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Kate and William visited Australia’s renowned Blue Mountains today, spending time with those impacted by last year’s devastating bushfires.

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@byEmilyAndrews)

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@byEmilyAndrews)

They were welcomed with signs like this one.



Another sign, and those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Duke and Duchess.

The pair spent time speaking with emergency services personnel, as well as residents who were impacted by last October’s catastrophic bushfires in the Blue Mountains.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

More from Rebecca English’s story in the Daily Mail:

Jennie Hall, who lost everything but the ‘daggy garden pants’ and old shirt she was wearing last October 17, said the royal couple’s visit was ‘very meaningful’ for the still-devastated community.

‘It’s an acknowledgement of what we went through to have William and Kate come to our part of the world and shine a light on what happened here,’ said Mrs Hall.

‘Over 200 houses went up in the space of 20 minutes.The temperatures were 1,600 degrees in the middle of it. I had molten aluminium left in my house. I lost everything – except I got my dogs out – so for the duke and duchess to come here and by doing that show to the world what we are still going through, that’s a big thing for us.’

After lunch William and Kate planted a tree at Winmalee Girl Guides Hall. Emily Andrews of The Sun reports it was a red eucalyptus, signifying all of the trees that burned in the fires.

Emily Andrews, The Sun

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@byEmilyAndrews)

They posed for pictures with the Girl Guides after the tree was in the ground.

The couple then headed to their next engagement at scenic Echo Point. More from Sam Adamas, writing in the Daily Mirror’s live blog.

The Royal couple’s next stop is Echo Point, a jaw dropping beauty spot in the Blue Mountains.

Perched on an escarpment – the point gives an incredible panoramic view of some of the world’s most incredible scenery.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Kate wore a new dress from Diane von Furstenberg, the label’s “Patrice” dress.  The dress is cotton with an Ikat Batik print in navy blue and black.

Diane von Furstenberg 'Patrice'

Diane von Furstenberg ‘Patrice’

It features 3/4-length sleeves, DVF’s classic cross-over wrap front with self-fastening waist tie, a hidden side zipper and pockets. The dress is not lined, and the product notes say it has no stretch. Surprisingly, it is still available as of this writing at Matches Fashion ($325) in almost all sizes, and it remains in stock in most sizes at the DVF online site.  In the time it took me to finish the post it sold out. There are other pieces in the same print, including the Avalon Printed Corset Top ($225) and the Amelia Flared Skirt ($298).

DVF Ikat Skirt & Corset

DVF Ikat Skirt & Corset

And for those able to pull off a more exuberant look, this is the DVF Amelia Silk Combo Flared Wrap Dress

DVF 'Amelia'

DVF ‘Amelia’

Kate has long been fond of Diane von Furstenberg designs. Below we show her (left to right) in the brand’s Simyonette coat, Maje dress and a 2008 coat worn for Remembrance Sunday in both 2011 and 2012.  There are many other DVF pieces she has worn over the years.

Slash News/UK in America/Splash News

Slash News/UK in America/Splash News

We saw the return of Kate’s Stuart Weitzman Muse handbag and Corkswoon wedges ($398).

The Duchess wore her sapphire and diamond earrings.

In this photo you can see Kate has on her Mappin & Webb Fortune Pendant.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

This afternoon the Cambridges are either watching abseiling (rappelling) , or doing some themselves. Should the latter be true and Kate changes clothes we will update the post.  Today’s Tip of the Tiara goes to Ashley Marie, Hannah & Kate’s Closet, they were all quick to identify the dress.

