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Kate brought back pieces we have seen before for her visit to St. George’s Park today with Prince William.

James Whatling/Corbis

The couple was on hand for the official opening of the Park, a spectacular new facility and campus for the Football Association.

The Football Association

Here you see Prince William with the England team.

England Football Association Facebook Page

The Duke and Duchess chat with Phil Jagielka, via Official Everton’s Instagram feed.

Everton Football Club Instagram

Located in Burton upon Trent, the facility is an enormous investment in the Football Association and its future. As part of the grand opening, William delivered a brief speech, some may recall he is President of the Football Association.

St. George’s Park Twitter Feed

More from today’s story in the Daily Mirror:

Wills also make a joke at his brother’s expense at the end of his speech to mark the opening of the new National Football Centre.

He said: “I feel tempted to cry God for Harry, England and St. George but I really don’t want to lower the tone by bringing my brother into it.”

Below, Kate and William in the training center, the Football Association website shares background:

Costing £105m and home to 24 representative England teams, St. George’s Park is a genuine haven of learning, training and self-improvement. It is the practical and spiritual home of FA Learning, the educational arm of The FA.

The Football Association

Kate selected the Reiss ‘Angel Fit and Flare’ coat, it is a piece from the fall 2010 collection, our thanks to WKW Facebook friend Therese McCloskey, she identified the piece for all of us.


Reiss verified the information on its Facebook page and also shared info about the belt Kate was wearing.

Reiss Facebook Page

A closer look at the belt, it was priced at £69, about $110 at today’s exchange rates.

Splash News

As you can see in the photo below, the coat collar can be worn up partially up and buttoned.

James Whatling/Corbis

The ‘Angel’ is a coat Kate has worn previously, many readers will recognize this image.

Ian Jones/Splash News

That is Christmas Day last year at Sandringham, Kate is seen on her way to a church service with Beatrice and Eugenie, we were unable to identify the coat at the time. Below, better product shots, they also show the collar in two different positions.


The knee length coat features wide, top-stitched lapels, front pockets, multiple gores, and a hidden front fastening. It is a blend, 80% wool and 20% polyamide.

The Angel was originally priced at £325 ($510 USD), but a Kate style blog reported last November the Duchess purchased the coat at one of her favorite shopping haunts:

REISS representatives confirmed that Kate purchased the “angel fit and flare coat” in fawn at their bicester village outlet store in October

Kate also brought back her Aquatalia boots, she is wearing what is now called the Rhumba.

Aquatalia/Splash News

The boots are weatherproofed stretch suede with a 3.4″ stacked heel (the platform is almost an inch, so the walking height is said to be 2.6″), they also have Aquatalia’s slip-resistant rubber sole. The Rhumba can be found at Bergdorf, as well as Neiman Marcus, at Nordstrom, along with Aquatalia, the price is $698 at all sites.

As an FYI, this boot was originally called the Rhumba, minor modifications were made to the style and the name of that boot was the Flinch, the style and name is now the Rhumba again. (Don’t ask. For more, click here.) By the way, there are a number of Aquatalia events at Nordstrom stores this month in the US, representatives will be on hand and there is also a free gift of some kind involved, click here for a schedule.

Underneath the coat Kate wore a print dress we haven’t previously seem, a small floral pattern on black. She carried her trusty black clutch. It’s possible today’s ensemble is a complete repeat of her Christmas look, she is also wearing the earrings many believe to be a gift from Prince William, first seen on Christmas. We show the image below from Kiki McDonough only so readers can see the green amethysts, these are not Kate’s earrings. (Technically known as prasiolite, or quartz.)

Splash News/Kiki McDonough

It was a solid look for Kate, well suited to the event with its inside and outside venues. We leave you with this photo of a plaque unveiling, via the Football Association’s gallery.

The Football Association



  34 Responses to “Kate In Christmas Day Ensemble for Football Park Opening”

  1. Looks really classy – love the look. LOVE the earrings.

  2. Smart coat – smart look.

  3. pure class!

  4. It’s a beautiful coat but I don’t like the way it’s worn here — I’m no fan of that buttoned-up-to-the-chin look, it seems a bit stuffy looking. The collar on the illustration looks wonderful when it’s simply left open.

    Also am no fan of the belted look — the coat has a lot of seaming detail and I find the belt unnecessary, especially in such a different material from the boots. I sometimes wonder whether Kate doesn’t enjoy choosing outfits or doesn’t want to spend time on them given that details like these are often overlooked and outfits can look almost carelessly put together.

    Roll on the move to KP and extra staff — and help with that wardrobe. I fear Kate’s style choices are too limited for the demands of her growing schedule. The important thing is that she always looks so well and the hair still shines!

  5. LOVE everything about this look. I love the coat with the collar done up.

  6. the belt looks very similar to the one Kate wore with the red coat, when she and William visited Denmark, last year, met up with Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark to promote the drought in Africa.

