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Kate opted for the colors of the Union Jack today as she joined William and a host of royals to watch Zara Phillips compete at the London Olympics.

Owen Humphreys/UK Press Association

The Queen’s granddaughter was riding in the Cross Country phase of the Eventing competition, Zara was on her horse High Kingdom. Below we see her taking a jump, the photo was shared on Twitter by The Sun’s Dan King.

Dan King Twitter Feed

Also watching the event, Prince Harry, Prince Charles’s wife Camilla, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

WhisperwoodJewl Twitter Feed

Kate brought back her navy Smythe Blazer by Toronto-based designers Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe.

Via SSense

Kate previously wore the jacket for her trip to Canada last June. The cotton blazer features that distinctive cutout on the back, peaked lapels, welt pockets and a front coin pocket, as well as the one-button closure. She wore it atop a pair of navy trousers we have yet to ID.

Kent Gavin/Splash News

Kate also sported a white Adidas Team GB shirt, and the Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon style wedges, we believe both items are the same worn on Friday for the Torch Relay event.

Stuart Weitzman ‘Corkswoon’

NOTE:  I am not suggesting Kate’s shoes are black patent, that happens to be the color of the image I snagged.

She wore a pair of Givenchy sunglasses when the sun was at its brightest, she has previously worn the brand, most recently when attending Wimbledon earlier this month, although a different pair from today’s.

Kirsty Wigglesworth/Press Association Images

Kate and William clearly enjoyed themselves, holding hands and cheering for their cousin Zara when it was her turn on the course. The Duchess accented with pearl stud earrings she has previously worn, both she and William wore official London 2012 lapel pins.

Press Association/USA Olympics

The lapel pin is available in the USA for $8.95, I presume it can also be found at other online sites.

The course was quite a challenge for many riders today, with several taking a tumble. Below we see an image from Zara’s ride yesterday during the Dressage element of the competition.

London 2012

Zara’s husband, Mike Tindall, is cheering her on and tweeting photos, this one is of the equestrienne warming up before yesterday’s event.

Mike Tindall Twitter Feed

Yesterday those watching Zara compete included her mother, Princess Anne, who rode as a competitor in the 1976 Olympics, and her grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Vision of the Horse Twitter Feed

It turns out Zara wasn’t celebrating just her outstanding performance:

Team GB Twitter Feed

Here we have a better view of Kate’s earrings.

Jeff Moore / Splash News

In addition to the Equestrian competition, Princes William and Harry also watched Gymnastics today.


Prince William was busy yesterday, he was at Wembley for men’s football, joining another notable to watch the match between Great Britain and the UAE team.

London 2012 Official Site

More from today’s Express:

Despite being left out of the side, David Beckham proved to be a good sport by joining Prince William at Wembley Stadium to cheer on the home side, who triumphed 3-1. Becks’s son, Brooklyn, was also there cheering on Team GB.

The Brits were victorious in the match, winning 3-1.

The Team GB Women’s Football team was on hand to cheer their male counterparts, they were able to meet William, this picture comes via Team GB’s Karen Carney.

Karen Carney (Team GB Football) Twitter Feed

David Beckham also posed with the team.

Karen Carney (Team GB Football) Twitter Feed

It sounds like a grand experience for the entire group, a tweet from Ms. Carney:

Karen Carney Twitter Feed

We’ll be back later today with a post on Kate’s appearance at tonight’s Creative Industries GREAT Campaign reception, we expect a semi-formal look.

  30 Responses to “Kate in Navy & White For Equestrian Olympic Event”

  1. The navy pants look like the J Brand 811 mid rise. I have the exact same pair. She also wore them with her Sebago Bala’s that one time (was she in Canada?) I forget. :)

  2. Could someone help me identify how big her pearl studs are (in mm)? I am going to be a bridesmaid in late August and these would be the perfect size (after a fruitless search for earrings this is a breakthrough).

  3. Not a fan of the skin-tight skinny jeans and sky-high wedges. Ever. On anyone. General “meh” for this look.

  4. I like everything but the jeans and wedges.. the skinny’s do not look flattering on her. I like the blazer and top.

  5. I just wanted to say (before I begin with Kate) that Eugenie and Beatrice look gorgeous! Kate looked nice, but I guess I’ve sadly become used to her. :(
    Anyway, a lovely casual look for Kate…but I think that she may want to try a different fit of jeans/pants/trousers. She has a lovely figure, but I think there are more flattering and appropriate fits out there.

