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Kate wore Roksanda Ilincic for today’s visit to historic Ayer’s Rock, now called by its Aboriginal name, Uluru. Below you see William and Kate after landing at Yulara Airport.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

The couple flew to Australia’s Northern Territory from Canberra, they had several engagements scheduled, starting with a visit at the National Indigenous Training Academy.

Channel 10

Channel 10

More from the Daily Mail:

Before a lush field of grass in the middle of the desert, the Anangu people waited under a tree for William and Kate at the National Indigenous Training Academy where they presented students with graduation certificates.

William, who is on his second visit to Uluru after his parents Prince Charles and Diana took him there on their visit 1983, was presented with a three metre long traditional Aboriginal spear.

Adam Giles/Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

Adam Giles/Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

As seen above, Kate wore a new dress from Roksanda Ilincic. Below left we show the Duchess wearing a very similar piece by the designer during the 2011 North American Tour, for an event at the Royal Academy of Arts in July of 2012, and a photo from today.

L: Splash News R: i-Images/Polaris

L: Splash News R: i-Images/Polaris

Looking for the exact dress worn by the Duchess proved challenging. Two very savvy fashion experts, Michelle of Perth Fashion and Ayvee from Diana’s Jewels, were on the case. Both believe Kate was wearing the Lovina dress in a custom fabric, we show the dress in two different colors below.



The biggest difference between the Peridot worn in the USA (and again at a London reception) and the dress worn today is in the styling on the back, there is no peplum detailing on the back of the dress worn today. I’ll update with photos when they become available.

From The Australian:

The Duke, dressed casually in an open-necked shirt, his sleeves rolled up, was presented with a two-metre barbed mulga wood spear bound in traditional fashion with kangaroo tendons. Kate said she was thrilled to receive a handpainted bracelet made of seed, which she immediately donned.

Stephen Lock / i-Images /www.i-Images.co

Stephen Lock / i-Images /www.i-Images.co

Here you can better see that bracelet.

Stephen Lock/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

Stephen Lock/i-Images/www.i-Images.co

William and Kate’s next scheduled engagement was at the Uluru Cultural Center, offering displays on the area’s history and culture, art galleries, and more. Before arriving at the Cultural Center Kate changed into a frock familiar to many fashion followers, her Hobbs Wessex dress.



That dress was first seen when William, Kate and Harry joined together to announce a charitable initiative aimed at improving sports coaching in schools, that event was in late July, 2012. The Wessex is made of linen, it certainly looks cooler than the Ilincic, and much more casual.  The frock features a boatneck, short sleeves, fitted waist and bodice and concealed zipper.

Hobbs/Lewis Whyld-PA Wire

Hobbs/Lewis Whyld-PA Wire

The couple watched traditional dances at the Cultural Center, viewed artwork and met with artisans. They were also given more gifts, including a hand-carved shield for William and a necklace for Kate. Following this event there was a tea, after which the Duke and Duchess will move to the giant sandstone rock formation for which the area is famous.

Adam Giles

Adam Giles

The Duchess wore earrings today first seen during the 2012 Diamond Jubilee tour (left) and again for the Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch in December of 2013. They are the Double Leaf earrings by artisan Catherine Zoraida.


PA Wire/Catherine Zoraida/i-Images Polaris

Yesterday we shared word about the new miniature charms Kate is wearing, identified by My Small Obsessions as being part from Asprey’s Woodland Collection.  Below, the mushroom, acorn and oak leaf. As was noted by several commentors yesterday, the acorn holds special significance as it is part of the Middleton family’s coat of arms.

i-Images/i-Images/Asprey London

i-Images/i-Images/Asprey London

This isn’t the first time the Duchess has worn Asprey, one of her more frequently worn necklaces has been her Asprey 167 button pendant (167 New Bond Street is the jeweler’s address).

L: John Stillwell/PA Wire/R: Asprey

L: John Stillwell/PA Wire R: Asprey

Kate wore her LK Bennett Sledge pumps with the Ilincic dress, but I’ve not yet seen if she changed into her Imperias with the Hobbs dress. She also carried the grey suede McQueen clutch we have seen previously. One other style note, Kate did not wear hose (aka tights) today.



