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For today’s visit to South Australia the Duchess returned to one of her go-to designers, Alexander McQueen. Here you see Kate right after landing at Edinburgh RAAF base, located about 15 miles north of Adelaide.

Splash News

Splash News

The couple was actually visiting Elizabeth, a suburb of Adelaide; the community was named after William’s grandmother. Local residents were very eager to see William and Kate, with some claiming their spot on the sidewalk as early as 3am.

Tim Morris, 7News Photographer

Tim Morris, 7News Photographer

Another look at the airport arrival.

News Adelaide

Andrew Foote, 7News Adelaide

The Duchess received flowers from a lovely young lady.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

More about her from the Daily Mail’s story on today’s activities:

Wearing a pale pink wool suit by Alexander McQueen and nude stiletto pumps, the Duchess was greeted by Health Minister Jack Snelling and Elizabeth Mayor Glenn Docherty before being presented with a posy of Australian natives by Lauren Stephenson, 6, from the Make A Wish Australia Foundation.

The Duchess spoke at length to the young girl who has been in remission for two years from bone cancer, before William also joined her for a chat, rubbing the young girl’s shoulder as they said goodbye.

7News Adelaide

7News Adelaide

The Duke and Duchess visited Northern Sound System, a music and performance center for the area’s youth. While there they practiced their DJ skills, something prompting no end of laughs.

After the DJ efforts Prince William tried his hand at graffiti art.


Ten News Adelaide

Then it was time for the walkabout with thousands eager to see Kate and William. Below, Kate approaches the crowd of well-wishers with a smile.

News Adelaide

Ten News Adelaide

William wades straight in as well.

Ten News Adelaide

Ten News Adelaide

After the walkabout the couple unveiled a plaque officially naming an area ‘ Prince George Square.’


Eyewitness News Ten

As mentioned above, Kate chose pale pink separates by Alexander McQueen for today’s visit. It looks like the pieces are contemporary styles done in a custom color. It appears Kate is wearing the label’s Pique Knit Top, we show it at Lyst. Originally priced at $1005, most recently the black version sold for $402 and the white $502, both at Matches Fashion. SEE UPDATE BELOW.

Lyst.com / Splash News / Lyst.com

Lyst.com / Splash News / Lyst.com

Next, the skirt Kate wore. On the far left we show McQueen’s Black Box Pleat Skirt in a rayon/acetate blend ($1045 at FarFetch), and on the right, the McQ Pleated A Line cotton skirt ($825, also at Far Fetch). The majority opinion on the skirt is that the Box Pleat more closely resembles what the Duchess was wearing.  SEE UPDATE BELOW.



Once again Michelle of Perth Fashion was instrumental in helping to sort out what Kate was wearing; Kate’s Closet was also finding pieces to the puzzle.

UPDATED JULY 14, 2014: It looks like Kate was actually wearing McQueen’s ‘Wool Cashmere Peplum Dress,’ available at My Theresa for $3395 in the ‘powder’ color.

My Theresa

My Theresa

Another look.

Splash News

Splash News

And one more.

Nunn Syndication-Polaris/My Theresa/Nunn Syndication-Polaris

Nunn Syndication-Polaris/My Theresa/Nunn Syndication-Polaris

It is a 90% wool, 10% cashmere blend. Of note is the high/low draped hemline, longer in back than in the front. The peplum is structured and reinforced with interfacing, there are three interior hook/eye fastenings at the waist to help maintain the clean, uninterrupted line.

The frock is also available in ‘poppy red’ at Lane Crawford.

Lane Crawford

Lane Crawford

Our thanks to our pals at the HRH Duchess Kate blog for the tip on this!

Reading the Fug Girls story on today’s look reminded me the Duchess has worn pink McQueen before, at Trooping the Colour in 2013.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

Today Kate accessorized with her LK Bennett Sledge heels ($345 / £195).

As well as her Natalie clutch, also by LK Bennett.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

Jewelry for today is what we have been seeing lately: the Cartier wristwatch, Asprey London charms necklace and Annoushka pearl drop earrings.

Kate shone in the soft pink separates, it was a stellar look for her. More importantly, the visit seemed very successful for William and Kate. They seem to thrive on the walkabouts, Kate remains cool, collected and very much at ease as she dives into the fray. William is much the same.

