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Kate’s dress choice for yesterday’s Tuvalu events and the couple’s return home demonstrates once again her fashion savvy. Knowing they would be changing planes in Brisbane, Kate wore a label founded by an Australian, Dannii Minogue, and the UK’s Tabitha Somerset Webb, Project D London.

Below we see William and Kate in Tuvalu, there were official departure ceremonies in Tuvalu.

WKW Facebook Friend

Kate’s dress needed to work for another ride on the thrones created for the pair.

WKW Facebook Friend

Then it was off to Australia for a change of planes. Here we see William and Kate on the tarmac in Brisbane. The image is significant, it is the first time Kate has set foot in Australia as a member of the Royal family.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Kate wore Project D London, selecting the ‘Penelope’ dress in ‘Pale Powder Pink’ in silk crepe de chine, a good weight for the day’s activity in Tuvalu’s heat and humidity. Many thanks to WKW Facebook friend Sarah for identifying the dress and sharing the info with us.

Project D London Penelope, Photos via Lyst

The Penelope features a fold-down collar, cuffed short sleeves, box pleats and a detachable self belt. As you can see in the next photos, the garment also has an invisible zipper on the front.

Project D Penelope Dress

The dress originally sold for $515 at My Wardrobe (about£315), subsequently it was discounted to $433 and then $215. Project D is carried at several shops Kate frequents, including Austique and Moda Rosa.

The dress is a spring 2012 release, it also came in the label’s ‘Bluebird’ pattern. If that design looks familiar it may be the result of seeing Kate’s sister Pippa wearing the Phope Peplum dress in Bluebird when she and Kate were at Wimbledon.

Shop The Trend

The Duchess wore a pair of earrings with the dress that were new to us, the Azuni Semi-Precious Drop Earrings, a tip of the hat to Caroline for locating the earrings and alerting us all on Facebook about their identity. The earrings are shown at John Lewis, where they sell for £22.50 (and international delivery is available), that is roughly $37 USD.

John Lewis

They are described as “ethnic inspired drop earrings feature a textured 24ct gold plated brass disc and semi precious stone drop.” If sold out at John Lewis, Azuni’s website and Facebook pages are options, they have said on Facebook the earrings may be ordered.

Azuni London

The designer, Ashley Marshall is a fascinating man, he studied in South America and Central America, his work is also influenced by Native American culture. (Mr. Marshall was previously a chef for more than 10 years at notable establishments like the Dorchester, he is clearly more-than-talented.) Some of those influences are clearly seen in his work, we recommend a visit to the company’s website.

At the airport Kate changed into her standard skinny jeans for the next flight.

Brisbane Airport Facebook

She wore a white jumper (sweater) or knit top, and a brightly colored Temperley scarf, in the Lotus Leopard print ($385), many thanks to WKW Facebook friend Tammie for identifying the scarf so quickly.

Brisbane Airport Facebook/Temperley London

The scarf is one of Temperley’s standard prints (the Lotus), the fabric is 90% modal and 10% cashmere, a nice blend.

The Duchess remained true to form when it came to footwear, wearing her LK Bennett Sledge pumps for both segments of the journey. She also carried her Longchamp Le Pliage tote, a good choice for traveling, the nylon fabric is durable, it takes a beating well and somehow still looks good.

Longchamps Le Pliage at Neiman Marcus

This is the medium size (with the short handles), it runs $118 just about everywhere, including Neiman Marcus in the US, in the UK it is £67 at Selfridges and many other outlets.



  61 Responses to “Two Outfits For Kate As She Shows Her Fashion Savvy Yet Again”

  1. I just bought a scarf at Target that is pretty similar to the one Kate wore in the airport. Here is a link. It’s not 100% exact, but it is close and the price was only $12!

  2. Thank you for these posts of our favorite princess! Her clothes are stunning and your details (from retailers to price) is always impeccable!Thank you for all your hard work. I really appreciate it :)


  3. Silk crepe de chine is lovely, and Kate looked wore this dress well. Nevertheless, this was a miss. Not appropriate for airport tarmacs. I was dismayed to see a repeat of the Canadian wardrobe malfunction. She’s 30, after all. How many learning experiences like this are necessary?