A new photo is in of Kate receiving the gift of a beaded necklace. The Duchess is wearing her Imperias.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / www.i-Images.co

Stephen Lock / i-Images / www.i-Images.co

NEXT ENGAGEMENTS (Wednesday in Australia, Tuesday night in the US):

  • Fly to Adelaide in South Australia, more specifically to the suburb of Elizabeth, named after HM
  • Visit the Northern Sound System, a youth-driven community music centre, where the Duke and Duchess will watch a skateboarding demonstration
  • Head to the Playford Civic Centre for a reception hosted by the Governor and Premier of South Australia




  81 Responses to “Another Roksanda Ilincic Frock for Kate & The Return of a Hobbs Favorite”

  1. Boy two more misses. The earlier version of the Roksander dress was better. The fabric was softer and draped well. This new one looks stiff and tacked together. The delicate necklace also doesn’t work with the bulkier folded fabric. As for the Hobbs dress – its just boring both the cut and and the colour – does nothing for her. Perhaps because of meddling from the palace about toning down her look, she seems to have lost her formerly great sense of style and fashion.

  2. As a Territorian, Kate’s choices where not good. William looked excellent. You do not go bush an wear the type of clothes she wore even if your royal, cotton an linen are the only way to go. Her obsession with high heals and those awful wedge shoes is atrocious. Princess Diana did better with her style when she visited Uluru.

  3. I am wondering, she doesn’t seem to wear any tights… I thougth that was necessary when you’re a royal? She did wear them in Canada, as far as I can remember.

    Keep up the good work, love your updates!

  4. It just kills me to be critical of anything Kate wears as I normally love her style. However, I just can’t say anything nice about this look. The neckline is strange and her necklace looks odd with it. The color is very muddy (although that may just be the way it photographs). Plus, this is a very dressy look and with William being dressed casually they just look kind of odd. It is like they dressed for two different events. I much prefer her second look of the day.

  5. I love the cut and color of the Roksanda dress, but I don’t think the belt is really working with it. I also think she was a little overdressed compared to William, but I would always rather be over dresses than under dresses and it makes sense that she is showing respect by dressing her best. I do hope we see her is something a bit more interesting soon – it seems like everything lately has been a little blah.

    • On the contrary! I him the belt is the only thing working for it!! She has such a slight frame that without it, it would look very much like a sack. The belt gives her figure some shape!

  6. To me the Duchess is always dressed appropriately when performing her duties. I love her classy but understated style which she carries off so elegantly. That said, there are a lot of opinions about whether what she wears is appropriate, but, although we all have opinions and are free to express same, Kate must stick to royal protocol. And this tour, as a representative of the Queen, I am sure she can’t very well go off and wear what ever she fancies on a particular day. No doubt, wardrobes and events are planned well in advance. I would not be surprised if the palace would have had to okay all outfits. Thus far, I think the Queen and the palace must be quite proud of Kate and William on this tour. Last but not least, if it were not for blogs like this I would not have been able to follow this tour as closely as I have. Thanks a million for you all your hard work.

  7. I am disappointed in her fashion choices – drab clothes and repeated outfits (or close enough) – and the only local Oz design was a big miss.

  8. I think Kate looks beautiful in both dresses. William looks great too.

  9. i think it is just appalling that Kate wore those two dresses again.

    She is cheapening royalty. Once you’ve surrounded your privileges, you cannot get them back. Very foolish.

    We don’t want AVERAGE with our Royal family. Why have a Monarchy at all then if they want to be “normal”?

    Foreign tours where she is representing Britain, and long dress evening events should be all new outfits!!!

  10. I would have preferred for Kate to go more casual for this excursion, but I wonder if she is taking a page out of the Queen Mother’s book. After London was bombed and she went to survey the damage, she dressed in a fur stole and heels, explaining that if any of the residents came to visit her, they’d wear their best clothing, so she was doing the same. Perhaps Kate is showing respect for the residents here by dressing up for her visit.

  11. The price of those three charms is obscene. I don’t know how anyone can call her thrifty again after this revelation.

    • Perhaps it was a gift from the Middletons.

    • I agree they are pricey…and I also thought they might be a gift, and it is the kind of piece where a new charm could be given for each birthday, etc. After all, what do you give your daughter for her birthday once she moves into Kensington Palace and starts wearing bespoke clothing?
      The Duchess’ taste in jewelry seems to lean toward the understated, doesn’t it? For that amount of money I would want a whole lot more sparkle. Perhaps I’m tacky, though.
      Speaking of jewelry, I am very surprised that we haven’t seen Catherine wear any of HM’s “Australia” pieces, like we did with the NZ fern broach. I would have thought the gray Easter coat would have been a perfect backdrop for a broach.