FRIDAY’S ENGAGEMENTS: (Thursday night in the US)

  • Attend the Royal Easter Show, an enormous annual event held at Sydney’s Olympic Park celebrating rural art
  • The next event is in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. Kate and William will visit Bear Cottage, a children’s hospice
  • The schedule then calls for a visit to the world famous Manly Beach, the attraction prompting Manly’s nickname of “Surf City”. William & Kate will watch a display of life-saving skills and honor life-saving volunteers



  67 Responses to “Kate Returns to a Favorite Designer for Blue Mountains Visit”

  1. this reminds me of one of my favorite travel dresses. i am constantly on planes for work, so always on the hunt for dresses that are chic and wrinkle-free…

    this one probably receives more compliments than most of my dresses – beautiful blue, black, and white ikat pattern, and the fabric moves beautifully. it’s also incredibly soft – like wearing a nightgown.

    be aware though, the v is on the deep side and the dress is cut a bit short – which works for me because i am shorter (5’3″) and not very, ahem, busty.

    - http://www.tartcollections.com/marie-dress/
    - http://www.zappos.com/tart-marie-dress

  2. Possible Repli-Kate: Banana Republic’s “Gemma Geo-Print Wrap Dress” looks pretty similar to me at a more affordable price than DVF. While you are there, they have a Flared Trench that looks a lot like the Burberry trench Kate wore when she was engaged.

  3. Love the DVF Patrice Wrap dress she wore and cannot believe I found my size at http://www.avenuek.com. They still have sizing ladies!!!!

  4. Just wondering if anyone knows where to find the Zimmermann dress Kate is wearing today?

  5. Sydney at this time of the year is very dry so everyone’s hair sits properly since the climate is not so humid now. The same with Kate’s hair – it is the weather and not her stylist that should be commended. Even the best stylist cannot prevent hair from going frizzy if the weather is humid. The weather in Sydney over the Easter weekend is absolutely gorgeous and the water is so pristine and blue. Kate and Will must be enjoying the harbour view from Admirality House.

  6. Hair looks awesome today – love the layers through the front, just beautiful!

  7. Never thought DVF was a good designer. Why – when you have so much brilliance out there – choose her. That look was tired 30 years ago. It looks like a summer bathrobe. Sorry. At least its shorter. I think people don’t like the wedges because of the light sides – they are actually an espadrille and the sides make them “pop” too much, giving them a two-toned look. If they were darker people might not object. Nothing wrong with wedges as such tough.

    • DVF has been in business for 40 years and the business is going strong. You don’t last in business for that long if you are not a “good” designer. That wrap dress is their signature and many people wear it. Vintage wrap dresses sell out when they are online or in vintage stores. If you don’t like it, fine, but there is no need to sprew such hatred for a dress that hasn’t done anything to you. Kate looks lovely in it and that’s all that matters.

      • I think that Monalisa2 was expressing her own personal dissatisfaction with DVF, which is perfectly acceptable: ElizaMo, Lili, and myself don’t particularly care for Beulah London, and I’m sure everyone has their own favorite designers as well as least favorites.

        Monalisa2, I appreciate your thoughts about why the espadrilles might be so irksome to others. I think they are quite lovely, but I’m such a fan of navy that I have a difficulty disliking anything that includes that color!

  8. As we learned in tailoring class, the height of a heel affects the drop of a hemline. Notice that the front of Kate’s dress is shorter than the back in some photos. That’s because it wasn’t fitted to these particular shoes. This why seamstresses and tailors ask what kind of shoes you will be wearing with an outfit, so they can adjust it accordingly.

    • I have to admit that the idea of tailoring a hemline on a dress such as this one to a specific pair of shoes is ridiculous – it’s not a wedding dress or formal gown, it’s a day dress and I would imagine plenty of women would wear multiple styles of shoes/heels with. Some days the comments really drift toward minutiae. The model is wearing flat shoes and the hem is shorter in front on her too.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. How about adding a bespoke slip (is there such a thing?) or tap pants or even a lining the same color as the skirt under those dresses. Then you can let the wind blow. A little peek of lace is a beautiful thing.

    My only other complaint would be the shoe choices. She already towers over everyone in her bare feet. Why the need to wear 4 inch heels everywhere? At 5’2″ I’m jealous anyway, but seriously, her shoes today were very cute and looked great with the dress but not a wise choice for hiking.

