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We are back with several updates and a bit more analysis of Kate’s most recent maternity wardrobe. First, the updates:

  • There is a new photo on the cover of today’s NY Daily News showing Kate out with Prince George; I expect many readers will have already seen it by this point. In the picture Kate appears to be wearing her maternity jeans, possibly the J. Crew Maternity Broken in Boyfriend Jean, or perhaps one of the Topshop pairs seen with Prince George’s pregnancy. It also looks like she is wearing her Mint Velvet sneakers. Prince George looks to be wearing Start-Rite’s Flexy Soft Sneaker (£40) and a pair of Petite Bateau’s Baby Boy Dungarees (£46). From what is visible in the photo it appears George *might* be in a Harris Tweed jacket, a fabric we have written about previously (including this post), and long hoped to see the Duchess wearing. It would be grand if young master Cambridge was in a jacket made from the traditional Scottish fabric, manufactured only in the Outer Hebrides. Our thanks to the Prince George Pieces folks for speedy IDs on the jeans and sneakers. (If you’ve not seen the image, it is viewable here.)
  • OK! magazine has published the photos seen last week of Kate and George spending time at Snettisham Park, you can see all of the pictures on the OK! website.
  • Kensington Palace reports that Prince William finished the current segment of his air ambulance training early, and he is now in London with Kate and Prince George. They also released news that the Prince will take his two weeks paternity leave, followed by several weeks of unpaid leave, allowing him to spend time with Kate, George and the new baby.
  • Activity at the hospital is picking up. Rebecca English reports in The Daily Mail that “Police were making their final security checks outside St. Mary’s Hospital today…..officers were out in force, pulling lamp posts apart as they scoured the area for anything troubling.”
  • Journalists have been allowed to stake out their places in the press pen at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital. Below, Rhiannon Mills and Rose Hughes (both stellar folks to follow on Twitter ) of Sky News are seen setting the network’s broadcast position at the Lindo Wing.
Via Rhiannon Mills, Sky News (@SkyRhiannon)

Via Rhiannon Mills, Sky News (@SkyRhiannon)

  • Royalists, fans, and others are gathering at the hospital in growing numbers. Below, an image of the group at the Lindo Wing this morning, as shown in a photo shared by Ms. Mills.
Rhiannon Mills, Sky News (@SkyRhiannon)

Rhiannon Mills, Sky News (@SkyRhiannon)


UPDATED April 21, 2015 5:30pm EDT
I have heard back from the good folks at Temperley; they verify there is no collaboration planned with the Kardashians, calling the reports “categorically untrue.” Therefore I am deleting the majority of the content dealing with the topic. Our deepest thanks to Jessica at Grazia for giving us the heads-up that the reports were erroneous.

UPDATED April 21, 2015 1:30pm EDT:

Jessica Vince of Grazia Live tells me there will not be a collaborative collection. Following are the tweets she sent me this afternoon:

Jessica Vince, Grazia (@Jessie_Vee)

Jessica Vince, Grazia (@Jessie_Vee)

UPDATED INFORMATION: Here is the headline to the original story about the hypothetical collaboration.

The Mirror

The Mirror

Should anyone want to read the original story, click here. Below, content from the original post that is unrelated to the Kardashian rumor, essentially a Temperley London primer that allows us to show pretty pictures of Kate in the designer’s clothing!

Some quick background on the brand: Alice Temperley founded her company in 2000, there are now 5 standalone Temperley London stores, and the label is sold in 28 countries. We show the designer and businesswoman in November of 2013, wearing one of her own creations.

The Temperley Times

The Temperley Times

There are two lines, the primary collection is Temperley London. Below, the Duchess wearing the Temperley London ‘Amoret’ gown.

Splash News

Splash News

There is also a Bridal Collection. Alice Temperley is actually in New York this week, showing the spring 2016 wedding gown collection at Bridal Fashion Week.

Temperley London Bridal

Temperley London Bridal

There was a secondary line, ALICE by Temperley, that has been folded into Temperley London. Below you see Kate wearing an ALICE piece at a 2012 dinner in Tuvalu, it is the ‘Beatrice’ dress.