  12. Thanks so much to Susan for all of the great coverage! I can’t wait to see the Cambridges in Adelaide tomorrow, as I had the pleasure of living there for a few years as a child. My family even got to see the Queen when she came through Perth back in 1988. Love seeing the new generation visit as well.

    Now a question for the WKW gurus: can someone explain to me why Kate would even feel the need to have two separate outfits for the day? I realize they were technically at two different events, but wonder if there’s something I’m missing. Clearly, William was more casual and (as a man) only used one set of clothing. I realize she’s changed outfits on other days, but usually it was going from one type of event to another. The outings here seem to be comparable, so why the change? Just curious.

    • As others have noted, I think she felt wanted to show her respect for the staff, students and others at the National Indigenous Training Academy, that their event deserved a more formal look. :)

    • W&K are a great double-act. I think they were coordinating their clothing & wearing earthy colours to convey the overall message that it was a very special day, yet casual & relaxed. There was huge excitement about their visit amongst the locals (who are normally not very excited about royalty). Kate arriving looking so beautiful & fresh (as usual), and changing twice in the day contributed to the importance & formality of the occasion, whilst William appearing more casually dressed, in natural colours, relaxed everybody. The Awards ceremony was a BIG deal, some of the attendees were in tears. Kate’s more formal attire matched the occasion, IMO. As the day progressed to less formal activities, she changed to a more casual look (same as William) which allowed better photographs outdoors. I like both outfits, especially the Roksanda dress. They fit her perfectly. The smiles in everybody’s faces say it all. Well done!!!

      • Also wanted to say that W&K are paying a further compliment by staying overnight (which they normally do not do)

  13. I love the Roksnda Ilincic dress that the Duchess wore! I prefer the style of the earlier dress that she wore in the U.S., but I think the color of the second one is much more flattering than the first, although that could be a difference in lighting. She looks great in both colors anyways. I, personally, think that they are different dresses. The belt is beautiful and it goes with the dress perfectly. However, I agree with most comments that compared to William, she is a bit overdressed, especially with the addition of the Sledge shoes. I’d really like to see her re-wear this dress at a different engagement.
    I am not a fan of the Hobbs dress. The silhouette is beautiful and very flattering on Kate, but I don’t care for the print at all. However, it was a better choice in terms of the event than the first dress, and so were the wedges (although slingback wedges are just not my personal taste). Overall, a much more casual look than the first.
    It’s great that we’re seeing some shorter sleeve lengths in Australia! Weather-wise, it’s a very smart choice. I’m also loving the Asprey charm necklace which I much prefer over the button pendant and the gold Double Leaf earrings.

  14. Lovely Roksanda Ilincic dress – liked it when she first wore it. I feel it is the same dress. The warmth of atmosphere in Australia tends to change hues of things a bit. Wrong shoes again for the occasion and there was no need for a clutch. High heels in the outback is like wearing wedges on the beach. The espadrilles she wore later would have worked in such a casual setting. I have confirmed in my mind that Kate likes to look taller which is a pity because her sister Pippa who is shorter than her wears ballet flats confidently and looks great. Diana, Princess of Wales, wore flats to the same place and there are beautiful pictures of her. The Hobbs dress with the espadrilles is a great look but would have looked even better with ballet flats.

    • The first dress has more gathering at the waist than the second, and it is more angled towards the middle of her waist. The pleating below the waist is different as well. The second dress has fewer pleats and they seem to continue down below her waist. Also, if you look closely, the first dress has some sort of sheer fabric trim on the sleeves and neckline. You could be right about the hue seeming different, but there’s several differences in the way the fabric is gathered. It could have been tailored but that seems like a lot of trouble to go to when the Lovina dress is so similar. I think they are different.

    • I have to agree. I simply do not understand the high shoes all the time.

  15. I love this Roksanda dress just as much as the first time she wore this style in 2011. The lines are so clean and unfussy, while still being very elegant. And Hallelujah! Kate has finally taken off that Cartier watch and the Mappin and Webb necklace. I’m sure it’s just me, but I was so sick of seeing those every single day, especially as they usually seemed to be unnecessary accoutrements and detracted from her overall look. I’m also with AshleyOlivia on the Hobbs dress, it definitely looks like a Target dress. To me both the pattern and color are not great, as well as the belt she uses with it.

