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Kate brought back the Temperley ‘Amoret’ gown for tonight’s Saint Andrews gala in London.

Steve Finn/Splash News

The gala was at Middle Temple Hall, held to support the University’s 600th Anniversary Campaign, of which the William is Patron.  CNN’s David Wilkinson shared these images on Twitter of Kate and William speaking with guests.

David Wilkinson/CNN

The dress showcases exquisite French lace. Kate accessorized with her poppy this evening.


The dress remains available at Temperley,

Weir/Weir Photos/Splash News

The dress is crafted of sheer lace is also highlighted by the scalloped and eyelash-trimmed plunge front, cuffs and hem, keyhole back, and detachable blush silk slip liner.

Temperley London

There is also a removable satin bow belt and a concealed zip fastening on the back of the dress. This image gives you a better look at the McQueen Box Clutch and a peek at that belt.

Splash News

We previously saw the Alexander McQueen box clutch for the Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant in June, you can see how the skull clasp was removed and replaced by three rhinestones in the photo on the far right.


The Duchess also brought back her black suede Jimmy Choo Cosmic heels.

Jimmy Choo Cosmic

My Small Obsessions has more on Kate’s poppy here.

The couple’s ties to the University run deep, it is where they first met and where their degrees are from. Many will recall the Duke and Duchess visiting Saint Andrews to officially launch the fundraising effort back in February, 2011.

University of Saint Andrews 600th Website

The fundraising effort runs through next year, as of this writing it looks like more than £32,000,000 has been raised.

University of Saint Andrews

(For the February 2011 appearance Kate wore a Luisa Spagnoli dress and jacket, and her Aquatalia Rhumba boots.) One of the first wedding gifts Kate and William received was from the University, a scholarship in their name; applications for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge scholarship just opened November 1st.

During his remarks this evening William shared how he feels about the University, as seen in this Tweet from Richard Palmer of the Express:

Richard Palmer/Daily Express


Many may have heard that Kate was out and about with Pippa yesterday, royal pooch Lupo was also with the ladies for the Burlington Bazaar, held at Mayfair’s upscale Burlington Arcade shopping area.

Ormiston Children & Families Trust

Proceeds from the Christmas Bazaar go to the Ormiston Children and Families Trust, located in East Anglia. Below we see photos of Kate and Lupo (left), Pippa is is seen in the image on the right, our thanks to Thomas Lyte for sharing these on Twitter.

Thomas Lyte Twitter

More from the Ormiston website:

Ormiston Children & Families Trust, along with its president Lady Tollemache and Executive Committee, hosted a Winter shopping bazaar at the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, London, giving those in and around the capital the chance to shop for some exclusive presents in the run up to Christmas.

There to pick out the finest gifts were none other than Pippa Middleton and sister Kate as well as Princess Beatrice.

Below we see Princess Beatrice at the event.


You can see professional photos of Kate and Pippa here at PopSugar, or here in the Daily Mail’s story.

Many will have recognized Kate was in the Darwin Jacket from LK Bennett.

LK Bennett ‘Darwin’ Jacket

She was initially seen wearing it in December of last year and it quickly sold put, LK Bennett then decided to reissue the piece. Many think Kate was also wearing the Zipkin Boot by Stuart Weitzman,

A few other tidbits of interest:

  • The East Anglia Children’s Hospice, of which Kate is Patron, has crafted a lovely music video incorporating photos with the words from a letter Kate sent the group, click here to watch the video on YouTube.

    EACH East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

  • A reminder that William and Kate will join HM and other royals at Sunday’s Remembrance Day event.


  40 Responses to “Kate Brings Back Temperley for Saint Andrews Gala, William Thanks University For “Woman He Loves””

  1. I still don’t like the dress. it still looks like some old curtains. BUT I am happy for the couple being together and happy with each other. :)

  2. I like this Temperley gown, so I’m glad to see it again. The poppy is a lovely touch of color.

    I don’t like the McQueen bag with this gown though. It’s too bright a red and too modern-looking. For me, there’s a clash in tone with the lace. The darker red of the poppy looks better against the black.

    Yes, it’s her hair and she should wear it as she pleases, etc., but an updo or half-updo would have been an improvement here. I wish she would consider the neckline more often.

  3. Being November I am sure it must have been cold that day. Wonder how the Duchess can manage the cold with the lacy sleeves? Can someone enlighten? Or does she just brave the cold for a few minutes before entering the well-heated hall?

  4. She looks great as usual and expected fromher, but her hair needs something. It looks too much, she has hair all over her shoulders… A trim and a chic do would look really nice. A do does not have to be old fashioned and aging after all…

  5. Her gown is exquisite!

  6. The Temperley dress is sooo beautiful and so fited for Kate ! but need a very nice (no need for a sophisticated one) hair do
    The red clutch is very nice too, the colour is well “seasonally” chosed but the style … does not match with the lace dress. In my opinion.
    I think she wears her Anoushka pearls.

