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Kate was in deep burgundy for today’s quick visit to London’s Middle Temple where she and William were meeting with law students.

Chris Jackson/PA Wire

The pair were not only meeting recipients of existing Scholarships memorializing HM, Princess Diana and the Queen Mother, today’s event also marked the launch of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge Scholarships. Prince William was made an an honorary barrister at Middle Temple in 2009.

PHOTO via Middle Temple Hall

More from the Middle Temple website.

He was not only called to the Bar to be made an honorary barrister, but also called to the Bench, the Inn’s governing body.

The Prince is the sixth member of the Royal Family to be called to the Bench as a Royal Bencher and follows in the footsteps of the Queen Mother and his mother Diana, Princess of Wales, called in 1988.

More from Conference News UK:

The event took place in the Prince’s Room which was renamed after Prince William was called to the bar.

Via Conference News UK

Kate’s separates are by Paule Ka, a French ready to wear brand founded by designer Serge Cajfinger.

Via The National (UAE)

More on Mr. Cajfinger’s design aesthetic from this story in The National:

“My favourite fashion decade is definitely the Fifties, for the style and the elegance,” Cajfinger tells Alexandria Gouveia. “The cinema of that time inspires me and my style. I like Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. Mad Men is very close to the Paule Ka fashion. I love it.”

A look at the label’s website:

Paule Ka

Below, three of the label’s Black Carpet pieces for this fall’s collection.

Paule Ka Black Carpet Fall 2012

For a complete list of Paule Ka boutiques, click here.

Kate’s double breasted jacket is a shorter cut with a shawl collar, two patch pockets, a slanted breast pocket and modified peplum detailing at the waist.

Chris Jackson/UK Press Association

We have not yet the skirt found online, With thanks to Anna, Carolyn and Andrea, a more detailed look at the skirt.

Paule Ka Skirt

On the Paule Ka Facebook page the color is referred to as ” Burgundi”. Underneath the jacket Kate wore a black lace or crochet-style top.

PA Wire

Many thanks to WKW Facebook friend Lurdes for helping us find additional images of the jacket. We believe the pieces date to at least the fall 2011 collection, My Small Obsessions‘ Annie N. thinks this is the same ensemble worn to last year’s pre-Christmas luncheon at Buckingham Palace December 19. (There were no official photos of that function, only fleeting images, some may be seen here.)

Kate accessorized with her black Episode ‘Angel’ heels, although Kate’s are black suede. (Past season & out of stock, a similar pair by Episode may be found here.)

Episode ‘Angel’ Shoe

The Duchess did not carry a bag today, but it did look like she was sporting a new pair of earrings. It was solid look in a lovely fall color, the jacket was very flattering, but the skirt seemed a trifle shorter than might be optimal for someone in Kate’s position.


One quick update, it turns out that Kate will be doing all of Wednesday’s events solo, William will attending the funeral of Olga Powell, the longtime nanny he and Harry shared growing up. More from the BBC:

The Duchess of Cambridge will visit Gateshead, Newcastle and Stockton as planned on Wednesday.

She will meet community groups and charity staff during her stay in the region.

For more on these events, Chronicle Live has a detailed article with times and a map of events.

Chronicle Live UK

We’ll see you tomorrow with a post on the couple’s visit to St. George’s Park for the official opening of the new football facility, a quick preview of the event via the Football Association:

The Royal Party will be accompanied by many special guests from the football and sporting world for the official opening of England’s new £100m training home.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is the Honourary President of The FA, will officially launch the new national facility after enjoying a tour of the site and meeting senior figures from The FA, local community figureheads and young grassroots players.



  61 Responses to “Kate Wears Paule Ka for Middle Temple Visit”

  1. Love the colour – like the outfit – it makes Kate look as young as she is!!

  2. hi again, looking t the second photo of the daily mail post it doesn’t look that the earrings could be the azuni ones, right?

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful posts. I have bought various items through them, including shoes, clothes and 10 of her earrings, including the kiki citrine drops and white topaz and diamond studs. Concerning the earrings of this outfit, which you correctly mention that one can not make out well, watching the video link (especially when she is sitting down to sign) you provided can it be that the earrings seem to have some kind of gold stud with drop stone in a colour that matches the outfit? Do you think it’s possible she is wearing: http://azuni.co.uk/collections/athena/disc-stud-earring-with-drop-stone in garnet colour? i.e. like the one she first wore in Tavalu but in different colour? Thank you in advance. Penelope

  4. beautiful! bellissima !

