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Kate wore familiar pieces for her appearance with William at the Ring of Fire ultra-marathon in Anglesey.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Several hundred people were on hand to say hello to William and Kate, as seen in this photo by the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail/Mail Online

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail/Mail Online

You see the couple making their way to the starting line in this twitpic from the BBC’s Chris Darden.

Chris Dearden, BBC Twitter Feed (@C_Dearden)

Chris Dearden, BBC Twitter Feed (@C_Dearden)

More about the race from the official website:

Ring O’ Fire is an annual 135 mile coastal ultra marathon circumnavigating the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. This epic foot race is staged over three consecutive days and follows the rugged and spectacular Anglesey Coastal Path around the island.

Ring of Fire

It looks like a stunning (and brutal) course.

Almost all the coastline of Anglesey is a designated “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and runners will encounter a wide variety of terrain, including: estuaries, sandy beaches, cliff top paths, sand dunes, farmers’ fields and sections of forest.

It was Kate’s first formal engagement since the birth of Prince George in July, she was obviously enjoying herself as shown this screen grab via British Royals on Twitter.

Via British Royals Twitter

Via British Royals Twitter

From the Daily Post:

The Duchess of Cambridge spoke to a group of local children, who handed Kate a bunch of flowers and a handmade butterfly-shaped decoration.

Kate said thank you and added that she would pass the decoration to George when she gets home as he loves bright colours.

Kate wore the Zara White Printed Top with Bow top, previously seen when Kate and William were in Switzerland for a wedding.



The top, which some refer to as having a “hospital print” for its similarity to gowns worn when in the hospital originally sold for $59, but is long past its original season.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Atop the blouse she was in her Ralph Lauren jacket, similar to these two; the biggest distinction is that Kate’s does not have a second pocket on the right side of the piece. The piece is officially called the Ralph Lauren Estate Custom Riding Jacket.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

It is a piece she had has for several years. Below we have a closer look at the garment.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

The Duchess also wore her trusty Pied a Terre Imperias.

Splash News/Pied a Terre

Splash News/Pied a Terre

I’m not sure yet precisely which pair of jeans she is wearing, and will update as soon as that is sorted out.

UPDATED: One reason I was pausing on the jeans is because of the rolled cuff.  It’s not how we generally see Kate styling denim.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

A commenter makes a very good suggestion (thank you!) that Kate might be wearing the Topshop Maternity Moto Black Leigh jeans.

Splash News/Topshop

Splash News/Topshop

I also did a comparison from the back, but it is almost pointless because the black hides the detailing.

Splash news/Topshop

Splash news/Topshop

My instincts say our kindly commenter is spot-on, and Kate is wearing the Topshop Maternity Denim.

For those wondering who was watching George, Rebecca English shared an update on Twitter.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail Twitter Feed

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail Twitter Feed


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Kate’s next official engagement is at the first annual Tusk Conservation awards, September 12.

  55 Responses to “Kate in Ralph Lauren & Zara for Anglesey Race Start”

  1. This outfit is a real hit! Just right for the occasion.

  2. Hi, just wondering why the DM is reporting that the jeans are Paige jeans, do we know for certain that they aren’t?

  3. I saw someone wearing this zara print shirt today. I did a double take to make sure and it was definitly it. I have to say the print is sooo much better in person. I don’t think it photographs as well. I can see why the Duchess chose it now. It was a nice blouse in person.

  4. Do we know what watch Kate is wearing?

  5. The duchess really looks happy to be a mother – it’s written all over her face and others have said she does have a maternal mature look abouther =) I love the way she paired her jeans with her jacket – really nice.

  6. It is so lovely to see Kate and Wills out and about again. The Duchess has mastered the casual but comfortable look here in my opinion, and she also appears to be having a jolly time. I rather wish I were at this event as well! I second Elizamo’s opinion that something indefinable about her has changed; perhaps around the eyes? Not to imply that she doesn’t look lovely, but she has a more worldly expression now.

    I adore blazers, and now I’m afraid I have the itch to acquire another one… Something I promised myself I wouldn’t do, as I’m a tad short waisted and it is a hard look for me to pull off. Also, I live in Oklahoma, and it never seems to be the right weather for blazers. It is either far too warm or much too cold, since we really have no Fall of which to speak.

    I like how the Duchess has styled these black jeans. I bought a pair last December when the colored and patterned denim trend blew up, but I have only worn them a handful of times as I can’t seem to figure out what colors and styles of tops and shoes work with black denim. I guess I need to do some research!

