Apr 242015

This is one of those quick little posts that you can quickly scan and file away until you need it. It’s a briefer on what to expect, what to look for and who to follow online (now and later) for your best coverage of the upcoming royal birth.

Fast Facts:

  • You may recall that when George was born Kate and William were seen by photographer Jesal Parshotam as they arrived at the hospital (he elected not to take photographs of the couple arriving). It is likely the news will break on Twitter with this baby as well. (We have a handy list of accounts to follow down below.)
  • Kate was in labor with George approximately 10-1/2 hours.
  • Should the baby be born after 10pm (5pm EDT, 2pm PDT) ) there won’t be any official Palace announcement until 8am (3am EDT, Midnight PDT) the next morning. That is because the Queen will be sleeping and won’t be notified during those hours.
  • However, that 10pm – 8am blackout period doesn’t mean there won’t be any news generated, far from it; the live shots and online coverage will continue apace.
  • The birth and gender will be announced on social media by Kensington Palace on Twitter, on Facebook and on Instagram.
  • In addition to the online announcement the standard written announcement will be driven to Buckingham Palace and displayed on the traditional easel.

Once we have the news we will do a brief post (much like this one) alerting everyone that Kate has been admitted to the hospital. And then, when conditions warrant, we will switch to live blogging of the event, just as we did in 2013. Here’s what that actually looked like on the site.

What Kate Wore July 22, 2013

What Kate Wore July 22, 2013

As family members and others arrive we will share those images, like this one of Kate’s parents, Carole and Mike Middleton, arriving at the hospital in July 2013.

Georgina Brewer, ITV (@GeorginaITV)

Georgina Brewer, ITV (@GeorginaITV)

Of course we were live when Kate and William presented Prince George to the world, and we continually posted links on Facebook for watching live coverage online and on TV. We also continually tweeted those links.

Georgina Brewer, ITV

Georgina Brewer, ITV


  • we can expect Carole and Michael Middleton to visit the Lindo Wing, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
  • look for Kate’s personal assistant Rebecca Deacon, along with assistant Natasha Archer, to arrive at St. Mary’s before Kate is discharged; in 2013 they were seen arriving with clothing, hair tools and cosmetics
  • once Kate leaves the hospital the Cambridges will head to their London home, Apartment 1A Kensington Palace, for a night or two; expect HM to pay a visit to meet her newest great-grandchild
  • following the brief stay at KP the family will then move to Anmer Hall for the foreseeable future
  • we can expect an announcement on the baby’s name within 48 – 72 hours
  • when Prince George was born William and Kate asked anyone thinking about sending a gift to instead make a donation to the Imperial College Healthcare Charity. (The organization raises funds to improve care and services at five hospitals, including St. Mary’s.) We have no idea if the couple will repeat this sort of gesture or not, but it would certainly be in keeping with similar requests made by the couple.

That is the game plan for coverage here at WKW. But we recognize many readers want to stay on top of things via additional/other sources, so we’ve compiled these lists for you to refer to as desired.

We begin with official media sites for the Palace. While we won’t see minute-by-minute tweets and posts on these accounts, it is where official announcements will be made and photos released.

The best place for the very latest information and ongoing live coverage will be Twitter. Below, a list with some of the royal reporting corps you may want to follow (in no particular order).

Royal photographers:

Also on Twitter:

LIVE FEEDS: As with George’s birth, there will be live feeds streaming coverage. Here are a couple of options. (NOTE: I will be updating this constantly, adding URLs we don’t yet have for The Sun, as well as more sites sure to be added.)

  • The Telegraph’s live feed will be here
  • The Huffington Post UK live stream will be here
  • The Daily Mirror’s live feed will be here
  • The Sun will have a live feed
  • Hello! magazine’s live feed will be here
  • The Telegraph’s live feed will be here
  • the Associated Press will probably have a live feed, especially when William and Kate present their new baby on the steps of the Lindo Wing; this is where you are likely to find it
  • Reuters News site for live coverage is here, you may need to sign in via your Facebook or Twitter account to access the feed (only active during breaking news coverage, expect them to also have live coverage)

Special pages that have been created for the event:


Again, we will continue to update things as appropriate, but wanted to get this initial post to you so have resources available should you want to follow things online.

