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Kate continues to return to favored designers for important occasions, tonight she wore a custom Alexander McQueen gown by Sarah Burton for the State Dinner in Malaysia. The function was hosted by His Majesty The Agong. Below we show William and Kate heading in to dinner.

James Whatling/Corbis/Pool

The gala was at His Majesty’s official residence, the Istana Negara; here we see Kate with the Queen and other guests.

Via Liyana Hanim Twitter

The bespoke creation was a jaw-dropper, but there was more to it than meets the eye. As is customary for Kate, the piece showcased an homage to her host country: that glittering gold embroidery is a hibiscus, the official flower of Malaysia. More from The Australian:

She towered over her hosts in a pair of four-inch satin heels and kept the tops of her arms covered in line with religious protocol in the Muslim country.

Kate wore her hair partially pulled back and up, a very pretty look.

Mark Large/Daily Mail/PA Wire/PA Wire

Below, Kate and her hosts before the meal, with thanks to Rebecca English of the Daily Mail.

Rebecca English, Daily Mail Twitter

More on the evening from Richard Palmer in the Express:

When the King and Queen arrived, Kate bobbed in an elegant, low curtsey.

William proceeded to chat with the King while Kate stooped as she exchanged pleasantries with his wife.

The Sun has more on how Prince William is doing:

Admiring the ladies’ outfits, William joked: I’ve got my heels on tonight, then told the Prime Minister: I am tired. It’s the jet lag that is hardest.

Kate’s gown was exquisite.

Splash News

The creamy white dress featured a sheer overlay with gold lame embroidery bordering the sleeves, neckline and center of the gown, the same thread was used to create the golden hibiscus floral motif scattered over the fabric. Other elements included an empire waist, shirred white fabric at the bust, short, sheer sleeves and a full, flowing skirt.

There has been some discussion about the propriety of Kate’s decolletage, particularly in comparison to what other women were wearing.

The UK in Malaysia Facebook

I don’t believe there is any chance Kate’s team wasn’t fully aware of what is and is not acceptable, I’m sure they were in touch with protocol experts and officials at the British High Commission. Whether Sarah Burton or Kate’s personal assistant Rebecca Deacon or anyone else, no one would allow a misstep on this Tour.

Is the bodice of the gown revealing, exposing more than what others are wearing? Yes. Is it in keeping with standards mandating covered shoulders and sleeves? Yes.

Mark Large/Daily Mail/PA Wire/PA Wire

Back to the Express story:

They dined with 400 other guests in the Royal Banqueting Hall, where circular tables were laid out around a dais upon which a table for the royal party was set.

The meal was described as a fusion of English and Asian cuisine. No alcohol was served but guests were offered sweet fruit juices and water.

William and Kate were given gifts by their hosts, laid out on a table for viewing. William received a special warrior’s sword called a kris, for Kate there was a pair of black lace heels by Lewre, a growing shoe and accessory brand based in Malaysia.


Other gifts included a batik dress and diamante clutch. The clutch carried by Kate tonight is one seen previously, the gold Wilbur and Gussie bag seen on previous occasions.

Wilbur and Gussie

We don’t know the designer of Kate’s bracelet, we *think* the earrings are by Vinnie Day, they have a resemblance to his leaf design earrings.

Splash News/Press Association

UPDATE: The jewelry is by Catherine Zoraida. With thanks to the WKW Facebook friend Sarah and the amazing Diana’s Jewels, we now know Kate wore the Scale (Spread Your Wings) Bracelet and Double Leaf Earrings.

Catherine Zoraida Spread Your Wings (Scales) Bracelet & Double Leaf Earrings

The Bracelet is gold-plated sterling silver, it features the same leaves as Kate’s earrings, it is £420/$680. The earrings are 18kt gold-plated silver, they are priced at £80 (about $130 USD) and may be purchased here, both items are handmade in England.

