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As many readers are already aware, there is good news to share today, Kate has been released from the hospital.

Jeff Moore / Splash News

The Duchess was released this morning, bundled up against the cold weather in a periwinkle scarf and black/navy checked coat, she was carrying a beautiful bouquet of bright yellow flowers. More from the Daily Mail:

A St James’s Palace spokesman said: ‘The Duchess of Cambridge has been discharged from the King Edward VII Hospital and will now head to Kensington Palace for a period of rest.

‘Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank the staff at the hospital for the care and treatment the Duchess has received.’
Kate had been hospitalized since Monday with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a potentially life-threatening disease afflicting pregnant women.  She and William both looked very happy this morning, but Kate also appeared a little fragile.

Jeff Moore / Splash News

It is an enormous relief to see Kate out of the hospital. The Daily Mail interviewed Caitlin Dean, a spokesperson with Pregnancy Sickness Support, a UK resource for pregnant women coping with nausea and vomiting, as well as Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
She will need people to look after her, literally bring food to her and quickly, if she wants a piece of toast or an apple it needs to come straight away before a bout of nausea sets in.

The emotional side is going to be really tough on her. It’s just so unrelenting, you wake up thinking you’ve got a whole day to get through and this lasts for months.
The Duchess wore Diane von Furstenberg’s Simyonette Coat.

Diane von Furstenberg “Simyonette”

The coat is from the fall/winter 2010 collection. It is constructed of 40% wool/60% Cotton. The piece is in a navy and black pattern, double-breasted, with slip pockets on the front.


The Simyonette also features ruffled trim at the cuffs, shoulder and back.
A better look at those ruffle details.

Jeff Moore/Splash News

The coat originally sold for $675. (A fun little side note, the woman who found the coat is also named Kate.)
This is not the first Diane Von Furstenberg coat we have seen Kate wear, she has worn DVF for the last two Remembrance Sundays.

Splash News

Kate was also wearing what we think are her Charge It boots by Russell and Bromley.

Jeff Moore/Splash News

We don’t know the maker of Kate’s periwinkle blue scarf, should we find out who it is we’ll update the post.

One other note, The Telegraph had a column yesterday I think many readers will find interesting: “Back off, people – the Duchess of Cambridge is not a Brood Mare“. As one might deduce from the title, the piece examines the baby frenzy and fallout from same, especially the circumstances that arose requiring Kate’s pregnancy be made public:

Of course I share the excitement at the prospect of a royal baby, but every single mother I have spoken to this week has said that her main reaction has been one of anxiety for Kate. No normal woman wants her pregnancy discussed before the 12-week scan.

So back off, people. The unborn child, already in the international spotlight before its eyes have been formed, may be third in line to the throne, but first and foremost it is the darling baby of Mr and Mrs Wales. We would do well to remember that, and wish Diana/Dorothy/Philip/Michael/Elizabeth/Squeak and his/her parents all the luck in the world.

James Whatling / Splash News

Whatever it takes to keep both mother and child safe and healthy is ultimately the only thing that matters, I know readers agree with that sentiment.

That brings us to a reminder that Kate will not be at the next several engagements that were scheduled, Prince William is attending those alone.


  • HER (Hyperemesis Education and Research) has a wealth of information and links about Kate’s illness
  • Pregnancy Sickness Support, a UK foundation helping those with nausea and vomiting, as well as HG

  69 Responses to “Kate Released From Hospital”

  1. I am so glad that Kate is feelling better! I sufffered from morning sickness from the 6th week of my pregnancy and got admitted to hospital with hyperemsis gravidarum when I was 11 weeks pregnant. I had never felt so sick in my life! All my sympathy with Kate! I know excacly how she felt and felt so sorry for her!!!
    Congratulations to both of them! I was super-thrilled when I recieved the great news!

  2. I think she looks great but if you look closely she has a lot of foundation on… Suggesting she is really pale underneath. She looks a bit fragile to me in contrast to her day at St Andrews on Friday.