    I don’t share the opinion the hemline/skirt is too short: this outfit reminds me how considerate Kate was, while in SE Asia, of the culture around her.. she eschewed sleeveless and chose away from figure-hugging lines-

    now, she’s back on U.K. soil and.. “rockin’ it”! as they say, on this side of the pond (-:

    but rockin’-it as befits a young, brimming with life, future Queen.

    any hint of ‘going too far’ (up!), in my opinion, is more than offset by the opaque, black hose.

    YAY, Kate!

    • !
      a second post in the same thread..

      JUST IN CASE any criticisms/observations from this site ever, actually, get back to the Duchess (doubtful..?!)

      I want to re-iterate, underline, emphasize:

      imho, the skirt is DEFINITELY NOT too short!

      it’s hard not to look old in a suit!
      this look is SO NOT old..

      the cut of the skirt (terrific).. the black, opaque tights.. the rich, vibrant color..

      I think it’s one of my favorite looks on Kate ever!
      so there.. (-:

  5. she looks beautiful!!!

  6. Not a fan of the style and definitely think the skirt should have been longer. Teenybopper-short minis rarely flatter anyone, they make chubby legs look even more so and toned legs look spindly and wobbly. Love the color, goes great with her skin and hair but the cut and design falls flat for me. This color would have been great in a suit style like the one she wore to St. Andrew’s post-engagement and pre-wedding. Seems like there must be a stylist in the mix nowadays in some form or fashion. The outfits she recycles, that she likely chose on her own, are much more flattering and classic than many of her new looks, which appear to be chosen by a stylist, due to their marked difference from her earlier styles and choices.

  7. It’s a pretty jacket and a lovely colour on her, but the style and shape of the skirt are all wrong for me. I think the seaming on the skirt adds too much detail and confuses the outfit.

    The skirt is also too short for my liking, and Kate’s legs look quite bony at the knees once again, plus I’m depressed by the return of the dark tights and a sadly worn pair of shoes. I find the dark tights and short flared skirt are a shade juvenile and out of keeping with the distinguished legal context.

  8. Don’t care for the skirt — too short, too fluffy. Wish it had been a longer, perhaps more pencil-like skirt. Colour’s lovely though!

  9. I think this deep burgundy color goes well with Kate’s complexion, and I like the jacket. I don’t like this skirt with this jacket. I also think the skirt should be a couple inches longer. Maybe sheer black hose would have looked better.

    Not a fan of crochet, so the top is definitely a miss for me, but I also think there’s a mismatch in feeling between the suit and the top. The navy crochet top and white pleated skirt she wore in LA worked better as an outfit (although I still didn’t like that top . . .).

    Not a total miss, but also not one of Kate’s best looks.

  10. Not a fan of the style but the color really flattered her skin tone.. she should wear the color- not the style more often.

  11. Love the color of this suit but, like so many others, I don’t care for the length of the skirt. Kate seems to be “using up” an older suit. The skirt length is similar to the “Trooping” skirt she wore in 2011 and again to the garter ceremony this year. Hopefully, it is a look she will abandon in newer clothes, since it doesn’t become her. Letizia and Victoria are both short; Letizia is extremely short and often looks dwarfed next to her husband, so shorter shirts don’t make them look “leggy as they do the Duchess.

  12. I didn’t think the length of the skirt was a problem, especially since she wore it with the dark tights/hose. She is only 30, and this is a length I often see on ladies her age in the legal profession. The only problem I had with the skirt was the horizontal pleats—I just didnt care for them, and thought that a straight skirt would have been more flattering. The color of the ensemble, and the cute top underneath were both gorgeous in my opinion.

  13. I seem to be in the minority here but I’m fine with the skirt length for this indoor event. Had they been outside, it would be more affected by the wind. Kate is young, beautiful and wonderfully trim so she can wear things shorter. She’ll have plenty of time shen William is first in line to the throne, or actually sitting on the throne, to dress more sedately. All in all, Kate’s choices, in my opinion, been perfectly appropriate…..whether I personally like the outfit or not. In this case I like the outfit, especially the color. Much like the wine coat she wore at Christmas, this was beautiful and flattering.

