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As rumored, Kate and William attended Cheltenham this afternoon.

James Whatling / Splash News

Today is the final day of racing at the annual Festival, Kate has been attending for years.

For those unfamiliar with Cheltenham, it is a hugely popular horse racing event. Other royals have been at the races all week, including Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Phillips, they attended Ladies’ Day together yesterday and today Zara was also able to watch her husband’s horse compete in the Gold Cup Steeple Chase. Kate’s sister Pippa attended yesterday, you can read more about that here.

Kate debuted new earrings by Kiki McDonough.

James Whatling/Splash News

They are the ‘Eternal’ Citrine Cushion & Diamond Earrings.

Kiki McDonough

The earring description:

Sophisticated and chic, these beautiful yellow gold drop earrings dazzle with vibrant citrine and diamonds, and are equally stunning worn casually during the day or to add drama to an evening look.

They run £1,200, about $1800 at today’s exchange rates. The earrings are also available in blue topaz, amethyst and green amethyst. The Duchess does like her citrines, many know of her fondness for the Citrine Drop earrings, also by Kiki McDonough.

Kiki McDonough

For those who are interested in Kate’s other jewelry today, she is still wearing the band set with rubies and/or garnets on her right hand. Once again the Duchess was wearing a watch, it is the same worn in Switzerland, My Small Obsessions has more information on what style it might be.

Everything else Kate wore has been seen before. The big mystery was Kate’s coat, many of us knew we had seen it previously.

Craig Norwood / Splash News

It turns out the piece is by Joseph, another brand the Duchess wears with some regularity. In a frugal move the buttons were moved to make the coat a little larger, the indentation from the original button placement is obvious in many of today’s photos.

The piece dates back to at least 2007, it was seen again in 2008 when Kate wore it to Carole Middleton’s 53rd birthday. (You can see photos here.) Perthz Fashion shared this image of the coat on Pinterest.


That image allows a good view of the detailing on the front. It looks like the material has a herringbone weave, the coat is double-breasted, vertical besom pockets, an oversized collar (today Kate had it buttoned), front on-seam pockets and tab detailing on the cuffs.

There is quite a debate about what dress Kate wore underneath the coat. Many think it is the MaxMara Studio leopard print worn in Cambridge and for the wedding in Switzerland, others think it is an entirely different frock. From the photos I have seen I’m not comfortable saying it is one or the other, hopefully we’ll be able to resolve this in the not-too-distant future.

Kate brought back the ‘Betty Boop’ hat by John Lock & Co., most recently worn to a wedding in Switzerland.

Splash News/John Lock & Co./Awar Hussein-PA Wire

Our friends at Cornelia James let us know Kate is wearing another pair of their Wool Gloves with Side Bow again, this time in Chocolate Brown.

Cornelia James Wool Glove with Side Bow

We also saw the Stuart Weitzman ‘Zipkin’ boots again.

Stuart Weitzman ‘Zipkin’ Boots

The boots are made of suede with a leather lining, the heels are about 3.75″ tall when factoring in the platform. We also saw the Natasha bag by Emmy Shoes in chocolate brown.

Emmy Shoes

Kate was in tights with a diamond pattern, there’s some thought they may be the same as those worn Christmas Day of last year. (Today’s shown on the left, those worn on Christmas are seen to the right.)

Splash News

To be honest they don’t look quite the same to me, but they are very similar.

Kate looked lovely today, the chocolate brown accessories worked very well with the Joseph coat. As far as the fabric showing the previous button placement, that is to be expected when dealing with garments 8 years old, it is almost impossible to erase all previous signs of indentation. It seems Kate is being very frugal with her maternity wardrobe, we may see similar tailoring moves in the next few weeks.


As mentioned in the title, another engagement has been added to Kate’s Calendar. A week from today (the 22nd) Kate will be volunteering at the Great Tower Scout Camp with the Scouts. The Camp is in northwest England in a National Park. Below, an image from the Camp website.

