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Today new photos of Kate, William and George were released.

Michael Middleton via PA Wire

Michael Middleton via PA Wire

In a break with tradition, the pictures were not taken by a professional photographer, but by Kate’s father, Michael Middleton.  They are a delight to see, showing a sleepy Prince George in his mother’s arms, while William has his arm around Kate. Lupo looks happy, he is joined by another canine companion, Tilly, the Middleton’s golden retriever.

© Michael Middleton via PA Wire

©Duke & Duchess of Cambridge via PA Wire

The photos were shot in the gardens at Carole and Michael Middleton’s Bucklebury estate, where Kate, William and Lupo stayed after George’s birth.

Two photos were released, here is the second picture with the couple standing.  Little George appears to happily be snoozing away, unperturbed by any activity surrounding the family photo shoot.

©Duke & Duchess of Cambridge via PA Wire

©Duke & Duchess of Cambridge via PA Wire

Also today, a portion of the first interview Prince William has given since George’s birth was released.



The interview was conducted by CNN’s Max Foster, more from CNN’s story about the piece:

“He’s a little bit of a rascal, I’ll put it that way,” William told CNN’s Max Foster. “He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger, I’m not sure, but he’s doing very well at the moment.”

“He’s growing quite quickly actually. But he’s a little fighter — he wriggles around quite a lot and he doesn’t want to go to sleep that much.”

The new father also revealed that he is somewhat eager to return to work so he might get a full night’s rest and alos explained about that first diaper (nappy) change:

“I did the first nappy, it’s a badge of honor,” he joked. “I wasn’t allowed to get away with that. I had every midwife staring at me, saying: ‘You do it, you do it.’”

He also spoke about his passion for African conservation.

He told CNN he wants George to experience the same Africa he saw as a young man and spark a passion for preserving the unique wildlife there, much as his father, Prince Charles, did with him.

“I’ll have toy elephants and rhinos around the room,” William joked. “We’ll cover it in lots of bushes and things like that, make him grow up as if he’s in the bush.”

William shared that Kate has been handling more of the night duties with George, and said she is doing “a fantastic job” with the infant Prince. Below you see Prince William with Max Foster.



The interview that aired today is just a portion of an hour-long documentary Max has done, that program airs on CNN September 15th.

How do today’s images compare to some of the first photos of William? Here you see Prince William with his parents in December of 1982, when he was about six months old.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Below you the family in May of 1983, Prince Charles and Princess Diana are playing with a very young Prince William atop a blanket on the grounds of Government House in Auckland, New Zealand.

Splash News and Pictures

Splash News and Pictures

Kate is said to be wearing another dress by Séraphine Maternity, the brand’s Knot Front Dress.

Seraphine Maternity

Seraphine Maternity

It’s the identical style of the Lavender Print dress the Duchess has worn previously.

Seraphine Maternity

Seraphine Maternity

Séraphine says Kate is wearing their frock.

Seraphine Maternity

Seraphine Maternity

Kate’s frock shows up darker because of the bright sunshine, the dress is a signature style for the company, and very flattering. It hads an empire waist, a deep v-neck and cap sleeves. More on the piece from Seraphine:

Séraphine’s signature knot front dress is designed to flatter the silhouette before, during and after pregnancy. Silky soft and flowing, the Jolene dress features an intricate knot detail that creates gentle gathers to drape effortlessly over a bump or after-baby curves…



It is priced at £46, $79.  Both the US and UK websites say the dress is back-ordered until September 16th.  (For the US site, click here.)

©Duke and Duchess of Cambridge via PA Wire

©Duke and Duchess of Cambridge via PA Wire

Kate also had on her Annoushka earrings.



And Prince George was in the superfine wool christening shawl by H.H. Hurt and Sons, first seen at St. Mary’s Hospital.

G.H. Hurt and Son

G.H. Hurt and Son

As one might expect, the new pictures were on the front page of most papers. Below we see The Express.

The Daily Express

The Daily Express

And the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

The Telegraph.

The Telegraph

The Telegraph

The photographs are lovely. Kate still seems to be glowing and both look relaxed and happy, albeit tired. Clearly Mr. Middleton is not a professional photographer; for reasons unbeknownst to us the young parents preferred using his pictures as opposed to engaging the services of a professional photographer and doing formal shots at a venue like Kensington Palace. It’s said that Kate really didn’t the baby’s schedule upended with a formal portrait setting, an understandable sentiment.

I expect we’ll see formal shots soon enough. More on the likelihood of formal images from Richard Palmer’s story in tomorrow’s Express story, quoting an unknown senior aide”

“As far as we’re concerned, they’re a couple of gentle, informal family photographs. The time will come for more formal photographs around the christening later in the year.”

