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NOTE: The post contains images and information about the Closing Ceremonies, yet to be broadcast on television in many places, including the USA.

Prince Harry was the Royal Family’s official representative at tonight’s Closing Ceremony for the Olympic Games, Kate accompanied Harry to the event. The duo are seen below with IOC president Jacques Rogge.

London 2012 Website

Prince William was on duty in Anglesey and unable to attend, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh remained in Scotland following a whirlwind Jubilee spring and summer.

It was a packed house once again at the Stadium.

London 2012 Website

The theme was a street party, with musical performances by a broad spectrum of British musical acts, including Madness.

London 2012

And One Direction.

Team GB Facebook

The Spice Girls were even reunited for the evening.

London 2012 Twitter

Union Jacks were in abundance.

London 2012

Artist Damien Hirst designed a special flag for the Ceremony that was showcased on the Stadium floor.

London 2012

The athletes streamed into the stadium from every entrance.

London 2012 Facebook

For her final Olympic appearance Kate brought back the Whistles “Bella Body Conscious Dress” in the multi-petal print. Below she is seen with the Prime Minister David Cameron, and his wife Samantha, as well as Lord Sebastian Coe, just before tonight’s Ceremony.

John Stillwell/WPA-Rota/Press Association Images

Here is a refresher on the dress.

Whistles via ASOS

The piece is from an older season and no longer available, most recently it was sold at ASOS. The frock is described this way:

  • Bodysuit: 92% Silk, 8% Elastane
  • Lining: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane

In these photos you can better see the waist detailing, exposed metal zipper and ruching at the front and back. I don’t know that a belt was needed, it’s difficult to tell without a better view.

Whistles via ASOS

The Duchess also brought back her Anya Hindmarch Maud Clutch.

John Stillwell/Press Association

The bag is crafted of “A luxuriously soft satin, made using tightly woven thread to give a glossy appearance.” Here you have tighter shots of the detailing on the piece, including the “C” for Catherine.

Anya Hindmarch

Good news for those interested in the bag, it is available again for purchase at Anya Hindmarch and online, it is priced at £450 (about $700 USD at today’s exchange rates).  On a side note, one of the London Mascots was spotted ‘carrying’ an Anya Hindmarch Gracie bag.

Anya Hindmarch Twitter Feed

Previously we saw Kate wearing the Bella dress at the Jubilee Concert, that was June 4 of this year.

Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Our post on that event is here. Tonight Kate wore the same custom Kiki McDonough diamond and topaz earrings seen at the concert.

In short, Kate continued to dress in a manner that would minimize attention on her or her sartorial selections, choosing to keep the spotlight where it belonged, on the athletes, coaches, volunteers, public safety personnel and others working to make the Games a success. She showcased UK designers, wore Team GB gear, repeating ensembles on multiple occasions to diminish interest in what she was wearing, a wise tactic on her part, the mark of someone savvy enough to know the impact she can have.

It looked like an extraordinary evening.

London 2012 Twitter

And it seems that Kate and Harry thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


C. Tibbs Twitter Feed

As Sebastian Coe (head of LOCOG, the London Organising Committee) put it:

London 2012

Then it was time to extinguish the flame.

BBC Twitter Feed

And fireworks lit up the night skies in London.

London 2012 Twitter

The Palace released word of an official reception for Team GB athletes, more from the British Monarchy Facebook page:

Buckingham Palace has announced that The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will give a reception for the 2012 Great Britain Olympic Team on 23 October 2012.

A reminder that Kate, William and Harry are also official ambassadors for the Paralympic Games, they start in just 16 days.  Additionally, William and Kate start their South Pacific tour in less than a month, the first stop is Singapore on September 11.


  37 Responses to “It’s a Whistles Repeat for Kate at Closing Ceremony (Spoiler Alert)”

  1. Kate is an educated and intelligent woman. She knows exactly what she does. She can have all the beautiful dresses she wants, but why to model those for people to watch?? Look at her wedding dress…it was not the magnificent one but it really showed her personality…And she can wear something again and again…why not?? She is not the fashion model, she is the future queen of England…understand?

