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As the Jubilee Tour continues, Kate and William’s first full day day in Kuala Lumpur began with a visit to As-syakirin Mosque.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail Twitter Feed

This is the largest mosque in Malaysia, it is the first time the couple has been to an Islamic place of worship. Above you see Kate with her shoes off, William in the process of removing his, Kate had her head covered in observance of Islamic religious law. (For anyone questioning the lack of toenail polish, it is inappropriate, Muslim women cannot pray if wearing it.)

The Mosque is located at the Kuala Lumpur City Center, here we see the pair departing, heading over to KLCC Park.

Bella ntv7 Twitter

It looked like the Duke and Duchess were happy to see the crowds.

Poshanana Instagram

The crowds were large, some people waiting for hours to see the young Royals.

Via Vivienne Pal Twitter (@viviennePal)

Another look at the enormous crowds as Kate and William arrive.

UK in Malaysia

Kate and William beginning the walkabout.

Carly Watson/ITV

The photo above is from ITV’s Carly Watson, she noted the heat seemed to be impacting even Kate and Williams.

Via UK in Malaysia Twitter

Kate now seems utterly at ease, reaching out and plunging into the crowds.

Via Ariel Maseri Instagram

She is clearly connecting with people.

Shamilawanie Instagram

Kate remained smiling throughout the day.

Tune Talk (@TuneTalk)

Hopefully Kate’s elegant updo helped keep her a little cooler.

Sin Yee Hooi Twitter Feed (@sinyeehooi)

Another look.

Photo Via @weeeeens

In Michelle Tessy’s Instagram photo you can see the styling a little better.

Michelle Tessy Instagram

It almost seemed like Kate was given flowers every few minutes.

Adeline Hoo Instagram

This Instagram photo by Tasnim Aznan shows the back of Kate’s dress.

Tasnim Aznan Instagram

Kate and William were finally able to sit down and cool off somewhat as seen in Tian Chad’s Instagram photo.

Tian Chad Instagram

For today’s events Kate returned to another label she likes, Beulah London.

James Whatling/Corbis/Splash

The frock combines elements of the “Blossom” dress worn by Kate earlier this summer, and the “Holly Blue“.

Beulah London Blossom Dress (L) and Holly Dress (R)

Kate’s dress is silk chiffon like the Blossom, as opposed to the heavier silk satin of the Holly. Looking at the picture below you can see the buttons up the bodice are identical to those on the Holly, as is the keyhole opening at the top of the neckline.

Photos via Kelvin_Dave (L) and Qin Yu (R)

More elements of the Blossom: the vertical pleating radiating downward from the waistline, the gathering and darting at the waist and bust.

James Whatling/Splash/Corbis

Those finer points are difficult to see on the Blossom because of the print.

Beulah London

The detailing on the shoulders also comes from the Blossom.

James Whatling/Splash/Corbis

The brand is owned by a friend of Kate and William, Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs. They are focused on working for social betterment on a number of fronts, primarily the trafficking of women. Kate previously wore the brand’s Sarai dress in October of 2011, the Blossom in June of this year , the latter remains available for £475.

Clearly time and thought went into creating the dress, it was a very good choice for the occasion.

UPDATED: Kate’s dress is now available on the Beulah website. It is called the Sabitri, it is described as “the bespoke version of our Blossom dress.”

Beulah London

From the product description:

The beautiful silk and cut makes this dress original, flattering and feminine in a versatile way that can be worn from day to evening. This piece is the bespoke version of our Blossom dress. We are only selling a limited number of this style and please note, delivery takes up to 6 weeks.

The Sabitri is £895, approximately $1450 at today’s exchange rates. Many thanks to WKW Facebook friend Galina for letting us know the dress had been added to the Beulah website this evening while I was writing the post.

It provided a refined silhouette while also offering proper coverage, yet it retained a distinctly feminine look that was very pretty on the Duchess and the soft hue enhanced her coloring perfectly.

