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Below we see the couple on their way to catch the train to Cambridge Station.

Jesal Parshotam / Splash News

The “Welcome to Cambridge” message was visible everywhere, including the Cambridge News newspaper, our thanks to CNN’s David Wilkinson for sharing this photo.

David Wilkinson, CNN (@Wilkinson_David)

The drizzle falling when the pair arrived in Cambridge didn’t seem to bother either the Duke or Duchess, this picture comes via the Cambridge News Instagram feed.

Huge crowds greeted the pair wherever they went, despite the wind, cloudy skies and occasional rain.

Max Foster CNN Twitter (@MaxFosterCNN)

The Telegraph has more:

After making the 48-minute journey from London on a scheduled train, the Duke and Duchess were greeted on the platform of the station by the Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, who joked that they had come to “claim” the city and county.

Shortly after arriving they made an appearance on the balcony of the local Guildhall, WKW Facebook friend Joanne Baldwin shared a photo via her Twitter feed.

Jo Baldwin Twitter Feed

Joanne also had the pleasure of speaking with Kate, her conversation has become quite the buzz, more from Rebecca English’s story in the Daily Mail.

Spectator Joanne Baldwin, 30, spoke to the Duchess during the couple’s walkabout. ‘I told her I loved her new hair style,’ she said.

‘She said: “I’m not sure about it. It’s a bit windy today.” I said don’t worry, it looks lovely.’

Jo also shared these photos of the visit, she let us know that on the left we’re seeing Kate just before Jo spoke with her, on the right, immediately after, Kate is holding flowers that Jo gave her.

Kind Courtesy of Joanne Baldwin

Another balcony view, this one via Rob Ellis, he shared the photo on Twitter.

Rob Ellis Twitter Feed

Another generous WKW Facebook friend, Sarah Campbell, was also in Cambridge and she shared these pictures.

Kind Courtesy Sarah Campbell, WKW Facebook

Another look from Sarah.

Kind Courtesy Sarah Campbell

It seemed everywhere William and Kate turned more locals wanted to meet them.

LiviaLily Instagram

Many waited a long time to see Kate and William.

SM / Splash News

The Cambridge News provided stellar coverage throughout the day. In addition to the work of their own staff, they asked readers to post photos from the visit on the paper’s Facebook page, and there are some treasures. Below we see photos posted by Daniel Almondo (left) and Jon Chiffin (right).

Cambridge News Facebook/Daniel Almondo (L) and Jon Chiffin (R)

After the Guildhall the pair moved on to the University of Cambridge for a reception.

Cambridge University Flickr

William also delivered remarks, more from Cambridge News:

He said: “This is a day Catherine and I have looked forward to for a very long time, 18 months, in fact, ever since my grandmother, The Queen, on the morning of our wedding bestowed on us the name of this great city.

Cambridge University

The podium also offered another chance for William to have a little fun:

He said: “It’s not the first time I’ve been here. My brother Harry and I were fortunate enough to come to Cambridge five years ago, when we spent a couple of days at Trinity.”

“I have to say it’s the closest Harry’s ever got to university.”

As for lunch, William, Kate and several others visited a local pub, the Fort Saint George.

Cambridge News

More from Cambridge News:

“He just wanted to sit down for a nice pub lunch with his wife away from all the cameras. They said they enjoyed it and even came back for seconds.”

The special guests ate salmon, tuna and beef sandwiches, a platter of mini burgers, chips and fresh fruit, washed down with soft drinks.

Kate and William then visited Jimmy’s, a homeless shelter, and The Manor School. The couple wrapped up their day’s official engagements at Peterborough City Hospital, below we see Kate arriving at the facility.

James Whatling / Splash News

Kate was given another bouquet as she headed into the Hospital.

Heart Cambridgeshire Radio Twitter Feed (@HeartCambs)

As mentioned, Kate wore a coat by MaxMara Studio, the “Belli” style.

Splash News/Max Mara Studio

The piece features a funnel neck, hidden buttons, pick stitching and on-seam front pockets.

Max Mara Studio/House of Fraser

The Belli was stocked by House of Fraser (now out of stock), technically the color is called pink.