Ms. Zoraida is a UK designer, brought up in Scotland. She has done collections for Vivienne Westwood, Lulu Guiness and Matthew Williamson, her solo collection debuted in 2011. Her work is available at Austique, where we know Kate shops, as well as Anthropologie in London and Scotland and other upscale outlets.

Many had hoped to see a tiara tonight, but that was not the case. However, nothing was needed to enhance the glamor factor, the Duchess looked stunning. Kate wore open toed sandals, with high heels as noted above.

We’ll be back to update the earrings, bracelet and shoes if we gather any more information. I’ll also do a brief post on the rest of yesterday’s activities, including Kate’s speech at Hospis Malaysia. If interested in a video on the event, click here for ITN’s menu.

Tomorrow’s itinerary is very busy:

  • 10 – 11:30am Kate & William attend a cultural event at the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) and do a walkabout
  • Next on the agenda, the pair are guests of honor at a luncheon hosted by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, 1200 are expected for the function. Following lunch Prince William will give a speech talking about the importance of the relationship both for British and Malaysian prosperity
  • After the Chamber event the British High Commissioner and his wife host a Diamond Jubilee tea party at their residence. This is the event that was the subject of an online contest, the High Commission held a photo contest, two lucky winners will be included at the Tea. (You can see photo submissions here.)
  • Among the notables expected at the tea are shoe impresario Jimmy Choo, actress Michelle Yeoh and Olympian Pandalela Rinong (a London 2012 Bronze Medal winner), our thanks to Royal photographer Mark Stewart for sharing this information
  • Kate & William leave Kuala Lumpur, flying to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. They will be welcomed with a reception hosted by the Sabah State Government before retiring for the evening.



  81 Responses to “Kate Wows in Custom Alexander McQueen Gown at Malaysian State Dinner, UPDATED with Jewelry Designer Info”

  1. Too much gold on the dress and the neckline is too low. I think Kate needs someone who understands the asian ways in her team for more appropriate dresses.

  2. This evening dress is disappointing, in my opinion. It looks frightfully old fashioned and the gold on white contrast is a bit jarring. A missed opportunity for someone other than McQueen.

  3. I think, Kate’s dress is inspired by the Queen’s dresses. She wore white dresses with gold embrodery a lot in former times. Kate’s dress could have been worn by the Queen, it looks like her dresses.
    I also think, she will recycle this dress for other ocaasions. The overlay looks removeable, she might use a different overlay the next time or even go without. That’s my opinion.

  4. No diamonds, but very nice and discreet jewels (much Kate-like, and I completely agree with that), a gorgeous dress (in 2 pieces maybe, she can thus wore the white one separately ?) with a neckline too low for the country habits. It’s a pity she didn’t had a chignon to finish the look. In few years we will maybe remember the dress but not the total look.

  5. As a Malaysian, I can tell you that dress is just a tad too low from the front – for a royal function. It would have looked great had it been worn for a different function here, maybe a charity dinner or a wedding reception. Someone should have really thought of raising the neckline a teeny weeny bit higher.

    Also, her hair looks great because at the moment, the weather here is pretty awesome. It’s the monsoon season, so good rain and good wind … Spore is more humid than here right now.

    But she still looks radiant.

  6. I wish the neckline was a tad higher, but other than that I absolutely LOVE this dress and look overall.

    My question is… where is the tiara?!?! :D Can’t wait for her to dust one off and wear it!

  7. Her dress is gorgeous!

  8. I love Kate but this dress is just awful. It ages her terribly…she seriously looks like a middle aged woman in this. I will give her props for putting her hair back. She looks so much better without all that hair hanging in her face.

  9. This dress is gorgeous! Kate looks absolutely stunning. The neckline is just as low as several other dresses she has worn, so I don’t understand the outrage. She’s small on top and everything is tucked in nice and tight and it’s not remotely revealing.

    It’s almost funny to read everyone’s outrage about a low neckline (on whose behalf?) after seeing everyone complain forever that she is too prudish about her hemlines and necklines. Can’t please the masses, it seems. And the masses love to complain.

