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Kate chose an ALICE by Temperley piece for today’s celebration at Buckingham Palace honoring Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic medalists.

John Stillwell/PA Wire

Above we show the Duchess chatting with Paralympic Swimmer Stephanie Millward, winner of multiple medals this summer. This has been a triumphant year for Great Britain on the Olympic front, hosting the hugely successful London 2012 Games.

Team GB’s triumph on the medal podium was another enormous accomplishment, bringing home 65 Olympic medals, 29 of them gold, and 120 ParalympicsGB medals, 39 of them gold. More on how the athletes handled those medals this evening from the Mirror:

The athletes arrived at the palace in their official Team GB formal wear of suits, which included a special inside pocket for their medals.

From the looks of things, some athletes chose to wear their medals outside the specially designed pockets, something that makes perfect sense to this observer.

A better view at the embellishment on Kate’s dress.

John Stillwell/PA Wire

It looks like this is a modified version of the ALICE by Temperley Esmeralda dress.

ALICE by Temperley Esmeralda

While the dress above has a number of different design elements, it is all one color, keeping it out of the “too busy” category.  The various horizontal lines that are defined, belled sleeves and tiered skirt are a few of these elements.

On the other hand, Kate’s frock features multiple colors and materials in addition to those design features, creating the impression there is an awful lot going on with the garment. Part of the squared neckline is sheer, as are the sleeves and the lower tier of the skirt. There is a bow at the front waist in another fabric that looks to be a black satin. The exquisite floral work on the sleeves and top is done in ivory bordered by gold, the gold a lovely nod to the medalists on hand.  On the embellished portion of the skirt it looks like a third color has been added, a dusky rose or soft pink. (Unless I am blind and the colors are a soft silver, gold and bronze, Kate has proven to be more-than-adept at adding subtle elements to pieces she wears that are a discreet nod to her surroundings or event.) One’s eye encounters a bit of busyness with this dress.

Kate kept accessories simple, wearing her black suede Jimmy Choo Cosmic pumps.

Jimmy Choo Cosmic Pump

She also wore the elegant diamond bracelet we have seen on several occasions and carried the unidentified black suede clutch.

John Stillwell/PA Wire

Many will recall Kate in her role as an official Ambassador; she attended multiple Olympic and Paralympic events this summer.

London 2012 / PA Wire

William and Harry were also Olympic Ambassadors, the Duke of Cambridge joined his wife for many events and also attended several with Prince Harry, before heading back to work in Anglesey.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Charles and Camilla were expected to attend the reception, but were forced to cancel because of bad weather; they needed to be on time for another function this evening, the gala premiere of the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. Below we see Her Majesty greeting guests.

Team GB

Tonight’s party saw the return of the Tweet Suite at Buckingham Palace.

British Monarchy Twitter

Several athletes took the opportunity to share their thoughts, including boxer Anthony Ogogo, a Bronze medalist.

Anthony Ogogo Twitter

Paralympic Gold Medal cyclist Sarah Storey also tweeted about the reception.

Sarah Storey Twitter

There will be another Olympic function at the Palace next spring, a garden party honoring volunteers, athletes and others who worked to make the Games such a success.

It looked like a wonderful party; Kate seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself. She clearly embraces her role, smiling as she spent time speaking with the women’s Team GB Hockey Team, visiting with other royals, chatting with Prime Minister David Cameron. As we have noted previously, my thoughts on what Kate wears matter not one whit, the only vote that counts is Kate’s, she was clearly in her element this evening, making the look a resounding success.


A few other tidbits we want to share, beginning with news about Pippa Middleton’s book, “Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.”

Penguin Books

The book goes on sale this Thursday, but it doesn’t appear Kate will be at the official launch event Thursday night.  More from CNN’s Max Foster via his Twitter feed:

Max Foster CNN Twitter

You can learn more about the book at Amazon, or our friend Carly’s Pippa Middleton blog, or by visiting the Facebook page set up for the book.


Our final morsel today is one we’re very excited to share, something we learned about yesterday.

TIME Twitter Feed

It turns out Time magazine selected What Kate Wore as one of its Best Blogs of 2012. Eek!

