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Hello once again, we now have the promised poll looking at less formal styles worn by Kate on the just concluded Jubilee Tour. We structured things in two polls to try and keep this from being an excessively lengthy post, following are the daytime looks, the voting for those styles worn primarily to dressier, ‘invite only’ events is here.

Here we go with the less formal looks.

Singapore Jenny Packham Silk de Gournay – The first look in Singapore for Kate was by one of her go-to designers, Jenny Packham. Kate’s dress for airport welcoming ceremonies and Botanic Gardens visit was pale pink, showcasing hand-painted orchids, a kimono inspired neckline/waist detailing, as well as three-quarter sleeves.

Splash/Straits Times Facebook/Splash

Singapore Alexander McQueen White Eyelet (Broderie Anglaise) suit – Kate started the day on Wednesday the 12th in a custom piece by Alexander McQueen for an appearance at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, as well as the Rolls Royce Factory, the two-piece look had a fitted top with cuffed short sleeves, a deep vee neck, self belt and full skirt.

Gardens by the Bay Facebook/Rebecca English The Daily Mail

Raoul separates: Queenstown, Singapore – For Kate’s next activities on Wednesday she changed from the white McQueen into a Singaporean brand, Raoul. Both pieces featured a red and black cube print on ivory silk, the Tara top is now sold out, while the skirt remains available, it has a black waistband with a hidden side zip fastening.

Splash News/Rebecca English The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Jenny Packham, Singapore War Memorial, Hospis Malaysia Speech – On Thursday the 13th, Kate returned to Jenny Packham for another bespoke frock, this one for the couple’s visit to the Kranji War Memorial. The dress featured a button front bodice, lace overlay on the bodice and sleeves, a full, pleated skirt, done in a duck egg blue color.

James Whatling – Splash News/WKW Facebook Friends Sarah & Phil

Beulah London Malaysia Mosque visit, Chamber Lunch – Kate went for another bespoke piece on the 14th, by a label she likes, Beulah London. She wore the Sabitri, the custom version of Beulah’s Blossom dress (now available in limited numbers) in a lustrous silk, with Beulah’s billowing signature sleeves, button front, pintucks and self belt.

Splash News/Beulah London/Carly Watson ITV Twitter/Splash

Casual Look Sabah, Malaysia Borneo Rainforest Hike – Kate was casual for the couple’s visit to Danum Valley on Saturday (the 15th), it is located in Sabah, one of two Malaysian states in Borneo. That made sense, she and William were spending much of the day exploring the rainforest. Kate’s top has been shown to be an older season Zara piece and the boots are by Brasher (for more on the blouse & boots, our post is here), the trousers remain unidentified.

UK in Malaysia Facebook/Sunshine Su Lin Twitter/Samantha P. Siow Twitter

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Departure – This is the dress (tough to see, I know) wore for the departure ceremonies as the couple left Malaysia for the Solomon Islands. As noted in the post, Kate has previously worn the pink and navy (or black) print dress in 2002, again in 2005, many have noted it has the signature elements of a DVF wrap dress, a style we know the Duchess is fond of.

Honaria Arrival Jonathan Saunders – Kate selected Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders for the next Tour dress, choosing his Evelyn dress. The piece was another diplomatic nod to the host country, the dress colors are very similar to those found in the Solomon Islands flag. The Evelyn is a cotton/viscose blend, with short sleeves, a self-belt to cinch in the waist, side pockets and a veed back neckline.

Splash News/Rebecca English The Daily Mail, Mail Online/Simon Perry People Magazine

Honiara, Solomon Islands Jaeger Dress – For a busy day in the Solomon Islands’ capital city, Honiara, Kate wore a sunny yellow Jaeger dress. The dress was knee length in 100% cotton, with cap sleeves, a button front, shirt collar, fitted top, full skirt, and a self belt Kate tied in a vertical position as opposed to the more standard horizontal bows we see.

World Vision/Jaeger/Rebecca English, The Daily Mail-Mail Online

Flight to Marapa, trip to Tavanipupu Mulberry Navy Blue – Kate returned to what became a significant element in Tour dresses, a frock of broderie anglaise (or eyelet) fabric, this one by Mulberry. The knee-length dress is sleeveless, with a defined waistline, full skirt and zipper back, in Mulberry’s ‘midnight blue’. It is from the label’s Resort 2012 collection. Jackson-PA Wire/Mulberry Courtesy Photo

Honiara Airport, Yellow Independent Dressmaker – For the couple’s return flight from Tavanipupu and flight to Tuvalu Kate was in another yellow dress, this one described as “primrose yellow” by St. James’s Palace. The above knee length piece was also in broderie anglaise material, with a boat neckline, full short sleeves that were unlined and self belted waistline.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail-Mail Online/James Whatling, Splash News-Corbis

Brisbane Airport #1, Project D Penelope Dress – Kate went with a Project D dress for the first portion of the long trip home, the ‘Penelope’ features a fold-down collar, cuffed short sleeves, box pleats and an invisible zipper on the front.

