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The Cambridges have arrived in Sydney, Australia, where they were greeted by cheering crowds and another welcome sight: sunshine.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris Images

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/Polaris Images

Following the brief airport welcome the Cambridges were taken to Sydney’s famed Opera House for a reception. Crowds of people eagerly awaited a glimpse of the royals.

Jonathan Samuels, Sky News Australia Correspondent

Jonathan Samuels, Sky News Australia Correspondent

This young lady was on full tiara alert, hers was perched atop her head.

702 ABC Sydney

702 ABC Sydney

Valentine Low of The Times posted a photo of someone in the crowd who had something in common with Prince George.

Valentine Low, The Times

Valentine Low, The Times

Prince William spoke briefly during the Opera House reception, more from 702 ABC Sydney Radio:

And in a crowd-pleasing remark, Prince William referred to the presents received after the birth of his son, Prince George.

“Catherine and I were very grateful for the many kinds messages and gifts that we received when George was first born. I suggest George’s first word might be bilby, if only because koala is too difficult to say.”

While at the reception they received a gift for George from the Cricket World Cup organization, his own miniature cricket bat.

Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

702 Radio Sydney was outside the Opera House and shared several photos, including this one.

702 Sydney Twitter

Lawrence Champness (@Champy) 702 ABC Radio

As well as this image of the couple.

Lawrenc Champness (@Champy) 702 ABC Sydney

Lawrence Champness (@Champy) 702 ABC Sydney

The family is staying at Admiralty House, just across the water from the Opera House. Below we see the Duke and Duchess with their hosts, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lynne.

9News Sydney

9News Sydney

Kate wore a vivid yellow dress by Roksanda Ilincic, identified almost immediately by our friends at Perth Fashion. The piece is a custom version of the designer’s ‘Ryedale’ dress from the spring/summer 2014 collection.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

Above we show the Ryedale off the rack version of the dress at Matches Fashion. There are really only three changes needed to make the Ryedale dress like Kate’s, or vice-a-versa:

  • square off the neckline, as opposed to using the rounded neckline
  • take the excess fabric out of the belled sleeves
  • reverse the colors so that what is white in the photo above is yellow, what is yellow becomes white

This offers a good look at the squared neckline on the Duchess’s dress.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

The piece is 100% wool crepe, a fabric with texture that can breathe quite well and retain its shape; it is lined in a silk/cotton blend. The dress incorporates many features Kate is fond of in a dress: the off-center slit at the hem on the front, exposed back zipper and defined waistline. The Ryedale dress sells for $1441 at Matches.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

Today’s dress is another instance of Kate using her wardrobe to send a message: yellow is one of Australia’s colors (technically green and gold are the colors, but yellow is almost interchangeable), wearing it is a relatively easy way to convey respect and gratitude for your hosts. The yellow is also an excellent shade for her, flattering with her coloring. The only drawback? Apparently Prince William isn’t as favorably impressed with the color, more from Grazia UK:

The literal dresser isn’t only matching the sun (Syndey is a bright 22 degrees compared to 13 over in Wellington), but is also referencing the country’s flag in yellow gold.

Kate told a lady in the crowd however: ‘William said I look like a banana.’

The frock also comes in a minty green with navy.

Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion

The Duchess paired two favorite accessories from LK Bennett: her trusty Sledge heels ($345)….

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

…and her Natalie clutch (no longer available).

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

On the jewelry front Kate wore her pearl drop earrings by Annoushka and it looked like she was wearing her Mappin & Webb ‘Fortune’ necklace.



William, Kate and George are now at Admiralty House where they are staying. People magazine’s Simon Perry shared this picture of Admiralty House as seen from the Opera House.

Simon Perry, People Magazine

Simon Perry, People Magazine

We’ll leave you with a look at Prince George, who seems to be taking it all in and pondering his next move.

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

Andrew Parsons/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

I think he heard rumors about giant wombats and was finalizing defensive maneuvers.

