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Following their trip to the Taronga Zoo the Cambridges left Sydney for their flight to Canberra, Australia’s capital.

Below, William can be seen holding Prince George as he speaks with Lady Lynne Cosgrove, wife of Australia’s Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

Kate accepting flowers as the Cambridges as welcomed to Canberra.

George had a new friend waiting to greet him as the family stepped off the plane.

Via British Royal

Via British Royals

Kate wore the ‘Ridley Stretch Cady’ dress by Stella McCartney. The dress was first worn in July 2012 to an event at the National Portrait Gallery.

Splash News

Splash News

(For anyone curious about the necklace worn by the Duchess, it is a piece from Cartier’s Trinity collection.)

Kate wore the frock again in August to the London 2012 Games.

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey/PA Wire

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey/PA Wire

Details on the dress from our July 19, 2012 post: the most distinctive feature of the dress is the darts on the outside of the garment, usually they are concealed inside a piece. The form fitting dress is made of a viscose/acetate blend with a touch of elastane for stretch, it features short sleeves and a hidden back zipper. Retail pricing for the dress was originally $885.

Stella McCartney

We will update all of today’s (tonight’s) posts as soon as we have more information and photos. Below we see Prince George in his cardigan from Rachel Riley.




  41 Responses to “Kate In Stella McCartney for Arrival in Australia’s Capital”

  1. Colour is gorgeous, but its not a great dress. It looks messy – between the darts and that really unattractive necklace which just doesn’t work with that dress. Nice to see Kate’s knees though.

    If as a previous commenter suggests she has a personal dresser, its a dismal failure. Kate looked a hundred times better on the Canadian tour. Compare the outfits side by side…

  2. I had tried this dress at matches fashion notting hill store before she wore it and thought it as a nice dress but for the price it’ wasn’t something special. I had thought that for half of the price sb could buy a dress from a high street brand like LKBEnnett. For example her Detroit dress from the brand has similar colour and style and more interesting details. I like it much better and I also own it!
    She does look lovely as usual of course!

  3. Nice dress but with a price tag like Stella Mccartney it should beat the L K Bennett dress in looks – it does not. This is a simple, flattering dress and suits the Duchess and the shape is good for use in windy places. DVF 3-4 years ago produced a similar dress in various colours with lovely vertical darts at the waist to cinch it in for a fraction of the cost of Stella Mccartney dresses.

  4. beautiful blue dress !

  5. Dear Susan, I don’t play fashion detective very much but is it possible that on Easter Sunday the Duchess could be wearing this dove gray dress she wore during her US trip a few years back? http://www.posh24.com/photo/1014149/catherine_duchess_of_cambridge

    • The Duchess was wearing a matching McQueen dress under her McQueen coat, according to the TV commenters in Australia.

  6. I’m so pleased Kate wears Stella, it’s such a major British name. I was worried for quite a while when the Duchess seemed to choose other names at first as Stella has produced some lovely work over the years. I also like seeing this dress again away from the time of the Olympics as it felt a bit like a take on sportswear then, being much the same colour as in various logos and the like.

    In fact the whole dress is looking better to me this time, and I’m so glad the Duchess has finally managed to exit a plane in a sheath that can’t fall foul of runway breezes. I wonder if there are other tailoring alterations being made as well as a lengthening of the hem, which I think has happened here. If so, I’m delighted that a longer hem doesn’t have to mean below the knee every time, as Kate suits above the knee — just not too much for loss of dignity.

    I can’t help thinking the degree of polish, which is what really carries off any royal outing, has been a bit beyond Kate’s capacity up to now with the insistence on a smaller household and none of the old-fashioned titles like “lady-in-waiting”. Now we have “personal assistant” and somewhere in there, a shadowy “orderly” — who sounds like the tour gofer!

    So maybe it’s easier to access full wardrobe help from the Queen’s resources as no-one questions that she should have her own dresser. I can imagine that settling into married life, and royal life, not to mention palace life and staff, and now a truly bouncing baby, must leave Kate scant time to take in all the details needed for a professional polished turn-out. And that doesn’t begin to include all the background briefing needed for every engagement. It may well be that with that extra bit of help she’s been able to turn up in one winning outfit after another on this tour.

    Apologies for rambling. I’m getting too tired to think straight. It’s been a wonderful ride, this tour, and once again I’m so grateful for the very high quality of the posts you’re keeping up!

