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Hello, and greetings to all celebrating the holiday! We pop in for our annual post sharing what Kate wore for Christmas services at Saint Mary Magdalene this morning.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Victoria Murphy of The Daily Mirror shared this photo on Twitter of the royals on the Sandringham grounds as they walked to church, you can just see the Duke and Duchess holding hands in the middle of the picture.

Victoria Murphy, the Daily Mirror Twitter (@QueenVicMirror)

Victoria Murphy, The Daily Mirror Twitter (@QueenVicMirror)

Here you see HM after the service concluded, resplendent in a matching coat and hat by Angela Kelly.

A.Davidson/Goff Photos/SplashNews

A.Davidson/Goff Photos/SplashNews

Sky News tweeted a video of the royals leaving church and greeting well-wishers.

Sky News Twitter

Sky News Twitter

William speaking with those waiting to see the Royal family following church services.

Victoria Murphy/The Daily Mirror Twitter (@QueenVicMirror)

Victoria Murphy/The Daily Mirror Twitter (@QueenVicMirror)

For those wondering where Prince George was, The Sun’s Emily Andrews shared this on Twitter:

Emily Andrews, The Sun

Emily Andrews, The Sun

And this from Victoria Murphy of The Daily Mirror:

Victoria Murphy, The Daily Mirror

Victoria Murphy, The Daily Mirror

What did William and Kate expect to find when they returned to their new home at Anmer Hall? From Victoria Murphy’s story in The Daily Mirror:

William told well-wishers it was a bit cold for George but they had left him in his nursery and were looking forward to seeing what “destruction” he had created when they got home.

Now to what Kate wore. The Duchess was in a coat we’ve not seen previously.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

The coat is double breasted, tapering from wider embellishment to a narrower positioning of the buttons. It also features an oversized stand collar with small lapels, epaulets at the shoulder and cuff, and slanted flap pockets.

While the natural inclination is to presume this is a Katherine Hooker piece, I don’t believe that is the case. The coat uses shiny metallic buttons; traditionally, Hooker pieces have horn buttons. The nubby fabric looks like a Harris Tweed from Scotland. This material isn’t shown anywhere on the Katherine Hooker site. And while many styles from the brand are authentic Harris Tweed, I just don’t recall seeing a garment from the company in this sort of fabric, Katherine Hooker pieces generally have a softer, flatter texture.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

By no means does it mean this can’t be a Katherine Hooker piece, the coat does have many of that label’s signature elements, including lined flaps for the pockets and what could be a matching scarf, although the flap lining appears to have more red than the scarf does.

All Photos ©Stephen Lock/i-Images

All Photos ©Stephen Lock/i-Images

It does bear minimal resemblance to the Catherine Walker Russian Great Coat, a style Kate has worn before, but I do not think it is by this brand either.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

The buttons are likely the key to identifying the piece. We’ll keep looking for the coat, but at this point we’re dashing out the door for Christmas commitments.

©Robin Nunn/ Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/ Nunn Syndication/Polaris

UPDATED: We have a comment from Dorothy suggesting the coat is by Moloh, the brand’s ‘Turpin’ style from 2013. It certainly looks like this is the coat; the only distinction is that the coat seen below is ankle-length, while Kate’s is not. It’s entirely possible Kate purchased the piece and had it shortened, it wouldn’t be the first time the Duchess has dramatically altered the length of a coat.


Having returned home and being able to look at photos on the desktop (as opposed to the iPhone or iPad), it seems clear Kate is wearing Moloh’s Turpin coat.  The piece was featured in the February 2013 Belgravia Residents’ Journal, along with Moloh’s Downton House Coat.

Belgravia Residents' Journal February 2013

Belgravia Residents’ Journal February 2013

This isn’t the first time Kate has worn Moloh. Below you see her in the brand’s ‘Workers’ coat, worn when visiting Glasgow in April 2013.

Splash News

Splash News

Looking at high resolution images of Kate’s cuffs, one can see the fabric of her Animal Print shirtdress from Hobbs; the dress was first noted when the Duke and Duchess visited Wales in November.



The dress is shown as still being available at Hobbs at a greatly reduced priced: it is £75, discounted from £169. It is also still being offered at John Lewis in larger sizes, where it is also on sale £75.

Many readers will recognize Kate’s hat.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

It is the ‘Betty Boop’ from Lock and Company. Below you see Kate wearing it for a wedding in Switzerland, and also in 2012 when visiting the Irish Guards on St. Patrick’s Day.

Splash News/Lock & Co./PA Wire

Splash News/Lock & Co./PA Wire

UPDATE DEC 29: Kate’s scarf is by Really Wild Clothing, the brand’s Silk Scarf in Autumnal Partridge.

Really Wild Clothing Company

Really Wild Clothing Company

The scarf measures 90 cm x 90 cm, about 36″ square.

Really Wild Clothing/

Really Wild Clothing/

A tip of the tiara to Betty Wales on the WKW Facebook page for letting us know that Really Wild had posted about the scarf.

The Duchess wore her ‘Valerie’ heels by Emmy Shoes.

