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William and Kate spent the late afternoon visiting the headquarters of Child Bereavement UK. Crowds started gathering early to see the duo as shown in this picture from the Bucks Free Press.

Via Bucks Free Press Twitter

William has been Royal Patron of the organization since 2009, but this was his first visit to Child Bereavement’s headquarters.

Neil Warner / Splash News

Simon Perry of People Magazine shared this photo.

Simon Perry, People Magazine Twitter Feed

William and Kate did a walkabout together.

Neil Warner Splash News

More from Victoria Murphy’s live updates for the Daily Mirror:

Kate asked the well-wishers if they had cold hands (while sporting a pair of black gloves herself!) As his wife was presented with posies from the crowd, William joked “I never get flowers any more, I just get cold hands.”

William was given a teddy from two-year-old Emily Tack, who had been waiting for two hours with her mum Sarah. Sarah, 34, said: “We’ve always wanted to meet them but never thought we’d get the chance.

“I said congratulations on your pregnancy and enjoy it because they grow up so fast.

“They smiled and said yes.

“William asked what the teddy was called and we said we just call it teddy and he said ‘We will give it a name’.

Paul Harrison of Sky News shared these images of the couple.

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter Feed (@SkyNewsRoyal)

The group supports families and works to “educate professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.”

Once inside Kate and William were spent time with Bereavement Services, Training and Fundraising teams. Then they were to move on to the tough business of meeting bereaved families involved in the Children and Young People’s Service, as well as a Parents’ Support Group.

Paul Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

Prince William feels a strong personal connection to the organization, more from Socialite Life:

The late Princess of Wales once visited the charity, run by her friend, Julia Samuel.

In 2009, William gave a touching speech at CB UK’s 2009 Mother’s Day campaign launch.

“Never being able to say ‘Mummy’ again in your life sounds like a small thing. However, for many, including me, it’s now really just a word, hollow and evoking only memories,” the Prince said.

Paul Harrison of Sky News also shared this photo of kids popping bubble wrap, it looks like Kate might be helping.

Paul Harrison/Sky News (@SkyNewsRoyal)

Richard Palmer’s story in the Express has more insight on the time William and Kate shared with the couple.

“You realise I’ve been in similar circumstances,” William, who underwent bereavement counselling along with his brother Prince Harry after Princess Diana’s death in 1997, told the parents in a group counselling session: “I think you are very brave coming into a situation like this and talking about yourselves.

“I feel like I should give you all a hug.”

Each of the mothers and fathers in the group then took it in turns to hug William and Kate. “We got a kiss and a cuddle from both of them,” said one mother, Ros, who lost her 28-year-old son two and a half years ago.

“He said ‘I do wish you didn’t have to here under these circumstances.’ He could feel our grief and sadness.”

Child Bereavement shared this photo from today on its Facebook page.

Child Bereavement UK Facebook Page

More from the Mirror’s live coverage:

Hayley Collins, 17, a student from Lord Williams school in Thame, Oxfordshire, congratulated William on the couple’s upcoming baby.

She said: “He seemed really excited.

“And Kate said ‘I’m really overwhelmed by the number of hands’ about the hands being thrust out from the crowd.”

Below we see William and Kate as they are leaving the Centre.

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter Feed (@SkyNewsRoyal)

As far as Kate’s wardrobe for the day, she was in a coat by Goat, the brand’s ‘Redgrave’ style.

Goat Fashion ‘Redgrave’ Coat

The collarless piece has an A-line silhouette and is made of heavy crepe wool, there are concealed buttons on the front closure. It sells for £560, roughly $850 USD at today’s exchange rates. My Wardrobe is offering the coat at $770.

Underneath Kate was in Topshop’s Contrast Collar Dress.

