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It was a glorious spring day for this year’s Trooping the Colour Ceremony; you can see the sun and clouds at Buckingham Palace this morning in a photo shared by royal photographer Mark Stewart on Twitter.

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart Twitter Feed

Mark Stewart Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

The Queen attended with the Duke of Kent; Prince Philip remains in the hospital where he is recovering from abdominal surgery. It is thought to be only the third time Prince Philip was not part of the event.

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter Feed

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter Feed

HM has participated every year of her with the exception of 1955 when there was a national railroad strike.  Just behind the Queen’s carriage, you can see Princess Anne, Prince Charles and Prince William on horseback.

Grewal Gagan Twitter Feed(@RadioGagan)

Grewal Gagan Twitter Feed(@RadioGagan)

Kate, Prince Harry and Camilla shared a carriage this year.

James Whatling/Solash news

James Whatling/Splash News

The morning had a mix of clouds and sunshine as seen in this photo from a Metropolitan Police Helicopter.

MPS Helicopters Twitter

MPS Helicopters Twitter

The annual event is the official celebration of the Queen’s Birthday, a day for more than 1,000 soldiers and horses to shine, as noted by this tweet from the Grenadier Guards Band.



Below we see last minute preps by the Blues & Royals Band, one of two mounted bands in the British Army.

Blues & Royals Band Twitter (@RHGDBand)

Blues & Royals Band Twitter Feed

Here we see the Blues and Royals ready to go.

Blues & Royals Band Twitter Feed

Blues & Royals Band Twitter Feed

Below, Her Majesty is resplendent in a blue Angela Kelly ensemble, the Duke of Kent accompanies her on the dais.  You can also see Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne in the photo from Paul Harrison of Sky News. Princess Anne is Colonel of the Blues and Royals, Prince Charles is Colonel of the Welsh Guards, and Prince William is Colonel of the Irish Guards.

Paul Harrison/Sky News (@SkyNewsRoyal)

Paul Harrison/Sky News (@SkyNewsRoyal)

The pageantry is remarkable.

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter

The Queen’s actual birthday is April 21, for centuries this public celebration has been held in the summer when the weather is much nicer. Below, the Band of the Scots Guards.

Band of the Scots Guards

Band of the Scots Guards

Another view of Kate and Camilla.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The event concludes with a flypast (fly by in the US) Buckingham Palace, a wide variety of military aircraft take part.  In this photo, you see the famous RAF’s famous aerobatic team, the Red Arrows.

Siim Kohv Twitter Feed

Siim Kohv Twitter Feed

This photo from the Metropolitan Police offers a dramatic view, in the lower left portion of the photo you can see Buckingham Palace.

MPS Helicopters Twitter Feed

MPS Helicopters Twitter Feed

Kate was in a custom piece by Alexander McQueen.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

The coat looks to be a lightweight wool crepe. It features a wide collar, side darting, three-quarter sleeves and oversized pearl buttons.

Splash News

Splash News

A  better look at the domed buttons, you just about see their ornate filigree decor.

Splash News/PA Wire

Splash News/PA Wire

Many will recognize Kate’s hat; it is a piece by Jane Corbett, previously seen at one of the Queen’s Buckingham Palace Garden Parties in 2012.

Splash News/Jane Corbett/PA Wire

Splash News/Jane Corbett/PA Wire

The Duchess carried her grey McQueen clutch and wore Annoushka pearl earrings.

Here we see many of the royals gathered with her majesty, including (from left to right) the Princess Royal, HM, the Duke of York, Prince Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and the Duke of Kent.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Following today’s festivities, the Queen was off to the hospital to pay a visit to Prince Philip.

Today’s appearance by the Duchess is being billed as her “last public appearance” until after the birth of her first child in July., although there are some reports she will take part in Monday’s Order of the Garter events.