Splash News/

Brisbane Airport #2 Casual Look – Kate switched out of her dress and into more casual attire for yet another long flight, donning her skinny jeans, white jumper knit top, and brightly colored Temperley scarf, in the Lotus Leopard print ($385).

Brisbane Airport Facebook Page

I’m also thinking about one last poll with accessories, jewelery, etc.,….thoughts?

  32 Responses to “Tour Poll #2: Kate’s Dresses & Casual Looks”

  1. I like the lines of the Jenny Packham but can’t really get a good view for the fabric design. I think the Mulberry was my favorite and I loved the Temperly scarf if the ‘casual” ready for a long flight outfit.

  2. I love the Jenny Packhams!!! They are all my favorite! :)

  3. Is that her bra showing in the white L&C gardens dress? A stylist would’ve caught that before she left her room

  4. I really wish Kate would occasionally wear fair trade & organic dresses. A British company called People Tree makes some beautiful ones that would be perfect for her, and are much less expensive than what she normally wears. Her support to the fair trade industry would be enormous.

    Here’s one I liked for Kate:

  5. Just a question:

    Kate is adorable, as is her strength under fire :-)

    Her choices have lifted ‘fashion diplomacy’ to a new level.
    BUT: why this waist ‘nip & tuck’ thing with belts when they don’t fit the dress?

  6. So hard to choose a best! I keep going back to the Project D yellow dress. It looks the best to me, maybe the way it appears in the photos. Having said that I’m glad she didn’t wear it every day! It is a delight to see all the changes of dress. I’m not as keen on the multi-coloured patterns but she never looks out of place.

  7. I like the accessories poll idea – but the parasol was so unexpected it might be a clear winner…hard to tell – the colorful fan she was given as a gift might surprise the entire poll. As far as this poll, if I had not lived through the many yrs I have and see the Beulah London done a ton in the 60′s and early 70′s, then a bit in early 80′s, it would be a sin for me – but it was so not new, fresh and original. She looked really pretty in it – but in a very dated way and dated is not good. You can find the LBD that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffanys’ as classic today as it was then and that is a good way repeat. This Beulah London is not a good one to repeat. That was my first take on it and then I started to read similar comments from big fashion gurus. But as said, she did look pretty in it and it was very much a good look for that occasion – however I cannot see that dress working again for her, which is a mark we come to look for in Kate now. Wear that dress again and you will find folks cringing. So my vote is with Jenny Packham Pink de Gournay Dress. I can see that one holding up over time to be worn again. It also is a grown up dress and not too little girl like the Mulberry dress and a few others.

  8. Thanks so much for doing these polls they are really fun! I absolutely loved the white eyelet Alexander McQueen dress suit. I think it was so chic. I also didn’t mind the shoes. I know a lot of people felt they were too heavy for the dress but I think for the occasion they were lovely. This was a hard choice though because there were so many looks I liked on this tour!

    • They were too heavy – but her trademark – and I have to hand it to her – she knows at a young age what comfort level works for her in footwear and sticks with it…usually most don’t get there until they are much older than she is. She knows how to walk in her fav shoes and does not want to look awkward or trip so she sticks with em. But that’s one more reason why she needs to use some stylists and not just depend on her own thoughts and the thoughts of the designers who work with her.

      • I fail to understand why some people think stylists are necessary. Either they would put her in looks that suit her tastes, in which case they are unneeded, or they would try to steer her into looks she doesn’t like and in which she is not comfortable, in which case they are unwanted.

        If she knows what she likes, whether the rest of us like it or not, what does she need with a stylist?

        This woman isn’t required to dress to suit the rest of us, nor does becoming royal mean that she MUST experiment with progressive fashion and try out whatever fashion professionals or professional stylists would prefer that she wear. The Duchess likes clothes, that’s been clear for years, but she likes simple, fairly minimalist fashion; she has clear tastes. And she has a right to them, to dress as she prefers.

        Frankly, I think she should be left alone by stylists. Given what I’ve seen of some of their handiwork, I think she may be better off without them, even if I sometimes thoroughly dislike what she’s chosen to wear. SHE liked it, which, since she’s the person wearing it, is far more important than whatever I and some stylist might think of it.

        • Yes, yes, yes – a million times yes. She does not need a stylist.

        • I completely agree…she isn’t a Hollywood celebrity. I think one of the greatest facets of the Duchess’ appeal to women from all over and from all walks of life is that she puts herself together in her own way, as most of us do! Granted, she has access to more resources than many of us, but she has a polish all her own, which is refreshing.

  9. It was bespoke Beulah for me :) She looks so lovely and regal -definitely one of my favourite looks on her. I would also like to say thank you to the administrator(s) of this website. It must be no easy task keeping us up to date with Kate Middletons outfits :)

    • Totally agree. I thought it was pitch perfect for the event, respectful and modest while still being beautiful and feminine. Fashion as diplomacy was definitely a theme of the tour.