    I admire her for the care she obviously takes in choosing appropriate clothing for the job at hand, and I wish she would give herself the gift of knowing she can down the airplane steps and across the tarmac without fear of the wind blowing her dress up. Nobody looks elegant or dignified when holding one’s dress down.

    • I’m relieved to see someone else holds similar views to my own on the malfunction. I agree with you about the dress — it is lovely, though I thought the pattern looked a little thin somehow — with so much white/cream the floral detail seemed a little lost. I may have become accustomed to royals in the old days wearing bright block colours to stand out. I imagine all Catherine wants to do right now is hide!

  4. Well, given that I am not a great fan of either prints or shirtdresses, I think this little silk dress is attractive, though I wish she hadn’t worn the ever-present nude patent-leather pumps with it. The beige wedged sandals would have worked better. The dress may be silk crepe-de-chine, but it has an easy, casual feel.

    Ditto for the jeans, top, and scarf outfit, which was terrific for air travel wear, but not with those pumps! AAAGGHHH!

    As for the, er, wardrobe malfunction, I suspect that she IS weighting her skirts, that she’s been doing so for a while, that she received advice about this eons ago. It’s simply beyond credibility that no one has yet talked to her about it or that she’s been blithely ignoring the advice. However, I know from personal experience that even weighted hems, on dresses and skirts made of light fabrics, can fly up in a brisk breeze. You’d need really heavy weights to prevent this, and they would cause significant problems with the hang of a skirt, especially if that skirt were made of a light silk.

    Both Diana and Princess Anne had embarrassing skirt-and-wind interaction events, and I’ve no doubt that both of them wearing weighted skirts. The Queen, it should be noted, rarely appears in public in a dress without a matching coat, and the coats are not going to fly up in a wind.

    • I’m impressed with your theory that she may have had weights in the skirt and thanks for pointing out that the fine fabric couldn’t cope with heavy weights. I thought when Diana suffered from similar breezes, the worst that showed was petticoat. I remain non-plussed at the insistence on wearing nowt but a thong underneath, not a garment which originated from particularly respectable origins. I enjoy seeing her outer garments but have never relished having more than necessary seen or discussed about the underpinnings.

      I’ve always liked shirtdresses — a particular favourite with me. For work purposes I’ve appreciated its element of the businesslike coupled with a degree of comfort and femininity.

      At least she’s given us plenty to talk about while she takes a well-earned break.

      • Are we sure she is wearing a thong? I haven’t seen any evidence indicating that thongs are her underwear of choice. Currently, most underwear designed for women of our age is designed to ride high on the cheeks, even full coverage underwear. (Spend 5 seconds perusing a Victoria’s Secret catalog and you will see what I mean…)

        I’m not saying I like this style or trend. (Personally, I wish it would stop.) I’m just commenting on what is available for sale. I suppose the Duchess could have a personal dressmaker construct her some bloomers, but then the paps would just be commenting on her preference for “Granny-panties.”

  5. Kate looks lovely in her charming floral dress.

  6. The Duchess looks lovely in her flowery dress, but oh dear, after a similar wardrobe malfunction in Canada while wearing the Jenny Packham “Primrose” dress, you’d think she might have considered the curse of the airport updraft when choosing her outfit. Something with a straight skirt would have been a wiser choice.

  7. I am impressed with the way she wears jewelry. She has so many different things and she’s really good at changing them and matching things to her outfits. Maybe she has everything displayed for a visual reminder. I guess that’s part of accessorizing, which is part of being well dressed. I just wear pearl studs every day — they go with everything!

  8. Love the coverage of their tour…hoping you will do a poll of favourite looks like you did for the Canadian tour?!

  9. Love her airport look and it’s easy to replicate. I’m going to try it next week when I’m flying. I like the bluebird dress better than the florals Kate wore.