Emmy Shoes/

Emmy Shoes/

Kate was wearing her Cornelia James ‘Imogen’ gloves.

Stephen Lock/i-Images

Stephen Lock/i-Images

She also wore her Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf earrings.

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Catherine Zoraida

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Catherine Zoraida

Another look.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

We take a quick look back at other ensembles, for Christmas Day last year Kate wore the Black Watch coat by Alexander McQueen (below left), and the as-yet-to-be-unidentified (aka UFO, Unidentified Fashion Object) coat on the right.



In 2012 Kate and William attended services with the Middleton family.

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parshotam

Kind Courtesy Jesal Parshotam

Some will recall that on Christmas Day 2011 the Duchess wore the ‘Angel’ Fit & Flare coat by Reiss, and an aubergine coat made by an ‘independent dressmaker’.

Splash News

Splash News

We hope everyone who is celebrating today has a very Merry Christmas!


  96 Responses to “Kate Mixes a Moloh Coat with Older Pieces for 2014 Christmas Day Services (Updated with coat & scarf ID)”

  1. I live in the U.S. and would love to know if there is any way that I could purchase just the coat. It looks classic and something like that Moloh coat would be perfect for winters in the mid-west. I don’t even mind that the coat is actually ankle length. It would certainly work during the cold months.

  2. Do wish both Kate and William wore compatible colours . William needs to improve his clothing to compliment Kate’s . His grey and blue with a red tie looked terrible with her brown ensemble.

    • Just back from holidays so had a chance to look at the blog. I have to agree with Dolores I think
      William could do with a bit of a make over on the other hand it is nice to see them looking warm and rugged up, from where I have just been ever her earrings would have been hot.

  3. I thought it would have been cool if she wore the Jonathan Saunders coat that she wore to Scotland earlier this year (or last year?). It was really beautiful red wool that would look great for Christmas.

    I’m not a big fan of the color brown, personally. It looks a little 90′s/early 00′s when it seemed like brown was the “it” color. Now when brown pops up that’s what it reminds me of. A little drab, but maybe she wanted the Queen to shine.

  4. Hello all, just to say that Kate’s scarf (which I adore) is from Really Wild Clothing company and their website is also saying the coat her mother wore to church is theirs also. Best wishes for a happy new year to you all!

    • Thanks for the info, I think I was updating the post while you were commenting, it’s great to have an ID on it. :)

      • thank you for the update on the scarf. i am crazy about silk scarves but had secretly hoped this scarf were brighter and had more orange tones in it…oh well.

        • I think the colours might look a little washed out on the website. On Kate I’d have said the orange tones look stronger – I suppose they’ve been highlighted by the low winter sun. I have a similar thing to you about silk scarves – a more versatile and handy accessory is hard to find!

    • Love the scarf. I also would have worn the plum gloves to pick up on the plum in the scarf, for a pop of color.
      I love a bit of traditional, and that is what the coat was, plus gorgeous and comfortable. The longer length is very very great in cold weather. I have a

  5. When I scrolled down and saw the first photo of the queen, I thought “forget about Kate, look at Queen Elizabeth!!!!” she looks amazing– I love the color combination and the dramatic feathers on her hat. It’s truly breathtaking.

    OK so back to Kate, I would love more info on Kate’s scarf. Is it an Hermes?

  6. I really like this outfit. I love the tweed, and I don’t mind the long length, either. I think it’s nice to see Kate add diversity to her look by wearing a variety of hemlines, so I think it’s well and good that this one is quite long. I agree with a previous commenter that I think this looks very “country estate” to me, although also like the previous commenter, I’ve never been to a country estate in the UK, so what do I know? But in my mind, it is fitting for the setting. I disagree about it not being festive–one doesn’t need to sparkle on Christmas to be festive, and the rich colors inspire thoughts of carved, roast turkey (in this American, anyway) and garland hung over a lit fireplace.

    I also wonder if the scarf might go better with the dress than it does the coat? I think it looks fine with the coat, but perhaps if tied or draped in a certain way it might really make the dress pop when she’s not wearing the coat.

    I’ve never really liked this pair of earrings (purely out of personal taste), but I think they flatter this look–I think it plays on the earthy elements of the tweed. I wonder if she sometimes knows (at least I am this way about my own jewelry/clothing pairings) that certain pieces work ideally together, but branches out just to wear something else she likes just as much but perhaps doesn’t have as many opportunities to wear. We see the citrine drops fairly often, and perhaps she simply missed wearing these bug wing earrings.

  7. I’ll have to disagree with a few of the commenters and say that, overall, I disliked this particular outfit. From top to toe, it features several pieces that I’m just not too fond of. For starters, that hat. The suede fabric (which, I’ll admit, I just don’t like) takes away from the potential “luxe-ness” of the piece, and the low-sitting bow is a bit too near to one side of the face to be attractive. Because the gloves are made of such a stretchy synthetic material, they appear to be quite cheap (I’m sure they aren’t, though). The earrings, too, look rather chintzy. I adore the coloring and tweed fabric of the Moloh coat, but not its length and double-breasted closure, which adds additional and unflattering bulk. The pairing of this coat with that riotously-patterned scarf is also something that I personally wouldn’t have chosen (admitted minimalist). The brown tights, the suede shoes…sigh. Kate, this just didn’t do it for me.