  44 Responses to “It’s Alexander McQueen for Trooping the Colour”

  1. Any idea on her nail color? It looks a bit pinker and more opaque than past manis… any way to get a close-up? I can’t afford to dress like her, but sometimes I can pull of the beauty products – or find dupes! :)

  2. For me, I’m disappointed once again in the short length. It’s not that it’s inappropriate, it’s just that I was so sick of mostly only having short dresses available when I was pregnant. Somehow all maternity designers seemed to be under the impression that since my abdomen was swelling, I must want to feel sexy by showing off my legs and cleavage. Not cool at all in a business setting or when chasing small children. Also I am on the short side, so short maternity wear made me look VERY stumpy and round.

    I was soooo hoping that HRH would do for maternity wear what she did for sleeves on wedding gowns – change the style back to something the rest of us were looking for but couldn’t find. No such luck.

    • Can you please tell me where you saw pics showing how long the coat is? In every picture I saw (on multiple websites) the only pics were of her in the carriage with a blanket in her lap or up on the balcony where the wall and the bunting prevented seeing the hem of the garment.
      Therefore, no idea how long it is or isn’t.

  3. I like Kate’s coats, but I don’t love this one. I think the color and the pearls = kind of bleh for me. And this is a McQueen? Really?

    Do like the hat, although I think her hair looked better the last time she wore it.

  4. I love the coat. I know some are complaining that it is matronly or old fashioned (50′s/60′s) – I love that era of class when Audrey Hepburn ruled along wtih Jackie Kennedy and I think Kate is well on her way to becoming a icon like them. Also, you have to remember there are not many things to wear while that preggers looking that classy. Heaven forbid she wear something young, tight and tacky like Kim Kardashian.

  5. Just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with this coat – the color is lovely and the fit perfect. But, all these coats that she wears – buttoned up from head to toe are just too matronly for someone her age. If you look at some of the outfits Camilla has been wearing, they are coats, but usually partially buttoned so you can see the dress below, and I think she looks great! I understand she has to be on the conservative side and is not going to wear a clingy dress, but these coat dresses are just boring, along with those Sledge nude heels.

  6. Catherine looks lovely as ever and the soft pink tone is certainly flattering, the coat looks wonderfully tailored, a classic AMcQ finish to it I think. The encrusted pearl buttons are a nod towards the label’s eccentric founder and a necessary edge of texture to the oh-so-sweet pink.

    It’s odd how such a pale tone manages to set Catherine apart on the royal pedestal, just as much as the Queen’s very bright blue. I think the effect has been described as princessy before here, and I can’t see how she can avoid that effect given the role she occupies. I suppose such a choice for an outer garment like a coat must be the privilege of those confident that every seat they sit on will be very clean. It’s a far cry from the monochrome tones necessary for survival amid the normal city throng and the dark colours Catherine chose in her 20s while still running the gauntlet of the paps.

    I couldn’t stand that hat on its first outing and am so surprised to see it look well here, perhaps it needs the full regalia of a royal open carriage to bring it off. Thanks for another beautifully laid out post – love all the pics!

    • I love this pink color and all the pastels. Yes, It is princessy, and very classic. When I look at Bea and Genie, I cringe at their wild colors + black accents and whatnot. Catherine is understated elegance. For as many pictures as we see of her, it is nice when her outfits are not so LOUD. I do like the hat too. :)

  7. I love these ceremonies and am so impressed with how well the English know how to put on a good show! I can’t believe how close the Duchess is to giving birth! It will be so great to see their beautiful child soon. She looks really happy and beautiful. I don’t like the coat at all as I think it is very old fashioned looking for someone her (and my) age! I definitely don’t “get” these much older looking coats she’s worn, but to each their own!

    • Yes it is old fashioned, but I’ll give her a nod and call it “classic.” I think the high neck compensates well for as much of her legs as we are seeing, and to be honest, I’d rather see leg than chest any day. Its a very 50s-60s look and I like it. My one beef with this coat is that it has such a chunky lapel, surely she could have appealed to the queen for a brooch to adorn it!

  8. I like this picture with the Royal Family, because it shows Lady Louise Windsor (Edward’s daughter) wearing a very similar outfit to Kate’s. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/kate-middleton-waves-goodbye-well-wishers-1954116 (Page 4, if the link only takes you to the top of the gallery.)

  9. Beautiful. The Duchess looks lovely in pink and those buttons on her coat are beautiful.

    I love all this pageantry that the Brits have. We only have parades like this every four years and even then there aren’t that many soldiers in uniform. The Brits do it so well and it’s fun to watch.