Time Magazine

Our thanks, to Harry McCracken for including us, you can see the List here, it makes for wonderful reading, regardless of WKW’s inclusion. We will be re-reading it once someone scrapes us off the floor! :)



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  1. Congrats on being included in the Best Blogs of 2012! That’s so exciting!

  2. Congratulations, WKW – love your blog :)

    Although I’m not wild about this dress, what really didn’t do it for me in particular was the neckline- way too much going on there.

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved. :)

  4. Boring and chaotic all in one

  5. Congratulations WKW! A much deserved honor from Time magazine.

    Kate’s dress is definitely not one of her best. Although I like the overall silhouette on Kate, there’s way too much going on here. The combination of all the flowers, the bow belt, and the awkward neckline makes me think there were too many cooks in the kitchen.

    Love the bracelet.

  6. Ohhh Graet.



  7. I am very disappointed that my earlier negative comment was not posted. So is this site reserved for only those who have mildly negative to gushingly fawning comments on Kate Middleton? And I disapproved of 5″ heels to visit with wheelchair athletes. I wonder if this comment will be approved. It doesn’t seem much like democratic, free speech to ban honest, observant comments.

    • Hello Arlie, and thank you for commenting. For future reference, your previous comment was not published because it had nothing to do with what Kate wore. The site was not established as a place to discuss topics reaching much beyond clothing, accessories and other things relevant to those matters. I have edited this comment to remove the references to Kate’s schedule, they are not germane to the mission of the site. As a rule I don’t have the inclination or time to edit comments, I did so in this case to offer a reminder about the blog mission. In all candor, this may not be the best site if you are interested in discussing/debating Kate’s schedule. And as has been previously stated, “free speech” means I am also free not to publish material that is not pertinent to the blog’s primary mission.

  8. This, unfortunately, does not do it for me at all! Very old ladyish with the lace-flower embellishments. Truely horrid fashion choice!

  9. Is anyone else amused by the misspelling of Anglesey in the CNN tweet?

    • I think this is one of those cases where Max chose to deliberately misspell it, he is one sharp cookie and though I have never asked, my own thought was he chose to mangle/mash it up with an emphasis on the ‘sea’ because of its location. (I really should ask him though!) :)

  10. Maybe the dress has too much precious flowers, but I think she can sometimes emphasise her role.

  11. Here’s hoping this comment goes through!! I’ve been trying since yesterday. ^_^

    Congratulations on making it to TIME’s top blogs of 2012, Susan! You certainly deserve it –my girlfriends and I always enjoy discussing Kate’s outfits, with your well-edited articles and well-selected pictures.

    As for the Duchess’ outfit … I’m sure Kate must be having fun trying new styles. While I do think this dress looks granny-ish, I can’t complain too much. I’ve been taken in by many a dress only to realise that they don’t present me in the best possible light. :) We learn!

  12. I hope Kate and William have some cerebral influence not fashion influence, more effort required .

  13. Congratulations on your mention!!

    Regarding the dress… it’s a hot mess and that’s all there is to it. It looks like a 5 year old’s dress made in a larger size. What was she thinking?!

  14. Saw this on TheOutnet.com (http://www.theoutnet.com/product/160634) and it immediately reminded me of Catherine’s dress, well as least the neckline and the sleeves.

  15. Dress is very stylish.

  16. Congrats on the Time mention – you deserve it!

    I honestly am not loving this dress either – I think it suits the occasion, but I really dislike dresses that have that kind of flower embellishment. The bell sleeves and skirt really don’t work, either. Also, there’s a bow as well? Ugh.

    That said, the DoC looks beautiful as always. =)

    Long time reader, first time commenter – I love this blog so much! Thank you a bit of royal fashion in my everyday!

  17. I loved this dress. Not only are the “gold, silver, and bronze (pink)” embellishments reflective of the occasion, I wouldn’t be surprised if the number of flowers (which are anchored by some sort of metallic bead or embellishment in the center) equals the number of medals won at the Olympics by Team GB. There were a lot, which might account for the busyness of the embroidery but I loved it anyway.

  18. Congratulations on being selected! You must be so proud!

    I’m not a fan of this dress, the original Esmeralda dress doesn’t do it for me either. It reminds me of ABBA. But hey, tastes differ, and I still think Kate looks elegant.

