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Kate and William were both busy today with multiple engagements.

The couple paid a somber call on the French Embassy in Knightsbridge to offer their sympathy following the devastating attacks in Paris. Below you see the Duke and Duchess speaking with the French Ambassador to London, Sylvie Bermann. 

Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

Kate reading the condolence book.

Kate French Embassy Condolence Book

©Jonathan Brady/WPOA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The note reads “To all those who have died and were injured in the heartless attacks in Paris, and to all the people in France: Nos plus sincères condoléances.”

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kensington Palace Twitter

Some may recognize Kate’s suit.

Mark Black, PA Wire/PA Wire/MirrorPix Splash News

Mark Doyle, PA Wire/PA Wire/MirrorPix Splash News

We have seen it on several previous occasions. From left to right:

  • in 2007 Kate wore it for an art opening in Dublin
  • she wore the suit for Order of the Garter in 2008
  • we saw the suit again in December of 2013 when Kate and William visited South Africa House in London to sign the Nelson Mandela book of condolence

Quoting from a previous post about the suit: “The jacket features flap pockets and decorative buttons; there is also piping on the lapels and pockets. It looks like the sleeves have self-cuffs; they can be turned back without exposing any lining or hem because they have an inch or two of the same material on the inside.” The skirt looks like a basic pencil skirt that hits Kate mid-knee.

To the best of my knowledge this is an item that has never been identified. 


This evening brought a more celebratory event, The Fostering Network’s Fostering Excellence Awards. Below, Kate being welcomed by Fostering Network CEO Kevin Williams. 

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Television presenter Holly Willoughby acted as host for the festivities, here you see her meeting the Duchess.

The Fostering Network Facebook

The Fostering Network Facebook

More about tonight’s function via The Daily Mail:

The 2015 Fostering Excellence Awards are an opportunity to celebrate success and achievement within foster care, and to share the inspirational stories of young people who have overcome so many challenges. 

They are an opportunity to applaud not only those who will receive awards, but also every single foster carer, social worker, local authority, fostering service, civil servant, politician, employer and organisation who has a passion for foster care, and who puts the needs of children first.

Kensington palace

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

From The Express story:

 At the tea party, Kate went from table to table‎, chatting to award winners.

Among them were the three teenagers she was presenting awards to later.

The Fostering Network Twitter

The Fostering Network Twitter

CEO Kevin Williams noted the awards were being given to “…three young people who have shown how far determination, a good attitude, and proper support and stability can get you”.

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kensington Palace Twitter

The Duchess delivered brief remarks before the awards were presented; the following is from Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

Speaking more confidently than before in public, she said: “I would just like to say how delighted I am to be with you all.

“It’s wonderful to meet so many remarkable and impressive people involved in the incredibly important world of fostering.”

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kensington Palace Twitter

Comments by Kate about the event were released prior to the function; we share some of those via The Yorkshire Post:

“It is such a great opportunity to pay tribute to the incredible achievements of the award winners, who represent the tens of thousands of dedicated foster carers, social workers and inspirational young people who make up the fostering community.

“It is fantastic that we are all gathered this evening to celebrate fostering and the truly transformational care that is a lifeline to so many.”

Kate and Ms. Willoughby about to present the awards.

©NunnRota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Tonight’s winners were (from left to right) Adam Howlett, Emily Bowyer and Sian Connolly.

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kensington Palace Twitter

A little more about each from Richard Palmer’s Express story:

  • “Adam, who is autistic, has lived with his foster mother Carol Webster since he was three.”
  • “Emily, once an elective mute unable to eat or be in a room with unfamiliar people, won her award for overcoming her traumatic childhood and the progress she has made at college and as a babysitter. She now a real chance of achieving her goal of becoming a paramedic.”‎
  • “Sian, in and out of care from the age of three‎ to nine, when she entered long-term fostering, was once so troubled she engaged in disruptive and anti-social behaviour and had run-ins with the police.But she has been living independently for a year, now acts as a part-time carer for her birth mother, and has worked as a carer for the elderly during her break from college in the summer.”