A final thought: even when he isn’t attending an event the interest in Prince George remains very high.

Via Alex Hughes Instagram

Via Alex Hughes Instagram


  • The day’s agenda begins with a visit to the National Portrait Gallery
  • The group then moves to Parliament House for a reception hosted by the Prime Minister,in the historic building’s Great Hall
  • Next, the pair travel to Australia’s National Arboretum
    • William and Kate will help plant a tree, and also spend time with some youngsters and their parents
  • Return to Government House for a reception in honor of the Duke and Duchess, hosted by the Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, and his wife, Lady Cosgrove


One more note: Sky TV is running a one-hour special on the tour this Saturday, the 26th. As soon as I know details I will share them.


  72 Responses to “Kate Shines in Soft Pink Alexander McQueen Dress for South Australia Visit (UPDATED July 15, 2014)”

  1. Beautiful. Typical impeccable McQueen tailoring. The debate over the neckline is just silly. Don’t know what happened with the skirt – not meant to be two lengths. Felt it was a touch too long.

  2. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! I couldn’t figure out why until I realized it reminded me of Diana’s pink or peach dress circa August 1981 when she visited Egypt during the couple’s honeymoon and when she landed at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland to head towards Balmoral. I don’t know if it’s the blush color or cut but the dress on both women makes their skin look fresh and glowing. Sorry high couture but blush is the new black when it comes to making a woman look ;)

    • My daughter & I got there at 6.30pm. We were there early because they had stated on the news that the roads were going to be closed at 7.30pm. We had a wonderful time waiting for the royals. I was a little disappointed at Kate’s outfit. While it was a lovely soft pink it didn’t have the wow factor that some of her other outfits had, such as her beautiful ‘yellow’ dress had. Kind regards Annie Dovey.

  3. Straight hair for a change! Love it :) Even though not posted yet the navy pillbox hat Kate is wearing to today’s ceremonies is extremely unflattering! ! If has wings or some bad origami going on with it. A couple weird pieces this tour Kate! Still beautiful :)

  4. There was a photo of kate in the daily mail article with her arm raised waving…did I spot a sweat mark?

  5. I was so shocked to see the Duchess walk off the plane in such a billowy skirt (how many times must we learn that lesson?) and a plunging neckline. While I actually like the look, I’m not sure it was the right look for her. Also, I can’t understand how she can be so very conservative some of the time (the coat dresses buttoned up to her neck come to mind) and then wear a neckline so low that we can see the curve of her breasts. While I think she looked stunning in it, and I loved the look, I don’t feel it was right for the occasion.

    The color was fabulous on her – I would love to see her in more of this color. I am continuously shocked at how many colors she looks fantastic in – many women would kill for that opportunity!

  6. Individually, I love each of the elements of this outfit. The blush McQueen pieces are a gorgeous example of understated elegance, and I have no problem with her wearing the nude pumps as much as she likes, as they are obviously comfortable for her and go with just about anything.

    However, as an ensemble I think it’s a little TOO understated. Such a simple (albeit beautiful!) skirt and top in a muted color, with pumps and clutch that just blend into her skin, and simple jewelry is just begging for a little something else to add interest. (The dove grey Easter outfit is a perfect example as that was also very understated, but had the hat and diamond earrings to add a little something.)

    Switching out the pumps and clutch for ones in a color that didn’t just fade into the background, or adding a pin or necklace that made a bit more of a statement would have been the perfect finishing touch. (In my opinion a necklace would have been perfect since this is the first neckline we’ve seen that would’ve perfectly framed it, rather than covered it up.) And yes, I realize she was wearing her Asprey charms necklace, but as the charms are very tiny I hardly consider that a necklace that “makes a statement” or adds visual interest unless you’re very close.

    All in all, lovely pieces in an ensemble that just needed a finishing touch.

  7. The skirt does have a longer hemline in back which I believe has been done on purpose. Any teenage girl in Canada would tell you that you that is the style! Many purchased tops and skirts currently have longer hems in back, and the skirt simply reflects current fashion trends.

    The soft pleats off grain in a flared skirt will hang gently with a curved effect. They are tricky to cut and have hang correctly.

