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As the Diamond Jubilee Tour hit Day 9, Kate and William’s day in Tuvalu came with all of the traditional pageantry and ceremony expected.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Media report that more than half of the Island’s population of 10,000 residents came out to see the parade and welcome the Duke and Duchess.  They were carried to the Parliament building where they were welcomed by Governor General Sir Iakoba Taeia Italeli and Prime Minister Willy Telavi.

Richard Palmer of the Express shared William’s reaction to the ceremonial procession:

Richard Palmer/Daily Express Twitter

The couple were involved in a number of activities, including speaking with University students and younger students, Kate and William both wore lush floral head decor, as shown in this photo by Loia M. Tausi.

Following a tour of the community the evening’s big event was a dinner hosted by the Governor General at Vaiaku Falekaupule, the town hall where such functions are held. Kate donned a grass skirt over her gown, while William retained his suit, forgoing the tie. He did however, sport the straw headwear given to each.

Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

One of the memorable looks for William from the Tour, to be sure. Below we have a better look at the bodice of Kate’s Alice by Temperley dress, you can also see the colorful fan made for her. (As noted in a previous post, it’s not about the spelling.)

Arthur Edwards

But the most memorable moment of the Tour will surely be one of these images…

Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

Clearly William’s alleged dance practice paid off. More on the evening’s events from the Daily Mail’s story:

Swaying in time to the music, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became true South Pacific royalty today when they donned colourful skirts and danced the night away at a gathering of island chiefs.

William and Kate shimmied, swayed their hips and moved their arms as they joined six island communities of the South Pacific nation at a fatele or local dance where groups try to out sing and dance each other in a friendly rivalry.

Below, another look at the stitching on Kate’s and the necklace gifted to her.

Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

One of the traditions I wasn’t familiar with, as a sign of respect visiting dignitaries spray perfume or scent on dancers.  You can just about see the bottle in Kate’s right hand in this photo.

Arthur Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

Here we have a closer look at the skirt, it better shows the handwork and detail that went into creating it.

Arthur Edwards/PA Wire

The dignitary is asked to use a scent of their own choosing, in this case the Duke and Duchess brought Paul Smith London for Men.

Paul Smith London for Men

For those looking to “repliKate” or perhaps “repliWilliam,” the scent is available at many outlets, from Target in the US to Debenhams in the UK for about $26.

As noted, Kate chose an Alice by Temperley dress for the evening’s activities, it is an ideal choice for the setting and tone of the Dinner.

Alice by Temperley Beatrice Dress

The cross-stitching detail is better seen in this photo, as are the gold buttons.

Alice by Temperley

The look definitely has a vintage feel, reminiscent in some respects of the frocks worn in the late 1960s and 70s, the embroidery at the neckline, sleeves, center of the dress and hem add to that sense. It is viscose chiffon with a polyester lining, the polished gold buttons we previously mentioned, banded elbow length sleeves and what is called a scarf neckline.

While the dress is sold out at Net-a-Porter, it is available in limited sizing at Neiman Marcus ($795).  There is also a short version of the dress at Shopbop, it is $435.

Beatrice Dress Shopbop

There is also a blue version of the Beatrice,in both long and short styles.

ALICE by Temperley ‘Beatrice’ dresses

The shorter version is in stock at Temperley ($435), also at Net-a-Porter for $435, and also at Neiman Marcus for the same price. The longer style can be found in stock at Temperley,

Kate’s wisely minimal accessories included her Stuart Weitzman Minx wedges and Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf earrings.

This was one of Kate’s best looks on the tour: appropriate to the occasion, perfectly suited for the event in tone and tenor, and ideal for the added elements she knew were coming, the grass overskirts, straw headwear and necklace.

With apologies for the brevity of the post & lack of details on the day’s activities due to personal & business commitments, I’ll leave you with the usual links. We’ll have a poll in a day or two so we can see your choices on what looks you liked best during the Tour, as well as a wrap-up of additional IDs, etc.