  7. I’ve never liked Kate’s choice of skinny jeans; ill-fitting and a bit “tried too hard”. We get it Kate, you are skinny. Would love too see her in a more appropriate pair of legs-go-on-forever boot-cuts.

    • Couldn’t agree more doloresst. Although I could see skinny jeans work with a flat ankle boot and a longer line soft sleeveless thing over a shirt, or with a long scarf. I find the proportions of the Duchess’ clothes jarring. And those wedges…

  8. I love the Duchess’ casual clothes, she always looks so effortlessly great. I really like the colour of that blazer. The whole look is just very classy and perfect for the event.

  9. I rarely comment, but I certainly read every post. Great job on all that you do. I agree with you all on the maternity jeans. I certainly lived in them for awhile after giving birth, but I did want to mention something that I stumbled upon last night while reading this issue of Vanity Fair, which I thought was interesting. I noticed that J Brand had an add for black denim jeans, and they had the cuffs the exact same way. I don’t think they are the same, but must be the new trend.

    • Thank you for saying that you wore your maternity jeans for awhile after you had your baby! I’m currently pregnant, and I have a feeling I won’t be able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans 5 weeks post birth!

  10. Kate looks every inch the new Mum – casual outfit donned at the last minute, not-so-glossy hair – and it’s such a treat to see her again, and looking so well!

    I’m no fan of short tweed jackets ending mid-hip – the look is too bulky and unflattering for my taste, and Kate’s version looks a bit bunched up round the back of her neck in some pics. I’m also no fan of over-skinny jeans or those clunky wedge platforms – but these are all part of today’s trends and if anyone can wear them it’s the duchess. And the informality of the re-emergent waves in her hair is charming.

    In fact she looks indefinably quite different from before – obviously there’s a touch of the matronly to be expected at this stage – but she has an air of maturity and less of the girl-about-town edge she had. As others have said – she’s probably just tired.

    • All of your back-handed compliments are amazing. Keep up the good work.

      The Duchess looks wonderful; her hair is fine and she does not look “matronly” at all. She is perfectly dressed on-trend and casual for the task at hand.

      • Thanks for your attention. I’m sure I never meant my comments to be back-handed and I’m sorry if they were to be read that way.

  11. Love your blog, just wondered if you knew what brand and stye the Duchess’s watch is? Thanks from New Zealand

  12. I love the soft waves in her hair with the light highlights.

  13. They are such a lovely couple! Kate is so beautiful! Her look appears so effortless. And I really like the casualness of Will’s outfit. Did you get any shots of Will’s shoes? What shoes is he wearing?

  14. HI, So I just watched a video on E.T. website and at one point in the video her blouse is blown by the wind across her stomach and her jeans are very high waisted. From the look of it I have to agree that you had it right they are the topshop maternity jeans:). Also, you could see she does in fact still have a small belly. Kate tried to hide it in the video with her blazer when the wind blew, but you could still see it briefly. But she should have a belly still. Im not saying there is anything wrong with that. What is wrong is all these media outlets saying she has lost all the weight in 5 weeks. That is so unrealistic! Even if she was not taking care of a baby, there is no way she could be back in shape in only 5 weeks. It gives other women an unrealistic ideal. I wish people would just say she looks good, which she does, but stop saying she has lost all the weight. She clearly still has a small bump-thats why she is wearing looser clothing! So what, she should. She is human and I wish they would stop trying to make her superhuman. Sorry for the tirade, but it really frustrating after reading a few articles.

    • I agree Erin!

      • Me, too!

      • I can’t agree more. She is wearing a jacket that doesn’t close on her anymore – of course she is normal/human/breastfeeding mom, and of course she is NOT back to her pre-pregnancy body – it is ridiculous that the media is trying to reaffirm this bizarre standard!

        Female bodies change after giving birth, and she is no exception, although obviously, she looks great. I find it touching that she recycled her pre-baby jacket, when it would be so easy for her to buy a dozen new ones that would fit perfectly.

    • I agree too — her loose tops are clearly covering what is naturally still there — and quite right that it should. The pressure to be too thin too soon is rotten. With her long lean frame Kate has looked less heavy than some throughout her pregnancy and it didn’t stop her from producing a whole 8lbs 6ozs of baby boy!

      • Frankly, I think there’s a little too much going on about her body, whether she’s “really” lost baby weight, whether she’s wearing maternity jeans — etc., etc., etc.

        Let’s just stop that, shall we? It’s starting to sound rather — actually, hugely — snarky, and frankly, I don’t care. I care about the clothes, which are, after all, the point of this fashion blog.

        So, give it up on the post-baby weight-loss issues, and let’s move on, for God’s sake!

