Apr 292013

Kate chose a springtime ensemble today for her visit to Naomi House Children’s Hospice.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

Kate chose to spend her 2nd wedding anniversary working, below you see the Duchess being greeted by Sally, who is 8.  Sally presented Kate with a lovely bouquet of flowers, she has spinal atrophy and receives care at Naomi House.


Louisa Maher Twitter

Naomi House is connected to another unit, jacksplace, that portion of the facility provides services to young adults. More from the group’s Facebook page:

Naomi House and jacksplace provides support to children and young adults who are likely to die at an early age. We provide respite,emergency and bereavement care.

Kate spent time touring the facilities, including the gardens, children’s bedrooms and therapy pool. She also enjoyed sharing tea with brothers and sisters of Naomi House children, we see her with Reuben and Jessica during tea.

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire

The Mirror’s Victoria Murphy reports this is not the first trip to Naomi House for Kate, she previously visited back in 2008. As many know, today is Kate and William’s 2nd wedding anniversary, more on how that was recognized during the day’s event from the Mirror’s live blog:

Hospice Chairman professor Khalid Aziz told Kate: “It’s especially special that you came here today because today is a very special day two years ago to the day, you were in a slightly larger building then this one – probably not having quite as much fun. But you did it very well we were all totally enthralled.

“I just hope Prince William is taking you somewhere nice tonight.”

Kate blushed, spread her arms and replied: “Well he’s on shift, so…”

Today’s appearance is also linked to Children’s Hospice Week, “the UK’s only awareness and fundraising week for children with life-limiting conditions…”.  Kate’s belief in children’s hospice prompted her first recorded video message.

Children's Hospice Week/Together for Short Lives

Children’s Hospice Week/Together for Short Lives

In the video Kate expresses her strong feelings about the need to support children’s hospice work.

Children’s hospices provide lifelines to families at a time of unimagin­able pain. The support they give is vital.

“In order to carry out this wonderful work, our help is needed.”

You may view Kate’s message by clicking here.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

There was still a sizable crowd outside to see Kate leave, as shown in this photo by People magazine’s Simon Perry.

Simon Perry/People Magazine Twitter

Simon Perry/People Magazine Twitter

Kate’s coat is by Tara Jarmon.

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

It is was available at Harvey Nichols for £380, no one will be surprised to learn it has sold out.  The piece is from the brand’s spring 2013 collection, crafted from 100% cotton twill with an acetate/viscose lining. The collarless piece is single-breasted with bound buttonholes, darts at waist and shoulder, angled front pockets and a deep back vent.

Tara Jarmon/Harvey Nichols

Tara Jarmon/Harvey Nichols

Tara Jarmon was a new designer for me, one I am happy to have discovered. Her design aesthetic is unfussy, with clean, elegant lines and a minimum of frou-frou. Ms. Jarmon was born in Canada, and lived in California for some time, but she and her eponymous label are based in Paris. There are more than 25 free-standing boutiques throughout Europe and Asia, including Munich, Bordeaux, Madrid, Zurich and several other locales. There are several boutiques in London; the line is also carried at Harvey Nichols and John Lewis.

Kate paired this piece with a coordinating dress by “an independent dressmaker”. She accessorized with her LK Bennett Sledge Pumps and Avona clutch.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

We will update when we have a few more photos.

This is just one of two posts today, I think you will enjoy our second post due out shortly. It’s a little something we are doing to officially launch the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser.


  48 Responses to “Kate in Tara Jarmon for Naomi House Children’s Hospice Visit”

  1. Wow, it looks perfect on Kate.
    I really like the colour, and the design!
    I really wish I could buy one too.

    If anyone out there knows where I can buy this, please help me!!

  2. She looks radiant! I LOVE this color on her and her hair is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful coat.
    I hope their new child grows up into a world filled with peace and surrounded by love.

  4. Coat still available at THIS moment in sizes 10 and 14 at Harvey Nichols ;-)

  5. I love the outfit and the colour!! Wish she wore that colour more! perfect for spring!Gorgeous! Hey if I had legs that good when I was pregnant I’d show them off too ! ;-) seems to be when the duchess wears a coat her hem line goes up. ;-)

  6. Maybe I missed I missed it, but how do we know the dress was a one-off?

  7. I’m just not loving this as much as others seem to be! The coat is delicious, and the color looks well on the duchess. But while I’ve been loving her shorter hemlines throughout her pregnancy, this one just feels too short to me. Maybe it’s the peachy, lightweight fabric, or the way she seems to be holding her purse below the bump, but it just doesn’t feel elegant. I’m also not loving her hair here, it doesn’t look polished or carefree, somewhere in the middle that just doesn’t work for me. Sigh.

  8. I do not mind the length of her skirts–ever! So many people with chubby legs look positively off-putting with high hemlines, but she has the right leg thickness (or lack thereof) above the knees plus thin neck and arms that make her look in balance, even with the bump.