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  1. Wow Kate looked stunning in our tuvaluan colorful costumes thanks for the photos in here beautiful…

  2. I hate your blog.

    • If you hate it then I suggest you stop reading it. This is a positive blog site with thousands of happy followers who don’t want negative people commenting, its not about that. Find a new blog to follow if this one isn’t to your taste.

    • Hahahaha, that’s so funny, Ann, because we hate you too!!!

      (Okay, not really, but that’s how ridiculous/immature/out of place your comment seems).

      Obviously you LOVE this blog because you have perused its pages and have commented several times! :D

  3. We live in a free country – you should publish what I say.

    • Ann, you are correct, we live in a free country. That means that when you write comments condemning that country, or making inflammatory statements about Kate, I am free not to publish them. The blog does not exist as a forum for offensive, confrontational argument.

  4. Love the images of William and Kate. Those of both of them in seperate chairs are actually in Marau Sound in The Solomon Islands, not Tuvalu. It was such an honur and previlege to have the Royals visit my country, the Solomon Islands,and for us to meet them in person. Kate is beautiful in her pictures but in person she has charisma, pulling power and beauty that is more than skin deep. William as the next in line to the throne isgracious and able to come down to the level of the common people. We truly enjoyed having them visit us and will not forget them and wish them every happiness as they return to their royal lives

  5. With no disrepect intended, I was just curious about the spelling of “Cathleen” on the fan. Do anyone happen to know if it was unintentional, or if there is some meaning for that? Thanks!

    • I have no sources to back this up, but I’m just assuming that it was a gift from an individual that was doing his/her best to spell a name that is unusual in that part of the world (again, just assuming, for all I know there may be spades of Catherines running around in the South Pacific).

      In an earlier post, there was a photo of a beaded necklace given to Catherine that read “Princess Kate” instead of “Duchess” and the administrator pointed out that what matters here is the display of affection for Catherine, not the correctness of royal titles. I’ll admit that “Cathleen” for “Catherine” is a bigger error than “Princess” for “Duchess,” but clearly Catherine herself doesn’t mind.

      … Or maybe she stole it from someone named Cathleen! ;)

  6. .. well! that video of their dancing (thank you for posting the link!) sweeps everything else away– who cares about fashion?! they coulda been wearing potato sacks-

    what sweethearts (-:
    William actually looks cool, despite a grass skirt ! and moves well ! who knew ?!

    and what is there more to say of Kate- beaming away- graceful- but notice how demurely she stays in the ‘background’, both when she is dancing with only women, and again, when she is by William’s side.

    one of her most winning qualities is how uninterested she is in grasping at the spotlight– she seems to understand, wisely, that she is already in the spotlight and does not need to steal more-

    ok. I’ll stop the gushing.

    the Alice by Temperley choice was, of course!, absolutely appropriate-
    she shines and blends in, at the same time.

    quite a feat in such an unusual surrounding!

    bless ‘em

  7. I sooo want the blue version of the dress for myself. I can see how the cream is more appropriate for the occassion and accessories, but the blue would have been such a show stopper on her.

  8. I’m really keen to see if anyone is able to ID the floral dress the Duchess wore for her departure from the Pacific/arrival in Australia. The dress is gorgeous, and as I’ve noted in another article, quite suited to our climate (yep, Brissy girl here). I have a feeling the jumper she is wearing as they depart is the same one we saw her in prior to her wedding – either that or the one she wore for -that- Waitrose grocery shop. The jeans look to be her regular favourites, and she seems to be wearing the beige Sledges again. Really, her frequency of wearing them is making me tempted to buy a pair. If HRH wears them so much, I have a feeling they are probably very comfortable and stable.

    • That dress is by Dannii Minogue’s Project D label!

    • I really don’t like the LK Bennet pumps with jeans. This would have been a great time to pull out her ballet flats. The pumps are just too dressy to wear with jeans, even if it is a trend among young women. Just my personal opinion, for what it’s worth. :)

  9. The “Cathleen” fan is priceless! Kate has done a wonderful job dressing for this trip (colour! I’m sure she will be back to the neutrals in no time) but as someone who lives in tropical humidity I don’t know why she would choose to wear her long, thick hair loose so often!