    • I agree with pretty much everything. The combination is quite a mish-mash to me. I also love tweed, so I did like that aspect of the coat. But I come from a ridiculously cold part of Canada where mid-calf coats are common among people that didn’t grow up with the weather, and I’ve always thought they look very silly. It’s such an unflattering length, sadly I don’t even think the Duchess can pull it off. I have a tweed coat and would never think to pair it with a patterned scarf like that!

      The Imogen gloves definitely look grey, not black like the pair she has worn to Remembrance Sunday services a few times. I think it clashes awfully with the brown, and while the pair sadly don’t exist in brown I do think maybe the plum or petrol or even parchment colours would have matched better.

      Ah well, with all those fantastic Christmas coats she’s worn over the years (they’re all among my favourites of hers) I suppose my expectations were too high! It’s hard to get it right every time!

      • Thank you, Larissa. I felt as though I was going on a bit of a rant, but feel justified in knowing I wasn’t the only one completely smitten with this look.

    • The gloves are stretchy, but they aren’t synthetic! They’re made of pure merino wool. :)

      I completely agree though. I think a more structured/thicker pair of gloves would have been a stronger finish to the look… which was a bit too plain to begin with.

  8. While I would have preferred if Kate had worn one of her more colourful coats, I can completely understand that it is the Queen who should stand out. In saying that,I can’t help thinking with a coat so long 6 pairs of buttons would look better

  9. Im with Lili. You can’t beat a long coat for drama. This coat is beautifully cut with interesting details and I think all the more striking in the longer the length. I would have enjoyed seeing it ankle length as well but with boots and burnt orange gloves or maybe a faux fur muff.

  10. The Duchess looks lovely. I like the length of the coat – very Russian in its overall look like Lara from Dr Zhivago.

  11. I love it from top to bottom. She looks beautiful! She doesn’t need to wear bright colors to stand out. I love her use of brown tights. You don’t see that very often!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. I really like this outfit and the accessories and I find it very appropriate for the occation. The coat feels like a traditional English country outerwear due to its material and pattern, but more formal due to its long length and bronze/gold buttons. The church service was at a country estate and the occation was a bit more formal because of the festivities so in my opinion this coat fits in very well especially paired with the accessories: the high heels, gold earrings and silk scarf give this coat a more ‘dressed up’ feel and I suspect this is why she chose to wear them. I think if she had chosen to wear boots and simoler earrings and no scarf with this specific coat the look would have been more casual, while in this case she looks appropriate.
    The queen has a dress code of her own so I never compare her with anybody else.
    As far as the brown dress she wearing underneath I bought it when she wore it with the Mathew Williamson coat and was surprised that I liked it. Especially if one wears a belt its a very easy to wear, sophisticated dress. I paired it with an old Gucci belt which is wide and elasticated, it’s black and has a wine stripe in the middle and a big, round gold buckle in the front and I had used the same leaf earrings. I got quite a few compliments both times as had worn in, one form my husband and one from my mother in law.
    Like others, I much prefer the hobbs dress with the moloh coat than with the pale blue Mathew Williamson, which even though nice as far as pale coloured coats go I much preferred her pale pink Max Mara which I was able to buy at the time.

  13. Love this coat, its lovely and long too – though I too believe that, as an army great-coat style, it would look better with boots. Just a matter of styles – I don’t like boots with summer dresses either. Looks lovely with the orange scarf (the lining is orange and there are orange flecks in the material). I personally don’t see anything ‘festive’ about attending church but wouldn’t the Seraphine boucle coat (New York) have been more appropriate and she could have got some wear out of it, leaving this tweed coat for when she wasn’t pregnant. Kate often had her picture in the papers when she was ‘courting’ William and just about everything she wore was neutral colours – the first splash of colour I saw was the purple Issy dress worn in Canada so I’d say the brown is very Kate.
    By the way, many of the people who contribute here seem to bang on about how TALL Kate is – she’s only average for her age group and not as tall as the late Diana who was as tall as her husband. In the lead picture of this article, William & Kate are standing together – she has very high heels on and a hat and is still almost a head shorter than him! She was obviously much shorter than Michelle Obama too (in similar heels) when pictured with her at the Palace. She is THIN, that is why she looks so good in clothes, a dress designer’s dream!!!

    • Have you seen her in person? She IS tall. Wikipedia lists her as being 3cm shorter than Diana, but seeing her in person I’d say she’s definitely above average height.

      • Someone who did see her in person once posted here that she wasn’t as tall as the poster had expected. People who attended college and university with her have also been quoted as saying that she’s not as tall as people have claimed. I have no idea how tall she actually is, of course, but given the height differential between her and William even when she’s in very high heels, I’ve estimated that she falls somewhere in between 5’8″ and 5’9″.