  10. Hi – I’m a Malaysian professional and while the dress is very pretty, I also feel the neckline should have been a little higher, especially when meeting the King.It would have been a little awkward to curtsey in that dress as it would have shown a little too much flesh. As you say, Malaysians are a very polite people so they would not have made a fuss about it. A dress like the lilac McQueen she wore in LA would have been more appropriate I think.

  11. If you look at the women’s face behind her wearing the head scarf in yellow, she is delighted, not offended.

  12. Someone commented on the overlay on the gown being similar to the saree or sari styling. It would have looked lovely, given the fabric and the design, and more appropriate, with a higher neck and the scarf-like garment that some of the other ladies appear to be wearing. I don’t get the bra-like styling of the top, given the airy, light styling of the rest of the gown.

  13. I like the dress despite most of all ‘s reproche. It is a nice western interpretation of traditional fashion and I am sure they appreciated the fashion statement from their guest of honnour. White and Gold is a perfect color combination.
    Cleavage did not stand out for me untill I started reading the gossips and I am sure it did not stand out of them either. It’s not like they never saw a cleavage before…I meen, she and Will are the only ones smiling with their teeth…are we all talking about that? Different cultures meeting together meens accomodating one an other. just like the fusion food they where serving.

  14. I’m surprised by the strong reactions against this dress. It would probably look better with a sheer overlay across the bodice instead of the weird white bra thing, but it’s still stunning.

    If she is pregnant then she’s still in the very early stages – I don’t see a bump in the day dresses she’s been wearing.

  15. Yes definitely preggers. Look at her face. The side shot. She is filling out all over.
    If she were not so incredibly thin to begin with we’d not have noticed.

  16. I thought this was a great look. I really like the sari style details on the medieval lines of the silhouette, and I adore the sleeves on a formal wear look (culturally necessary or no). And the hibiscus flowers are a lovely nod. I agree that I’m SURE the dress passed muster with the cultural protocol people at Clarence House. I think half up is such a flattering hair style on her, too. While I would have LOVED to see a tiara, it would have been too much with the dress. Another day…

  17. This bodice SCREAMS hiding pregnancy to me… i know people speculate all the time but it seems for real this time. Look at the 2nd pic down… also, she’s glowing!

  18. I just read the description of the bracelet ,,, it is described as perfect for daywear. Why is she wearing a “day” bracelet for evening????

  19. I like the queen’s blue gown in the above photo. Any ideas about the designer or design? I like it better than Kate’s dress. I agree about Kate’s neckline. Cleavage is just not appropriate for this occasion.

  20. I have just read elsewhere that the sheer dress is an overlay, and the white dress underneath can be worn separately as a dress with wide straps.

    I am disappointed in this one from Kate. No matter what anyone says about her “people” checking protocol, that decolletage is inappropriate – especially in light of what the other women are wearing. Regardless of whether Kate isn’t muslim and has her shoulders covered, it’s not appropriate. I agree with the other posters here who commented on her overly high heels every time, too. Kate is 5’8″, you can’t even see her shoes, why not wear much lower heels?

    I’m surprised (actually, no I’m not) she hasn’t worn her hair up in such a hot climate, too. She is in dire need of a stylist, I’m afraid. She is still making little mistakes that could be avoided.

  21. Who needs a tiara!? LOL. I think the gown is absolutely stunning! I love the medieval influence of the cut.

    And I am positive that the “requirements” of her wardrobe for the tour were given ample consideration.

  22. One of the MAIN resons her style is loved by so many is that she shows a woman can be chic in a comfortable dress, in which one does not need to worry about a wrong move not to reveal the panties or the nipples. Not that it is offending the viewer, but it makes that woman look so cheesy and thirsty for some cheap attention. I have seen the duchess in VERY FEW dresses that show cleavage! This dress is so not her! Even her wedding gown showed less cleavage. I am guessing this dress is the choice of a new stylist or dictated by another advisor. But why?!! One wonders to have a hidden political message to the host country that “you do not dictate us what to do”? When they preffer the top of arms and shouldres covered, how can you expect that cleavage is fine!? She is a smart girl, I am sure that after this dinner, she will be more careful not to listen to her assistants and rely on her own good sense of style.