  10. What a fantastic tour, they did so well! Thank you so much for bringing it all to us, you do a wonderful job. How you manage to to keep everything up to date, run your business and have any personal life I really don’t know. You have the patience of a saint and are always so polite and gracious (like Kate!). I happen to like the background information, it’s really interesting. Kate has said herself that she’s not a model so as much as I enjoy reading about what she’s wearing, it’s great to know what she’s doing as well. Please don’t change the formula! You now deserve a good rest as much as Kate & William do.

  11. I tend to avoid boho looks in my own wardrobe, but this was certainly a stunning and appropriate choice given the venue. Kate looks beautiful, and I think this dress calls for hair to be loose and flowing, so I think she was wise to wear her hair down.

    I’m torn by the shorter versions of the dress. I am tempted to like them, but they vaguely resemble nightgowns… any different opinions?

  12. I have just found your site and I absolutely love it! The clothes on Kate have been just stunning and they have done a wonderful job on this tour. I can’t even imagine how exhausted they both must be. I look forward to following this site!

  13. I like how the cross stitching in this dress is evocative of the beading on the Tuvalu dancers’ outfits. I can see wearing this dress on vacation somewhere warm but otherwise too young and Boho for me. the long navy one could maybe work more for a city setting, but I dislike the short versions of this dress. the dress looks lovely on Kate, I like how it looks both youthful and sophisticated at the same time.

  14. Thanks for the great coverage on the fashion. It’s nice to see a return to details we have come to love in this blog. Unfortunately the first mention doesn’t occur until a quarter of way into the article but it is a great improvement from the coverage. It’s not that I don’t like all the fluff but this site is all about fashion. The fluff details should be left to other outlets. Several sites are popping up detailing Kate’s fashion but in the past this one has been the best. It would be nice to see a return to the old format that focused on the fashion and not every step Kate takes. Rather than being like every website covering the Duchess stick to what you do best, cover her fashion. For those that enjoy all the extra fluff check out the archives of the 2011 Canada tour for great examples. The fashion and designers are the focus of each article. I’m not following the revelance of mentioning the topless photos and dancing at the end. Leave the gossip to the gossip sites and bring on the fashion!

    • I enjoy reading comments that address Kate’s fashion instead of attacking the administrator’s choices about what to include in her posts…

    • I actually appreciate all the effort that goes into making this site so informative and captivating. Focusing on the fashion, without putting it into its purposeful context would miss an essential point -WHY Catherine chose to wear what she did for each occasion. Clearly purpose and garment choice are frequently linked, and describing the activities is englightening as to the rationale for the fashion selection. Plus, to borrow your own word, it removes the necessity of having to rifle through the mire of online tabloid ‘fluff’ to find out more about each event – I can’t stand tabloid fluff, and love this website because it is written with eloquence and a respect for the Duchess that is lovely to see! I did enjoy the coverage of the Canada tour, but do recollect discussion of the itinerary during those blogs also. Quite simply – to the team at WhatKateWore – keep up the fantastic work! :)

      • Thanks for your dramatic feedback. Unfortunate that you did understand my point. Thankfully the admin and others appreciate educated readers.

        • Media fluff (or media padding) is the name given to the phenomenon among many news organisations of giving disproportionate air-time (or in the case of newspapers, column space) to news stories that are usually regarded as trivial or inconsequential. Media fluff is most prevalent among 24-hour news television channels, that often find themselves struggling to to fill air-time in a competitive “infotainment” market.

          • Hello again Angie, as someone with a strong belief in constructive criticism I appreciate your comments; such feedback is one of the best ways for growth and improvement. I would suggest however, that whether intended or not, your tone in delivering the feedback impacts the message deleteriously.

            To clarify things, I don’t want to be part of any confusion, or add to an impression I “improved” fashion coverage as a result of the input you shared; that would be an inaccurate portrayal of the circumstances and reality.