Arthur Edwards-PA Wire/Temperley London/Arthur Edwards-PA Wire

Arthur Edwards-PA Wire/Temperley London/Arthur Edwards-PA Wire

Kate has worn many Temperley styles over the years.

Other Temperley pieces we’ve seen Kate wear (l to r): the Lotus Leopard print scarf in the Brisbane airport, the ‘Odele’ leather and suede coat, and ALICE by Temperley ‘Rodeo’ blouse, seen at the Calgary Stampede in 2011.

Brisbane Airport/

Brisbane Airport/Courtesy of Sandra/Canadian Heritage

There is also a diffusion line, Somerset by Alice Temperley for John Lewis. Kate has also sported a style from this collection, wearing the Somerset Boat Print dress for a February visit to Portsmouth.

Spinnaker Tower/

Spinnaker Tower/

As shown above, Alice Temperley designs are an important element in the Duchess’s working wardrobe. But Kate is not the only Middleton fond of the brand; below we show Pippa Middleton at the Temperley runway show back in September of 2011, she is sitting with (l to r) the late Peaches Gelfdof, and actress Rosario Dawson.

Pippa Middleton wore a bespoke evening gown designed by Alice Temperley to her sister’s wedding reception in 2011.

Mirrorpix / Splash News

Mirrorpix / Splash News


Our other topic today involves Kate’s maternity wardrobes, a comparison between hemline lengths when Kate was expecting Prince George, and those seen in this recent collection of maternity styles. Below, a look back at some of the OTR (off the rack) styles Kate wore when pregnant with Prince George: the Moloh ‘Workers’ coat, Topshop dress, and Goat Redgrave coat atop another Topshop dress were all fairly short.

Splash News/Splash News/Splash News/Splash News/PA Wire

Splash News/Splash News/Splash News/Splash News/Splash News/PA Wire

Compare those with the following images of the shorter styles Kate wore during this second pregnancy. Left to right we show the Seraphine Marina coat, Goat Washington coat, Wrap Skater Dress in Polka Dot by ASOS Maternity, and Madderson London’s Naomi dress.

PA Wire/

PA Wire/Polaris/i-Images/SplashNews.com

Some of this may merely be a function of season and/or perception: winter styles are worn with dark hose, or tights, visually minimizing the impact of a shorter hemline. This effect is enhanced when those black tights are worn with black heels – they create a continuous line that the eye follows. In other cases, the length change was minimal, at best. Below we show Kate in Goat Fashion’s Redgrave coat in March 2013, and in Goat’s Washington coat last December.

Splash News/Polaris Images

Splash News/Polaris Images

Others have felt that some looks were inappropriate for someone in her position, that longer styles would be more fitting in many circumstances. More on the topic from this Guardian story written during last year’s tour of New Zealand and Australia:

When reports started circulating, three months ago, that the Queen had decreed that the Duchess of Cambridge’s hemlines should be lower, they sounded a little preposterous.  But the duchess’s New Zealand and Australia tour wardrobe so far seems to have proved those rumours right.

Below, more styles from Kate’s first maternity wardrobe that were on the shorter side: a Joseph coat worn to Cheltenham; a yellow Emilia Wickstead coat seen at one of the Queen’s garden parties shows that even some of the designer pieces were shorter in 2013; the Duchess wore a Tara Jarmon coat and dress by her own dressmaker for a children’s hospice visit; we saw a Mulberry coat when Kate took part in the annual Scouts Parade at Windsor Castle.

PA Wire

Andrew Parsons, i-Images/PA Wire/Splash News/PA Wire

Of course there were longer styles during both pregnancies, we show two of them here: the vibrant red Armani coat worn in Scotland during an April 2013 visit, and the new Catherine Walker coat seen this St. Patrick’s Day.

PA Wire/James Whatling-Splash News

PA Wire/James Whatling-Splash News

On the whole the length of Kate’s clothing is longer with this pregnancy than what she wore when expecting George. Whether this is the result of a gentle nudge from someone in the Palace, or whether the Duchess merely decided she preferred a more conservative look, only Kate and a very few insiders know.Again, this perception may come more from the absence of something – those shorter dresses – rather than the presence of something, in this case, the longer dresses and coats.