      And I wanted to echo your praise for the admin. This tour was certainly a workout, great coverage!

  10. This poll was an easy choice for me; I die every time I see the Project D Penelope. (Well, “die” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I swear my mouth waters!) The fabric looks like it would feel heavenly and it showcases such a beautiful, unusual vintage print that is simultaneously quite on trend.

    The McQueen Broderie Anglaise suit is a close second for me, though I will never understand how the Duchess manages to wear white without spilling or staining. It is not a color that a mere mortal like myself can pull off.

    The Jenny Packham is lovely, though I wish the V-neck wouldn’t have been quite so deep. My complaint isn’t based on modesty; I just feel that the combination of the deep V with the cut of the waistline is not the most flattering. When I first saw these photographs, I immediately thought that the Duchess was expecting because of her fuller face, but after reflecting on their trip itinerary, I believe that may just have been the effect of jet lag. My face swells when I’m exhausted or when I fly: I would truly be a sight to see if I had to undergo the double combination which the Duchess did here. As much as I lament not being born a royal, I have to say that I would not relish smiling and trying to look fresh directly after a 14-hour flight.

    • PS. A question for the admin: can you explain your note about Kate tying her bow vertically on the Jaeger dress? Did she tie it differently than it appears in the photo from Jaeger’s website?

      • That’s a great question, I should have explained it better. :)
        In many of the photos you can see that the bow is vertical to the waist line, as opposed to being horizontal (probably flatter as well) as most waist bows are when pre-tied, or when left undone like Kate’s dress. Hopefully this makes sense, if not, let me know and I will try and dig up more photos that might better show what I’m trying to explain.

        • I thought that was just a lack of a stylist eyeball. I know it’s easier to tie a bow leaving it somewhat vertical. It’s also a look many are used to from tying off a trench coat too. It also might have been the effect of some fabric sizing used when the dress was pressed before she wore it – even maybe light starch that held it up and kept it from falling. Last minute oops on outfits don’t seem to be anything that Kate worries about. She wears it as it ‘falls’ and just pulls her smile brighter. It’s got to be horrible for anyone so under the world’s eyeballs as far as what your bow at your shirtwaist dress looks like. Will be interesting to see her wear this dress again next summer and what she does with the bow. I could see that dress being worn again without the self fabric tie and substitute a manufactured thin belt. But she might be pregnant by next season and not be able to fit into it! We might never see it again! It’s so fun to talk here about her looks. Thanks so much for bringing us this fun blog!

        • Hi Admin,
          Thanks! It took me a minute to understand (it’s a difficult thing to describe), but I completely get it now. Whenever I wear a dress with a bow in the back, it always ends up being vertical because somehow that just happens when I have to tie backwards. I can manage a horizontal bow on a piece that ties in the front, fortunately. I wonder if Kate tied the bow vertically intentionally, or if she was in a hurry? (In a hurry is not very likely, I’m sure)

          Details like these make this blog the BEST.

    • I both liked and did not like the Project D Penelope. When I saw her in it, I could not toss of how much it looked like a dress that Queen Eliz II wore in the 60′s. In the 60′s QEII looked older than her age because of the ‘housedress’ look that she wore so much when shift dresses were the style. It took QEII along time to move out of the fitted waist dressed into a more modern look. So I carry a lot of baggage to the plate in trying to always toss off the past and eval. Kate’s look sans all that.

  11. Same problem with these dresses as with the party frocks; Too many choices! I love so many of these dresses and I think that so many of these were perfect for the occasion. Alas though, only one may be voted for.

  12. Yes please, an accessories poll would be fun!

  13. Maybe do a hairstyle poll? She actually changed her a hair a lot on this trip…

  14. I’m finding it a little hard to choose items for these polls, since I wasn’t crazy about most of the outfits she wore on this trip. I picked the Gurung for the first poll — sleek silhouette, interesting, edgy print. As far as daytime outfits are concerned, I’m a dress person, but I genuinely thought the best she looked during the entire tour was in the casual separates in the rainforest. That outfit was simultaneously simple and sophisticated, two qualities that, in combination, always do it for me. I just can’t work up huge enthusiasm for frills and a lot of lace and/or embroidery, and most of the daytime looks I thought were simply uninteresting.

    If I had to pick a dress, it would be a choice between the pale-pink Packham and the navy Mulberry dress. Both offer nice lines, subtle and restrained femininity.

    • I completely agree with you about the rainforest ensemble. I also am not a huge fan of embroidery, and I only like lace when it is used sparingly (except in the instance of that blush McQueen… I’m not sure why, but that dress had me at hello!).

      • That McQueen worked because of the design’s elegant minimalism and the perfection of the fit. I liked it, too, and normally all that lace would have left me cold.

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