  10. DVF is my favourite designer. Simple and elegant and the duchess shines in this dress. Gorgeous. Again she should NEVER lose this hairstylist!

  11. a lovely dress. but i’m confused how it can be both an ikat and a batik dress. they’re both two different techniques for making prints on a fabric (the ikat is sort of like tie dye, the batik is using wax to cover the areas you don’t want to dye).

    ANYWAY, in the last picture, kate looks a lot like her portrait, the one at the National Portrait Gallery. I was always confused why the painter drew so many lines around her eyes, but seeing her in this picture, those lines do exist. Ah well, lovely nonetheless.

  12. Her sister Pippa who is shorter seems to wear heels for formal events but has a very nice assortment of flat shoes she wears. She has one pair that has a blue heart that would be cute with this dress. I am surprised that Kate does not learn from Pippa.

  13. I’ve so enjoyed reading these posts each morning–thank you! I’ll be sad when their tour is over.

    I think her outfit today is beautiful and perfect. I love how she wears a dress even when most people would wear slacks–it sets her apart and since she is royalty, I think that’s appropriate.

  14. Being quite partial to tribal prints myself, especially in the summer, I really like this dress. I thought the print quite charming when I first saw images last night on my phone, and now after seeing larger, more detailed images on my computer I like it even more. The feathering around the blue colors, which wasn’t originally visible on my phone, makes the print appear more intricate and unique. However, the one criticism I will level at this dress is that the print, when coupled with the wrap-design, seems to create an effect of added volume around the waist in an unflattering manner. It looks lovely on the Duchess, but my first impression was that it made her appear bulkier around the waist than I knew her to be. Looking at the photo of the model wearing the dress pictured from the side, at a quick glance you could be forgiven for thinking there was a pregnancy bump visible. Did anyone else get this impression from the dress? If I were purchasing for myself, I think I would opt for the full skirt instead.

    Back to the dress… I do wish the Duchess had opted for a longer hemline. I don’t mind the wedges with the dress; I actually think the two paired together look quite stylish. However, commenters are right that the added heel height makes the dress appear shorter than is ideal; the Duchess could have avoided this length problem by adding a few extra inches to the hemline, if she knew that she was going to wear high heels with it. She looks less comfortable bending down to interact with the crowds in this ensemble than she has in the longer hemlines she has worn earlier on the tour. Additionally, I think that a wrap dress can be a dangerous choice when one has to be outside in wind. I have experienced near wardrobe malfunctions myself on a number of occasions. The Duchess appears to be holding her oversized clutch across the front of her dress as a way to prevent a Marilyn Moment. (As an aside for those claiming the purse is too large for the outfit, oversized clutches are still very much in style.)

    Finally, the Fortune pendant is visible! To each her own, but I can’t stand when my necklace keeps slipping behind my neckline. I wish William would gift her with a shorter necklace that she could wear with her dresses that are not v-necks. (Or perhaps she could purchase one she likes for herself? After this tour, she certainly deserves a treat!)

    • Thanks for your comments about the print, it got me taking a closer look at some pics and it’s lovely with that feathering as you describe. I hadn’t noticed the extra bulk, so thanks for pointing that up too, I wonder if it’s to do with the cotton used as this style benefits from having fabric with a bit more drape. The cotton is a little more stiff, and I’d noticed it because of the way it makes the skirt stick out a bit much — apologies for clumsy expression there, my brain is seizing up, I seem to have been posting too much for my own good!

      I’m glad someone else also found themselves fighting the wrap-skirt flap, I wore them when a student and standing at a bus stop to get to uni was no place to be in one of those!

    • I agree about needing a shorter (or longer) necklace that doesn’t compete with her necklines. Being a good gifl from the south, I have never seen a 16″ set of pearls steer anyone wrong. Come on Kate, let’s see some of Granny’s pearls!

  15. FYI, in case anyone is interested, the dress is back in stock in all sizes at dvf.com. I don’t know how long it will stay, of course.

