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Kate selected a British designer for the launch of the Jubilee Tour in Singapore, wearing a pale pink Jenny Packham dress. Here we see the Duke and Duchess being greeted upon arrival at the airport.

James Whatling/Splash News

Our thanks to Channel 5 Royal Correspondent Simon Vigar for an early look at the couple’s arrival in his photo.

Via Simon Vigar/Channel 5 News (simonvigar5)

The bespoke frock also has three-quarter sleeves, a self-belt, deep vee neckline and full skirt. Here we see the dress from the back.

James Whatling/Splash News

Kate accessorized with what looks like a new pair of LK Bennett’s Sledge pumps but in Off White, not Kate’s standard Taupe.

LK Bennet/Splash News

As many Kate fashion followers know, the Sledge is very much a “go to” shoe for the Duchess. We also saw Kate’s pearl drop earrings again, she wore her hair partially up.

James Whatling/Splash News

We have not yet identified Kate’s bag.

Splash News

A commenter (Anna) thinks it is Jimmy Choo’s Cosma Disco Bar Clutch, this links to that bag in a different color/decor.

The couple arrived at about 2:50pm local time on a scheduled British Airways flight, they were formally greeted at the airport. Here is more via The Telegraph, with reaction from an official’s wife:

His wife Sadiah Bte Shahal, who presented the Duchess with the bouquet of yellow flowers, said: “They are such a lovely couple, so affable.

“Kate was asking me about my children, what their ages are. “We talked about the UK and particularly about shopping.

“She also asked me about the flowers I gave her, she said they are very unusual and what are they.

“I said I’m not sure but I think they’re two types of orchids.”

Rebecca English’s story in the Daily Mail notes the Duchess and Sadiah Bte Shahal also discussed something many readers will appreciate:

We talked about the UK and particularly about shopping at Bicester (a designer shopping outlet in Oxfordshire frequented by the Middleton family).

‘I said I’ve been there and I love it and she said she does as well. She said it’s great how everything is so contained.

In addition to filing her story, Ms. English shared a number of photos on Twitter, including these of the pair arriving at the hotel.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter

William and Kate’s first official engagement was at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where they saw an orchid that has been named in their honor. Royal Photographer Mark Stewart (@RegalEyes) shared a Twitter photo of that flower:

Mark Stewart Twitter (@RegalEyes)

They also saw the orchid named for Princess Diana just prior to her death, part of the VIP Orchid Garden. Here we see William and Kate looking at that flower via the “National Parks – Let’s Make Singapore Our Garden” Facebook page. .

National Parks – Let’s Make Singapore Our Garden Facebook

The couple as they arrived at the Gardens, they were accompanied by the CEO of NParks, Mr Poon Hong Yuen.

National Parks – Let’s Make Singapore Our Garden Facebook

Two more shots of the tour about the National Orchid Gardens.

Nparks – Let’s Make Singapore Our Garden Facebook-

Below, the guest book after William and Kate signed it.

National Parks – Let’s Make Singapore Our Garden Facebook

This was a splendid look for Kate that also recognized those hosting the couple for this first leg of the Tour. The dress was flattering and the accessories made for a solid ensemble; it was good to see Kate’s hair pulled back from her face.

There is a substantial number of media following the Tour, below we see some of them amid the lush greenery of the Botanic Gardens, as shared by Rose Hughes of Sky News (@RoseSkyNews):

Rose Hughes Sky News Twitter

The pair then headed off to the famed Raffles Hotel, the crowd’s excitement was palpable, as noted by The Straits Times on Twitter.

The Straits Times Twitter Feed

The Times shared this photo of Kate arriving at the hotel.

The Straits Times Twitter Feed

Kate and William are not the first Royals to stay here, far from it; more in a recent Hotel news release:

In 2006, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh honoured us by staying at Raffles Hotel during their State Visit to Singapore, so to now have the opportunity to welcome Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in this Jubilee and Olympic year, will be a very special pleasure for all of us at Raffles Hotel.”

As previously noted, the crowds were large, here is one fan via The Straits Times twitter feed.