House of Fraser

The piece is a blend, 50% wool, 50% cashmere. Originally it sold for £980 (approximately $1550) but was marked down to£784. The Italian-based luxury label verified Kate was wearing the Belli on its Facebook page.

Max Mara Facebook

Max Mara is an ideal label for the Duchess: its sophisticated lines, attention to tailoring and lack of fussy accents make it perfect for someone with Kate’s style aesthetic. Below, a few images from the Max Mara Studio fall campaign.

Max Mara

Other brands under the Max Mara umbrella include a sportswear line, accessories, bridal and other extensions.

We haven’t yet determined who made the frock Kate was wearing underneath the coat, as soon as we do know we’ll update the post. In the interim, here are two closeups of the print on the dress.

Splash News

It appears to be a lighter weight fabric, likely a chiffon or similar weave and weight.

Kate accessorized with her trusty Aquatalia Rouge booties, now known as the “Royal”.

Splash News

Kate’s are a dark brown suede, a material that is very difficult to find now, we show that version lower right (below), Aquatalia does not offer the brown suede (they do have black & red suede) Bergdorf has it in very limited sizing ($425), Nordstrom has it in both the black and espresso brown leather, it is $398. The newer version everyone is offering is seen on the left.

Bergdorf Goodman/Aquatalia

The Duchess also carried her Natasha clutch in brown suede by Emmy.

Emmy ‘Natasha’ Clutch

She also had on her Kiki McDonough Grace studs again.

Kiki McDonough ‘Grace’ Earrings

This was an outstanding ensemble for Kate, the coat was elegant and understated. While many are not fond of the short booties, I think they add a touch of youthful exuberance to the overall look, a touch of something that seems “very Kate”.

James Whatling/Splash News

One final note, a reminder how truly daunting the role can be:

Cambridge News UK Facebook Page

We’ll see you Friday as Kate returns to her prep school, St. Andrews Pangbourne.


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  81 Responses to “Kate Wears MaxMara for Historic Cambridge Visit”

  1. I saw these exact same ‘ Ruby Dry ‘ankle boots in Russell & Bromley yesterday!

  2. Knowing what we know now, I’m guessing that the upside-down bow was a case of pregnancy brain. She still looks wonderful, and I think that the bow incident is very endearing. Honestly, she could wear Lady Gaga’s wardrobe and I would probably still love it.

  3. I think the dress is McQ Alexander McQueen Rose Petal Dress: (new season)

  4. I’m usually not a fan of her make-up, but I love her make-up here. Looks wonderfully natural and glowy.

  5. I thought she looked beautiful. I love the pink and brown, and I liked the glimpse of the dress we got! Ankle boots are normally not my favorite, but she has the legs for them! Like it’s been mentioned, I think it’s a slightly more modern and youthful look which I was happy to see after the green Mulberry dress the other night, which I don’t really care for. Also, I thought her hair looked great even with all the wind!

  6. Bangs like she sported in her pre-wedding days, scuffied up boots from previous year, upside down belt- (how cute is that)- I just find her absolutely CHARMING. I love the coat from today, and the dress is seemingly a departure from what we’ve seen her wear in her role as Duchess however I like this and feel it adds a little “je ne sais quoi”. (The departure being the print, not the material). Not so predictable, is she?!

    Will not speculate on a potential pregnancy but will say her face appears slightly fuller and if for nothing other than being healthy, I think she looks fabulous! <3

    Thank you as always WKW for a fabulous post!

    • So I wasn’t the only one who noticed her upside down belt! I agree, it makes her seem so human. Maybe she is like the rest of us after all!

  7. I love that in the first photo of this post, Kate’s protection office is carrying Kate’s Longchamp bag! In the photo of Will and Kate leaving the pub, you can see Kate is carrying it. There are days I’d love to have someone carry my purse for me!

  8. I was happy to see them do lunch at a locally owned pub instead of a fancy restaurant. It shows they can connct with the people in their ……duchy? dukedom? Forgive this yank for not knowing. Anyway, she looked great. William caused a sensation accepting the baby romper, and I sure hope Harry isn’t too mad about the university comment.

    Great blog. WKW is one of my daily web checks.