  16. Finally she looks more like herself vs. the queen!!! LOVE this look – SO KATE!!!

  17. This print dress shows up in a crowd, and in the great outdoors – the batik design is pleasing in the natural setting. Oh look everyone’s fave shoes ;)

    As they were at an official meeting at the Girl Guide Hall, Kate needed to wear something dressy yet comfortable.

  18. Can I honestly say this look is just so so ? I like DVF but this dress and print didn’t do much to compliment Kate
    I’d prefer the skirt version, however.

  19. Very good choice today for Kate. The print is fresh and interesting, and cotton fabric makes it more casual and appropriate for this type of outing, than the previous heavy fabrics she wore. It photographs beautifully in an outdoor setting. I so wish it was a little longer,however.

    • This print stands out in the crowd but in general is painful on the eye with the size and sharp edges of design and contrasting colors.

    • This print stands out in the crowd but in general is painful on the eye with the size and sharp edges of design and contrasting colors. What we see on the picture is a dress but not a person wearying it.

  20. I love this! I was afraid she would be pulling out the skinny jeans again. So glad that wasn’t the case. This would have been a nice dress for the Prince George play date as well.

    • err, for crawling around on the rug? i don’t think so.

      • I must have missed the bit where she was crawling around on the rug. That couldn’t have been easy in the dress she was wearing. I teach kindergarten and have 2 wrap dresses that I wear often in fall and spring. I sit on the floor quite a bit, the same way Kate did in the pictures, and I have never had an issue. This dress was a little more casual and I still think it would have worked well, and been more in line with what other parents were wearing, yet still setting her somewhat apart.

  21. I LOVE this dress. I’m happy to see her in a print and I always like navy and white together. I know that she’s a Duchess but she’s also a beautiful young mom and it’s nice to see her in something a little more “fun”. I don’t really care for the shoes in general but wedges are a safer choice when you’re walking on potentially unsteady ground – and I like them much better here than with the jeans. William looks great too!

    • Sarah, I also liked the wedges better with the dress than with skinny jeans! And yes, it’s refreshing to see a fun print!

  22. I love the dress and think it looks great on her. I disagree that flats would have looked better. I think heels with a full skirt is a much better choice. Also I do like the cork swoon wedges here. I do not like them with the skinny jeans but I think they work very well with this dress. A DVF wrap dress is a timeless classic for me!

  23. Blue for the Blue Mountains, nice touch, Kate! What a lovely fresh print for a summer’s day and a very Kate choice of outfit. The dress is a pretty flared shape on her and the shoes and clutch are a good match, or at least they would in strictly urban settings.

    I made a joke to a friend yesterday that we’d be seeing the Duchess going rock climbing in Corkswoons and am more than a little astonished to see just that. She continues to ignore the laws of physics both in her continued reliance on desperate clutching at flying skirts, rather than change outfit, and also with the flat base of a wedge shoe on uneven terrain.

    It was nothing short of lunacy to venture so close to a sheer cliff-edge in that footwear, particularly given her near-tumble back at the vineyard. I think we were just inches away from discussing DoC RIP today. So much for security.

    I also have reservations about wrap dresses from long ago. They might be comfortable to wear, but I gave up trying to hang on to a flying front flap in every breeze. I was also foxed by trying to tie the skirt to hang right. Kate’s frock is a classic example and your front view photo above illustrates a typical drooping back hem.

    • I love this dress, but unfortunately agree with you about a change of clothes. Perhaps this dress would have been better on the wine tour, and the jeans/blazer/checkered shirt on this outing.

    • Oh great, the police officer standing next to Kate was in a safety harness, but neither the Duke or the Duchess were likewise secured to Planet Earth.


      • I saw that too – made me laugh! Honestly, I felt more worried for William at the edge in his shoes, than Kate standing further back in her corkswoons, ha!

