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Kate wore several new pieces for today’s visit to the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.

Bradley Page/The Daily Mail/PA Wire

Bradley Page/The Daily Mail/PA Wire

The Duchess was welcomed with flowers given to her by Demi, Zoe and Zofia; they look just darling in this picture shared by Shooting Star Children’s Hospice on its Twitter feed.

Shooting Star Children's Hospice

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

Hospice CEO David Burland spoke about Kate’s visit:

“The Duchess is a committed supporter of children’s hospices & showed great knowledge about our vital work supporting children with life-limiting conditions & their families.  She took the time to speak to families, volunteers & staff to learn more about the impact of our work & the wider palliative care network.”

Shooting Star Children's Hospice

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

Parts of the visit had to be emotionally draining, as explained in Richard Palmer’s story in the Express:

In a private room she comforted the parents of a one-year-old girl who died on Tuesday. The parents lost their five-year-old son from the same condition, spinal muscular atrophy, six weeks ago.

Kate seemed to enjoy the music therapy session she took part in.

Bradley Page/Shooting Star Children's Hospice

Bradley Page/Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

Shooting Star shared these pictures on their website.

Shooting Star Children's Hospice

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

The hospice also wrote a story about Kate’s visit:

Louise, mum of Shaney and Chesney, said: “Kate was so sweet, absolutely lovely and she really puts you at ease because obviously you are a little tense to meet someone so important. She was down to earth but had a real aura about her.”

“She asked me about my boys and how we use Shooting Star CHASE and I told her how they like messy play. She said she has just introduced George to messy play and what fun it was.”

Shooting Star Children's Hospice Facebook page

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice Facebook page

Richard Palmer shared notable news in his article, word of Kate’s plans to do even more with the children’s hospice movement:

 The Duchess also met volunteers who help out at the hospice. She plans to launch a new initiative to encourage more people to volunteer in hospices.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry is currently developing a pilot for a volunteering programme to support families of children with life-limiting conditions.  “A key component of today’s visit is for The Duchess to meet a group of Shooting Stars volunteers, to better understand how they support the hospice and its families.”


On to the fashion news. Kate’s jacket is by Reiss, it is called the Delaney. The jacket is available on the Reiss US site for $520s, in the UK it is for sale at John Lewis (£275) as well as at Reiss.

Lyst/Lyst/James Whatling Splash News

Lyst/Lyst/James Whatling Splash News

The Delaney showcases that fit and flare silhouette Kate is so fond of, in the clean, tailored lines she likes. The piece is constructed with multiple gores, elbow darts, and that little extra something, a flourish we frequently see with the Duchess: in this case it is the triangular point of interest in the center back. There are also slit pockets on the front. Reiss describes the color as cool grey, and the garment is a mix of wool and polyamide with a rayon lining.

The Delaney also comes in navy; that color better shows the subtle pattern in the fabric. Below, the navy version at Bloomingdale’s ($555) in the US, navy is also available at John Lewis (£295).



Kate was in a new pair of trousers as well.

Bradley Page/The Daily Mail/PA Wire

Bradley Page/The Daily Mail/PA Wire

They are a deep navy color; I lightened this image slightly to better show the texture of the fabric.

Bradley Page/The Daily Mail/PA Wire

Bradley Page/The Daily Mail/PA Wire

At this point I am leaning toward J. Brand’s Skinny Corduroy Trousers. Below a swatch of their stretch corduroy as seen on a pair at Farfetch. The color is clearly off, but the fabric texture looks very similar.  The brand offered a pencil leg in corduroy much like Kate’s, Shopbop also carried the same (or very similar) style (also sold out) and the Outnet has a few pair in the 511 mid-rise style. We’ll keep hunting for the proper pair and update as soon as we have new info.



We also saw a new pendant on the Duchess today, this is another piece we’re still trying to ID properly. Kate wore her green amethyst earrings from Kiki McDonough.

PA Wire/Al Coro/Kiki McDonough

PA Wire/Al Coro/Kiki McDonough

Here is another look at the necklace.

Kate was sporting a new pair of booties from an old favorite: Aquatalia. Only available at Russell & Bromley, the style is called the New Dry. The booties are made of weather-resistant suede and lined with faux fur for warmth; they also have a wedge heel and platform, so perhaps they are not as high as one might think.

Russell & Bromley/Splash News

Russell & Bromley/James Whatling – Splash News

This is the third Aquatalia style we have seen Kate wear.