    Perhaps it is just that the novelty has worn off, but I remember following all of Kate’s fashions at this very blog during the 2011 North America tour, and continually being wowed by everything, from clothes, to jewelry, hair, bags, shoes, etc. While there have been a few excellent looks on this tour, for the most part I have not been as impressed as I would have thought. Just my little bit of whining.

    Also, I believe that the picture of Kate in the peridot Roksanda Ilincic is actually from the Creative Industries Reception in London, and not from the 2011 NA Tour. Although she did rock that dress in California too.

  16. Some of the media have commented that Kate looked tired or subdued today. Perhaps she is feeling the heat more than they realize (outwardly cool, but inwardly sweltering). I also find that when I travel digestive issues can be a problem. It would be even more embarrassing for someone in the spotlight. And let’s face it, travel (even for fun, which this certainly is not) can be exhausting. If it’s Tuesday, it must be Uluru….

  17. I am absolutely swooning for this new Roksanda Ilincic dress. I love the way this frock at one level delivers a simplistic, understated feel, which is then challenged with the gorgeous architectural detailing of the fabric. There is true craftsmanship present in this dress, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this design. I really liked the Peridot for the same reasons (plus the slightly frayed feel to the sleeves and waistline on that piece worked well with the lighter color), but I think I prefer this new dress because the new color–what is the color of this dress exactly? I would guess steel or dove gray, but there seems to be a purplish tint present…–works even better with the Duchess’s complexion, particularly her chestnut hair. And I love, love, love that belt. There appears to be an almost mother-of-pearl sheen to it. Moving on to jewelry, I think this is the best use of the Double Leaf earrings we’ve seen thus far. The earrings have a whimsical feel to them that I didn’t find exactly suited to the more formal events where the Duchess wore them previously. However, they are a perfect match for the deconstructed aesthetic of this dress. The Asprey button pendant is one of my all-time favorite necklaces of the Duchess, and I am equally smitten with these charms, particularly the mix of metals. Normally, I wouldn’t think to add a necklace over the architectural fabric folds of this neckline, but eh, it works here! (For me at least.)

    I sympathize with many that are pointing out how the Duchess appears over-dressed next to the much more casually-clad William. (I think the contrast would have been less blatant if she had skipped the clutch. It’s amazing how small details can add or detract glamor.) However, I think the Duchess has to walk a much more precarious line in terms of her own wardrobe and when she chooses to dress down. Gender stereotypes are regrettable, but they do exist, and the reality is that the Duchess appearing in trousers delivers more of an impact about the lack of formality of an event than when William chooses to wear khakis. (Speaking from personal experience, I’ve repeatedly seen male professors get away with wearing athletic shoes and jeans to professional events as long as they throw a suit jacket with elbow patches on top of the ensemble. As a female professional, I simply don’t have that option if I want to be taken seriously.)

    Moving on to the Hobbs Wessex dress: I have never liked this dress, primarily because the pattern and colors just do nothing for me. This pattern looks like something I’ve seen repeatedly under the “Merona” label of Target (actually, I’m mincing words there, when I first saw the gown I thought “Sam’s Club”…). HOWEVER, I really like the fit and silhouette of the dress, and I find it very flattering to the Duchess’s body type. Additionally, this dress looks very comfortable. I have to admit that when I find a dress that is both comfortable and flattering to my body type, sometimes I just feel so good in it that I forgive a bland pattern or color. (I’m not suggesting that this is the case with the Duchess. She may very well love this pattern and color. I’m just sharing my own personal experiences, explaining why I have some garments in my wardrobe that are favorites because of fit and feel, even if I’m not overly partial to their colors and patterns.) I would also add that this dress’s blase color and pattern is certainly less of a problem when you are taking photos in front of one of the most iconic and beautiful natural landmarks in the world. Perhaps the Duchess had this in mind when choosing the dress? Anyway, at the end of the day who cares about my opinion voiced from the peanut gallery: the Duchess looks beautiful–casual and cool–and I’m sure brought joy to those she was visiting. And I am very jealous of the opportunity to visit such a magical place.

    One last note: my respect for the magic of royalty will be seriously multiplied if the Duchess manages to get the red dirt off her Imperias.

    • Thanks as always, AshleyOlivia, for expressing it all so beautifully. I too am smitten with the new Ilincic, in fact I even think it might be a more grown-up version of the last one, having dispensed with some of the entertainment at the back.

