Oct 112012

After a busy day in the North East Kate ended up spending some time out and about last night, heading to a Mayfair club with William.

Weir Photos / Splash News

The Duke and Duchess were at Loulou’s, an upscale nightspot in London. The private club only opened in July, it has rapidly become a very hot spot. Also on hand, Pippa Middleton, Princess Eugenie and other friends. More from the Daily Mail’s story:

They arrived unexpectedly – ‘Nobody knew they were coming and then at 10pm they were swept in through a back door. They stayed for about couple of hours,’ an insider told MailOnline.

Kate’s sister Pippa was also at the event, and was seen leaving with a friend in a taxi at around 2.30am after a night catching up with her sibling.

This is one of those rare occasions when I wish there were more photos available, I very much like the looks of the coat. The best we can share is that it is a dress coat with long sleeves, pocket detailing I can’t clearly see and a fringed or ruched/ruffled front placket.  It seems the buttons or snaps may be hidden, with possibly one large visible button at the throat. The image below has been treated in an attempt to better show some of the detailing, although it doesn’t appear the effort was very successful.

Weir Photos/Splash News

The dress seen underneath the coat is also black, many have suggested it is the same black dress worn under her aubergine coat on Christmas Day at Sandringham.

The piece has a draped tulip-style hem at the front. It is definitely not the Issa Black Silk short-sleeve frock worn for shopping just before her wedding, although that dress *has* been reissued, the hemline is different. Nor do I think it is the Reiss Lorna Wrap, shown below (no longer available).

Via ‘Dream of a Dress’

Kate’s dress appears to have ruching or gathers near the side seams, the Lorna doesn’t have that detailing.  Additionally, the overlapping portion of the hemline on her dress is more dramatically angled than that on either of the garments mentioned above.  Another suggestion is the Temperley Simonette, many believed Kate was in this dress on Christmas Day.

Temperley London

It is really difficult to tell given the limited photographs available. There is also a Simonette skirt, and the frock also came in cream, I am posting this one to better show the detailing.


The Duchess accessorized with her black suede clutch and black pumps.

Weir Photos/Splash News

We were not able to get a good look at her earrings. Should we learn anything more about the items under discussion we’ll update posthaste.

From what I have seen it was a sleek, classic look. The coat is especially appealing, the lines and minimal embellishment looked very elegant on Kate.


  • For a gallery with photos of the Loulou’s interiors, click here.
  • The Daily Mail story with more photos is here

  43 Responses to “Kate and William Visit Private Mayfair Club”

    • Hi Beth, thanks for reading *and* commenting! This auction is actually in tonight’s post, if I can ever get it uploaded, arrgghh! Thank you for sending it along! :)

  1. It’s Issa black dress with short sleeves and she wore this dress during her shopping trip last year, with brown old fashioned pumps.
    This one:

    And yes, it’s Issa, but another model.

    Good luck.

  2. Just one comment on the guesses that the Temperley Simonette was the one she wore to the Christmas service at Sandringham … that dress seems very light and sheer for as cold as it looked and as it must have been, both during the walk to and the service in the church that day!! Every member of the royal party was bundled up and it was clearly a cold day!! I’d guess a warmer dress may have been worn!!

  3. Love the dress and coat, but would look even better in a bright colour.(red?). Kate looks lovely in red.

  4. great look, the best of the week

    love the “simonette” in cream, it’s a piece I’d like the Duchess to wear

  5. On second thought, I had not seen the photo where she’s stepping with her right leg before I posted. I see what you mean about more tulip-shaped.

  6. I’m not so sure the Issa can be ruled out. I think I see what you are referring to about the hemline being different, in the photos of the dress alone the “wrap” portion seems to come too far left. But in looking back at photos of Kate wearing it on the shopping trip it hangs much closer to the middle as she walks.It also “gathers” as she walks in the same way this one does. Also the length is exactly right.

    • Judging by a picture I saw on another site, this dress is actually shorter than the Issa. Moreover, I’d argue, as I did regarding the Reiss dress, that the Issa is not necessarily dressy enough for an evening party.

      We may never know what this dress is. I suspect it’s the sort of dress she’s never going to trot out for any public engagements.

      • I was just catching up on the posts and I agree, Lili! She’s got tons of clothes, including those she wears for private events, dinners out, family events, etc. and that will never be glimpsed at public functions and I’d guess that’s what this dress is and possibly even the coat too.

    • Hmm, possibly. I saw another photo that made it clear the dress is quite short. Moreover, I think the Reiss dress wouldn’t have been quite “dressy” enough, though the other guests certainly ranged in terms of formality. The Reiss dress just strikes me as a day dress, not something to be worn to a party.

  7. Hi, Has anyone considered Katherine Hooker as the source of the coat. She does a lot of silk evening or day coats and Kate wore her grey coat before.

    • Could be Hooker — the Duchess owns at least three of her coats/jackets — though I haven’t seen Hooker use Chanel-style fringe as a trim. Her current coats don’t include anything like this, but who knows? A past collection could easily have done so.

  8. That structure of her coat reminds me very much of her blue Missoni one – the straight cut, the placement of the pockets, and the fringe around the neck and along the placket.

  9. Kate looks gorgeous in this — the outfit is sleek and sophisticated with no unnecessary accessories. It looks like a superb evening coat with that delightful ruffled/pleated front edge.

    Glad to see what look like a reasonably fresh pair of shoes – perhaps close friends and family qualify for an upgrade in the footwear department while Jo Public has to be more patient.

