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Kate and William returned to form for today’s Paralympics 2012 events, wearing official Team GB duds.

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It was a familiar look for the Duchess.

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The couple looked happy and relaxed as they watched Track Cycling in the Velodrome, once again taking part in what is known as a Mexican Wave.

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They were able to see Paralympic GB’s first Gold Medal, as Sarah Storey won the Individual C5 Pursuit.

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Kate brought back her Team GB fleece, skinny jeans and red Adidas Supernova trainers.

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Kate and William are seen watching ParalympicGB playing Lithuania in Goalball in this photo from the Paralympics GB Twitter feed.

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This evening Kate went solo to the Aquatic Center, she switched to her Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Wedges worn so frequently to the Olympics.


We also have details on the couple’s upcoming South Pacific tour as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It includes Kate’s first speech abroad, a host of public and private events, even the possibility of a tiara. It all begins in Singapore.

  • Sept 11th: Singapore – Botanic Gardens,
  • September 13th: Malaysia
  • September 15th: Sabah, Malaysia (rainforest)
  • September 16th: Solomon Islands
  • September 18th: Tuvalu

More from the Daily Mail:

The Queen is believed to be lending her several pieces of jewellery including, possibly, one of her favourite tiaras.

Her famous locks will be also well cared for – Prince Charles is privately footing the bill for a freelance hairdresser to travel with them.

More form the official statement, quoting Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton:
“The Duke and Duchess will use the tour to pay tribute – through what they do and say and who they meet – to the Queen’s lifetime and dedication to the mix of peoples and cultures that make up all of Her Majesty’s realms and the Commonwealth.”The tour will comprise a mixture of formal and informal moments which reflect these aims and Duke and Duchess’s characters and interests.”

Once again we social media playing a role, the British High Commission in Singapore offices have organized a number of online events,designed to “showcase the best of Britain in Singapore, for Singaporeans and the local British community alike.” Activities include a photography contest, even a Twitter poll to pick what food item

Foodies are encouraged to follow and post their ideas about “What Singaporean dish should the Royal Couple eat?” by mentioning @UKinSingapore and using the hashtag #RoyalMenuSG.

More on the Singapore leg of the tour from Today Online:

Arriving on Tuesday, September 11, their itinerary will include visits to the Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, the Strathmore Green district in Queenstown, the Rolls Royce plant in Seletar and the Kranji Commonwealth war cemetery.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will also be hosted by President Tony Tan Keng Yam to a State dinner at the Istana, and an official reception at the British High Commissioner’s residence, Eden Hall.

The Mirror writes about what will be a touching event in Singapore:

The couple will attend an orchid naming ceremony at the Singapore Botanic Gardens where, in a poignant moment, they will look at the flower that Diana herself never got to see.

The couple will visit a special needs community, Rainbow Centre, Kate is expected to take part in an art therapy class while William spends time with a sports class.

In Malaysia Kate will have her first international public speaking engagement, she will be talking to staff and patients at Hospis Malaysia. The couple will also have dinner with the King of Malaysia, a formal affair.

Again there are also social media endeavors, the British High Commission has launched ‘The Ultimate Royal-Tea Competition‘:

The competition will see two lucky winners walk away with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the Royal Couple at a tea party organised by the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

The trip to Sabah has residents excited, this image is from Dive Down Below:

Dive Down Below

More from the Dive Down Below website:

The whole of Sabah is abuzz with news of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, visiting our fair eastern Malaysian state here in the northern part of Borneo.

Sabah, previously known as North Borneo and a former British Crown Colony, has a rich history tied to the UK.

On the 17th the pair spend the night on a private island, Tavanipupu, a five star resort.

Tavanipupu Island

(The Island can be yours for £7.5million, it is evidently for sale.)

As many hoped, when the couple gets to Tuvalu, they will take part in a ceremonial arrival, more from the Evening Standard:

Their arrival in Tuvalu — making them the first members of the royal family to visit since the Queen and Prince Philip in 1982 — will see them carried off their aircraft in a traditional ceremony.

“It’s going to be a bit of a surprise for all of us,” an aide admitted. “It remains to be seen whether it’s a canoe or some other form of platform they are going to carry them on.”

It won’t be all posh digs and upscale fun, back to the Daily Mail’s story, a portion about the Tuvalu visit:

But it will be rather less luxurious than their previous stop. The island is plagued by ants and large rats, and the infrastructure is so limited that the couple will stay in only the most basic of hotels.