  2. Kate’s clothes were not impressive throughout the entire Olympics, including the ceremonies and events. She showed us that all women, even beautiful and popular ones as her, don’t always have the right thing to wear. From the trip to the art gallery in blue Stella and the gold loop necklace to the closing ceremony in a repeat that didn’t even stand out the first time, she missed. What a disappointment for us. She has a beautiful face and that shined through the poor picks of too-tight jeans and too-chunky trainers and boring, not to mention ugly, wedges. I still appreciate her style, but for the Olympics I don’t recall seeing her give it any effort.

    • That was the point; didn’t you see? The athletes mattered, not the Duchess’s clothes, not her style. She got it exactly right for exactly that reason.

  3. I have appreciated almost every look of Kate during this world wide sport even although I had expressed my tired feeling over the same smythe jacket. :) She has done really well without any major misstep. I didn’t care for this blue printed dress when i first saw it at that concert but she looked nice and appropriate this time, I think. :) It would have been more sleek if she had an updo however.

  4. gorgeous girl

  5. What’s the point of wearing earrings if your hair is going to cover them up?

    • Because sometimes, people will get a glimpse of your earrings as your hair moves, as you push it back, and so forth.

      Subtlety, and perhaps a soupcon of surprise, in dress are always interesting. It can take people years to learn that.

  6. I’ve gotta say – Kate really did a great job during the olympics. Continually wearing repeat outfits as well as Team GB gear made for a downright boring Kate! And that’s the way it should be since she was tryinng to show her support for the athletes without distrcating attention. I didn’t even check the WKW page everyday! Bravo, Kate! And congrats to all of the athletes. (US the most of course!)

  7. I actually like this dress a lot more now than I did during the Jubilee concert. I think it was the perfect balance; she probably couldn’t exactly show up in jeans and a T-shirt, but anything more formal would have made her look stuffy. I get the feeling this ceremony was just a big party, so nothing formal was required. It’s also smart that she wore a repeat – the focus was on the athletes (and on Harry for filling in for his grandma, too!).

  8. Amazing show ! British pop music … my teenagerdhood ! And Muse ! I so love them.
    The dress is nice, not too much classy, not too much casual : quite perfect. I just deplore the colour, blue .. again blue .. matching with the glued ring.
    Wasn’t Kate the royal who attended the most the Games ? I think she enjoyed it a the utmost.

  9. I have been in London for a month ( from New York). BBC and brit newspapers covered Kate’s every move (less about her clothes). And as usual, she didn’t put a foot wrong and appeared to be having the time of her life-I bet she was. The games were great, the young royals were stellar, and I loved window shopping at all the places I learned about from WKW! Thanks! Can’t wait to go home. USA! USA!

  10. Well played, Great Britain, well played!! Thank you for a great Olympics from start to finish!! I think Wills, Harry and Kate made the perfect ambassadors from the royal family, with their youth, energy and enthusiasm and common touch!! And bravo to Kate for having the grace and sense and class to know that at the Olympics, the events and the athletes are supposed to be in the spotlight!! As the blog noted, she grasps this and planned her outfits accordingly!!

  11. She picked a great dress to wear for the Closing Ceremony. The belt is a nice touch.

  12. Kate looks beautiful. I love this dress. I’m happy that we were able to see more of it on this occasion.

  13. She should have worn the navy lace ERDEM dress she worn at her arrival in Canada. An ASSOS dress with a dollar store ribbon around the waist for taking center stage with Harry…one word…NO.

    • Hi Justine, thanks for reading! FYI, the dress is by Whistles, a UK company, ASOS was merely a vendor. :)

      • Sorry for my inaccuracy. My point was that it’s to casual plus it was worn to a similar event this summer already. Those are two worldwide televised events… it’s like a girl who wears the same dress to two birthday partys in a row within the same group of friends. That’s not recycling, that’s just weird especialy since we all know she has so much nice stuff.

        • With respect, I really dont think it was too casual—she appears to be dressed much the same as the PM’s wife who was pictured with her. Also, Princess Anne was dressed in her Team GB gear, so I think the Duchess’s dress was just fine.
          I am not a lover of the ribbon, but the duchess is using it to give an optic illusion of a shorter waist and longer legs, and it does work.
          I suspect that if it werent for awesome websites like this one, that we wouldnt even know this was the same dress from the concert–there were only fleeting glimpses back then, and conflicting descriptions from Clarence house.

          • Exactly right, katefanatic. I had the same thought when I saw the PM’s wife, and Princess Anne. Had Kate worn a new or more formal dress, we’d never hear the end of it. LOL.