The need for caregivers remains acute; more from Rebecca English’s Daily Mail story:

Many youngsters have experienced neglect and abuse, or have witnessed domestic violence or substance misuse.

Foster carers can provide these children with their first positive experience of family life – and a further 8,730 new foster families are needed this year.

There were several other awards given this evening, honoring outstanding contributions by a social worker, a foster carer, as well as a son and daughter.

Before leaving Kate was presented with quilts for George and Charlotte by Ambrose (age 11) and Rowan (age 7).

Ian Vogler/WPA-Pool/

Ian Vogler/WPA-Pool/

More about the quilts from Rebecca English’s story for The Daily Mail:

The Duchess was given beautiful handmade quilts to take home for them, crafted under the supervision of Terrance Gilbert, from Kent, who was also honoured for his support of fostered children.

His group, Helping Hands, has made thousands of quilts for children in foster care, which they are given as a special childhood memento. 

A closer look.

©Ian Vogler/Pool/Splash News

©Ian Vogler/Pool/Splash News

Some might remember Kate’s first engagement with the Fostering Network, back in January of this year.

The Fostering Network Twitter (@/Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

The Fostering Network Twitter (@/Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

Today we saw Kate in a dress by a new designer, Saloni.

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Net-a-Porter/Net-a-Porter

Stephen Lock, i-Images/Net-a-Porter/Net-a-Porter

The Duchess was in the brand’s Martine dress, a frock made of matelassé, a textured, crinkly material that some might associate with bedspreads (at least in the US). Kate’s dress and an example of the textured fabric via Cuddledown.

Matches Fashion/Cuddledown

Matches Fashion/Cuddledown

Kate’s dress material is actually a polyester/polyamide blend that is very lightweight, probably a wise choice considering it has been warmer than usual in London. The Martine showcases the fit and flare style Kate is so fond of, with elbow length sleeves, a fitted bodice, snug waist and full skirt accentuated by the inverted pleats at the waist.



The dress is not available on the Saloni website. It appears to be sold out at Matches Fashion, and also sold out at Net-a-Porter; there is very limited sizing left at Selfridges.

It was a delight to see Kate in a piece from this designer, the brand was on my list of possible labels for Kate to wear during the India tour.  Saloni Lodha was born and raised in India and at one time based her company in London; she now resides in Hong Kong. More from a 2014 NY Times profile:

 While her clothes may be inspired by her native India, Ms. Lodha does not consider her company to be Indian.

“We are based in London, my studio is there and I pay taxes there, so I consider ourselves a U.K. brand. But because I am from India, we sometimes are thought of as Indian,” said Ms. Lodha.

Some of the notable names seen in Saloni include Samantha Cameron and Michelle Obama; the Martine dress Kate wore today was also worn by actress Carey Mulligan. (Click here to see the actress wearing the Martine.)  More from the Saloni London website:

“I always keep in mind my Indian heritage while designing but don’t translate it literally into our clothes. I think the way we as a brand celebrate bold colours and patterns is our way of bringing the spirit of India into the collections”.

Saloni’s signature and iconic dresses have been worn by international celebrities including Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Helena Christensen, Samantha Cameron, Naomi Watts, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jessica Alba.

The Martine is from the designer’s pre-fall collection; below you see Ms. Lodha wearing the dress.

Saloni  Instagram

Saloni Instagram

From Vogue’s review of the pre-fall collection.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, a 1964 musical film starring Catherine Deneuve, informed the feeling of Saloni Lodha’s latest effort. “The ’60s, yes, but also the incredible color palette,” said the designer at her New York showroom.

Three styles from this year’s pre-fall collection.

Courtesy Photos via Vogue

Courtesy Photos via Vogue

We saw Kate in another pair of shoes from Italian designer Gianvito Rossi, the brand’s Suede Pumps in black.

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi

You may recognize the belt Kate wore this evening, an Alexander McQueen piece officially called the ‘Glossed Leather Belt.’