Nordstrom/Russell & Bromley

From left to right: the Rhumba ($698 at Nordstrom), the Royalty ($450 at Nordstrom) and now the New Dry (£225, about $375 USD) at Russell and Bromley.

Many thanks to everyone on Twitter & Facebook who made this such fun today, especially Rene, Anna, Cambridge Follower, Ashley Marie, Dawn, Franciele, Susan, Kate Kate Kate, Betty, Food Fash Fit, What Would Kate Do and others.

We have one more footwear update to share:


NEXT APPEARANCE: Wednesday, December 11 William and Kate attend an advanced screening of Sir David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D. The screening will be at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, London.


  76 Responses to “Kate Wears Reiss for Children’s Hospice Visit & Word of a New Hospice Initiative for The Duchess”

  1. I like Kate’s whole outfit. Absolutely appropriate for the event – casual, but lovely. Well done Kate.

  2. Hi there,
    I was shopping for boots and came across these, which reminded me immediately of Kate’s on this outing. Thought you might like to share the anais suede ugg style with your readers!

  3. I was able to buy the same jacket the duchess has worn from the reiss website in the UK
    And I have to say it looks great in the flesh: tailored, elegant and with minimal lines.

    Individually I like all parts of this outfit including the wedges, I’m not bothered at all by the combination of the jeans with the jacket (I tired mine with Ralph Lauren jeans and riding jodhpurs in both blue and black
    and the jacket works well with both of them). Even the wedges have started to grow on me a lot, the only thing I’m not still not sure off is the combination of the wedges with the particular jacket and the fact that the wedges are teamed with very skinny pants.

    I do have a question for Susan or anybody else who can advise on the matter: given that people are not 100% sure which type of jeans from (probably) J Brand she is wearing, what is the closest approximation that is found on line? Could it be the 815 velvet skinny in blue steel?
    I want to buy a pair closet to that look and it would be good to get some advise.

    Many thanks

    • Hey penelope….

      I definetly think that these are the jbrand in navy (or steel blue) – i have ordered them in velvet – think they are the best joyce!!

      • Hi Lilly,

        Many thanks for the reply. Did you get your pair from the JBrand website? I know you live in the US, I see that they now have them on sale. I live in the UK (which makes it easier to buy her UK labels), but my boys have been unwell so I didn’t check the site until last night when I got your reply and my size 26-27 is gone. Any idea where else I get get them on line?

        With my twins it’s a bit hard to go shopping other than on line at the moment…

        • Hey penelope,

          I live in Austria so its hard to get any of those clothes :-))) thank god that there is such a nice thing like online shopping!!

          I ordered mine from – works very well and size 27 is available!

          Hope this will help you a little bit

          • Hi Lilly,

            Many thanks for the info. I saw it the other day but since my whole family is done with the flu I didn’t see your reply immediately so I missed my size.
            There you go, I did put my name on the waiting list and if it doesn’t come back I’ll check ill call the department stores here. I’m most excited about owning the coat, it’s great isn’t it?

            P.S. I knew you were Austrian but some how I was convinced you lived in the US(?). I read this blog all the time usually at night when I’m able to put my twins to bed so I must have been too sleepy and inferred the wrong thing.
            I want to comment more and I’ve bought a lot of her items as they perfectly suit my style.
            I wanted your opinion on two pairs of blue suede pumps (one from jimmy choo and one form Rupert Sanderson), I.e which shade is closest to hers that she’s worn much and recently with the orla kiely skit and max mara jacket, but I’ll put the question in a more recent post as you might not check this again.

  4. Hey guys,

    I Need your advice bout the Outfit:
    I have bought the Jacket Kate is wearing in Navy – would you think the navy blue jacket fits with a dark blue Velvet Jeans from JBrand?

    Many thanks

    • Yes, I do think they would go together, quite possibly, but would like to see a pic of the shade of dark blue of these velvet jeans, and how thick the velvet pile is, also, to confirm jacket’s formal lines don’t fight with what I think are more casual pants, which was Kate’s main problem. I think the darker shade brings your jacket into more casual zone than Kates pale dove grey, which will help with this.

      I think I would lean to the cigar pant/tailored trouser look others mentioned for helping out kate’s look, but I think you have to put your pieces together and see how it works –your look may be amazing, and right shirt, accessories, etc., could really make it all come together — successful fashion is often about unconventional choice pulled off with panache or personality, as I see it!