  9. I THINK KATE IS PREGNANT! and not because of the rumors i just seriously think her face looks much fuller than usual, and she seems to have an overall more tired/pale look than usual. Maybe she deliberately got this haircut to take attention away from her body so everyone should focus on her hair? Just a thought. I personally dont see all that much difference between the hairstyles. Yes, one look is bangs and one isnt but its a pretty soft cut even for bangs and i dont think it is so drastic… i like both!

    I think that although the coat is a nice and a pretty color, but its not one of my favorites/ When i think of Kate all those years ago the first look that comes to mind is the white coat with the black buttons! Its not bad i just think the length and the overall looseness kind of doesnt show her figure the best it could. It is a gorgeous coat though and i love the brown accesories. (Though her tights could honestly have been more opaque IMO)

    And i agree with others that her boots are notciably scuffed- not like she cant afford a new pair! cute boots though im usually not one for medium heel height and usually go for taller vs. shorter boots, i think these go great with the outfit and she kind of makes me want them! They sell them in Nordstom…. hmmmmm ;)

    • Ooh, I loved that white coat with black buttons. Wish I could find something similar.

    • I think opaque tights are on their way out, except for dancers. Sheer and patterned tights seem to be the leg-wear of choice these days. (For example, check out the tights on the models in the Max Mara advertisement included on this post.)

    • I agree–I said the same thing after the pictures of the trip to the rugby match. Something about her skin tone reminded me of the early months of my pregnancies.

      Time will tell.

    • I agree! I said the same thing in the comments about the visit to the rugby game. To me, it was something about her skin tone and face that reminded me of the early months of my pregnancies–feeling quest but having to work through it.

      Time will certainly tell!

    • Nah! Not pregnant. Just too many solid English pub lunches :D

  10. Kate always wears the most beautiful coats.

  11. The pattern of her dress looks like the pattern of my H&M scarf…

  12. I adore this look. I love the peek of the print dress below the coat (though I know many aren’t fans!), and though I normally dislike ankle boots, I think they work well here! And as I said on the last post, loving the fringe. :-)

  13. Hi, may I know what bag kate is carrying in the first picture of this link: ? Your response is much appreciated! Thanks.

    • It’s Longchamp. If you look at the first photo in the WKW post, you can see Kate’s protection officer carrying her bag in the background. It’s a Le Pilage bag by Longchamp. Personally, I have a few of these bags and they are wonderful!

  14. I know that the dress is also from MaxMara. Simply perfect!!!

  15. I like the belt upside down. Isn’t it possible that Kate did that deliberately? To make a statement?

    • I dont think so- Kate doesnt seem like a statement kind of gal. It looks accidental to me.

    • An inverted bow also appeared on the yellow Jaeger dress during the Singapore tour… She could have a preference for inverted bows or just been rushed!

  16. I love this look for HRH. The coat is lovely, and I like your point about the boots. they do add a touch of youthfulness.

  17. Don’t like the coat – needs to be more tailored. The Duchess does need a shorter hairstyle – if she is going to carry on all her engagements – she can’t keep pushing it away from her face.

  18. I love this coat – read where it’s really pink – but in the photos I have seen it looks light beige. I adore these boots and how perfect the colors balance with her dark hair and then the dark tights with these boots against the lighter coat. She knows how to dress for photos it seems. If she wore a dark coat and dark tights/boots she would have faded away in all these shots. Odd she did not take the coat off when photoed indoors. Maybe her dress really was too light weight for this time of season. Just great that they made it to Cambridge now more than 1 yr after they became Duke and Duchess of. I don’t really understand how that all works being from the states…guess they don’t have any responsibilities to Cambridgeshire? I need to look up how that all works.

    • No, today, the titles don’t carry any substantive responsibilities; they are merely symbolic. There was a time, however, when the holder of such a title was genuinely responsible for administration and defense of a given region and for raising military forces from among its male residents when the monarch required them.

  19. I dont really like the coat for some reason. I prefer her bespoke well fitted dress coats that she has worn on many official occasions. This looks too much like an off the rack coat and it looks like it has a defect at the hem, the lining is pulling the bottom of the coat up at the back.

    • She has only one bespoke (custom-made) coat that I know of: the aubergine coat first seen at Christmas last year. Her others were not made especially for her, no matter how expensive. Counting down from the top, can you tell me in which photo you see a problem with the back? Because I’m not seeing it.