The Straits Times Twitter Feed

Tonight William and Kate head to a formal affair, an official State Dinner hosted by The President of Singapore, Tony Tan Keng Yam, at his residence, the Istana. William will address the guests on behalf of the Queen.

Singaporean customs are a bit different than those in the UK and many other places, ITV’s Cordelia Kretzschmar noted this on Twitter:

Rebecca English of the Daily Mail made a lighthearted comment about a venue on the itinerary in the next country to be visited, Kuala Lumpur:

Rebecca English/Daily Mail

We’ll be back shortly with a look at what Kate wears for tonight’s State Dinner.


  53 Responses to “Kate in Jenny Packham for Singapore Arrival”

  1. I am not usually a fan of muted pastels and would have liked to see this in person (as if) but she looks lovely and I prefer it to some of the other Jenny Packham designs she has worn.

    Very much enjoying the coverage of this trip. Thank you!

  2. Regarding the sides & the top & the shape of the clutch Kate was wearing, it looks more lile Lk Bennett patent clutch. Maybe a bespoke clutch to match with the shoes ?

  3. My idea of heaven is a closet of Jenny Packham dresses all in my size. I love it!

  4. This hairstyle makes her look 10 years older and I am not a fan of this dress.

  5. I loved the Packham she wore during the Los Angeles visit but this just doesn’t do it for me. It looks too much like a nightgown and if she’s going to observe propriety, which she obviously has by covering arms, elbows and with a longer skirt, then why the deep vee neck? It almost seems like this is meant to be a coatdres and cover a light silk sheath or something under it, it seems a little incomplete somehow. I love the LK Bennett nude pumps but not these cream ones. And whoever put those butterfly clips in her hair ought to be sacked ASAP. Really? They’re one of the world’s wealthiest families and she’s wearing plastic butterfly clips in her hair? Ugh.
    With the exception of the Olympics, ever since shortly after her marriage, she’s being styled and dressed as if she’s a matron of 50 instead of a young wife of 30.

  6. I really want to like this dress, but I do think the color washes her out and the style is too matronly. I think she should pass it on to Princess Anne. It’s something I can picture her in easily. Thank you for the thorough reporting. I look forward to more new outfits!

  7. I’m wondering if the clutch is a bespoke off-white version of Jimmy Choo’s Tube clutch.

  8. What a beautiful and feminine dress. I love the detail at the waist and the colors are perfect for Kate’s coloring.

  9. I am SO not a fan of this dress! It is so matronly and the print/style reminds me of my great grandmother. The hairstyle is kind of pretty i guess but i agree with the others who said the butterfly clips are not a great look for a 30 year old. Of course she looks good, but i really dislike this look overall! And call me crazy, but the dress she wore to the state dinner is nice and all, but i feel like she could have gone much more “glam”- it seems kind of casual! i would have loved to have seen her in a long sophisticated gown, and of course im devastated that there was no tiara :(:(
    but as usual, i love kate and her style and figure look great in everything, she is gorg!

  10. Best. Dress. Ever!!!

    To be slightly less exuberant, I love flowers, and soft pink. Together with the lovely cut and fit of the dress, it was just Mi>divine. I do like the Asian inspiration/influence.

  11. She is looking prettier and healthier and yes, I would suspect…

  12. Are those . . . butterfly clips?! On our high priestess of prep chic? Between those & the mum-of-bride shoes – the Sledge in the off-white is bleh – I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see this one and focus on the fab, fab Prabal Gurung that followed.

  13. Fresh and pretty and a very good day time.dress. This Jenny Packham dress is similar to the one she wore to the races in LA. The Asia Pacific is a land of colour, print and vibrancy. I am certain the Duchess will pay homage to that.

    Just wondering as an aside – I find that in this pair of Sledge shoes the heels seem to be lower that the nude.

  14. A full skirt suits Kate’s slim figure. Not sure about the colour but I love this dress on her, I love the orchid pattern, I love the shoes and bag with it. She looks fantastic!

    Hair held back too, instead of falling in front of her face. She looks what she is: a Duchess with her Duke on an official visit. She’s doing us Brits proud!

