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The Jubilee Tour continued today, with Prince William and Kate taking part in multiple events in Honiara, the capitol of the Solomon Islands.

This morning William and Kate paid a call on the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet. While there they were presented with traditional necklaces, CNN’s Max Foster shared a picture of the duo wearing their official gifts from the Prime Minister.

Max Foster, CNN

Max also tweeted a picture of the necklace given to Kate, the intricate beading work spells out “Princess Kate SIG 2012,” Max noted that “official titles aren’t everything”.

Max Foster, CNN

William and Kate then spent time at a cultural village in Honiara, Edwina Bartholomew of 7News Sydney posted this photo, showing Kate and William meeting residents and learning more about the community.

PHOTO: Edwina Bartholomew/7News Sydney

Kate and William were familiarized with the nine provinces that make up the Solomon Islands, it is a country where 85+ languages are spoken and poverty rates are very high.

Rebecca English shared this photo as the Duke and Duchess continued touring and meeting people, they also spoke with community leaders and asked about economic development possibilities.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter

Both CNN’s Max Foster and Rebecca reported that William and Kate very much enjoyed themselves, below, a tweet from Max.

Max Foster/CNN Twitter

It is good to see Kate smiling in light of the stress the couple has been dealing with.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter

Rebecca English’s impression of how the pair felt about their time this morning:

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter

They also were shown traditional island culture.

Edwina Bartholomew, 7News Sydney Instagram

Kate managed to look cool and composed despite the heat and humidity.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter

They also watched warriors performing dances accompanied by pan pipes.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter

Even a rain shower didn’t seem to bother the couple.

World Vision Asia Twitter

Kate and William then moved on to Burns Creek, a community on the outskirts of Honiara. Residents are impacted by the country’s high poverty rates,humanitarian group World Vision has more on the challenges facing the area.

The South Asia and Pacific region is home to a billion people who live on less than $2 a day. Levels of chronic child hunger and malnutrition are among the highest in the world.

The pair heard directly from residents about some of the tough issues they are confronting, including Louise Whitney and her little boy.

World Vision Asia

Louise has been helped by the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Company program, an endeavor operated in partnership with World Vision.

PHOTO: World Vision

More on Louise’s success story from World Vision NZ:

As a result she now runs a successful canteen (grocery) shop from her home and is doing so well that she is looking for alternative premises. Her story is particularly impressive as the mother of three is a domestic violence survivor.

Below we see William and Kate hearing from Louise’s husband, Cain, who has also been involved with programs operated by World Vision NZ.

World Vision Asia Twitter

Cain has started a pig farming business, World Vision explains that “pigs are used as a project to help local people earn a good living in an area where people often survive on less than $2 a day”. Cain introduced William and Kate to a few of the piglets.

PHOTO: World Vision

World Vision Asia shared on Twitter that after meeting the little animals William suggested some interesting names for them:

World Vision Asia Twitter Feed

“Will” and “Kate” would certainly be memorable names for piglets.

Kate also learned about the extraordinarily high rates of domestic violence against women in the Solomon Islands, she met with Koisau Sade, World Vision’s Gender Coordinator.

World Vison

The Royals spoke with Ellison Mataifiri, a youth leader who represented the community.

PHOTO: World Vision

Ellison was more than impressed with Kate and William.

“They greeted me like we’d met before. We spoke about what Burns creek used to be like “it was dangerous and messed up,”

The youth leader also explained some realities to the couple:

“They wanted to know why we didn’t go to the bank, and I explained that people can’t read or write. The big banks are a long way away, and they won’t lend to us.”

Ellison told the couple about some of World Vision’s work in economic development and savings, and then presented the pair with an honorary savings passbook. It was an impactful day for the entire community, as Ellison explains:

“Our community has never seen a couple like that before, and they got to shake their hands. It’s a big story for Burns Creek today. For the past few years we haven’t felt part of Honiara. Today we feel powerful, and we feel recognized.”

Next, time to move on to a meeting with the Commonwealth Youth Pacific Centre (CYP), William and Kate’s visit coincides with the group’s Leadership and Integrity Conference. There was more rain as they arrived at the Conference. The weather appeared to have no impact whatsoever on either the Duke or Duchess, the smiles stayed on their faces as they continued with their activities.

PHOTO: World Vision

Kate and William were to address the group, consisting of young people from 12 Pacific countries. More on the program’s goals from Mai Life Magazine, quoting the regional director, Afu Billy:

“Pacific young people want to be trained in areas of good governance, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. They need to acquire skills to advocate and promote the interests of young people and be able to influence decisions that affect them.”

For the day’s very busy agenda Kate opted for a bright yellow dress, we were able to identify the frock with the help of WKW Facebook friend Tammie, and the always-wonderful Kate Middleton Style Blog, the piece was actually suggested as a good “Copy Kate” during last year’s North American Tour. Below, the post showing the Jaeger as an alternative to the yellow Jenny Packham Kate was wearing.

Kate Middleton Style Blog July 2011

The dress was originally priced at $270 (£180) and then discounted to $113. Below, we show it at Lyst.