    Maybe the scarf is ‘Febroni’ – Pippa has a hat from them and the do make scarves/pashminas.

    Delighted for both of them and starting a family – As much as I would love to see her maternity wear I’d prefer the press left her alone.

  3. Kate is doing a marvellous job in every way. She is setting a new trend on dress standards. It’s a svelte and very elegant style and one which is rediscovering many of the elegant fabrics and styles from the past, but it’s blended with her own pinache. Gorgeous, decent and refreshing.
    Is the blue scarf she’s wearing a TieRack Frangi item? I have one and the colour and feel of the 100% wool is exquisite. Matches Kate’s coat so beautifully.
    Kate, get well very soon. That’s far more important. You are a gem!

  4. I just want to thank you for treating her illness as seriously as it is. Most of the articles I’ve read have made it sound like she just has morning sickness (which still sucks) and people often comment about how privileged she is for getting to go to the hospital just for that. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is very life threatening and killed many women before IVs and modern medicine. Charlotte Bronte may have died from it. Thank you for not making light of such a terrible thing.

  5. I really love Kate’s style and think she has helped create a culture of women dressing better. Now, I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but her legs look literally like skin and bones. Yes, she has been sick but it takes longer than a few weeks to be that skinny. If she were anyone other than the Duchess of Cambridge, say a young actress, I think people would be concerned that she was anorexic. If she was not healthy prior to her pregnancy, that can certainly lead to complications during pregnancy. If she is unhealthily skinny, there are many reasons why that would be understandable with all the media attention and pressure she has on her. Even Princess Diana suffered with an eating disorder. However, my fear is that women, both young and old, will look at her and see all the positive attention Kate receives for her appearance and just perpetuate eating disorders in an attempt to emulate her body. I think we can both appreciate her style and be mindful of her weight, or lack thereof.

    Sorry, this has just been a concern of mine for awhile. I know there may be contrary views but I feel strongly about this and it was worth the possible backlash to say it.

    • I can say that your comment bothers me in general, not because of how I feel or don’t feel about Kate. I am a really skinny person (skinner than Kate, and I’m almost her height) and always have been – I’ve always eaten lots (people are often shocked at my appetite), taken care of myself, never had an eating disorder or anything close, and been very active. It’s just my body type. If I want to gain weight, it’s extremely difficult for me (and I have tried) – at least as difficult as it would be for many other people to lose weight.

      Unfortunately, many people feel very comfortable to comment on my size, “You’re SO skinny” and “Do you eat?” and not usually in a complimentary way. Many people also make comments like yours about other women in front of me, causing me to often wonder whether they’re trying passive-aggressively to tell me that I’m too skinny. It happens so often that it does sometimes cause me to be self-conscious about my size – even though I’m skinny! Yet, our social norms could never allow me to go up to a person who is overweight and just say, in a surprised voice, “You’re SO fat! Do you eat too much?” I think we would all agree that people are fat for many reasons, and often some of those reasons are not actually within their control. It would be a gross oversimplification to assume that someone eats too much just because they are overweight – eating could be part or all of their problem, or it could not be their problem at all.

      I would ask you to think about why you feel so comfortable to comment out loud on the size of a woman who is thin, and to come to conclusions about why she is thin. Would you do the same if she was fat? Would you like it if people commented on your size (whatever that size is – even if you are “average”), coming up to you to say, “Oh, your size is so average! You’re not fat or skinny!” Probably not, because the problem is the same: people are still judging each other on how they look. Women have to stop doing that to each other. I would certainly encourage you to pry all you want into the life of someone you actually know, if you really do have reason to think that person might have an eating disorder – you could save his/her life. But I would ask that you think about why you comment on the size of someone’s body, and whether it’s fair to automatically link that to their eating habits, before you do it.