Scout Activity Centres/Great Tower Camp

More from the news release:

The Duchess will attend the event together with around 20 other adult volunteers, learning new skills that will support her in her role as an occasional helper at her local Scout Group.

We’ll see you back here on Sunday.


  48 Responses to “Kate at Cheltenham & Another Engagement on the Calendar”

  1. Lovely; lovely; lovely.

  2. The Duchess looks radiant and happy in these photos; I think she really enjoys sporting events such as this or the Olympics, and I believe the unfeigned excitement gives her face an added glow. That being Saud, I’m not overly enthusiastic about this look. As many people have mentioned, it just lacks the polish that the Duchess usually achieves in her outfits, which is what I most appreciate about her style. The citrine earrings are just too vivid a color for the rest of the outfit, and the coat is much too short. The patterned tights ensure that the look isn’t inappropriate, but they don’t succeed in making it look great. I do love the coat, but moving the buttons has destroyed the silhouette, in my opinion. The buttons are now off-center, which looks odd. I do appreciate the Duchess’s ingenious thriftiness, but in this instance I wish she had passed on the second pair of citrines and bought a larger coat. (I know some people don’t like to buy a coat that they will only be able to wear for a few months, but this is Little Monarch bump that we are talking about here. The future queen of England can afford another coat.)

    I’m interested in what appears to be a second set of pockets above the actual pockets of the coat. I just bought a new coat with this same design element. What are those bonus pockets called? And are they really pockets or just faux pockets? Does anyone ever tuck their hands into pockets that highly placed?

  3. JC Penney has Copy-Kate earrings: Genuine Citrine Earrings 14K/Sterling Silver for $100
    Here is the link:

    Macy’s has 26 different earrings that feature Citrine, but JC Penney’s has the closest repli-Kate. Nordstrom does not have any similar earrings.

  4. I liked the coat when I saw it first, I still like it. Kate looks radiant in pink.
    On very few photographs, Kate seems to wear a printed crêpe dress under the coat : not easy to see, one can just catch a glimpse.

  5. i love to see kate with some patterned tights–such a fun statement. and good eye on the buttons being moved over–it was obvious once you pointed it out, but i wouldn’t have noticed myself. she is also the thinnest pregnant woman ever. you’d never know she was pregnant by looking at her!

  6. I feel like I’m being a spoilsport on this one, but I don’t like the way this outfit comes together, I find the shape of the coat too bulky and too short. I’m sure it’s all to do with the weight gain but I find the overall silhouette too top heavy. It certainly looked a lot smarter on the Duchess’s younger self.

    I think the adjustment of the position of the buttons this time looks particularly amateur. It strikes me as a good outfit for an afternoon out with friends, but not so smart for a royal occasion – tho I don’t like the Duchess any the less for sticking with her chums!

    The colour of the earrings also strikes me as odd – the yellowish tinge in the photos I’ve seen seems to clash with the coat’s salmon tones. They are also are the nearest to bling I think I’ve seen on the Duchess so far, and a bit dressy for a day at the races.

    Also, I’m no fan of dark patterned tights. That said, the dark hat, bag and gloves look well against a pale coat, and the Duchess herself looks blooming. Thanks for another great post.

    • I agree with your point about it being a more casual look but would add that this was not an offical royal engagement but a private event.

      • Point taken –I was sort of trying to say that when I said ! Tricky though, even on private outings she may now get measured up royal standards, not to mention the zealous inspection of all those of us online. I think I’d like her to stay relaxed!

    • I agree with your point about the colour of the earrings : not the right colour for me too : something more pink, or more brown or simply transparent stone

      • I love citrine earrings because they match everything like little gold hoops but sweeter. Kate’s simple Citrine Drop Earrings and dressier Eternal Citrine Cushion & Diamond Earrings (£1,200) are totally my style. However, to match her Joseph coat in salmon, I’ve bought Kiki McDonough’s Pink Opal and Diamond Drop Earrings (£1,700). The later are more expensive but Kate is wearing more pink lately so the pink opals would have been a better investment (unless you believe opals, particularly black opals, bring bad luck) then a second pair of citrine earrings. Just my thoughts :)

  7. Coat too short. The opaque tights prevent it from being a fashion faux pas. The colour is lovely and Kate looks great with her fuller face/body.