        • This may have been a worldwide televised event, but it wasn’t a formal affair. When the athletes are appearing in athletic jackets and trainers, when everyone in the crowd is bouncing up and down and singing and dancing, it’s just a big, fun, basically casual party, not something that calls for a formal dress. What’s more, she hadn’t worn the dress in public since the Jubilee concert, which was over two months ago.

          Let me point out that she and Prince William are soon to leave on their Asia-Pacific trip. We will likely see a lot of new clothes on that trip. In advance of it, it was a good idea to keep her clothing choices low key, to rewear a number of items, not only in order to help keep attention focussed on the Olympics, where it belonged, but because a lot of new clothes for the Olympics and then for the Asia-Pacific trip might well have attracted significant criticism. The Duchess (and perhaps royal staffers) have been demonstrating admirable PR savvy when it comes to her public public wardrobe.

    • “with a dollar store ribbon around the waist”. I think the dress looks cheap too. It’s too bad that a woman labeled a “fashion icon” sticks to wearing the same color for weeks at a time.

      • She wore blue and white during the Olympics because they are Team GB’s colors, not because she was trying to be a fashion icon. The whole point was to show support for the home team and not take attention away from the true stars of the Games, the athletes.

        • Team GB’s colors are blue, white, and Red. You’re missing my point. It’s not that she wore blue and white everyday during the Olympics, but that she’s worn it almost every time before then too.

          She sports the same colors, same hair, same makeup every.single.time. For the opening and closing ceremony, which were more formal, a half-up/half-down hairstyle would have been appropriate to showcase her earrings.

          And does anybody think that even if Kate had worn something brand new and flashy that it would have actually overshadowed the Olympics and the athletes who make history every time they compete?

          • No, it would NOT have overshadowed the athletes, but I’m confident that she would be criticized for “attempting” to do exactly that.

        • I agree with your comments, Susan.

          And obviously she’s doing SOMETHING right or she wouldn’t be labeled a fashion icon. :)

    • At first glance i thought it was that Erdem dress and thought “great choice”. I still say it would have been. Should have been.

  14. Really nice post!! I loved the closing ceremony!! I think that the shoes she was wearing are the prada shoes she has worn in previous ocasions like when she went to The Art Room performance of narnia, when she went to the National Portrait Gallery to see the “Road to 2012: Aiming High” exhibition, or when she met Obama and Michelle at Buckingham Palace. You can see the shoes in the fifth photo . She also was wearing the TIFFANY & CO. Elsa Peretti diamond by the Yard Bracelet in Platinum, that she has worn before.I hope I’ve helped you!! :)

    I think she looked really petty tonight!!

  15. very pretty dress, i like the belt.

    harry, of course, dashing.

    interesting that harry was the senior royal, and designated the queen’s rep – why not anne?

    and why wasn’t charles there?

    did the palace think the younger royals – age peers to the athletes – were more appropriate reps of the royal family and of britain?

    • Given the theme of this Closing Ceremony — British popular music — I’d say that Anne and Charles weren’t quite the right representatives. This ceremony was aimed at youth, and after all, the Olympics themselves are supposed to be about the athletic achievements of “the youth of the world,” as the Olympic invitation says every four years.

    • Princess Anne represents Britain on the International Olympic Committee and was a member of the London Olympic Organizing Committee, and must have been at the ceremony in that capacity, which I guess left Harry as the personal representative of the royal family.

      It was great to see the young royals at so many events throughout the Olympics and having such a good time watching competition and meeting the athletes!

  16. I very much liked this little Whistles dress the first time we saw it, and I actually suspected that the Duchess might give it another outing at the Closing Ceremonies. Very charming and given just a bit of an edge by the exposed zipper.

    The Ceremonies are just about to start in Chicago, where I am, so I avoided reading about them and stuck to the pictures of the dress.

    A lovely Olympics, London. The world has been impressed and entertained.

  17. @Larissa – I saw that as well, it was pretty cool! :)

  18. Fabulous coverage, as always! And I agree, Kate definitely got it right with every choice of outfit during the Olympics. She is amazing. She did a great job as Ambassador.

  19. Not sure if it was shown on all broadcasts but in Canada they showed Harry and Kate while Eric Idle was on stage, and they were both singing and whistling along to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Absolutely loved it!!

    Great closing ceremonies, and a job well done London!

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