  19. This dress is just too ‘busy with too many elements to be classic and stylish…. One of Kates rare dress choices that I cant appreciate.

  20. I’m so proud of this blog! Congratulations! I’m glad TIME has agreed with us on what we’ve known all year long- this certainly IS one of the best maintained, organized, and focused blogs on the web. No easy feat in the year 2012!


  21. Congratulations on the Time honor – well deserved. I really look forward to your blog.

    A friend who works for Pippa’s publisher told me that Pippa is no longer able to do any publicity in the US for her book. Naturally, this is contrary to expectations and will hurt sales. Author publicity is built into the advance payment and is part of the marketing planned before a book is even signed.

    • Any explanation on why? And did that directive come from the Middletons, the Palace or from whom? Seems odd.

    • Just a friendly reminder to please stay on topic. WKW focuses on fashion, “the site was not established as a place to discuss topics reaching much beyond clothing, accessories and other things relevant to those matters”.

  22. I’d like to add my congratulations to everyone else’s. And I don’t like this dress either. It looks as if someone threw a lot of unrelated parts together. If Kate wanted a nod to the Olympics, she could have worn her Olympics necklace again, although not with this dress.

  23. Congratulations! Of course this is a well-deserved honor by Time. I found your blog after the closure of HRHDuchessKate blogspot (was actually directed to your blog by her) and have been so happy to continue following Kate’s activities & fashion on such a well written blog. Your photos are beautifully placed as well. Cheers!

    BTW, absolutely love this dress on Kate; it may be one of my favorites she’s worn!

  24. first of all, congrats for your mention, I agree that yours is one of the best blog about the duchess.
    I think her mise is striking, although a lttle bit too fussy – I like the original model best, but Kate is stunning as usual

  25. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition from TIME! I love the tone of your blog, very supportive and humanizing without giving an “A+” to every single garment. Thanks for your work here!

  26. Well, another disappointment. It really makes me sad, because as much as I like to comment on her hemline or eyeliner, her outfits seemed to fit the occasion and her style. However this past couple months we have agreed on ignoring her shoes, because they didn’t deserve the attention, now the general opinion seems to shift into the ‘at least she looks like she is having fun’ category.

    I like her style, it used to be so much fun to follow her choices. Remember the lavender McQueen gown or the Reiss or Issa dresses? They were sophisticated, elegant and she wasn’t upstaging anyone. This Temperly chaos? Is anything but elegant or sophisticated.

    • – well said! Agree with you that the fun is going out of following the Duchess’s fashion choices, and that it is scraping the barrel to say at least she looks like she’s enjoying herself.

  27. Congratulations on the honor received for the blog. Well deserved!

    Regarding the dress – I am not a fan but it might be one of those outfits that does not photography well – it is much nicer looking when one views it personally. It is the rare person who will have a fashion hit 100% of the time. The embellishments were a lovely nod to the medals won by the athletes.

  28. Oh dear this dress does not do it for me – and she has committed the classic fashion faux pas of a black bra and straps – she should have worn nude underwear as Joan Collins would advise you to! Not sure about the shoes either a bit too WAG for a Duchess?

    Huge congrats on the Time award – very well deserved!

    • I thought the black strap show-through was a classic fashion faux pas, and seems to odd in a way, I mean she’s been around long enough to know the basics, hasn’t she? Very puzzling.

      • I really dislike the exposed bra strap look also but it seems quite the trend among female celebrities. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker’s portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City? She was always wearing things with the bra showing. Same for a lot of soap opera celebrities. IMO it is a very tacky look. I’m sure Kate was not purposely adopting that look. I’m surprised she went with it.

    • Actually, if you look closely….I think the black straps are attached to a camisole, which is often part of the dress. I have several dresses like that, as well as see-through blouses which bring the camisole as part of the outfit. Her dress at the top is transparent, which would explain the black straps.

  29. There aren’t many of her outfits that I DON’T like.. but this is bad. I think if she had stuck with black embellishments (and I understand her nod to the medalists with silver and gold) then the dress would have looked so much nicer and not so 90s (which, let’s admit, was a bad time for all of us). Stylist or none, someone should have said something to her. Nonetheless, I remain ever faithful to her and her style!