  23. I’m completed desappointed. I love Kate, it’s the first time that i say: The look is horrible, the dress awful, the hair should be in a bun, is a lot of volume for that dress… but my gosh, what is this dress? i’m brazilian and a i say to you: it looks like carnival costume!! The acessories were very bright to use with the dress… oh!!!

  24. I can see this dress being worked over for another occasion. Diana did that with a couple of her formal dresses.

    I love this dress. Lots of attention is drawn to the bust area, but I don’t think it’s done in a distasteful way.

  25. Love the gown but why, why, why does she always carry a clutch? None of the other royal ladies attending this event is pictured with one and I’m certain that there’s either an assistant or some other person who has access to the things that we commoners carry in our purses. It just looks odd and out of place so often and this is one of those times. I was one of those a little surprised by the low cut of the top of this gown, given the conservative atmosphere and culture. But the gown is beautiful. And to those pining for a tiara, keep in mind that she’s not the queen nor is she even next in line for the throne. When the Queen herself seldom dons her tiaras, it would be completely inappropriate for a junior member of royalty to do so.

  26. Can someone that lives in Malaysia weigh in on the appropriateness of the neckline? I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 3 years and despite the “stereotype” of Soi Cowboy and the sex trade – on a day to day basis, in the nicer parts of town it is way more conservative than in the USA. For instance, despite the heat, I never wore shorts or a spaghetti strap tank tops or low cut tops. On the beach never a bikini – a one piece of swim shorts and those tops that surfers wear to protect from the sun. It was always the tourists that wore the itty bitty bikinis and it was always a bit embarrasing. You were treated differently as a westerner (ie better) if you dressed a bit nicer and covered up more.
    Anyways, I think the open neck is a total miss despite what we are all saying that this must have passed protocol….just from my life as an ex-pat in Thailand no way would I have worn that neckline in front of the Thai royal family. It just can’t be that different in Malaysia – can it?

    • Her neckline is low by Malaysian standards and the bra-look around the neckline makes it stand-out even more. The Malaysians are a very hospitable race so would be courteous at all times and would overlook this. But royals also have wardrobe malfunctions and it depends on who is looking after Kate’s wardrobe. The Queen for example always has weights stitched into the hems of dresses (especially when she was younger) so that the dress don’t fly up as the Duchess’ nearly did in S’Pore and in Canada. All said and done the Duke and Duchess are doing a great job as young royals. Full marks on that score.

    • Yes I too think the neckline isn’t appropriate – as an expat in Malaysia I know that the locals wouldn’t have said anything but that cleavage just shouldn’t have been worn around Malay royalty. I just cringed when I saw this dress :(

  27. I am 110% w/our Fearless Leader, Susan, on this one re: cleavage. I’m sure everything was double- and triple-checked by St. James’ Palace for this trip, including/especially the DoC’s wardrobe appropriateness. She is not Muslim. Everyone around her is smiling, not looking shocked or offended. End of story. If we continue to natter over this, WE will create the international incident ourselves, not the Muslims we have supposedly so offended.

    And regarding the height/heels debate…As I said on another blog, I don’t agree with people who are saying she should wear short heels in deference to her hosts since she is already tall. I understand the racial/historical tones of the apologists, but seriously. She is tall, why not be proud of it? Why hide it? Let her emphasize what she is proud of and not shame her and cower before the idea of possibly offending people because of something in the past which she had nothing to do with nor which is connected to an unchangeable fact such as her stature. If she, as a tall woman, if comfortable with her height, even in heels, then more power to her (I spent many years as a tall woman bending over in flats b/c I was embarrassed). As for making others in her host country “uncomfortable”- as a tall Westerner, I would never dare say to a shorter Asian visitor in flats, “Hey, please wear heels, our height difference makes me uncomfortable and you are in my country, therefore you must change your taste to suit mine.” I wouldn’t even dare THINK that.