      I may be old school in this, and welcome other opinions, but when my jacket and pants are in similar primary color like black, blue, brown, I think they must either match nearly identically or be different enough to make a nice contrast. When they are very close in shade, but off by a noticeable bit, enough that it is clear they are not a match, it can look sloppy or not well thought out.

      And to save this all-navy ensemble from looking overly corporate, unless that is your intent, i would have the shirt be in fun jewel tones that complement your skin tone, maybe a pink shade, gold, orange or a fun print mixing these, my go-to is magenta, fuchsia, or a print mix for navy but that works for my skin tone.

      However, I live in Los Angeles, though, where one can wear bright colors like this year round, so grain of salt re shirt colors if you are somewhere with real winter weather. If you go too bright or light, may risk looking strangely out of synch for winter, unless you are going for a colorful sweater?

      • I love your perspectives on building looks around the Reiss jacket! Thank you for that comment about pairing the jacket with a cigarette pant or tailored trouser. It helped me realize that my problem with the Duchess’ outfit was proportion.

      • Many thanks to you for your support tracey- helped me a lot.
        Lucky you live in Los Angeles – so the weather is much more comfortable than in my home-country Austria. So its still a problem to find a nice outfit, whitch looks stylish and warm though. ;-)

        I have to say that i really like her Wedge – shoes! But not anyone is the same opinion :-)

        Have a nice weekend round there ;-)

        • You are so nice to say so, thank you! Though, I credit a few earlier posters who also had the cigar pant/trousers suggestion, also.

        • Thank you so much for saying so, Lily; glad it was helpful. I really enjoy this warm, supportive community united by all things fashion and Kate!

          There’s been a cold spell here in supposedly sunny Los Angeles as of late, temperatures in 40′s then back to the 70′s (and these rapid changes are getting many of us sick off and on all past few months). I suspect we won’t engender much sympathy from rest of the readers who are, like you, in places with true winter for months, though.

          Austria very beautiful, visited many years ago. Kate provides some great stylish winter weather options you can borrow/adapt, I’m thinking, like her shearling coat and Le Chameau boots (though I’m not a fan of these paired together; I always think these boots require more casual jackets!).

          Sometimes I wish we had weather that justified having more than the one of these (shearling coat, I mean) that I have in my wardrobe that I’ve had for 10 years, but it only gets worn while on ski trips out of state, more than not.

          • Susan: please omit one or the other of these mostly duplicative responses to Lily’s note that I submitted!

            I thought the first one had been accidentally obliterated, so I wrote the second, trying to recall what I’d said, but it appears they both made it into the system. Thank you, and my apologies for the inconvenience.

            • Tracey, I am struggling to find the duplicate and am unable to at this point. I noticed them when you posted but thought I moved one of the two to trash so they both wouldn’t show up. Sorry I’m not more helpful. :)

    • Yes I think in principal they should go together if they are both quite dark.
      What dark navy jeans from J Brand were you thinking of matching them with?
      Perhaps the 815 velvet super skinny in blue steel?

      I’ve also bought the jacket but in cool grey same like the duchess’s and I want to buy the jeans
      but it seems that people aren’t sure which pair it is?
      See my individual comments above.
      It’s lovely jacket isn’t it? Can’t believe I was able to get an xsmall from the reiss website in the UK,
      It sold out so quickly.

  5. I’ve been meaning to say, I appreciate the “new” layout of clothes information vs. event information being separate. It’s much easier to read & follow, and also much easier to find what I’m looking for when referencing this blog. Thank you so much Susan!! Your posts are always thorough and fantastic.

    • Me, too! I meant to say that yesterday, because I was so appreciated that Susan had kindly followed up my original comment re this! Kudos and much appreciation!

  6. I’m a little surprised by the people who are complaining that the jacket is too formal or dressy to be worn with cords or jeans and the boots.

    Everywhere I’ve ever lived, which is a series of large cities where fashion matters, it’s been common for women to wear good jackets with otherwise casual clothes. This is generally considered a great look, and it’s also a way of slightly dressing up cords and jeans when you have a good reason to wear them but want to look more polished and sophisticated than they might otherwise make you appear. I’ve never heard anyone complain that this shouldn’t be done.

    Yesterday, for example, I had on jeans, a turtleneck, and flat boots, which I wore with an expensive silk and wool blazer. It’s the type of outfit I’ve worn hundreds — possibly thousands — of times since I was in high school. I really love the ease of throwing a good jacket on over casual clothes; it results in instant polish. So many well-dressed women I know wear this sort of look on weekends or otherwise, and I think they’d all be mystified if they were told that such combinations didn’t work or were somehow inappropriate.