    Frankly I think that they did an amazing cutting job on the skirt as well as the top. Even though the neckline is lower than what I’d prefer, it remains perfectly in place regardless of which picture you look at. This requires good tailoring skills, steaming, and shaping skills.

    The outfit is deceptively simple looking—but requires expert tailoring to achieve this effect.

    • If you are talking about the “hi-low” trend, it usually looks far more deliberate than this 1-2″ gradation. Further, I really doubt the Duchess would consciously adopt such a trend, which has been dubbed the “mullet skirt” by some. My personal opinion is that either the front of the skirt just rose up, or she is standing at an odd angle.

  8. Another great look, the outline is very reminiscent of the McQueen ‘sailor’ dress she wore on PEI, which I also love. The soft pink is beautiful and, while I don’t like peplum as a rule, this less flared type is much more flattering. And the hairstyle is one of her best.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the neckline; Kate has a small bust so there’s nothing ‘popping out’, and I don’t think any child is going to be traumatised by a glimpse of skin.

  9. Ok here’s what I think:

    Thrifty duchess went to her closet, chose her wedding gown, removed the laces, cut the entire gown to knee length and dyed into this color and voila! This is the result! Anyways this dress is very similar to her wedding dress.

    • Which Royal Wedding did you watch? I don’t think this pink ensemble cost anywhere near $400,000.00!

      • Her wedding dress cost 20.000 pounds by all reports.

        • Yes! Typo, I put one too many zeroes £20000 is approx $40000.

        • Hi all, I really think Rashmi was being facetious. Quite aside from the cost of the gown, the Palace would never allow the Duchess to re-purpose her wedding gown: that dress is a historical artifact now! It’s already been on display once, and I suspect will continue to be featured in exhibits over the years, much the same as Princess Diana and Queen Victoria’s wedding dresses.

          In all seriousness, the gown and this outfit do share a deep v neckline and elbow-length sleeves. Further, the peplum detail could be compared to the beautiful architectural folds that were at the back of the waist of her wedding gown (they were one of my favorite details, such a pity the veil mostly hid them!).

  10. I love the dress and the color. She looks so elegant and pretty. Now I am sick of those beige shoes. She wears those to much. I also heard that the crowds have been small. I would not be surprise considering people can just tap into their smartphones and get the latest updates and pictures. Can anyone confirm the small crowds rumors for me?

    • Here in Brisbane the crowds certainly weren’t small, though to people from larger-population countries like America it might seem that way. Don’t forget Australia only has 23.4m people in it…

    • Yes, the crowds are small because the numbers are closely managed by a ballot process. I live in Canberra (where the Cambridges are today) and went into the ballot to see them at the Arboretum, but they are only allowing 50 members of the public to attend and my name was not drawn out in the ballot. Those that are selected have to show identification when they arrive to prove that they are the person whose name was drawn out of the ballot.

      • This may not have been the case for all their activities, especially the ones where people arrived in the middle of the night to get a good position :)

  11. I think the Duchesslooks beautiful but I don’t like the neckline of this outfit on her. Also not a fan of the skirt dipping at the back. However, it’s amazing how many colours she can wear well. I tend to stick to the same colours but she has worn such a variety on this tour and all of them seem to work. I love her smile which always reminds me of the line from a song in Annie – You’ve never fully dressed without a smile.

  12. This outfit is not one of my favorites. While I don’t think the top is too low for any other woman her age, I think it is too low for an on-duty Royal, especially during the day. Something was off on the skirt, I thought, as well. Weird hem, weird pleats, just didn’t sit right. The top of this dress reminded me of what she wore with the Queen to see her wedding dress displayed, and I liked that dress much better.

  13. Kate looks comfortable and business-like in this style, the longer waist is flattering. They both look refreshed and happy, must have been restful camping out ;)

  14. A stellar look for Kate sums this one up nicely, and no mistake, it’s a wonderful outfit. A cool pink is perfect in sunny Australia and right on-trend, not to mention being fabulous with Kate’s colouring. I assume the separates must have been designed with matching up like this in mind.