    Overall, I loved her look tonight. The hair was definitely better- much more flattering than the first half-back attempt in the pink Packham. Although they’re pretty, I’m surprised she has a pair of earrings so similar to her Vinnie Day pair. She must like leaf motifs.

  28. I agree with what most people are saying, its a beautiful gown but the bust area does not photograph well and the bright white of the bust makes the low neckline seem even worse than it really is.

    I was really hoping Kate would wear something by hugely popular Malaysian designer FARAH KHAN. She has several gowns I can see Kate in, even if they might require a couple of modifications here and there. Here are some of my picks:

  29. My first thought on seeing Kate in this dress was, “OMG! The front’s fallen down and it’s showing her corset!”

    Well, of course she wouldn’t appear like that and probably wouldn’t wear a corset either but…the cream boob piece with all that gold dipping in front of it is a joke :D

    Having said that, I love the delicateness of the embroidery and love the colour, but the top is to solidly cream and doesn’t match that lovely delicate look of the rest of it.

    Now, if that front bit was pulled up a bit or the whole thing was plain cream then yes to either. But a combo of both doesn’t do it for me. I just want to laugh at it :D

  30. Hi, I can confirm that the earings and bracelet are by Catherine Zoraida.

    The double leaf earings and bracelet.

    • Hello, and thank you for sharing the info about Catherine Zaida, I appreciate it. I think you must have commented about the time I was writing the update, she seems like a fabulous talent. :)

  31. Kate looks lovely as always. Now for the gown. The fabric could almost have been a “saree” which has been made into a gown. The stand-out problem with this gown is the part around the bust with the neckline a tad bit low for Malaysia. It would have been better to go with shorter sleeves and a slightly higher neckline (an inch or so). For an Alexander McQueen gown – and what she would have paid for it – this does not pass for me.

  32. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow gold jewelry on her! I do wish they had done something different with the sleeves to make them a little more flattering. They almost look last-minute.
    I am itching to see a tiara, but I think it would have been too much with this dress. She looks stunning!

  33. White and gold just aren’t my cup of tea, but I don’t think that the dress is in any way inappropriate. The other ladies are more covered up because they themselves are Muslim. One even had her hair covered. I think the inclusion of the hibiscus motif was a nice gesture, and I don’t see why she couldn’t re-wear this dress back home.

    I do think that her hair looked espcially nice. Is it somehow less humid in Malaysia than in Singapore? Her hair looked really sleek and shiny, and just gorgeous!

  34. I really do not like this dress and I can’t exactly figure out why. I really like the gold detail on white. I think it’s the style of the dress. The bust area looks really . . . strange, it reminds me of something a girl would wear to prom. I think I would like the dress more if it had a high neckline. More fashion forward, but still conservative.

    I also wish Kate would wear smaller heels. I’m pretty tall and have also spent some time in Asia, so I know how to dress for that. It’s uncomfortable and intimidating, for both me and them, to be towering over everyone.

  35. Glad she did not have to wear a head scarf!

  36. I’m excited to see a dress with “medieval” style lines… it’s kind of a throwback to “Braveheart” or maybe even Merida and her Mom from “Brave”- but MODERN.

  37. Not a fan of the “gift wrapped boobs” look in general. Otherwise, the color and gold accents are all very regal. She looks sooo tall and slender.

  38. Totally regal, stunning, breathtaking — loads more glam that I’d been expecting — I’d feared we might be sticking to the knee-length florals. The dress is a fabulous shape on her — Empire line does wonders for most of us — and the hibiscus pattern is utterly fabulous. Love the simplicity of all gold jewellery and accessories and that Kate has left the major bling to her hosts.

    Maybe some new touches in make-up? On some close ups looks like more eyeshadow than usual, and in one almost is if she has false eyelashes — don’t tell me, I’ve imagined that one, she already has a good enough set of her own!

