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We are back with something I know readers will enjoy, an opportunity to win a pair of the stunning Aquatalia boots Kate is known for wearing so frequently.

But first, a spot of background on why we’re doing the giveaway: Aquatalia has generously donated another pair of Rhumba boots to help us boost awareness and $$$ (or £££ or €€€, whatever currency works where you are) for the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser. The fundraiser is being done by royal/fashion bloggers with all proceeds going directly to one of Kate’s patronages, EACH, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. Below, a little one receiving care at an EACH hospice.

East Anglia's Children's Hospices

East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

Here we see Kate visiting another EACH facility in March of 2012.

Courtesy EACH

Courtesy EACH

We are wrapping up our primary fundraiser efforts, and would be ever-so-grateful if you would consider donating even $2 or £2 (anything you can) by visiting our Just Giving page. We have exceeded our goal, but would love to put a little icing on the fundraising cake, so to speak.

Now we move on to the really fun part of today’s post, the boot giveaway. Below we see the Duchess sporting her Rhumba boots on a trip to Saint Andrews University with William in February of 2011.

Mirrorpix/Splash News

Mirrorpix/Splash News

For that engagement in Scotland Kate paired her Rhumbas with a Luisa Spagnoli dress/jacket.  Below we offer a better look at the boots.

Aquatalia/PA Wire

Aquatalia/PA Wire

Kate has been a fan of Aquatalia for some time, here she wears another pair of the brand’s boots.

Splash News

That is the style known as the ‘Royal,’ in the UK it is sold as the Ruby Dry at Russell & Bromley, where Kate purchased her pair. Below you see the updated Royal, now renamed the “Royalty“.



It is identical to Kate’s pair and last year’s Royal, with one exception: the hardware. Below we show the Royalty and the Royal side-by-side. The materials, construction, upper, everything is the same, the hardware is just a touch more distinctive.

Aquatalia Royalty

Aquatalia Royalty/Royal

Saks now offers the Rhumba as well as other Aquatalia styles; Nordstrom continues to offer a selection of Aquatalia footwear, they still have a solid selection of the Royal available in the leather version (and it is on sale!), but only a very limited range of sizes in the suede style worn by Kate, and just large sizes in the black Rhumba. And Zappos also offers a solid selection of Aquatalia.

The change in seasons means Aquatalia is launching its Pre-Fall 2013 collection, offering new designs across the board. We’ll look at a few from the “Marvin K.” group, a line targeted at those “seeking a bit more adventure in their footwear”.  Below, new smoking-style shoes, both in soft suede: on the left we see the Adrianna, and on the right, the Angelica.

Aquatalia By Marvin K.

Aquatalia Adrianna/Angelica

Dressier styles include the Lucianna pump and Lauren t-strap pump, both with 4″ heels. (Eep!)

By Marvin K. Lucianne/Lauren

By Marvin K. Lucianne/Lauren

More casual fall shoes from the standard Aquatalia line, the Alicia in waterproof suede, and the Alanna.


Aquatalia Alicia/Alanna

Both are from Aquatalia’s Sacchetto collection, a group that sounds comfy but also looks über-stylish.

Developed in Italy, our unique Sacchetto collection molds to the foot and offers unmatched flexibility while maintaining shape….the lining gently encloses the foot like a glove. We also add a high tech compression-resistant cushioning which is sewn directly into the lining and foot bed for a supportive fit with every step.

The result is the most comfortable and lightweight fashion shoe ever to meet your feet.

Below we see the Paige style from this collection.



Also from the Sacchetto line, the Urla in weatherproof stretch suede.

Aquatalia Urla

Aquatalia Urla

And the the Utopia2 Stretch Mini-Wedge.

Aquatalia Utopia2

Other Sacchetto styles include the Silly and the Stelli.

Aquatalia Silly/Stelli

Aquatalia Silly/Stelli

There are also new boots to enjoy this fall, below we show the Opulence (left two pair) with a 2″ stacked heel, and the Open (right two pair), the Open has just 1″ heel.

Aquatalia O/Open

Aquatalia Opulence/Open

On to our giveaway. The prize is a stunning pair of Aquatalia Rhumba boots in this fall’s newest color, anthracite.


Aquatalia Rhumba

The Rhumba now comes in six colors: taupe, anthracite, espresso, wine, navy and black.

Aquatalia Rhumba

Aquatalia Rhumba

This pair offers all the great design and construction elements found in Kate’s Rhumbas, beginning with that stretchy suede upper that is weatherproofed, making for a more comfortable fit. There is an inside zipper, slip-resistant rubber sole, and 2.5″ walking height (3.25″ stacked leather heel with 0.75″ platform). Like all of Aquatalia’s footwear, the boots are made in Italy.

The contest runs from Monday August 26 through 11:59pm on September 2nd. We will announce the winner on the 4th. This particular giveaway is open only to residents of Canada and the 48 states of the Continental US and the District of Columbia. Here’s how to enter:

1) Click here to sign up for Aquatalia’s mailing list. (This step is required to enter the giveaway.)

2) For additional entries, use the widget below to:


Congratulations Cathleen Plaza!



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  1. So did I win?? Just kidding…who did win??

  2. Well, I am not sure if I am supposed to tell you what I signed up for but just in case. On Aug 26th I had unliked and reliked Aquatalia on FB (yes, I already liked them, so I liked them again : )). I signed up for their newsletter again, and entered the contest on their site. Also followed them on twitter. Today, I followed boards on pinterest and signed up for everything again through rafflecopter. Hopefully I have an entry or two. Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful boots, the fun and the good work you are doing to help others in need along the way!