Clearly one of Kate’s biggest challenges will be coping with the heat and humidity, the average September temperature on Tuvalu is in the mid-80s, in Singapore it is 81°.
We’ll be sharing more details moving forward.

  15 Responses to “Kate in Team GB at Paralympics & Tour Details (Is There a Tiara on the Horizon?)”

  1. Thank you for the up dates and amazing pics.Love the site!!Please help confirm the make of Kate’s dark jeans.I still can’t find them,only lighter blue ones at Zara.Are they the JB 811? They don’t looke as fitted.Thank you loads.

  2. I agree that with the high humidity she will definitely want to tie her gorgeous hair up. As another person said Monica from Friends springs to mind!! From these posts it appears that peope think us Brits melt in the slightest heat. 81F/27C really isn’t too hot for us, she will be absolutely fine!

  3. It looks like William borrowed Kate’s blue team GB shirt. Kidding aside, it looks too small on him! I’m just glad she isn’t wearing yet another blue shirt. The red is a nice change and it compliments her red shoes.

  4. The red trainers are a much better choice with her skinny jeans than those very high wedges she was sporting for a while.

    This trip is definitely going to present some challenges at points. 81 degrees is nothing for a lot for Americans, but the British aren’t that used to it. And high humidity is the bane of my own hair’s existence. No hairdresser I’ve ever patronized has been able to offer me anything that really combats it, and believe me, I’ve tried everything. I don’t think even an on-call hairdresser following me around 24/7 would help. I hope the Duchess isn’t as badly off.

    Isn’t Tuvalu sinking? I suppose some royals should visit it before it disappears beneath the waves.

    • Having grown up in Louisiana, I am all too familiar with the humidity versus hair battle. I’m usually a staunch defender of Kate wearing her hair down, but for once I hope she doesn’t stick to her signature look. Not only would it be difficult to keep her blow-out looking fresh, but I think she would discover it’s darn uncomfortable wearing your hair down in high humidity. Take it from someone who knows: it’s no fun having your hair plastered to the back of your neck.

      However, I suppose it really just depends on the Duchess’s personal sensitivity to heat. As you point out, 81 degrees really isn’t all that warm, but then again it may feel very warm to someone used to the weather in the United Kingdom.

      Hair up or down, I’m hoping for a tiara sighting!

  5. It’s a good thing the hairdresser is coming with! Otherwise, her hair might wind up looking like the Friends episodes where they went to Barbados.

  6. Great post and I’m so looking forward to your coverage of the tour.

    Prince William and Kate will be great ambassadors for the Queen and our country. I too am intruiged to know exactly what pieces of jewellery the Queen will be lending.

    Watch this space…

  7. Kate looks naturally lovely here. This is only the second time I’ve seen her with William wearing flat shoes – the first being in Canada during the canoe race. She should wear flats more often for informal occasions as it suits her.

  8. Simple, practical, comfortable — classic Kate, only she and spouse can carry off the basic sporting look. They look really great together on this outing.

    Plus wonderful post re upcoming tour — many thanks!!

  9. Makes me wonder…One of Kate’s favorite tiaras or one of the Queen’s favorites? I didn’t think the Queen loaned out her favorites, and Kate’s only ever worn the Cartier Halo. Intriguing…

  10. Great piece – loving your work as always Susan :-) A couple of little tidbits I read – the royal couple may get the time for some private snorkelling – I’m guessing that’ll be on Tavanipupu; Also, when in Singapore, they will get an orchid named after them too – not sure if this is one for him and one for her, or a “joint” orchid; Kate will need the hairdresser to keep her hair looking its best in the heat and more particularly the humidity – we could see quite a few “up” do’s and even more curls than normal :-)

  11. I’m sure you’ve posted it, but I can’t seem to find it. What is the brand of the navy skinny jeans she’s been wearing to all these events? I know the coral ones were Zara. Are these also?

    Love your site! Thanks for all the hard work you put into these posts.

  12. 81 degrees is heat?! come on down to texas where we have 104 degree summers-with humidity! i am sure the duchess will look stunning no matter what!

  13. I love that Price Charles is footing the bill for the hairdresser to travel with her – he obviously learned how important hair is to a woman being married to the Princess of Wales! Good for him, what a lovely father-in-law! I used to dislike him a little, but I like him more and more, these days.

  14. Well done Susan.

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