James Whatling/Corbis

Kate accessorized with the earrings we have seen earlier this week, as well as her LK Bennett Natalie clutch and the oft-worn Sledge2 pumps.

LK Bennett

Really and truly, Kate wore the Sledge shoes – we have incontrovertible proof. (Insert smirk.)

James Whatling/Splash/Corbis

That gives me a chance to thank James Whatling for working so hard to get good photographs of Kate’s accessories and clothing details, he is always helpful and a delight to chat with, and *very* tolerant of so many bloggers yammering at him about shooting this and shooting that – thank you James!

The next stop on the itinerary was a sold-out luncheon hosted by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to a WKW Facebook friend we have a peek at the menu.

WKW Facebook Friend

And the appetizers, including crabmeat timbale, goat cheese roulade and crisped walnut bread filled with mushrooms.

WKW Facebook Friend

To say things looked delicious would be an understatement.

Today was really a stellar series of engagements William and Kate, in addition to the heat & humidity, they were just coming off difficult news at breakfast about photos being published in France. Additionally, there was quite a security scare this morning for the couple, more from the Telegraph:

The Duchess was getting into a Maybach limousine bearing the Royal standard when the unnamed fan lurched forward and tried to throw a long-stemmed flower into the car.

The man, who is understood to have followed the Royal couple from his native Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, lunged at the Duchess and tried to give her a flower as she and the Duke left a festival of Malaysian dancing in a park in the capital.

Next on the itinerary:

  • A Diamond Jubilee tea party at the High Commissioner’s residence. This is the event that was the subject of an online contest, the High Commission held a photo contest, two lucky winners will be included at the Tea. (You can see photo submissions here.)
  • Among the notables expected at the tea are shoe impresario Jimmy Choo, actress Michelle Yeoh and Olympian Pandalela Rinong (a London 2012 Bronze Medal winner), our thanks to Royal photographer Mark Stewart for sharing this information
  • Kate & William leave Kuala Lumpur, flying to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. They will be welcomed with a reception hosted by the Sabah State Government before retiring for the evening.

We’ll be back with coverage of the later events. We leave you with a look at the welcome being readied in the Solomon Islands, with thanks to CNN’s Max Foster for the photo.

Max Foster/CNN Twitter Feed

  41 Responses to “Kate in Bespoke Beulah London for Mosque Visit, Walkabout and Luncheon”

  1. I think Kate looks fine; I am just not a fan of this particular designer. I think the sleeves on this dress and that long red dress she wore last winter are just too puffy!

  2. I appreciate Kate’s style so much, particularly with bringing class and modesty back into fashion. I also admire her grace under pressure. Of course she is more demure than ever on this trip due to the religious beliefs of the host countries, but her look is far from matronly. Just a picky note, the detailing on the waist of the grey silk dress is not darting. They are pintucks.

  3. Atta girl…keep that hair back! She looks so very elegant when it’s pulled, even more when it’s in a beautiful chignon! She has a great face and profile and I love when she showcases it by wearing an up do and delicate jewelry.

  4. Perfect for the occasion. but I see she is wearing hose. She must be dying from the heat. Though she certainly doesn’t look it. Maybe they have new types of pantyhose that cool the body and wick away heat?

  5. She is busy, busy. 3 outfit changes per day and that’s just for public appearances. Did you not get any photos of the Jenny P lace over lay dress she wore to a tea held in their honor before the Mosque outing? I think it was the first event they had to appear at this same day.

  6. Love the chiffon, and the color, and length (appropriate w-se) but i think the tie in the back is dorky, and the top is so matronly, that the whole dress doesnt do anything for me. And you will all possibly disagree (based on previous posts), but i think Kate looks MUCH better with her hair down! Maybe I’m just more used to her wearing her hair down but i feel like the updo, this dress, as well as most of the dresses she’s been wearing on this tour, are super matronly. She’s 30, not 60. I get that she has to look mature and sophisticated, but this is taking it a bit overboard. I liked her outfits/dresses on last years tour to Canada MUCH better! Even last nights white and gold gown didnt hold a candle to the amazing lavendar gown she wore to the Baftas :( i was looking so forward to her dresses this tour, and unfortunately (for me) i am dissapointed!