    So, right now, I’m feeling a bit mystified myself.

    • This jacket just looks too polished. It’s not how expensive the jacket is that matters. I’ve worn my Chanel jacket with jeans and it looks lovely. But the Chanel jacket has a worn-look – this does not. Kate’s Ralph Lauren jacket (if it were black) could be worn with these jeans. By the way Lili, I like your comments.

      • When I said “expensive,” I meant a very polished-looking jacket. However, I suppose we’ll simply have to agree to disagree on this.

        • I meant to add: one of the best-dressed women I know, an acquaintance in Rome, regularly wears her Armani jackets with jeans. Not old, shabby Armani, but all of her jackets. She always looks utterly and exquisitely chic, to my ongoing admiration.

      • Fashiophile,

        I can’t agree more. It is not how expensive the jacket is, it is what kind of jacket it is. I wear jackets with jeans all the time, but in this case the light grey lightweight fabric clashed with corduroy. Chanel jackets usually have more substantial feel to them, and I agree Kate’s Ralph Lauren blazer works very well with jeans.

    • I think a blazer might have worked well here. The style/shape of this particular jacket, I think, is what makes it look so much more formal than the cords and boots. Wool slacks in a slim but not skinny cut would have looked great with the jacket, and would still have allowed Kate to interact easily with the children. Not a fan of the boots here at all. They would be great off duty.

    • I agree with you Lili; this jacket is very appropriate and looks wonderful with the cords. I’m really surprised that, apparently, people on this blog do not understand the look. It is a look that has been popular for many, many years and it was perfect for this trip to visit and play with sick children.

      • I’m in agreement with both you and Lili. What I like about this outfit is the way Kate rings the changes, it makes a change from the classic tailored navy blazer/denims combo and combines a super-elegant long-line jacket in a cool grey with a different navy fabric on the skinny jeans.

        And the more cover we have over those skinnies, the better I like it — I don’t think I’ll ever get used to them!

      • I wear jeans and expensive/formal blazers and jackets with jeans all the time. For me, this was a matter of the pants not matching the jacket—navy blue and grey just dont go together IMO. I think straight legged jeans in a dark wash would have looked great with this look, especially if they were long enough to come down over the boots a bit and hide that awkward transition from boot to jean.

        • I think the weight of the fabric comes into play here. Interestingly, the pictures of the same jacket in navy seemed more substantial to me in terms of the fabric. I personally don’t feel that this light grey jacket would look good with dark wash jeans, but I believe the navy jacket would go well with light grey or black jeans.

    • I actually love (and often live in) professional-to-dressy suit jackets and tops, paired with colored jeans (but not usually regular blue ones and especially not faded ones — sometimes so dark that they can be mistaken for trousers, not jeans (chocolate brown, deep aubergine, violet blue, etc.). It’s the entertainment industry version of casual dressing that still reads “professional” and that really suits my career.

      and with this, I always wear nice handbags (known for this) and good caliber shoes or boots. Gives a polished finish but doesn’t scare off clientele who are in ripped jeans, etc., looks relatable to them, in way that my showing up in a full lady-professional suit and pups would not.

      Agree much with all who were saying below they pair Chanel-style wool suit jackets with jeans — so do I — and there is a timeless chic elegance to this look that goes many places.

      So, it’s not the concept of casual pants with dressier tops that bothers me, it’s these particular items paired with each other. Professional jacket with elegant lines in its styling, cut, and color, then super-casual pants with a very discordant (excuse unwitting pun here!) texture relative to the jacket, and outdoor boots. See what I said above to Lily. Several others above making similar points, also.

  7. Kate has the figure, height and looks to carry almost any style. Nevertheless this outfit looks mismatched. The jacket looks too polished to wear with corduroy jeans. A simple three button black jacket would have been fine. The jeans and shoes go perfectly well. Love this blog and the comments therein.

  8. Overall, I’m a fan! I think it can be incredibly hard to strike a balance between polished/professional and user-friendly for engagements like this (something I struggle with in my professional life as well in a similar field), and for the most part, she does it well. I LOVE the jacket and the accessories. The length of the jacket makes a skinny trouser appropriate, too.

    I’m generally not a huge bootie fan, but I like this pair and think they do bring an edge of fun. The only thing I’m iffy on is the corduroys… I think I would have preferred a plain dark denim that might not have scrunched so much towards the bottom or read as so “navy” against the grey and black (I’m not a fan of navy with black). Denim somehow reads as neutral to me in a way that cord fabric doesn’t.