            The first day I believe you commented about the poor coverage is when Kate wore the yellow dress created by someone whose name we don’t know. Short of what minimal information I offered regarding the dress, there was nothing new. The earrings have been seen many, many times. The shoes had been seen many, many times. There are no product shots to use for further elucidation of a garment(s), there are no closeups to be enjoyed of a detail, a zipper, a button. There is nothing to be shared about fabric content or pricing or seasonal collections or runway shows or availability of the product. I am unsure as to what content you would expect or hope to read other than what I came up with….?

            The reality of the “return to details” the following day is simply this: the Temperley Beatrice dress offered all of the opportunities for coverage that were lacking with the yellow dress: specific garment information and photographs to share, background on the design, the fabric, the availability and price of the dress, etc. What was written and included in the post was the direct result of what was worn & available for coverage, nothing more and nothing less.

            Your comparison between the coverage of this tour and the North American tour has validity. There is are two fundamental reasons for this, the first being that Canadian authorities made photographs available to bloggers for use without licensing fees; there are no photos of that kind from this trip. Any photograph used in the blog is paid for unless it is in the public domain (Instagram, Twitter, I have been specifically granted permission, etc.). The lack of complimentary photos like those available from the Canada leg of last year’s tour had a significant impact on content. Many bloggers willfully violate copyright laws; I pay for images and am well into four figures in expenses for photographs. Does the lack of free photographs mean there should be a corresponding degradation of content? Not at all.

            The second enormous distinction relating to coverage: unlike the N. American Tour, with this undertaking the setting, environment and other elements very much inform the wardrobe choices and therefore the coverage. Canada & the US share such similarities in climate and culture little needed expanded explanation. Background about things such as the perfume spraying in Tuvalu, or elements of the Mosque visit are relevant; like many others, I believe they impact choices in what Kate chose to wear and merit inclusion.

            I would respectfully disagree with assertions the blog has descended into fluff or filler. As some are aware this is not my 1st job, nor my 2nd, it is my 3rd “obligation,” and certainly not on par in necessity or import with the others. If I *wanted* to spend time and energy creating such content I couldn’t. Things are written as quickly as I can with as much attention to accuracy as is possible, additional detail is then included as time allows.

            Finally, the site does not traffic in gossip. Readers respect the decision to keep content of that nature out of the blog. We do not publish intrusive photographs, nor will we. As you point out, there are many other sites, including several “Kate blogs,” offering such coverage. I think suggestions we include gossip in our coverage are erroneous. At this juncture I consider the topic closed, we can agree to disagree on elements of the conversation.

        • Hello Angie,

          I normally wouldn’t grace your petty comment with a response, especially as the tone of your response was highly revealing in itself.

          But just to correct your insulting insinuation – being very highly educated, I hold multiple first-class degrees, and have a wonderful career as a result. Education has the benefit of developing an enlightened mindset, and an awareness of the appropriate expression of thought – reliance on snide personal insults to get a point across becomes unnecessary. That you considered such personal jibes to be necessary really stands out as the exception to the norm on this great site.

          To Admin: This is my last comment on this thread! I didn’t want to get drawn in, but as I do believe strongly in education, I wanted to correct Angie’s assertions. I really hope we can just go back to replying to your great posts in the cheerful manner we’ve all enjoyed so far :)

  15. Thank you for the great improvement on the fashion coverage. Too bad the first mention of the dress and designer didn’t come until halfway through the article. The detailed information about the fashion makes up for this blunder until the post regarding topless photos. I don’t follow the revelance of mentioning the photos and the follow-up article involving dancing. I will continue to follow this site for now but there is another blog that is staying true to the fashion message. I look forward to seeing more of the great fashion coverage and less fluff.

    • Wow – rude.

    • Hi Angie, thanks so much for reading *and* commenting. I’m hoping you can help me out, I am confused as to where in the post you see me mention anything about the photos…? Many thanks in advance for any insight you can share. :)

        Is the link description of the video showing Katherine and William dancing. A poor choice of links considering the video is attached to an article about such a disgraceful event. So many sites are showing the adorable dancing video as a stand alone. You do a great job on covering the fashion I just feel its unfortunate that your message is getting lost in the fluff.