We leave you with an interesting piece from CNN about Prince George’s Silver Cross pram, including the fact an adjustment was made to it following a request from Carole Middleton. That adjustment was the addition of mosquito netting – that netting is now standard issue on all Silver Cross prams.

Please forgive the length of today’s post; it was started last week and unforeseen circumstances prevented me from getting it completed before there were so many updates requiring inclusion. Arrgghh!


  • Happy Birthday to HM! The Queen celebrated her 89th birthday today; Hello! shares photos of the best moments from the last decade in this piece, ABC News posted a stellar collection of photos of HM through the years, you may see them by clicking here
  • The Daily Mail has a piece from Bianca London showing how “Kate Made High Street Look High End” during this pregnancy
  • Anna of My Small Obsessions has done a number of posts this week looking at Kate’s jewelry, click here to go to Anna’s blog
  • Gordon Rayner has a fascinating story in The Telegraph about the possible financial impact ( as much as £1,000,000,000!) of a little Princess Cambridge
  • Victoria Murphy’s story in The Mirror notes that Prince Harry will also be back in London this weekend, albeit for a brief time.
  • Rebecca English’s story in today’s Daily Mail has more info on Prince William’s plans and schedule
  • Sky News has a piece viewable here that includes several good videos from the Lindo Wing in 2013
  • This last link is to a piece unrelated to Kate’s wardrobe. It is an essay from a woman also expecting a child, it takes the form of an open letter to Kate in The Daily Mirror. It may be read here. (It is simply something I thought very well done, offered merely for your enjoyment separate from the blog, if that makes sense, certainly not designed to provoke debate about motherhood.)


  18 Responses to “**UPDATE** NO Temperley/Kardashian Collaboration In The Works, Plus Those Maternity Hemlines & Latest Lindo Wing News”

  1. Thank the gods there will be no collaboration. I was horrified to think the Kar-Trash-ians might convince some people they are on par with the Duchess. They are so jealous of her style, and the respect she earns, but will never understand that selling your body, your children’s bodies, and your entire lives to the “E” channel does not equal style or class! Their personal style is atrocious, never-appropriate, and so far from Kate’s natural grace that it was really disturbing to think they could commandeer one of Kate’s favorite designers. Alice Temperley deserves much better than that.

  2. When I transition from a shorter, to a longer hemline, I’ve found the longer hemline to feel uncomfortable. It feels heavy and like I’m wearing “too much clothes”… I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this….. (I believe the stories that the Queen has wanted Kate to wear a longer hemline.) Personally, I think Kate looks better in a longer hemline.

    • No, I don’t feel that way at all. I feel considerably more elegant in a hemline that falls to mid-knee or just above the knee, and right now, below the knee is fashionable. I love the sleek, longer, sheath-style dresses, though one has to be careful about exactly how long they are. Proportion, as always, is key.

      I have never believed that the Queen was pushing the Duchess to wear longer hemlines. For one thing, she’s worn hemlines of a variety of lengths ever since that claim was made in the often-incorrect Daily Mail. I suspect the Queen believes the Duchess is doing just fine, with her clothes and many other things.

  3. I love all the Temperley pieces Kate has chosen over the years. I especially love the Beatrice dress. Since I’m an “apple” shape, maxi dresses really don’t flatter me but I can admire them on Kate when she chooses to wear them and live vicariously ha. And I adore the floral headwear/veil in the bridal photos.

    I’m so excited for the baby!! I hope for a safe and peaceful delivery and healthy baby and mom. I can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl and what name they choose.

  4. Thank you Susan for this very interesting post.
    Though I’ve never been a huge Temperley fan (I like lace but am not convinced by her use of it) I’m relieved that it won’t be associated with the Kardashians.
    The hemline part is very interesting longer hemlines during this pregnancy look less childish without looking dowdy.
    Also I believe your very last link is not working unfortunately.

  5. Hmm. Not being a great Temperley fan, as every regular here knows, and being a resolute ignorer and ignoramus of anything regarding the Kardashians, I didn’t even know about this supposed collaboration. I have to laugh that by the time I learned of it, it had already been debunked! I AM behind the times as far as popular culture is concerned!