  10. The print frock doesn’t do it for me although it is light and summery. The pattern looks like it should have been cottage curtains…or something.

    I loved the casual look especially that scarf! It is beautiful.

    How wonderful to be able to spend so much on one scarf *sighs*

  11. My opinion on this dress is pretty neutral, its not bad but its also not exciting for me. A bit frumpy. I would actually love to see her in trousers!

    For me the best look of the tour was the Temperley light blue dres with white lace over it. :)

  12. I really, really like this dress! Kate definitely is favoring a vintage look, and I have liked nearly all of them, if not loved them!! I am definitely going to purchase those earrings. Thanks so much for the link to them and I can’t believe I can afford them! LOL. The Duchess definitely has a love affair with those Sledges and I admit to laughing when I saw she even wore them after changing into jeans haha! I’m in the minority I think, but honestly can we give the girl a break about the wind and her dress?? All it takes is a split second of a wind gust to do that to a dress and I’m shocked it hasn’t happened more often. With all the preparations she must have done for this tour and the constant pressure of being “on”, I think it’s understandable that she’s going to have little mishaps like this. She’s only been a working Royal for about 18 months now and it still learning it all. Thanks so much for the wonderful coverage of the Tour!! I’m going to have withdrawals now :)

  13. I’m digging this last dress! It’s flattering, although I agree that she shouldn’t have worn it on the runway. Good gravy, wouldn’t you get tired of having to hold your dress down and praying it doesn’t wind up over your head (in public)?

    I like her super casual look for the flight home – it’s classic, but not slouchy. On the other hand, that looks like it would be VERY uncomfortable to wear for such a long flight. I wore loose khakis on my last overseas flight (and it wasn’t as long as the royals), and I couldn’t wait to get changed. Oh well – she’ll probably wear something else before arriving!

  14. Oh dear, I’m not a fan of the print on the dress. It reminds me of upholstery fabric. Continue to love that cut and pleated skirts (and I’m a sucker for a self tie belt), but not my favorite look. LOVE those earrings though.

    And I’m a huge fan of the casual look, Sledge pumps and all (which was likely more just for the convenience of not carrying multiple pairs of shoes, I imagine). The scarf is a beautiful touch, and a nice “transition point” from the colorful prints of the tour back to a more subdued fall look in Britain.

  15. I think this post signals the end of the tour. I actually wanted to thank WKW for this wonderful blog, I loved every line of every post, it must have been quite time consuming.

    And something about Kate; I think on this trip she has developed her style a little, and became a little more adventurous. But I also like that she has her “trusty shoes”.

    And I agree with Eliza about the way she dressed for the airport. Couldn’t she have changed in the plane?

  16. i love it

  17. HOLY CRAP!!! $385 for a SCARF?!?! I will never understand “high fashion”. Honestly, who can justify that? I buy clothes from Banana Republic with more cashmere in them than that scarf and they cost a fraction of the price. Of course, she looks fantastic no matter the price of her clothes. I love the Penelope! It’s so flattering on her. :)

  18. Having a straight-skirted, or A-line skirted, lining inserted into fuller skirted dresses, would resolve the problem of fly-away skirts. With fine, good quality lining fabric this would not spoil the look of dresses, yet would save one’s modesty.

  19. All talk about clothes aside – how is it that Kate is in my home town, Brisbane, JUST as I’m working in Europe! Does she not KNOW my Very Important Schedule?? (if only…)

    On a more serious note, I wonder why they didn’t stay in Australia for a couple of days, just to “introduce” Kate to the people. There are more than a few republican rumblings in Australia and, although Charles and Camilla are visiting later this year and we recently had a very successful Queen visit (so I guess we shouldn’t be greedy, however…), William and Kate are far more popular and it may have strengthened the monarchist cause somewhat (can you tell which side of the fence I sit on?). That aside – and correct me if I’m wrong – but isn’t Australia the second largest “dominion” after Canada? Surely it wouldn’t have hurt them to have stayed a few days while they were in the region, particularly given how far it is from the UK and that they were stopping there anyway.