  9. I have mixed feelings about the various elements of this outfit: Love the coat and would wear it myself. The lines are slimming and I think it looked great over the black blouse. I dont mind the pants, but I dont like them with this coat—I agree with another poster in that I will wear denim navy colored jeans with anything but not any other kind of pants/jeans–ie I wont wear navy colored items with a grey jacket (in my opinion grey and navy do not match).
    I hate these boots—dont like wedge heeled boots and I think the fur looks odd.
    I also do not like the way the hem of the pants meets the boots and looks scrunched up.
    love the necklace and dont mind the earrings.
    The outfit from the waist up was great—from the waist down, not so much. I would have worn straight leg dark washed jeans and the royal booties (or at least pulled the jeans legs down over these boots).
    However, those children obviously loved seeing her and that is really all that matters in the end.
    The Duchess obviously cares deeply about this cause and it shows.

  10. Just stumbled upon your blog….great job on keeping up with what the duchess wears. Keep it up. Btw, do you know what time is thes screening at the natural history museum? I’d love to go just to have a glimpse of the Cambridges. :)

  11. First, the good news, for the Aquatalia fans: their “Pumpkin” booties resemble (but are smooth leather, not suede) the Royalty booties Kate favors, and for almost $100 less than Nordstrom’s $475 — they can be yours for $399 at DSW:

    I bought mine on Black Friday at Saks Off Fifth (their outlet store) for $189 (!!!!), but their website says they are sold out now. But I would call one of the outlet stores and confirm they really can’t find you a pair if you really like these — I have had miracle “finds” of “sold out” merchandise happen often!

    Second, the not-so-positive: I am with the minority finding Kate’s ensemble above disjointed or even hodge-podge. I think we all agree that Kate’s poise, model figure, and confident carriage make her look good in most outfits, and gives her some latitude that not everyone one can get away with.

    But even Kate looks odd in this outfit — the top half is headed for a woman-who-means-business luncheon or seminar, and the bottom, to a child-friendly event with possible rough-and-tumble play.

    The shoes bear no relation to either of these halves, they belong outdoors in freezing temperatures on a walkabout paired with a casual-leaning jacket, like her LK Bennett shearling coat, both are clearly outdoors attire. I don’t think the more elegant Rhumba boot would have saved this, while it is true that they would look more polished for an indoor event or better match the coat, but would be strangely out of synch with those cord pants unless a more casual jacket helped bring this together better.

    (I have the Rhumbas and they dress up AND down beautifully — but they cannot work a miracle!!)

    I said “yes!!” out loud when I read the post saying this jacket looks like a business suit missing its matching bottom half– hit nail on the head.

    As a professional with a closet full of both business suits and separates, I am always wary of taking certain suit jackets away from its pants/ skirt when it is one that so clearly look it’s part of a set, as this jacket sure does a good job of imitating, even if it isn’t!

    • I think you nailed it. Disjointed is the best word. I totally agree, lovely pieces but together they add up to hodgepodge.

      Here’s where one of those playful Orly Kiely dresses, like the brown one, with booties might have been the right mix . She reminds me of newscasters who where great jackets, but since they sit behind a desk, where whatever they please on the bottom.

  12. I absolutely love this jacket! She looks fabulous in grey. I also actually really like the booties. I’m not usually a fan of wedge boots, but I think they are appropriate for the occasion. On a side note, anyone not in the US wanting to order from Russell and Bromley can do so by emailing the customer service girl. Her name is Kay and she’s awesome. I’m eagerly awaiting my Charge-it2 boots!

    Finally, I love her hair.

    • So when I said anyone not in the US, I meant UK.

    • Lindsay,

      This is great news!!! Can you please provide the email address for Kay at Russell & Bromley? I would love to have a pair of the ChargeIt2 boots and the Coco Pop Wedges. Thank you!

      • Of course!

        They ask for a copy of a bill and photo ID to avoid 3rd party fraud, but once you send that they have a store call you to make sure the size is right.

        I bought the coco-pop wedges while in London and they are wonderful shoes. Very comfortable and I get tons of compliments.

  13. I love navy corduroy jeans with black fur trimmed booties – great casual winter look. It would go wonderfully with long black sweater or navy turtleneck and black blazer.

    I also love the jacket that suits Kate and is a very elegant well crafted and tailored seasonless piece. It would go beautifully with black navy or burgundy pencil skirt or cigarette pants and heels.