    She suits black very well and this is a grown-up classy outfit. Great stuff.

  10. Wasn’t the long strapless velvet McQueen dress she wore last year to the military award event black? It was stunningly spectacular without any embellishment.

    • Yes, although she did wear diamond and ruby jewelry with it. I think the relative plainness of the dress was partly intended to show off the jewelry.

      Moreover, the design itself was the statement. It looked like something out of a 1950′s glamour film.

  11. I am positive Kate’s wearing the Reiss dress you’ve posted a picture of. What appears to be ruching on the side of the dress is (I think) simply the way the fabric moves up on her leg while walking. The Temperley dress is much shorter, and black velvet usually looks darker than any other fabric on pictures
    I very much enjoy reading your site! Thank you for all your hard work!

    • I agree that it is the Reiss and that the side ruching is just the movement of the fabric. I wonder if the coat could be a Chanel piece?—-due to the fringe trim at the opening—looks like something Chanel might put on a coat/jacket. Love the shoes and bag. I am an admitted fan of “bling”, so to me this seems like a good time to break out the much-maligned necklace she wore for the Olympics visit (the one with the rings).

      • Given Karl’s unkind words directed towards Pippa I have my doubts that Kate would wear a Chanel coat. It is a beautiful coat regardless of the brand in my opinion!

  12. I agree. She loves black and knows she looks stunning wearing it, but avoids it for formal occasions.

  13. ok, yes, very elegant. she looks beautiful.

    BUT i really wish she had added a pop of color or pattern – colored shoes or purse, maybe. the satin orange purse the woman behind them is carrying would be nice for kate!

    pippa, on the other hand, too much going on! what was with the light brown short boots and purse when the rest of her outfit had black in it?

    • In the context, I really don’t think an orange purse — or some other bright color — was called for, not with that quite elegant coat. I also think that the outfit of the woman behind the Duchess, on the Daily Mail site, wasn’t particularly successful. The bag and shoes really didn’t work.

      It’s not necessary to be “matchy” with everything you wear. Brown shoes and boots do not exclude touches of black in the rest of your outfit. You can wear black and brown together.

  14. every girl needs a LBD

  15. I agree with other commenters that the all-black can look severe, but I’m hoping she may have had some color with a belt or even a statement necklace (even though that isn’t her style).


  16. Susan (or anyone else with the insight) can you please explain what characteristics make a coat a coat dress and not simply a long coat? To my uneducated eye I thought it was simply larger, fuller coats that are meant to be worn as is as an ensemble such as the Orla Kiely, however I’ve heard last nights coat and the aubergine coat referred to as a coat dress whereas I would think those are simply coats?

    • The Admin called this a “dress coat,” not a coatdress — that is, a coat meant to be worn over a dress or other clothes on a “dressy” occasion.

      A coatdress is simply a dress styled like a coat but not worn over anything besides underclothing. The Orla Kiely dresses you mentioned are perfect examples. Often, a coatdress buttons up the front or to the side like a coat, but of course it is not meant to be taken off when one goes indoors, because it’s not a coat, it’s a dress.

      Both this coat and the aubergine coat can be called “dress coats” but not “coatdresses”.

  17. I need to see more pictures of this coat before saying anything…

  18. (ooooh, that Temperley Simonette dress! the picture of it in white, detailing visible, is so, so pretty!

    see.. I’m even enjoying posts about what the Duchess is NOT wearing (-: !)

    • I agree. That is definitely not the Temperley dress. With how much of it is showing under the coat, more than one of the tiers should be visible. The Reiss dress seems like a better possibility to me.

  19. I love the look of this coat, with its fringe trim, and would like to get a much better view of it. (I do think it’s fringe rather than ruffling.) The various possibilities for the dress are all attractive.

    A nice, elegant, evening look for what was evidently a not-particularly-formal party.

  20. I have consciously refrained from buying any more black since I started following the Duchess’s fashion, since she so rarely wears black and often opts for navy or taupe instead. Personally, I just find that while black ensembles are slimming, they can also appear severe. Added to this, the current trends favor patterns, prints, and colors over all-black. (I just read an op-ed on HuffPost that LBDs are even out. The author said that even in a YSL LBD she felt like a member of the wait staff.)

    HOWEVER, you certainly can’t fault the Duchess here! These pieces look exquisite together, and I too wish we had more information about the garments. When one considers these pictures and the black ensemble from the wedding she attended in her pre-Royal days, it may be that the Duchess really likes black and only avoids it because of royal protocol.

    [But I'm still grateful that she got me out of black and introduced me to the world of navy and taupe!]

    • LBDs will NEVER be “out,” but every now and then, in an effort to persuade consumers to buy other things, the fashion world tries to promote other items and colors. You know the sort of thing: “Navy is the New Black!”

      I think the Duchess does like black — most of us do — and the rule that royals shouldn’t wear black except to funerals seems to have been relaxed, but someone in the public eye as much as the Duchess is needs to provide the public with more visual interest than black involves.

      • Agreed. I should have been clearer about the Huff Post article. The author was merely suggesting that the LBD should be left in the closet for a season or two, not that it was “out” in the sense of Acid wash jeans and gaucho pants. She also clearly seemed to be speaking from the perspective of a setting like New York or LA; where I live, no one has the time or money to follow the fashion trends as slavishly as she indicates. There are always a few LBDs at the gatherings I attend. (I also imagine her overarching point, LBDs are out, was deliberately hyperbolic in order to be provocative.

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