Topshop Contrast Collar Shift Dress

Fortunately the dress is nowhere near this short on Kate. The frock is described as “Short sleeved black shift dress with contrast white collar. 94% Polyester, 6% Elastane.” It is available from Topshop directly, in the US it is also sold at Nordstrom. There are several sizes available as of this writing, that is likely to change.

Here is a pretty good image showing Kate’s Cornelia James Short Wool Gloves with Side Bow.

Splash News

The Duchess also brought back her Episode Angel pumps that were purchased some time ago at House of Fraser and no longer available.

PA Wire

With apologies for the incomplete post, I am flying out the door to a previous commitment and will update the post later this evening.



  41 Responses to “Kate & William Visit Child Bereavement Center”

  1. There is a cute little Replikate for the collared Topshop dress at, only £10 at the moment

  2. The coat is lovely, but I’m not sure it should be worn with black tights.

  3. I think the dress was the perfect choice for this stage of her pregnancy (when she doesn’t yet have to wear maternity clothes) and it doesn’t cling to her belly (which I despise).
    I also like the coat, and the two together are fine, but I wish the collar of the dress was tucked under the coat as opposed to laying out over the coat.
    I just don’t understand all the comments about too short hemlines—she is wearing opaque tights in all of her last 3 outings—it is not as though she is exposing her legs/thighs. She is only 31 and this is no longer the dark ages where we hide pregnant ladies away.

  4. Remark how the bottom edge of the coat is rounded in the same shape as a Peter Pan collar.

    The outfit is very short but that’s the thing this season.

  5. I hope Kate does not wear the light brown coat with the buttons moved over ever again. I am surprised the people around her didn’t advise her against it.
    I loved the white coat and black dress with the white collar.
    I am a little concerned that Kate’s baby bump is so small. Larger babies are healthier my doctor says.

  6. This outfit is not a look that suits my tastes, as I really loathe anything with a 60s or Mod vibe. (Banana Republic has featured a Mad Men collection for the past two years, and I’ve gotten used to just skipping the entire front of the store, since I know nothing will appeal to me.) I think 60s silhouettes veer towards the shorter side, so I wonder if that explains the short hem lengths here.

    That being said, I know that 60s fashion is experiencing a real comeback at the moment (didn’t Orla Kiely do a show that channeled the 60s this year?) and my distaste is far from universally shared. The same goes for Peter Pan collars. I try to avoid them, since I already look very young. Zooey Deschanel, a popular American actress, wears them quite frequently though, and I’ve seen many tops and dresses recently that feature them. As others have pointed out, Pippa wore a very similar dress in the past as well.

    I was really touched by William’s words about losing his mother. I still remember waking up to watch Diana’s funeral and the white floral arrangement on the casket with the simple note reading, “Mummy.” Bless him for sharing his personal experiences in order to help others; I’m sure it was difficult for him. Also, thank you for the link to the “Mourning After Natasha” blog, Susan. Those posts were insightful and wise.

  7. Love the coat in every way. Very chic and classic ensemble. About the dress, I personally don’t do peter pan collars but it works here and she looks fabulous (she looks fabulous in nearly everything she wears). I love how the dress collar was brought out and made to look as though it was part of the coat- creates a unique look. Thanks for the post!

  8. I’m not wild about the dress, but I love the coat and the black and cream color combination. It is so classic and clean-looking. I am thinking that the coat would be great for her to wear in the months right after their baby is born as well, although I’m sure she’ll get her figure back in no time.

  9. Maybe it wasn’t the most magnificent she ever wore, but I felt it was quite appropriate and looked really nice. I loved it with black tights and didn’t even mind the peter pan collar on the dress. Overall, a very nice look.

  10. I just love Kate in her short coat and dark hosiery. She looks like a million bucks IMO. I must admit, I am so ready for her to have this baby. Seems like she has been expecting for a year.

  11. The coat is just bit longer than the length of a “car coat.”. It looks silly on the model with the nude legs. The Duchess made a much better choice with the black tights, but I think it would make more sense with trousers (has she ever been photographed in trousers?). If I had her legs, I would also wear really short skirts and dresses, but I wonder if the length of this dress means she has to do some adjusting when she sits.

