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Kate and William have been in the Swiss Alps the last two days, today they were at the wedding of Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mark Tomlinson.

James Whatling / Splash News

William was an usher at the wedding, so Harry escorted Kate to the ceremony. Mr. Tomlinson is an old friend of both Princes, having played polo with them for years. His parents are good friends with Prince Charles, they own the Beaufort Polo Club where Harry, William and the Prince of Wales have played many a match. The bride is an Olympic medalist in equine events, specializing in dressage.

The Telegraph has more on the day’s events:

The hour-long ceremony took place in Arosa’s Protestant Church before the reception at a hotel owned by Bechtolsheimer’s grandfather, the billionaire Karl-Heinz Kipp, 88, who owns the German department store chain Massa.

The wedding service was conducted in English and German….

Almost everything Kate wore has been seen previously.

Splash News

We see just a touch of the dress in the photo above, more than enough to know it is the MaxMara Studio dress worn by the Duchess when she visited Cambridge with William last November, seen below.

Splash News/The Telegraph

Many will recognize the hat, Lock & Company’s ‘Betty Boop’ style, first worn for the Shamrock Ceremony with the Irish Guard March 20 of last year.

Kate wore her Valerie pump from Emmy Shoes and carried the matching Natasha bag, both in chocolate; she also carried brown suede gloves.

Emmy Shoes

In the jewelry department we saw Kate’s Annoushka pearls hanging from Kiki McDonough hoop earringss. Kate wore the gold band that generated so much buzz when noted on her hand during the engagement at Hope House in February.

James Whatling/Splash News

The ring appears to be set with small rubies, Kate had it on yesterday as well. Some have noted that rubies are July’s birthstone; of course, that is when the baby is due.

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to determine who made Kate’s coat.

This looks to be a “new coat,” new in the sense I don’t recall seeing Kate ever wear it before. It looks like wool or a wool/cashmere blend, and the silhouette is fitted with strongly defined shoulders. The piece is single breasted with 7 or 8 buttons, concealed buttonholes, besom pockets, and front darts.

I am not convinced the “collar” is actually attached, it may be an entirely separate piece. It looks like a faux fur “infinity scarf” or “collar,” they were very popular this winter. Below, a poor example in the wrong color, shown merely to convey the idea.

Nordstrom Halogen Scarf

Following are a few close-ups, hopefully they will aid in identification of the garment. The top photo is of the hem/lining, the other two simply show the tortoise shell buttons and besom pocket detail.

Splash News

We will update the post if we find out the coat maker. This was a nice look for Kate, understated but elegant, with no loud or distracting elements that would take attention away from the bride.


As many readers already know, Kate, William and Harry arrived in the area yesterday, we return to the Telegraph story:

The royal party arrived in Arosa on Friday, with the Princes going skiing as the Duchess rested. Prince William later joined the Duchess and other wedding guests at a mountain restaurant, the Tschuggenhutte.

Splash News

Underneath the LK Bennett Darwin jacket it looked like Kate was wearing another Temperley Honeycomb Tunic sweater, this time in black. (Click here to see the Duchess wearing it in white.)

Temperley London Honeycomb Tunic

Kate also wore skinny jeans and black Mukluk-style apres-ski boots.

Splash News

We saw the return of Kate’s Givenchy ‘Obsedia’ sunglasses, previously seen at Wimbledon last July.

Splash News

The glasses are available at UK retailer Eyewear Brands for £155, about $240 USD.

An UPDATE about the bag Kate was carrying for Rosie Meade when walking on base of the ski slope Friday, it is the ‘Cristina‘ by Bill Brown.

‘Cristina’ by Bill Brown Bags

This item is £30, about $45 USD.

Bill Brown Bags


Our other item today, a bit more info about Kate doing some shopping last week, Us Weekly has a report about a maternity dress she is said to have purchased.

“…she picked up a sweet flowered frock by U.K.-based clothing concession Lovestruck, a rep for the company confirms exclusively to Us Weekly….

…(she) purchased the brand’s Deirdre dress, a delicate spring sheath with a mandarin collar, a cross-over neckline, and a elasticized waist — to accomodate the first-time mom-to-be’s growing baby bump! The price tag for such stylish garb? A very affordable 37 pounds, or $55.

This is the frock shown in the magazine’s story, it is not shown on the Topshop site.

LoveStruck Deirdre

Sold in S/M or M/L sizing, here is the description from Lovestruck’s site:
Our delightful Deirdre dress is back for another season, this time in a delicate spring floral print. It has a forties tea dress feel, with a little mandarin collar and a cross over bust line. Fully elasticated at the waist. This dress is available in two colours, Cream and Purple
The one downside is the fabric content, 100% polyester. It is always fun to see designers react to news Kate has purchased or is wearing one of their creations, back to the Us story:
“It’s so exciting that the Duchess of Cambridge bought one of my designs,” Lovestruck designer Erika Shaw tells Us. “I think it’s great that Kate wears high street brands.”
Perhaps we’ll see Kate wearing the dress when it is much warmer.