Stephen Lock/i-Images

Stephen Lock/i-Images

The Duchess wore it for the Place2Be Wellbeing in School Awards party at Kensington Palace, almost exactly one year ago tonight.

REUTERS/Paul Hackett/

REUTERS/Paul Hackett/

Kate was also carrying her trusty Bayswater Clutch from Mulberry. Below we show it in black leather, Kate’s is black suede.

Mulberry Bayswater Black Leather Clutch


The Duchess had her hair styled in a partial updo.



And wore her Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop earrings again. 

Catherine Zoraida

Catherine Zoraida

Evidently Kate also had another engagement this evening, she filled in for William at a dinner at the Kensington Palace state apartments. That news comes from Cepe Smith on Twitter.

Cepe Smith Twitter


The function was for the Defence and Rehabilitation Centre, a facility under construction that will be provide state of the art rehabilitation for severely wounded  military personnel, while also involving their families in their recoveries. Prince William was slated to be at the function but his schedule changed over the weekend as a result of the attacks in Paris. More on that below.


As a rule we don’t cover William’s activities in depth. But tonight we need to, as the Prince attended the France vs. England soccer match at Wembley in his role as President of the Football Association, taking part in special ceremonies related to last Friday’s attacks in Paris. This evening’s match is what is called a ‘friendly,’ essentially an exhibition. That’s what last Friday’s match was too, when Germany and France were playing at the Stade de France in Paris.     

Tonight’s match has long been on the schedule; in light of what transpired Friday the French team was given the option of canceling this evening’s match, but they elected to carry on and play in London. Below you see England’s manager Roy Hodgson, Prince William, and French manager Didier Deschamps carrying floral tributes onto the pitch at Wembley prior to kick-off. 

ITV Football

ITV Football

From The Mirror’s story about this evening’s match:

 A stadium-wide rendition of French national anthem La Marseillaise was belted out by a near 80,000 crowd in London, before a minute’s silence was perfectly observed.

A French tricolore flag of sorts was made when fans held up colored placards during the French national anthem.

England Football Club

England Football Club

It was an extraordinary sight, especially with tonight’s Netherlands match against Germany being cancelled because of fears of another terrorist attack, and that stadium evacuated.

The French Government posted this photo on Twitter after tonight’s match, showing Wembley Stadium lit as it has been since the weekend, in the tricolore of the French flag; the government’s message of gratitude has been added to the photo.

French Government Twitter

French Government Twitter


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We will see you tomorrow for Kate’s engagement at the Place2Be Headteacher Conferences

NOTE: Please forgive the late (and lengthy!) post, I had a commitment that kept me out of pocket most of the afternoon.


  • learn more about the Fostering Network by visiting the organization’s website here, or follow the charity here on Facebook, the full news release about tonight’s award recipients is here
  • The Daily Mail’s photo-laden story is here, Richard Palmer’s story in The Express is here
  • The Mirror’s story about tonight’s soccer-related events is here
  • The full NY Times piece about Saloni Lodha is here

  53 Responses to “Kate Wears Saloni London for Fostering Network Awards”

  1. I love the whole look from head to toe!

  2. Hmm, i usually adore most of the things she wears, but somehow i don’t find this shape of dresses with the pleats in the front to be flattering on anyone to me honest. So I cant get excited about this look (unlike the fold and tabitha webb dresses which i liked so much i rushed to buy them).

    I like the back of the dress with the v-neck much better than the front which i don’t think flatters the duchess as much as other dresses.

    Nonetheless the colour- which she seems to have fallen in love with lately and I must say it photographs very well-suites her very much.

    Im also not crazy for this hairstyle on her which she choses often. I’ve thought of it and i’ve concluded its not the curls but the lack of (intensional) volume in combination with the ringlers that maybe looks a bit ‘girlish’? Nothing wrong with that per say, but compare this to say her ‘half do’ on the Jubilee celebrations: it had more volume and curls at the same time, but somehow it looks like it has more ‘oumph’ if that makes sense. Same when she chose to put her hair half up but it was completely straight, again when she wore the same belt last year.