        • Funnily enough I felt William was fine given he had better footwear and also been abseiling in the past.
          Although I wasn’t so sure of his safety when I looked at the expression on Kate’s face!

    • Well, clearly, three generations of women were wrong about the wrap dress…Okay.

      I’m sure that discussing her demise would suit you better, but the Royals don’t do open caskets, so they would deprive you of your final chance to say “She so wore the wrong thing!”

      • Thanks for your comments. I thought I’d described the dress as both fresh and pretty and hadn’t thought that would give it the thumbs down.

        I also thought I was expressing relief rather than regret at Kate’s continued hold on this life. And I had hoped I might have avoided any sweeping statement about three generations of women, by owning that it was my own experience of not getting on so well with that style of dress. I see one or two others here have met with similar problems.

        Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour!

  24. I love this: “He’s a very podgy baby” Very Cute! :D

  25. The dress is too busy and those wedges are too clumpy. In some pictures the Duchess is holding her dress down because of the wind. DVF is comfortable but I’ve seen better ones than this.

  26. This is the first time I’d consider actually buying a dress Kate wore. Absolutely beautiful, and the wedges combine perfectly. Also, 3/4 sleeves are great for when you’re not sure what the weather’ll be like!

  27. Ahhh these shoes or blocks as I see them again!!! I love this dress and the duchess looks very pretty. But why not wear flats? Flats would have been far more appropriate for walking around the Blue Mountains! I do not get Kate’s aversion to anything other than heels. She used to wear flats before she became a royal and after the wedding she hardly wears them. I understand liking heels and wearing them for official events, but you have to consider the conditions and walking on the cliff does not normally call for them. Plus, these wedges are just very unattractive, if she insists on wearing wedges, I wish she would wear different ones. She could have worn shorter wedges that would have been better and a little more appropriate. Oh well.

  28. I love the style of the dress, and it’s one which suits Kate. It’s good to see her wearing something shorter.

    The pattern is another matter – very bold and I like the cool crisp blue/white combination, but it reminds me of 70′s curtain material and is just too busy.

    Her smile is as bright as ever and outshines anything she wears :)

  29. I really like the dress and the print but I think William looks dashing today!

  30. I actually like her dress, and I like her wedges, but the two together indeed do create a difficult style moment. But it IS easier to walk on grass in wedges. hmmm…

    From the appearance today, I’d like to say that it is this time William who has improved himself, with light blue pants! Thank you for the change!

    • For what it’s worth, I own these Corkswoon wedges, going on 2 years, in the SW pinkish-nude color (adobe aniline). They are so high, I only wear them with fitted (skinny leg) slacks or jeans, because I don’t like the extra-tall-and-leggy silhouette they highlight with skirts, as I am 5’9″ already, but this is strictly personal taste and opinion.

      I get so many over-the-top comments wearing these about how beautiful they look, never fails. So I’m glad I have them.

      After about 3 hours, the tall wedge heel starts to bore into the center of my foot, so I take that into account as well when I select them for outfits — they are a commitment! Grass and dirt worry me with any kind of heel (because you never know when you’ll encounter wet/muddy patches), and so because these are so high, would show the dirt stains so prominently and also cause balancing issues navigating these, I only wear them when I know I am going to be on regular sidewalk/interior terrains.

      (A caveat is that mine are patent leather — not grass/dirt type of material, at least not in this style of shoe, to me.)

      I really like how the cork regular pump-style heels look with the DVF dress on the model above, because like others below, I think dainty, full skirts call for a dressier style of shoe, and a cork pump is great mix of casual and dressy like this dress is.

      However, I also really liked how Kate paired hers with a casual, sleeveless dark blue dress on the prior royal tour, toward the end, which had a straighter skirt, as best I recall.