  15. I absolutely adore this look, even moreso than the Prabal Gurung dress she wore to the state dinner. I could definitely do with a more sophisticated updo and w/o the butterfly clips. But overall, it looks amazing and love the print!

  16. What a lovely, feminine dress. It reminds me of the other Jenny Packham she wore to polo in the US, but with a more mature feel, which suits a state visit. I agree with Lili, that I can see this one being used at the next warm weather Buckingham Palace garden party.

  17. Like the hair pinned on the back with bouncy curls. The dress is so …royal princess thing but not my cup of coffee. LOL

  18. Generally think she’s got an amazing hand for outfits, but this seems to be an exception. The blush color with orchids washes her out – the mass of curls at the bottom of her hair, the butterfly clips on top, the deep v-neck in a very thick fabric, the off-white shoes, the deep v combined with the flare skirt….all around it looks more matronly than her age. To see how a pattern in floral colors on a light colored dress looks like a million bucks one only needs to turn to her Prabal Gurung later that day.

  19. Oh, I love this! The print is lovely, and the details at the waist and collar are lovely. Not a huge fan of the hairstyle, though… but the accessories are understated and perfect.

  20. Although I adore the dress, I was a little surprised at how low the v of her necklinewas, considering the Muslims, etc, in attendance.

    • This is a good point. I would be interested to do some research to see how other prominent women in history have dressed when visiting conservative countries.

    • Singapore is not a Muslim country. Singapore is a parliamentary republic with a Westminster system of unicameral parliamentary government representing constituencies. Its constitution establishes representative democracy as its political system.. Buddhism is the most widely practised religion in Singapore, with 33% of the resident population declaring themselves adherents at the most recent census. The next most practised religion is Christianity, followed by Islam, Taoism and Hinduism. 17% of the population did not have a religious affiliation. The proportion of Christians, Taoists and non-religious people increased between 2000 and 2010 by about 3% each, whilst the proportion of Buddhists decreased. Other faiths remained largely stable in their share of the population.

      Like all free countries, people can wear what they deem appropriate. Catherine’s dress does not have a revealing neckline and I doubt they would consider her neckline an insult.

      • There must be some sort of nod to propriety and modesty related to religious custom and culture being adhered to, read the Tweets from the female reporters as they talked about the “requirements” for dress for the formal dinner at the Istana. Skirts below the knee, shoulders covered.

  21. Everything is polished and sophisticated about this outfit, but I think it is really old fashioned. I remember some of the posts about her previous outfits that said she was wearing costumes, this outfit is another good example of that.

  22. Very elegant and especially well-suited to the Botanic gardens. Again, I’m not a great fan of full skirts or prints, but the Duchess wears them well, and this print is exquisite. (Is it handpainted, like the Packham dress she wore in LA and later to a wedding?) An excellent choice. Did someone send her photos of the orchid?

    The cut of this dress, I notice, manages to suggest vaguely various Asian garments, not only a kimono but also, with its slightly high waist, the Korean hanbok.

    This is a fancy daytime dress that few of us would have occasions to wear, but the Duchess can easily recycle it at garden parties and weddings. I’d love to own exactly this cut in another fabric, perhaps a solid-color silk. It will work very well with a hat.

    The clutch is fine, nothing special, and I’ve just never warmed to the styling of those LK Bennett shoes. The platform PLUS the round toe makes them look a little clunky. I’m not crazy about them in nude, and I have to say that I like them even less in the off-white. However, a pale shoe was necessary for this dress. I wonder whether the pale-taupe shoes that she wore to a cocktail party with her Roksana Ilincic dress might have worked?

    But overall, she looks terrifc.

  23. Will there be a post about the white and lilac Prabal Gurung dress she changed into before going to the Presidential residence? Love that one even more! Photos over at the Daily Mail.

  24. it’s a Jimmy Choo clutch – they look great! nice dresses!

  25. Oh, agreed with some of the other comments– I SO hope this dress is hiding the beginnings of a baby bump!!!! Love the demure pink of the dress and the tasteful nod to the orchid-based kickoff of the tour. Well-chosen, classic cut of the dress with long hem and sleeve to be respectful of the more conservative culture but then she also has the guts to work a deep-V in the neckline to top it all off. She walks the tightrope of demure royal and modern, confidant woman with great skill. Thank you for the detailed post!

