympics are like two weeks, and they are only going to a handful of elite, traditionally British events? I didn’t even know there was Olympic sailing and equestrian events. There are so many royals!

    They should be covering every event available, from table tennis to badminton to fencing to basketball. Given how often they holiday, they should be WORKING for this two week stretch. This is really disappointing, given how hard London and the UK have worked for these games, and these royals can’t bear to sit in the stands with some sunglasses for events where Brits won’t compete? Sad.

    • It is possible that William has military duty during the games so he -and probably Kate- might not be available every day. It is entirely likely that some of the minor royals might be at other events. I know that William, Kate and Harry are some sort of official Olympic ambassador or something but they can’t be everywhere at once. And if William or Harry does have military duty during any of the days, that is much more important, in my opinion.

    • They said in this post that the other royals are partaking in many more events, but that only the ones William, Kate and Harry will be at are listed here. Amongst all of them, nearly every event is covered.

    • Perhaps your experience of the Olympics is a trifle limited if you did not know the range of events.

      Please note that the schedule posted is for William and Kate (and sometimes Harry), not for the entire royal family. If you check the offical Monardhy web site, you will see that EVERY member of the family is participated to some degree, and at the full range of events.

      I note that in NO country is there a requirement or expectation for the head of state and family to be present at Olympic events other than those that interest them, with the exception of opening and closing ceremonies.

    • When the Olympics have been in the US, the President and his family and the Cabinet members haven’t been rushing to attend every event. That is an unrealistic demand given how very many events there are.

      The royals will be present at quite a few events. Naturally they will attend some equestrian events, given that the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips Tindall, is competing, and that Princess Anne was an Olympic equestrian competitor years ago. Anne’s children’s father, Captain Mark Phillips, is coaching the US riders. I see nothing wrong with their focussing on traditional British events.

      I might also point out that Beach Volleyball is by no means a “traditional British event,” but Prince Harry’s anticipated presence at that competition has been much ballyhooed.

      Perhaps you might like to read up on the Games and the many events, to familiarize yourself with them. David Wallechinsky’s “Complete Book of the Summer Olympics” is one of the best references. I buy a new copy every four years.

      • I’m with everyone in this thread. They can’t be everywhere at once!

        And if Wills, Kate, and Harry WERE at every.single.event, people would complain and say “Don’t they have work to do? Don’t they have charities to tend to? It’s not fair they can take time off to take in sporting events all day!”

        The Olympics are more than just a handful of sports, and many of the events have numerous prelims before you actually get to the finals. That’s a lot of sporting events.

    • I agree with Vicki that I would like to see them at some of the lesser-watched sports, like badminton and table tennis. Might help to draw a bit more attention to these sometimes under-appreciated sports.

      And forgive me, but the comment about Vicki’s experience with the Olympics being limited is (I think) uncalled for. Didn’t we just decide that we are all going to do more to try and make our community more friendly?

  6. Yay! Very excited. I am a volunteer for London 2012 at the olympic park, hopefully I will get to see or even meet them when (if) they come to see the volunteers – how cool would that be! Otherwise here’s hoping I catch a glimpse of them on their way to see the games!

  7. I cannot wait!!! This is going to be almost as good as a royal tour with all the different outfits Kate will be sporting (no pun intended) every day.

  8. Wonderful update. THANK YOU!

  9. You are amazing, Susan! Thank you for doing this!

    ??? When do you sleep? :-)

  10. wow…another tournament of Kate’s outfits…Can hardly wait!

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