  31. There is a reason the Duchess loves DVF . . . comfort. Those dresses are so comfortable and just about everyone looks good wearing one. Of this design, I really like the sundress (corset) but the wrap dress is something you can wear forever. As for the shoes, I like them. Kate looks very comfortable wearing them and she needs comfort because she has been out and about for long days on this trip. The wedges are ALWAYS in style and they look good. I wish these complainers would try standing and walking around all day, meeting and greeting people, posing for photos and having to look cool and crisp the entire time. It’s hard and would be even harder if your feet hurt. I’m really glad Kate doesn’t have to read any of these silly comments from people who think they know better than she does about what she should wear and how she should look. She has looked wonderful on this trip and she doesn’t need any help from people sitting in front of their computers complaining because they have nothing else to do.

    • Hi mslewis, I’m sorry that you are miffed about “complainers,” but I just wanted to add that this is a fashion blog, and the point is to discuss the fashion choices of the Duchess not in order to tear her down or level criticisms, but to express an opinion about the individual pieces of clothing themselves and how successfully different pieces function together as an outfit. As much as I admire the Duchess, the fact that she is the individual wearing the clothes is really secondary. However, it is helpful that her position requires her to wear multifarious outfits, ranging from formal to professional to casual, which gives commenters an extraordinary variety of fashion to discuss.

      I do agree that at times the criticism can sound personal and vituperative, but I still believe this is largely about the clothes themselves and not about the Duchess. People just feel very passionate about clothing, myself included! (And for whatever reason, those Corkswoon wedges have garnered an antipathy usually reserved for villains like Joffrey or Voldemort.)

      • Ha ha!! Corkswoons as the Voldemort of shoes!!! I love it — LOL!! :-D

      • Several, including myself in the past, have echoed mslewis’s remarks about the criticisms, and I have seen (and try to read objectively) responses similar to yours. However, I disagree that all (or even most, lately) of the negative remarks are simply about the fashion or the combinations, etc. MANY commenters basically imply foolishness on the part of the DoC for wearing high heels – she’s already tall, bad terrain, she could die, etc. – and it’s beyond fashion. I have several friends who wear high heels on a very regular basis without any pain because they’ve grown accustomed to them – for me, I’m sure I’d be ready to ditch them after a couple of hours! On the other hand, there are times when I wear completely flat shoes and find that my feet are not happy after hours of “standing flat”.

        The DoC has factors to consider that NONE of us do, including trying to reach/be seen by as many in a crowd as possible – if 4-5 inch heels makes that possible, perhaps that is a happy by-product of her “poor judgment”, even if it means she has to do deep knee-bends to reach the little ones in front. When commenters speculate on judgment or offer “when will she learn?” postings, the wearer is not so secondary anymore.

        The other topic that gets heavy attention is her choice of hairstyles. As I mentioned the other day, if she walked off a plane with a chignon that had been half-undone because George got a chubby fistful of Mummy’s hair, it might be a cute anecdote, but it wouldn’t look good.

        Frankly, I’ve been looking forward to your posts in particular during this tour, AshleyOlivia, since you do focus very well on the fashion aspect – in fact, I’ve really enjoyed hearing from commenters who have either bought an item seen on the blog, or wear similar styles, and have reported on the results/favorites/etc. – basically critiquing themselves, which is a good thing and even more helpful than seeing any of these clothes on the gorgeously sylph-like DoC – i will never wear clothes as well as she does, and that is ok.

        But truly, so many of these comments are not merely “I like/don’t like that dress/hair/jewelry/those shoes”, but “I like/don’t like it on her/how she did it” – and there is a difference. For that reason, I’m glad it’s highly unlikely she’ll ever see any of this, and we can enjoy it just amongst ourselves!

        P.S. PLEASE KEEP POSTING – many of us enjoy your commentary!!

        • I second the note to please keep posting, AshleyOlivia – I also love your comments :)

          JR – It honestly never occurred to me that Kate wears heels in order to be more visible / easily seen in a crowd. But that makes such total sense.

          I, too, find a lot of the comments to have a ‘Kate, tsk tsk’ tone :( But having said that, 95% of what I’ve learned about fashion, I’ve learned from this blog and its knowledgeable posters.