    Ah, and the belt, I think this dress needed a narrower velvet belt to sing.

    Overall, as usual, she looked great, but if we have to comment on sth here it is.

    p.s. i often don’t write as i love her in most thigns and i find people might find it boring.

  3. Suit: fits beautifully and was incredibly appropriate for the occasion—especially since it is a “threepeat”. It’s hard to beat a well fitting suit in black, and polka dots are small enough to break it up without being too cutesy or fun for the circumstances. I get why she wore minimal jewelry/styling given the solemnity of the occasion. I think the entire thing was spot on.

    Blue Dress: gorgeous color and I do think it needed a belt to make the waist look good—the way the Ms. Mulligan wore it made her look thick and she is certainly not thick—-but that is not the correct belt. The belt is very casual and I have something similar that I wear with jeans or casual trousers but it is not for dresses or evening wear. I like the shoes and jewelry but think it needed a necklace to break it up. The V back was gorgeous but you couldn’t see it under her hair. Oh the hair—-return of the dreaded ringlets—–just no. I don’t agree with those who think the duchess needs to cut her hair, but I do think she needs a new hair stylist and she needs to make him agree to never cut another fringe.

  4. Quick turn on the tv, in america sorry, to Live with Kelly and Michael. I swear Kelly is wearing the Martine dress. Later today on the website they’ll post what she wore so there will be conformation one way or the other.

  5. It looks like Kelly Ripa is wearing the Saloni dress on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning.

  6. I like the looks. Also like Ms. Willoughby’s dress.
    But: don’t condolences go to the survivors, and not the ones who lost their lives/were hurt?

  7. Horrible belt- completely messes up the look of the beautiful dress. The earrings seem to casual. Can she not have a pair of blue shoes to match all these blue dresses? and a bag- of course!

    • The belt is truly horrible. I have disliked it every time she’s worn it. It’s so clunky and ugly. It seems to go against her overall aesthetic. That “Place 2 Be” outfit is on my top 5 least favorite outfits of hers. Overall I like how she looks for this event…but the belt is glaring at me.

  8. I guess I’m in the minority because I like this outfit. I even like the belt. Yes, you can see that the Duchess now wears it one hole bigger. So what? I’m glad she rewears things. I’m glad she’s not a spendthrift.

    The dress is a classic cut in a beautiful color. Yes, overall the outfit lacks something special, but this isn’t a fashion show. She’s thoughtful enough to wear clothes that won’t distract from the people she’s trying to help on these public occasions. I admire the Duchess more for wearing “dull” outfits than I would if she wowed me with haute couture.

    So, I’m defiantly giving this entire outfit an A+ from head to toe. So there!

  9. Well, it didn’t take the Duchess long to source an India-friendly label, she took us by surprise there. It’s a lovely practical dress for work, I love the neat bodice, front neckline and the v-back, albeit lost under long hair. I like too the use of inverted pleats – we had these on the floral Erdem – it’s a handy way of allowing for extra fabric without bulky gathering. And the shoes are gorgeous, albeit a style repeat; Kate continues to dress to formula.

    The colour is a lovely shade on her and it’s great to have the crinkle fabric to break up the uniformity of colour, but not that belt. I’m afraid I think this chunky, workmanlike effort, looks better suited to use by someone like a farm labourer…

    She barely got away with using the belt a year past, complete with its wear marks where she’s let it out, when she tried it over the Hobbs top and Packham skirt for Place2Be. Here it’s much too exposed. Something else she hasn’t got round to updating, like her old dark ‘condolences’ suit.

    And the combination of sleek tailoring and shoes plus clunky belt is even more confused by the reappearance of fussy ringlets. For some reason when Kate has a three-quarters grown-out fringe she reverts to ringlets. They look worse with her hair in partial updo as the fringe ends are left flapping loose and unsightly.

    But being Kate she retains her usual grace and loveliness, and her engagement with those she meets is as contagious as ever.

