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Kate wore LK Bennett for a charity fundraising engagement this afternoon.

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

The Duke and Duchess were taking part in the annual ICAP Charity Day, when UK brokerage house ICAP donates all proceeds from the day’s trading to a variety of charitable organizations.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

Andrew Parsons / i-Images

William took part in the 2010 Charity Day, and both Cambridges were slated to take part in the 2012 event, but were forced to cancel when Kate was hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum.

ICAP offices all over the world take part in the fundraiser, it is a fairly lighthearted fundraiser, with employees and guests in costume. Below you see track and field Olympic gold medalist Sally Gunnell (l) and hurdler Shona Richards (r).



William greeting a few traders who opted for pink today.

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kensington Palace Twitter (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kate meets one of The Simpsons and William.well, I’m not sure who that is on his left. With thanks to Alexa, Harriet, Cat, TiffaNella, Emily and Anu I now know Krusty the Clown is another character from the Simpsons.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail ONline

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail ONline

Celebrities help boost the day’s volume because customers call in hoping to speak with one. The well known folks have proven adept over the years at “closing deals,” with a little assistance and guidance from ICAP brokers. All of the proceeds from today’s trades go to charity; more than 90 organizations around the world will benefit from the event.

Kensington Palace

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English noted that “William’s pretty brutal on the phone when it comes to sealing a deal. Kate very polite and chatty.” Below, something you don’t see everyday.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online

It turned out William wasn’t the only one working with men in heels. I like The Daily Mirror’s caption: “Nice to meet you: The Duchess of Cambridge meets confident trader Nigel Hallagan”

Jeremy Selwyn/Pool/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Jeremy Selwyn/Pool/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The couple took part in a doubles ping-pong match, playing with representatives of their charities.

If you click on the photo below you will be able to see a brief video of the match posted by Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kensington Palace Twitter

Kensington Palace also posted a video of Kate speaking with a customer on the phone.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Duchess was fundraising for two organizations, SportsAid and Place2Be; she is patron of both. William was representing SkillForce, he is that organization’s patron.

At times she clearly reveled in the action.

©Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

©Nunn Syndication/POLARIS

Other notable names on hand today: Samantha Cameron, the Prime Minister’s wife.

William and Harry’s uncle, Charles Spencer also took part earlier in the day, as did actor Jeremy Irons; and Carey Mulligan, seen below.

ICAP Charity Day Facebook

ICAP Charity Day Facebook

Since its inception in 1993 Charity Day has raised almost £120 million. It looked like the Cambridges enjoyed themselves immensely at this year’s event.

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

On to what Kate wore. We begin with a look at the new haircut, it is several inches shorter.

Andrew Parsons/ i-Images / Polaris

Andrew Parsons/ i-Images / Polaris

The new look is somewhat polarizing, it seems most either love it or loathe it.

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

An interesting side note about the new look comes via Lynne Hyland’s column in The Mirror.

Richard is the soul of discretion when it comes to his most famous client (he can say he does her hair but not give away anything else, which is pretty wise considering we girls can’t resist telling our hairdressers EVERYTHING).

However I discovered he was due at the palace later that very same afternoon. And now, well, I can only assume I was the guinea pig for Kate’s new do.

(Okay so he didn’t actually do it on that exact same day. But I am totally betting he showed her my picture as royal hair inspiration. That’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it.)

Those following the royal tresses recall that Mr. Ward was Kate’s hairdresser for years, including for her wedding day, and he accompanied the royal party on the 2011 North American tour. CORRECTION: It was James Pryce who traveled with that 2011 tour, not Mr. Ward. It was my impression Mr. Ward and the Duchess parted company late in 2011 or early 2012, when Kate switched to Amanda Cook Tucker. Even factoring the tongue-in-cheek tone of the piece, it seems Ms. Hyland is saying Kate has returned to Mr. Ward for at least some work, but that may not be the correct interpretation at all. I am trying to get in touch with Ms. Hyland as well as Mr. Ward and will update if I come up with any new information. UPDATE DEC 10:  I have heard back from the folks at Richard Ward who verify Mr. Ward is “hairdresser to the Duchess of Cambridge,” but they did not comment on Kate’s new cut. (As one would expect.)

Many will recall seeing Kate in the LK Bennett Davina dress and Jude jacket in 2012, a look most Kate fashion followers liked. Kate initially wore the pieces for a series of engagements in Leicester with HM and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Philip J Vernon/De Montfort University

Philip J Vernon/De Montfort University

The Jude jacket is 100% wool; it has a double neckline, with a stylized v-neck on the front and raised collar on the back of the jacket. The piece also has the peplum silhouette Kate is fond of, a nipped-in waist and self-belt.  

LK Bennett Jude Jacket

LK Bennett Jude Jacket

The Davina dress is constructed of a wool crepe, with ruching at the side, an asymmetrical collar and cap sleeves.

LK Benett 'Davina' Dress in teal

LK Bennett

We also saw the Power pump by Stuart Weitzman again.