    Together these pieces don’t work at all. The jacket is a seasonless dressy piece, light color, lightweight fabric, and the bottom of the oufit screams walking in the snow. The jewelry is off too, earings and pendant look nice separately, but don’t go together.

    Her Mandela event outfit was off too in my opinion: she may have worn Zara necklace and messy ponytail as tribal references, as one of the commenters pointed out, but neither the necklace nor hairstyle looked good with the neckline of the dress. I wish she wore this necklace with a navy dress at Women in hedge funds event, it would have looked fabulous!

    I think Kate is not as focused on her clothing as she used to be, and combined with making more public appearances then before, it leads to this sort of “sloppiness” that I personally find disappointing.

    Although I am being sloppy myself typing this on my blackberry from Miami. Apologiesfor all the spelling mistakes.

  14. I love this outfit too. Love the shoes and am tempted to call London to order.
    One thing though: Stuart Weitzman’s website is still showing out of stock on the Corkswoon wedges…..I checked every size and no dice =(

    • I assume that you are looking for the dark color. Just FYI, they are available at in white and nude, only in sizes 9.5 and 10.

  15. One thought on the trousers and boots. She was visiting children, and there can always be spills and mishaps, especially around sick ones. I wonder if that’s why she chose cotton jeans and water resistant boots. Practical over fashion. It might have been a suggestion from the hospice.

  16. While I like the boots, and think that they work just fine with the outfit, I think that this would have looked splendid with a pair of loafers. It already has that 1960s-androgynous vibe to it, and loafers would have completed the mod look.

  17. Lauren Conrad’s line for Kohl’s includes skinny cords. I had a pair of navy that I donated to goodwill a little while ago because I could never find much to pair them with. Call it an idosyncrysy, but while I will wear dark jeans (which are essentially navy) with any color, I won’t wear navy in any other fabric with just any color. Anyway, they offer the cords in a couple colors each year. Could be a good replikate if they offer navy this year.

    Not a fan of navy with black boots, or of wedge boots in general. They make legs look stumpy. The jacket was at odds with the other pieces. It had a Lady Mary feeling to it as if inspired by season one or two of Downton Abbey. A shorter blazer with a traditional collar I think would have looked better.

  18. Glad to see Kate wearing Reiss again! From the waist up this outfit looks casual yet polished. Sorry to say but from the waist down it looks sloppy. This is something I’ve noticed in Kate lately, like the other night when the dress was elegant, but the ponytail looked sloppy. I wonder though if the same could have been said of me when I had a newborn, and I probably would have had spit-up somewhere on my outfit too. :) Thank goodness my pictures weren’t sent around the world! So kudos to Kate for trying to balance being a “princess” and a hands-on mom!

  19. What a superb jacket — elegant and versatile, a key piece in any wardrobe. I like the mini-dress length of it so that at adult shoulder height the Duchess can do “smart” for meeting and greeting, while make the canny jeans of velvety-soft cord jeans which give all the flexibility she needs to get down and personal with the children,

    I can hardly believe that we have more new footwear, so I give thumbs up to that extent. Unfortunately I like neither wedge heels nor fur trims on boots — I’ve found them are too limiting to be combined with other than a few styles of trousers or skirt. The trim also adds an unnecessary detail of the kind which I find common to the Middleton women; so often both sisters and mother almost pull off a clean elegant line in an outfit and then add some strangely kitsch detail.

    But all that matters to me here are the smiles on the faces of those children — as long as they’re happy, I’d say mission accomplished!

  20. She looked perfect for what the situation asked of her – crouching down, doing singalongs, having kids jump on her etc. She’s a doll.

  21. I was so excited to see this outfit, because she’s taking a risk! While I think the pants and boots are modern, and even edgy, I’m not a fan of that jacket. It looks like part of a pantsuit, but at least it’s a start. Kate is so beautiful, but I always feel like she dresses way too old for her age, at least on official visits. This outfit seems more commonplace, everyday, which is appropriate for meeting patients and their parents at a hospital.

  22. I love everything about this outfit . . . the casual pants and booties worn with the fitted jacket. It’s a perfect outfit for the occasion. She looks dressed up and casual at the same time. Perfection.

    I have to commend the Duchess for doing this wonderful work with dying children. It must be difficult for her, especially being a new mother, but she looks happy and the children look happy to see her. There is a fine line one must travel when dealing with children and death and Kate seems to be doing it very well. Kudos to her.