      • Tina, I know it must be hard to be patient with people who make those comments and you are absolutely correct that they wouldn’t say something similar to an overweight person….although obesity is one of the last areas where prejudice is ok. However, these people are probably jealous because they have to work so hard to maintain even a semi-normal weight and they resent that you do not. Try to just let it slide off of you and go on your way.


    • We generally don’t discuss weight here. Moreover, I have to point out that she was looking quite healthy before this bout with HG and her hospitalization, she had clearly put on some weight. That’s what led some people to guess that she was pregnant.

      • Let’s not get into a slanging match on the subject. Let’s just agree to discuss fashion and to leave the comments on weight, as much as we can, to those publications that somehow think it’s their purview to comment on this or that person’s weight, high or low.

        In the coming months, we hope, we’ll have to have some conversations about how well the Duchess is managing to accommodate a growing “bump,” as the British say, and still look elegant, but that’s as far as we should go.

      • She has always been slender – look at her mother! I’m sure she lost weight before the wedding and gained more of it back within the past couple of months. She’ll gain her weight back throughout the pregnancy, and I’m among many when I say that I’m not concerned about her weight – only her clothes and her health!

  6. I hope she feels better soon! What a lousy thing to have while expecting a baby – it must take the joy right out of the pregnancy. I can’t imagine being pregnant and then not being able to enjoy it. It should be a happy time.

  7. I am very sad to hear that the nurse involved has killed herself due to the prank call from those dj’s. I am praying for her family. the duke and duchess made a statement stating how sad they are.

    may she rest in peace and may those dj’s be charged and be shamed with themselves they will have to live with this the rest of their lives.

  8. I’m a frequent lurker her since the royal wedding, but have never left comments, as far as I remember. However today I must, saying that I really love the way this site covers Kate’s style ad life: informative and relevant while still being respectful. Kudos!

  9. Glad the Duchess is coping and back on her feet somewhat. I don”t know what it is but she looks really lovely. The flat boots and the style/cut of her coat suits her make her looks petite and sweet. I don’t know why she does not wear lower heels/flats sometimes. These are one of the best casual photographs in my opinion of the two of them.

  10. I an thankful to God that Kate is home from hospital. It is too bad they had to announce the pregnancy so soon but it was necessary because Kate needed treatment in the hospital. I was impressed by the hymns and Scriptures and music they chose for their wedding. It indicated to me that they are a spiritual couple. So I will pray for kate and her well being and pray that she will soon be over morning sickness and regain her strength and be able to carry on the work she loves to do.

    P.S. My name really is Henry Ford but no connection with the Detroit Fords.

  11. You can tell that it has been a rough couple of days for her; makes you want to tuck her in and bring her soup and crackers. She looks even tinier, but that is not surprising and I just feel sympathy. Hopefully lots of rest is the plan and the very merriest of Christmases because wheeeeeee a baby is coming!

  12. Did they match the color of the outfits on purpose? Kind of cute and adorable. LOL

  13. I love Duchess Katherine’s selection of clothes and hairstyles and I don’t mind choosing to read about her choices, but I choose not to research the press’ vulgar investigation and publication of her invasion of privacy. Thank you, WKW, for keeping Katherine’s invasion of privacy off the pages of your web site. You have kept it all about fashion and kept it classy. For this I will continue to visit your blog.

    With this I appeal to the media to relinquish Katherine from the persistent hounding of reporters and their cameras and dwelling intrusions into her life. It is acceptable to capture her image when she appears in a preannounced engagement; however, to invade upon her private vacations and hospital stay is absolutely unacceptable by us, the public, who will no longer purchase the ill-gotten material. Photographing this lovely woman as she is nude in her bathroom is not far off. Many in the public do not want to view these images because we ourselves have pride and respect when they do not. The historical practice of certain figures being present at the birth of a royal is long past and I would expect the press not be present either.