    • Kate is not “average height for her age group”. At 5’9 she is considered tall by most standards. No, Kate is not as tall as Diana, who was 5’10 1/2. Prince William and Harry are 6’3, and 6’4 respectively. They inherited their height from the Spenser side of the family. Diana’s father, the late Earl Spenser, was 6’4, as is Diana’s brother Charles. Diana’s sister Jane and Sarah are both 5’10. The Prince of Wales is only 6’0 on a good day!
      I do agree that with Kate’s thin frame, beautiful hair and expressive face, eveything she wears looks fabulous on her!

      • Btw: It depends on the angle of the photo as to how tall Kate looks next to William. If Kate wears 4 inch heels, and William wears his dress shoes, he would still be about 4 inches taller than Kate, not an entire foot. At the very least Kate is 5’8, but by all accounts she is 5’9. That is still considered tall by today’s standards. Only 2% of Thr female population of the US is 5’9, or taller.

    • Maybe some of you can help me solving a mystery and providing an advice. If Kate is 5.8 or even 5.9 how can she wear regular clothes in size 8 or 10, without ending up with sleeves or waist that are too short? I am asking because I have that very problem. I tried on Zara jackets (I loved the red one Kate wore) in both size S and M and the sleeves were ridiculously short. I have the same problem with Hobbs, LK Bennett and McQueen, and most of the time it is impossible to lengthen the sleeves, not to speak to alter the waist. Maybe you can suggest brands that have longer sleeves? My speculations are that either Kate is not taller than 5.7 or all her clothes are bespoken or altered. As for the advice, could you suggest me brands that have longer sleeves?

      • Oh JT, Kate has everything customized and tailored for her :) Though, speaking as a tall person myself, I’ve found Nordstrom to be a more accommodating brand for taller women. I’ve also found that for some jackets or coats, if it’s the right length but is too big everywhere else, you can have a tailor take it in and it’s not very expensive.

      • As far as sleeve length goes, I’ve been finding over the past several years that a lot of coats and jackets have sleeves that were evidently designed for chimpanzees — far too long. And my arms are not short. I’ve had the sleeves on a number of items altered.

        The Duchess is very long-waisted, and her legs are short relative to her torso, so her arms may not be all that long either. Because she is long-waisted, though, she’s worn a few items on which the waist is set a little too high for her. There have been occasional comments on that here. Other items, however, have almost certainly been altered for her. It’s clear she has many alterations done, and of course a lot of items in her wardrobe have been custom-made just for her, even if they were based on an existing ready-to-wear piece.

      • I’m 5’10 myself and can testify that sleeve length isn’t normally my issue. Most sleeves are on the long side and can be altered. I have a very long waist and shorter legs, so that’s where my alteration issues are focused.
        Kate is very long waisted as another poster has noted. Also, many of Kate’s day dresses for engagements are fitted sheath dresses with elbow length sleeves. Many pictures of Kate you will see how high on her waist the dress is set. I think being long waisted is one reason she never looked hugely pregnant with George, until the last month of her pregnancy.
        To add more another comment on the height issue of Kate, I recently received a pair of the Stewart Weitzman corkswoon suede wedges (Christmas gift) and after I tried them on, I stood next to my brother, who is 6’4 and took a picture. The difference in our height looked almost identical to Kate and William in pictures from the 2012 summer olympics, when Kate wore the same exact shoes to numerous events.

  14. Are Kate’s tights, shoes and gloves black? Or are the gloves black and the tights and shoes brown? I would prefer they were all brown to fit more attractively with her coat.

    • The gloves look black but they are ‘plum’ and her tights and shoes are brown. I made the mistake about the gloves at first.

  15. The coat is a nice change of length for her, but her frame seems a bit small to carry off the coarseness of the weave and the black gloves don’t work well at all, but pregnancy can do funny things to a woman’s taste and judgement. Working with a constantly changing figure is always very difficult, which is why so many of us just stay in stretchy black with a change of accessories for the last few months.

    NOTE: Edited by admin.

  16. Hello fellow WKW followers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the holidays! Catherine’s skin and hair are radiant as they appear very healthy. I like this outfit a lot from the waist up, but I do think the coat should have been right below the knee, or she should have work a pair of tall boots. Perhaps it’s an outfit that looks better in person when she is walking and moving about? A few pictures of her striding make the coat look less cumbersome, but it’s still kind of awkward looking to me. The Queen’s outfit was gorgeous and everyone would definitely be able to spot her! I wonder if that is why Catherine chose such muted shades that blend in easily? Good to see her and all the family looking well.

  17. It’s becoming a treasured Christmas tradition of mine to pop over to WKW and check out the Duchess’s Christmas outfit. (I myself am never such a snazzy dresser on the big day; I attend a formal dinner on Christmas Eve, so I break out a cocktail dress then, but Christmas is spent cooking so I wear clothes that can withstand a dusting–make that a coating–of flour.)

    And she never disappoints. On the whole, I’m generally very, very pleased with whatever the Duchess chooses to wear for Christmas day and this year is no different. I love the tweed coat, and the color combination appears very “English countryside” to me (I’m not an expert, so I can’t attest to the accuracy of this opinion). I think the brown in the tweed is accented marvelously by the deep chocolate hat. I’m rather fond of this hat, though I have to tell myself to ignore the unfortunate name. And while I would never have thought to pair a patterned scarf with a tweed coat, I don’t mind it, as I think it adds a nice element of visual interest to the overall look. I also like to imagine it was a present, as Denise suggested.