  3. I signed up for their newsletter, followed on FB, and Twitter. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  4. Already got the newsletter, and I already followed them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I LOVE the grey color! So gorgeous for fall!

    On a different note, has anyone ever seen a good Repli-Kate for the Spagnoli suit? It is so classy.

  5. Did everything, they are truly beautiful boots, and I would feel honoured to own them!

  6. I follow on Pinterest …crossing my fingers and toes!

  7. Follow on twitter

  8. Liked on Facebook

  9. Signed up o the mail list

  10. Email subscriber

  11. Signed up for the list, followed on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and entered via Rafflecopter. Also referred a friend. How do you mark that we receive 6 entries, rather than just one? I just want to know if I need to post confirmation that I followed the steps for receiving all 6 entries. Thanks!

  12. Signed up for the newsletter and followed on twitter!

  13. I did all 6 steps! Thanks for this great contest!

  14. What if we use different emails for facebook, twitter, etc? Can we just use all those different emails to subscribe to Aquatica’s email list? Do they cancel out those who signed up with different emails?

  15. Beautiful boots! Love it!

  16. High Society ! Effortless comfort and style !
    A bare necessity !

  17. I love “royal” short boot and new grey the rhumba is available in- these have to be comfortable as she appears to play sports in them and has to stay on her feet endlessly at public functions- so a good testimonial! It is nice to find a boot with fitted calf and waterproof –
    I did all the things listed except one or two, hopefully that has me entered:-)

  18. I Follow Aquatalia on Pinterest

  19. I Follow Aquatalia by Marvin K. on Facebook

  20. Email subscriber

  21. These are great boots!

    I signed up for the mailing list and follow them on Facebook.

    Good luck everyone! :)

  22. I love all the styles.They are beautiful.I especially love the Aquatalia boot in Opulence.I would be so happy to win some.

  23. Done! This is so cool! I did all of the steps except for the Rafflecopter. I couldn’t get it to load. :( Oh well!

    Have a great day!

  24. I love these Boots, I would love to win a pair.

  25. Beautiful boots! I would love to have a pair. And the colors are great!
    I signed up on Aquatalia’s mailing list.
    Thank you,

  26. Great giveaway! Entered all of the above. These would be going to a great home if I won them. Thx!

  27. Those boots are divine!!
    I signed up for their emails an I followed them on Pinterest. They would make so many of my outfits!
    Good luck!

  28. Such an exciting giveaway! I signed up for the newsletter, followed on Facebook, liked on twitter, Pinterest, and shared with a friend. I also completed all rafflecopter links.

  29. Done & done! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this one!

  30. I have donated to the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser and think it is such a wondeful cause. I joined Aquatalia’s mailing list and I followed them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I also visited the Rafflecopter link and submitted the extra entries there too. I am so grateful that Aquatalia is giving another pair for boots to giveaway. They are a really great company and I really hope I win these boots as they are so beautiful and look so comfortable.

  31. I LOVE Aquatalia!! I’m not sure if I need to leave a comment….I follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter. I have also referred a friend to the contest. Good luck to everyone :)

  32. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway! I’m not sure if I have to comment for the additional entries, but I’ve also “liked” their Facebook page and followed them on Pinterest. It would be fun to win because I’m a poor college student and can’t afford her clothing, haha! But nonetheless, best of luck to everyone. :)

  33. HI!!!
    I HOPE I win those boots!!!I became a follower on facebook and twitter!!!I love following your blog!!!!
    You are amazing!!!
    thank you,
    jamie gibbs

  34. Love this! I’m signed and following all the links. What beautiful boots!
    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!!

  35. Good Morning! I love love love Aquatalia boots! This is too exciting! Ever since I saw the Aquatalia boots for the first time I fell in love. They are simply classy and look very comfortable as well!

    I donated to the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser, I joined Aquatalia’s mailing list and I follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I also visited the Rafflecopter link and submitted entries there too. I have been following Baby Cambridge Fundraiser since its inception and I am so thrilled for the charity, you have helped raise an enormous amount of money for them and I am certain they are tremendously grateful! I have participated in all giveaways this far and I certainly hope that I win this time.

    Thank you to Aquatalia for this opportunity TO WIN a pair of their Rumba boots!!! :-)

  36. Oh my goodness those Lucianna pumps are to die for!

  37. So excited about the giveaway! I’ve been a longtime follower of your blog!
    Question: I referred several friends to this giveaway already, but how do I get credit for their referral? When they signed up there was not spot for them to put my name? Thanks!

  38. Great giveaway!!! I’ve signed up for the Aquatalia newsletter, and they chose a great color, anthracite, for the fall!

  39. Trying to use the “widget” – did you mean Rafflecopter? That page has an “Enter to win” tab that just sits at “Loading..” but it never loads. I registered with Rafflecopter but it looks like I’d only register if I was starting my own raffle. Confused. I ended up doing all of the “following” on my own separately but would still like extra entries for those please. Thx.

  40. I’m a long-time follower of your blog, but this is only the second time I’ve left a comment. I just want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Although I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, I did sign up for Aquatalia’s mailing list. Winning these gorgeous boots would be like winning the lottery in my book!

    Thanks again!

  41. Ooh I’m so excited that you went over the ‘hopeful cap’ for the fundraiser! I’m all ‘donated out’ from giving to all my charities earlier this year, so unfortunately cannot take part in helping with the icing. Hopefully later this year if something new comes along!

    I’ve signed up for the newsletter, and completed all the bonus entries too. I hope I win this time, but good luck to everyone! :) Thank you for the giveaway, Susan. ♥

    P.S. The ‘Opulence’ boot is utter gorgeousness!

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