        • Some of us feel that the additional information renders this site LESS “fluffy”. “Fluff,” in my view, is a site that covers clothes only.

          Most of us here appreciate the manner in which Admin handles this site and the interesting extra material and comments she provides. Sorry, but I consider your remarks arrogant.

        • Thank you for letting me know what you were referencing, I appreciate it.

          Lest there be any confusion, that is not something I wrote, it is part of the ITV page in the screen capture, alteration or removal would require graphic work beyond my abilities. To imply, intentionally or otherwise, that I have written about that incident is not an accurate portrayal of how this blog has handled the incident or its aftermath. It is also felonious to give any impression the ITV video deals with the incident in any way – the video shows only activity in Tuvalu, with no announce track (anchor or reporter voice), merely natural sound of what transpired that evening in Tuvalu.

          I believe we are blessed with intelligent readers, a group more-than-capable of recognizing the distinction between the small print in a screen grab from ITV, and a link to a story about that topic. If facing the same situation again I would choose the same two videos.

      • Personally, I like when you tell us a little about what she is doing, such as the fact that they were carried in on the people’s shoulders, and the part about them dancing! It really helps provide the proper context for understanding the outfits she chooses. In my humble opinion, the couple extra details make the fashion come to life!

        Thanks for keeping up such a well done blog!

        • I enjoy the extra information. As someone said, it puts everything in context. This trip is so very different from the Canadian trip – different culture, customs etc.

          So thanks for the ‘added extras’ to this blog. I’ve so enjoyed every minute of your excellent coverage of the fashion and the settings the fashion was displayed in.

        • I appreciate every aspect of admin’s hard work that goes into the maintenance of this website.

          To “Angie”: Please keep your tone respectful, most especially when critiquing another individual. Additionally, if you have such strong sentiments about what specifics this website should entertain, I invite you to create your own blog (since you are clearly the expert on all things “blogging”) and leave this one be.

          Many thanks to admin… I, along with many, many others, absolutely love this website and appreciate all of the hard work you do!!

    • Angry Angie, don’t you have a life? I guess it’s difficult for you to scroll down, ah?

      I love this blog and I would like to thank the admin for all the beautiful coverage of Kate’s fashion *and* life. Some of us don’t have the time to visit numerous sites. I like the fact that i can read here the most interesting parts written with extremely polite and respectful way, with all the links for those who want. My hellos to admin from Greece :)

      • Amazing how all who have answered are showing your colors of typical consumers. Thankfully the admin has enough insight, media savy and class to take my constructive comments with the value they were given. This blog is very well done and covers an area of a popular topic that is lacking else where. I just hate too see it fall into the same pattern of feeding into consumer expectations and losing sight of its original mission. For those of you who have time visit the archives of their 2011 Canada Tour for a comparison. Now that was great coverage of fashion, integrity and originality with a unique angle that should make any journalist proud. Award winning if you ask me! It would be nice to see a tab on the toolbar showcasing that tour and amazing coverage. Consumers today are looking for a one stop show for all their information. This makes for an uneducated consumer.

        Admin – Thank you for all your dedication and work put into covering “What Kate Wore.” I imagine this is a challenging endeavor and your work is greatly appreciated. I challenge you to stay true to you original mission, don’t conform to the pressures of consumer expectation and your work will stand above others for many years.

        • Angie: “I just hate too see it fall…”

          Aww, Angie, it’s “to”, not “too” in this context. I think you should reconsider your stance on who the “educated” (in your words) reader is.

          The fans stand by admin, end of story.

  16. LOVE! I admit my own personal style trends more towards boho, and I am coveting both of the colors of the short version of the dress. I think in the long I actually prefer the blue if I were choosing one to wear, BUT I think the cream and orange was the better choice for the occasion. She looks radiant. And the dancing video is awesome, such joy!