TODAY Show (Australia) Instagram

TODAY Show (Australia) Instagram


  • William and Kate travel to the Blue Mountains located west of Sydney
    • In the morning the couple will spend time with families impacted by the bushfires that swept through the region last October
    • They will go to see the Three Sisters rock formation, undamaged by the bushfires
    • they will either abseil themselves, or watch others rappelling
    • in the evening they have a private meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbot at Admiralty House



  81 Responses to “Kate Returns to Roksanda Ilincic for Australian Arrival (And William Thinks She Looks Like A Banana)”

  1. I love that the Duchess is wearing bright colors so everyone in the crowd can easily see where she is. I understand the significance of the colors, etcetera, but in a sea of so many black suits it is lovely that she can be easily pinpointed.

  2. Although there was no danger that we’d see the royal undies, as we almost did when the Duchess deplaned in New Zealand, there’s still quite a bit of thigh going on here. Not that I mind; I love this length and silhouette on the Duchess. But I thought the Queen had a no-knees-much-less-thighs edict in place. Is Kate in for a scolding when she gets back home?

    • I doubt it. The Duchess has proven through her previous fashion choices that she favors hemlines that are above the knee. Actually, many of us have been commenting on the fact that her hemlines on this tour have been longer than usual (at the knee or just below, instead of slightly above), but of course there is no way to know if this was a calculated decision on Catherine’s part, either determined on her own or in acquiescence to urgings of the Palace, or if she is simply keeping up with recent trends, which currently feature longer hemlines.

  3. I feel pretty confident that after all of these years in the public’s spotlight (for William, a lifetime’s worth, and Kate, at least intensely for the past 3), both know and expect that their every casual remark, every spontaneous gesture, and every unguarded facial expression is avidly and closely followed and captured by the media and the crowds, and replayed, relayed, and relentlessly analyzed, as much as their official speeches are.

    So, I don’t think these crowds are betraying confidences when they relay Kate’s or William’s jokes or their other one-on-one chatter to the media, or on Twitter, or wherever/however else — Kate and Willliam undoubtedly know that they will be. And they don’t mind, at all; I am sure they don’t feel any sense of betrayal or lack of discretion by these audience members when this happens.

    Nor on the other hand, am sure I think their comments are made expressly with Kate or William’s intent and calculation to make themselves seem like “just regular folks” when they are so disseminated, or in the hopes that they will be relayed more widely to further this goal, though that is a possibility or, indeed, a perhaps welcome by-product of their actual agenda, which I believe is:

    Their humorous, self-effacing or self-deprecating remarks are intended as ice-breaking, casual chatter to make people more at-ease with them in the crowds — these larger-than-life, worldwide public figures of royalty and grandeur, now standing in front of them in the flesh. They want people to smile and interact positively with them, in these settings, and humor helps serve this purpose.

    If people (as they often can be) are star-struck or speechless in these moments, it doesn’t help the events to flow easily and smoothly, or make good b-roll for the news coverage, and embracing and enhancing positively their public image and appeal, and that of the royal family, is a high-priority goal of these public visits.

    (And yes, I have do have some background/experience in this particular realm that makes me feel confident in making such statements this strongly!)

  4. William thinks she looks like a banana. I lost it. And thanks for all the gratuitous George photos.

  5. I get that many commenters feel that Kate’s hair would look more professional/stylish “up”, such as an updo or chignon, but I think one needs to consider the Bouncing Baby Boy…one quick grab of her hair, and it’s goodbye hairstyle. He definitely has the “wingspan” for it, and I think it would look far worse for her to have a lovely chignon styled, and have to adopt a “please don’t touch Mummy’s hair” interaction. The styles she’s gone with on this tour work as a public figure, a royal, and a mother. If she were just a doll to dress and style, of course there are more glamorous options…

    • Ha, that’s the same reason I wonder why she doesn’t wear it up more often. My hair was about that length when my son was that age and apparently the greatest joy in his life was to grab hold of the pieces around my face and yank. George must not find it as much of a thrill!

  6. I believe the yellow is probably a reference to Australia’s national flower – wattle. It may also be reference to the beautiful ‘wattle painting’ portrait of Queen Elizabeth in celebration of the 1954 tour.

  7. It seems Kate is telling people in the crowds what William thinks of her clothes, and then they’re reporting them to the media. I just find the situation uncomfortable.

    • I have to agree Tiffany. Behind closed doors it is probably just one of William’s jokes and Kate in turn is joking. For all we know he could have said to Kate “oh darling you look beautiful, like a lovely ripe banana” lol

      Every time we hear William speak there is always some joke involved. I think it’s one of the ways he gets through his public life.