The publication of the photographs will inevitably be aimed at puncturing a market in paparazzi pictures of the royal baby but the palace was keen to stress that, although the choice of Mr Middleton to take the photographs broke with tradition, the couple and their infant will also be posing for press photographers in the near future.

It’s lovely to see William and Kate enjoying these very special first months with George.


  • Click here to see the portion of William’s interview that aired today on CNN
  • To read a transcript of the interview, click here


EDITOR’S NOTE: Many thanks to those emailing and messaging to let me know about the early leak of these pictures, I very much appreciate it.  I have had them since mid-afternoon but wanted to abide by the embargo on the photos that ended at 7pm EDT.

  47 Responses to “First Family Photos Released – Kate in Seraphine & George in GH Hurt”

  1. What a lovely photograph.

  2. I love your headline, specifying not only Kate’s fashion, but George’s, too!

  3. Something striked me : I have looked more closely to the photographies, compared them with the one taken the day they left the Hospital. the Baby George looks the same, is there so few changes in 1 month ? And William wears the same outfit.
    Maybe that all this is only a fantasy of my own.

  4. Kate looks absolutely radiant!!

    I love the fact that her dress cost only £46 and any pregnant woman or new mum can emulate her effortless style!

    I highly admire the Kate and Wills’ courage for having the confidence in doing things their own way, like breaking tradition and having informal photos published first (despite all the endless criticism which comes with it) – Well Done!

  5. I am intrigued with how deliberately “normal” this all looks. It totally has the air of “New grandfather is so excited to get a picture of his new grandson.” They could have had a polished, perfect picture and edited the image to tinker with the lighting and so forth, but they didn’t.

  6. Finally, the pictures are here!!! I love the fact that they are relaxed and informal, however, I would have liked a little better picture quality. Also, a close up of little Prince George would have been lovely.

    Kate and William both look so happy, exhausted but happy. And Lupo looks like he can hardly wait to be able to play with his new friend. I’m glad George is sleeping, maybe they were able to sneak in a nap after the pictures were taken.

    Lastly, I kind of wish William would quit going on about being “normal”. The royal family, indeed any royal family, is not normal. If they were would anyone really care about what they did? It is because of their ranks/titles that we are inthralled by them and the lifes they lead. Also, they are in an incredible position to do good in a world that needs as many people doing good deeds as possible. I appreciate that he would like to have more privacy for himself and his new family, and I agree that some photographers have been very intrusive and we really don’t need to know every last detail of their lives. Still it doesn’t serve him well to be seeming to complain about being able to lead a life that others would give their right arm to lead. The only comment his grandmother has made about her life is that she begrudges the hours sometimes.

    Lastly, I’m glad that this blog respected the embargo and did not release the pictures until the correct time. I love this site and am grateful for all the time spent researching the clothes and accessories that Kate wears! Thanks for all the hard work you do!!

    • Very well-said Lauri!

    • I agree! Although I am glad that William and Kate seem to be embracing a more modern, relaxed monarchy (these lovely informal family photos being a great example) they are still the farthest thing from “normal”.

      I realize as with anything in life there are pros and cons to being royal (and William and Harry may have experienced more than their fair share of cons with the situation regarding their mother) But still! They have incredible opportunities the rest of us can only dream of, not only an amazing lifestyle ( I for one would kill to vacation at Balmoral!) but also a great platform from which to improve the world.

      That said, I think the photos are wonderful, they all look happy and healthy! I’m impressed with Kate’s hair! I have never been pregnant but I have heard from others that your hair grows fast and luxurious during pregnancy, but you can expect to lose a bit of that after having the baby. Hers still looks like a Pantene commercial!

      Also, on the close up of Kate’s face it seems like she has quite a few freckles going on (unless that’s just the grainy picture quality) that are beautiful! Looks like she’s been spending a lot of time in the garden with the baby.

    • I think William has a right to speak occasionally about the downside of his position. After all, he did not choose it, it was thrust him upon from birth. Hearing his views can perhaps be instructive for people who focus solely on the privileges he enjoys. Moreover, I think he takes ample advantage of his position to do good. That being the case, he needn’t appear thrilled to be royal 100% of the time, since we all know that there must be many negatives to the lives royals lead.

      We don’t hear the Queen complain because unlike other members of the royal family, she never gives interviews.

  7. these photographies are cute ; Kate looks a bit worn out but lovely : this purple colour suits her a lot.
    And little George is, to me, more in the Windsor-side then the Middleton’s but it to early to speculate about it.
    I am sure the official photographies will be taken later. Kate wanted surely to show first that they are a normal family (in the intrinsic sens of the word family) : a Dad, a Mam, a newborn baby & dogs.

    • I also think George looks like his father. You can see it around his nostrils. I think we’ll know for sure when the formal portraits are released.