Apr 212015

We are back with several updates and a bit more analysis of Kate’s most recent maternity wardrobe. First, the updates:

  • There is a new photo on the cover of today’s NY Daily News showing Kate out with Prince George; I expect many readers will have already seen it by this point. In the picture Kate appears to be wearing her maternity jeans, possibly the J. Crew Maternity Broken in Boyfriend Jean, or perhaps one of the Topshop pairs seen with Prince George’s pregnancy. It also looks like she is wearing her Mint Velvet sneakers. Prince George looks to be wearing Start-Rite’s Flexy Soft Sneaker (£40) and a pair of Petite Bateau’s Baby Boy Dungarees (£46). From what is visible in the photo it appears George *might* be in a Harris Tweed jacket, a fabric we have written about previously (including this post), and long hoped to see the Duchess wearing. It would be grand if young master Cambridge was in a jacket made from the traditional Scottish fabric, manufactured only in the Outer Hebrides. Our thanks to the Prince George Pieces folks for speedy IDs on the jeans and sneakers. (If you’ve not seen the image, it is viewable here.)
  • OK! magazine has published the photos seen last week of Kate and George spending time at Snettisham Park, you can see all of the pictures on the OK! website.
  • Kensington Palace reports that Prince William finished the current segment of his air ambulance training early, and he is now in London with Kate and Prince George. They also released news that the Prince will take his two weeks paternity leave, followed by several weeks of unpaid leave, allowing him to spend time with Kate, George and the new baby.
  • Activity at the hospital is picking up. Rebecca English reports in The Daily Mail that “Police were making their final security checks outside St. Mary’s Hospital today…..officers were out in force, pulling lamp posts apart as they scoured the area for anything troubling.”
  • Journalists have been allowed to stake out their places in the press pen at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital. Below, Rhiannon Mills and Rose Hughes (both stellar folks to follow on Twitter ) of Sky News are seen setting the network’s broadcast position at the Lindo Wing.
Via Rhiannon Mills, Sky News (@SkyRhiannon)

Via Rhiannon Mills, Sky News (@SkyRhiannon)

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Apr 132015

Hello-hello, and welcome to another post filled with Bits and Bytes.  We begin with news about some new/old photos of Kate and Prince George enjoying a mother-son outing at a public park near the family’s Anmer Hall home.  Australia’s New Idea has the story in its April 20 issue.

New Idea April 20, 2015

New Idea April 20, 2015

The pictures show Kate and George enjoying themselves at Snettisham Park, a working farm that also boasts lots of attractions for young and old, including a petting zoo.

New Idea magazine April 20, 2015

New Idea magazine April 20, 2015

Kate is in a Barbour we have seen before, worn for a stroll on the beach in Anglesey with Prince William, and also when out shooting back in 2008. The piece has a corduroy collar, double vents in the back, and adjustable tabs at the waist and cuffs.  For anyone looking to repliKate, similar pieces include the ladies Barbour Wildnerness at Philip Morris (£129), and the ladies Beadnell at Macy’s ($379). The Beadnell also comes in a summer weight that is a light brown, it is $229. Joules offers a budget-friendly style in a lighter brown, the Moredale, it runs $107.

Philip Morris & Sons (UK)/Macy's/Joules USA

Philip Morris & Sons (UK)/Macy’s/Joules USA

You can also find Barbour at both Orvis USA and Orvis UK.  The Duchess sported skinny jeans (specific pair unknown at this point) and her Le Chameau boots; we show them at Country Attire in the UK.

Country Attire

Country Attire

The wellies are also available at Zappos.

Prince George looks to be wearing a Columbia snowsuit, the brand’s Snuggly Bunny Bunting in “collegiate navy,” originally selling in the US at $95. The piece is down filled, with a wind- and water-repellant outer layer and fleece-lined interior. There is a full-length diagonal zipper for ease in getting the garment on and off, there are also fold-over hands and feet. It is sold out at most retailers, but we found it significantly discounted ($38) at flash sale site Gilt.com.