  26. What a gorgeous dress—love the print on the fabric. So appropriate for the occassion, and I LOVE how she looks in pink—it suits her hair and coloring.
    The photo from the back makes her waist look so tiny—-another classy, appropriate ensemble from the Duchess.

  27. Wonderful photos and information. Thank you for so quickly getting them posted.

    The dress is very respectful of the culture and in keeping with the event and climate. Even with the 3/4 sleeves, it looks very floaty and cool. Hair looks shiny and gorgeous. Has Kate put on just a couple of pounds? Her face looks fuller, less angular than recently. She looks healthy and happy as does William.

    • I think her face looks a lot fuller, wondered if it was to do with the hairstyle — she’s getting close to having chipmunk cheeks at this rate…or as you rather more respectably put it — happy and healthy, & I’m all for that!

  28. Thanks for the really detailed post!
    I’d just like to point out that Rebecca’s tweet about not being able to wear heels to the palace in KL is not referring to this evening’s event. KL is Kuala Lumpur, which is in Malaysia. Plus SG doesn’t have a king. Hehe. Hope this clarifies!

    • Yup! I was going to comment that KL isn’t in Singapore!
      our closest thing to a palace would be the istana and I’m sure heels would be appropraite there!

  29. I love her look!!! The clutch she’s wearing is the Jimmy Choo cosma disco bar clutch. I hope that helps!!

  30. LOVE the dress, LOVE the bag, LOVE the shoes, LOVE the hair – everything looks so polished! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the tour has in store and am particularly loking forward to kate’s speech. Now the olympics are over this tour is exactly what is needed to show the world what else the U.K has to offer.

  31. Are those butterfly clips in her hair? Really?

  32. Great look for Kate, great post. This is going to be a FUN tour!!!

  33. I’m really interested in the cuts of the two dresses she is wearing today. Usually she chooses clothing that is more fitted, right? It could be that she is just being respectful of the reserved culture of Singapore… But she has been putting a little weight in and these cuts would be perfect for hiding the early stages of pregnancy. Just a thought ;)

  34. I’ve seen photos of the underside of her shoes and they are LK Bennetts… There’s a photo on getty that shows it…. GREAT quick post btw, this tour will be great :)

  35. I love it. I’m usually quite critical of what Kate wears, but I think she nailed it this time. I agree with ElizaMo in regard to the decolletage and the shoes, but I think she looks so fabulous I can overlook those!

  36. Everything pleases me ! Shoes (orchird’s design, the most delicate flower), dress, bag, earrings, hair-do, Kate’s smile …. Simple, very elegant, very chic.
    Nice post as always. Thank you.

  37. Cool, calm, considered — a classic Kate ensemble. That she can show such enduring qualities in our age of impatience continues to astonish me — she continues to embody classic elegance and royal demeanour over the vagaries of fashion.

    The outfit a gorgeous colour on her,and the rich fabric and embroidery reflect what I sometimes find the slightly upholstered look of chinoiserie, in keeping with the location.

    While I understand the arguments in favour of leg-lengthening nude shoes, I can’t help wondering about the other side of pale shoes, which is to make ya feet look big — especially in this shiny patent finish. And I also wonder if the decolletage isn’t a little risque for such demure-looking hosts.

    But basically, Kate looks gorgeous and — as always — I just loved your whole post above! Thanks.

    • Correction — not embroidery — must get eyes tested– but pattern of fabric, and much in keeping with all things botanical. Not to mention lovely quiet style of outfit which keeps her looking very much a team with hubbie.

    • I’ve never been fond of white shoes. What I love the most about the nude shoe trend is that they go well with white dresses! I’m sure I’ll be stoned for saying this, but I wish she would have worn her nude LK Bennetts.

  38. I love the dress, its so elegant and beautiful :D :D. Although when I first saw it I didn’t like it because it looked quite heavy on her and I couldnt make out the flower patters on it. But I think that was just was blurriness of the picture that made it look different :P

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