      Thanks too for pointing up the sheer craftsmanship involved in making those easy-looking folds just happen to flatter every line of Kate’s form. I love the asymmetric theme, it’s deployed with such mastery here, and I saw somewhere that the purplish tinge of the colour might just have been a reference to one of the colours of the rock at sunset.

      And I’d forgotten that the earrings had looked out of place on earlier outings, and here they work well. I’d also thought that the use of a shape from nature was in keeping with the indigenous art forms the couple were inspecting, likewise the pendant. I also thought Kate was brave to drop a pendant over the front of that dress, and that it had worked brilliantly.

      • I never thought of the Asprey charms and Double Leaf earrings as being a nod to indigenous art forms, but now that you mention it, such an idea makes perfect sense and I think is right in line with the Duchess’s thoughtful planning of her clothing & accessories. Sheer genius on her part, but some excellent fashion sleuth-work on your end! ;)

    • As to the color, my guess is that if we were exposing it in interior design terms, it would be called “mushroom” or perhaps “greige”.

      I agree with your assessment of the Hobbs dress. I have never liked it….the pattern is unflattering even if the cut looks nice.

      Is anyone else disappointed that we are seeing so many repeats on this tour?

  18. I love the jewelry that Kate received, and I’m glad she put it on immediately. The photos of her wearing the gifts will be treasures to the people who made it for her.

    I realize that a number of people don’t like the Roksanna dress, because it didn’t suit the occasion. I liked it a lot, and always remember Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother wearing her furs to the bombed out East End. At that time, people would have dressed up to meet her, so why wouldn’t she dress up to meet them?

    I’m glad Kate recycled her Hobbs dress — I think of it as a Burberry dress since it’s so close to some versions of the Burberry plaid. I would be very happy never to see the wedges again, and maybe Kate is thinking the same thing, since it’s obviously dusty there.

    Last note: I’m not interested in the off-duty photos of the royals. Let them have a break.

  19. MollyMup is correct, Susan does not publish unauthorized views – frankly, it’s one of the nicest aspects of this blog, and there is a ton to love here. The long-time devotees of WKW all seem to happily agree that, while we love seeing what the DoC is wearing (especially new clothes!!), we also want to respect her privacy and not peek into every corner of her life. ElizaMo made a comment recently that was spot-on -basically that she didn’t really enjoy looking through fashion pages filled with models per se, but that it was interesting and fun to see the fashion choices of the DoC (sorry for calling you out again, ElizaMo…!). I think of it a little as getting updates from a friend traveling the world while I stay at home, haha! If every moment is hunted, posted and dissected, it would morph into stalker…and none of us want that.

    • Not sure how this got to the top, but is in response to the post at the very bottom…

      • I love your comment about following the tour being like getting updates from a friend travelling the world while I stay at home — spot-on, if you don’t mind my saying so! I can’t get over how this young woman with just a small team of helpers is supposed to put on a mighty fashion show to be picked over by millions of us every time she steps out. It must take some guts and she must really like that prince of hers an awful lot!

  20. Kate looks beautiful as always. But in my opinion, her dress code, not only for this particular event, but in general, for the whole tour, is too formal. We can observe William’s clothes, much more casual and relaxed, appropriate for most occasions. Meanwhile Kate has been seen with wedges on the beach and stilettos on the grass. She looks lovely in casual outfits too… She should dress down more often.

    • There was an episode early on where Kate dressed down to meet some school children, and they complained that she didn’t look enough like a princess. That was probably a factor in her decision to dress up on this tour. Also, many of her looks are so classic that the photographs won’t look dated years from now.

  21. I see in the very bottom photograph that Kate’s shoes are covered in red dust – that is inevitable when walking around Uluru, but it is very, very hard to entirely get the marks out of shoes afterwards. It will be interesting to see if she will be able to wear those wedges again!

  22. She looked much better in the 2011 dress. The contrasting belt on the new dress just looks “off,” like it doesn’t belong. Wearing her hair pulled back also shows off the lovely neckline draping, which is a key feature of the dress. When you can’t see it, it does sort of look like she’s wearing a potato sack.

    I quite like the Hobbs Wessex dress though, both then and now.