  14. the black top was under her red coat at William passing the parage a few years ago when the queen and the middleton family was in attendance. forgive my very bad english

  15. As an academic and writer, I am quite concerned with correct grammar and punctuation. However, given that this is a fun and informal fashion discussion site, I really don’t think that we need to be worried about comma splices and other problems that we would correct in formal essays submitted to us by students.

    In other words, on this site, we don’t spend time presuming to correct the writing of the Admin or other participants. That is as it should be.

    • Lili, I appreciate your response.

      Had I known how to contact the site owner/Admin directly I would have done so. I commented because I truly delight in the classy writing style of this site.

      There is of course a difference between Admin’s posts and participants’.
      My own posts are informal and my punctuation could be improved! ;-)

      I perceive the tone of this site, ie Admin’s ongoing accounts, as highly dignified, especially non-gossipy :-)

      It was just the punctuation that occasionally slipped.

      Peace :-)

  16. Might the shortness of the skirt be more ‘fashion diplomacy’ as in “I’m not scared of you paparazzis!” ?

  17. I love the crochet top underneath the suit–how chic!


  18. I think wearing a French label after all the attention with the French media shows a rather mature side to Kate. I would guess that she at least has an idea of the impact her clothing choices make and bringing attention to a french label is very flattering but also diplomatic. Two thumbs up to her :)

  19. I do not like the skirt. The length would not have looked so wrong had it not flared out with the horizontal seams. A straight pencil skirt would have looked better even at the same length although I do believe that especially with her position it should be longer. The shoes that you posted do not appear to be the correct shoes. All of the pictures I have seen show what appear to be black suede shoes. They are not either polished leather or patent. They are matte.

    • Hi Mari, thank you for reading the blog *and* commenting. I should have noted in the post that Kate’s are black suede, I did in the original post where the shoes are identified, but not this one, I’m sorry. :)

      • No worries. I just noticed where you said that hers were of black suede. Personally, I prefer the suede finish to patent, although they are harder to keep clean and neat! Thank you for all of your posts! I love seeing what she is wearing and wishing I had her wardrobe (and the body to wear them as well as she does!!) I do wish she would wear more jewelry. Perhaps a tiara once in a while! Just so I could sit and stare at them.

  20. “Kate was in deep burgundy for today’s quick visit to London’s Middle Temple, she and William were meeting with law students.”

    You write so beautifully, and I love your research.
    May I therefore comment on punctuation.
    The above quote should be two sentences unless ‘where’ slipped through the net, in which case no comma.

    • Thank you for reading the blog *and* commenting! I am the first to say I have terrible punctuation challenges at times. (Really ghastly problems.) I made the change per your suggestion. :)

  21. Are you sure about the shoes ? they look like a matt suede to me, not a ‘shiny’ leather that you show in your picture of them

    • Hi LittleMo, thank you for reading the blog *and* commenting. I should have noted in the post that Kate’s are black suede, I did in the original post where the shoes are identified, but not this one, I’m sorry. :)

  22. Personally if I had legs like Kate, I’d wear shorter skirts. What is the point of having such shapely legs if they are covered by a long skirt?

    If there was a problem with the length then she would have been quietly told to lower her hems and she would have done so. The fact that she is seen with a short hem line means it’s ok with the Queen.

    I just love the colour of her suit, and I’d like a closer look at those ear rings!

  23. Such a nice couple! :) As much as I hate the skirt like everyone else, I enjoy seeing pictures when they both are present. And the wine/burgundy/brick whatever is a good color for Kate’s complexion.
    In the first picture kate reminds me of Katie Holmes. LOL

  24. I like the shorter skirt on Kate! I wish she would wear more of them; heck, I think we all wear shorter skirts. Also, love the color on her.

  25. Another one agreeing that the skirt is too short. I SO wish Kate would employ a stylist for opinion!

  26. I hate the skirt. Even if it was longer I’m not sure I’d be crazy about it. It just doesn’t seem to go with the jacket. I think she would have been better pairing it with a pencil skirt.

    On the plus side, the color is gorgeous and her hair looks extra shiny.

    • I think a slightly longer pencil skirt would have been nicer, but her clothing does have a girly aesthetic.

