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Hello and greetings, we are back with the polls we promised on Kate’s Tour looks. But first, an apology to those receiving an email an erroneous post on the topic, that was a finger hitting “publish” when I meant to hit “save”.

In an effort to keep this from being one endless scroll we have divided the dresses into two polls, the daytime looks and those styles worn primarily to dressier, ‘invite only’ events. We begin with Kate’s ‘party frocks,’ for lack of a more descriptive term.

Singapore State Dinner – Kate’s first dressier style was worn on Tuesday the 11th, for a State Dinner hosted by the President of Singapore, Tony Tan Keng Yam, at the Istana, his residence. The Duchess chose a dress by Singapore-born designer Prabal Gurung. The wool-silk blend dress featured a dramatic print, bateau neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and a concealed zipper.

PHOTOS: James Whatling/Splash News

Singapore Eden Hall Reception – For Wednesday night’s reception at Eden Hall, the British High Commissioner’s residence, Kate changed into Erdem. The Duchess opted for a modified version of a piece from the designer’s spring collection in silk chiffon with a pleated skirt, exposed back and flyaway sleeves.

PHOTOS: James Whatling/Splash News

State Dinner Malaysia, Bespoke Alexander McQueen: Kate’s creamy white dress featured a sheer overlay with gold lame embroidery bordering the sleeves, neckline and center of the gown. Other elements included an empire waist, shirred white fabric at the bust, short, sheer sleeves and a full, flowing skirt. In another wise bit of fashion diplomacy, the glittering gold embroidery was done in the shape of a hibiscus, the official flower of Malaysia. This may have been the most-discussed dress of the Tour, it seemed to have a polarizing effect.

James Whatling Splash News/Mark Large PA Wire

Kuala Lumpur Tea Party – Kate chose an elegant dress by Alice Temperley for tea at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Kuala Lumpur. This frock is from the designer’s fall 2012 collection, it features that exquisite white embroidery contrasting with an almost Wedgwood blue lining, bateau neckline, flared skirt and sheer three quarter sleeves. Kate remained in the dress while traveling to Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia, she remained in the dress for the welcoming ceremonies there.

Arthur Edwards-The Sun-PA Wire/Rebecca English, The Daily Mail/Mail Online

Solomon Islands, Governor General’s Banquet TAV Pacific Dress – Many will recall the lushly colored dress Kate ultimately wore to the evening’s events was *not* what was packed for the function; instead she wore a dress given to her as a welcoming gift. It was an off-the-shoulder piece with multiple tiers and batik print showcasing a design of flowers, fish, and vines; it is by TAV Pacific NZ.

Chris Jackson/PA Wire

Tuvalu Dinner – Kate returned to ALICE by Temperley, wearing the label’s Beatrice gown for the function hosted by Tuvalu’s Governor General at Vaiaku Falekaupule, the town hall. The Beatrice has a vintage feel, reminiscent in some respects of the frocks worn in the late 1960s and 70s, the embroidery at the neckline, sleeves, center of the dress and hem add to that sense. It is viscose chiffon with a polyester lining, polished gold buttons, banded elbow length sleeves and what is called a scarf neckline.

Arthur Edwards-PA Wire/Temperley London/Arthur Edwards-PA Wire

We’ll also be posting a separate poll shortly with the less formal dresses Kate wore on the Tour. Many thanks in advance to everyone who votes!


  25 Responses to “Tour Poll #1: Kate’s Party Frocks”

  1. Temperly for sure. The Prabal purple print would have been right up there if only it fit her better and she had worn her hair up or at least pulled back. I just don’t like how heavy her hair looks and that the neckline of the dress shows her shoulder blade like it does. Also with her being so skinny, she doesn’t fill out the back of the dress all the way and there are some weird folds/draping in the hip area.

  2. My first choice was Temperly with the white beautiful embroidered lace over the the serene Wedgewood blue. The diamond and aquamarine earrings were perfection. I loved her hair pulled softly back, and accessorized with the pearl hairpins. (I am sure this will be a new trend.)

    I liked the McQueen fabric – the gold embroidery was beautiful and I like the nod to Malaysia’s official flower – the hibiscus. The flow of the dress looked like it was probably more amazing “In Motion.” I didn’t care for the white bodice – it contrasted too much with the soft, flowing embroidery.

    Love this site and enjoy the polls – it’s fun to see and read how others feel.

    As always, attention to every detail. Personally, some of the choices, especially the modifications to other designs, were perhaps not Kate’s first choice but she respected the customs of her hosts.

  3. This was a tough choice! All stunning!!!

  4. For those who love the Temperley blue and white lace dress there is a similar Temperley dress (all white, alas) on the Outnet US site. The dress has been reduced from $1 365 to about $410 and they still have a variety of sizes. The neckline, and netting are similar but the embroidery is different and only on the neckline and sleeves but I thought I would let others know, in case there is interest.

  5. LOVE the Prabal Gurang. I’m sure the ice blue Temperley with the lace will be the winner, but I just didn’t love it the way others did. That was, though, my favorite hairstyle of the tour, especially once I read the BBC report about how it’s a tradition of Malay brides to dress their hair with pearls.