    • Excellent post! You’re spot-on.

      • That’s very generous of you and much appreciated. And now, it’s head down and head for the finish. Just three more days of appearances to go, and then it will finally be “early to bed”, at least on this side of the Atlantic!

  7. George is adorable and William looks so handsome in a black suit he suits it much better than the navy ones. I love Kate’s outfit did the first time she wore it too. Very elegant and beautiful!

  8. Kate can make any design look great, but I am not thrilled with this Stella McCartney dress. The darts look like the dress is inside out and unfinished. If I may be so bold as to suggest, that Stella McCartney fashions are too quirky for many people’s tastes. They seem to have odd details, just for the sake of being odd. I do wonder if Stella didn’t have a famous Dad, if she would have reached the fame she now holds. That said, Kate give this dress a certain amount of style and dignity.

  9. I actually think her necklace may be her Kristin Magnusson Acorn, they make an oak leaf that looks just like hers. Any thoughts?

  10. Those Asprey charms are the best. I have admired them for a while — didn’t know Kate owned them. One of the more interesting and quirky pieces of jewelry that I have seen her in. Very quirky and British. Love them.

  11. I’ve been thinking a lot about the question, “Why isn’t Kate wearing more Australian designers?” I’ve come up with a few possibilities.
    1) The Palace did not want to contribute to Kate being seen as a cash cow. It knows that items often sell out instantly, and it wanted to avoid Kate being used as a marketing tool for the Australian fashion industry.
    2) Since these designers don’t dress her regularly, they didn’t send items to her liking (see Susan’s detail about garments being sent back).
    3) Kate, as a new mom, was putting comfort first in her choices. We’ve seen how wiggly Prince George can be. She chose clothes for public appearances with him that she knew she could depend on. The one exception to that is the Tory Burch dress, however, it’s possible she gave it a test run in KP.
    4) For her major appearances, like church and getting off the plane, she went with reliable pros who know her, understand occasion dressing, and can make changes to her specifications.
    5) Angela Kelly’s advice. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall of those conversations.

    Of course, it’s a big missed opportunity for Australian fashion. On the other hand, maybe it’s a signal from the Palace, too.

    • I think that “Angela Kelly advice” is just a rumor started by the Daily Mail and not true at all. Anyone who takes what the Mail says as gospel is being quite foolish. Kelly is far too old to give dressing advice to a modern young woman. For the Queen she is great but, in my opinion, Kelly has zero to do with what the Duchess is wearing on this tour. The Duchess is wearing HER choices and I don’t think she would listen to an old woman anyway. No offense to Ms. Kelly.

  12. Beautiful blue colour which suits Catherine. I’m not too excited about the neckline but it’s ok.

    As other have said, it’s those darts! They drive me bats too as they look messy. On a par with visible zips on the back of dresses.

  13. Pretty blue. I like it. George is such a curious little boy. I love how he just can’t wait to be turned around in his parents’ arms so he can see everything. A very aware and observant child, just the sort of kid I like. I can’t stand the kids who hide their faces or cling to their parents. They aren’t any fun. George is wonderful.

    Is Canberra colder than Sidney? I’m going to have to take a look at a map of Australia to see where everything is. For years I’ve wanted to visit Australia but it’s just too far away. I feel lucky to have been able to visit Hawaii a couple of times even though it’s nine hours from where I live in the States. Eight hours for Europe and nine for Hawaii is just about my limit when it comes to plane travel. Flying is very difficult for me.

    • Canberra is about 2 and a half hours drive south of Sydney, and is higher in altitude so it can be very cold in Autumn and Winter. Their flight would only have taken about 35-40 minutes in a jet aircraft. We are getting cooler evenings now that we’re in late April, but it is still lovely during the day. Stunning weather in Sydney and Brisbane this week for our visitors and hopefully more of the same as they head to the Central Desert and Adelaide.

      • Thanks Sally. I know that in Australia when you go south the weather gets colder as opposed to the States when the south is where we go for warmer weather. Everything is upside-down in OZ! Every year when I watch the Aussie Open tennis, the weather is so hot while I’m shivering in my pajamas while watching.

        • Pleasure! Canberra is also inland so it doesn’t get the lovely moderating breezes we do in Sydney (which is obviously on the coast). It was a planned city so as to stop the ‘we want to be the capital city!’ rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne! It gets maligned for being full of public servants, but it also has several universities and the Royal Military College Duntroon, so it can be a very lively city in the Summer (but not so much in the Winter – too cold!).