    The immaculate tailoring of McQueen shines through in every line, the angle of the deep cut neckline, the immaculate placing of the waist seam, the exact flare of the peplum feature, and the quiet folds of the skirt staying true to Kate’s penchant for pleats. I love the style of the top referencing smart/casual tee-shirt style, finished with chic three-quarter length sleeves, and the peplum holding down the skirt. It’s a real credit to Kate and the designer that they are still coming up with winners on a par with — for me, anyway – the best wedding dress ever, bar none.

    Having said all that I have to question quite how the skirt ends up drooping so badly at the back, the McQueen use of folded pleating sometimes seems to result in making things a little heavy — I felt this was also the case with the christening skirt. The impression of heaviness is also underlined by the length of the skirt, down to mid-knee, very acceptable, but again involving more fabric. It’s possible that made it all more secure for a plane exit, but it was still a risky style of skirt in which to descend. Thankfully disaster averted this time.

    I myself am really ok with Kate’s décolletage, and it sort of makes a dressy kind of sense for a civic reception, but alas I fear it is too much temptation for photographers, despite Kate clearly being firmly covered. It might also be a bit much for some of her younger admirers – where to look?

    The shoes are just right with this outfit, and apparently fully recovered from their encounter with the red desert sand, and her hair looks fabulous in the now familar self-tied pony-tail with extra volume at the crown. Love her discreet jewellery, as always.

    I was glad to see the couple enjoying themselves so much at the performance centre. I feel there have been fewer shots of this kind in Australia than in New Zealand. Only one day to go, maybe they’re getting de-mob happy! Now, I wonder, are we still to brace ourselves for a Ralph & Russo finale?

    • Sorry to disagree, but if the tailoring were in fact “immaculate” then the hem would not hang lower in the back due to fabric weight or user error. Also if the tailoring were better then we would not be able to see practically to her belly button. I think this is a very definite miss. :(

      • I’m no seamstress but that extra length in the back is clearly intentional. The skirt is actually longer in the back– by a couple of inches. I think it looks elegant. I am surprised, though, that she didn’t wear a camisole under the top.

      • Hi, thanks for picking up on my confused way of expressing myself. Maybe the tailoring is immaculate on a tailor’s dummy, rather than on a working princess! I take your point that a really good design would take into account the movements that a working woman might make. I still like the outfit myself, just wish someone could work out how to get that skirt to behave.

        • The Duchess does look beautiful, I agree with that. I don’t know how she manages to always be smiling, to always look interested in wherever they happen to be. However, it just seems to me that when we see her in McQueen, she usually does look “perfect”. The lace sheath she wore to The Diamond Jubilee event at Westminster Abbey was a masterpiece IMO. And I loved loved loved the grey coat from Easter. This one just doesn’t have that same quality. I am bothered by the relative matronliness of the skirt with the plunging neckline.
          I am sad the tour is coming to an end….love waiting to see her new outfits…compounded by a disappointment that we did not see more new outfits. Her jewelry pieces, while pretty, seem to verge on the “twee” and don’t seem to photograph well next to her clothes.
          Thatnks for being so gracious with my disagreement. ;)

          • Thank you for being such a pleasant correspondent! For me that fabulous dress she wore to the Jubilee event — was it not at St Paul’s? — was marred by some strange and oh-so-visible adjustment right in the middle of the belt at the back, as if someone had tacked an extra bit on at the last moment. I think Kate is getting better tailoring support these days.

            Like you, I am passionate about the Easter Day coat — what a cracker!! As for the outfit above, I think it’s just one of those weird things how the characteristics of such a heavily folded skirt can seem ok to one person, and just so “off” for another. I would certainly agree with you that it made the skirt a bit on the heavy side and didn’t help with fit during wear. To me a fuller, more flamboyant use of fabric is a characteristic of McQueen house-style which I happen to appreciate!

        • You’re right I do believe it was St. Paul’s…my mistake!

          • Phew, thank goodness my own memory wasn’t playing tricks! I had made a wild guess based on thinking I had seen Kate going up a huge staircase at the entrance, which they don’t have at the level entrance to Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s being on a small hill.