      I love the color of her hair as well!!! (And her clothing) :)

      • I’m not crazy about the Duchess in a pencil skirt; she has such a boyish figure and I think the pencil silhouette accentuates the slimness of her hips too much. For example, I thought the ensemble she wore to present awards at the Paralympics didn’t do much for her figure. (I know there is speculation about whether this is a pencil skirt or just a straight dress, but you can see what I mean. And, just another note, I obviously thought she looked appropriate in her role as ambassador, where the focus was more on the athletes and not on her clothes.)


        • I agree with you, AshleyOlivia. I noticed that The Duchess often choose full skirt to harmonize her silhouette and I think it’s a good choice. In this case I would prefer a longer skirt.

        • Wow, you’re right- I never really noticed it before. Perhaps I take it for granted because I am hourglass shaped. You’re right though, that straight pencil on her looks unflattering. Perhaps this does explain the A-lines and fluted shaped silhouettes. Good point!!! :)

        • The “military” McQueen outfit when they visited areas after the riots last year would be another good example of a pencil(ish) skirt where you can see it doesn’t do much for her figure.

    • I think the skirt is terrible too… regardless of length. The shape of it is not professional at all. A sheath dress under that jacket would have been a better option.

      The hair is super shiny as always, but I have to say its getting too long for my taste. About 4 inches off would do her some good.

      Also I feel it is strange she chose a French designer. Firstly, she is a member of the British royal family and this was an event within Great Britain. I really think she should always try to wear something by a British designer while doing events within GB. And secondly, the most recent association of her and France is not a good one, so I thought this was poor planning for the first event post-scandal.

    • Agreed, the length is too short. Longer would at least let her retain more of her style while still be accepting, but a pencil skirt would really do the trick. She tends to avoid those though and has a habit of going a bit short when she goes for business formal looks. At first this was somewhat understandable as shes never had to dress heself in that manner (I think her previously office jobs were all more casual atmospheres) but i would expect she’d realize by now that the length isn’t appropriate based on both how it likely rides up when sitting as well as how the rest of those around her are dressed.

    • Short or long the skirt ruins the great peplum line of the jacket, which is great. Love the color- it is almost cool enough in my neck of the woods to wear some of the same!

  27. This is a charming little suit, but there were some problems with the look. First, the skirt really did need to be a good two or three inches longer. It shouldn’t have been susceptible to being described as a “skater skirt,” but should rather have been long enough to allow the suit to look like professional wear — especially in this setting.

    I also object to the crocheted or lace, or whatever-it-is, top. In the first place, if you’re going to wear something like that, people will be curious about how it looks in its entirety and should be able to see more than just a bit of it. Second, the “peekaboo lace” look with the suit just doesn’t seem quite appropriate to me.

    I would have worn a thin black poloneck sweater (I wear these under many jackets in the fall and winter) with this suit or perhaps a black silk blouse.

    I’m not a huge fan of dark red/crimson and burgundy — I prefer my reds to be brighter, lighter, scarlet or berry shades — but the Duchess does wear the darker hues well. This color looks quite nice on her, I simply think she shouldn’t have gone with such a short skirt and should have accessorized better.

    • I had to Google “poloneck” (did you know they are referred to as “skivvies” in Australia? Who knew?), but upon seeing the style to which you were referring I completely agree. I am not a fan of the crochet lace top she is wearing underneath; it simply feels wrong and too summery. I chuckled when I read the “skater skirt” description, but *sigh* it is accurate considering the design and length of the skirt.

      I tend to avoid red in my wardrobe because I have such struggles with accessories. I don’t particularly like pairing red with black as it seems so severe, but there isn’t much else to pair with red… (Hint hint: If anyone has suggestions, this girl is willing to listen!)

      I do like the burgundy color of the suit, especially since burgundy is a big color for fall. Overall, this ensemble is a miss for me, which is a shame because it had so much potential. A slightly longer skirt and a poloneck sweater would have equaled perfection in my mind.

      Lili, I’d like to hear your thoughts about the black opaque tights with the black pumps. I’ve always thought the pairing looked juvenile (I had the same thought about the tights and pumps that she wore with the Zara frock to the Gary Barlow concert), but is there any other option when the weather gets cold and you need to wear pumps?

      • Skivvies? Good grief. Colloquial English certainly offers a variety of pitfalls in its various international versions!

        I don’t have a problem with red and black together — I don’t think the combination is too severe — but it can be leavened with white or cream. However, black and other dark colors — deep blue and green, for example — are really best with dark, rich reds.