    Possibly not a good thing for an art historian, who is, after all, expected by many to have her fingers on the cultural pulse. I’ll have to think about that.

    I did appreciate the hemlines comparisons. For me, it’s not so much a matter of decorum as of sheer design lines and resulting elegance and chic — or lack thereof. I doubt very much that the “Palace” (whatever that means) has ever issued any decrees concerning the Duchess’s hemlines. I suspect that as she’s grown older, she has simply developed her own taste in this area, as many of us might do — and indeed did, if you are a woman of my age.

    That is one large toddler for a woman 9 months pregnant to be toting here and there, in her own two arms. Perhaps Prince George is active enough that putting him on his feet might be risky (“George! You get back here right this minute, young man!”), but honestly; the Duchess ought to be off her own feet for a bit. Someone else should be hauling His Royal Highness around.

  6. Very interesting piece about the Silver Cross pram. I never realised she used one for Prince George – I knew she had a bugaboo and assumed she used the carrycot part as her pram. My mum has a beautiful old-style Silver Cross in the most pristine condition they are so well made and have a great “bounce” to them, much better than the other modern models available. Thank you!

  7. No, just no….

  8. Thank you for such a prodigious post in these lean times. The round-up of known movements of the Cambridges is most helpful!

    As for the Temperley move – never mind Kate, what will the likes of John Lewis think? There must be any number of well-heeled types even among Temperley clientele who would shudder at being associated with the publicity-hungry K sisters. I must say my own education has come on leaps and bounds – having had my eyes glaze over whenever the surname in question appeared, I’d only been vaguely aware of a possible three of them. But there are five in total. Quelle horreur!

    However having not been much of a fan of Temperley in the first place and having noted her tendency towards the Gothic I can perceive some small connection with the flamboyance generally favoured by members of that family. It could fit, but not, as I think we are concluding here, with the Duchess.

    I’m grateful for the montage of Temperley items Kate has worn, as I’d forgotten that I could have liked as many as three of them – the blue-and-white tea dress, the white layered Moriah, and the Rodeo blouse. However the black patterned Esmeralda worn at the Buck House reception remains the main contender for my own personal award of The Worst Thing Kate Has Ever Worn.

    Thanks so much for the hemlines review. I think you have illustrated admirably how much better a lower hemline looks, especially on the fuller figure, without having to end up matronly. I love the illustration of the Goat coats – I’d no idea they were such a match for length and it’s amazing what difference the dark tights make to the overall effect, adding just enough chic without going dowdy.

    I still find it incomprehensible why anyone would want to patch on the all-too-obvious extension to the dark Washington and not simply wear it over a slim skirt or pants, but Kate has yet to explore such territory. And at least it wasn’t Temperley…

  9. I understand that the Kardashians have a tremendous influence on the modern pop culture and they are capable of generating lots of profit, but I thought Alice Temperley was doing quite well on her own? I mean, when the Duchess of Cambridge loves and wears your line, that must be good for business.

    Perhaps Alice thought with Kim being on the cover of Vogue and Kendall being a high fashion model , it wouldn’t be a bad idea to boost her own name on their fame.

    I respect her decision as a businesswoman, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed about it. :/

  10. Can you kindly explain what was the adjustment made to the Silver Cross pram as requested by Carole Middleton?

    • Certainly, it was the addition of insect or mosquito netting, to keep bugs away from the baby. I am glad you asked, it really wasn’t clear in what I wrote, so I have updated the text to include the netting info! :)

  11. Simply fabulous! I really enjoyed this post. You wrote a couple of well-thought out analysis pieces, but the entire post was wonderful.

  12. Kendall Jenner, one of the two sisters associated with the Temperley line, is now a pretty successful model. She has walked runways for Chanel, Balmain, Givenchy, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and many more.

    I have no fondness of the Kardashians, but it is possible that this one has or will develop better taste than her older half sisters just on account of being exposed to high fashion in her actual non-reality show career.

    As this is to be a low end line and likely targeted at a different audience than Temperley’s main lines, I don’t know why Kate should care.

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