    I appeal to the media not to brutalize this woman. Leave her alone to live a life that is family-based and, at times and by invitation, political and public.

  14. She looks very tired here so I hope she goes home and snuggles with Wills and Lupo and starts feeling better. HG is terrible and I hope she doesn’t suffer through it during the entire pregnancy. Does anyone else think that she looks very pretty here though? Love that her hair is back and not curls in her face and she looks worlds better(and younger) without all the eye makeup. Love the coat and shoes. You know she’s feeling weak and unsteady when she wears shoes with that flat of a heel too. Get well Kate :)

    • I agree! I love the way her hair is fixed, and I even love the flat boots look.

    • Yes, I thought she looked pretty. Just an ordinary English girl with her ordinary English husband, she dressed up a little bit, he dressed casual. They could be anyone really, and that’s something I find really nice and resassuring.

      She looks slightly vulnerable and sleepy so it makes you want to tuck her up and fuss round here :)

      Bless them both.

  15. I’m so glad she’s out of hospital. I feel so sorry for both her and William that they have had to make the pregnancy public so very early. She looks tired and a pale but what a trouper standing and smiling for the press.

    As others have said, I find the coat a little to frillsy for me but it looks fine on Kate. What I do like are those boots with a low heel. They look great and comfortable. Must investigate…

    • I love her boots too. I just checked the R&B site and they have an updated version in leather… I want the suede ones! They look fabulous and more casual than her Aquatalia boots (which I also love but are dressier.)

      Maybe if we all beg, R&B will release the suede version again. I heard a rumor that LKB is doing a high-shine Sledge… :)

  16. The Duchess is definitely not feeling 100% and she is so brave to face the press. I know she is not feeling well still, because she doesn’t have any earrings on, and I think earrings are her favorite accessory. I will keep her and Williams in my prayers. We women are so very, very tough. Wonderful that Prince William has taken the time to care for his wife, and I’m glad that her sister and brother will be near to help.

  17. Warm wishes and prayers to Kate! I am glad to see you feeling better. :)

  18. she looks gorgeous just stunning and the glow on her face is radiant. i pray for her and her baby to be healthy and feeling good. man her and william look so in love.

  19. I think she looks so lovely. The coat is adorable. I am so happy she is leaving the hospital. xo Lulu

  20. I’m so so relieved she is better even though it’s clear that this is still a very delicate moment for her pregnancy. I hope everything is going to be fine and the nausea give her some rest. Today outside that hospital she looked so cute, sweet and fragile: it made me wish to give her a hug.

    Excellent post as usual Susan


  21. Wow, Kate obviously made a tremendous effort to put herself together and put on a smiling face for the media. But she definitely does look thin and wan–in other photos I’ve seen her makeup looks positively mask like. Just to be clear, that is not meant as a criticism, but it just really highlights for me that she is obviously still feeling less than entirely well.

    Now to be frivolous: I think this coat is very cute but likely more appropriate for some of her less formal engagements. I am glad she paired it with the periwinkle scarf, to add a little splash of colour. And I quite like the half back hair with her bangs.

    • I’d say it’s probably a casual coat she wears, and it looks quite comfortablel and warm, which is exactly what is needed when feeling how I’m sure she is still feeling.
      She looks a little better than I expected, though, and I think she almost looks genuinely pleased to be going home with her husband.

  22. I hope the media show some maturity and compassion and give her some space while she recovers. The trouble is men have no idea of the emotional roller coaster women go through with a pregnancy – so please please give her some space. All the best Kate for a healthy pregnancy.

    • May I please add this to my comment above – just to clarify I mean “men” as in “male” photographers who are relentless in photographing her with no idea how it would be impacting on her health.

  23. i’m glad she’s on the mend and of course only hope for her and her baby’s health. on a sartorial note, i love the way the coat looks buttoned in the picture on the model and the sleeve ruffle detail.