    Originally, I thought the length of the coat was a touch long, but after reading Lili’s post it’s growing on me. I do agree that lengthy coats add a regal air, and the Duchess is so tall she doesn’t have to worry about swamping her figure.

    A few quibbles. Black or plum, those gloves do not match. Brown would have been much nicer. I only have a black pair, which I pair with everything regardless of color coordination, but I have problems believing the Duchess only has one pair. Someone needs to drop a hint to Santa if this is actually the case… The gold of the Vinnie Day earrings is a nice match for the outfit’s hues, but now that someone has pointed out how well her Kiki McDonough citrine drops would have accented the colors in the scarf, I can’t help thinking those would have been the superior choice. Ah well. Finally, I also agree with ElizaMo that boots would have been the better choice over pumps; then again, I’m very partial to boots.

    • I like your point about wearing a patterned scarf with the tweed, I suppose a plain contrast colour might have worked, though I love the colours in this one. I too love that tweed fabric, even tried a long jacket in something similar recently, but sent it back when the funnel collar wasn’t one that would agree to fold back and behave like a normal one.

      But somehow Kate’s tweed didn’t quite work for me with that length and those courts. I agree with Lili, too, about the dramatic nature of long coats, but this one didn’t happen to click with me.

      Like others here I was intrigued by the scarf, which from the delicacy of its folds I think we may assume is silk. At one point I even thought I could see the eye of some feathered creature peeking out from it, and went so far as to scan the current crop of Hermes just in case. But I saw neither this colour combination, much less any birds, on display and have decided to put the birdie theory down to Christmas sherry.

      I only looked at Hermes because I have some vague recollection that the Queen favours them — this based on my working on the scarf counter in my student holidays at the John Lewis store which was then located right opposite Windsor Castle. There were regular visits from a Lady-in-Waiting (as they were still called back in the long ago) for various regal necessities which I think included Hermes.

      I could never quite understand the classic Hermes designs in those days, which favoured a lot of horses heads, saddles and all sorts, arranged like some sort of baronial crest, the whole only clear if the scarf were laid flat.

      But, as we see here, a scarf when worn needs to work in its folded state, with fluid patterns. In those days I favoured Jacqmar and I think Richard Allen. Both of these I now find only around in vintage on eBay, but I’m interested to see the current Hermes is using designs like the old ones I loved, and still have.

      The Hermes silk is fabulous, of course, I trust still is, but my own scarf drawer is full. And, of course, Kate herself may be wearing vintage — her own mother might have passed the scarf over to her just before going to church. I fear a scarf has to remain a UFO unless Kate takes it off and displays its label especially for us!

  18. Perhaps her scarf was a Christmas present……

  19. I like this look very much! The hat has always been a favorite of mine, the scarf adds a little interest, the tweed is classic, and the gold buttons make it pop. As to the length of the coat, I love that the Duchess is changing things up a bit with a different length (haven’t people been complaining that her dress lengths of late have been too short and child-like?). Long doesn’t have to mean dowdy. I think she looks elegant and polished in this length of coat.

  20. Another thought on Kate’s choice of brown tweed. The Sandringham service is really The Queen’s event, William and Kate are not meant to be the center of attention. Kate always seems to be in a more subdued color when she is around HM (cream, teal, here brown tweed). I wonder if it is a deliberate courtesy so that HM stands out, color wise.

  21. Very not Kate! I thought, personally, it was much too dull and drab for Christmas Day. On the other hand, The Queen was stunning in her beautiful bright color, as usual. Please do not take offense, I have nothing but admiration and respect for Kate.

  22. It seems strange that the last Moloh coat should have come up so much too short, and now I’d have said this one was too long. I like the fabric but can’t help feeling it might be better suited to jacket length. Somehow the uniformity of texture doesn’t seem to hold its own against the expanse of fabric. It’s a good fit-and-flare style overall, which has managed to skim the Bump nicely, and I like the slightly military style of stand-up collar.

    However I feel everything is marred by the choice of accessories. I was surprised at first glance to see Kate apparently making use of a classic silk square – is this a first? – folded inside the coat open at the throat. But then it dawned that all the buttons are still done up, it’s just these ones don’t quite reach quite high enough for her liking. It seems very old-fashioned, even ageing, simply to tuck a scarf in that way, very much 1950s churchgoer, and like the Queen has often done.

    I think the overall coat length would have been better balanced with a pair of knee-length boots, I don’t find the dark tights and courts offer enough definition. I love the hat, but with it having a bow already I don’t rate having yet more bows at the wrist on the gloves, and it’s an odd mis-match to have black gloves when everything else maintains tones of brown. Does she have no other pair? The pendant earrings also are too much a distraction with bows and scarf already on display, though they might work better on their own with the Hobbs dress.

    It looks a bit like an outfit Kate has put together last minute and hoped for the best. But then this is a family Christmas and surely informality is allowed then. And since she has always taken care of basics like hair, teeth, eyes and figure, she can wear almost anything and still look lovely as she does here.