      • She had Emilia Wickstead make a bespoke dress coat for her:

        And many other coats and dresses are inspired of a designer collection but custom fitted on her like the red Alexander Mcqueen dress she wore on the boat for the diamond jubilee and the pink Emilia Wickstead dress coat that both we sold 3/4 sleeves and made long sleeve for her so that prove that it was made for her and her only.

        As for the defect on the coat, if you look at the picture Splash News/Max Mara Studio where there is a picture of her next to the picture of the coat from Max Mara, you can see her hem is no as clean as the one showed from the company. It’s as if the lining is to short of the tread is to tight and it makes the fabric warp and the front opens. The sleeves also don’t fit right on her.

        Problem with mass produced cloths is that sometimes you get the run of the litter and I think its the case with this coat. The design and the construction are not quite qualified as fine. But the fabric is perfect.

        • Well, the yellow Wickstead was a coatdress — a dress with coat styling — not a “dress coat,” since it wasn’t worn over anything else, so I repeat that I know of no other custom-designed coat besides the aubergine item.

          I’d add that simply tweaking a design that is otherwise made available to everyone else is not quite, in my view, the same as a “bespoke” design. That pink Wickstead dress, for example, was the same design shown in Wickstead’s runway show. The McQueen really just had long sleeves added to a design from 2011. However, different people may have different views of what constitutes a “bespoke” design.

  20. I think she looks young & beautiful. Just a night & day difference from the matronly green dress of yesterday. And I, too, think the booties are just *perfect* for that youthful look.
    I don’t mind the length of the dress being slightly longer, but maybe that’s because we are always wondering “what is she wearing under it?” Today we got a big clue! ha ha!
    Great job as ALWAYS, WKW. I remember in the days of Diana scouring magazines and news reports to see what she was wearing or doing, and now all I have to do is click on your FB page! <3

  21. I thought Kate looked wonderful yesterday. Everyone keeps complaining about her boots – I personaly like them. The only problem, they looked a little scuffed up.

  22. Loving the outfit and I agree with the other who say the boots and the hemline give it an edge. People complain all the time about how she dresses too old for her age, then she mixes it up a bit and they don’t like it when it’s not to their liking. You just can’t please some people. Clearly, she liked it otherwise she wouldn’t have worn it.

    She’s going to experiment and try new things as she gets used to this life in the public eye. Cut her some slack. She has to find her own groove and she has the additional issue of being compared to her deceased mother in law on a regular basis. How can anyone compete with that?

    • Agreed. We all need to cut Kate some slack. Sometimes her outfits are perfect, and other times they aren’t. But Kate is a beautiful young women, and people are thrilled to meet her and enjoy seeing her photos, regardless of what she’s wearing.

  23. I too saw other pictures of yesterday on another website that were not becoming at all. Her outfit looks much better in these pictures! However, I can’t get over the boots. They make her look short. I can’t help but think that the brown heels from St. Patrick’s day would look nicer than the (worn) boots. Though, I love the coat (upside down bow and all) and whatever dress is underneath. Her haircut is growing on me too!

    Thanks again for everything!

  24. Kate seems to be a disciple of the poet Robert Herrick “a sweet disorder in the dress kindles in clothes a wantonness” only in Kate’s case, sloppiness would seem to be the word. It may be fashionable in Vogue to show a dangling hem but on Kate, it just looks messy. I love the coat but agree that it would have looked better longer so it didn’t flare show much (and show the hem) and had the sleek lines shown on the model. Love the brown tights with it, brown and pale pink are a great combination.

  25. I really like the idea of this outfit. The coat itself is gorgeous and I like the pattern on the dress, however I think a sheath dress would have looked much nicer with the cut of the coat. She really likes the hidden buttons and the visible stitching, doesn’t she? Ankle boots look great on the Duchess but this peticular one is ready to go. It looks rather worn and scuffed especially when you look at the pictures of the new pairs. I also think boots with a lower ankle line and more delicate heels would look much better with the softness of the coat.

  26. Thank you so much for these photos. From the photos I saw on another site, I was really disappointed with this look. However, THESE photos show how lovely and fresh and happy she actually looked. She is so pretty! ‘

    My only issue with the boots is that they are starting to look really scuffed. And, yes, what is up with the upside down bow belt? I guess she is human after all!