    I enjoyed this color on her. As one poster said, a strong peach and if I might add, periwinkle blue, look good on most women.

    I detested her Peter Pan color, though. And she has to be careful with her blush.

  9. I love this shade on Kate, and the way she has styled her hair (more waves than curls?). My favourite of her Maternity look so far, and for what looks like a lovely, worthwhile day.

  10. LOVE the color of the coat.

    I for one wish the duchess would do for longer hems during pregnancy what she did for sleeves on wedding gowns. Just about every. single. dress I looked at in the maternity section was extremely short (and low cut – but at least she has avoided that). For some reason, when you are getting bigger, designers seem to think you have this NEED to show off your chest and legs. In particular, when chasing toddlers, shorter skirts can be extremely hazardous! Come on Kate, do pregnant women the world over a favor and push for longer hems.

    • Her hem length is not attractive, she should stick to the elegant lengths she is so well known for. Also her belly button (navel) iis evident in one of the photos, which is never tasteful.

  11. This is also one of my favorite maternity looks but I really wish everything was two inches longer. When you wear heels that high, you need to balance it with a proper skirt length. As far as her private dressmaker, it’s probably the same person who has been tailoring her clothes. I suspect it’s not a designer.

  12. I am quite partial to this look. I love the color! It’s perfect for spring. I also think her hair looks particularly beautiful and voluminous today. It’s sad that she can’t be with William privately celebrating their anniversary, but I’m sure they will make up for lost time after he finishes his shift.

    The video message was very effective, though I’m not in love with Peter Pan collars. Her blush appeared a trifle heavy; however, I dif wonder if her color is just naturally heightened from nerves… I imagine I would be covered in hives if I had to record a message for the world to watch!

  13. I simply love this coat — such beautiful clean lines — I love the seaming details and the long angle of the slit pockets. And that uncluttered jewel neckline is just one of the best in any woman’s wardrobe. A real classic, and such a wonderful new shade of colour for the Duchess, setting off her own colouring wonderfully.

    And this coat looks fine unbuttoned, discreetly favouring the Royal Bump. I like so much that the dress beneath is in a subtly different shade, and this is the second of recent outfits — after the mint green Mulberry — where the nude accessories have worked just fine. Once again the length is short, but not as unsightly as some earlier efforts.

    Kate’s wavy hair, too, is fantastic, so young and suited to a springtime feel – almost of “nymphs and shepherds” quality! In fact the last few outfits, since we saw the red Armani repeat in Scotland, show signs of being better thought out. It would be nice to think the Duchess might be finding her royal feet at last.

  14. I can’t think of anything more depressing than a “children’s hospice.” If I had to visit one I would probably cry the entire time. Good for Kate for making this one of her charities. She looks wonderful in that peachy color.

    • Right? I can’t even. I will always have admiration and respect for people who work in hospices, and sympathy and compassion for patients and their families who must use hospice care. So, good on Kate for bringing cheer and comfort to the people of Naomi House; I don’t think I could do it.

  15. I love the color on her, but my favorite part about today was her hair!! It was so so gorgeous! I loved that she moved toward curling most of her hair rather than just the ends. It looks amazing.

  16. I discovered Tara Jarmon some time ago on a trip to Paris. TJ is one of my favourite labels, the style is clean and unfussy, as you described it and the prices are very affordable. I like the duchesses coat, much better than the mint Mulberry coat -

  17. First time seeing her in such a soft pastel…very refreshing however I can’t say it’s my favorite color on her. :)

  18. This is a beautiful color on Kate and flattering for all women> Glad to see that she is wearing a new color, not one we have seen before. Great choice and nice to be introduced to a new designer.

    She looks great this season!

  19. I thought the peach Tara Jarmon coat Kate wore on April 29th was the Zara coral coat Olivia Palermo wore on April 19th (Daily Mail) so am I sensing a little style inspiration here? ;)

  20. Unusual color palette for Kate, and I really like it! Can’t go wrong with a simple, well-cut coat in a gorgeous springy shade.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this independent dressmaker. Didn’t Kate wear a coat 2 Christmases ago that was also by a small, independent designer? Could it be the same?

  21. I love peach and think that she is absolutely glowing!! Can’t wait to see the 2nd post!!

    Thanks again for keeping us updated.

  22. I always think of light coats with matching or nearly matching dresses as very “princess-y,” so that’s how the Duchess looked today to me and also the other day in her mint-green coat and dress.

    Jarmon’s designs are indeed clean and unfussy, but frankly there’s often something faintly juvenile about them. This coat has that effect — I think it’s the slightly high waist seam — as does the dress. It’s hard to avoid it when it comes to maternity wear, but the effect is exacerbated by the short length of the coat and dress. I know I keep harping on this, but the Duchess would look more elegant, sophisticated, and adult if this ensemble were simply a couple of inches longer.

    Basically, however, the Duchess looks quite nice, and I am once again struck by her ability to wear various colors I can’t. I can get away with the very pale peach of the dress but not the brighter, stronger shade of the coat. Alas.