      It appears Kate does like to make conversation with people and there’s only so much you can talk about person after person, or maybe she’s just saying the first thing that comes to her mind when she’s complimented.

      That’s what I think anyway. Now that it’s happened twice I don’t think it’ll happen again.

  8. ah, what a breath of fresh yellow! despite william’s comment, she wears what she likes, apparently. you go, girl!

  9. Oh by the way, I have to mention that Prince George looks very much like Pippa Middleton – especially the eyes/forehead. He is so very cute.

  10. Oh this is sooooo beautiful and what a happy colour. It looks so brilliant in the sunny weather. Baby George is so adorable and cute! It is so nice to see William holding him and William showing affection to his wife.

  11. Another great choice….no complaints about any of Kate’s outfits so far in the tour. William is just like any other husband who jest irreverently about their wife’s fashion choices. They should be ignored. Men are not used to seeing a lot of colour – after all, all they can wear are blue/black, boring suits. Love the sheath on her and this silhouette should be her “go to” for windy places rather than the fit and flare which can fly upwards. Sydney is a beautiful city with gorgeous weather and they will enjoy their stay at Admirality House.

  12. I loved this dress and agree with what everyone is saying about the bespoke changes…they are beautiful and completely take it to a new level. And I don’t mind the sledges, they work and I’m sure she’s purchased a new pair, as these don’t look as worn in. Maybe this is just me being too nitpicky, but my big problem is with the jewelry. To me the neckline of the dress did not work well with her necklace. Also, the earrings and the necklace didn’t quite jive together. This could just be because I’m OCD, but I like my jewelry to work with my outfit to make it better, not more blah. One more criticism, and again this is all just window dressing because obviously people adore her and she seems very kind and generous when going on walkabout, but I do wish she would put her hair up more. I’m thrilled that she’s changed it up a little in the last couple of days, and the half up style is very flattering on her. However, when she is outside or arriving at airports and the probability for wind is high, it seems that it would be much more professional for her to be in a nice chignon, and not whipping all about her face while she is trying to shake hands with people. I too have very long hair, and it is quite irritating when it gets all knotted from the wind. Of course, this could just be from my childhood memories of my mother always telling me it wasn’t ladylike to always have your hands in your hair. Ha! Thanks again for the detailed post.

    • I agree with you about the jewelry. I feel like the pearls are too classic for such a fun and whimsical dress, and the necklace is too long for the neckline. However, I devote a fair amount of time to selecting jewelry that enhances my outfit, and it may be that the Duchess just doesn’t choose to spend her time this way. Instead of carefully matching jewelry to the outfit, she appears to have a collection of classic pieces that she rotates nonchalantly, not worrying if the exact shade of the gemstone fails to pair exactly with her frock. Certainly, there is nothing truly amiss about her jewelry choices; the only people bothered are probably those with jewelry OCD like us! ;)

  13. Finally, a wow moment when I woke up and checked in here! Very lovely dress today, it’s got that special punch. And the wind was trying hard to fluff up her skirt, but luckily only that pleat flapped up. I also like her watch, it’s the definition of a “statement” accessory.

    Regarding Kate’s shoe choices, I’ve concluded she is just not a shoe aficionado. And that’s fine! So many celebrities squeeze themselves into the most godawful, uncomfortable shoes, just for show. Kate appears to like high quality, COMFORTABLE pumps that go with anything. And the more she wears them the more comfortable they probably get.

    • I agree and wonder what critics think she should wear. Do people expect her to wear sky high platforms like Lady Gaga? Her cork wedges are already too high, IMO, as evidenced by her near tumble in the vineyard. She shows great wisdom in her choices. She’ll be on her feet for long periods of time and needs reliable comfortable shoes. And considering how often they sell out, there apparently are a lot of people who agree that her choices are perfectly fashionable.

  14. The weather contrast is amazing. Everybody looked so cold in NZ and now the sun is out in OZ and everybody looks cheerful. Is the weather in NZ always that bad this time of year?

    I much prefer Kate’s version of the dress; the square neck is more flattering and nobody needs bell sleeves. Yellow is not my favorite color but Kate looks lovely in the color. Overall, a beautiful look for her.