        Lighter, brighter reds can be paired with other colors. Scarlet goes well with bright blues and greens, yellows, even intense pinks. Still, these combinations work best in warmer weather.

        As for black hose with black pumps, I think semi-sheer black hose worn with black pumps are fine in cold weather, but heavy, opaque, black tights are best worn with boots or by dancers. (In the US, of course, we use the word “tights” only to refer to the heavier item; the sheer or semi-sheer item is called “hose” or “pantyhose”.)

        • Thanks, all very helpful information! I am going to have to make a note of all these great color combinations ;)

          • Another combination I like is chocolate-brown semi-sheer hosiery worn with brown pumps. The two shades of brown don’t have to be exactly the same, but the shoes should never be lighter in color than the hose.

            You can also pair black pumps with black patterned hose; the pattern should be subtle.

            It used to be possible to buy hose — not sheer hose but not thick tights either — in various bright colors, and these could be fun worn with dark pumps. I once had a little suit in a tiny black and white check that I wore in the fall and winter with bright red hose and black suede pumps. I got a lot of positive reaction to that outfit.

            I haven’t seen colored hose like that in the stores in a while, but it may still be around.

    • Very well said! Also, I do not care for all the heavy black with the wine color….I just don’t like the two of those colors together and it seems very heavy looking, despite the shortness of the skirt. I do admire Kate and many of her fashion choices but the skirt is TOO short!

    • Agree completely with Lili. Well said.

  28. I am not a fan of this outfit, mostly because I do not think it matches with the event.

    I studied abroad in England this summer, and because the program was for American law students, I was lucky to go on a tour of Middle Temple, which included a lesson on the history of the temple and a lunch in the Great Hall (where the photos of Kate and Will were taken). Considering that the law profession is extremely conservative in dress, both in the US and the UK, I feel like the skirt was out of place.

    Being a law student with the dream of being a lawyer here in America, I know that being admitted to the Bar (or being called to the Bar as it is said in the UK) is a big deal. To be honest I find it a bit silly that they award honorary membership to people who have given them money, like they did with Will. The profession is a commitment, and it takes a lot of hard work to get there.

    • I hold a PhD and don’t object to honorary doctorates handed out by universities. It’s much the same thing.

    • Having practiced law for 20 years, I disagree that law is “extremely conservative”. In fact, showing up at the office in a standard to the knee navy skirt suit on a routine basis will provoke inquiries into whether one is switching career to banking. but perhaps that is because I practice in a jurisdiction where one wears robes to court, as is done in the UK, so a certain amount of individuality is desirable. I notice that the skirt of the suit is somewhat longer on the Duchess than on the model. If any of the young barristers in my office worn this suit as the Duchess has worn it (slightly longer than on the model and with black tights) no one would raise an eyebrow.

  29. Love the tiered skirt – but would like to see it just a tish longer. There is a bit too much black below that hemline. Lowering the hemline would balance the look out to perfection. Again, something a stylist would catch/advise on. She has long, beautiful legs – we all know that, and they would look just as lovely adding 1″ to the hemline.

    • Blazer was nice, not sure what was going on underneath though. Looked like a cheerleading skirt to me… not a fan. Her hair seems to be cut for someone who wears it parted in the center, meaning that when you part it to the side (like she does) it will be longer on one side than the other… rather strange.

  30. Hello! magazine also has some pictures from this visit. You may want to check their website, they always publish pictures of William and Catherine’s official outings.

  31. The suit looked cozy and warm. Love the autumn colour.

    • The skirt length seems perfectly fine. That is the length offered in her size. I sincerely doubt she hemmed it.

      And her skirt is much longer than other people in her position tend to wear (Letizia and Victoria, for example).

      • But, the Duchess is rather tall so it stands to reason that she needs to lengthen hems when she is wearing something ready-made instead of bespoke. I am short, and I always have to hem pants/skirts to avoid looking like I have aspirations of becoming a nun.

  32. When you look at the pictures from the Pre-Christmas luncheon, it is easy to see that the shell is the same, so I would assume the suit is the same too. I felt it was a bit short for the occasion and not my favorite of her outing suits at all!

  33. I agree that the skirt is a bit short.

    I loved the video of the event. Wills and Kate looked rested and lively.

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