    • Too funny – I looked at a bunch of photos yesterday and only today did it dawn in me the bow was upside down! Odd that she would not have her ‘shooties’ as we call these ankle boots where I live cleaned up spick and span. They could even be over-died. I think it was good to wear a boot since the weather was very iffy – they might have been in a total down-pour and something tells me if it had done that – they were ready to go out and do the walk about – their public was waiting and had expected this visit for a long time. The boots would have been really needed more so than they were with just the damp ground if it had been big puddles they had to wade through and there is no way if it was pouring that her legs would have looked any different than they do if mud and all had splashed up on her. I think this was a good call to wear the boots – but agree she needs to keep them up. Maybe it means they don’t hold up all that well – and for that kind of money you expect to get good wear out of something!

    • Her boots did look a bit scuffy, but I own the same ones in black and they are kind of fragile. :( I have to keep them in the box and be careful where I wear them. And she has had hers for years! I actually take a bit of comfort out of the fact that something she owns isn’t still pristine… no matter what I do my older stuff looks well, old.

      I liked her outfit. And I LOVE her hair.

  27. Love this look! Simple but elegant and very modern.

    • Totall agree that this is a simple yet elegant look, which is made more modern by the boots. I have these exact boots, and they are both warm and comfortable—I could stand in them for hours, so I am sure that is another part of the reason Kate loves them so much. I actually have them in brown and black suede, as well as the smooth black leather.
      The pinkish-cream coat is so gorgeous, and looks lovely with the brown dress and accessories. This is the style and cut of coat that Kate should be wearing all the time—it really suits her figure and body type.

  28. Great post and thank you.

    Small point. Kings Cross is an area of central London and a main railway station. William and Catherine would have driven there from Kensington Palace.

  29. Susan, that Cambridge University Flicker photo is stunning! Great post!

  30. I’m a Duchess fan, but in my opinion, her outfits are getting worse all the time and the new hair style doesn’t help.

  31. I must admit, I loved her outfit and styling (minus the upside down belt!). Normally I don’t like ankle boots, but I think you made a great point, Susan– they absolutely add a youthful feel.

    Thanks again for your excellent dedication to this blog, Susan!

  32. I’ve been wondering howcome Catherinen wears coat indoors? For example in reception picture. Is it is a British thing, a royal thing or just convience? It’s pretty coat but for me it would be weird to be outwear when I’m staying a longer time inside

    • It’s not a “British” thing, but if she’s going to be indoors for a relatively brief reception or other event, she doesn’t need to take her coat off. I certainly don’t take my coats off every time I enter a building, only if I’m really going to be there for a while, sitting down for a conversation or two, etc.

    • Yes, but I’d say she has been especially reluctant to take her coat off indoors at events. For example, when she made her solo visits to Stockton and Newcastle there are photos of her playing a game indoors with the children while still wearing the aubergine coat. ( Further, while I understand the logic of not taking off your coat if you are only going to be inside for a moment or two, are any of her visits really that short?

      Ah well, another mystery. Perhaps she is just extremely cold-blooded?

  33. as always, i love kate’s look of wearing coats with belts (it inspired one of my recent blog posts). i really don’t care for those booties though–i think it’s the heel that bothers me.

  34. The sleek elegance of this latest coat is such a refreshing sight — after a series of apparently muddled outfits I was beginning to fear that a collapse of confidence following the summer predations of photographers might have affected Catherine’s judgement. The whole outfit is a delight.

    One minor quibble is that I’m not yet resigned to dresses peeking out from below coat hems – I think this one works – just — but had begun to think other occasions might have been the result of a lack of attention to detail. The upside-down bow belt also indicates the continuing need for the services of a dresser and it’s a shame the Duchess can’t get round to finding fresh versions of her favourite styles of footwear – this pair of boots in particular look decidedly worn

    But, then, one of the most refreshing things about Catherine is that she is not yet another style-clone. She has the unenviable attention of a waiting cyber-universe which can drown in pictures of her every outing taken with cameras that now record nanno-seconds of movement. Back in the good old days of Diana it was a much more decorous business of waiting for tv news broadcasts and newspapers whereas now everything is recorded and published in seconds.