    The dress reminds me a little of the Amanda Wakely Kate wore on her solo engagement as stand-in for Prince Charles last autumn. And maybe there’s a touch too strong an accent on a matronly bosom in the exposed shirred fabric this time. As for decolletage — Kate’s already had a couple of low ones on this trip already. Her first Jenny Packham was in danger of revealing quite some when she was signing a visitor book on the first day, and the white broderie anglaise McQueen was not for shrinking violets in that department either. They all look wonderful by me! She’s a real Princess!!

    • Totally agree with everything you said, including the Amanda Wakely reference! I am built like the duchess “up top”—-small bosoms, that sit down further on my chest and are a bit far apart—and I can tell you that those of us built like that can wear a very low cut neckline with no real danger of a “wardrobe malfunction”.
      That being said, I am certain that someone as conservative as the Duchess was sure not to wear anything that would offend her hosts. I suspect that the entire team plus designers were careful in the planning of this wardrobe.

  39. I think these earrings by Catherine Zoraida are a closer match.

    • Thanks for the link – I think the Zoraida site might have crashed. Just lucky I didn’t have my plastic to hand or I’d have ended up with a pair in the post already –I think they’re wonderful, so different and still elegant!

  40. Finally, something to love! Other comments about other outfits have touched on how Kate is really following a theme on this trip with her outfits, and I really do think that is true. Almost all of the choices have seemed more like costumes to me, this dress included. However, I think she has found a real winner here. She looks beautiful, the understated jewelry is perfect, and the hair pulled back brings even more focus to the complete look. 10 out of 10 for sure!

  41. She proves that she doesn’t need a tiara to stay beautiful. That dress is now on my list of favorite dress wore by Kate. The first one is the blue she wore in the beggining of the year. This is my second favorite.

    • Agree with you about the tiara, and no-one else is wearing flashy headgear of that nature. Kate’s got plenty time yet to start experimenting with the bling and I like that she waits for the right moment to take us all by surprise — I mean who was expecting that fabulous teal Jenny Packam earlier this year?

  42. HRH looks lovely, and it is a beautiful dress, but something is off to me. I’m not sure what, but it is not a wow moment. Maybe a different color? Or a different way to incorporate the flower?

  43. She looks gorgeous!

  44. The dress would have been less innapropriate if it had long sleeves. She wears 3/4 sleeves too often, and it’s getting tiring.

  45. I appreciate the nod this dress made to heavily-embroidered Malaysian (and other Asian) formalwear, but otherwise, I am not crazy about the design. The design of the bust area in combination with the embroidered overlay just doesn’t work well for me, and though I fully grasp that the sleeves were required for reasons of decorum, I don’t care for them either. I actually think the Duchess might be able to recycle the dress by removing the sleeves. Somehow, I just think this would work better and look significantly more sophisticated as a sleeveless dress.

    I did wonder about the low-cut neckline, but I agree with the admin that the Duchess and her people would have been fully briefed on what was acceptable and what was not and that this dress must have passed muster. It might have been better, however, if her bust hadn’t been so pointedly emphasized by the design, in particular by a band of the gold embroidery.

  46. I’m actually kind of heartbroken she didn’t wear a tiara. I get the feeling Kate thinks they are too stuffy or formal for her taste, but it sure would have made me happy.

    • Noone else was wearing one, including the hostess—she would have looked very out of place if she was the only one wearing a tiara. Therefore, I don’t think the lack of a tiara had anything to do with her personal preferences. It was an odd dress code—men in business suits and ladies in long formal gowns—definitley not a “white tie/black tie” event like where you normall see tiaras.