And as Jaeger showed it on their site.

Jaeger Pleated Shirt Dress

The knee length dress has cap sleeves, a button front, shirt collar, fitted top, full skirt with pleating and a self belt. It is 100% cotton in a light weight, ideal for the 80° temps and humidity that was higher than that.

I believe Kate may have also worn her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings, she also wore her trusty Sledge pumps.

Kiki McDonough/LK Bennett

Kate was also given a surprise, royal photographer Mark Stewart’s tweet explains:

Mark Stewart @RegalEyes

Splash News


World Vision NZ

Our thanks to World Vision’s Lauren for her gracious assistance with information and photos.

Next on today’s agenda:

  • The couple will travel to a Coast Watchers memorial in Honiara, they’ll lay a ceremonial wreath and meet veterans of the Coast Watch.
  • Kate and William then attend a lunch reception hosted by the Prime Minister in aid of Solomon Islands charities, including representatives of the Diamond Jubilee Trust.
  • Kate and William fly to Marau, “The welcome ceremony has been developed entirely by the local people and promises to be a very special and memorable moment for Their Royal Highnesses in such a remote and beautiful location.”
  • The Royal couple will proceed by boat to the island of Marapa, where they will first visit a village before traveling on a traditional war canoe the short distance between Marapa and Tavanipupu.
  • Upon arriving on Tavanipupu William and Kate will be met with a musical and dance welcome, they will spend the night at the private resort.

  33 Responses to “It’s Jaeger For Kate In Solomons, William Suggests Piglets Be Named “Will and Kate””

  1. While some might think her shoes were inappropraiate, they were appropriate for the weather and area. It was raining and if you look at the ground in the pictures you will see that it is very sandy. In damp sandy gound and rain, you want to wear leather shoes that are easy to clean and will hold up to the weather and surroundings where her Imperia wedges would not of been able to handle the conditions.

    The dress is lovely and take it from someone who lives in a hot and humid climate year round, the light weight materials are better and stand up better to the weather and sweat. She looks lovely as always and I like the brighter color.

  2. I know that much has been said about the height of the wedges that she wears – however, I think that she realizes that people do come out to see her – by wearing heels that make her taller – she is more visible to the many who hope for a glimpse.

    I think her dress choices and for that matter shoe choices have been quite good. While I would have foresworn heels and stockings for sandals, my guess is that she could not. Besides, those who are coming out to see her want to see a princess – someone who dresses as a princess would dress. For most of the people, it is the only time that they may ever see royalty……

    While not a great fan of eyelet, it is crisp and suggests one is not wilting in the heat even if one is. The yellow dress would make her stand out – I loved the color on her and she looked cool as well.
    All in all, I would think that the Queen is very proud of how her grandson and his wife have represented her under what have been trying times for them personally. I think that one can say that the duchess is the epitome of grace under pressure.

  3. The dress is very nice but wrong shoes again for this moment – a wedge pump would do nicely. One cannot compare what she wore in Canada/US to what she is wearing in the Asia Pacific. Both areas are totally different weather-wise and culture-wise so I think the clothes she has chosen are appropriate.

  4. She really does look poised despite the rain. In the pictures where she and William and examining the piglets and conversing with Ellison, you can tell that the bottom of her dress is drenched.

  5. Love the dress and color. Her shoe choices are making me insane. Patent leather pumps when the hosts
    Are In flats or no shoes. Doesn’t she own any cute sandals that don’t have dated 4″ cork heels.

    • I know what you mean!! As the others mentioned, those wedges from yesterday would have been such a smarter choice, but she also has her Imperia wedges too, and those would have looked fantastic. I can’t imagine how many times her shoes got stuck in mud today or how much dirt she had to wipe off them later on!

  6. Did Kate go without pantyhose?

  7. She always dresses appropriately for the job; this is, after all, work rather than a vacation. I live in a hot, humid climate and am amazed at how fresh she looks in these pictures! My hair would be a ball of frizz, my makeup would have run, and my dress would be sticking to my back. I don’t know how she does it, but she looks great.

    Thanks for the info on Burns Creek and WorldVision (and indeed, for all the info you’ve been posting on the various projects and places they’ve visited). Very interesting.

  8. I actually really, really love this dress! I also really love that its pretty inexpensive, at least relative to what the Duchess sometimes wears. I think visiting an area so heavily impacted with poverty that wearing a very expensive dress would be rather awkward. I wonder if Catherine every feels a bit self conscious wearing her beautiful (but very large and expensive LOL) engagement ring to these areas? I am not in any way criticizing, but I could see if there was a part of her that sort of felt strange wearing a piece of jewelry like that among so much poverty? The couple seem to be really enjoying themselves and it seems they are truly engaged and fascinated by this culture. I am so happy they are there to bring more awareness to the issues of the area while also celebrating many beautiful aspects of the local culture. Again, thank you so much for the great detailed post!!!

  9. I like the styling and the slight sheen on the cotton of this dress. The yellow was a serendipitous choice for a rainy day. I think the espadrilles she wore with the pink dress yesterday would have worked better with this dress and the terrain although not perhaps in the rain. Perhaps since William was in a suit she didn’t wish to appear to casual by weariing a more casual shoe.

