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We have a few quick updates to share in a variety of areas, we’ll begin with tomorrow’s visit to Grimsby. Firm event times have been made public:

Those times come via a story in This is Grimsby, the site also details its coverage plans for the royal visit, including this information: “We will also be live steaming video online and pupils at Macaulay Academy”.

This is Grimsby has multiple stories about tomorrow’s events, including several detailing the goings-on in advance of the visit:

There are some wonderful details and quotes in the stories, I think you will enjoy them.

This is Grimsby

Updates on preparations can also be found on Twitter, the photo below was tweeted by the David Ross Education Trust, we see students rehearsing “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

David Ross Education Trust Twitter Feed

We’ll see you bright and early!


St. James’s Palace confirmed today that Kate will join William on Sunday, March 17 for ceremonies at Mons Barracks, home to the Irish Guards. The duo will watch the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Duchess will help distribute shamrocks to the regiment’s Officers and Guardsmen.  Many will recall that Prince William was married in his Irish Guards dress uniform, he is Colonel of the Regiment.

Sergeant Alison Baskerville RLC MOD Crown Copyright 2011

Kate and William will meet the regiment’s newest mascot, Domhnall.

Corporal Steve Blake, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

Above we see the Irish Wolfhound in a “playful” mood during the holidays, he came to the Regiment from Northern Ireland just a few months ago. More about Domhnall’s high-pressure debut from the Ministry of Defence:

He and handler Drummer David Steed are on a steep learning curve to make sure they look the part when Domhnall first fulfills the role of mascot at the regiment’s grand St Patrick’s Day parade in March.

In just 2 months, blank canvas Domhnall has already been housetrained and obedience-trained, Drummer Steed said, with his ceremonial training in London due to start in the near future:

This will involve being with the regimental band, taking him out on Queen’s Guard mounts to get him used to the noises and the sights and sounds of London, as well as taking him to Knightsbridge for his horse-friendly training.

Because ceremonial duties are with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, it’s making sure that the horses aren’t startled by him and vice-versa.

Below, Drummer David Steed and Domhnall.

Corporal Steve Blake RLC, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012

Last year Kate met Conmael, he was the mascot when she visited the Guards.


Finally, a few quick updates on items from Kate’s trip to Switzerland, beginning with the bag she was seen carrying Friday.

Bill Brown Bags “Cristina”

Kate was carrying this for Rosie Meade on Friday when walking with her friend on the base of the ski slope, it is the Cristina by Bill Brown. I’m repeating what I added to yesterday’s blog because not everyone re-checks the posts. The bag is made of handloomed cotton, it is lined and zips closed in addition to closing with the coconut shell button. The bag sells for £30, about $45 USD.

Splash News

The apres-ski boots Kate was seen wearing Friday and Sunday have been identified.

Splash News/Alpine Room

The maker is Oscar Sports, an Italian label. I believe they are the faux fur version of the Giada style, the Giada Ecol, we show it at the Alpine Room, a UK site. All Oscar boots are handmade in Italy, this model runs £175, about $260.

When Kate was out walking on Sunday (photos viewable here) she was seen in this blouse, Zara’s ‘White Printed Top with Bow,’ our thanks to Daily Kate Middleton on Facebook for letting us know about the top.

Zara White Printed Top with Bow, photos via Lyst

The $59 top is past season, WKW Facebook friends have seen Kate wearing it previously (scroll through comments for information), it is now sold out. Kate was also carrying her Temperley Odele coat, that item is now discounted 50% to $1625.

Again, if we learn who made the dress coat worn Saturday to the wedding we’ll update Saturday’s post. We’ll see you tomorrow morning!


  9 Responses to “What Else Kate Wore in Switzerland, Grimsby Timing & A New Mascot for the Irish Guards”

  1. Can you tell me about Kate’s black turtleneck sweater she’s wearing? She is on the slopes and has a brown jacket on. The sweater goes down to her hips, like a tunic and is cable knit! Thanks

  2. On the pictures with the Zara-top in Arosa on Sunday 3rd March it was the first time I saw Kate wearing a wrist watch. It would be interesting to know what kind of watch it is. Does anyone have an idea?

  3. I am almost bought that Zara top! It looked cute for summer but we were going into winter so it didn’t seem practical. Does anyone else buy something or think about buying something and then see Kate in it later? I think she is following me – J/K ;)

  4. Thanks for your link to The Alpine Room for Kate’s gorgeous Oscar Giada Ecol boots. We still have stocks available and are happy to ship to most countries!

    We also have a Facebook page

    Great Blog – keep up the good work!

    • Hi Kate, I don’t see a contact/email feature on your Alpine Room site so I’m leaving my question on WKW. Is AR getting more of the Oscar Sports “Giada Ecol” (the faux fur version of the Giada style) boot in Black for £175 ($260)? Your EU 40/UK 6.5 (US 9) on sale for £149.99 is too big for me so I am hoping to get an EU 38/UK 5 (US 7.5) or EU 38.5/UK 5.5 (US 8) if the boots run narrow. Thank you :-)

  5. Thanks for the link to the Alpine Room regarding the Giada Ecol boots. Stock is still available and we are happy to ship to most countries! Cheers guys, great blog!

  6. I don’t think much of that Zara top, though I suppose it works for a pregnant lady. I do like the boots, which look both warm and faintly whimsical in design.

    I, too, hope we’ll see a new item or two tomorrow.

  7. i love kate’s apres-ski style and i cannot wait to see the outfits she’ll wear to her 3 upcoming events. my hope is that they’ll be pieces we haven’t seen before!

  8. She looks great in the Zara top and black jeans and glad to hear she is wearing a new watch!

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