    • However much we’d love to see a tiara, one can only imagine the awkwardness of Catherine arriving in a tiara, when the queen of the host country clearly was not wearing one, and is in fact wearing very little jewelry. Lots of things to consider on these occasions, not just her fan base’s hopes! :)

      As far as the comments regarding her heels, she’s worn them throughout the trip; this dress also would be too long with a lower heels or flats. As far as the neckline, I agree with the article – no WAY would she have worn this if it would have insulted the hosts; these intricacies are heavily researched and communicated. Again, perhaps we have certain ideas of what should/should be, rather than what is/is not acceptable. It seems clear that their hosts are delighted to welcome them, and that the tour has been highly successful thus far.

  47. Totally glamorous in the truest sense of the word…and quite in keeping with The Duchess’ entire Asian tour wardrobe story. A tribute to both Sarah Burton AND her magnificent Muse!!

  48. Wow, Kate looks stunning here. I love everything about this dress. Another hit in my book!

  49. Oh I adore this dress! It is a true princess look :) I can’t wait to see what the black lace shoes look like.

  50. I actually don’t really care for this dress, cleavage issues aside. It looks like two different dresses smooshed into one. If only they’d given her a square neckline and omitted the white bra…thing, it would have been appropriate and looked a LOT better.

    That being said, I love the detailing on this dress.

  51. Kate looks lovely in this dress, and the gold flowers certainly did away with the need for heavy jewellery. I cannot comment on the cultural appropriateness of the neckline, but besides that, it would appear that Kate certainly paid a nod to her hosts with the hibiscus flowers. So much so, in fact, I cannot imagine this dress working well for other events, as lovely as it is, except if Kate is expected to attend state dinners at Buckingham Palace sometime in the near future.

    I found the dress code rather odd, with the women in gowns and the men in ordinary business suits.

  52. This is a pretty dress. I love it from the waist down!

    But I have to point out that the neckline is not appropriate for this event. You only have to look at what the other ladies are wearing to realize that. I know you said it must be because they were told about the customs ahead of time, but I think “no cleavage” is one of those things that doesn’t even need to be said for a state dinner with a conservative monarch. Its common sense. All they probably told her was it must have sleeves and be floor-length, assuming she would know not to show cleavage.

    I’m also not really a fan of the difference in color between the color of the bodice and the overlay, I think the bust region being a bright white attracts all the attention there, only accentuating the low-cut of the dress. Also, there are MANY designers in the part of the world she is visiting that make beautiful gowns, so its a shame she went with McQueen yet again.

    • I completely agree with this. The bodice of the gown is completely inappropriate for the conservative nature of this country. You can almost go far as to say it is disrespectful.

      When I go to even small gatherings I always check what the general attire would be. how could she/ her office not do their homework?

    • I agree with every word you said.

      One more thing though: why does she insist on wearing 4 inch heels when you can’t see it and she is towering over everybody?

      • I was thinking about that, actually. I think her stuff is tailored for specific shoes (or at least specific heel height), so she really can’t decide to wear different shoes at the last minute. If she had a drastic change in shoes, her dress would look ridiculous.

        That being said, I don’t know why she doesn’t mix it up a bit and get outfits tailored for a lower heel.

  53. OMG – Kate is STUNNING in these pics, is she not? LOVE the ‘less is more’ theory! Too bad we can’t fast forward 10 or 20 years into the future and view pictures of Catherine (as I should be calling her) – do you think she’ll be dripping with jewels, as we often see the queen at state dinners, etc.? Personally, I don’t think she ‘needs’ a tiara – her beauty and taste in clothes shine through at every event she attends… Thank you for all the work you put into this amazing website – I’m sure thousands enjoy every day…

  54. I usually love Kate’s style, and this dress is beautiful, but I have two issues with it:

    1. The low neckline. I’ve lived in Muslim nations before, and always was very careful not to show anything that could ever display cleavage. In this photo from the Daily Mail, you clearly see more *ahem*

    2. This might be petty, but the heels were so high- 4 inches and she towered over the Queen (meaning more bending over, and more revealing). The journalists were asked not to wear heels, as the King doesn’t like the sound, and I think our dear Duchess should have respected that too.

    Just my two cents– love the flowers on the dress, but think perhaps it’s time for a politically and culturally-astute dresser.

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