    • I agree with your “princess-y” tag for this outfit, but in my case I’m afraid I simply lapped it up! Couldn’t help noticing though that the combination of long coat over shift, not to mention pastel colours galore, is the exact same the Queen herself has been using since the year dot.

    • Hello Liz,
      I agree with you regarding the length of the coat, especially that she wears it with such hi heals.
      I just baught a similar coat, above the knee makes what could be a 60′s inspired cut look more modern. I recommend it!

  23. I am dying to know *who* you all think this “Independent Dressmaker” is?

    Could it be Kate herself? Carole? Pips?

    • That would be something wouldn’t it if?. Sewing is my hobby and I’ve actually won a few national sewing contests for my tailored jackets, one of which was inspired by Kate. I think Kate could become a skilled DIY garment sewer if she chose to. She loves fashion, has an excellent sense of style, and has the kind of self discipline and dedication it takes to build up skill. I’ve read that Kate taken up knitting, so perhaps sewing will be next. She could always start with something for the baby and work her way up. Kate, if you’re reading this, sewing is a wonderfully relaxing and fulfilling hobby — you should give it a try!

    • The dressmaker is probably one of the many tailors or seamstresses employed by the Queen. (Although I love the thought of Pippa with a needle and thread, somehow that image doesn’t jive with her glam lifestyle ;)

  24. I tried the Sledge pumps on but found they weren’t comfortable. I bought the Maddox wedge instead, but am having buyers remorse and sort of want to re-try on the Sledge! Did anyone else find the Sledge not super comfortable-I’m sure it would stretch out and get better with time.

    • I tried them and they hurt.

      Universal shoe law #1 If they dont fit in the shop, they wont get any better.

      • So true! The lady tried to tell me that because I was wearing flip flops, that’s the reason they hurt. Uh no.

        • I got them for my birthday. I tried on a 38 in the store and I thought they were comfortable but they didn’t have the taupe color. Fast forward to getting them in the mail a few weeks later. They were SO tight and uncomfortable. I haven’t had the opportunity to wear them very often, but they’ve been stretching out and becoming more comfortable. I think the store may have pre-stretched them …

          • They offered to do that for me, but I don’t want to buy them first. I may stick with the wedges. Hope yours get more comfortable!

    • Glad to know this! I have considered purchasing them in the future after saving up, but have wondered if they’d be worth the price. I guess for some they are comfortable and I’d definitely make sure I could try them on first. It really is individual for everyone in regards to shoes. I think so much of it has to do with the arch in our feet, our hips, etc. For me, pretty much all heels over 3 inches make me waddle like a penguin!! I have no idea why, but no matter how often I “practice” they just don’t work with my feet and gait LOL.

  25. I am sure that there will be many complaints about the length of the hem on this dress. I would say this: “she is only 31 and this is not a mini-skirt—-it is only a few inches above her knees”

    Personally, I think the color is great and the coat is cut beautifully—hope she wears more from this designer. The heels and clutch work perfectly with the springy color, and her hair is lovely. Makeup is also great, with the usual exception—-IMO—of her blush being too pink.

    The duchess clearly cares deeply about this cause.

  26. Not sure if my comment went through the first time….I really LOVE this color and style on Kate. I think it’s perfect that the style is unfussy considering the event. She is not drawing attention to herself. As always she looks professional and appropriate. It’s quite lovely!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I think she looks gorgeous–definitely one of my favorite maternity looks on her.

      • I think she looks wonderful too — and the clean cut of this coat seems to be channelling the ever-youthful Audrey Hepburn. I can see this designer being a natural choice for Kate.

  27. Great post as always! I have to say I have felt very moved by the pictures of her with the children today. I know this must be very hard work, yet also very rewarding. All those precious children fighting such hard battles is something many of us probably can’t imagine. God bless Catherine for being so passionate about this cause and lending her patronage to it. I also was very impressed, but not surprised to learn she has visited there in 2008. No one knew about that and she has never tried to “prove” that she has done more than people think she has, and that really, really impresses me about her! I also adore the look today! What a beautiful color on her. I’ll also be anxiously waiting to see when you awesome fashion sleuths can ID the dress :) I look forward to the BCF and learning more about it :)

  28. Kate is back on track with her outfit today. A new color for her, I think. Very seasonal and attractive. I hope she and William get together tonight. I understand her being in London when she has multiple engagements but don’t understand why she is not in Wales during the times she isn’t working.

    • Kathy, it could be that Kate doesn’t want to travel far from her doctor while she’s this far along. If she had to get to London in a hurry, it would still take some time to actually get there. It could also be that the longish rides out to Wales are uncomfortable for her.

    • Because she’s pregnant. According to information published some time ago, they decided it would be best for her to be close to her doctors while she is expecting.

    • When William is on 24 hour shift, he is not at home, he is based at Valley.

    • I think that she is staying in London because of the pregnancy and her illness in the beginning so that she is close to her doctors.

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