  23. Kate looks lovely in this elegant jacket however I am not a fan of the jeans or shoes. I commend her on supporting such an important cause. Those photos with the children and her are beautiful yet heartbreaking. It is so sad to know they have to be in palliative care but I am glad they are at least spending the end of their days in such a loving environment. God bless them all.

  24. I love the work that the Duchess is doing here, but her outfit just seems a bit of a hodge podge effort to fit in trends with not a lot of thought as to how it all went together.

    I like her jacket, but it looks far too dressy for the rest of the casual vibe of the outfit, especially the cord skinnies. Had it been even the same cut in a knobby wool or tweed of some sort it could have been a better match to the cords.

    The cords themselves just seem too casual for a Duchess on an official visit. Sorry Kate, that isn’t really fair, but I still think it is true. I would have been fine with a really structured trouser style dark jean and maybe even a dark denim skinny jean. I am sort of over skinny jeans on her though. i think they are fine, but that is all the Duchess ever wears. There are other cuts! In my perfect world I think a black cigarette pant or, heaven forbid a wide leg trouser in black that she could move in easily would have been just as easy to get in and play with the kids and still have looked polished.

    I agree with earlier posters that her Rhumba boots could have saved this outfit significantly, but I still would be iffy about the cords. I like these booties, but again, just too random for the outfit.

    • I truly agree with your posting. Nay on the jeans (not “trousers”) and the ankle boots for this function, and the smart jacket deserves better counterparts.

  25. I really love the cutting and silouette of the jacket. I am always fond of long and lean look myself perhaps due my pear shape. However, I can’t come to a good understanding of the cord pants and boots with this jacket maybe because I never like cords nor water repellent look of the shoes..something seems disconnected in between but I can’t quite put my finger on…color wise it looks nice and refreshing, no complaint there. :)

  26. I love the dove gray color and the longer length of the jacket. Finally something that this old-timer could actually wear and not look too out of place. Looking at the close up of her knew, I’d say the pants are definitely a very narrow wale corduroy. I wouldn’t have pair that color with the jacket but after seeing the pictures, I really like the combo. The gray could go with black and deep burgundy as well. Very nice look that is appropriate for meeting with children. I’m sure she didn’t know positively if she would be on the floor with them or playing a game so the choice of pants is very appropriate.

  27. Aaaah!! Excuse the enthusiasm, but I just love this outfit. Every bit, from her toes to the top of her head. I adore the jacket, and I think it is particularly well suited to her frame. I am ready to bow down in worship of those boots. The suede, the buckle, the fur lining… I sense a (very) subtle nod to fashion’s recent appreciation of Russian themes brought on by last year’s Anna Karenina. I’m not bothered by the bunching of the fabric at the top of the boots. If you peruse J Crew or Gap catalogs, you will see that this sort of casualness about the ankles is very in at the moment. An even more noticeable trend is for trousers to stop above the ankle, allowing for a peak of visible sock at the top of the ankle boot. I haven’t yet been able to replicate the look; I’m so short that I tend to roll my casual trousers once or twice at the bottom, so I would need to have them hemmed in order to bunch them or show off my socks. But, I’m so eager to try out this look, I just may have to make time to get a pair or two hemmed over Christmas break…

    I’m also captivated by this color combination, mostly because I can’t figure out why it works. I’m really a novice when it comes to mixing colors, and I’ve learned so much from comments on this blog. Before, I tended to rely too exclusively on traditional color combinations, and I held as sacred laws such as the forbidding of mixing navy and black. But, I’ve since learned that colors are much more forgiving than many of these rules imply and bold color combinations can make a statement in and of themselves. I would never have thought to pair black and grey with trousers this shade of blue. I’m wondering if it works because the trousers seem more cobalt than navy (though in some pictures they do look quite dark).

    • I so sympathise with you re being short and having bunched up legs of jeans! I gave up the battle years ago I’m afraid and tend to live with as many as I can to save on all that hemming. I still have pants bought back in the summer I haven’t caught up with yet…

      I really like the colour combination and didn’t think it was unusual. I suppose it works for me because the navy is so dark it borders on black. Like you. though. I’m also learning lots from this blog!

  28. Really like the DoC’s oufit today. Very simple and perfert to visit children. By the way, could the pendant be this one?

  29. I had to google “messy play”. I didn’t know that was a such a thing.

    And her jacket is my last name. Cool.