  23. My first thought upon seeing her outfit was that she looked very overdressed for the occasion, especially next to Prince William’s casual attire. I think her change of outfit made her look much more casual and she probably felt more comfortable! I wonder if she ever feels self conscious at events if she is too “dressed up”? I adore those wedges, and would love a pair, but just can’t dole out that much for shoes! LOL This looks like a very interesting visit and I would love to have a chance to speak to the native people! Thanks for the update :)

    • I agree! She should dress down! This is a cocktail dress! Totally inappropriate for the occasion.

    • I ordered the wedges, because I haven’t had luck finding any other summer espadrilles that are closed toe (which I need for work). They arrived this week and I’m sending them back. The raw material on the footbed is not comfortable (it feel like rope). Also, there is zero stretch in the heel strap, so in order to get them to stay on my foot, I had to buckle them very tightly, which pushed my feet too far forward, squashing my toes. Why isn’t there an elasticized insert in the band?! It’s like the shoes came from K-Mart.

      I don’t think that $140 is a lot for shoes, but they should certainly be of at least average comfort.

  24. It looks very warm at these locations. Right that she wouldn’t wear hose. I love the neutrals, worn to nice effect as a couple for these occasions. That is a very cool bracelet gift.
    Excellent links, great post as always.

  25. Oh dear. The lilac Roksanda Ilincic dress from her first tour is one of my *all time* favorites of Kate. However, this color detracts from the beautiful draping. Next to William’s khaki, the color looks even more brown, and Kate, frankly, looks a bit overdressed.

    As far as accessories, the necklace seemed to get lost in the neckline, though that bracelet stood out, and looked wonderful.

    I do like the Hobbs dress and think it hit the right not of “casual” William was certainly aiming for.

    I do wish she had worn an Australian designer.

  26. The roksanda dress was far too formal I think especially considering William dressed down

  27. I do like seeing Kate not wearing tights now and then- I recall at the time of her engagement articles were out in the U.S. saying she would be required to wear hose from then on, and I just thought that seemed so ridiculous (especially when you have great legs like her!)

    Alternatively, it does look as if the Wessex hem has been let down, which feeds into those “longer hems required” rumors.

    • I’ve checked (believe me, I have a life) but the hemline seems the same.

      Uluru is my dream destination, so everything looked great to me. I liked the happy and relaxed vibe of the couple. I hope they get to enjoy the evening there glamping (did Ispell it correctly?)

      • I checked too — before even seeing this post! And I’d agree that the hem looks pretty much the same. And I was also glad to see her skip the hose this time.

  28. I actually like the dress… It reminds me of the Australian Outback so I think it is fitting for where she was!

  29. I loved the first Roksanda Illincic dress, but I thought the draping wasn’t as good in this dress.

    Those Imperias certainly picked up the dust on the trip! I wonder if they’ll be cleaned successfully, or if we won’t see them again! I just bought a pair so I have a vested interest!

    And, finally, I love those charms and earrings!


  30. Update: alas, she did remove the bracelet, I suppose she didn’t want to risk it getting broken.

  31. I like the belt and shoes. The dress is a peculiarly colourless colour, at least on my computer screen and I’m not a fan of the asymmetric neckline.

    The Hobbs dress looks so fresh and cool. Hope they enjoyed their few moments of unescorted privacy at Uluru.

  32. First impression: why is Kate dressed so formally to exit the plane, when William is already in his casual outfit in anticipation of a day in the rugged outdoors. The dress is pretty and they certainly make a handsome color-coordinated pair, but IMO she could have eliminated it entirely and deplaned in the second dress. The second dress is casual and perfect for this venue, plus is she wearing wedges with it?? Way to go! The bracelet she received is magnificent, I hope she kept it on the entire day, but I cannot see her right wrist to tell for sure.

    • I feel like she planned to wear the Hobbs dress (more casual) but did not want to get off the plane in it, as it might blow up. She has probably been getting constant warnings from HM and various advisers about those flying hems!

  33. The 2011 and 2014 Roksanda Ilincic dresses look completely identical to me, except the 2011 is lighter in color. Is that just the photograph? Is it possible it is the same dress but just altered a little (I hate to comment on her figure but she was smaller in 2011, too small IMO so I don’t mean that as a slight) ?

    I love her in gray, it’s so pretty. The linen dress is stunning, too! It looks comfortable.

    I know this isn’t “What William Wore” but why did he wear black shoes and a brown belt? I loved his outfit so much but it would look better with brown shoes :)
    He doesn’t get enough credit for his fashion choices; in general I just want to say I think he does casual very well (other than today’s shoes, LOL).