    • Oh, dear. We can tell you really don’t fancy an outfit, ElizaMo, when you resort to complimenting someone’s teeth! ;)

      Although we are mostly at odds on this one–I really like the outfit overall–I very much agree with you that knee length boots would have been better. Always, always boots for the win!

      • You’re right, AshleyOlivia, I really didn’t put that well. Next time I might leave out the teeth.

        Funnily enough I would agree that overall the Duchess looks lovely in her warm browns. I was just struggling with all the minor quibbles I was having.

    • I think that knee high boots would have made the outfit look better as well.

  23. Overall, I think it was a nice look. Nothing terribly a miss but nothing terribly exciting either.
    I would have preferred this coat shorter (knee length) (I think the long length made it seem more dowdy) with her brown booties, brown tights and brown or red gloves as well as a red scarf. I think red would have showcased the tweed coloration better than the printed silk scarf. I do also agree that the silk scarf could have been tied better, more like an ascot.
    I am surprised that she wore another fashion earring instead of her citrine Kiki earrings, which would have matched the printed silk scarf beautifully.
    I do like this fur hat, especially for the cold winter occasions and I think her hair looked perfect.
    It is just hard to surpass the aubergine coat and hat from 2011…those were my favorite.
    I do think that Sophie has started to dress much better in the past few years and that white Armani was fantastic today. I wish the ladies had worn more brooches like HM.

    • I’m a bit confused by your comment, Jenn about the fur hat. Surely it is made of felt. Also you suggest putting red with the coat to better showcase the tweed. I think the scarf is fine and would have liked to see leather gloves in a burnt orange. That would be a great pop of colour and much better than the black gloves that really do nothing for the mostly brown look. I don’t mind the length of the coat but feel high brown boots would have been a better balance. Overall this look was not a festive as Kate has worn in Christmases past.

  24. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention… IADORE HM’s ensemble. An unexpected and lovely color combo, and even a bit of “edge” while still being every inch her signature look.

  25. I think I might be alone in loving this look! Tweed seems to be having a “moment” right now and I love it, and the buttons are a nice feature. The black gloves do seem an odd choice and echo the forest green suggestion above, but all in all, the impeccably tailored drape of the fabric makes it a winner for me.

    Any headway on IDing the scarf? As a scarf enthusiast (my husband might call it an obsession), I need to know!

    • My first reaction on the scarf is Hermes. It has that rich color and pattern of their style. Hard for me to say correctly based on those shots, though.

      • Not Hermes. Wrong weight, not an Hermes print and their color palette is different. If Kate owned Hermes scarves, we would have seen them by now.

    • On closer inspection I think the gloves have been ID’ed as the plum version, not black.

      • I agree, I don’t think her gloves are black. I own a pair of rich chocolate brown gloves that almost look black, so I assumed her gloves were brown when I saw them. Since brown isn’t a color option in these, they must be the plum. It’s not like Kate to accessorize with a color that doesn’t match something else she’s wearing.

        HM is wearing black gloves. I can see a difference.

        • Whether the gloves are black or plum, they are a miss for this outfit. I’d liked to see burnt orange leather gloves to pick up the hint of orange in the scarf.

      • Thanks for the clarification! Even in plum I’m not a fan… the burnt orange suggestion is a great one, though I think a camel leather could have worked too, and perhaps been a bit more versatile… says the woman who currently has pairs of Target stretchy knit gloves in all her coats. ;-)

    • Suzy, you are not alone. I love this coat. What I notice about it is how well it stands out amidst the blacks and other dark solids that others wore. It also looks nicely outdoorsy.

      And I admit, partly I like it because the tweed is the same as a jacket that I have — it used to belong to my father and I had it altered for me after he died. So maybe this one’s a sentimental favourite for me. It would be great with orange gloves, though, I admit.

  26. When her coat is blew up by the wind, you can see that the lining of this coat is orange.

  27. Funny, don’t they usually change outfits because they go to two different services? I noticed Autumn and Eugenie changed from the earlier pictures but not Kate.

    Also did the Middletons go to both services? I have to wonder about Camilla. She’s higher up and her children are not invited… funny that the Middletons get preference over her children, when she is married to the immediate heir to the throne.

    Maybe that’s why her back went out this year…

    • This year Kate & William did not go to the communion service, which is the earlier event. There are some photos of other royals going to the earlier service, but they haven’t been published as widely as the second service. :)

      • Thank you for clarifying things.

        I love the independent designer coat which she only wore to the later service one year… how I wish it would return and that the designer could be named… I am sure many of us would snap that one up. Such a perfect color…

    • Camilla generally leaves on the 26th to spend time with her children and their families (although she is not there at all this year). Sandringham may be too much for them as there are young grandchildren. It also may be that her children prefer not to attend. The assumption does not have to be that they are not welcome. Plus, Kate’s family merely attended the church service, they were not at Sandringham for any other family events. Reports are that William and Kate spent the rest of the day at Anmer with them after the Royal Family’s Christmas luncheon. Logically, then, it would appear they are Kate and William’s guests at Anmer Hall, not the Queen’s guests.