  15. Many thanks for letting me know about the Governor General mistake, it has been corrected. It is a classic example of the perils of 4am editing, when cutting and pasting from an old document seemed to make perfect sense, lol. :(

  16. I have to say, I don’t like this peplum with the below the knee full skirt, it looks too shapeless. When I first saw the pics of her today on the Mirror site the first pic just showed the top and it looked like she was wearing a body con dress. Not that I was surprised to see a fuller skirt, but I think it would have looked better with a pencil skirt. I think what’s bothering me about the peplum on this outfit is its lack of pleats or detailing of any kind, it’s just a cone that goes around her waist and looks ill fitting. Coupled with the below the knee skirt it looks really dowdy. I think it’s going to be hit and miss for a while until the Duchess finds her own sense of comfort and style in these longer hemlines. I don’t mind the longer hemlines, but they can be a bit tricky to style properly and I think she’s missed the mark on a few occasions on this tour. I do like the colour and the top of the dress and the neckline though.

  17. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I love that she wears pink. It is one of my favorite colors, too. She wears it well, never too precious. I will say that this is the first outfit that has even made it obvious that she is a bit long-waisted. Is it the line of the seam in the top or the seam with the v-neck that does it? But I’m built very similar to her, so I’m not judging, just noticing. It’s a beautiful look overall.

  18. Is that her Merci Maman necklace? Hard to tell. Great post, thanks as always for your fab post! Kate looks classy and vibrant, per usual ;)

  19. Top was too low. In one shot you can see straight down her stomach. I too thought the colour was too pale for Australia.it will probably work in dull UK.
    She has worn some lovely outfits so getting a couple wrong is forgiveable

  20. She looked stunning – just a note – our Parliament House cannot be described as historic, it is modern.m secondly out GG is now Peter Cosgrove. Ms Bryce has completed her term.

  21. I love Kate in this. She looks gorgeous in pink and I think it’s my favourite look of the whole tour. Well done Sarah Burton!

  22. Quote from one of the top commenters on this site Lili, “This outfit is very princess-y”. :) I love it. I have always loved Dior’s pioneer “new look” in 1947. It works on almost every bodytype, and looks amazing on the Duchess.
    Time to pull out my pink ensemble, too. :)

  23. It is a beautiful suit and the color looks lovely. Her hair is pulled back, and looks lovely.

    However, I can’t love this look; the v neck is too deep to be appropriate at a professional event, in my opinion.

  24. Is that right that the Duke and Duchess “Return to Government House for a reception in honor of the Duke and Duchess, hosted by the Governor General, Her Excellency, the Honourable Quentin Bryce and her husband, Mr. Michael Bryce”? Just wondering because the new Governot General is Peter Cosgrove?

  25. Thank you so much with providing the info about Kate’s wardrobe and her accessories. I think the duchess looks beautiful in every picture – she looks happy, engaged and is really enjoying herself. She is the one that needs to be confident and comfortable in what she wears and so far I think she has done a great job.

  26. I like this one – it’s a soft, sweet color that look nice on her. The whole thing is very “Kate:, but still different enough, in color and cut, then what we have been seeing lately to keep it from being too boring. At first I did think it was pretty low cut, but in the picture of her bending forward with the little girl, it looks like the neckline lays well and doesn’t gape, which is what I tend to worry about in low cut pieces.

  27. You have incorrectly named Dame Quentin Bryce as our Governor General, but she has finished her term in this service at the end of March this year. Our new Governor General is His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove. He is a former Defence Minister and was Australian of the Year 2001.
    Dame Quentin would have been much more interesting fasion-wise.

  28. This outfit is pretty near perfection, in my book. You just can’t go wrong with McQueen, especially the way Sarah Burton tailors pieces exactly so they suit the Duchess (Emilia Wickstead, take note!). I’m not usually partial to pale pink, but I like this particular shade, especially as it appears marginally warmer and less powder puff than the pink coat of 2013′s Trooping of the Color or the pink Wickstead coat from the Jubiliee, which some suspect is now a vibrant teal after having undergone a dye job for this tour. I also love the box pleats of the skirt (much preferable to accordion pleats, at least in my opinion) and the mini peplum at the waist of the top. Genius in terms of proportions here.