    P.S. Congratulations on the award! It is very well-deserved!

  30. Congratulations on the TIME recognition!!! It is so very well deserved. I thoroughly enjoy this blog and all of the hard work you put into it to make it colorful, informative, and fun! Hip, hip, hooray, WKW!!!

  31. Congratulations! Your blog is so informative and such a high standard that you deserve every accolade going. Well done.

    As for the dress. Hmmm. As Shakespeare would have put it: it likes me not. Frumpy and fussy and not Kate at all. What’s she doing? Oh well, I like the Jimmy Choos and the bracelet. Glad she gets to wear it and I don’t.

  32. I’ve been looking at pics of Kate doing formal wear before her engagement. I know the circumstances were different but after the engagement was announced, not too much so! And she dressed appropriately, chic and for her age every time. There was never a miss. I’m wondering if we’re seeing the hand of a stylist or fashion adviser (remember that Diana had stylists from Vogue advising her while she was PoW) in the mix for some of these Palace events. Even though it’s Temperley, this dress just doesn’t seem Kate’s style at all, which is usually sleek, subdued and conservative yet very stylish. Any thoughts?

    • If a stylist was involved, he or she made a poor choice in my opinion. And I’ve commented before that stylists might well put the Duchess in clothes that are not really to her tastes, don’t suit her, and don’t come off well.

      I think she’s better off choosing her own clothes, but whoever picked this dress, it was a mistake.

      Diana actually wasn’t well served by the Vogue editors and other staffers who helped her out during the first years of her marriage. They put her in clothes that were often much too old for her. When she chose herself, she often picked clothes that were too young (polka dots, ruffles, whites tights, etc.) Eventually, by the 90′s, she developed good taste and instincts of her own, but for a long while, her wardrobe definitely had its problems.

    • I find myself wondering if it isn’t the exact opposite — not that she has a stylist but that she hasn’t and keeps trying to add her own amendments in these bespoke versions, and I don’t think it works.

      I agree with you about ne’er a miss before she got into the royal fold but with a life increasingly behind palace doors, plus the horrendous press intrusion, I’d have thought she was exposed to a great deal less of general street wisdom. Then of course she has all the mass of diplomatic considerations which come in to everything.

      I thought it took Di a while to establish a style, and she also went a bit over-fussy to start with. But the Walker creations she eventually adopted used so many clean lines and clear colours I’d have said she was helped by having style advice rather than not.

      I’d have thought Catherine seriously needs a dresser, I don’t believe anyone could have enough of their own ideas to accommodate the number of engagements she will eventually face. On top of which Catherine needs some basic input on the matter of underpinnings, re skirt upblows, and this time, wandering shoulder straps spoiling the already fussy shoulder embellishments. She could also really use someone to find her some fresh pairs of shoes!

      I do still admire how Catherine is able to carry on looking so involved and happy about her engagements, and if she’s just been through a cruel time vis-a-vis the press and & all that, maybe she’s been knocked a bit off course and it’s showing through in her outfits. I’d agree with you that it is all a bit of a puzzle, given how sure her outfit choices seemed at the outset.

      • I think the underpinnings with this dress are probably owed to Alice Temperley. I also think, as I’ve commented before, that the Duchess been weighting her skirts since her marriage. However, very light fabrics can and do blow up regardless of weights, unless you use something so heavy that it causes problems with the fall of the hem.

        I thought the Catherine Walker dresses Diana wore in her 20′s were among those items that were too old for her. Later, Walker’s designs suited her better. However, to cite an example, that famous “Elvis” dress was worn by Diana when she was only 28. It looked like something that belonged on a 40-year-old in Las Vegas. I remember really shuddering when I saw it. If stylists chose that and some other evening dresses Diana wore in the 80′s, then they really DIDN’T serve her well.”

        Then there was that horrific white and gold military-style suit. That was a Walker, too, from 1987 or so.

        • The source of designer or hypothetical hem weights are imaterial; these are elementary blunders which a second pair of eyes and a dose of common sense could avert.