    • The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are due to tour Australia (and New Zealand) in a few weeks, so I guess it was decided that it should just be limited to them to represent the Queen in her Jubilee year.

    • We ARE the second largest…AND we’re not a republic!

      Love the Penelope – managed to score one off ebay last night – *jumpy claps*…sad that the Tour is over!! Loved the flight look, too…I expect those skinny jeans will come off a few hours into the flight!

    • Wouldn’t India be the largest?

  20. I love the scarf and bag combo. Cute and casual! That longchamps bag is the best bag!

  21. I give up. One skirt up-blow on a runway might be considered unfortunate, but to do the exact same thing just over a year later – same style dress, same minimal underwear — is completely feather-brained.

    What will it take for this girl to work out that airport runways are breezy places? I fear I begin to see how this couple could have wandered in a state of undress onto an exposed poolside with open views to the surrounding countryside – and waiting zoom lenses.

    Goodbye privacy, goodbye court case: this was badly done, Kate, badly done.

    • Wow, you really don’t get it, do you? If the Duchess of Cambridge wants to wander around in the buff in PRIVATE with her HUSBAND she has every legal right to do so. Moreover, the issue is not whether she was or was not topless, but that someone took her photo and then published it without her consent in order to make money. In other words, someone is exploiting her semi-nudity for a profit. Do you seriously find that acceptable? Obviously, when the Duchess is in public, photographs are expected. But when she is in private, taking photos of her to sell is stealing her image, her privacy, and her dignity.

      I am sure we can all do without your judgmental tone about her private life. If you wish to judge her clothing, by all means do so, but leave your nasty comments of “badly done, Kate” aside.

      As far as the weights in her skirt, who really cares?

      By the way, HRH is not a “girl”. She is a thirty year old woman.

      • I apologise if I’ve caused you upset and appreciate your taking an interest in anything I’ve said — I like to hear all sides of the argument as you help me get a better prespective on it all. Thanks!

    • You’re totally correct Eliza, this was really an oversight. I wish someone would tell her to put weights in her hems to prevent this from happening! Its a lovely dress otherwise.

    • Truly, get over it!

      • Thanks for your feedback — appreciated — and yes, I can get over it. But the ones who can’t and won’t are the press I’m afraid. By allowing this to happen in front of waiting cameras the good lady has blown the couple’s pleas for privacy out of the water, and made the two of them look as much careless as put-upon.
        The last up-blow like this has a You-tube clip which boasts over 5 million views. Now there has to be another and it becomes impossible to watch her now without wondering when the next accident is going to happen. For her to have failed to learn from the first time this happened shows a serious lack of judgment, and this second instance leaves her open to becoming fair game for the worst of the paps. Even the Daily Mail has pointed all this out this morning.
        She’s in danger of becoming as big a liability as Harry, and I’ve had all I need of flasher royals. She’s a wonderful girl but I’m at a total loss to comprehend the inablity to understand the basic needs of underwear, not to mention advantage of a shift dress over a full-skirted one.

        • Many of you sound like you are shaking your finger and shaming. It is so inappropriate.

        • I’m not so sure it’s ‘Even the Daily Mail’ as ‘Of course the Daily Mail’ – it’s exactly the kind of paper to put a woman on a pedestal and then take great pleasure in knocking her down.

        • Oh dear. If we are going to judge a flash of knickers on a windy day as on par with playing piggy-back in the nude with strangers in Vegas, I’m afraid that I live quite the scandalous life as well, especially since I reside in Oklahoma (…”where the wind comes sweeping down the plains” everyday with about as much force as on that tarmac).

    • Poor girl. Let’s be honest: the only way to be completely sure that your skirt/dress won’t blow up in wind is to avoid the situation entirely and wear slacks. (Would a weighted hem even be effective against wind like that?) However, I’m assuming slacks would be considered inappropriate in the official role she is occupying here.

      I do see your point, but I’m just more inclined to see this as another example of lascivious paps eager for any chance to snag an invasive photo than as indicative of Kate’s bad judgement.