    • I’m sorry, Jackie, but these dresses just don’t come across as those a 60 year-old woman would wear. They are demure and conservative, no question, but she’s dressing with respect for the host countries. It seems that people really don’t approve of that concept. And I suspect that after the tabloid incident today, she is going to care even less whether we approve of her or not. Good for her, I say!

  7. gorgeous. glad she keeps her head held high despite those intrusive topless shots

  8. Love the updo! So perfect for the headscarf! :)

    But I have to say, although I love the color, that dress is a bit “granny” in my opinion. I am a Muslim woman and there are many dresses appropriate for mosque that are still young in spirit! I think its the floaty sleeves and tiny buttons that did it for me, just personally not my style because it reminds me too much of my grandmother’s blouses! I would have loved to see her in a Malaysian designer too, as others wore saying. I have traveled in that region, and am familiar with some of the designers, who make beautiful (mosque-appropriate) garments. You can still cover everything that needs to be covered without looking matronly, so I have to say that was a bit disappointing about this look. It could easily be something the queen herself wore when she was Kate’s age!

  9. Kudos to Beulah but why she doesn’t wear any malaysian designer’s piece? She wears Raoul in Singapore though..

  10. The detail in your posts is FABULOUS. Love this, as always. Thanks!!

  11. Yay, her hair is in an undo! It’s such an elegant and refreshing look, but I don’t understand why she never did this for formal engagements in the evening.

    I hope Kate doesn’t forget to return this dress to Camilla once they land back in the UK.

    • That is so unkind. Catherine looks elegant, graceful, and timeless. She looks like a LADY. As a society, we have gone down a slippery slope with this whole “dressing young” attitude that really just makes a woman look trashy.

      This is my second favorite look of her tour so far. (My first one is not on this website yet).

      • Hi Donna, thank you for commenting. I’m trying to think of what dress I may have left out of the mix…? Any and all insight appreciate, many thanks in advance! :)

      • Donna, I think Robert was just trying to find a cheeky way to say that he finds the dress matronly, a view that many others have expressed about this look. (Or maybe he was being serious? Camilla has been dressing quite stylishly these days! ;) )

        Personally, this dress is my favorite of the tour so far. I was actually surprised to see that the designer was Beulah, since I thought the previous red Beulah dress worn by the Duchess was a total miss (and WKW readers agreed, if I remember correctly… I believe that dress was voted the least favorite evening gown in our year-end poll). Of course, there are many similarities between both dresses (V-neck, bishop sleeves, flowy silhouette). I just find that it works much better in this color and fabric than the shiny red.

      • Oops. That’s not a V-neck! My mistake.

  12. I believe the earrings are the Diamond Teadrops from Heavenly Necklaces (they seem to be very similar…).

    Lovely site, congrats!

    • I love the earrings! I actually have a sterling silver pair that look exactly the same that I got on sale at Target for about $12…though I am sure, frugal though she may be, the ones worn by the Duchess of Cambridge were more expensive.

  13. The icy shade of the dress and the floaty chiffon manages to make her look cool despite the kajillion degree heat–lovely. Kudos to Kate for looking, and keeping, cool, on today, of all days.

  14. Beautiful and respectful.

  15. Wow. This has to be one of my all-time favorite dresses the Duchess has worn, EVER! :)

    I just LOVE this website!!! Thanks Susan :)

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! She looks fabulous!

  17. GORGEOUS and appropriate for the setting—-if you ask me, the Duchess has not put a foot wrong, despite all the nonsense of recent days. Love the updo, and hope she continues to wear more of them during the tour.

  18. Another floaty feminine dress, suitable to the venue but not to my tastes. I really don’t care for Beulah’s designs, which, among other problems, evoke the unfortunate 70′s. This dress is, in many ways, merely a shorter version of that red Beulah evening dress that most of us disliked.