          Diana was known for studying her press clippings and so evolved a highly photogenic style. Whatever one may think of individual outfits they were unquestionably memorable images. Moreover, her style has ensured Diana is better remembered for what she did manage to wear, rather than for what was discarded or absent

        • The source of designer or hypothetical hem weights are immaterial: these are elementary blunders which a second pair of eyes and a dose of common sense could avoid.

          Diana was known to study her press cuttings and evolved a highly photogenic style. Whatever one may think of individual outfits they were unqestionably memorable images. Moreover, her outfits ensured Diana was better remembered for what she actually wore rather than what was absent or out of place.

          • oops…gremlins..

          • I’m afraid I disagree. The sources are entirely “material,” and if you think she has no “second eyes” scrutinizing her choices, then you must think that she functions in a rather peculiar vacuum. Given the staff and all of the designers (and their staffs) who have provided custom versions of their clothes, she has second, third, fourth, and fifth eyes with which she is working. That is quite obvious.

            As for the black straps of the underpinnings, apropos of something you said elsewhere, some people oddly think that’s quite fashionable. I don’t, but as a former model in touch with people who work as stylists, I have to tell you that many of them wouldn’t blink at an eye at the look. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t think much of stylists. I’ve seen too much of their handiwork, and it’s not necessarily any better — and is often far worse — than the choices made by people who do not use stylists. That a stylist might solve all ills is, in my experience, unlikely.

  33. Congrats on the honor and very well deserved!
    While the blog is definitely well done every time, can’t say the same for Kate’s ensemble for the Team GB event. The dress is – well, someone said that to say it’s ‘busy’ is being kind and I agree. Too overdone, too much detailing, too fussy and those platforms are just trashy looking, I don’t care what the price or who the designer is! I like the ‘Esmeralda’ dress that’s been shown as the prototype for this bespoke piece and the original dress looks very nice, appropriate yet chic. I do hope Kate won’t lean toward more bespoke pieces over just choosing from the High Street racks. The bespoke pieces we’ve seen have tended to look old-ladyish, frumpy and/or way overdone and fussy. But, again, congrats on the blog honor!!

  34. I love the shape of this dress—very flattering to Catherine’s figure and proportion. I also quite like the embroidery—this was a cocktail reception, and it looks like a cocktail dress to me, so I found it very appropriate. The only thing I didn’t like was the neckline—I wish the embroidery would have been straight accross instead of that curve upward, and I believe the entire look would have been better if the there was no sheer part between the embroidery and the lining/slip—that kind of threw the entire thing off for me. Love the makeup, hair and shoes—and as a fan of bling, the bracelet is great!

  35. Congrats on the blog award! WKW is one of my top favorites. Professional, yet fun! Always filled with lovely photos and interesting links to additional info. The format is simple and easy to follow. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  36. CONGRATULATIONS! I love your blog! You do a great job! Keep up the good work!

  37. Congratulations on being named one of TIME magazine’s top 25 blogs of 2012 — so well deserved! You can’t imagine what a delight it is to know that after the Duchess of Cambridge has completed a visit, I can look forward to reading “all the news that’s fit to print” here at WKW. A big shout-out to your amazing behind-the-scenes experts on all that is Kate–your “spy” network rivals Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

    As for the dress, well, it was pretty busy wasn’t it? Huge envy for that stunning bracelet … my my my.

    Looking forward to much more WKW — thank you for all your inspired hard work.

  38. You write beautifully as always.
    Love the line “one’s eye encounters a bit of busyness with this dress”.
    Sums it up as always. You must have the memory of an elephant too.
    Great read, great blog, congratulations on your recent recognition.

  39. I have a nightgown that looks just like this… not my idea of “chic” for a cocktail party though…

  40. CONGRATULATIONS to you !!!!
    you have not only made a current, enjoyable site for ‘Kate’s fashions’.. but you have created an “online tone” of dignity– no politics. no impolitic remarks (! ‘gossip’). thank you for all the respectful FUN!

    .. and yes, I see the ‘busyness’– though the embroidery is beautiful. maybe tinier flowers would have been the happy medium?

    everyone looks like they had a terrific time! YAY, beaming Kate!

  41. This dress is stunning!!!! Good choice!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on TIME!!! That’s a HUGE deal!!!!