Stuart Weitzman/James

Stuart Weitzman/James

The shoe is no longer available in black suede. It is offered at 50% off in a fiery crimson at Stuart Weitzman ($178), in a nude shade called ‘aniline’ at (also 50% off, $178) and in aniline at Amazon, where it is $133-$250 depending upon the size you need.

The bag was familiar, Kate’s oft-carried Bayswater clutch from Mulberry. We show it in black leather, Kate’s version is suede.



Many will have recognized the Mappin and Webb Empress jewelry she is wearing.

Mappin & Webb

Mappin & Webb

One quick note - last night’s tiarafest will be updated shortly with a new photo or two. The images are much the same as all those previously published, they may simply offer an opportunity to zoom in on a few details.

Another look at the Duke and Duchess.


A couple of quick retail notes to share, beginning with Kate’s Ralph Lauren Austin Shirtdress worn to the Anna Freud Centre in September. The dress is marked down from $1595 to $892 at Neiman Marcus Marcus Marcus

The slightly shorter version of the dress is much less than that at Ralph Lauren, available for $684. It is priced at $959, but an online promotion takes $275 off orders of $750 and more, bringing the cost down to that $684 price point. Use promo code DEC15 to receive the discount. Here you see the two dresses side by side.

Farfetch/Ralph Lauren

Farfetch/Ralph Lauren

Also today, Kate’s ‘Muse’ clutch by Stuart Weitzman is available once again in black suede at Russell and Bromley.

James Whatling, Splash News/Russell & Bromley

James Whatling, Splash News/Russell & Bromley

It turns out the sale on Kate’s Corkswoon and Minx shoes at Stuart Weitzman is still underway. The company continues promoting 30% off your first pair of shoes, and 40% off your second pair. At 30% off the Corkswoon is $279 and the Minx is $298.

We will see you tomorrow for Kate’s visit to the Action on Addiction Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies.


  92 Responses to “Kate In LK Bennett Separates & Much Shorter Hair for ICAP Charity Day”

  1. I’m late commenting here, but I LOVE her hair! I think she looks so much younger with this cut. It’s such a cute, bouncy cut it adds a flair of youth. I’m so surprised to see people saying it ages her. Also, it’s always fun to change hair up – who says she has to wear the same hairstyle the rest of her life?

  2. I imagine the shorter hair is easier to deal with when one has two small children. It will take less time to wash, dry and style.

    I like hunter green shades on Kate. It’s great to see her wear this lovely outfit again.

  3. I think we girls tell a story with our hair. I think she’s wanting to grow up a bit and become more of a woman with young children with this cut. I’m thinking of opting for this style as well as I am expecting my second child. I think it says a lot about her maturity and where she’s going with her faster-paced life. I miss the long, shiny locks, but I respect the commonality of this cut and how it can relate to all women.

  4. I loved this outfit the first time she wore it, especially with that hat.
    This time however, without the accessories, the outfit doesn’t feel as chic or defined – it looks a little more ‘blah’ (I’m sad to say).

    Love the hair!

  5. The hair is not doing her any favors. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say it’s “better” than it was before it’s just different. The length is hard. Either so shorter and actually have a Lob, or leave it a little longer. She needs to make friends with a straight iron though. Enough with the co-ed bounce on the ends.

  6. Love the hair! It was time for a change. She looks younger and it is still long enough to be worn up or down.

  7. I’m a fan of the new cut, I think it is youthful and modern. The longer lengths were beautiful but this is a very nice and refreshing change to see. I think it may have a redish glaze which is very pretty in her.

    Has anyone else noticed that her evening makeup seems to be much more aging/less flattering than her day makeup? Maybe it’s just me but I secretly wish someone new would start doing her “face” for events. She has natural beauty but it’s being hidden under too much heavy makeup too often.

    • PS. I got bought one of the last 3 calendars before you sold out of them. I’m so excited, can’t wait to see all 12 months! Glad I wasn’t too late and didn’t miss out!

      • While I was thrilled to see a WKW store open online, very sad I could not sign up for future notices/promos (Page Not Found).

    • I agree. She should have used an MUA from day one. I think she believes that any dark eyeliner/makeup makes her eyes stand out. It does, but it can be utilized in a more flattering way. Sorry, I don’t shut up about her makeup on this blog because I’m an MUA and I really long to do her makeup properly for her. Lol.

  8. Looking back over the post where she first wore this outfit, I was reminded of the shoe contest. Do we know if the Duchess ever sported Becka Hunt’s award-wining design?

  9. I’m so glad she finally cut her hair!!! She looks so much better :)

  10. I silently screamed when I saw her hair. Where is it!.. But then I told myself she’s letting that `sort of` fringe catch up and by summer she’ll be back to her swishy bouncy long beautiful mane. I heard the Queen wasn’t a fan of her much longer hair. Hoping this isn’t Kate opting for a more mature look or adhering to an archaic expectation that beyond a certain age a woman should relinquish her tresses! I don’t like the jacket. It looked too big in one photo and looked rumpled even. With the mid black heels the outfit was more air hostess.