  24. How she could organise a skirt-outfit while feeling so rough is beyond me, I’d have thought it ws a time when most of us would just want to drag on a pair of jeans. I simply love the coat – it’s completely adorable and am amazed as always by the quick ID. An excellent post, thanks so much.

    But I don’t feel quite comfortable discussing outfits while Catherine is still going through all this, and as far as I’m concerned the longer she takes for rest the better. Health of her and baby matters above all else.

    • I have this feeling that her sister might have organized this outfit for her. It’s somehow a very Pippa look. Then again, her PA Rebecca Deacon could have done it. The media would probably not have recognized her going in and out. Could have been a group effort, to help her out as much as possible.

      • I love the idea that Pippa put the outfit together for her sister. Of course there is no way to know for sure, but it’s such a lovely thought. And I do think you’re right; there is a Pippa-like influence to the look, especially the scarf. I know Catherine is no stranger to a good scarf, but they really seem to be a cornerstone of Pippa’s wardrobe.

      • I have to confess, I’d thought the same thing too — it could have been a family conspiracy and maybe even a borrowed coat.

    • How about they were the clothes she was wearing when she was admitted?

  25. At least her clothing looks comfortable as well as stylish (no heels on those boots, for one). She does look quite tired. Here’s hoping she has a nice long while to get better! All my best wishes to the couple.

  26. Nice to read she is feeling better; she looks lovely. I love her coat and scarf.

  27. bless you, so glad you are feeling better, Kate!

    beautiful coat, OF COURSE, bla bla bla
    much more beautiful smile from your husband (-:

  28. In response to Melanie, I believe that King Edward VII Hospital is where royals often go, so it would make sense that Kate would go there, too, even if it’s not the best location geographically.

    So happy she’s out of the hospital, and hoping she gets some good rest! Lovely to see the happy parents-to-be looking at each other so adoringly. :-)

  29. Her hair looks so good here!

  30. @Melanie my best guess is they wanted her to come to London to where the royal doctor’s are to ensure the best care. Since they royal family has been going to that hospital for many, many years they can expect a certain level of care and (usually) privacy.

    These boots highlight how skinny her legs are…in all my winter boots my calves are snug in them. She’s always got plenty of breathing room!

  31. Question: I noticed that the hospital Kate was in is about an hour and a quarter away from her parents’ house. Have any of you heard why she was in a hospital so far away instead of one closer to Bucklebury? I know when I am sick, it takes everything I have to get to the doctor’s office down the street; I don’t think I could have made it on such a long drive. I’m so glad to see Kate is feeling better.

    • This is a hospital that the royals frequently use. Since this wasn’t an absolutely dire emergency requiring a fast trip to an A&E department, it’s the one they chose for her treatment. It’s also possible that the doctor she’s chosen has privileges there.

    • I was thinking that, too!

      It may not have been a matter of choice. I wouldn’t be surprised if hospitals and doctors treating the royal family are carefully vetted ahead of time. They need to consider staff discretion and security when using hospitals.

      If anyone falls ill and it’s within a reasonably close distance, you can get them rushed to those approved hospitals. (Although I’m sure they use the local hospitals if the situation is extremely dire.)

      It may have also been due to doctor familiarity. I’d much rather be seen by my longtime doctor in an emergency than the random doctor on call, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate fell the same way.

    • I would guess it’s so she can see the Queen’s doctor.

    • Probably because it is a private hospital, not NHS, and therefore better for security and privacy – the Royals have used it before when the DofE was ill, so it is probably geared up for high-profile patients and is used to dealing with extra security. Or at least you would think so, before that hoax call. It will have private rooms, nicer food etc. And it is near their Kensington home.

      I imagine there are all kinds of contingency plans for if the Royal Family need hospital treatment. I think regional hospitals are always on stand-by when the Queen is travelling out of London. So this one may just be the designated hospital for non-emergency admissions for the Royal Family.