  8. Perhaps Kate’s band is set with rubies (July’s birthstone) since she is due in July.

    • Speaking of that ring — are we sure it is a new ring? I was just looking at some pictures of Kate and found what could be the same or very similary ring. It’s when she was dressed for the roller-derby in the green shiny top and yellow shorts. She has a gold ring on the middle finger of her right hand. It appears to be the same width, but from the picture I cannot tell if it has the ruby/garnet stones. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

      • It is an old ring, your hunch is correct! People have been speculating on its significance ever since it reappeared on Kate’s hand a few weeks ago–I think the Action on Addiction event.

        Read through the comments sections of Susan’s posts over the past few weeks, or the WKW FB page. Some people see a setting with pearl (William’s birthstone), garnet (Kate’s birthstone), or ruby (Baby Cambridge’s birthstone!). Lots of fun theories.

  9. There are more recently added photos on the Daily Mail site which show her stepping out of the vehicle when they arrived at the races. In one her coat is split and shows a good portion of the hemline on the dress which looks very much like the leopard print dress she wore recently. I love the color of the coat!

    • I can’t imagine she would have had that leopard-print dress so drastically shortened. On her previous wearings, it reached her knees.

  10. No, whatever the Duchess had on underneath that coat, it was not the brown, Orla Kiely “bird print” dress, but rather something lighter, in a multicolored print, with some large cream or ivory elements. You can see that clearly in the photos on the Daily Mail site, which also make it clear that the dress is much shorter than the Kiely dress.

  11. she looks gorgeous and happy and is dressing her age. I love this look.

    • Absolutely agree! She looks lovely!

    • I actually don’t think a 31-year-old woman should be wearing a coat that short and what is clearly an even shorter dress. That length is really for teenagers and children in my view.

      But otherwise, it’s true, she’s really glowing.

  12. A pair of brown pants tucked into the boots would have created the same effect and saved us all the worry of a too short dress. What was she thinking? What about her advisors? Odd.

  13. And not to forget, another great post, Susan!! Thanks!!!

  14. Moving the buttons certainly adds to Kate’s reputation as “frugal.” She is probably trying to make it through the cold spring before breaking out real maternity clothes. This way she can avoid investing in a heavier coat that would accomodate a bump. I admire her resourcefulness (but perhaps the button imprints could have been steamed a bit more) and as ususal, she looked elegant and chic!

    • I would agree. When I was pregnant, many, many moons ago, I refused to invest in a maternity winter coat (I had children born in January, June, July, and March). I was not certain that I would get the use of it – plus, I could wear the coats that I already owned (I know, I was lucky). Some people are fortunate in that even when pregnant, the weight gained is such and distributed on the body that any of a number of pre-pregnancy clothes can be worn throughout or up until the last month – I was such a person. Others are not so lucky. I think it has much to do with one’s genes and body type. Obviously, the Duchess is one of those lucky individuals (this is even more the case with one’s first child).

      My guess is that the friends that she was with could not have cared one whit whether one could see the outline of a button that had been moved – it is through the magic of the close-up of the telephoto lens that such “imperfections” can be seen. What is important is that she feels well and up to going out and about.

  15. Not loving this coat at all- the chest area is busting on her, despite having moved the buttons. Frugality is nice but only to a point, i think. Love the rest of the look and accessories but i cant seem to notice anything but the ill fit of the coat! (and this is coming from someone who moves buttons on my coats all the time)
    I agree with the other posters that im not a fan of the citrine color of the earrings- but at the same time the earrings are pretty. And im loving Kates fuller face these days!
    Nice seeing her out and about again, and looking forward to her next few appearances :)- i missed her recently!

    • I had both of my children in late spring, and I would have loved to have had the money to purchase a maternity coat that fit properly! I wore a regular coat, and just couldn’t bring myself to pay $75 or so for a new maternity coat that would only be worn a few seasons at best.