    I love a deep v-neck; it’s the best way to display a necklace and accentuate collar bones! I don’t have a problem with the appropriateness of the neckline, but I do believe I spy some royal cleavage , and as she will almost certainly receive some flak for it, I wonder if she should have avoided wagging tongues and just had it slightly raised. Hmmm. Yet I also think that it is impossible to please everyone, so maybe in certain cases the Duchess should just please herself? (After all, haters gonna hate, so sometimes it’s best just to ignore them! )

    As much as I love the new Asprey charms, the whimsical feel and mixed metals are not suited to the classic lines of this outfit nor do they complement the Annoushka pearls. As tired as I am of seeing it, she would have done better to wear the Mappin & Webb Fortune (or another, similarly classic and formal necklace).

    Every one knows I’m on board with the Sledges and Natalie clutch. The Sledges look perfectly well maintained on my screen.

    I am slightly perplexed by the dearth of Australian designers debuted on this trip (we’ve had Zimmerman and Wickstead–who doesn’t really count in my book, as she was already a favorite of the Duchess. Am I missing any others?). I will have to return to the previous two tours to count how many designers from the host countries she patronized in her clothing in the past. I could easily be mistaken, but I just feel like there were more. Of course, the Palace could have decided that they wanted to avoid all the hoopla that occurs whenever the Duchess purchases a new ready-made dress available to the public. We see the rush to buy as an economic and financial boost for the designer (and some great publicity), but the Palace might view it as crass and detracting from the Duchess’s image.

    • Hi, I usually post my own comments before looking at everyone else — live dangerously? — and find out too late I’m out on a limb?! Oh well, it adds to the fun, so I can say I’m mighty relieved now to see you also like this outfit. Genius in terms of proportions sums it up for me as well. Isn’t it wonderful how clever we think other people are when they agree with ourselves…

      Thanks for the comment about well-maintained shoes. I’ve tried, I really have to dig up a picture of them looking worn, and, yes, there are stretch marks in the leather, but you might need a microscope, so, phew! glad I pulled any comment on that topic again. I think all the shoes are getting more attention now. I just don’t think she had time for such things while trying to do her own wardrobe in pre-palace staff days.

    • Does the Oroton purse she carried count as an Australian designer?

      • Eve, yes, that is exactly the piece I was trying to recall! I knew it was an accessory, but couldn’t put my finger on the piece. Thanks for assisting those of us who don’t have fully functional brains prior to our morning coffee :)

        ElizaMo, you should never worry about editing your comments because of what others say! I think a diversity of opinions is one of the most beautiful aspects of this blog. The Sledges have always appeared in fine working order to me, though I do remember there was some discoloration visible as well as scuffed soles when she had to take off her shoes during her visit to the mosque in Malaysia during the last tour. But eh, I just thought it made her look endearing.

        • Thanks for your encouragement AshleyOlivia, believe me, it means a lot! It’s not so much I would want to edit my comments, just that if I start reading others I might find myself swayed despite myself and I hope to keep what I say as just my own modest effort.

          And I like your take on the Sledges, it helps keep things in proportion. I would never want to see a total ban on them, I would simply prefer if the old pair could be replaced. By now, of course, you will know that they turn up for a third outing…

  29. Absolutely lovely. Perfection!

    As beautiful as Kate’s hair is, I do think I prefer it half up/half down or even fully up, or maybe that’s because we don’t see it that often.

    I think the hem is lower in the back Brenda, but somehow it suits and looks good like that.

  30. Two things re skirt.

    1. Definitely longer, by 1 to 2 inches, in back than front. Why? I’d think McQueens could hem a skirt properly.

    2. It’s a custom skirt for her, neither the box pleat nor the pleated A-line. The front of the skirt is wide and then the pleats on each side are in opposite directions. Also, the pleats are soft not well-defined with a sharp edge like the pleats in the other two skirts.

    • I agree with you about the skirt, I didn’t think either of the illustration skirts shown above quite matched what Kate was wearing. Thanks for your sharp observations on the patterns of those pleats!

      And I wonder if the drooping back hem might be to do with the way Kate wears things. If the skirt is heavy with all that folded fabric it could slip down at the back, and on various outfits Kate tends to see things ride up at the front as she stretches for those back-of-the-crowd handshakes. I think it happened a bit with the DVF wrap the other day.