  15. “William said I look like a banana.” Ha, I love guys. They just say what they’re thinking when it comes to hair and clothes. I like the dress, it’s so sunny and fun. It’s better than the original version with those strange sleeves. I like the shoes too – they look very nice with yellow, and there’s nothing like trusty shoes. I’m not sure why some people don’t like her wearing the Sledges so often. They’re a neutral shoe that goes with a lot of things, and since she wears them frequently I assume they’re comfortable and easy to walk in. There’s no reason to buy dozens of expensive shoes just so people have something new to look at.

    Also, since there are so many who read that know a lot about clothes and shoes: I have a huge problem finding heels that look nice and I can walk in. I’ve found a few brands that have a rubber sole so you don’t slip, but even those have a slippery plastic thing on the heel. Of course, when you walk in heels, you put that part down first, and since it’s slippery it’s really easy to fall. Does one have to buy the $300 type shoes to find them with decent soles? I just don’t understand how shoe designers can’t figure this out – surely it should be obvious that people want to walk in their shoes! Does anyone have some favorite heels for work or church they find easy to walk in?

    • My favourite brand of shoes is Guess. They give me the height I need (I’m only 5’3″), they’re reasonably priced, and they feel the most comfortable for the shape of my foot. I wore 4″ strappy Guess heels to attend a wedding and did not feel uncomfortable one minute in the 8 hours I had them on. I specifically bought Guess to wear during my own wedding since they were most comfortable for me.

    • I prefer Easy Spirit or Rockport shoes for comfort. I don’t wear over a 2″ heel so I don’t really have a problem with comfort. I refuse to wear these awful high things. Too old for that. I agree with you that the Duchess wears her neutral nude heels because they are comfortable and go with everything. There’s nothing wrong with the shoes she wears. I’m glad she wears what she wants and not what people insist on putting her in. She has found what’s good for her and she’s sticking to it.

  16. If nothing else the sheath dress was smart for reducing skirt-fly as Kate leaves the plane. But I love this shade of yellow offset by the white… ‘breezy in a different way (different from real breeze that is). The boykin in his little smocked suit is to cherish.

    I don’t dislike the bell sleeves with the round neckline – the square neck and straight sleeves are more formal, and better for this occasion.

  17. Wow ! gorgeous in yellow.. ! (I felt the same way about the pale, buttercup yellow Jenny Packham dress in Canada)

    (is there ANY color that does not look wonderful on Kate ?! I haven’t seen it yet– !)

    whoever is responsible for the ‘bespoke’ changes in the dress (square neckline, reversed colors, minimized sleeves) deserves a Bravo!

    this shade of yellow is intense– and my only suggestion would be for a different color for shoes.. maybe a faux/real ‘straw’ (like the clutch) or a true, canvas or linen textured “white” (granted, impractical..)

    but, honestly, with a baby and all the energy and hours a baby adds to one’s life (nanny help or no!), perfection in clothes is not the priority !

  18. I really like the dress much better the way Catherine has it — the sleeves seem a bit clownish to me. I was glad to see her wearing a fitted dress down the steps at an airport (perhaps she’s finally learning?) and her hair half up. She looks more regal this way. I love her look.

    However, I was a little sad to hear that she repeated another critical comment from her husband about her outfit. I am not sad that she repeated it, I am sad that William is saying it. Because even if he said it in jest, it can still hurt. And the fact that she repeats it seems to me that she is looking for affirmation perhaps that she does look nice. Women want to look nice for their men and it really is hurtful when men make comments like these, even in jest. It’s just insensitive and very un-princely. This reminds me of his father . Part of me hopes she responded by saying, “Is that hair thickening shampoo working yet, honey?” And PS, his grandmother wears quite bright colors as well, and bright yellow to his wedding — would he say this to HM? If you’re not willing to say it to HM, then don’t say it to your wife, William!

    • I really think that the comment was in jest and is an indication of their playful relationship. I’m a much more fashion-forward dresser than everyone else in my circle of friends, and I often get teased about what I wear. It would never occur to me to be offended. In fact, I take the comments as a mark of affection. The banana comment seems in keeping with William’s earlier jokes about Catherine beating him during the sailing race: they appear to be a congenial couple, and playful banter seems to be an indicator of a healthy relationship, though of course I don’t presume to speak from a position of knowledge about the inner workings of their marriage.