      So what I’m saying is, I wish she’d splurged on a new coat instead of modifying an existing piece. I get that she’s trying to show she’s frugal, but I think she took it a step too far.

  16. I think Kate needs a Royal Dresser now more than ever. I can overlook the button change, although I think a little ironing would have helped, but it really threw off the hem of the coat. You can see it on other pictures that it’s not even straight anymore in the front. And yes, it is way too short for a 30 something pregnant woman.

    • I have to respectfully disagree that the coat and dress are “too short” for the Duchess. This was not an official Royal function, and the races are a somewhat casual event. Furthermore, the dark tights and talll boots help visually “lengthen” the entire look. She is young, happy, and at a private and casual event.

  17. Hello,
    sorry but I guess I don’t quite understand what happend with the buttons of the coat..
    Have they been moved? to me they look the same as before :S
    Thanks in advance!

  18. Lovely post, as always. As a frugalista myself, I love that she is re-using items and making adjustments. On the hem length, curious if the dress was perhaps unintentionally “caught” on the coat or tights? I know she has folks to watch for all that, but it is the kind of thing that would happen to me, especially with a floaty type dress. I suspect floaty, based on that little slip of fabric on the first pic. In any case, she looks radiant!

  19. What a happy surprise to see them out. I’m thinking that their amount of time spent in and around London as compared to Angelsey is an indication of William’s career plans, i.e leaving the military to do more royal duties vs. staying in the military. It’s looking like the military will lose out, which for some reason I find somewhat sad.

    • I think you are probably right. Given both the Queen’s and DoE’s recent though thankfully minor health issues, it is all too clear that it is time for the next generation to take more of an active role in the family firm. I think the recent approval for renovations to Anmer Hall is also an indication that their time in Anglesley will shortly be coming to an end.

  20. I wonder if the dress might be the Orla Kiely birdie-print dress from Feb 2012? The couple of pics I saw of the sleeve peeking out of the coat seemed to match. However, I am only a novice at this!!

    • Definitely the brown OK dress. You can see enough to clearly see it in some pics that are a side view of Kate getting out of the car.

  21. Love her style today, the colours fit her perfectly. Do you know where else to buy the zipkin boots? Such a wonderful page, thanks for your work!

  22. This is a cute little coat, and I appreciate the frugality and practicality of moving the buttons on an old coat to accommodate a pregnancy. However, it’s really much too short, almost jacket length, and the dress she wore beneath it looked even shorter in the one photo I saw that revealed its hem.

    It appeared to be in some sort of print fabric, but it couldn’t have been the Max Mara leopard-print dress, which is considerably longer on her, judging by the glimpses we got when she wore it under longer, cream-colored (or possibly pale pink) coats.

    Wearing a short coat and dress with opaque or patterned hose and boots is a good idea — the hose and boots make you look more covered up — but I really think this length isn’t suitable for anyone over the age of, say, 21.

    The earrings are lovely, but if I ever splurged on them, I’d have to go for one of the other stones. Citrine-yellow just isn’t my color.

    • I am with you on the earring color, I would *love* the true amethyst, or even the blue topaz.

    • I so agree with you about the coat length — no doubt the expanding tummy shortened it even more. I sometimes find the Duchess appears quite careless in matters of dress and there seem to be regular odd hemlines and waist adjustments among other mishaps.

  23. I dislike the pinkish tan colour of this coat–at least as it appears on my monitor. It also is quite short, stopping several inches above Kate’s knees, too short in my book to look entirely elegant without some article of clothing showing underneath.
    I am a bit surprised at the second pair of Kiki McDonough’s citrine earrings–I think I would prefer these with one of the other stones, and I don’t like the bright yellow of the stones with the pinkish tone of the coat. Otherwise, I like Kate’s accessory choices for this outing.

  24. Their friend, Sam Waley-Cohen was riding. He lead the way through most of the Gold Cup race, but came in third.

  25. Thanks for the post! I was wondering do you know if Kate’s Zipkin is in Brown suede or black?

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