  10. I love that slightly cheeky, radiant smile of hers. The Duchess wears pink well and I love the hat but for me the style of hat didn’t match the solidity of that collar.
    Somehow the collar and the three-quarter sleeves are a dreary reminder of 1950s fashion…or was it early 60s? Ugh.

    And this will be her last engagement until we see her with the babe!

  11. The Duchess looks happy and radiant – those pastel peachy/pink colours she’s adopted lately give her lovely glow.

    And though this is a blog dedicated to Kate, just have to mention how fabulous the Queen looked in her cobalt blue outfit. For those fascinated by royal jewellery, the Queen’s Jewel Vault handily gives us details of the pieces Her Maj wore for the ceremony.

  12. YAY! Great looks on all! Glad to see everyone smiling, healthy and happy! Of course, Harry is in a league of his own…sigh :) How cool is that!

  13. She looks like she has a little more meat on her bones (she looks like a normal healthy woman instead of being so thin) and I think she looks beautiful and healthy. She hardly looks pregnant except from the side. I have a friend who carried like that and she had boys, but she was a small build, so maybe it’s just genetics.

    I think Kate looks lovely in the pink. I’m sure she has to take into consideration the color and style of her outfit so she doesn’t upstage the Queen! The side darts on the coat may be able to be taken in, in the future, so she can wear it when she’s not pregnant.

  14. She is just too adorable. That smile is more radiant than ever.

  15. I love the colour of the hat and coat, but I too thought the collar made the look a bit old-fashioned. Perhaps Kate was wearing very daring shoes to spice things up, but I doubt it :). Most surprising thing of the day is that Jane Corbett mannequin with sunglasses! Hahahaha!

  16. It seems a shame that she keeps wearing very structured pieces, rather than ones that highlight her lovely pregnant tummy… It almost seems like she’s following that old-fashioned rule that pregnant women are somehow too sexual/inappropriate/offensive to be seen in public, and therefore need to cover themselves up. I think it is particularly interesting because many of her outfits before were not that modest, which I thought was great because women these days can and do wear whatever they feel like. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    • Ironically, given your post, many people have expressed relief that she has NOT been wearing clothing that “highlights” her tummy — the sort of clingy, form-fitting pregnancy pieces that have been popular for a decade or so or perhaps a little longer. They feel that she’s displaying a taste and a dignity that such clothes do not comprise.

      I don’t think for a moment that she is harking back to the days when it was thought immodest to display a pregnancy — she is far too contemporary a young woman for that (and is said, in any case, to possess a rather raunchy sense of humor). However, I do that she is very conscious of royal decorum when it comes to choosing her wardrobe. That has been evident since her engagement, well before her pregnancy.

      • I agree that Catherine’s pregnancy choices show taste and dignity, which, as you say, is a welcome contrast to the form-fitting maternity-wear. I feel the latter might only be really suited to studio photography conditions rather than out-and-about formal wear.

    • I think it’s just a personal choice, she is just feeling protective of her privacy and that of the baby’s. She’s under so much scrutiny maybe she feels that she doesn’t need the added pressure of wearing less conservative clothing, since we know that just opens the media and public to endless speculation and commenting on something that is very personal to her, while of course being of major interest to the rest of the world!! She has looked both elegant and fun (like the polka dot dress, and dalmation print coat)…

    • Catherine’s natural style is conservative and classic. Very few women who are not blessed with perfect proportions and super-fit look attractive in skin tight clothing, pregnant or not, and who wears things like that to work, which is what this event is for her. I think this coat with a little Audrey Hepburn style is vastly superior to the 80s tent like frilly numbers in fashion when Diana was pregnant. I prefer the body skimming choices she’s made. Leave the in your face belly to that Kardashian woman!

    • I think that she looks quite classy and ladylike compared to some other women whose name I won’t mention. No there is nothing to be ashamed of when pregnant but some of the clingy fashions that have been so popular recently seem to cheapen and make tacky a condition that is such a blessing. Kate is doing it just about perfectly and IMO even better than when Diana was expecting. Of course, Kate is about ten years older than Diana was but I didn’t “get” Diana’s frilly ruffled dresses back then. Poor Kate will never satisfy everyone so if she is comfortable in what she is wearing, all power to her.