  30 Responses to “Kate Mixes Old & New at Swiss Wedding”

  1. Her ring may not have rubies in it. Garnet is the January stone so it may be for her birth stone!

  2. A few exact Lovestruck dresses available from this lovely Irish boutique (will ship throughout the EU free) – just ordered mine!

  3. Yikes– I hope you have not been hacked. There are strange cash advance ads all over the place that don’t fit with your wonderful site at all.

    • Thank you for letting me know the problem was back again, hopefully we’ve remedied this time. But if not, *please* don’t be shy about commenting or emailing, it’s really helpful. :)

  4. What a mess!!

  5. I am italian and I am 100% sure her pink coat is Max Mara ! I saw also in Italian magazines here in Italy !

  6. Gorgeous. I love the return of the Betty Boop hat! And I must say that her slope style is spot on. I’ve coveted the honeycomb tunic for a long time, and have always been a fan of the L.K. Bennett Darwin jacket (although my boyfriend says it reminds him of something his mother would wear). All this with the Givenchy sunglasses: perfection.

  7. Isn’t the coat the same Max Mara coat Kate wore to Cambridge? It looks like the only difference might be that the hem was taken down and a fur collar was thrown around her neck. Beautiful ensemble!

  8. The coat is from Max Mara !
    I am 100 % sure !

  9. Might the coat be bespoke from Katherine Hooker? A lot of Hooker’s summer coats and jackets look similar to this one (pockets, cut, etc.). Have you contacted them and received word that it is not from their collection (or made for the Duchess)?

  10. I would LOVE more information on the gold band. If any is found, will you post it?

  11. What about the short jacket is wore while holding the sledge? Price, colour etc. Thank-you.

    • Hi Heather, thanks for reading the blog. From the post “Underneath the LK Bennett Darwin jacket,” it is no longer available so I don’t have a good price.

  12. In one of the photos taken of Kate’s walk (not shown here), she is wearing a watch on her left wrist. I can’t remember ever seeing her with a watch before. I”d be curious to know more about it. (I just love watches!)

    Also, I hope that the fur is faux, but it seems, to my eye anyway, to have the sheen of real fur.

  13. What a neat re-mix of items for the wedding and the dark colours against her face suit her so well — the Duchess even tones in beautifully with the landscape!

    The coat looks sleek, elegant and lovely — though not a fit at the moment, of course. And I like the pretty fabric peeking out from under — though the actual dress itself still looks a tad dowdy to me in the illustration. No doubt it would look better on HRH!

  14. She looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  15. Um, is it just me or is she wearing ankle boots in that photo and not the suede pumps pictured? I’m confused.

    • She wore the pumps (and a hat) to the wedding this weekend. The picture in which she is wearing ankle boots was taken some time ago, when she wore the same dress. The coats are not the same item. William was dressed differently for the wedding, too, in morning dress with a pink tie.

  16. She’s looking beautiful…. with regards to the gold ring, possibly set with rubies…. Garnet is also a red gem and is January’s birthstone… it could have been a birthday gift???

  17. I thought the wedding look was terrific, even though I stated that I didn’t care for the dress back when we saw it for the first time. The lines of the coat were wonderful — sleek, slim, and elegant. On another site, people seemed to think it was the Max Mara coat she’d previously worn with a belt over that dress, but the lines look quite different.

    The hat was a great choice. I agree that that’s an infinity scarf, not an attached collar, but Stella, we can’t be sure it’s faux fur. It had the look of faux fur in some pictures — there’s a certain tell-tale surface quality to the fake variety — but without being able to see and touch it “in the flesh” we can’t know. Presumably the Duchess wouldn’t want to court controversy by wearing real fur, but for people like me who do not object to wearing real fur, there are real fur infinity scarves available.

    By the way, the bride’s cream, belted shearling jacket over a sheath-style wedding dress was also wonderful.

    The Deirdre dress looks very short to me; perhaps it’s the sort of dress meant to be worn over leggings over skinny jeans. It’s a little too suggestive of the sort of cutesy, little-girlish maternity clothes I’ve never liked much. I’ve been pleased in recent years by the much more sophisticated items available for the mother-to-be and hope we see the Duchess wearing such clothes.

  18. great post, as always. i love kate’s outfit for the wedding and the way she can mix the pieces in her closet to present something entirely new. i’m with you about the fur not being attached to the coat–i think it is a fur shawl. love kate’s apres-ski look, so chic but so functional.

  19. Very chic, sweet, understated and elegant. Simply Gorgeous!!
    I like how the coat’s colour coordinates with William’s tie – They make a fab pair.
    Many congratulations to Laura and Mark – Best wishes

  20. The blue bag she is carrying on the slopes is this one I think:

    Although, since they’re there with a couple with a child, she may have been carrying it for her friend.

  21. wnderful coat and a very chic ensemble! good job, kate

  22. Kate looked so beautiful today! And I’m glad that scarf is faux fur!

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