      • I totally agree with your last comment.

        And I would like to see her wear trousers – no reason not to really. They can be very dressy and elegant and with long legs she would look just fantastic. Kate’s a modern royal so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one day she will.

      • I agree with you about the character of paps — my real concern here is that she’s handed them the kind of excuse they’re looking for on a plate. It’s been a tough tour — watching the French carry-on and then seeing the young couple come back from that and regain dignity and purpose — and now all undone by a single blast of Ozzie wind…:-(

        • Agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if the editor of the French magazine decides to publish these images on the cover of their next issue.

    • I’m sorry but I take issue with your comments. If you want to comment on the appropriateness of wearing a full skirt in a windy area, fine. But this has nothing NOTHING to do with the intimacies of a young couple who have the expectation of privacy and yet are spied upon and photographed for profit. If you need a high-powered lens to peer on a balcony then you are a peeping tom/voyeur and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You’re arguing apples and oranges and are you are blaming the victim and I for one won’t let this go unanswered.

      • K. Paige, I think you may have misread. AshleyOlivia said its NOT indicative of Kate’s bad judgement. She wasn’t blaming Kate at all.

        And AshleyOlivia, just fyi, trousers are perfectly acceptable. Sophie of Wessex has worn them on many official occasions actually! :)

      • I’m sorry to have caused any offence in my comments, but I’m afraid the fact remains that it doesn’t matter how the likes of you or I dismiss the incident — what cannot now be avoided is the spread of more pictures of more royal flesh and those cheaper elements of the press to which most of us here object can use an incident like this to give themselves free rein in the matter of pursuing her.

        • It can all be avoided by your not participating in blowing up a non-incident by calling it “more royal flesh” and by not reading and quoting the “cheaper elements of the press”. You are doing exactly what they do, which is to take a something innocent and make it prurient.

  22. *jaw on floor*

    There are no words. In my humble opinion, she saved the best for last. I love the cut and will admit that I am a sucker for collared v-necks. I find them so flattering. They highlight collar bones and, if you are wearing a favorite necklace, showcase the jewelry nicely. However, what I love most about this dress is the pattern, which looks so vintage and unique. I confess I’m not familiar with silk crepe de chine, but at the very least it appears to photograph nicely (at least from where I’m sitting).

    The arrival at the airport made me recall the suggestion, which several have made here in the past, that Kate should insert weights into her hems. However, upon seeing the beauty of this dress, I can see why she would be reluctant to do so.

    Casual Kate is beautiful as well. Her jumper and scarf are pleasant reminders that fall is on the way (probably has arrived already in the UK, I imagine).

    What a wonderful tour. I will miss Will and Kate, but I hope they are off to get some much-deserved rest!

    • Silk crepe de chine is simply one of the most to heavenly fabrics in existence — to be near it, see it, touch it is to discover what the word luxury means! It hangs to perfection, and moves like a dream when the wearer moves. Just not such a good idea in a howling gale, of course. Definitely better indoors than out on an aerodrome.

      • I so agree, the most heavenly fabric, not shiny, and feels wonderful.

        If anyone wants to see weighted hems, just look at pictures of the Queen boarding planes!

        Also, I particularly love upholstery fabric type motifs in dresses and skirts, I think it’s a very nice trend.

        • I agree, Marie-Helene! Brocade motifs are in as well this year… my fingers are crossed that we will get to see Kate in some brocade-inspired designs as well!

  23. I love seeing the duchess in casual outfits, like this one with sweatshirt and scarf.

    • Me too! I think it requires so much skill to coordinate a casual outfit that is also chic and stylish. Personally, I feel that I can put together pretty sophisticated formal and business casual outfits, but I struggle a bit more with casual wear. There is such a temptation to don a hoodie and jeans and dash out the door. I always study Casual Kate’s outfits for tips.

  24. The floral dress reminds me something my mom used to wear. I own a vintage dress from the 50s which looks just like this one.

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