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Following yesterday’s very busy morning and early afternoon, Kate changed to an exquisite dress by Alice Temperley for tea at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Kuala Lumpur.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter Feed (@RE_DailyMail)

Guests at the event came from a broad swatch of notables, including Hasihin Sanawi, a Paralympian medalist.

Pandelela Instagram

Also at the tea, Siti Nurhaliza, a Malaysian singer and televsion presenter.  She shared this photo from the tea.

Siti Nurhaliza Instagram

As well a look at her invitation.

Siti Nurhaliza Instagram

Shoe impresario Jimmy Choo attended the party, more from the Daily Mail:

‘She is an absolutely beautiful person both inside and out. Very much like Prince William’s mother.’

Surprisingly the pair did not discuss shoes at length when they met but talked about the importance of education for young people, an issue Mr Choo is campaigning about on an international level and the duchess takes a keen interest in.

But he admitted that he would love to create for her. “Who wouldn’t? She is the style icon of her generation,” he said. “She also told me how much she was loving visiting my country which made me very proud indeed.”

Kate’s dress is almost identical to the Temperley black Aster Flower dress.

Temperley London/Rebecca English, The Daily Mail

The frock is from the designer’s fall 2012 collection. In addition to the elegant embroidery it features a boat neckline, flared skirt and three quarter sheer sleeves.


The dress remains available (in one size only) at Harrods, priced at £1550 (about $2500 USD).

The Duchess stuck with her LK Bennett Sledge pumps and carry the Natalie bag. Kate styled her hair in another updo.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter Feed

Following the tea Kate and William headed to the airport for their flight to Sabah.

Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

With thanks to a WKW Facebook friend we see Kate after the couple arrived in Kota Kinablu.

 Courtesy WKW Facebook Friend

The couple were honored in a reception at their hotel, the Shangri-La, Kate is wearing a necklace given to her at the airport.

On the itinerary for tomorrow (today actually):

  • The couple takes a helicopter to Sabah’s Danum Valley where they will have a chance to meet Royal Society scientists and volunteers working in the rainforest, they will traverse parts of the jungle themselves.
  • Kate and William then head to a private lodge for lunch, their official engagements for the day completed.

The quieter schedule couldn’t come at a better time as the situation over photos published in France intensifies. Both William and Kate did a remarkable job yesterday at all of the public events they attended, but the tension started to show as they walked to their airplane yesterday, the photo below left is from Thursday’s State Dinner before the couple knew about the photos, and on the right we see Kate as she and William are leaving Kuala Lumpur.

Mark Large/PA (L) Arthur Edwards/PA (R)


  48 Responses to “Kate in Icy Blue Temperley for Tea, On To The Rainforest”

  1. I love her hair!!!! She is so beautiful.

  2. This is one of her best looks ever. Its right up there with the Queens Diamond Jubliee dress she wore to the thanksgiving service. Those are her 2 best looks to date.

    She looks like a true princess here with her prince.

    • Agree totally. Also, this should silence any “bump” speculation. The duchess was cutting a very trim figure in this frock. She ice blue is a lovely spin on the original.

  3. Kate, our hearts go out to you. I hope you will soon put this unfortunate episode behind you and think about all the millions of people who love you.

  4. I long time fan of the site, though I’ve never posted before. I too want to compliment you on your sensitivity, but the issue of the photos is actually what I am posting about. So many of us admire Will and Kate and want them to be successful, I thought, perhaps we, their fans, could band together to show comraderie and compassion for them at this trying time. I propose, all of us, make a nominal donation to one of Kate’s patronages (I was thinking just the amount one would pay for a magazine, as a symbol). If enough people would do this (this is the only Kate fan site I follow, but if others could get the word out), the Duke and Duchess would notice and maybe be comforted in a small way, and it would all be going to good causes import to Kate. Since we can’t give them their privacy back, I think knowing some good could come out of this would be the thing they would like next best.

  5. Thank you, Susan, for your tactful reporting and your hard work during this tour.

  6. I think it’s perfectly suited to the occasion and the color and cut are lovely. I’m not a huge fan of this particular lace (I think I would have preferred if the corded portion wasn’t on the sleeves), but that’s simply personal taste. Her hair look gorgeous, though, and the pearl pins are a great touch.

    And thanks for the sensitive handling of a difficult situation for the Duchess. The respect that you show for her is apparent and really sets this blog apart from a typical “fan site.” I hope you know how much you are appreciated! :-)

  7. Ugly dress – does nothing for her.

  8. Kate looks beautiful in this dress on what can only be described as a very difficult day. It is wonderful to see her looking so radiant.