  7. I adore this type of a look for a number of reasons … RECYCLING – I love when she recycles ensembles and pieces from past events; BOOTS – I adore those Aquatalia boots, completely and totally, she could wear them with an evening gown and I’d still love them, there’s something down-to-earth and unfussy about them. Simple – this is the perfect understated and conservative look that’s entirely proper for someone in her position. She’s not some Hollywood famous-for-a-minute starlet, no flash and trash. This is just a perfect look. Classy and classic. And it’s so great to see William smiling and looking happy!!

  8. Oh. Mon. Dieux. Love this ensemble. Perfection.

  9. I like this coat. In the outdoors shot, she looks great. But I think when she’s indoors, it seems rather stiff, with the belt and the collar all the way up like that. I guess its tough to dress for both an outdoor & indoor event. I also don’t think this color does wonders for her complexion like the burgundy did yesterday. And I’ve never been crazy about the boots. Overall, its nice, but not one of my favorite looks.

  10. Just have to ask, where do you see a picture of the dress she has on under the coat? I haven’t spotted it in any of the pictures I’ve seen.

  11. I think the belt really elevates the look of the coat. I love the two ways the collar can be worn-how chic!


  12. I actually like the coat better without the belt. The ability to change the collar up or down really makes it a more versatile piece.Black boots look fine with it. and since they were on the playing field, boots are much more suitable than pumps would be.

  13. I want to take yesterday’s cheerleader/skater skirt and wear it to do a dance for this beautiful coat. I love the color, as I think the muted tone is actually quite attractive. My favorite design element is the versatile collar. I really gravitate toward pieces that can be worn different ways; they are such a nice investment for building an interesting closet. The belt doesn’t bother me, and I think the opaque tights work much better with these boots than yesterday’s pumps.

    Although I wouldn’t want to take this coat off either, I do wonder if she gets warm when she goes inside. Even if the temperature in the UK is already chilly enough for coats, wouldn’t the indoor heating preclude the need for a coat indoors?

    The Christmas photo was a nice flashback. Another stunning photo. Even in casual pics, the Duchess looks gorgeous.

  14. Usually I just roll my eyes when Prince William makes a joke, but his comment about his brother was actually pretty funny.

    I think she looks great and I think the belt-over-the-coat look is striking, but it must be so awkward once she’s inside. In her shoes, I would feel funny about undoing my belt in front of everyone.

  15. I’d have never thought to belt an outerwear item as Kate has done here (and previously in Denmark). It wouldn’t work on everyone (certainly not on me!) but I think it’s a great look on her. Very sleek and tailored. I like her taste in coats (and belts).

  16. I really miss her old hairdresser.

    Outfit looks great…LOVE the belt!

  17. I like the shape and the colour of this coat (it is a dull green on my monitor) but don’t love the collar. I do like it more as Kate has worn it than how it is in the photo of the coat on its own. The belt adds some interest without resorting to a HM-type brooch.

    I also like the boots as they are both practical and sufficiently “dress up” for the occasion. Personally I have no issue with Kate wearing boots when weather appropriate.

  18. I really like this outfit—so effortlessly chic. Love how she belts her coats to make them more interesting and flattering. I adore the boots.

  19. I don’t recall the Christmas Day post from last year including this coat. Could you send me or post a link in which it is discussed? I only ever saw pictures of the Aubergine coat.
    As always – wonderful job! Visiting this site is part of my daily ritual. Thanks for everything you do!

    • Didn’t the royal family go to church twice on Christmas day? I seem to recall the first time Kate wore the grey and then later when they walked where the crowd was, she had changed into the aubergine one.

      • Yes, there were two services. I didn’t include a photo of the aubergine coat, thinking a) it has been identified, and b) this is the piece being referenced in this post. In retrospect I probably should have referenced that in the copy and/or photos. Thank you for the comment and for reading! :)
        (For anyone seeking a quick link to the Christmas post, here you go: http://bit.ly/K812252011)

        • Thank you both for getting back to me! I must have forgotten that one picture of the coat on Christmas Day.
          Personally, I love the color of the coat and wish she had taken it off while she was inside. Then we could see this dress you speak of!

  20. It’s a pretty drab coat, but the way she’s buttoned the collar definitely adds interest, as does the belt. And she rocks the boots.

  21. I like Reiss coats; they always have interesting details. I own the Bally coat from a few seasons ago, knee-length with a high neck and a slightly flared skirt, in a soft, pale-fawn color. The Angel coat definitely appeals to me, and I like it worn with the belt. My one quibble is that the gray color is a bit dull.

    But I’ve no right to complain, really. Most of my coats are in neutral colors, black, dark-green, a dark, subdued plum. In fact, I’ve been eyeing the Reiss Reid coat in Amaranthe, simply because I think I might like a coat in a color that “pops” a bit more.

    I know there are people who groan when the Duchess trots out the black sueded boots, but I appreciate the look with a good coat, and the boots suit her.

  22. SO London/UK is already that cold? Wow…I simply love how Kate pulls off all her coats. Unlike most of the readers, I love the idea of belting over winter coat/jacket. She looks so sleek and demure.

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