    • Regarding dress hems longer than coats, it’s something that bothers me a bit, but many old style rules have gone out the window, and I notice in fashion magazines that this seems to be one of them. On the streets, I see, it’s often a deliberate look. I’ve begun to reconcile myself to it.

      In this case, with a floaty, flirty dress underneath, I think letting an inch or two of hem peek out worked. My only concern is that, as I said in my first post, the line of the lower portion of the dress is supposed to be very slim and sleek, but at that length, it didn’t have that effect.

      As for a dresser, yes, she could use someone to help her get dressed for engagements, but there’s a difference between a dresser and a stylist, and I hope she doesn’t avail herself of the latter. She just needs a good lady’s maid, frankly. She’s still not doing enough engagements to make the cost of a salary and accommodations for a dresser necessary, but once she moves to London full-time, that will surely change.

    • I have the opposite reaction (re: skirt length). I actually prefer when you can see a glimpse of the dress underneath the coat. Maybe it’s just me, but if I can’t see the outfit underneath, I always think “Is she naked?!?”

      • Hmm. I can’t say I worry about possible nudity when I can’t see someone’s dress beneath her coat. You can usually see the dress as the coat opens when someone walks, so it not necessary to let it peek out from beneath the coat hem. However, as I said, this mismatched hem look has become more and more common and, apparently, fashionable.

        In fact, I’m noticing a dearth of actual knee-length coats on the market. If you wear knee-length dresses, items that hit mid-knee or immediately above it, your choice is to wear a long coat — mid-calf or ankle-skimming — or one that hits mid-thigh or a couple of inches ABOVE the knee. I’ve had recent trouble finding coats that hit right at mid-knee and so cover all of my skirts and dresses.

      • I have to say that this thought has never occurred to me.

  35. Oh, I love that coat on her! I am still thinking on the new hair cut; it looks better in these pictures than it did at the night in the museum. Big fan on the brown boots too.

  36. Could someone explain to this poor old Canadian – William’s titles and just when he is referred to as Prince and when as Duke? The Telegraph seems to have used both one right after the other. And, was Catherine made a princess by default of marrying a prince – in Canada she is only refered to as the Duchess of Cambridge. Thanks.

    They both looked great considering the blustery weather there seemed to be in Cambridge.

    • The media use the titles will-nilly, often incorrectly, not according to a rule. However, the higher status title is the one that really should be used.

      Catherine is a princess by marriage — one of her titles is “Princess William” — but it is of higher status to be the Duchess of Cambridge than Princess William. This is because the ducal title adds a peerage to the princely one. Before he became a royal duke, believe it or not, William was a commoner, because only the sovereign and the peers are NOT commoners. Prince Harry is STILL a commoner. This is the one situation in which it’s better to be a duchess than a princess, a duke than a prince.

      Catherine is not a princess in her own right and therefore cannot use the title “Princess” before her own given name. Only women born princesses — like Princess Beatrice — can do that.

    • He was born HRH Prince William of Wales, but his titles which were given by the Queen on his marriage are Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, Baron Carrickfergus. Catherine takes on his style and titles and is formally HRH Princess William of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess Strathearn, Baroness Carrrickfergus. As they have peerages the correct form for both of them would be TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. If not a peer it would have been correct to refer to William as HRH Prince William.

      • I have been wondering about this as well. Would you mind explaining “peerage” a little more? Also, once Charles and William are crowned King, will Camilla and Kate still be referred to by their Duchess titles? Is Prince Philip only referred to as “Prince” because he was born into the Greek royal family?
        Sorry to bombard with questions! Thank you!

      • Thank you both for working this thru for us – wasn’t sure where else to ask.

  37. Love the coat, it’s very classic, but with the boots it makes it feel that bit younger!

    Did they really spend the night in Kings Cross though? I can’t believe it would have been necessary, surely they spent the night at KP?

  38. I just love this ensemble!! I feel it was very chic and classic, but with a bit of an edge to it due to the leopard print dress and the booties. I agree that they gave the outfit a bit of a younger look. The last two outfits she has worn remind me of Pippa a bit. Her hair looked very nice today too. I like that the last 3 appearances have shown her with different hairstyles. Overall, it looks like they had a lovely visit and I am oh so jealous of Jo!!