  34. I like that Ilincic dress. Love the fussy neckline. It’s different. Uluru looks to be VERY hot and there were tons of flies landing over everybody. I don’t know how William and Kate managed to look so cool and calm. There’s one photo of a fly landing right on Kate’s eye. She just brushed it away and kept smiling. I would have had a total fit. Not a place I would look forward to visiting, no matter how beautiful. Wearing the linen Hobbs dress was a very good idea. There are photos of William and Kate walking around the base of the Rock and then watching the sunset. Very beautiful pictures.

    • I forgot to say . . . I think that bracelet is very nice. I love chunky jewelry. I wonder if Kate will ever wear it again. It would look nice with her casual clothes.

  35. I finally got a closer look to those charms. They are so whimsical and really “charming” now I am on the mission of finding one for myself. I alway love acorns although I am not a Middleton. :)

  36. Fail. Sharon nailed it -the dress was indeed a potato sack, toga is being charitable. In some of the pics, the seams on her right are pulled oddly, like a seam badly sewn. Can’t say I thought much of it the first time out, either. The waist doesn’t seem deliberate, but just wherever and however the belt catches it. I would love to have seen some flats or at least lower heels, and no hose is so not royal for professional appearances. The Hobbs dress looks exactly like what it is -a taller woman trying to buy off the regular rack so it’s ill-fitting and too short. Even her jewelry doesn’t seem to fit the clothes this time out. And after that Easter sartorial masterpiece…

  37. Virtually same dress, I preper the last version. The new color is some sort of off to me but I can’t explain why…

  38. I loved the 2011 North American Tour dress so much, especially with the elegant up-do and pretty makeup. I like this dress too, but dislike the slightly higher neckline. The color though is gorgeous- I love it when she does dove gray. I think I like this dress (and the 2011 look-alike) because it really highlights her beautiful slim figure by skimming it without being tight. The belt accentuates her waist but the fabric is fluttery and feminine.

    The Hobbes Wessex dress is pretty and appropriate for the occasion.

  39. I think I must be the only one who LOVES when Kate recycles! It’s my favourite part of following her, actually… I can’t wait to see how she’ll style her pieces differently. So naturally I am thrilled to see today’s second dress. Just lovely!!!

  40. .. I’ll bring up an imperfect Japanese flower arranging analogy– that’s how sensitive I perceive the Duchess’ clothes choices to be. it’s almost a language.. for Kate. every color, cut, choice is made for a reason- respect. appropriateness. delicacy. etc..

    in my opinion, the fine quality of the Ilincic dress fabric- and its color, which I see as sophisticated- combine in a gentle way to not overpower the clothes around her.. the Anangu students and staff are wearing clean but almost painfully un’crisp’, un’fancy’, even remotely High Street, fashionable clothes–

    and yet had Kate arrived in an outfit matching Williams’- casual wear- it may have felt disrespectful. the dress’ understated, whisper of elegance is perfect when seen in context–

    imho, of course!

    • I agree. I think the more formal dress was more respectful to the students and the school. William doesn’t seem to mind being the subtle accompaniment. (How many navy suits DID he bring?:-)

    • Having met several of the Anangu people from Uluru and Mutitjulu myself, I can say they would have been thrilled that Kate looked so beautiful for them yesterday. You could see it in the faces of the ladies (elders); they were smiling from ear to ear, and this is something they don’t do a lot around strangers.

      I work in a school in Sydney, and we partner with this very group of people (particularly the women who produce amazing art and crafts under the banner of Maraku Arts). So many faces I recognised on the television last night! I think that Kate wore a more formal dress for the awards presentation WAS a mark of respect to the students (whose uniform is more casual – the whole Territory is more casual!) and their special occasion. They were so touched. The nude heels would actually have been more hardy in the red dirt than the canvas wedges. It was sensible of her to change dresses but she’d probably should have changed to flats; she will NEVER get the red dirt out of them (trust me, I know!).

      • I had also thought that wearing such a reasonably formal dress was a compliment to those she was meeting, and as you say, especially good for handing out certificates with respect. Thanks for your confirmation about the reception of the elders!

  41. When is a recycle not a recycle — why, when you buy the same dress twice, of course. I loved the first Ilincic and I love this one, both are so effortlessly elegant and chic — pure class. The cut is wonderful on Kate and both colours flatter her absolutely. The shoes are a great match this time — and any creases in the worn leather can happily reflect the artistic designer folds in that lovely fabric.