        I think we are all looking forward to the next official appearance, and I hope to hell that it doesn’t involve any comments about whether the Duchess does or doesn’t look she has a “baby belly” in whatever she chooses to wear.

        I don’t want to hear it or read it. Period.

        • Lili, you sadly just contradicted yourself. You said you are sick of people talking about her body and “whether or not she is wearing maternity jeans”. But then you said “i care about the clothes, which are, after all, the point of this fashion blog”. In case you had failed to notice, maternity clothes are clothes!!! So, if the duchess is wearing them, this blog wants to correctly identify them since people like the clothes she wears. Susan just tries to be accurate, hence identifing the correct jeans, which brought of the fact of maternity jeans. And if they are maternity jeans, people like to know, especially pregnant women who may want to then buy them. This fashion blog talks about her clothes, all of them, which includes maternity. The only person that sounds snarky quite frankly is you. And you sound rather jealous. Calm down!!!

          • I’m afraid I disagree, and I’m afraid I think that you missed the point. I’m sorry that you think I sound “jealous”. I think that other people who have seen my posts on the Duchess’s fashion for many months — indeed, years now — would understand my point.

            However, because I feel that this blog is unfortunately being hijacked in an inappropriate way, I will simply respectfully suggest that we mutually disagree and leave it at that. I will also respectfully suggest that we stick to clothes and not bodies. I’m afraid I feel that it is possible to do that — even vis-à-vis maternity clothing — without commenting on the wearer’s physique — a subject that is so fraught with problematic contemporary cultural references and arguments.

            If I might suggest: please don’t tell people to “calm down”. It’s quite condescending and inappropriate. I think we should leave such suggestions up to the Admin. It is her blog; not ours.

          • I’m with you, Lili, stick to the clothes and not the comments that wander into personal issues. I’ve always admired the respectful standard of discussion on this blog. It makes such a welcome break from all the prurient and irrelevant speculation so much of the media rely on.

        • I read this blog every day, but I have only commented a couple of times. I have to say, I completely agree with Erin. I also think that the reason this fashion blog is so popular, is that it touches on issues that are tangential to fashion, like history and context, and it is a fact of life that body type and changes women go through during and after pregnancy are relevant to fashion, i.e., they affect women’s fashion choices.

          And might I respectfully offer to Lili that people who finish their post with “I don’t want to hear it or read it. Period.” are not in a position to point out to others that a request “to calm down” is condescending. If you don’t want to read others’ posts, don’t. We’ll survive the letdown.

          • I understand the point Lili was trying to make, that this should be more about the fashion, though i realize the Duchess just had a baby so her body will be a topic of conversation-which is fine! Having said that though, Lili, your point was utterly lost in the way that you said it. Your comments come across as self-righteous, superior, and as other have said condescending. Instead of just giving your opinion, which you are allowed, you made your comments personal and emotional. You are the only one sounding snarky (using your word). Your comments were tactless and therefore your point was totally lost. This is not your blog, and the whole point of a comments section is so people can give their opinions, regardless of if you agree or not. That is the whole joy of being human, we have our own minds. So instead of attacking others for not commenting on the things you think they should, just move on. Don’t respond and if you do, be respectful and don’t make it personal. You are taking this too personally and you are the only one that is making inappropriate comments, everyone else was having a peacefull conversation (you are the hijacker). I agree with Marianne, you are in no position to be making suggestions.

          • Thank you Marianne for stating that so eloquently!!!

            Sadly Lili I think that you missed the point, as you so condescendingly put it. If you had actually read my first statement, I was only pointing out her belly in order to confirm that she was indeed wearing the maternity jeans, since this is a fashion blog. After that i only talked about my frustrations with the media and their obsession with her loosing weight. I actually was saying how sick I was of them making her superhuman. It had nothing to do with the Duchesses personal issues, rather it was my frustrations i was talking about. You completely missed the point! So, if I may suggest, get of your high horse and stop commenting on this conversation; move on. You seem to be the only one having the problem! (and nothing in this was condescending, you need to read your own comments for that)

    • Ditto!
      Thanks Susan for another lovely post.

      • I too agree Erin. I wish people would lay off her body. Thank you for your input on the jeans since most of us that follow ‘what she wears’ want to know what she is really wearing. I don’t want to get the wrong type of jeans.