    However, it’s just right for a mosque visit. If I’m remembering correctly, the young women who founded Beulah are themselves conservative and religious, though Christian. It makes sense that the Duchess should have looked to them for an item to wear in Malaysia.

    I do like her chignon.

  19. My favorite look of the tour so far! I’m obsessed with Beulah anyway, their piece have been among my favorites she’s ever worn (the Blossom dress here and the long sleeved red evening gown from a charity event). I just think it’s a pitch perfect combination of elegance, deference to culture and personal style. And her hair looks gorgeous (and I agree, likely up to avoid getting rumpled under the veil). I wish I was going to the tea party today!

  20. Love that you put the photo of Kate with the fan (colour coordinated of course!) in your piece :-) Hope you are currently enjoying some well earned rest…

  21. I love your blog! The Duchess looks beautiful as usual. I was wondering if you managed to ID her earrings? They are really pretty. Thank you.

  22. Beautiful…Enough said.

  23. I was just thinking today that a Beulah creation would be perfect for this tour – young yet elegant, with interesting points of detail, and also (in the chiffon) refreshingly light and cool in the piercing heat. I think she looks lovely in every respect here. The hairstyle compliments the subtle detailing of the dress beautifully, and matches the sophisticated whimsy of the dress. I actually think the McQueen dress she wore yesterday needed some lenth in the hair showing – the embroidery may have begun to look quite heavy, and the neckline severe, if the hair wasn’t partially loose to soften the look. Also, in terms of proportions, it made a seamless,flowing line from head to toe. I wasn’t quite such a huge fan of the McQueen gown – being much more impressed by the drape of the skirt than the style of the bodice. However, I love the way Catherine conducts herself with real aplomb and sensitivity. And her clothing choices are distinctive, yet always appropriate. I think the royal family is lucky to have her! Katherine, from New Zealand.

  24. YAY YAY YAY! Thanks to this site I am now the (soon to be) proud owner of one of these beautiful dresses…*jumpy claps*

  25. GORGEOUS! Just stunningly beautiful….she NAILED it this time!! I love everything about today’s look…gelato perfection!!

  26. Vintage look. I don’t know yet if I like this one

    The chignon was supposed to be for yesterday evening, to finish the class touch.

  27. I love this dress — it’s gorgeous, the fabric used is heavenly, the floating chiffon over the solid shell looks wonderful as well as being appropriate for the occasion. I love the detailing of the buttons, the pleating and gathering, and the full sleeves. This Beulah style seems to work miles better in this white ensemble than in the floor length orange dress she tried last year, the deep cuffs with the full gathered sleeve look gorgeous here.

    Her veil is wonderfully light and charming too, and I love the updo — seems a little strange it should have been reserved for day wear and not evening. Funny that she also wore an updo when she wore white-and-floaty to Epsom and, with a pale grey (Packam?) dress earlier this year.

    She manages classy style with regal demeanour and accessiblity with supreme ease, as ever. Thanks as always for your well-researched piece.

    • I imagine the updo is because of the veil – easier to keep an updo looking nice under a veil than loose hair.

      • I wondered about that — except a veil might spoil an updo as well — and loose hair can still have a comb pulled through. Still, she looked just lovely and so composed — she’s a treasure!

    • There again, when I spell the name right it reads Packham rather than wot I put, and when I use the right name in the first place it reads a lot more like Ilincic. Put it down to too many late nights princess-watching.

  28. I think Kate in particular is doing marvellously well today, in light of then being told over breakfast that a French magazine is about to publish 4-pages of photos, including several topless photos of Kate, during their recent *private* shortbreak in France…

    But back to the tour, is it my imagination, or is the head scarf ‘bespoke’ too ie. provided by Beulah to perfectly match the dress?

    • I agree…what grace and strength under so much pressure! She looks lovely; I think this is one of my top Duchess looks ever.

    • I don’t know how she and William managed to look so composed. It must have been tempting to cancel any appearances, but good on them for going forward with their planned events.

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