    • I’ve suggested in the past that she should opt for trousers when exiting planes and walking down windy runways, a sure way to avoid the two wardrobe malfunctions she has experienced in the past. However, I don’t believe she has been photographed in trousers before, at least not to my knowledge. When I posted about this previously, Britgirl pointed out that Sophie of Wessex, Princess Mary of Denmark, and Princess Letizia of Spain have all been photographed wearing trousers at official events, so it does not seem as if it would violate royal protocol (though I’m not suggesting that pants would be appropriate at all royal events, obviously).

      Perhaps the Duchess simply dislikes trousers and slacks… which would be a pity, because I think they would look great on her!

    • I never really thought about it, but you’re right. I can’t recall seeing her in tailored slacks or a sharp pantsuit and I definitely do think it would suit her.

      I liked the look with the jacket on, but the dress by itself doesn’t do much for me. And while I get why Kate often opts for dark hose I often don’t like the look much.

  12. Kate’s dress is similar to Pippa’s Susannah dress with a pilgrim collar. Love both dresses as they are very Chanel. Also love tailored, cream coats (Kate’s Max Mara is my favorite) but I understand the A-line will give her room to grow. My only critique is the stark white collar did not work with the cream coat. I think tucking the white collar under the cream coat and creating a faux collar with a cream, silk scarf with black polka dots or black animal spots would have tied the black and cream solids together. Also, if the scarf had hints of pink or rose it would have softened the bold contrast and her complexion as well as matched nicely with any of the pink roses she is given. She could remove the cream, black and pink scarf with the cream coat when ready to reveal her pretty black and white dress underneath :-)

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat! Dress – yes. Peter Pan collar – negative. Hair is a little flat but she can’t always have perfect hair so I’ll let that go. I agree with several readers that shorter hemlines are ok with opaque tights; however I’m not sure she can wear that coat too much further into her pregnancy as her belly will grow. I do expect to see the coat after her pregnancy, with no doubt.

    Thanks for another great post!

  14. I like the coat, which is not a maternity style, but with its A line cut can accomodate a baby bump, and it can be worn post pregnancy which will appeal to Kate’s supposed frugal streak. I like the dress as well. But I do not like the two together. I agree with FrenchGirl that Kate is showing the same tendency as CP Victoria to have her hemlines creep up while pregnant. The danger of that, as Lili pointed out, is that is exactly the style that little girls wear–full and short. The Peter Pan collar peeking out over the coat only adds to that effect. But I must say that this coat is an improvement over the not entirely successfully altered clothes Kate has worn on her last two outings, and will a proper pairing could look quite sophisticated. I think I would have preferred Kate’s knit poloneck/turtleneck dress under the coat.

  15. Wow! the Duchess really looks like a breath of fresh spring air. What a simply delightful coat — and I’m so relieved we can at last see an outfit that doesn’t require a waistline.

    I love the little dress underneath — the white collar works surprisingly well on the cream coat and the whole ensemble looks elegant, effortless and coordinated. Her straightened hair and those pearl drop earrings are just perfect.

    I still wonder why she sticks to such short skirt lengths as they seem a mite unbalanced given her expanding tum, and I so wish she could find the means to pick up a fresh pair of shoes as the old ones look pretty battered in some pictures. But overall she remains a joy to look at, as always.

  16. With her smile she can carry off even a bad outfit. That said, the whole outfit doesn’t look right – for one thing it is certainly too short. It also look a size too small.

  17. I love the coat. I will never get enough the Duchess wearing white/ivory, the color suits her so well. I’m neutral on the dress, and agree the collar looks terrible sticking out of the coat. Her bump has really gotten big in the last month!