  31. Quentin Bryce is no longer our Governor General, it’s currently Sir Peter Cosgrove :)

  32. This is my favourite look so far from this tour. Her hair looks polished and it’s nice to see it out of her face. Kate looks best with lower cut necklines in my opinion. The pink is very nice on her as well.

  33. I hate to say it, but this outfit just does not work for me at all. I usually love it when the Duchess wears McQueen, but not this time. In all of the full length shots I’ve seen, the combination of the longer peplum top with the slightly longer full skirt make it look as though she has odd proportions or short legs, which she most definitely does not. I think the top would have worked better with a fitted skirt, and the skirt would have worked better with a blouse tucked into it.

    Also, the neckline seems dangerously low, perhaps inappropriately low for daytime. In pictures it is maybe ok, but in real life, because the fabirc does not rest right against her skin at the lowest point, all the people she is interacting with would be able to see down even lower, especially when she bends over to greet shorter people or children. I don’t see how they could NOT see part of her bra. That just doesn’t seem appropriate to me. Interestingly, in the pictures of the top on the model on Lyst the neckline looked notably higher.

    • I completely agree with you. Usually if its McQueen its a new favorite…..but the proportions are off on this. The hemline is too long and looks like it is longer in the back….and the v-neck is far too low.

  34. I love Kate’s hair 1/2 up 1/2 down. It’s my favourite hair look for her. I wasn’t fussed on the outfit (I think it’s the colour) but the hair saved it for me.

  35. Is it the angle of the photo, or is the hem lower in the back than the front?

    • I asked myself that same question, hmmm. Overall, this is one of my top two favorite dresses of this tour. The color is unique and very striking. However, if the hem is truly uneven, it seriously cheapens the look.

    • I suspect the angle of the camera. Looking at other shots from different sites, the skirt looks more even but I have noticed that Kate sometimes stands with lower back slight bent backward a bit, which could also make it look so…

    • I also noticed that.

      • I love Kate, and I will defend her to the death, most of the time. But I noticed in the video of their walkabout yesterday that she seems to slouch a little bit. I think it’s a function of her height and how one must bend a bit over to greet the little ones, but in that video in particular, she almost looked a bit round-shouldered. Could have been the heat and tiredness.

      • I wondered if it was to do with her position, so I went and looked at a lot of photographs today (it’s chilly and raining here in the uk). Her hemlines do sometimes seem to dip at the back. There are photos of this particular skirt and sometimes it seems to dip, and sometimes it doesn’t. No firm conclusion but it was a pleasant way to spend and hour :)

        I find it difficult to believe that someone so well-dressed would not be aware of a dipping hemline. Even the much cheaper clothing I usually wear doesn’t usually have a wavy hemline so I wouldn’t expect more expensive clothing to be any different – if anything it should be better made.

        Maybe if it’s not a bespoke piece (although this may be) it’s designed to allow for a larger derrier than Kate possesses? Just a thought…

        • I’m more than willing to give Kate the benefit of the doubt on camera angle. But, this is why you have to wear the shoes and undergarments you are planning to wear to a fitting. A change in heel height, and a change in dainties can throw off the line of a garment. Also, hose versus no hose can affect the way a skirt hangs.

          Her dresser/PA should take a good look at her before she goes out, just as a precaution. (We used to do this at school before we went out of an evening!)

  36. As admin says “Kate shone in the soft pink separates, it was a stellar look for her” is absolutely correct. The Duchess looked beautiful especially with her hair in a half-ponytail and a bit straighter than usual. Any hairstyle which sweeps hair away from her face suits. I wonder if Joh Bailey from Double Bay is doing her hair as previously reported. If so he is doing a great job but the great weather also helps.

  37. She looks gorgeous and the top is not too low cut but appropriate for a woman her age.

    • The top is absolutely appropriate for an evening event for a younger woman, but also absolutely inapproriate for a daytime event involving bending over at children’s eye level. If I can see the lower edges of her breasts imagine what the people there are seeing. I can never forget the photos straight down her bustline on her wedding day. At least she got the length right on a rather boring pair of separates. She just hasn’t really found someone who can well advise her on clothes for duchessing about.

    • agreed. Neckline is bit too deep…

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