  10. I hope this does not come across as hate (as I do not mean it that way), but I was kind of disappointed while signing the book she couldn’t even manage to write something herself, just signed her name under Williams. Rather unbecoming of a college educated woman in her position.

    • I don’t think it’s a case of Kate not wanting to write in the condolence book. In my limited experience with such things when ‘celebrities’ are involved, or in this case a royal duo, only one person writes the message and both sign beneath it. Perhaps someone with more knowledge in this arena can comment.

      • Yes, I think you’re right. Royal couples usually write one ‘message’ on behalf of both of them. The message is a joint one so I’m sure they discussed the content beforehand.

    • Traditionally, married couples only sign under one condolence message, no matter how educated each person is. It is a very modern idea for each person in a marriage to write their own condolences.

  11. Love Kate but think that this look is disappointing. The dress, whilst a lovely colour isn’t a great style and I am getting a bit bored of seeing her dressed in electric blue clothes. Same with yet another variation along the same general black suede court shoes theme. The belt looks really out of place, as it did when she wore it with the blue skirt/black top. To me, this looks like a belt to be worn with jeans. Lastly, the hair. The half up/half down look is what my 10 year old niece favours. The fringe looks neither here nor there to me. Wish Kate would get 4 inches chopped off and have loads of layers cut around the face. Maybe it’s tiredness, motherhood, getting older or a combination of all 3 but Kate just doesn’t look as slick and polished as she did.

  12. I want to like this dress, but I can’t. The best I can say about it is that I do like the colour on her.

  13. I was curious about how Carey Mulligan styled this dress so I looked up the picture. She did NOT wear a belt with the dress and without it there was no definition of her waistline. I prefer how Kate styled it with a belt so there was some outline for her midsection.

  14. I love both looks!! I absolutely love when she wears blue and teal. Anyone crazy jealous that she looks just as good today in 2015 in that suit as she did in 2007 – and that is also after having 2 kids too!! Wow!!

  15. Enough has been said about ‘the belt’ already so I will refrain from that. Kate finally wore an almost Indian designer but unfortunately it highlights everything IMO that is wrong with the western clothes churned out by Indian designer. The length of the dress, the fit, the skirt – all of it awkward and not right. Though the Duchess usually looks lovely in Cobalt and Blue in general, this shade is too overpowering. Nothing went well in this look.

    Waiting for the bejeweled Matthew Williamson dress post. Love that dress!

  16. It’s looking like I’m in the minority – I like the dress, though I like how it is styled on Net-a-Porter better than how the Dutchess wore it with the belt and boring, heavy shoes. I wish she would wear a different shoe – it’s either bland beige or black suede… Zzzzzzzz.

    The model in “Vogue’s review of the pre-fall collection” is ridiculous. I know Vogue likes its models skinny but that’s unreal.

  17. I feel very sad to see so many innocent people lost their life in Paris. What has become of this world. ///angry

    Whose handwriting is that on the note? oh well…*winking*
    I like the top half the dress while the bottom seems a bit too much even to me who’s has a typical pear shape.

    I am glad to see Kate in that old suit again. It’s a good staple to keep around for event as such. :)

  18. Done, no worries! (Do you want me to email you what you have already written?)

  19. Yikes! The dreaded ringlets again! Good lord, this hairstyle looks like something out of an illustration for “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm”. Or possibly an early film by Mary Pickford, who, I believe, once starred as the aforementioned Rebecca.

    I have somewhat ambivalent feelings about these half-up, half-down hairstyles, since I think they often look schoolgirlish. The Duchess usually manages to carry them off, but with ringlets I just can’t stand them. She tends to wear ringlets when her hair has gotten a little too long, I’ve noticed. I wish I could suggest to her both a trim and total avoidance of ringlets in the future.

    On to the dress. This blue has really become her trademark color, hasn’t it? I appreciate the color and the fabric (I know some people don’t like matelassé, but I rather do), and also the vintage-look design. The V-back and the way the pleats fall in the back are delicious.