      Kate looks beautiful, as she always does. I’ve never seen her take a bad picture. Diana was a beautiful young woman when William was an infant, but her red dress and ruffled collar were very old fashioned. Not old fashioned as in 1980s — more like 1880s.

  8. You know what really made this decision come clear for me? Look at the background figures and paraphernalia for the CNN interview with Prince William — can you imagine all that descending on the Middleton garden? I spotted at least 10 people, not to mention fairly large pieces of equipment. And why should the Cambridges have traveled to London for a more media-prepared site, particularly if baby George is easily unsettled? Plus William had only a 2-week paternity leave. I’m sure there will be plenty of formal pictures anon but I think the decision to go with grandpa was one that pleased most people. At this point, how can anyone be surprised that William is going to do it his way, with the least amount of intrusion for his little family.

    Thanks for stepping up to put Richard Palmer’s comments in an accurate perspective — he is nothing but kind and he always plays by the rules — that should be honoured, not criticized.

  9. These pictures are beautiful, unfortunately the same can not be said of the front page of The Daily Express, very distasteful and not a good newspaper.

  10. Kate looks absolutely beautiful. Stunning!

  11. The photos are a breath of fresh air. Nothing wrong with a formal portrait, but that can come later when the baby is sleeping more and mum and dad have rested a bit. I agree that Kate looks lovely but a bit tired.

    As I said before when the print version was discussed, I love that dress! Even for a non-pregnant/nursing woman, it’s just really flattering on the body. I do find it odd that the company would actually include “As worn by the DoC” in their graphic as they’ve done. I would think that doing so could get them in some trouble, as in, Kate could decide to stop buying their things if she thinks they’re exploiting the situation.

    • The comment about it being worn by DoC isn’t that bad, IMO. If they had used the just-released family photo and put it on their website and other marketing materials, then I think it would be crossing a line and I think Kate would be absolutely right to stop shopping there. But what they have right now is informative without sounding exploitative.

      • I agree that it’s not as bad as if they had used the newly issued photos. It just seems to me to be a fine line, and if I were making the decisions I’d be really careful not to cross it. :)

        • You’re right – it is a fine line! I can see where companies would just say something on their website, because they are probably flooded with phone calls, emails, etc., from people asking “Did you design DoC’s dress?!?” all day.

  12. Do you know what brand of watch William is wearing?

  13. My memories as a first-time mom totally support Kate and Will’s decision to skip the formal photography session. My first was a little terror with colic who also easily got overstimulated, so even a drop-by visit from Grandpa and Grandma would throw her for a loop, and I’d pay for it with a long sleepless night. Her baptism at five weeks was a nightmare.

    It’s funny how three months out, none of this was half as much of a problem. My little terror had started becoming settled. At that time, I was able to schedule a photographer.

    So I think they were very wise. Mr. Middleton may have shot into the sun, but his grandson wasn’t being exposed to bright lights or glaring sun–the important detail. We got to see the key things: Lupo is happy, Kate is happy, Will is happy. What more do we want?

  14. Sweet pictures, nicely relaxed and casual. My guess is that the “schedule” issue that concerned them was taking the pictures while the baby was asleep rather than howling.

  15. Lovely! The sort of family photos any ordinary young couple would have. Good for them for holding out for doing things their way! Keeping it in the family and keeping it informal – they may not be technically perfect but I think they are perfect because of that.

  16. Brilliant idea to release their OWN photo first! Too much is being made off of new mothers and their babies. It just isn’t right. Thank you for your integrity, too, in waiting to release these. They are lovely family photos. Not perfect lighting, but good enough — and real!!

  17. Glad to see Catherine looking so well – and baby and hubby too! I like the knotted style of maternity dress, a welcome change from the standard smock-style that has ruled for so long, although it remains difficult to make any sort of fashion-statement while still in maternity-wear. I think the colour is wonderful on the duchess.

    I’m not a fan of the amateur photos, however well-intentioned, I’m not sure they’re wise. Catherine has been as careful with her appearance here as on any official shoot so for me there’s a strange mix here of formal/informal which doesn’t work, quite apart from the obvious photographic flaws re focus, exposure, composition.

    A truly informal picture would surely be taken in the course of normal daily routine and needs to be kept private — we simply don’t need that much information. These are close to the very type of photo the royals would most readily take action against and might encourage more of the wrong sort of attention.

    I think the official-gloss on standard portraits stands as a sort of defence against all the intrusion and a professional photographer knows better than most how to negotiate the hazards of small infants. Just a personal view, as the informality offered is, of course, very touching.

  18. These photos are flipping gorgeous I can’t believe people are critiquing that her dad took photos into the light. He is not a professional photographer but did a fantastic job ! Kate looks gorgeous with that hair and smile and William handsome with his arms on her hip it shows so much love. Deep love with lupo and their baby right there and little Tilly looking away as well. It is such a warm and happy photo. It is divine.