    • Is there a recording of her sharing that anecdote with someone in the crowd? She was also supposed to have accidentally shared with a crowd member last year that she was having a daughter. I’m just not sure that we can trust all of the things that are reported.

      If the banana comment was exchanged, it was certainly a joke, and she shared it in an attempt to be self-effacing when given a compliment. It’s the fruit equivalent of saying “oh, this old thing?” when complimented on an outfit.

    • I think the opposite of you. I think Kate repeats these things Williams says because she thinks it’s funny and that she is NOT hurt by them. She evidently understands her husband very well and knows he is joking. I think if Kate ever thought that William was truly serious and did not like something she was wearing, she would not wear it.

      • I concur with you, if she really felt he was criticizing her she’d never wear the garment and never joke about it, or even speak of it. :)

  19. Also, on the “banana” comment: that’s twice now on this tour that Prince William has questioned Kate’s clothing choices. I do hope this is all being said in fun, because you don’t want him to inherit that critical quality from Charles and Phillip.

    • Brenda, — THANK YOU!!

      However, even in fun, little digs like this can be hurtful. I don’t think they will affect Kate the way they did Diana because she has more confidence/maturity on her side at this point, but still. It will be interesting to know if BP will get on Kate for repeating the comments or on William for uttering them at all.

    • I agree, I felt a little uncomfortable when it was revealed that he thought the emerald green coat was “too bright”. Now this banana comment. I’m curious about this – is it Kate telling the fans these comments, or is it William? If it’s a William, it’s downright mean! If it’s Kate saying it people during walkabouts it’s strange that she would say that, seems a little passive-aggressive.

      Hopefully it’s just a light hearted, ongoing joke between the two of them.

      • I’m mostly stunned that two comments she allegedly made are being cited as 1) legitimate, and 2) an indicator of anything meaningful between the two. Respectfully, that seems like a massive logical leap.

  20. I think she looks lovely and bright, and I much prefer the dress with yellow as the primary color. She looks nice in yellow and I don’t remember seeing it too often on her – I personally look seasick when I try to wear it. I loved George’s little smocked outfit. I’m from the southern US and those are still popular here; my Californian husband has a hard time with them, ha!

    Your headline made me giggle!

  21. Something you might not know: The Queen’s favorite color is yellow. So, not just a tribute to Australia, but to HM as well.
    As for the sledges, they must be for Kate the same as The Queen’s trusty two-inch heels. She feels comfortable in them.

    Eventually, I think Kate will realize platforms are over (perhaps when she reviews photos of the tour) but so be it.
    I don’t mind the exposed zipper look, but to me it always seems very Victoria Beckham. Have we ever seen Kate in anything by her?

  22. This is a great dress on the Duchess. The square neckline is very flattering and I love the color. And it doesn’t fly up!

  23. So William thought her green coat was “a bit bright” and now he thinks her yellow dress makes her “look like a banana”? I’m starting to think he has pretty boring taste, LOL! I’m glad she wears what she likes. The yellow dress is a great color for her. I love the contrasting panels; it makes it look youthful and modern yet the cut and neckline are professional. By the way, little George’s baby outfits are soooo sweet!

  24. I absolutely adore the daring, bold choice of yellow, and she does not look like a banana! She looks incredible. Not many people can pull that color off. On another note, has anyone noticed that William looks to be wearing a suit /tie combo that I know I’ve seen on at least three other occasions? Is there a blog called What Will Wore? Is he a wardrobe recycler, too?

    • I feel as if What William Wore would be a very boring blog: navy suit, red tie… navy suit, red tie… navy suit, red tie.

    • Haha, it seems William is not a clothes horse, just a typical man, regarding his clothes. Reminds me so much of another famous couple, Mr.& Mrs. Barack Obama. She is a fashion superstar, and his clothes are so dull and one-note, especially his casual wear, although I will say William outshines him in that area.

  25. What a beautiful dress! The small amount of white is delightful, and the changes made (more modest sleeves, square neckline) seem to improve what was already a lovely dress. Love the navy and mint too but sunshine yellow for arrival in Australia is just spot on :)

  26. Roksanda Ilincic is back in town and I am in heaven. The dress is amazing, a tour winner for me. I’m smitten by the beautifully cut square neckline, and how it flatters Kate, especially with her hair given added volume at the crown. I love the colourway and the contrast insets which take this away from simply being one of the most gorgeous sheaths I have ever seen to something with real style and class.