  39. yum- pink & brown.
    one of my favorite color pairs-

    I love the contrast of textures- the gossamer (looking) lightness of the dress against the plush coat and chocolate suede–

    and this outfit suggests (to me) why Kate may have changed her hair style.. it softens her face. she looks younger, too-

    there is something so harsh about all the cameras/lights/SCRUTINY she is under- that the makeup and ‘dos’ we’ve seen in the past are quite exposing. every line. every shadow. every imperfection.

    must be exhausting–

    this hair style looks so much more relaxed.. and ‘gentles’ her, somehow.

    anyways- always a pleasure to get a glimpse-

    again, thank you for the lovely site!

  40. I love the coat! And while not everyone can pull off ankle boots, they look great on her.

    This hairstyle actually looks better when it’s windblown! She has such a beautiful face, why cover it up with those heavy bangs.

  41. I’ve been a Max Mara fan since I lived in Italy, and I still have and wear some of the first pieces I bought then. Alas, import duties and other taxes really drive up the prices in the States, so I don’t buy Max Mara over here.

    This is a lovely coat, which especially interested me, since I’ve been considering buying an ivory cashmere coat for myself. (I’m still undecided; I fear that it would attract too much dirt, and too much drycleaning of white/ivory/cream items dulls or grays them.) The funnel neck is one of my favorite design features, and I love the bow belt, upside-down though it appears to have been.

    I think that the coat would have looked a bit better if had been a couple of inches longer. It’s not so much that the dress hem needed to be covered — though some people might argue that — but rather that the coat is meant to have a very slim silhouette. It looks almost A-line at this length.

    I’ve always liked the brown boots and the white topaz earrings. The dress is intriguing, and I look forward to an identification. All in all, a very nice look for the Duchess.

    Since we sometimes discuss outfits she might buy from her favorite retailers, I thought I’d mention that I just purchased the dress below from Zara. It’s terrific, but I should warn people that despite its conservative fabric and lines, when Zara says this dress is “fitted,” they really mean it. It’s very slim-fitting, very body-conscious, so perhaps not quite the Duchess’s thing, though the lines and fabric would otherwise seem suitable.

  42. I really love the shoes. Looks great with the outfit, and you’re right- they do make her outfit more youthful.

  43. I love Max Mara and this coat is no exception. But for Kate this is perhaps not the most visually interesting coat. I do like how she styled it with the brown accessories (ok, it would have looked better with the belt right side up!).

  44. The Duchess really has some show-stopping coats, but this is one of my favorites. I love the cut of the coat, especially the funnel collar. The pick stitching and the sweet belt really add something special to the piece as well. The color looks more ivory or cream than pink on my screen, but no matter, it photographed beautifully whatever the actual hue is.

    (Just a note for the admin: I had never heard of the terms “funnel collar” or “pick stitching” prior to reading your post. I love how following your blog adds to my fashion vocabulary!)

    I’ve always loved ankle boots on the Duchess, but I have to admit that I am an ankle boot fiend. I have at least a dozen pairs. They are so versatile (many can be dressed up or down) and frequently comfortable to boot! (Pun intended ;) )

  45. She looks gorgeous. I love her oufit and new haircut . This is such a youthful and simply classy look.

    • I totally agree, and I’m SO BEYOND JEALOUS of that amazing coat. Cashmere and wool?? She must have been so toasty warm!! Winter just started and I can’t wait for it to be over already! Too bad I don’t have the funds for that kind of coat… Guess I’ll leave it to the Duchess to model nice things for me. :)

  46. Hi Susan,

    For some reason the post is not visible to me, only the heading is visible. I am afraid others may have the same problem. Just wanted to let you know.

    And thanks much for all your hard work.


    • Hello Marianne, and thank you for reading the blog! You are right, I am so sorry for the technical issues, unfortunately no one could read it. Thank you for being so patient!

      • A WKW post is well worth the wait!

        • I can’t agree more! Sorry, didn’t mean to be impatient. I saw pictures and coverage of Kate’s visit on other sites, but kept checking WKW. This blog is my favorite, partially because the posts are so well put together, but also due to intelligent, funny and insightful comments. So yes, always worth the wait!


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