    • I love the tidbit about the hairstyle worn with the Temperley…thanks! Nice touches like that made my choice between the Temperley and the Gurung even harder! I went with the Gurung as well, though; not only did it look stunning on the Duchess, but I love it that she wore a Singapore-born designer while in that country.

  6. Great fun – I voted for the Beatrice gown, but give almost equal ‘best’ to the glitter McQueen. The diplomatic fit and the gown fit of the latter were showy but not pretentious. The Beatrice gown was a nice surprise.

  7. I’m a huge fan of Kate, I personally love almost all the dresses she wears. :)
    It is really nice to see her classy taste :)
    I voted for Prabal Gurung dress too, it was really one of my faves :) Love to see Kate choose the right dresses for the right occasions :) :)

    Well done, admin ! :)

  8. I voted for the Prabal Gurung, a surprising choice for me because I was not in love with the frock when I read the initial post dedicated to it. However, upon taking a second look, I feel like the dress is quite a showstopper, particularly the back of the dress.

    My second favorite had to be the almost-Wedgewood-blue Temperley. Kate looked stunning, especially considering the personal stress and betrayal she must have been feeling that day. Photographs of her from this day on the tour personify the phrase “grace under fire.” As many other readers have noted, the combination of an up-do with the pearls was sheer perfection.

    I just adore the Erdem as it appears on the runway, but I feel like the modifications made for the Duchess rob the frock of everything interesting. I have my fingers crossed that the white lining and fly-away sleeves can be removed… (Wishful thinking, I’m sure, but I can hope.)

    Well-done, admin :)

  9. Gosh – realized this is titled poll #1. Can you put up the (other) first poll with all the outfits again please. It has some good comments & I would like to read them all – had not checked it for a # of days. I also wanted to see what the end results were on that poll count.

  10. I love the Temperly Ice Blue with white lace dress. And Kate’s hair up at the nape of the neck with pearls studded in, was just perfection. Seems that event had the least photo ops vs. a # of the other events. I love the Batique dress she wore – wonderful to see the couple wear their fashion gifts that night. I sure would have liked to have seen her hair that night (and a few other times during the tour) less heavy when wearing it down. She has so much hair and it’s so long. When curled it gives even more weight to already heavy look of the hair.

  11. I just love these polls!
    Voted for the pale blue lacey Alice Temperley confection.

    I only realised today just how perfect a length the bespoke Alexander McQueen was. Skimming the ground, neither too long nor too short. Had it not been for the very solid look of the top, it would have got my vote just for the attention to detail of the length – let alone all that shimmering gold. So delicate and so spoiled by that solid cream area.

    There was a programme on uk tv last evening and I have to say that it looked better with Kate moving.

    • Thanks for the bit of info about how the dress moved, which is something that I had not considered. I am not a fan of this dress, though I do understand that many of the design elements were included as a nod to the host country. Thinking about how the fabric must have moved adds a new perspective :)

  12. Thanks for the great poll and the opportunity to see the gowns in a lineup. Not a fan of the McQueen, it didn’t seem to be Kate’s style at all, all that shiny, flashy gold!! I was also not a fan of the decolletage of the McQueen, it didn’t seem to belong with the rest of the gown. Hope Will and Kate are able to get some rest and relaxation after the tour and the photo brouhaha.

  13. As lovely as the white and blue Temperley is, for me it’s all about the Prabal Gurung. The print is just striking, and it’s nice to see her branch out from the safe designs she usually wears. And, purple is my favorite color!

  14. I had a difficult time choosing one, but I picked the Erdem. I loved Kate in the Tav Pacific sundress and the Temperley blue and white dress was really elegant. The only dress in this category that I did not care for was the final Temperley in Tuvalu, although it was quite appropriate for the setting and occasion.

    Thanks for all of your excellent work, Susan.

  15. i love this poll! i’m not surprised that the blue and white lace dress is winning out since it seems a bit more fashion forward than what kate usually wears. i voted for the erdem dress but i had a hard time choosing between that and the temperley.

  16. I also had a hard time! I voted for the sundress – it’s so different from what she usually wears, so it’s a refreshing change of pace. It helps that she looks so casual and at ease in it, too.

  17. I wish the Temperley and the McQueen weren’t in the same section of the poll!

  18. This was a tough choice. I finally chose the white lace/blue Temperley over the Gurung simply because the overall look (hair, pearls in hair, etc.) was outstanding. If she had worn her hair up with the Gurung, then I’d have been stuck!

    Admin., thank you for all your hard work on these tour posts! I appreciate the context you provide; it certainly helps us all evaluate Kate’s choices in a more informed way.

  19. Oh No, this is like choosing your favourite child!! lol You’re making me choose between my 2nd, 3rd and 4th favourite dresses from the tour – at least that should make the 2nd poll easier. Simply can’t decide now, so will have to come back later and re-contemplate :-) Love the polls by the way!

  20. Lovely post, as always, but I had a difficult time choosing which dress to vote for…so many of them are so beautiful!! I definitely enjoyed her sartorial choices on this tour.

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