    • Melissa I agree. The criticisms that I have read on this blog and also on the What Kate Wore FB page lead me to believe that there are those out here that will always find fault with anything Catherine does. In my experience these types of criticism’s are generally from people who have a need to feel superior in some small way. These are warm relaxed photos that positively exude love. Well done! Don’t let the bitter one’s get you down!!!!

      • Goodness me. Nobody can criticise without being labelled as bitter and needing to feel superior.
        I’m sure this blog attracts many photographers, both professional and amateur. Why are they not allowed to voice their opinions? Other readers can decide what weight to give their words, surely, without dumping all over them.

        I’m a photographer. I am glad that Kate decided to do these photos, for all the good reasons others have said, not disturbing baby being paramount. Good for her and William for this decision. That said, the photos contain many flaws. My chief criticism is that Kate and William are both a little wooden, with fixed expressions that don’t really express the happiness of the moment. In photographer speak, they are not really ‘engaged.’ This is a very very common fault. Papa Middleton is not to be lambasted for it, he is not a professional photographer. But it’s there.

        It’s not a big deal, but some people are making it so with their strident reactions to some of the observations made. Why worry what other people say? If you like the photos, that’s all that should matter. If Kate and William like them, that’s all that matters too.

    • I agree — these are lovely and relaxed photos. Kate’s hair looks beautiful.

  19. Gorgeous family photo, love it! That is the most beautiful Kate has ever looked, just natural and radiant, and that colour really suits her too.

  20. I love how William’s hand is on Kate’s hip. An intimate gesture and speaks volumes about their relationship.

  21. Lovely post Susan. Good for you for waiting. The three of them look so sweet together! The Daily Express front page is unbelievably insensitive. Shame on them!

  22. Lupo is my favorite…the expression on his face is priceless! Oh, and Catherine looks AMAZING! Not that I expected less, but still…

  23. Great pictures taken by Mr. Middleton. May not have the best lighting etc. that a pro would but I actually like this better. More real and natural than a more formal photo. Well done Mike.

  24. They may not be professional but that doesn’t mean they’re not great shots! What a lovely family!

  25. This is adorable.

  26. All gorgeous, all healthy, and all just lovely!!!

    That said, whoever did the cover of the Daily Telegraph… really?

  27. Editorializing a bit there, eh Susan? I don’t see what the big deal is…they opted to release family photos instead of professional ones. I think people would still be up in arms either way. These are absolutely divine. Glad to see them all looking so happy and healthy.

  28. Does anyone else find the cover of the Daily Express extremely crass?

    • YES. Thank you!

      • Richard Palmer was completely off the rails in his complaints about US websites not honoring the embargo (and I am glad you honored it) but then said on Twitter “What if we didn’t honor an embargo on a released US hostage?”
        As if a situation that could cost lives is in any way comparable. The man needs to get a grip. I understand his employer wants to sell papers but really, no sense of decorum in his childish rants about the big mean US market.
        Lovely, homey photos. What a charming family they are.

        • Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. As readers know, I rarely jump into these discussions, especially when they are off the topic of what Kate Wore, but I really want to offer my thoughts on Richard. He is one of the few reporters I trust to always get it right, and to play by the rules. He has been very kind to WKW and I can understand his frustration with the embargo being broken. I haven’t seen everything he said, but do know if he sounded irritated with other media it is simply the result of being penalized for playing by the rules. There are some reports it was the BBC who broke the embargo first (I have no idea who actually did, and doubt we’ll ever find out), but Richard and his paper adhered to the embargo; as a result they had to watch competitors, including some British papers, have the story first. I’m not here to defend Richard, but wanted to share my thoughts about him as a journalist and a very good member of the royal reporting community. Thank you again for commenting. :)

          • They aren’t great photos, as photos. But they are nice photos, as souvenirs of the occasion. It’s a tribute to the Middletons and a sign of their importance in William and Kate’s lives that Michael’s photos were published first. The pictures mean more this way. There will be plenty of opportunities for professional photographs.

    • Yes, it’s just despicable (and typical). Whoever started this ball rolling with Scotland Yard was, I suspect, paid by the people about to release the movie about Diana. What better way to drum up interest in paying to see the film. It makes me ill and sorry for the boys (yet again). I wish William and his entire family continued happiness, and I thought his partial interview was heartening and sweet.

    • Yes!!

    • Agree!

  29. The portrait taken by Grandpa Middleton is Beautiful. What a lovely family! Kate is radiant & William the proud papa, maybe a touch unsure & baby George content & the dog, guardian of all!!
    God Bless you all!

  30. I love noticing how George has the same “Middleton” lines under his eyes. Adorable!

    The photo with Lupo is my fave– though I must admit, I had hoped for a few more photos! I do suggest KP PR take a look at how Sweden handled the birth of CP Estelle- very savvy!

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