    I can’t say the same for the way the dress looks from the front. The skirt has an odd shapelessness to it that doesn’t flatter the Duchess, and the front pleats don’t quite seem to work on her. Moreover, the belt was entirely the wrong choice. I have no problem with her wearing a belt, but it should have been something much narrower, in black suede or patent, and perhaps with a small diamante buckle. I own a belt like that, and it’s quite useful and versatile.

    I thought this belt was the wrong choice when she wore it with the earlier ensemble, which I suggested would have worked better with her black bow belt, and I’m puzzled as to why she chose to wear it with this dress. It’s a daytime belt, great for things like sweater dresses but not for dressier clothes.

    A different hairstyle, a different belt — small changes, as is so often the case, could have made this outfit look much better, though I’m not convinced the dress could ever have been made to flatter its wearer.

    I don’t love those earrings, as I’ve commented before. Had she worn a different belt, different earrings would have been called for, too.

    I do like that black suit, which fits beautifully. I thought for a while that it was made of a nailhead fabric, but the dots are really too large. In any case, I’ve always thought it looked terrific on the Duchess, and of course it’s most appropriate for a sober visit like this one.

    • I agree with your comment on the back of the dress looking very demure. :) As for the belt, i was wondering if the Duchess was trying to match with her clutch and shoes. The latter 2 pieces are made with suede and the belt i believe is the same material. No? But that’s just how I speculate. :)

    • I was going to post all these same opinions, so if you don’t mind, I’ll just say, ditto. Especially on the hair :)

    • Lili – you are totally right! That Black Bow Belt would have been PERFECTION! Something narrow would have made her look totally better.

      I typically like the ringlets, but this was too much.

    • Well said Lili. I agree with all your comments. However, Kate always looks good – it is just a matter of tweaking a few things to look great!

  20. Bravo on covering Will’s tribute to France! Kudos to WKW!

  21. I like this dress for this occasion. It can’t be easy to capture youth/optimism on the same day you are going about public, somber business in a different outfit. I think the texture conveys interest in the same way as a subtle print but in a very vibrant color. However, I hate this belt worn with dresses and skirts and wish it would find its way to the jeans and wellies end of her closet! She wears clothes so well and I think the structure of this dress provides enough of a “waist” on its own.
    Beautiful choice in the earrings.

  22. First Look: The black suit is appropriate, classy, and polished. But the hair…too heavy and not styled well. It makes the whole ensemble look more casual somehow. I think she should’ve pulled it back.

    Second Look: Love the color and I think her hair looks good. Like everyone else, I wouldn’t have put a belt on it. Especially not that one. I think it would’ve been a much better look to skip the belt but add a sparkly necklace, maybe a longer one to add a pop of shine with that vibrant color.

  23. This blue suits the duchess but she overwears it. The dress is too long. Her lovely legs have been relegated (again!) beneath oodles of ‘crinkle’ material? I haven’t heard of crinkle since the eighties when my grandmother owned it in lavender. It’s a fabric for when one is of a certain age. Along with awful crinoline. Such fabulous shoes could not inject youth into this look. Even on stage she blended in. It was overall a pretty look. Hair nice. But no wow element at all.

  24. Excellent coverage of these events!

    The blue dress is beautiful. Love the color, fabric, style. Just lovely, a new favorite.

  25. The second part of the post with “Kates remarks” were part of a forward in the program. She didn’t say that bit. Her actual remarks were only like 2 sentences. Just wanted to clarify.

    On to clothing. The dress is nice, very much a kate dress. It would have looked better with a nicer belt like black suede to match her heels. I can’t believe these are new black suede heels. How many does she need, lol? They all look the same. Oh well. Overall she looked nice and appropriate for the event, just similar to other outfits.

  26. Love the dress but hate the belt with it. Much more elegant on the model without the belt!

  27. I like that she chose to wear the black suit again.
    It looks very nice on her and was appropriate for the occasion. I also think that it was appropriate to wear something that was not new/very interesting, under the circumstances.