  30. I truly love this jacket, its minimalist lines — sleek, simple, and fitted — exactly address my tastes, and if I hadn’t already overspent my fall/winter clothing budget, I might try to get my hands on it. As Brenda suggests it would work with a belt, but that would obscure the detail on the back, which would be a problem.

    The cords with ankle boots are another matter. I love cords for winter, a nice change from jeans for a casual look, and I also love ankle boots. However, skinny/pencil cords and jeans have a tendency to look somewhat awkward with ankle boots. They scrunch up at the ankles in a sometimes unattractive way. I do wear this look sometimes, but I’m never entirely satisfied with it.

    What’s more, I am not a huge fan of wedged boots, which I think tend to look somewhat heavy and clunky. This pair is a better example than many I’ve seen, but I’m still not thrilled with them.

    On the whole, however, I think this was a good look for a visit to sick children and to play a little with them. You don’t want to overdress for something like this: small children might find too much glamour a little strange and scary. One final note: I think a thin turtleneck (polo neck in British parlance) sweater would have worked better with the jacket and the rest of the outfit than the scoop neck top, at least at this time of year.

    • Do you think a turtle/polo neck might have made the outfit too formal for corduroy trousers? Then again, turtlenecks are very in at the moment, and this is changing my long-standing impression of them as being borderline business casual: I’m seeing them feature more and more in casual outfits. I will say that a turtleneck blouse would have prevented her necklace from hovering on the edge of her neckline, always in danger of slipping underneath and out of view. Of course, having your necklace slip under your blouse breaks no fashion rules, but it is a particular pet peeve of mine. If I’m wearing a necklace, I don’t want to be bothered by having to fish it out of my blouse all day.

      • No, I don’t think of turtlenecks as “formal” and wear them with jeans and cords all the time. I do have some nice ones that I wear with better clothes — at least, with good suits and skirts — but mostly, they are my go-to tops for cold-weather casual wear.

      • I’m only surprised that she didn’t wear a turtleneck to keep out cold, since her boots are clearly there to be cosy. I think it’s a good point that a turtleneck would look better under that style of jacket collar and would also help with the pendant — I so agree with the nuisance of one that slips in and out of one’s neckline.

  31. Apart from the booties (which are fine, but I’m just not a wedge fan, and I think the outfit would have been sharper with her Rumba boots) I really love this look, and the pictures of her and the children are so sweet! She clearly loves kids and really connects with them.

  32. Love the trousers. I am not a fan of placket front jackets: this feels like it needs a belt. Also, my experience with that fabric is that it wrinkles, and you can see that in the back view.

    But how terrific for Kate to devote her time to these families.

  33. I really liked this outfit, until I saw her shoes… I can’t pull off “booties”, so maybe that’s why I’m never a fan; however the way they scrunch up the ankle of her *clearly* adorable pants kind of makes the outfit too casual. I understand and agree with the idea of dressing down to be around children, but the booties just missed the spot for me. I love the coat & can’t wait to see the ID of the necklace!

    P.S. Its also a relief to know that I’m not the only person who needs 3 different kinds of boots, even if I’m not a fan of every style she owns :)

    • An afterthought: a bootcut pant, possibly corduroy, would have looked so smart & still casual for this event

      • That would have made a big improvement, I think. Or a different boot shape The jacket is wonderful but it looks odd with the skinny cords and big wedge lump of boot at the bottom of thin legs. Awkward. The work, the visit rang true and I think the Duchess as a new parent was fully in the moment with those parents. So I forgive the outfit. It might have been so much better.

  34. A very similar Aquatalia bootie available on Amazon: and I believe they’re still 30% off.

  35. Do you have any better pictures of her earring or know what they are? Just curious.

    As for the outfit, the whole thing is not my favorite. I like the jacket, but not with corduroy skinny pants and cold weather boots. Everything just feels off. The jacket is a bit nicer, where as the boots are for cold weather (she was inside) and then corduroy pants, which have always had a matronly look to me-just my opinion. I also don’t think corduroy works as a skinny. The pieces individually may work, but I just don’t think they look well together. The casual nice does not work here:(. The Duchess herself though looks very pretty. She looks happy and I like her straight hair.

  36. I love everything about this outfit, especially the jacket. The booties are a fun and unexpected addition, and her hair looks very shiny and soft. Well done, Kate.

    • Susan, I agree, I totally I love this outfit. Oddly enough I feel like it might be my favorite outfit of hers in a long time. The jacket is just amazing, the hair looks so fantastic and the pants are such a nice change from her usual. I am in love with this look!

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