  18. I think Kate looks very lovely, I do like the dress, it is very sixities and very in for spring. I really love her choice in coats…..they are always so classic and stylish. :)

  19. OMG! Although i do love the cream and black combination, yikes on the peter pan collar sticking out of the coat! I disagree with others that the coat is too short with the black tights, i actually think the opposite, short coats are pulled off better with black tights than no tights, its more appropriate.
    I do like her hair down and the accessories, but the collar, oh boy! is the dress or coat maternity? or regular clothes in bigger sizes?

  20. I love her coat but not a fan of the dress but she still looks great in the maternity ensemble!!

  21. I think the coat was on-the-money now that she is getting so she can’t just use old ones. Good color, good shape. Let’s hope she doesn’t follow too closely in CP Victoria’s maternity style shoes. Some things she wore missed the mark by a mile. Anyhow, Catherine has a free pass from me for 9 months because dressing any kind of belly bump is a challenge. Props to her for staying active and being out and about for some very long days.

  22. I completely agree with Lili, this is not a good style choice at all!. It looks immature yet at the same time incredibly frumpy, if that makes sense. The outfit is in no way fashionable. There are such beautiful silhouettes available – maternity clothing does not have to look like this! You can do better, Kate!

  23. absolutely loving the peter pan collar! such a fresh look for kate. and her coat is simple and elegant. well done!

  24. love love love the peter pan collar under the coat. so fresh looking for her. and i love her coat–it’s really simple and chic.

  25. I am so sorry but I don’t like at all the outfit. Light-pink-very-short-coat and loooooong black opaque tights do not make always a good match.
    As crownprincess Victoria did when she was pregnant with lilleprincess Estelle, the more Kate get pregnant the shorter are the skirts.
    A question : did Kate made something with her hair ? more clear than usual.

  26. Thanks for the quick post! I think Catherine looked just beautiful and very appropriate today :) This must have been a difficult event to attend for many reasons, i.e., expecting their first child and meeting with parents who lost a child, and also William knowing too well the grief he experienced as a youth losing his mother. I think it just shows how serious they are about their roles that they can put their own personal feelings aside and remain professional. It seems like such a great charity with very honorable goals. Catherine seems to be wearing her hair more “natural”, as in it doesn’t look to be quite the rich color and is lacking the almost perfect looking blow dry! LOL. I actually prefer her hair as it is now. So glad to see her looking so healthy and happy. She definitely is radiant and she and Prince William seem very happy! I hope they aren’t too upset about her Uncle talking with Hello. Even if he mainly said good things, I’m sure it still feels like a betrayal. Also, the pictures of him in his mansion (I’ve heard about this, not seen the pics myself) could possibly make the public more critical of the Middleton’s and their wealth. Hopefully it won’t cause too much of an upset. Well, looking forward to seeing Catherine with the Scouts this week!

  27. As of 1:45pm EST, the Topshop dress is ‘unavailable’ on the Nordstrom website!

  28. Well, I’m hoping to find a cream or ivory coat myself, but this one is just too short, and with the short, demurely-collared dress, the outfit looks — childish. It looks as though it was designed for an 8-year-old. Maternity clothes unfortunately have a tendency to look immature, and I was hoping that the Duchess would avoid choosing any pieces that had that effect. However, I’m reminded of her yellow Jenny Packham dress and the birdprint Orla Kiely, both of which looked very juvenile. Evidently, the Duchess just likes to wear such designs now and then.

    Mind you, I do like the combination of black and cream, which I find very elegant.

    • totally agree with you.

      This outfit is very “twee”.

    • Agreed on all counts. I think the Peter Pan collar was what made it look extremely unsophisticated for me. (And I hated that Orla Kiely dress you referenced!)

      Remember the maternity outfits from about 30 years ago? At least she’s not wearing a big bow on the front – it could be worse!

    • At least the shortness of the outfit and the blackness of the hosiery helps keep attention on a fine pair of legs and distracts from the bump.

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