    I’m not a huge fan of the blue dress. Pretty fabric, but I’m a bit tired of seeing that color on her. I’d have loved to have seen it in purple.
    I also think that that particular belt was just not right with the dress at all.
    I do like those earrings and was pleased to see them again, but I think that overall this wasn’t one of her most well coordinated outfits.

  28. I think the belt is all wrong for the blue dress. When you see the Daily Mail’s photos, the dress fabric looks crinkled and rather light. The belt is too heavy. As the models do not wear belts with this dress, I’m sure the designer didn’t intend it to have belt. Most of us didn’t like the same belt when it was worn with another outfit a year ago. Also, I think Kate’s hair is a bit of a mess. Little Bo Peep ringlets are for those under 10 years of age and her bangs/fringe are totally out of control. I’ve said it before, she needs to cut her hair…not necessarily short, but take off enough to give it a more polished and professional look.

    But while I don’t always like Kate’s style, I do always admire her service and duty to bring awareness to causes, that strive to make this world a better place. She is as dedicated to her work as she could possibly be. What an asset she is to the Royal Family!

  29. First look:
    Second look:
    I don’t like the dress b/c of its shape.Does anyone know the name of this particular shade of blue?The Duchess seems quite fond of it.Well,it is flattering on her.As for her hair it has improved in appearance greatly.No one has pointed this out yet and I’m probably going to be in the minority for my opinion,but I like the ringlets hairstyle a lot.I think its age appropriate.

    • I would call it “cobalt”, but I’m far from an expert. :)

    • In the printing industry that color of blue is very close to Pantone “Reflex Blue,” a long time workhorse of an ink color. When painting with oil pigments it is very close to “French Ultramarine” also a very popular choice for mixing on a paint palette. One of the reason in painting it is often used is because it doesn’t strongly favor as either a warm color or a cool color meaning it will mix truer colors.

      • I did not know about it mixing well, that’s fascinating. It is a color heavily used in television news, in part because it is ‘easy on the eyes’ for viewers; when audience research is done it also comes up as the favorite color most people watching television news. It also works well with other colors in a palette, particularly the red you see paired with it so frequently.

      • It’s not a color you’re really going to see in the history of art before the modern era. Renaissance and Baroque painters had their rich blues, such as the lapis-lazuli-based (and extremely expensive) ultramarine, but the chemical intensity of Reflex Blue is really a feature of modern palettes. It’s produced from a family of blue pigments that includes cobalt, which became popular in the 19th century as a substitute for the costly ultramarine.

  30. You will love the earrings. I bought a silver pair and wear them all the time. They are beautifully crafted.

    Pretty dress but not loving the casual belt.

  31. The matalesse that Katw’s dress is made from is a tad different than the fabric used for bed covers. That is like textured sheeting material and is actually quite flimsy. Kate’s looks to be more of the weight of a pique. A bedding matalesse would have to be starched or reinforced somehow to get it to drape the way her dress drapes.

    In case anyone wonders, it’s pronounced mat-lee-SAY.

    I’m kind of ambivalent. It’s a lot of blue, and it needs some accessories beyond the belt. A chunky gold necklace would be great.

    • Brenda, totally agree re: the blue dress, although the choice of an India-based designer did make me smile in light of the recent announcement about the next tour. And to see yet another boring pair of black court shoes… sigh! In general, the Duchess under-accessorizes, and seems to be playing it safer and safer, sartorially speaking. But then, every outfit and public utterance is so heavily scrutinized, and not just by friendly observers and fans like us… it’s no wonder that she has retreated to a safe zone, clothing-wise. It just seems a shame, when she was genetically blessed with such a great frame for fabulous clothes (and clearly the discipline to keep it so).

  32. It makes sense that she would choose Saloni, given that she is getting ready to go on tour to India. Perhaps she is already shopping for the tour and decided to pull this one out sooner.

    I’m delighted to see the Catherine Zoraida earrings again. I’m saving up to buy my own pair.

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