          Kate and William are now at Uluru in the Central Desert (Northern Territory), a completely different experience to what they’ve had so far. The stunning red heart of Australia – full of flies and red dirt but rich in Australian Aboriginal culture and the sacred Uluru (Ayers’ Rock). Kate looks lovely in a mauve-y sleeveless dress, but if I was her I’d have put my hair up. It is about 32 degrees celsius there right now!

  14. Hello!
    Do you know frome where the necklace is? It’s look very nice. Thanks.

  15. Susan, you’re a wonder! I hope you got some sleep and enjoy your “rest” day!!

    George’s sweater is my favorite piece here.

  16. She might have the dress tailored? I cant tell from these shots but it didn’t fit her the best, especially around the mid section when she wore in previous engagements.

  17. Oh, dear. I’m afraid that I am in danger of sounding like a Debbie Downer after my exuberance for the McQueen coat dress worn to the Easter service. Ah, well…. While I love the bright, vibrant blue of this dress (a color that works particularly well on Catherine), those darts on the bodice drive me up the wall. It looks as if the royal bust has grown fins. I’m all for interesting detailing, but I really think it is best to eschew fashion experimentation in this area of the bodice. (Sorry for the negativity… I will go sit in a corner with Eeyore now.)

    It appears that Catherine is wearing the same Asprey charms from the zoo visit? I meant to express my appreciation for this necklace in my comment on the last post and forgot; I really love this necklace, and all of the Duchess’s Asprey pieces. I know that the Middleton crest includes acorns, but as someone whose only connection to acorns is a love of fall, this necklace is still quite charming to me! My fingers are crossed that we have better pictures of the necklace from this outing. I hope she wears it for some of the future tour events, as I’ve grown rather tired of the Mappin & Webb Fortune.

    One final note: I love that the whole family is wearing blue!

    • I could have written this same post. I love the blue, but that’s it. I would have preferred the Valentine’s Day dress (I think it was then) be repeated here.

    • Alas, alack! it seems I am the only one here who is perfectly happy with the turned-out darts. Oh well. I love the cut and colour of the whole dress, so skilfully done, and the darts act as a point of interest but so understated and, well, chic!! Sorry. Looks like I’m the one heading for the Eeyore corner now…

      • Nothing wrong with having an opinion that goes against the crowd, ElizaMo! I would add that I’m not a fan of Stella McCartney in general. Her clothing just looks… well, weird to me. And I will never forgive her for those atrocious Olympic uniforms. (Not that Ralph Lauren fared any better this past winter designing for Team USA.) Love her dad’s music, though!

        • Well, I’m inclined to agree that some of the Olympic work was a bit curious, but if, as you say, the normally flawless R Lauren Esq fell foul of a similar challenge, I don’t feel so bad for Stella. I think I can imagine some sporting policy wonks putting an oar in (small pun there) and messing up the designer works!

          As for weird, well, I think that probably sums up quite a lot of my own take on fashion! Thanks for your support, and that of mslewis below.

      • You’re not the only one who likes the dress. I think it’s lovely and it’s nice to see the Duchess in something with a little something special to add interest. I like Stella Mccartney.

  18. Love the royal blue beautiful dress (but not the unstitched darts) and George’s almost matching sweater (jumper). Did Kate deliberately color coordinate these outfits, or was it a coincidence. I’ve heard of Mother-Daughter but never Mother-Son. And if it’s cool enough for the little girl to wear a winter weight, faux leopard coat (with hood!) to greet the Royals, Kate must feel pretty chilly in short sleeves.

  19. Thank you for all your hard work getting the updates, I look forward to WKW every morning of this tour. My favourite outfit of the tour has absoultly been the grey/sky blue Alexander McQueen towards the beginning of the tour. I think that outfit says it all about Kate as a duchess, the royal family, England and everything It stands for. Thanks again and happy Easter!

  20. i really love this dress on kate, such a fun color and fits like a glove on kate.
    george is such a happy child, it will be such a treat to watch him grow up, a prince for modern times.

  21. It looks like she’s wearing necklace with silver and gold charms. She’s wearing it withboth the yellow dress and blue dress!

  22. Did they go to church for Easter?

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