    The seaming and tailoring at bodice, waist (those brilliant little pleats!) and around the hemline are superb, and the lower asymmetric inset is pure genius. Too bad, though, that only Kate could finally manage to get down from a plane in a sheath with a built-in flap to rise in the wind…Overall, that sunny yellow is a treat to see on her. Hair is fabulous, it’s great to see it tied back so prettily, away from her face and secure, and glad to see carrying baby become a shared duty, enabling more dignified meeting and greeting.

    And while nude shoes are fine with the outfit, why, oh, why, in the name of heaven, attempt to finish off such a fantastic frock with that dreadful pair of old shoes which are not so much “trusty” – that wretched word again!! – as C L A P P E D O U T!!!!

    I have one pair of courts and one only which are so worn that the leather has creased down the sides as on these Sledges, and they are strictly for round the house, and maybe the dentist. But I would never ever wear them to a formal function as I would simply be too embarrassed. Is it really asking too much that she simply replace this one pair?

    But then that’s just me. Sorry folks, probably short-tempered due to lack of sleep. I keep promising myself I won’t sit up to take just one little peek at what DoC is wearing – and here I am bleary-eyed and confused again. It’s a wonderful tour and thanks for your wonderful posts!

    PS Maybe William should change where he shops for bananas?

    • I’m a bit confused by the Sledge criticism, as this pair appears nearly brand-new to me. Other than the tiny black marks on the *inside* of the heel (visible only in the extreme close-up), I don’t see any wear at all.

      • Thanks for your input, Esti, it’s kind of you to read my post. I’ve certainly noticed that Kate’s shoes have been looking in better condition of late so maybe someone has been able to get at them to clean them up some, especially if it’s a pair she refuses to be parted from! I did unearth photos showing the heavy creasing on the inside of these shoes and it’s since occurred to me that maybe in a hot climate the old shoes might now have a little more room in for swelling feet?!

    • I don’t really get the hatred towards the Sledge pumps either! I just don’t think they’re that awful. Kate is always going to have to pick a safe, neutral shoe for things like this and in my experience I feel like having a slight platform makes a high heel a little more comfortable. To be on her feet and walking and bending, etc as much as she has to, I would think the biggest priority would be shoes that she felt fit her well and are comfortable.

      • It’s not the style of shoe I’m questioning, if she likes them that’s good enough for me, and I’ve said that I think they’re just fine with the outfit. I’m simply nonplussed as to why she can’t find her way to getting a fresh pair of the same shoes! But as I say, that’s just me.

  27. I love her in yellow!!!!!

  28. I love the dress in yellow. So happy to see something new!! I liked the original bell sleeves as well but maybe she thought they would wrinkle and not travel well. I travel a lot on business and I base my wardrobe a lot around what will travel well especially if on a tight timeline.

  29. I can’t wait for the zippers on the outside trend to be over. I can’t say anyone looks good in this style except the Duchess. I am not finding fault with her, but the style is everywhere and looks unpolished. Nice to see George again. I may be the only one, but on the shoe front, my feet swell on airplanes and the last thing I would want to do is walk down those steps in high heels carrying a baby. I was so happy to see William toting George earlier.

    • I’m actually rather fond of the exposed zipper trend, though I agree it is becoming almost annoyingly ubiquitous these days. I feel like an exposed zipper can add a bit of edge to an otherwise conservative outfit. Further, I think it can add some nice definition in terms of fit (by which I mean it can flatter the shape of your bum!). However, if it is cold, having a cold metal zipper against your skin can be really uncomfortable!

    • It’s so hard when you’re waiting for a fashion to die and it just keeps right on coming! I’m ok with exposed zips, though, and like AshleyOlivia, I think they can add a bit of extra life to a garment. As Brenda says elsewhere, they seem very Victoria Beckham, which as she also points out is a label Kate has yet to go to. Kate seems to be sticking to her usual labels on tour and I’m sorry we haven’t seen her with anything new by one of the local designers.