  17. The look and photos from this leg of the tour are some of my favorite Duke and Duchess moments ever! I love the Temperley dress for this occasion, but I also love how it’s the people (William, Catherine, and their gracious hosts) that are the center of attention, not the dress. After what I’m sure has been an extremely trying week, it is so wonderful to see the future King and Queen enjoying themselves.

    Thank you so much for including such amazing content on this site. I thoroughly enjoy both the fashion AND culture you post; after all, one cannot exist without the other! Great job!

  18. Worst of all my dresses so far but perhaps okay for the event. Embroidery on cream fabric reminds me of a tablecloth. The best thing so far is that the Duke and Duchess have done a good job in the tour and are naturals. The Queen will be pleased.

  19. I love the video of Kate dancing! She’s going to be the BEST QUEEN EVER!!! Yeah!

  20. I love the video of her dancing! She’s going to be the BEST QUEEN EVER!!! Yeah!

  21. Love the dress, love the smile, love the laughs! She looks beautiful, as always. I am humbled and impressed by her ability to keep going in the face of adversity. She is an inspiration. And as always, thanks for the accurate and classy posts!

  22. The video of them dancing is the CUTEST THING EVER!! Thanks for posting.

    Am I the only one trying to figure out what they are saying to each other at the very end??

  23. I love the dress and I love to see them dance together. they are so damn cute!

  24. This is a look that will be remembered! Kate’s looks have been spot on this trip.

  25. That dress is perfection for the occassion. It never entered my mind that it was a designer dress. I just figured it was one that was given to her by the people in Tuvalu for the occassion. It is perfect. I think Kate and William just cemented themselves as the future of the Royal Family–as if they weren’t already.

  26. This dress reminds me of a word…so groovy. LOL

  27. I suppose it’s 70s but to my mind has more of a mediaeval look to it. Just right for the occasion. I love the blue version of the dress.

    Good to see Kate joining in and looking as if she’s enjoying herself. She certainly looks much better than she did in Canada which is great.

  28. Yeah, ok, well so I fit into the category of old crocks who’ve seen this boho look before and would only show my age if I complained it’s all been done! I have to face facts — when I was younger and saw these fashions– in cheapie cheesecloth in my case — I fell for them big time too. And whatever might be missing in slickness of style is more than made up for by how truly beautiful Kate looks — anyone else seen her dance moves? — she’s amazing! — and the tousled hair and floral crown just make her the best on earth right now. As your post says, truly one of the best looks of the tour.

    Oh, thanks for the party, Kate, and thanks to you admin for all the hard work it’s been a ball following this trip — the highs — the lows — and ending like this (departure outfits aside) seems amazing after all the angst.

    Mr and Mrs Cambridge must be so buoyed up by at least getting one court ruling in their favour, and the kind of support that is seeing magazines withdrawn from eBay and reported images removed from Google search.

  29. I love your Blog and think you do a wonderful job, so please don’t worry if you get a bit behind from time to time. Thanks for all the work you do on it.

    I am in my 60′s, from Canada and I remember as a very little girl keeping a scrapbook of the new Queen Elizabeth’s clothes on her tour in our country. Though not an avid royal watcher, I love beautiful clothes and admire Kate’s (and before her, Diana’s) talent for the art of dressing with creativity and beauty.

    I have also noticed that a few of the other Blogs devoted to Kate’s fashion…HRH Duchess Kate and Kate’s Style will refer to your Blog (WKW) and it is all very friendly and cooperative. It is fun to see her choices and how well they reflect the iccasion. Thank you!

  30. Well, looks like fun, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in the dress. Temperley is a fan of designs and embroidery that certainly do the evoke the 70′s, a decade that didn’t do fashion any favors for the most part, and that’s why she’s definitely not one of my favorites, despite my recent purchase of an Alice by Temperley dress.

    However, this dress worked for the event, I’ll give Temperley and the Duchess credit for that.

    They must be just exhausted by now! Last year, as they were winding up the Canada trip, I thought that if I were in their shoes, I’d fly home and sleep for a month. I’m thinking the same thing now.

    Nice to see they got their injunction in a French court.

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