    • You wrote my thoughts! My favourite dress but a nice up do would have done a far bigger difference for this 2nd time than any accessories…and that red clutch doesn ´ t work for me, seems to me in a too strong contrast with the lace, as well in colour as in material.
      I am bored by her predicable hairstyle , especially in black or white tie events. I always thought that some kind of hair do is necessary there as a part of the dress code/ etiquette to distinguish the importance of the occassion for you from a normal daytime appearance.(or vice versa, if you spend all your days in a ponytail, than is perfectly acceptable to let your hair down and curl it for a bigger occasion..but this is still the same still the same :-/ I cannot get it because she has such a beautiful profile and facilas and as she is towering people still needs to put this loos hair behind her ears which doesn ´ t look good. Rolemodel in hairwork: CP Mary :-)

      • No, there’s no British/royal etiquette rule that you are required to wear some sort of “hair do” to distinguish types of appearances from one another. If there were such a rule, it would become rather tedious. People with short hair would have a real problem.

        She thinks her hair is her best feature, and in many ways it is. She likes to show it off, she thinks she looks best with it down. That’s quite clear. I wish she’d cut off a few inches, among other things, but it’s her hair, and she should do what she likes with it. She doesn’t need to kowtow to the fashion mavens or stylists on the subject.

        I rather imagine that her husband loves her long hair, too.

      • Mia, exactly.
        if I had not read the title I would have thought that it was the same pics taken a year ago.

      • You know, we’ve had so many discussions about the Duchess’s hair on this blog… Is it styled well? Does the style suit the garment/occasion? Is she covering that scar by her temple? And then there are the admissions of jealousy for those long flowing locks (my personal fave was when someone on here christened her ‘Princess Shineylocks’). This is an aspect on which I honest to goodness wish we had the Duchess’s opinion. I wonder why she chooses to wear her hair up when she does. I don’t think it has to do with the formality of the event. After all, she wore her hair down for her own wedding as well as a number of the Diamond Jubilee Events. I’m not even convinced that she considers whether the garment’s neckline requires an up-do when preparing for an event (case in point, her hair was down when she wore the Matthew Williamson frock with the heavily embellished neckline to the African Cats film premiere). The Singapore trip showed us she doesn’t consider high humidity as requiring an up-do. What is it that actually does prompt her to think, “Hmm. I believe I will wear my hair up today!”? (and subsequently thrill all the WKW blog followers…)

    • I agree with you: the red clutch and the brooch are too bold for that delicate black and nude dress, and the dress itself calls for an updo (or at least a demi chignon). Despite that, I ‘m glad to see this dress again, and hope Kate will soon wear again the lovely Spagnoli ensamble

  7. I love this dress, especially all the intricate details. There is certainly quite a bit going on with this dress: the lace, the feathering at the neck, the ribbon at the waist, the seam detailing (or whatever the term is) on the bottom half of the gown. However, I think these details are all understated and work, unlike the Alice by Temperley frock from two weeks ago that most of us judged to be, in colloquial terms, a hot mess.

    The Duchess looks stunning, but I believe that this would be a look that requires a very specific body type to pull off. One would have to be straight and slim with boyish hips, or the seam detailing on the lower half of the dress would look quite vulgar. I suppose it’s just as well that I can’t afford this dress ;) Now those Jimmy Choos, however, would look great on any woman with or without prominent hips… And I’m slightly salivating. At 5’1″, I’m a sucker for a platform heel.

    I love the McQueen clutch, but not with this dress. That’s just my own personal opinion, though; I’m on the record for not liking “pop of color” accessories and I realize that the fashion gods (whomever they may be) don’t have a problem with it.

    The Duchess seems to wear the LK Bennett Darwin quite frequently; it seems to be her go-to coat for non-official outings. I love that she has recognizably favorite pieces!

  8. Kate is beautiful, but her busy lace dress is simply dreadful. Honestly I don’t know what’s gotten into our duchess. She used to have a clean and chic, modern style. But lately, all her evening clothes have been overembellished, chock-a-block with beading and lace, like something you’d see on an octagenerian on holiday — in Dubai. Catherine, your Royal Highness, here’s a bit of advice: “Less is More.”

  9. The duchess looks lovely as always, and I find this gown to be very figure-flattering. I think that is the reason for the seaming that seems to be throwing some people off—it is an optical illusion to create a shape that she may not have. The red poppy and clutch are a beautiful touch, and I think this overall look is a hit. My only negative is that I didnt love the earrings she wore this time (pearl drops) and wish she would have worn the ones she wore the first time she wore this gown—or perhaps a lovely pair of ruby ones to go with the poppy and clutch. As for red shoes, I am afraid it might have chopped up the look—the black shoes blended in and were more streamlined.