    • Well, she doesn’t live in Bucklebury anymore; she and William moved to Angelsey when they married, although they have quarters in Kensington Palace as well I believe. My understanding is that the King Edward VII hospital was chosen because it has hosted other members of the royal family in the past. I imagine that a hospital treating a royal must be able to provide a much higher level of security than normal (but the breach in confidentiality that occured recently doesn’t exactly speak well of this particular facility). The real potential problem with the location of Edward VII is that William needs to return to RAFservice in Angelsey soon, which might require a separation from Kate if she needs to be hospitalized again. I’m not certain that any hospital in Angelsey or near that area is equipped to treat her (ie. the extra security that I mentioned earlier).

    • Good question, Melanie. It must have been a torment with that long of a drive. I get sick if I have to smell my own sick. I read that that hospital is for military officers and their wives. When I was stationed in London, the nearest military hospital was in the North at RAF Lakenheath. But, when I was very ill, I went to the nearest NHS facility.

  32. I would love to have a coat collection like hers! :)

  33. Happy for her. :) Glad to see her back on her feet.

  34. Glad she’s been released, but yes, she does look a bit wan and thin. Here’s hoping all goes well over the next several weeks.

    On to the purpose of this blog. That is a very cute coat though frankly a little juvenile-looking for my tastes. On the other hand, I love the blue of the scarf — gorgeous.

    Thought I’d mention that I bought the Longchamps Le Pliage bag for myself, in a dark green color. It’s the second item associated with the Duchess that I felt I just had to have — simultaneously stylish and practical. The first was the Libelula Dulwich coat.

  35. I have to commend her for staying as fashionable and fabulous as always! Lord knows I wouldn’t put forth half the effort she puts forward if I were in her shoes. I’m so glad she’s feeling well enough to go home!! Although I’ll miss idolizing her fashion sense, rest is the most important thing!

  36. Wow, she looks stunningly, albeit a little delicate. Her coat collection is truly exquisite. I really love the pattern of this coat, and the ruffle details are balanced enough to add something interesting to the design without making the coat appear too juvenile.

    Of course, I completely agree with the comments about respecting the Duchess’s privacy. She has had such a difficult year, with those intrusive photos and that stunt the radio station pulled recently.

    • I so agree with you about the ruffle details — they really are in balance with the pattern of the coat which I find delightful and refreshing. It’s amazing as ever how much shorter than Wiiliam she is in flats!

  37. Oh bless her, I’m so glad she’s well enough to go home to rest. She looked lovely this morning and is quite a trooper for putting herself together and smiling for the photographers. Just another example of how serious she takes her role as a Royal and understands the interest in her. That being said though, had she come out with her hair in a 2 day old ponytail and sweats I wouldn’t have blamed her! The way Prince William is looking at her is absolutely heartwarming. It’s always obvious how much he loves her, but you can really tell he absolutely adores her so much. Prayers for her health and sweet little baby. Thanks for the post as always!

    • Agreed about William! I love when candid pics of them are taken because you can tell they have a very affectionate and intimate relationship. He can’t keep his eyes off of her and looks so happy about the whole situation. I’m very happy for them and hope she doesn’t suffer too much.

  38. Her release is such good news. I’m hoping she gets all the rest she needs and doesn’t feel pressured to undertake engagements too soon. As much as I love seeing her out and about, her health and well-being and the well-being of the pregnancy is the most important.

    And speaking of stress, how stressful it must be to have to live up to the fashion expectations when leaving the hospital. I’d want a pair of sweat pants and a cozy hoodie myself.

    Doesn’t William look happy and relieved. Bless him, he isn’t afraid to show how much he loves her.

  39. Glad she is feeling better, and I think I prefer this hairstyle to the one she usually has for engagements!

  40. I had mild morning sickness with my son, and I struggled to put on work-appropriate clothes to get to work. I couldn’t imagine being in hospital for HG for a few days, then having to get myself looking presentable to face the media.

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