      • Frilly, ruffled dresses were popular at the time.

        • They actually weren’t, except perhaps in maternity clothing, at least not where I lived. I remember being quite perplexed by the little-girlish clothing Diana wore, with all the ruffled collars, bows, cutesy prints, and white tights. The early 80′s were actually the era of the new professional woman, the yuppie woman, who was marching off to conquer the world of work in her tailored suits. Diana’s wardrobe seemed rather a throwback to another era.

          • It was also the era of Laura Ashley, which was quite popular where I lived at the time. Prints, ruffles, lace collars and bows were everywhere. Severe suits with shoulder pads certainly had their place, and Diana wore versions of these as she got older as well.

  17. This is a little off-topic, but why was Prince Andrew not wearing military attire?

    • I was wondering that too, but happily CP has given us the answer:

      “…only unifoms of the Guards Division can be worn [to the Trooping of the Colour ceremony]. This is the reason why Prince Andrew doesnt wear naval uniform for the event”.

  18. She looks stunning that hat is wunderbar!

  19. I love the color and the pearl buttons on this coat, but I am not a fan of the collar.

    Kate looks happy and healthy. How exciting to think that the next time we see her in public she will be carrying a future little King or Queen!

  20. Kate looks beautiful — as she always does. But I must say I don’t like the color or style of her outfit.

  21. The colour was lovely and the pearl buttons matched the lace trim on her hat beautifully – but I thought it looked too old fashioned and a bit like a house coat. It was a look more suitable to Camilla or QEII IMO. A more modern neckline would have made a huge difference.

  22. I think Sophie’s outfit looked very similar to the pink dress Catherine wore to last years garden party at BP. Sophie’s has a small collar but otherwise quite similar. Wonder if they are the same designer? Both looked very lovely.

  23. Perfection! I have been mostly disappointed with Kate’s maternity wear, so am thrilled to see her in something so beautiful, that clearly fits well. It’s probably good that I can’t see the length… As always, thank you for this site. I enjoy reading here very much!

  24. Lovely event – so rich with tradition.

    Do we know what Prince Edward was wearing? London Regiment?

    And would love to hear what Prince Harry has to say. . . he’s so cute when he’s trying not to smile!


    • The Scottish Company of the London Regiment. Note the thistle on the collar and the Glengarry-style hat.

    • Yes – He is Royal Honorary Colonel of the London Regiment and has been since 2011. This regiment is the Territorial arm of the Guards Division and only unifoms of theGuards Division can be worn. This is the reason why PRince Andrew doesnt wear naval uniform for the event.


  25. There isn’t a lot to say about this outfit, since it shares a general silhouette and “look” with others the Duchess has worn since she entered the late stage of her pregnancy. The pale pink color with pearl buttons and neat collar is very demure, and since this is one of my least favorite of her hats — I found it overly sweet, even a bit twee, the first time I saw it — the overall effect doesn’t excite me.

    But there’s nothing hugely off about it, and the coat looks beautifully made. Since it’s a bespoke piece from McQueen, I hope she gets some more wear out of it in a future pregnancy. It would have been quite expensive.

    This is one of the occasions on which I think the Queen, too (and Angela Kelly), has gotten something wrong. That royal-blue lace applique on her hat just doesn’t work for me and even looks a little slapdash.

    • I love the royal blue (no pun intended) on the Queen and I wish we saw it more often in general; however I agree that the lace appliqué is off and I think a stark-white hat or solid blue hat would have been more fitting.

      • In a photo where you get a glimpse of the Queen’s dress, it looks like the hat applique actually matches the dress more than the coat. Perhaps without the coat, it would look more appropriate.

  26. Wow! ‘Her first child’…that statement really struck me. It seems like only yesterday that she was walking down the aisle and marrying her longtime love. Now she will be a doting mother. She has managed to incorporate herself into the royal family so well and her public appearances show just how gracious and genuine she is. So very proud.

  27. Hmm…pink.

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