        On a side note-Lili, I have to agree with Erin. I saw nothing wrong with her post, she was pointing out what most of were thinking. There was nothing condescending about what she said. It was very polite, not snarky (if you want snarky comment on those who are talking about how different her face looks). I have to say, your last post on the other hand, was quite condescending and bordering on rude. So if I might suggest, people are allowed their opinions without being told what they should say. You said that we should leave suggestions up to the admin. since it is her blog, yet you go on to tell people what they should or should not comment on. So, if I may respectfully suggest, have some respect for others and let them have their opinions.

    • So, we’re all agreed then? Isn’t that wonderful! Discussion of baby bumps and over-emphasis on the pressure on women in all walks of life to be thin is just so OUT, and comments on duchess outfits, including maternity wear, are very much IN.

      I’d like to take the opportunity to say how much I value Lili’s regular contributions. Her knowledge of fashion is extensive and her comments on particular outfits frequently penetrating and enlightening. I feel her many insights are a large part of what make this such a widely respected site.

      • I am starting to think that Lili and ElizaMo are the same person :-) There is nothing wrong with discussing baby (or post-baby) bumps. It is not an offensive topic – babies are not brought by storks, you know? I am very much looking forward to Duchess’ next appearance, and my prediction is we’ll see a gown that would flatter her current body shape: a bit of cleavage, and something flared with an empire waist :-)

      • The What Kate Wore blog is run by Susan, an intelligent woman with intelligent analysis of Kate’s clothes and style. Intelligent women read WKW and the discussion in the comments section is always fun to read (though the tone of respondents has been getting tiresome on this particular post). I want to make the point that WKW is a “widely-respected site” due to the exhaustive efforts of Susan, not the commentators. I doubt the average visitor to the blog clicks on the comments section.

  15. @Kristin, she might have more than one pair. Also: Scotchgard. I spray all my shoes and boots. As for Kate, this makes me so glad she wore what she did leaving the hospital. She didn’t mind her physique, and she’s now getting back her figure.

  16. In some of the photos I’ve seen from today, it appears the Duchess is wearing a watch — something we rarely see! Any idea what kind it may be?

  17. She looks stunning I love her hair colouring she is glowing! Most women don’t look that good before having a baby and she had one 5 weeks again amazing! She lost her post baby tummy so fast. I love her jacket from Ralph Lauren too bad it is discontinued. I’m not a fan of Williams outfit but I sure wish him well on such a arduous journey and I’m so happy for them both! I am sad they are leaving wales especially for william who loves his job there . Plus as I know they will miss it and they will now have a much more intrusive life in London.

  18. They might be Topshop maternity Moto Leigh Jeans as they have the turn-ups.

  19. She looks radiant =)


  20. They might be her J Brand 811 skinnies. :)

  21. A very appropriate outfit for the event. I have to say that I don’t care for the styling or the print of that Zara top (that IS a hospital print!), but it’s probably quite comfortable, especially for a new mother.

    I do like the tweed blazer. Being a fan of such blazers, and inspired by a Katherine Hooker example the Duchess owns, I bought a pale-blue herringbone version from J Crew last year that is almost identical to this green one. (It doesn’t have a ticket pocket either.) It was less expensive than a Ralph Lauren blazer would be. Alas, J Crew isn’t offering that style this year, but they do have other nice blazers available.

    I meant to comment on the Aquatalia boot giveaway that while I think that anthracite color is lovely, it wouldn’t really go very well with much of anything I own. I’d hate to win a pair of beautiful boots and then feel that I needed to run out to buy clothes that would work with them!

  22. Love this outfit on HRH, so appropriate for the occasion!

  23. BBC’s fashion commentator is reporting that Kate is wearing the same ankle peg Paige denim jeans she wore a few days ago while shopping, if that helps!

  24. How on earth does she keep those Imperia’s so clean when she’s trodding through so many places with them? Wonderful to see her again. Love the casual ombre hair too (unless that’s just the lighting). Another lovely post Susan!

    • I want to know the same thing…she has had certain shoes for years, yet not a smudge mark on them! Does she special cleaning treatment for her shoes???

      • Perhaps they are not the same shoes. When I find comfortable shoes that I love, I will buy at least two pair and either alternate them or save one pair for later so I always have my favorite. The Duchess can well afford to do this.

    • Her hair does look a tad ombre. Maybe she just hasn’t had it dyed lately?

  25. The additional pocket on the right side of the jacket is called a “ticket pocket”. It was originally used on traveling blazers to hold train tickets.

  26. Loving her casual laid back look, very comfortable and appropriate for the day. Also like that we are seeing an oldie but a goody with her blazer. I’m sorry, but I always get a kick out of William’s wardrobe. There he is in his tried and true purple sweater =P

  27. Love the laid back look the Duchess is channeling here. Makes me want to break out my Imperias today!

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