  42. i don’t like her dress much it made her look older than her age,,but she’s still stunning…And of course i can’t get enough of the hug pic.. oh by the way congratulations!!…

  43. Congratulations on your inclusion in Time’s top 25 blogs! Wow! What an honor and how well deserved–I love this blog!
    This dress doesn’t seem modern to me but I do love the bracelet and shoes!


  44. This dress is not for me. I think it is the sleeves that are really off-putting (Esmeralda is an apt name) as well as the overall silhouette. It does stray into busy territory, but I’m not a fan of the original without the embellishing either. BUT… it has an endearing quality, and I have flipped through the Daily Mail’s photo gallery about 5 times at different points this evening after having the thought, “Am I sure I don’t like this dress?”. I frequently have this response to Temperley dresses. Temperley dresses have an element of fantasy that is very compelling, but my aesthetic appreciation can only go so far; at the end of the day I just prefer designs that are more mature.

    On to the positives. I’d die for those shoes, the Duchess’s makeup gets an A++, and the straight blow-out is a refreshing departure from the voluminous style she usually favors.

    I’d say this was Catherine taking a risk. I’m happy to see her trying new things :)

  45. It seems as though Kate is not wearing pantyhose. Is she breaking from protocol? (She certainly can’t be using the excessive heat as an excuse, which, presumably, was the case when she was in the South Pacific.). Any insight into this?

  46. Ps. congratulations WKW for being recognized as one of the year’s top 25 blogs–you deserve it!!

  47. The shape of this dress is very flattering on Kate. I think the embroidery on the sleeves and hem would have been fine if the bodice had been kept simple–plain black and with the lovely square neckline which I think would be very flattering on Kate. But I really dislike the present neckline–that sheer bit between where the embroidery stops and where the scoop neck of the slip/underdress starts looks random, like these pieces weren’t designed to go together. I like a slightly boho look on Kate, but this was a bit of a miss.

    I noticed that both Kate and Eugenie were in black like the athletes, while the Queen was in white. I think Kate is very careful to wear colours that won’t bring her too much attention when the Queen is present.

  48. Oh my goodness she’s human. This is the first outfit she has worn in 2 years that I have not liked. I think I’m going to let this one slide as she has a pretty tremendous track record for looking utterly amazing. I’m surprised she is not attending Pippa’s book launch. They are so close I’m not sure what could be more important. Also love that the Bond premiere was a more important engagement for Charles and Camilla than the Team GB reception.

    • I suspect that the Duchess has decided not to attend her sister’s book launch because she doesn’t want to appear as if she is using her position to garner financial gain for family members. I doubt it is the result of scheduling difficulties. Of course, I think the close bond between the sisters should rule out any of the allegations I’m suggesting, but the Duchess really does need to be cognizant of the way the media can spin things detrimentally. I’m sure she wishes she could be there to support her sister.

      • Her presence would also distract attention from the author, who is, after all, supposed to be the central figure at this launch.

  49. Fabulous article, as always! Thank you!

  50. Wow Susan, Huge Congratulations on making the list of Time’s 25 Best Blogs for 2012 :-) Am betting you didn’t have making this list top of mind when you started the blog… You really do an amazingly great job that is very much appreciated! Cheers, J xox

  51. Ah, just finished reading. A big honor for Susan and the admin crew on this site, indeed. You totally deserve the credit! Keep up the good work!

  52. It suits the event and occasion I guess but I really don’t like it, on Kate or on anyone….it looks so matronly.

    • Yes it’s very matronly and reminds me of what a 75 year old woman might wear on New Year’s Eve … in Las Vegas.

  53. At first I didn’t care for today’s look, but as I look at more images it’s growing on me. In person, I’m sure that the embroidery was beautiful.

    It seems so odd that the royals, particularly Her Majesty, carry handbags in their own home.

    Congratulations Susan on the honor from TIME! You do such a wonderful job.

    • Agree about the handbag comment. I realize that Buckingham Palace is much larger than my home so the private rooms are certainly further away, however, it does seem unusual that the women carry their handbags in their own home. Maybe its just a way to have something to do with their hands, although I’d think shaking hands with guests would fulfill that need. I know the Queen has always done this but it seems odd that Catherine does also.

      Not sure why but I just don’t care for this dress.