Prince George Columbia Snuggly Bunting Snowsuit Bunting Snettisham Park Norfolk Park Petting Zoo

It is also still in stock in different colors and motifs at 6pm.com (prices run from $37.99 to $52.99), and at Little Trekkers ( £22.49).

Norbys Online

Norbys Online

Our thanks to the lovely ladies at Prince George Pieces who located this item!


Next, news that many may have already read, last week’s Palace briefing regarding plans for the Great Kate Wait Version 2.0. The plan is to avoid the hoopla and insanity of the original Great Kate Wait, hopefully minimizing the enormous crowd of media and the public amassed outside the hospital. Richard Palmer of the Daily Express reported via Twitter that parking restrictions at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital will go into effect tomorrow.

Richard Palmer, The Express (@RoyalReporter)

Richard Palmer, The Express (@RoyalReporter)

Other pertinent items coming out of the briefing:

  • Kate is expected to stay at Kensington Palace as the baby’s due date approaches, so she is close to St. Mary’s Hospital. However, there are contingency plans should Kate go into labor while visiting her parents or at Anmer Hall in the country.
  • William’s new job could have him as far away as a two-hour drive from the hospital (his work training is underway at three different airports).
  • The Duke and Duchess are not hiring a maternity nurse, as was suggested in some publications.
  • Once the new baby has arrived Kate & William will spend a few days at Kensington Palace with Prince George, so HM and others can meet the newest addition to the royal family. Then the family will relocate to Anmer Hall for the summer, if not longer.
  • Richard Palmer reports is it “likely” Kate will attend Trooping the Colour, although there’s certainly no definite commitment.

Here’s our 5 Factoids In Advance of Kate & William’s Second Baby:

  1. The Duke and Duchess still don’t know the child’s sex, they are waiting to find out like everyone else.
  2. Kate gets a bit of a discount at the hospital this time, the following is from a UK Press Association story: “This time the Duchess will be given 10% off the Lindo Wing’s pricey fees as part of a loyalty discount to mothers who go back to have a second child.”
  3. There hasn’t been a Princess of Cambridge for 182 years. From a Daily Mail story: “The last was King George III’s granddaughter Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge who was born in Hanover, Germany in 1833.”
  4. Once the Queen and immediate family are informed of a birth, Kensington Palace will use Twitter and Instagram to announce the news to the world. Prince George was the first royal baby to have his arrival announced via Twitter.
  5. Prince William plans to take the full two weeks paternity leave he is afforded in his new position with East Anglian Air Ambulance.

We have a few quick links to stories of possible interest in the last several days:

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail

  • The Huffington Post has a story on Kate’s maternity fashions, it features input from our friend Carly, the fashion blogger behind Kate Middleton Style.
  • The Duchess Diary has a fun post looking back at William and Kate’s early years, you will find it here.
  • ITV has 2 new puppets for its popular Newzoids show. More from HuffPo UK: “The six-part series promises a combination of high-energy puppetering, topical gags and pinpoint accurate impressions…” Yikes.
ITV via Yahoo NZ

ITV via Yahoo NZ


Finally today, our winner in the giveaway for an autographed copy of The Royal We,the terrific new book from Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, also known as The Fug Girls.

"The Royal We"

“The Royal We”

Our big winner is Traci! Below, Traci’s comment on where she would like to be when reading the book.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.47.23 PM

Traci, if you could email me (Susan@WhatKateWore.com) with your pertinent info, we will get The Royal We headed in your direction! Our thanks to Heather and Jessica for sponsoring the giveaway!


We’ll leave you with a cute story about Kate and George from Florida’s News-Press. Remember when Kate visited the Goring Hotel in March?

Ben Cawthra/LNP

Ben Cawthra/LNP

While at a party celebrating the Hotel’s reopening the Duchess chatted with Claudia Gordon, who was visiting London from Florida. The Fort Myers newspaper has more in this story:

“I asked her if Prince George was excited about the new prince or princess that was coming and she said yes and that he is a toddler and is talking and walking,” Gordon began. “Then she told me that his daddy, Prince William, was visiting China. After hearing this he (George) went to the china cabinet, opened it and proclaimed ‘daddy is not here.’”

Good for Prince George.