  10. Living in a hot, humid climate myself, I love Kate’s fashion choices on this trip, including the more casual choices in the Solomon Islands. Bright colors suit Kate more than the dark, heavy looks she often wears in the UK because of the weather.

    Thanks for the important information about World Vision NZ and their programs.

  11. I’m just not a fan of shirtdresses with full skirts, and yellow isn’t a color I like, so this dress doesn’t excite me. However, she looks fine in it, and it works for the venues. Unlike me, she can wear yellow.

    I do think the dress is too casual for the ever-present patent-leather pumps. She owns at least a couple of pairs of beige sandals/wedges, which would have been very suitable.

    I have to agree with WayWeWere that I haven’t been thrilled by most of what she’s worn on this tour, but I’ll give her credit for holding up and continuing to look fresh — though of course that’s one of the reasons for the many clothing changes. By now, I’d be one wilted flower.

    • I’d like this dress better if she’d worn it with an interesting belt. The black belt worn by the model in the Lyst photo gives the dress greater interest and snap. She could then have worn one of her pairs of black wedges.

  12. Really Kate, you are doing a very great job : always fresh, always smiling. You don’t depart from the say : travel broadens the mind and keeps the youth.
    I like very much this dress, it looks great on Kate.
    By the way, Kate has a real fancy for belt-bows (or bow-belts?)

  13. The color and fabric are a great choice for this tour. Not a fan of the way the waist is constructed, but I beleive that it was both comfortable and cool in such a hot and humid surrounding. Not a “hit” with me, but not a “miss” either. I must say that I admire her composure under such stressful events.

  14. I think what the mafazine an that are dispicable and disrespectful to Princess Catherine and Prince William and should be given a hefty fine and jail time an the magazine place cloed down for good.

  15. In general I agree. I loved the gold and white gown, and the powder blue dress with the lace overlay, however. Two of her most gorgeous looks ever. Perhaps she has tried to cope with the heat by wearing these lighter dresses.

  16. Her dress fits the occasion perfectly, and another strong colour which so suits her. I much prefer this dress to the Jenny Packham she wore in Canada – its deeper colour, dropped waist,pleats and shorter sleeves.

    Can’t help thinking that for the terrain a pair of flats or low wedges might have fitted in better but I suppose flats would be just too casual.

  17. I feel sorry about the invasion of their privacy. Is there some way we can show them our support? Perhaps this incident brought back the memory of Princess Diana’s tragic death. I’m not English, but really hope to show my support for this lovely young couple! =(

    • Yes! Why are these publications so hell-bent on humiliating her? She’s done nothing to deserve it.

    • I think flats would have been very nice indeed

    • I think the only thing we can do to show support is to draw a firm line in the sand. When pictures of this nature are published, we don’t look at them, we don’t buy the magazines, and we do everything in our power–depending on where we live–to not support any media outlet that shows or condones that type of paparazzi. Then we use forums like WKW’s FB page and other groups to encourage fellow Kate-fans to do likewise. We may not make a big change, since there are so many other people out there who think this kind of picture taking is ok, but hopefully we can begin to make a dent. Paps will continue to seek these types of pictures as long as there’s an audience/buyer for them.

  18. I love this dress — this is a garment that knows how to use cotton rather more so than the more clumsy style of the Saunders yesterday. This one is a lovely classic shap eand style on Kate, accenting her waistline and giving fullness where needed via the sewn-down pleats — these in turn give a much cleaner line than bulky gathering.

    Those poor worn-out shoes are a reasonable style and colour to go with it, and her hair looks wonderful being naturally brushed out with only the minimum frizz which can hardly be helped under the circs.

    Definitely an outfit for a busy day on a hot island! She looks great. Thanks for another wonderful well-informed post!

    • The LK Bennet Sledges are certainly well-worn by now, but they don’t appear “worn-out” at all from the up-close picture by James Whatling that WKW posted the other day ( Just the tiniest bit of abrasion around the heel is visible, from where I’m sitting. I’ve read that she does in fact only have one pair in a reliable magazine publication (People, I believe), but it does make you wonder… There must be someone on staff whose sole job is taking care of these shoes! (Kidding.)

      I do expect that they will be a little worse for wear after this event. I’m not sure how she managed to walk in pumps on what I imagine is very soft turf, especially after the rain.

  19. it looked like she was wearing nude ballet flats… from the Twitter pic posted by Rebecca English.

  20. I enjoy reading all these posts and updates. Although I am not particularly fond of any of her looks during this tour, it’s still very refreshing to see how she has pulled off a totally different feel with completely different wardrobe comparing to her Canada/US tour more than a year ago. I’d like to give her a big thumb up for the incredible fashion sense and knowing what works for her and occasions. :)

    • It’s NOT easy to maintain one’s poise in our tropical weather! We become grumpy and run indoors!

    • I actually love her choices here. I also must say that, her clothing are more appropriate for her figure, and she may not be looking to make a fashion statement as such, but just to to present herself as being beautiful but approachable.

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