    I’m so pleased to see we are still seeing hemlines above the knee, as just above is my own favourite look on Kate, but not so short it all goes thigh-high when she sits down. This was another good dress for exiting from planes, and I’m so glad for Kate’s sake.

    The only odd note was how formal Kate looked against William, and I was glad to see her slip into something cooler and more comfy later, especially in the shoe line with all that red sand. Maybe that was also reason to use the ageing LKB’s. The neat grey Hobbs dress is such a perfect extra for the traveller’s suitcase.

    They are both looking tired at times. Just one brief day off and then a three-and-a-half hour flight — rather them than me. Wonder if they’ll want to travel with a little one in tow again. Not long to go now, and they are doing such a great job, as are you Susan with your exemplary posts — thanks!!

  42. I just read this comment on another blog and I think she may be correct:

    I seriously doubt this dress is a bespoke version of the Lovina because the backs are not identical. They are not even similar in style.

    BUT the back of today’s dress IS very similar to Kate’s LA dress. And that’s why I think her LA dress has been dyed and restyled. How to restyle? 1. Remove the sheer fabric adorning the sleeve and neck edges 2. Swap out the back zipper with an invisible one 3.Re-drape the front and back folds 4. Add a new belt

  43. Eewww. I’m sorry, I do hate saying anything negative about Kate’s clothes, but that dress is horrible. I don’t know what to say except she may as well have worn a potato sack, or a toga was also one of the first things that came to mind.

    But I very much like the similar dress she wore a few years ago as shown above.

    I think perhaps it’s because of the type of material used this time, even if it is a “custom fabric”, it doesn’t seem to sit/flow properly and the belt doesn’t improve things, it all looks so shapeless. It’s just all wrong and the sleeves look like they’re fraying rather than a look the designer was perhaps trying to achieve. In the earlier dress it was a pretty greyish/silver. This time it makes me think of a miserable, cloudy day. I’m surprised she didn’t wear something yellow/orange/red up to the Northern Territory, but they both seem to have adopted a “safari type look”.

    I’m certainly no expert and I look forward to ElizaMo and AshleyOlivia’s comments which I always enjoy reading, so I’ll be very interested to see what you girls think :-)

    • You shouldn’t mention me by name, you know, it will only go to my head! I assure you my own opinions are as cobbled together as the next one and I fall into no expert category that I can think of. So sorry to hear you have problems with the latest Ilincic, I know I feel quite miz when everyone else likes a thing and I just don’t get it.

      I must admit I was confused by the second dress, at first I thought the older one had had it’s folds stitched down! Then I decided I liked the front of the Peridot and the back of the Lovina, although we’re not seeing that here. Then I gave up and gave them both thumbs up!

      Basically Kate looks stunning in either and I just love the genius of Ilincic in producing such amazing flowing lines and making it look oh-so-casual, ie just a little thing I ran up!

    • How gracious and appropriate that the Duchess wore a simply styled dress in a natural tone and fit to this event, which was hosted by indigenous people of New Zealand, also dressed of the earth and elements in color, mood and simplicity. How perfect.

    • I agree with you on the fabric also I think the rouching in the front was wrong too. The last version had them better placed

    • The Duchess would never have worn yellow/orange/red for this occasion, since it would have clashed or competed in a terrible way with the surrounding natural beauty. I suspect that is the same reason she chose the neutral colored dress in which she deplaned, as well as the simple Hobbs dress for the tour of the rock. Looked great today, despite the possible loss of a pair of wedge heels (something tells me even the finest shoe experts aren’t going to get the red dust out of those).

      • That red dust gets everywhere and is impossible to remove! I worked in the outback for almost a year and it was a long time after that I was still scrubbing red dust out of the inner doors of my car! I think those wedges (espadrilles?) will need to go for sure.

    • Awww, you are so kind! I love reading everyone’s differing opinions. As you’ll see, I am very much a fan of the potato sack. In fact, I won’t shock you by confessing the crimes I would commit to posses a potato sack like this of my own ;)

    • WKW does not seem to publish unauthorized photos on the site. The photos taken of the Duke and Duchess on their day off were taken without their knowledge during their private time. The British media has been asked not to publish these photos. I agree with the decision not to add them to this blog either.

      • Wow I didn’t even realize it was during their time off, I just saw some pictures from a link on FB. I totally support your decision, and I’m glad the British media is doing the same.:)

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