  9. Exquisite dress ! Lace, colour …. In my opinion, the best till now.
    I feel really sorry for them, and I hope that this trash-sad-episode (photos) will not too much overshadow their jubilee tour. They must get overt it, they have really good fans in France.

  10. Gorgeous. She looks just fantastic, like a delicate piece of Wedgwood porcelain! She has ticked all the boxes with today’s outfit…icy blue perfection.

    • I love the Wedgwood comparison…perfect! That’s the first thing that came to my mind as well; just the other day I actually just found a piece of Wedgwood I purchased in Britiain commemorating Prince William’s birth in 1982!

  11. Wow, she hit it out of the park! I really can’t decide if I prefer the black version on the model or the ice blue on the Duchess. Beautiful hair, gorgeous dress, impeccable grace under pressure (and I’m sure a tad bit of righteous anger). I would like to echo the sentiments that several have already expressed about today’s post: thank you to our wonderful administrator for maintaining this blog as a civil and tasteful place for fans of the Duchess and her fashion.

  12. Still loving the updo! I think buns are too formal for the daytime, as ponytails can be just as elegant, but more casual. The pearls are interesting and pretty. She should go sans clutch more often too.

    I actually like the gold version of the dress more and it would look great for an evening function.

  13. Perfect in every way!

  14. where are her earrings from?

  15. The dress is lovely, and perfect for the occasion. I think I would find it a bit much though if she had worn it to a similar event in England–the embroidery is a bit heavy, and I’m probably in the minority thinking that it works better in black as an evening look, which can bear more ornate styling.

    Like others, I am moved and impressed at the professionalism of William and Kate in these circumstances, when they are under such tremendous personal strain.

    • Possibly would be a bit OTT in England, but very much in keeping with the embellished styles favoured by the host countries. A fantastic look for Kate- cool and graceful. Love the updos – perfect for humid climates- loose hair makes you feel hot and sticky and goes limp in no time.

  16. My sister’s wedding dress has this lace pattern on it. The lady at the bridal shop called it: Swiss Dot

  17. My favourite dress of the whole trip thus far. She is elegant, appropriate and somewhat delicate in it. Your pictures are the most lovely of all that I find on sites devoted to William and Catherine. Well done Susan. I must say that the look on William’s face is simply heartbreaking. There’s no other person in the world he would wish to protect than his Duchess. Memories of his mother have to haunting him now. Good thing they have a mini break coming up in Tuvalu, though I’d venture to guess they will not enjoy it the same way they would have as a result of this magazine.
    Thanks again for all you do. Your blog and Facebook page make me smile and I look forward to reading them everyday.

    • Well said, Kirstin and Susan also. Such a sad day for William. He probably feels he has failed Kate, but I think he can rest assured that Kate is strong enough and loves him more than enough to tough it out. They both held up fantastically today. Their upcoming break is well earned and deserved. I fear we may lose them from sight for a while, but can’t blame them in the least!!!

  18. Thanks for the continued updates! It’s great to see Kate out and about again and wearing something other than her sporty Olympic clothes (they were appropriate for the events and not wanting to draw attention to herself and away from the competitors), but gosh was I getting sick of them!

    And of course for the gentle handling of that subject (ie sensitive pictures). I really feel badly for her, she thought she was secluded in a private place and could be comfortable. What a terrible invasion of privacy. And what next? Heat reading images of them in their bedroom posted online?

  19. Gorgeous! I had to gasp when I saw the pic of the dress and the beautiful up-do with pearls. It’s so elegant, and timeless, and the print does look a little Wedgwood-y as someone has already pointed out, but it also reminds me of the classic, elegant Edwardian tea gowns worn a hundred years ago.

    Is it me or is there a little bronze tinting in Kate’s hair? Maybe a touch of sun? I really say that without any irony, believe me. My hair usually goes blonder when I suntan a lot.

    Thank you for staying classy on this blog. It’s one of the few places we can come to for respectful news about Kate and William.

  20. She loves LOVELY! I love this dress. Thanks for the tactful reporting on the personal story surrounding the royal family today.

  21. don’t worry kate! we in malaysia don’t care about those photos.. we just love you! wish you could have a longer visit in kl next time.

  22. Wonderful post Susan! I appreciate how you eloquently write about Kate’s outfits and also are respectful when talking about her personal life. I felt like you did thorough job covering both aspects today.

    I feel very sad for both of them — they have been such a successful and well meaning couple. They have given others so much joy (even us who just watch from a far distance!). They are most certainly entitled to their own privacy as they are humans/people just like us. Their jobs and titles are grand but they are so much more than that. If anything, I have so much more admiration for both as they have carried their heads high and are going to continue this tour with dignity. I do hope that their privacy will be better protected after this incident.