      My biggest regret on this tour, however, has been the distinct absence of bling. I’m worried that with so many day-time events and many based on sporty activities the most sparkle we’ll see this trip is that sequined fern by Packham. And what are Princesses for if not to live out our fairy tales?!

      • Victoria Beckham has long been on the WKW Pinterest board titled “Brands I Wish Kate Would Wear,” a groups of labels I would just like to see her try.

        • I have sometimes wondered if VB might seem a bit déclassé in some quarters? It’s been a long struggle for her to get taken seriously as she had the working-class pop idol image to shake off. But she’s more than holding her own now.

      • I regret this too ElizaMo. I want so much to see a new, flowing, glittery Jenny Packham or Alice Temperley creation. It is very casual here in Australia compared to England, Europe or even Hollywood. Of course people do get dressed up for special events but there’s a distinctive difference. In fact, I must say I cringe when I see on TV the red carpet arrivals at the Annual Logies Awards – the women tend to tacky rather than elegant. I do hope there is some sort of special evening event on this tour, but no matter what the occasion, I am sure Kate will outshine everybody else :-)

        • Agree with you that Kate will outshine many others! And a superb day-dress like this one beats an evening one that turns out to be a “miss”!

  30. I love this dress, the color is fantastic. I like Kate’s version of the dress more than the original design. I hate the shoes. George is awesome, that Grumpy Face is amazing. William is a jerk; why does he feel the need to insult his wife?

    • My husband says the same kind of stupid things about my outfits. A lot of men don’t know how to comment intelligently about fashion. William needs to learn to say “you look beautiful” and shut up.

    • I didn’t get the impression that he was insulting. I took it as gentle wisecracking that takes place between a husband and wife that get each other’s humor and have fun with it. I think if Kate had truly been hurt or insulted, she wouldn’t have told the story.

      • I agree. My husband says goofy things like that all of the time. When he really doesn’t like something he makes his opinion clear. I think that the comment shows that they have a healthy sense of fun in their marriage. I only tell stories about my husband when they make me smile, and given her past history I’m sure she does the same thing.

  31. Kate looks beautiful. I watched the Channel 9 News tonight and there was some great footage on that. I think a spectator must have filmed it and sent it in because it looked like iPhone footage with a black border and was filmed from the crowd and was quite close up and you could even hear what they said. Anyway, someone told William they have a gift for them all. He called Kate and she came over and said “is this for all of us?” (I presume it was a family gift for the 3 of them) and she was genuinely appreciative and thankful for the gift and said “thank you, you’re very generous” and the girl who gave it to her said oh it’s not from me, someone up the back passed it down to give to you. Kate stood taller, craned her neck and shouted into the crowd “thank you for the present”. I just think that was so awfully special, to have taken a moment to try to convey to whoever gave the gift that she was really grateful. Might sound silly but as I recorded the news tonight I watched that several times! I’m going to Brisbane on Saturday and hope to be lucky enough to get a glimpse of William and Kate. I’ll be going on my own so I’ll hopefully be able to squeeze through the crowds. Oh well, the atmosphere will be good. Sorry, not really talking much about fashion here. Just terribly excited about my first visit to see royalty! But I am so glad the dress was predominantly yellow with some white, sounds very unAustralian but it’d be awful if it was yellow and green. I like the dress very much as pictured above in the navy and green though. But I much prefer Kate’s style with the square neckline rather than the round and also the slimmer sleeves look better too.

    • Good luck with your Brisbane trip! Lucky you!!

      • Thank you so much ElizaMo and mslewis. Australia has certainly put on the good weather this Easter. It’s simply glorious. I do hope that the 3 of them get a chance to go somewhere on their own for a good old fashioned family day out. P!nk, her husband and daughter managed to do that last September going to the Gold Coast Show for the day, and even Brad, Angelina and their brood achieved it here on the Gold Coast. Yep, that’s what I think bring little George down to the beach at Surfers Paradise … it’s not too much to ask is it?! the One Direction boys did that last year lol

        I love your reviews ElizaMo, you should be a fashion writer or perhaps you are already?

        Kate must have been trying to choose from her shoes what went best with the dress and those came the closest, but I do agree, a different shoe would have suited. I guess if she always wears panty hose she couldn’t wear strappy open shoes, but a white shoe would have been better.