    • A handbag can add a finishing touch to an outfit. If I had Catherine’s collection of fabulous handbags, I would be tempted to carry one in each hand at all times!

      The Queen’s ever-present black satchel is a different story. I’ve read before that the Queen sends silent signals to her staff by holding her handbag a certain way, which is very 007 and particularly apt considering the Opening Ceremony at the Olympics… Wasn’t the black handbag in tow for the jump from the plane?

    • I agree and while I understand the tactic behind the Queen carrying a handbag in her own home (as a way to signal to palace staff that she’s finished talking to a guest or wants to leave), at events like this it seems completely unnecessary for Kate to be holding one. If the excuse is it gives her something to do with her hands while conversing, she seems very capable of knowing what to do with her hands when making conversation with someone. At this event as at so many others, the clutch just looks extremely awkward and out of place.

    • well, it be entirely accurate, the palace isn’t Kate’s home.

  54. Not a fan of this dress – way too much going on. I don’t like the flounce at the elbow, and the embroidery at the hemline is unnecessary and actually takes away from the more beautiful detailing at the neck area. And then you add the bow, and the visible strap of her slip… I think “overdone” is the right word for this look.

    But on the plus side, her makeup looks better than usual!

  55. Congratulations on the Time magazine award! It is well-deserved. Brava!

  56. Not a fan of this look. Separately, the elements work. I like the dress as a solid color and I like the floral detailing. But together, not so much. It would have been better if the satiny belt and was gone. The bow at the front doesn’t go with the floral detailing. It just looks messy and overdone.

  57. Congrats on your honor by Time. That’s wonderful!

  58. Yikes! This is the sort of overdone Temperley design I really don’t like: lots of embroidery, AND ruffles, AND a bow! Much too busy and frou-frou for my tastes, though I recognize the quality of the workmanship.

    I had hoped the Duchess would return to her sleek, minimalist approach to dressing after the Asia/Pacific tour, and she did appear to be heading back in that direction. Alas, this dress can best be described by a Yiddish word that my husband’s older relatives used to use in reference to overembellished wedding dresses: ongepotchket.

    I don’t really think this dress was quite the thing for an event honoring athletes. Something sleeker and simpler would have done better.

    Congratulations on the designation as a “Best Blog”. I do think this blog is particularly well done, both in terms of design and content.

  59. I’m afraid I can’t join in with praise for this dress, it looks a complete mess to me, even ugly. The details and styling are all over the place — to call it “busy” is putting it kindly. It looks more like the result of a child raiding her mother’s closet for dressing up.

    I fear the style-vacuum that is royal life is draining the duchess of any remaining fashion-savvy.

    However, would like to add warmest congrats to Susan for Time blog award — a well-deserved accolade for much hard work!

    • …and that bracelet is way too complicated on top of all the other detail.. and there are black underslip straps visible under the sheer top — yeeeughh!! — in some of the gallery pics on the web links.

      Enough — time for my bedtime cocoa I think!

  60. I hate this ugly aging outfit on this beautiful girl.

  61. Congratulations on your Time honor! You deserve it so much, Susan! xo

  62. Kate looks absolutely beautiful. So classy and sweet.

  63. Time Magazine – sweet.

  64. I love this outfit. She looks very classy. Well done Duchess. Well done indeed.

  65. A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to whatkatewore.com for your Time magazine award!!! As a follower of Kate and her choices of fashion, I find your website to be ‘top notch’ as it can always be counted on for correct and timely photo’s and information. Thank you for all the hard work that MUST go into something like this!
    Not caring for today’s dress on Kate – too busy and too much outside the zone of what she usually wears.
    MUST comment on the Queen’s ‘understatement’ of jewels today/tonight – it’s like she’s taking a que from Kate that ‘less is more’ and I like it very much. Sometimes she is too overdone with a necklace, pin and earrings…

  66. I like the DoC’s outfit at tonight’s event. It’s nice and totally appropriate, but it doesn’t wow me. I’m not saying that as a slam – Kate knows this isn’t an event about her, so once again she’s picked out an appropriate outfit that doesn’t take the focus away from the guests of honor. Well done!

    Is it just me, or does her hair seem a bit lighter these days?

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