      • I do not think that the situation with the Middletons is the same as that of Camilla. For one thing, Camilla was married previously and her children were grown long before she and Prince Charles were married. They have their own families (after all Camilla’s ex is remarried) and traditions. If anything would be comparable it would be if Camilla’s parents were still alive (I believe they are deceased) – would they (and her siblings) be invited to Sandringham? Again, given the age and family history, probably not.

        William made it very clear when he and Catherine got engaged that he considered the Middletons like second parents. I think that the Queen is a very savvy person who realizes that the longevity of the institution of the monarchy will be dependent on William and his wife. The Middletons in many ways embrace the very concepts that the Queen embodies – faithfulness to one’s spouse; hard work; discretion. It is said that the Queen loves her grandchildren intensely. What makes them happy makes her happy – thus inviting the parents of the wife of the second in line to the throne and the grandparents of the third in line only makes great sense.

  28. I think this model is not a coat. There is a model, but I’m not sure

  29. I think Kate’s outfit is actually extremely dated and looks way too old for her. The hat is one I’ve never loved, but she’s paired it in a funkier way before. I can’t imagine the coat being totally ankle length off the peg as I think it is too long now…and, btw, Kate is tall. Imagine mere mortals wearing that coat not shortened! It’s a a combination of too much brown, matchy-matchy, and not very festive. I think the coat is cut beautifully for her figure. Great tailoring for her, as usual. I really like her brown shoes and tights–I’d love to see her wear that with a wrap dress or shorter coat to show of her legs (not too short!) as the brown tight and brown heel will make her legs look stunning. Like, where is that FAB Burberry trench, ruffled coat! Not right for ipthia event, by gosh, she should wear it again…it was fab! Anyway, I just think she looks, I hate to say it, geeky. Traditional to the point of not being very “her.” The pieces, if they were vintage (and they are not,as we know) look used and shopworn. I dislike the gloves–they are a tad twee and she must own some other types…how fun would it be to see Kate use her gloves to add a pop of color? I also dislike that scarf very much. It looks like a bad 70′s cravat…the whole thing felt “dusty.” I do, actually, love her hair. We are the same age and I have the same length hair as her. I wish I could afford for it to be blown out so beautifully with that luster and shine. I think cutting off her hair would be a pity…and look how much more intricate her chignons and up-do’s can be with the extra hair. Finally, I think, though Beatrice is very “chic,” her look is the polar opposite of Kate’s and not in a good way! It’s too short, too black and shiny and she looks like she’s going to a runway “event” rather than church. Right, that’s more than my two cents! Btw, I love Harry’s frock coat/great coat (unsure which.). He looks joyous and dapper!

    • I have to agree. This coat is just wrong. I think what I dislike the most is the length. Not only does the length look dated to me, it also looks far too mature for a woman only in her early 30′s.

  30. Tweed is spot on trend this year, and I like the coat very much. I would have shortened it a tad more to boot top level but perhaps this kind of fabric needs some length to hang properly,

    The Queen looked splendid, and this is why you wear pink.

    Not noted by Susan, but the Middleton family joined the royals for church services for the first time. James joined Harry for a charity game yesterday. Major social step for them. I have a hunch Michael and Carole are in line for recognition in the New Year’s Honors list.

    • I’d be very surprised if they were on the list. The government really chooses the honors recipients, and I think the Queen herself might consider putting Mr. and Mrs. Middleton on the list to be a bit much. It’s really for people who’ve done great service to the nation or have accomplished a great deal in their professional fields. The Queen did knight a butler of hers once, but that was after he’d served her for many years and had just retired.

      As for the coat length, I prefer the longer length and am a fan of long coats in general. I think length gives coats a considerably more luxurious look and feel. My own favorite coat is a dramatically sweeping and ankle-length Cinzia Rocca affair. In that and a fur hat, I feel like a Russian grand duchess.

      • The Queen can do whatever she likes. The Royal Victorian Order is her own to award and does not require government approval. She’s given it to Princess Anne’s husband, and she recognized Zara Phillips for her achievement in sport.

        Also, the butler you mentioned was Billy Talton, who worked for the Queen Mother, not the Queen. Many royal servants have been recognized over the years.. And, Anthony Armstrong-Jones was named Earl of Snowdom a few years after he married Princess Margaret.

        So, watch this space. If not in the New Year’s Honors, then her birthday honors in 2015.

        • No, actually, I wasn’t referring to Billy Talton. Anthony Armstrong-Jones was named Earl of Snowdon the year after he married Princess Margaret so that their first child wouldn’t be born without a title. He was, after all, married to a member of the royal family and the Queen’s own brother-in-law. I think that’s rather different from being the parents of the Queen’s granddaughter-in-law who have no official relationship to the royals and no role in the royal household.

          In any case, I merely said that I’d be very surprised if the Middletons were given honors, and I would be, given that they’d be receiving them for nothing more than that distant and unofficial relationship.

      • Lili, I love a long coat too and own a black one myself. I believe that the length can add a bit of interest or “drama” if you will. It looked like it was cold yesterday!