        • I can assure you I am nowhere near being anything half so smart as a fashion writer, that’s a very generous compliment! I just try to enjoy myself while I’m allowed to join the very good company here at WKW. As for the shoes, it’s not the style itself that troubles me, just the sheer age and wear on this particular pair. I can’t see why she couldn’t just order herself a fresh pair of the same!

    • Good luck, Sharon. Hope you can get really close to William and Kate to take some good pictures. Don’t know if I would brave the crowds but it seems like fun.

    • Thank you Sharon for sharing this story with the gift. I hope you will be able to see Kate and William in Brisbane.

    • have fun on your trip, and i hope you will see them up close! *fingers crossed!*

  32. Ah, the Sledges. Welcome back, trusty friends. I know many are sick of this pair of shoes, but I am still rather obsessed with nude pumps, and I think nude is the best shoe color to pair with yellow.

    Despite my love of bananas, I am not a huge fan of yellow, so I’m rather prejudiced against this dress from the start. However, I appreciate that the Duchess was nodding towards Australia’s colors (though personally I would have chosen green, out of the available options) and the color works well when you are trying to stand out in a crowd. I will also add that I find the Duchess’s bespoke version of this dress infinitely more appealing than the one on the rack. Those bell sleeves have got to go. And something about the white being the primary color screams circus clown to me. Yuck.

    Does anyone else think George’s sailboats were a reference to Sydney Harbor? William needs to catch up; his wife and child are quickly surpassing him in the style department!

    • It’s not the style the troubles me, it’s the fact that she doesn’t simply update the pair she’s got — if LKB still have them on sale, I would have thought that all it would take is to buy a fresh pair of the nudes.

      I thought the navy/mint green Ryedale was the nicer one, too. In fact, in that colourway I think I could almost live with those bell sleeves!

    • Like bananas, hate yellow (on me!). ;) I wonder if it was easier and more cost-effective for the designer to feature yellow as the dress’ primary color rather than green, since the Duchess’ bespoke version is a swap of the original color scheme. What do you think?

      George looks hilariously aloof. Kate may have dressed him in sailboats to reference Sydney Harbor, but didn’t he wear a similar outfit for the NZ play date last week?

      Love her hair in these half-up half-down styles.

      • Hmmm… I’m not informed about the costs of different color dyes, but if I had to hazard a guess I would say that the designer’s original color scheme was meant to highlight the contrasting panels, whereas the Duchess’s bespoke version’s color arrangement tends to downplay the color contrast. Does that make sense? In the original, largely white dress the yellow panels really stand out, giving the dress a more fashion forward and assertive feel. In the Duchess’s version, the white panels are far less alarming to the eye. Of course, I’m merely speculating here, but this argument would support what we know of the Duchess’s fashion preferences: she doesn’t like to be too adventurous in her clothing, choosing to stick with interesting detailing on tried and true silhouettes and styles.

    • I am with you on the nude shoes working perfectly with colors like yellow. :)

      As for the dress, I thought color blocking was last spring’s trend but guess I was wrong: they are going to hang around a bit more. I like the sheath dress a lot because it fits her very well. The sleeves are better than the original fluttered style. I guess if I was to wear it I might have added a metal belt over but Kate looks lovely this way, too.

      Little prince has such adorable face and cheeks!

  33. Lovely to see Kate back in her old favourite Sledges again – however much they’re frowned upon! It shows she’s thrifty, down to earth, and knows what she likes. Whether or not you like the shoes, I can’t see there’s anything wrong with the sentiment! I’m also glad to see that the rumours about the palace ‘banning them’ aren’t true. Kate’s doing such a great job, it’s hilarious to think that the major discussion is whether or not she should still wear those shoes! There could be so many more issues, it’s just nice to see this is as divisive as it gets.

    Also, I love the Natalie clutch so I’m glad we’re seeing that again!

    Finally, I do like Kate’s version of the dress better, colour wise, although I really liked those sleeves on the original. Almost like the Raoul – I’m trying to think of another case where she wore her sleeves like that but it escapes me!


    • Doesn’t the silhouette of this dress remind you of the blue L.K. Bennett “Detroit” dress she wore earlier this year? I find the two in comparison remarkably similar with slight differences (the LKB features mock lapels, the Roksanda sports that adorable vent).

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