  6. How cute that they are holding hands. I really love this couple.And Happy Anniversary Zara and Mike.

  7. So happy to see the royals going casual today. So appropriate for an equestriian event. Never knew this jacket had a cut out in back. Very different and interesting. I even saw Camilla had on slacks today. Other than riding jodpurs I don’t think I”ve ever seen her in pants. Darn it anyhow, I think she’s fitting in with the family pretty nicely. Sorry, can’t believe I said that.

  8. Fantastic Smythe blazer, though I’m not crazy about the Corkswoons (and, yes, I think those are them) with it.

    Sidebar on those Stuart Weitzmans, if anyone is considering them – they are insanely narrow and high high high. I ordered them when I was looking for a Maddox alternative and could barely shove my poor hooves into them; by comparison, the LK Bennets are far more comfortable.

    I also like what Princess Shinylocks here is doing color-wise with that famous mane – looks like she’s added some auburn highlights, if my stalking skills serve me correctly?

  9. She looked great today – love the detail on the back of the jacket.

    By the way there’s a spelling mistake in the sentence above the first picture of Zara. But maybe the course is cursed!

  10. someone tell me why she basically has two of the SAME pair of shoes (the wedges)?? and the same goes for SEVERAL of her other shoes. so frivolous.

    • I have multiple pairs of the same shoes (different colors). When I find a shoe that I like, is flattering, and comfortable as well as stylish so that it can be worn multiple ways, I do not view that as frivolous in the least. While she has received much criticism for the sledge court shoes, I think that such criticism is unwarranted. I have shoes that are ten-twelve years old, classic in style that are like old friends – a pleasure.

    • Possibly for the same reason that I have multiple pairs of some of the basic styles—they go with many things, they are going to last for several seasons, and if they get dirty, soiled, ruined, etc then I will always have a backup.

      • at least 3 pairs of black wedges, 2 (now 3) nude pumps, at least 2 pairs of navy court shoes, and countless black pumps. ridiculous, and sets a poor example of frugality. i think er can agree on that.

        • Not necessarily. I have several pairs of pumps – different heights and heel widths – depending on what I wear, how long I will be on my feet, the occasion (dress or casual) in blue, black, and brown (several in each color). I do not consider it an extravagance. I have bought shoes, after really liking a style, and put them away so as to have them when the origianl pari is completely worn and can no longer be reshod.

          Lest one think that this is totally a female predilection, my husband has three pair of Mephistos – exactly alike – that he wears. He has one of the pair for over ten years. When one finds a style that is comfortable, what is wrong with having multiple pairs if one can afford it? I would be willing to bet that Prince William has several pairs of the same style and color of shoes as well.

  11. CLASSY look all the way. Thank you for the update. :)

    And I love all the pictures on Getty’s site, particularly the one where they are holding hands. So sweet!

  12. I think Kate wears this evening at the Royal Academy of Arts are perfect with clutch McQueen, this is probably that she wore on Friday night. To me they seem more suited of LK Bennett, which incidentally I hate.

  13. Oh, also, i don’t think its the SW wedges. They are black, the ones she’s wearing today are Navy. My guess is they are the ones like Pippa wore watching the flotilla for the Jubilee.

    • I have never thought that the wedges she wore with jeans to see the torch were black–much less black patent leather. The ones with jeans appeared to be a matte finish and a navy/dark blue color. They were definitley the SW brand, due to the tiny brass logo on the back, but they also come in a color called “antique denim” which I think may be the correct color that she wore last week to see the torch. If so, they could possibly be the same ones she wore today.

  14. I love the jacket. So classy. Really fits the event well. On a personal note…I also love the fact that they’re holding hands. :-)

  15. They are the navy J Brands she wore boarding a plane to Alberta, Canada. It’s actually the same outfit, minus the shirt, belt and black LK Bennett wedges.

  16. I love that jacket. It’s so glamorous, sophisticated, and elegant. And the back is edgy and sexy.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe she wears the same amount of makeup to an evening gala as she does to watch sports.

    • It is quite a bit, but she also knows she’ll be photographed. In her shoes, I’d add more, too. I hate pictures of me where I’m wearing little to no makeup; I look tired and washed out, and I bet Kate feels the same way.

  17. Everyone looks like they had a great time today. Love Kate’s simple but polished look.

  18. She looks so gorgeous in this ensemble. Totally appropriated yet stylish. Love it!

  19. Watch the sales for abbey well water rocket now! ;) Just kidding, of course.

    Great post –have always liked that Smythe blazer, being Canadian myself. It’s nice to see it being worn again, very fitting as it does have equestrian-like elements in its design.

  20. Very appropriate and simple casual look. It was also nice to see the cousins turn out to cheer on Miss Phillips.

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