  10. Hey everybody!
    Maybe someone of you can help me?
    In the picture from the Ormiston Children & Families Trust: Which bag is the woman (standing on the right of Princess Beatrice) wearing?

  11. I love this dress! Not too fond of the combination of red and black though, I think it’s too strong.

    There seem to be a few mistakes on the page (LK Bennett dresses instead of coat and a tweet which is overlapping some text). But I still very much enjoyed reading the article!

  12. This is one of my favorite dresses of Kate’s. Don’t like the plasticky shiny red clutch with it, but I understand its appearance based color (matches red poppy). I like the color of it, not the material.

    Kate looks even MORE lovely than she did when this dress was first debuted… I don’t know how she did it, I thought the first time was one of her best showings. This one tops that in my opinion. Just lovely (makeup, hair, je ne sais quoi)!

  13. It’s fun to see Jenny Packha coming to JC Penney, however, I wish she’d have a line of dresses rather than picture frames and other accessories. It’s nice to hear William so openly talking about his love for Catherine.

  14. Kate looks lovely in this dress, as she did previously, but like for others, this is not a personal favorite. I am sure the seaming is throwing me off this one, although it is likely not nearly as prominent without the light of a thousands flashbulbs. I was happy to see her carry the red clutch. I’ve always felt Kate is a little too conservative in the manner which she accessorizes, so it was nice to see her carrying something other than the predictable black clutch.

  15. I would love to see colorful shoes on Kate every once in a while. This was the perfect opportunity for red pumps! You can only barely see her shoes under that dress anyway; why not have a little fun?

    • I agree about the red shoes! And honestly, I love her dress… but the red clutch looks weird to me. I just really loved the Pretty Ballerinas clutch with this dress…. the black velvety McQueen dress would have looked amazing with the red accessories!
      I really just wish I had her wardrobe. How much fun would getting dressed every morning be??

  16. i’m not wild about this dress. she wears it well, but i think it’s a bit old for her. i love her hair–how does it look so amazing even in the rain?!

  17. I bought my poppies (yes, in all sizes, but it’s for a good cause) last year, and love wearing them. I still donate to the Legion boxes, btw. (I support both Canadian and British legions.)

    This is probably the gown I would have least liked to see Kate wear again, but she still looks lovely.

  18. The red bag with the red poppy is a lovely touch.

  19. she is so freaking gorgeous. wow.

  20. The EACH video is precious – thank you for this link (as well as ALL of the links). HRH the DoC is using her energy and name in positive ways and even from afar, I appreciate her convictions – on so many levels. Well done, Catherine!

  21. I’m enjoying the lace on this gown much more on its second showing, the shape of the whole garment is flattering, but I still find the seaming incomprehensible, even disfiguring at the front — it falls so awkwardly on Kate. It could easily be the effect of flash photography and perhaps not so pronounced seen first-hand.

    I’m not too sure about the clutch either — I like the bag but the colour seems a bit gauche with the elegant dress. Not sure why so many of the ladies are wearing black, and I think the lace overlay is a good way of keeping the heaviness of the colour at bay.

    And her hair looks really strange to me — it seems much too full especially round the face and the curls too pronounced.

    Thanks for a great post, though!

  22. This dress is way too fantastic to be worn only once and then stuck back in a closet–so glad to see it again! And I like how her purse matches her poppy–too cute :)

  23. I’m SO excited to see this dress again! I just love it on her. The remarks William made are wonderful. Thanks for your hard work!

  24. I love this dress:) I was surprised she didn’t wear something new, but the dress is so expensive, I would certainly wear it more than once! Whatever the reason, she looks just as beautiful as the first time:)

  25. The white haired woman in the picture of her talking to guests seems to be wearing a top made with the same lace pattern!

  26. I think this is one of her prettiest, most flattering dresses. I’m glad to see it again.

  27. Not my favorite of her evening dresses, but she does wear it about as well as could be expected.

    I do like that red box clutch. I’ve been trying to find one much like it in gold satin, but you’d better believe I won’t be buying McQueen!

    • My thoughts exactly. To be honest, it’s too funereal for my tastes. It looks fine – and she definitely wears it well – but it’s not my favorite look.

      I’m just curious – does anyone know if Kate’s recycled a dress for a high-profile event before? It seems that she recycles for smaller events, but tends to pull out new outfits for bigger events.

      And AWWWWW, my cold withered heart totally melted when Will talked about Kate at that speech. I really do like them together!

      • She is not a stranger to recycling for high profile events. For example, she wore the primrose pink Emilia Wickstead coat dress for the Sovereign’s Royal Lunch and the Buckingham Palace Garden party, which was a mere two weeks later. However, she most frequently recycles clothing at weddings (or she borrows something from her mother’s closet, such as the red Collette Dinnigan), a smart move which keeps the focus on the bride.

        Hear, hear to shopping your closet!

  28. Very nice, as always! Thank you.

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