Oct 102014

It appears Kate may be feeling a bit better. Today Kensington Palace announced the Duke and Duchess will take part in a State visit October 21st, officially welcoming Singapore President Tony Tan and his wife Mary Chee Bee Kiang, to Britain. This will not be the first time Kate and William have met the visitors; below you see President Tan and his wife Mary greeting the Duke and Duchess in Singapore in 2012.

Ken Goff/SplashNews.com

Ken Goff/SplashNews.com

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Aug 212014

We are back with some fashion notes and a follow-up to our previous post discussing Kate’s position in the fashion zeitgeist, more specifically, asking if she is a style icon. The thoughts you shared on the topic were outstanding; watching the discussion unfold and reading the varying perspectives on what constitutes a fashion icon and/or a style icon has been a delight.

There were several comments about the specific terms that are part of today’s lexicon. Here is a brief sampling:

  • Lili: “I do think part of the problem with the term “style icon” and whether it applies to any given person is the slipperiness — the malleability — of the definition.”
  • TMM: “To me, fashion refers to what’s new and popular and trendy in the world of clothing and accessories. A style icon, however (in my mind), is one who takes a look and makes it uniquely their own.”
  • ElizaMo: “I’d have said that Kate was a style icon and not a fashion icon as for me there’s a clear distinction: it’s perfectly possible to have a consistent style without having fashion come into it.”
  • Miss Maddox: “I do think the Duchess is a style icon; and for me that is very different then being a “fashionable” woman. I would never suggest that Duchess Kate was a “fashionable” woman. Style icons are the women who choose to be above fashion!”
  • Erin: “Is Kate a stylish woman? YES. Is she a style icon? NO. There is a difference.”

While fond of Kate’s fashion choices and style , some felt it is just too early to make pronouncements or confer titles:

  • Judith (via Facebook): “Personally I think that Kate is not a fashion icon…yet. Her style now is very suitable for her place as the wife of the second in line. But these are early days.”
  • Lauri: “Kate certainly would have made the Hall of Fame, in the future, but to include her this year is much too soon.”
  • Sampson (via Facebook): “I think it’s way too early to tell. She dresses beautifully, but give her time. She’s made an effort to not be defined by her clothing choices, so I think we should let her WOW us on her terms.”
  • Ashleigh: “I agree it’s too early to tell whether Kate’s normality and what some refer to as formulaic dressing will cement her iconic fashion status. Only time will tell…”

For many others, there’s no more time needed, Kate is iconic. And regardless of the terms used, many expressed thoughts on the positive impact Kate’s style choices have had on their wardrobes:

  • Amy: “I don’t know if Kate should be defined as a style icon, but I’ve certainly adopted her as MY style icon!”
  • Melissa: “She’s the only person I look to for what is appropriate/looks put together, precisely because I know that I can replicate her look almost exactly.”
  • Lulu (via Facebook): “I think that she is an Icon for the very reasons that her critic note: she does things her way & breaks rules & wears what she likes & feels comfy in rather than what the style experts might approve of.”
  • Adrienne: “I’m 33 and never really knew how to dress… Until I saw Kate wearing the nude pumps I never thought to buy some. So I did. She influenced my personal style….I’m not afraid to wear a dress to work anymore”.
  • Rachel: “When I was younger, I wasted a lot of money on “fast fashion”, buying whatever was trendy at the time that was cheaply made and wasn’t necessarily flattering. Kate has taught me that investing in well made pieces, and paying attention to fit goes a long way…”
  • Jennifer (via Facebook): “I don’t find her a groundbreaker, but I find her an icon as well as a source of returning style and class in clothing as opposed to what so much of what youth and young women are seeing in the media. Thank goodness there is this alternative to show…”

In a somewhat related note, a recent story in The Telegraph offers a smidgen of insight on how Kate looks at fashion. The article profiles Sara Parker Bowles, associate editor at Harper’s Bazaar UK and senior editor at Town & Country UK. From that Telegraph story:

Of the Duchess of Cambridge, she will only say: “We’ve talked about designers we admire in the past and she’s always very complimentary about what I wear but, clearly, she feels she’s got more important things to think about – and that’s what makes her so endearing.”

You may recognize the name because Ms. Parker Bowles is married to the Duchess of Cornwall’s son, Tom Parker Bowles.


Next, our look at some of the new fall styles at Temperley London. These pieces are all from the label’s pre-fall collection.

Temperley London

Temperley London

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Aug 072014

We are back with several Bits and Bytes, along with some stunning photos we were not able to include in our previous posts covering Monday and Tuesday’s First World War Centenary activities.

We begin with news about Prince William. As long rumored and reported, he has taken a full-time position piloting emergency helicopters for East Anglian Air Ambulance. More from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge website:

His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge is to become a helicopter pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance.

This job will be the Duke’s primary occupation, but his roster will take into account the duties and responsibilities he will continue to undertake on behalf of The Queen, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. The Duke will also continue his work with his patronages and with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

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