    Anyway, thank you for all the work you do! You represent Kate in a lovely way — you have class Susan. :)

  23. She’s certainly going for the uber-feminine and frilly on this tour, isn’t she? Alas, it’s just not my style, so I don’t even care for this dress in the original black version. However, as I’ve often commented before, when the Duchess has worn something I don’t like, she carries it off as well as could be expected.

    Temperley just isn’t my favorite designer, though oddly enough, I bought an Alice by Temperley dress recently. It was one of the few I’d seen that I liked.

    I do think the pearl-ornamented chignon is lovely. It complements the dress beautifully, even though I don’t much LIKE the dress.

    Funny, I am flashing on the late Queen Mother and her love of frills and lace. She would have adored this dress, though of course the Duchess’s style is far minimalist than hers. But I’m thinking of the “white wardrobe” she wore for a state visit to France in 1938. Her father had just died, so designer Norman Hartnell had every dress he’d designed for the tour remade in white, since black was deemed too somber, but white is a traditional mourning color, too — especially among French royals. (See “Deuil blanc”.) The result was a frilly, feminine, white wardrobe that attracted huge attention. See, for example, the pictures below, and note the Queen with her parasol:

  24. Kate has shown herself to be born to her station. She is graceful, gracious and an impeccable ambassador for the Commonwealth. I found her style on this trip particularly beautiful in the colors and understated elegance.

  25. The Temperley dress looks lovely.
    NOTE: Edited by moderator.

  26. Oh! This is lovely!
    Love her hair too.

  27. I am so in love with this dress! So beautiful, elegant and classy. Agree about the blue, it really suits her complexion and colouring. I really hope they make this dress available for purchase, it would be worth the price tag, I would wear it everywhere!

    Thank you for a sensitive post on what has been a difficult day for the couple.

  28. Absolutely love this. I agree it’s prettier in the icy blue!

  29. My favorite dress of the tour thus far. Her wardrobe for this tour reminds me so much of Jackie Kennedy’s tour of India while First Lady. Not really because of the styles, but for the thoughtful planning of color and fabrics to match the weather and feel of her host countries.

    Well done!

  30. Aboslutely one of my favorite dresses of hers….ranks up there in the top 5 for me. It is breathtaking and she looks elegant, classy, fresh, and yes, young! The pearls in her hair are a wonderful detail and make her interesting from all sides. The color is so special. She it hit a home run with this one. Beautiful!! Although, I do agree about the shoes!

  31. Love it. This is so far my second favorite look of her during this tour. Top is one in that purple silk printed dress.

  32. The dress reminds me of Wedgewood china. Gorgeous!

    • .. I thought of Wedgewood, too ! and love the pearl-tipped hairpins– ! I hope more, delicate, hair ‘ornaments’ are in her future for us to enjoy looking at (-:

      on this trip, I so admire how, in addition to being ever lovely (as always!), Kate has succeeded in looking so cool and crisp.. day after day- in the excessive heat and humidity-

      Will and Kate have become such a consistently welcome sight.. ! I cannot help smiling whenever I see a shot of them- I’m sure their presence in Malaysia has brought cheer to many–

      can’t help but wish these two earnest, dignified, young, very-public people warm blessings for their continued happiness–

  33. My favorite dress so far in this tour. It’s starting to be a staple for hers to wear sheer sleeves. I also liked the skirt, not to full not to narrow.

  34. The Temperly dress is simply stunning. Not much else to say.

  35. I simply love this dress — the beautiful clean lines creating such a flattering shape for her figure and the fabulous floaty overlay works brilliantly — I thought I might get floral fatigue by now, but no way, the embroidery is heavenly, it’s no good,my friends,I’m going to gush, the ensemble is divine!

    Am also enchanted by the gorgeous updo enhanced by the pearl pins, a delightful and flattering touch. My only quibble — there had to be one — is that while I have no objection to her fondness for one particular style of shoe, could she not at least get a fresh pair of same, this particular pair is beginning to look more than a little tired…

    But what a fabulous display Kate’s put on ever since arriving, such dignity and such natural royalty, and what a wonderful job of work they’re both doing out there. I can’t think of a better time for them both to be able to go and spend quality time with the orang utans — they’re better company than some sections of the human race. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and sensitive post.

  36. LOVE this dress – LOVE! I don’t care for the black version, but the ice blue is PERFECTION!

    • Agreed, Kristen, about the color. Blue is much better.

      • It’s the most perfect example of a tea-dress I could imagine — the old-fashioned adeptly styled to become the new. And that colour is so flattering to Kate — the one outfit that could possibly take you from a tea party through to an official evening reception. A work of quiet genius — just like its wearer!

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