  31. I’m taking a quick break from kitchen duties here to comment.

    I like the slim silhouette and tailoring of this coat very much, but while I’m a tweed fan, I’m not convinced the brown and white fabric was quite festive enough for Christmas Day. It’s a little subdued in comparison with the Queen’s richly-colored ensemble, Princess Anne’s red coat, and the ivory worn by the Countess of Wessex (not to mention the York princesses’ outfits). That’s the sort of cloth I’d rather see in a beautifully tailored hacking-style jacket than in a coat worn on a festive occasion.

    I’ve always loved that hat and those shoes though. The dress is not one of my favorite items in her wardrobe as I’ve commented before, but it works better with this coat and the shoes and brown tights than it did with the light blue coat and black boots and tights with which she wore it before.

    Brown, caramel, or even dark green gloves would have been a better choice than the black. And if you’re going to wear a silk scarf in the neckline of a coat like that, it’s best to pull it up a bit more, so it can be better seen.

    But all in all, the Duchess looks nice — very healthy and glowing, as pregnant women often do.

    • This is not directed at you individually, but Kate can’t seem to win. She gets accused of wearing things that are too bright or ‘attention-seeking’ so wears something like this that people (again, not you specifically) can only comment is too drab and old…what’s a girl to do?! I would never want to swap places with someone who is so scrutinised! (To get a full taste of what I’m referring to, head over to tumblr and search the ‘Duchess of Cambridge’ posts.)

      • The entire point of this site is to debate and discuss fashion. We are not criticizing the Duchess, per se, merely commenting on the clothes. If we don’t like something she wears, that doesn’t mean we dislike her personally in some way.

        This is a fashion site, not a “Kate” fan site. Please: those of you who dislike debates and arguments about fashion should not come here, because I think you’ve misunderstood the point of the site, which we have tried repeatedly to explain.

        Evidently, we are failing to get the point across. I am going to assume that this is a flaw on our part and not on the part of those who are distressed or flat-out angered by our discussions. However, I don’t know what else we can do to explain what we are about here.

        • Lili, I continue to marvel at your patience in addressing these claims over and over and over again. I for one stopped responding after my face turned a magnificent shade of cerulean.

          I know people mean well, but this is a fashion site, and repeated comments of “gee she looks great” would be tedious, not to mention making the comments section rather pointless.

          • I for two…I have learned not to engage pointless arguments on the net because they are …pointless. Lili has always given me the impression of a very diligent scholar and so are you A+O :)

          • That wasn’t at all what I was saying….??? But anyway

      • I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Kate. After all, she knew what she had signed up for when she accepted the ring…I wasn’t saying it’s right for media and public to go extreme on scrutinising these celebrities but it’s all in the package.

      • So true. She can’t win. What makes me happy is that she doesn’t even try to please everyone. The Duchess is obviously wearing the clothes she likes and feels comfortable in and for that I give her major props. Imagine people complaining that her gloves don’t match or that her scarf should be “higher” so it can be seen. How ridiculous. She looks wonderful here.

      • Unfortunately, all celebrities are being scrutinised like this. It comes with their status but luckily, Kate probably doesn’t read these websites and is certainly intelligent enough to surpass such comments or put them into perspective.
        That being said, I adore this coat. The buttons remind me of the small Christmas baubles in my pine tree, how appropriate :).

  32. What an absolutely gorgeous coat! I especially love the collar.

  33. I really do think this was the opportunity to recycle a coat. She has worn so many different coats lately (that could be fitted to her figure now)… Considering the thoughts behind christmas and the economical perils… This coat (again) goes well in the range of quite conservative but uninspiring coats…

  34. Kate looked very lovely. Not being nitpicking…are those gloves black or brown?

    • Black and they seemed an odd choice, didn’t they? I own a pair though and they are very comfortable and extremely warm. I’m not sure what would’ve been better as I think brown gloves would’ve been TOO MUCH brown…

      • i personally wouldn’t care too much about matchy-matchy as i often wear black with navy or chocolate…but i am just a normal girl who wears clothes for fun. As for Kate or any celebrity up to her caliber, however, i would expect a bit more polish thought through. Matching hat with gloves/shoes perhaps is #1 thing to do for many decades…

        I do agree it’s a bit too much brown as is, brown dress, tights, shoes, hats…It would have been more interesting if the dress underneath were in some other color.

        Having said this, i still love this look of her. She looks somehow very radiant and happy in this outfit. :)

      • Sorry, they’re NOT black but plum.

  35. Love the length on the coat, not so crazy about the texture, seems a bit like granny’s couch. Still wish she’d lop off a lot of inches from that mop on her head.

  36. Kate looks so stylishly tailored in her nubby brown tweed, double breasted coat with the Napoleonic collar. And doesn’t the Queen look lovely in her Angela Kelly magenta coat and hat trimmed with red feathers.

  37. Kate’s coat is by Moloh. This is the only photo of it that I could find.

    • Thank you for letting us know!

    • Hello again Dorothy, I’ve moved from my phone to an iPad where I could better see the coat you shared. I think you’re absolutely correct, Kate is wearing the Turpin. Thank you for sharing the info and the link! I hope you don’t mind my mentioning you in the post.

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