        • Aww, thanks for the compliment, JR! It’s quite kind and very appreciated.

          Your astute post has caused me to rethink my original assertion; I think you are spot on. I suspect that I have forgotten many of the more personally-directed comments because I tend to skip over them and look for the remarks pertaining more specifically to fashion. However, if I’m being truly honest and fair, I do occasionally focus on the personal as well.

          I do at times feel guilty about the fact that I am critiquing another person’s fashion choices: I recognize that so many factors are at play in what people outside the limelight choose to wear–let alone when they have as many considerations to juggle as a public figure such as the Duchess–that it is really unfair to judge someone’s sartorial choices. (Frankly, I think she should be applauded for having the courage to face those crowds, no matter what she wears.) However, strictly fashion blogs don’t have the same appeal for me. I am interested in seeing what garments look like on a person, in real life, paired with other pieces to form an outfit. When I remark that the black Jenny Packham with the embroidered fern would have looked better with an up-do in order to better spotlight the detailing of the frock, it isn’t meant to be a personal attack leveled at Catherine; just an observation on what works best aesthetically.

          There is also the reality that at my heart I am a royal enthusiast, and I tremendously enjoy reading about what the current royals do! When a Duchess chooses to wear a frock, that frock becomes instantly more interesting to me.

  32. Sorry, but this dress is a “miss” for me — one Kate’s few. The extremely busy pattern combined with too much fabric and the short hemline add up to a shapeless garment and a frumpy look. Even on the DVF model, it looks like a bathrobe. I also think the bag contributed to the whole look being out of proportion; it’s too big for the outfit and it looked silly and out of place in the rustic setting. I get why she wore wedges; it was a day of walking in grass and dirt. Stilettoes wouldn’t have cut it.

    But flats would have been better, and therefore slacks, which would have been a more appropriate outfit for this engagement. No handbag.

  33. The photo of them together is so beautiful :) Also her dress, maybe I would pick different shoes, but in the end it´s a great look too ;))


  34. Thank you again and again, Suze, for your continuous hard work.

  35. It’s too short and those stupid wedges are probably the reason. I don’t usually have an emotional reaction to what Kate wears, but I really wish she’d retire those shoes. The style is more than two years old. A pair of lower heeled shoes or some attractive flats would have served her better. You can’t wear a full skirted dress too short, you need a bit more length so that it flows gracefully.

    • I agree about the wedges, time to let them go or I wish should would just stop wearing them for engagements. On another note, we would never see her wearing a dress with flats. She has short legs, she knows it and she will never go there. A nice pair of pencil or ankle pants with flats and a blouse would have looked nice here. Although I like the dress, something about it looks very ill-fitting and I would have never expected that from DVF, even on the model it looks off.

    • Absolutely agree. And in other pics, that ponytail to the side made her look frumpy upon arrival. Print too busy, too short, bag didn’t sync with the outfit, and those horrible shoes -fail.

    • LOL, I know lot people “hate” these wedges, I am in minority and have been craving one pair for myself since she started wearing them a while ago…but to each her own. :)

      As for the dress I have to agree they are not the best mate for it..I think the nude pumps (another least favorite of the kate fans) might have worked better, IMHO

    • I don’t think what shoes she wears suddenly alters the length of a hemline, lol. It’s hardly too short! She’s outside and she’s wearing a comfortable wrap dress and shoes that add some elegance while being able to walk over grass and the gravel road with ease. I mean really people, is she supposed to be in below the knee gowns 24/7? That’s ridiculous. I love this look on her! It’s just the right length.

      • Agree with you about the length. I think just above the knee looks lovely on her, especially with a pretty summer dress.

      • Totally agree, Daniella – maybe if she’d had multiple falls in these heel heights the clamoring for her to change would be more understandable, but the winery incident was the first that I remember where she had a significant wobble from that height. Personally, I’m more than a bit envious – it takes everything in me not to clump around in a most ungainly fashion in heels, haha!

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