  11. I love the new hair cut! So fresh and pretty, and frames her face so well. I think the dress and jacket was an appropriate choice for the business setting, although I think the peplum style is starting to look a bit dated. I disagree with those who say the dress is too short. When Kate is standing it only falls an inch or two above her knees. Yes, when she sits it rides up a bit, but that’s to be expected, and she isn’t sitting immodestly. Overall, this was a great look for the duchess.

  12. Hum- her hair is not so dramatic. I’m hoping we’ll see it flipped up sometimes- something fun and young.

    I hate the neckline of that jacket with the dress- it’s an odd combo.
    And I read someone else’s comment about the sleeves looking large- and they do- in a weird twisted way.

  13. I have no issue with this look, i just feel like to such an occasion where people are dressed so odd and costumey- she could have gone with a fresher, more playful ensemble. perhaps one of those nice dresses she wore in Australia. this outfit is too severe for someone at her age to be wearing in such a setting.

  14. I have had this cut in the past (only with eyebrow grazing fringe) so I really like this cut. It’s a beautiful cut. I also happen to love that deep blue-green color that one can never truly call blue nor green. It’s a beautiful color on her.

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair. The shorter length now suits the fringe. I think she looks healthier and younger. She is just gorgeous. I loved the snippet video @kensingtonroyal posted on Instagram of Kate doing a little “happy (woot woot) dance” :-)

  16. I loved Kate’s hair prior to and after the wedding and this new cut is somewhat reminiscent of that. The bouncy beautiful hair that everyone fell in love with when she visited Royal Marsden Hospital in the oatmeal Amanda Wakeley dress is not much longer than the new cut. Although a previous commenter did not like the ends flipped/curled up, it’s a current trend that I’ve seen all over my television screen, so I must respectfully disagree.

    However we feel about the hair it, we’ll all have some fun to see Kate styles it over the next few weeks and months!

  17. Has anyone else noticed she’s done mostly repeats since returning from maternity leave? Even the new stuff she’s worn (other than that floral frock, which I thought was horribly off) has been pretty classic and boring and not very attention grabbing. I can’t help but wonder if she’s getting tired of the limelight on her clothes and hoping to grab a little less attention? Or she’s just a super busy mom and picks things she knows will work. Or a combination of both! Anyway, while I’m always excited to see new items, no complains from me, she always looks great!

    • I thought so particularly after Charlotte’s birth.
      She has lost that wow factor for me. And it does indeed seem very deliberate, after all she is a major representative of ‘The Firm’ Personally I think William’s love and respect for his grandmother is a large part of this and recent images of traditional children’s clothing, the Queen’s own pram and a uniformed nanny are more than just tokens. I’m not a fan of conservative attire, hair etc on a young woman. I’m waiting for this stage to evolve

  18. I really don’t like this look.

    When I first saw this suit, I was in awe. It was so flattering and she looked so elegant. This time round, it’s too big, the hair is terrible and she looks uncomfortable. I also miss the belt from the first time around.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The first time she wore this, my jaw dropped. It was so stylish and elegant. Now it looks outdated and ill fitting. The skirt seems too big on her and the sleeves, as many others have mentioned, are much too big. I also miss the original belt, which I though made the outfit pop.

  19. Richard Ward confirmed that he cut the Duchess’ bangs this summer, to several media sources. It seems clear that he’s back in charge of The Hair!

  20. Wow. Beautiful bouncy hair. Not weighed down but still long enough to be put up.

  21. Kate will always be stunning, but I agree with some that this cut ages her. I wonder if she did it to fit in more with the family and to appease the Queen since the Queen has never seemed to be fond of Kate’s long hair (or her knees)! Kate is still a young woman though and I think she should let it grow back a little bit.

    • Where does this information come from about the Queen not liking Kate’s long hair? Just curious.

    • I don’t think the Queen has ever commented publicly on the Duchess’s hair or knees or even indicated silently that she dislikes them. The media likes to fabricate stories about what the Queen supposedly thinks of this or that, but since the Duchess wore very long hair for years after her wedding and continues to wear dresses and skirts that amply reveal her knees, there is no reason to believe that the Queen has ever decreed any tonsorial or sartorial codes by which the Duchess must abide.

      • Yes, thank you! I never understood where all those stories about the Queen displeased about some aspect of Kate’s appearance came from. While I’m sure the queen didn’t like seeing pictures of Kate’s dress blowing up, I highly doubt Kate received scolding phone calls from her majesty about any of her supposed infractions.

        • Well the wedges and hair are gone and the hemlines don’t move. I rest my case. Does anyone really think in such an establishment nobody tries to influence Kate in any way at all. It was the queen who openly commented that Kate’s wedding dress looked creepy when put on display. If she can say such a thing in a casual manner she is comfortable enough to say more. We all have or have had older relatives who get their ten cents worth in unsolicited. Non?

          • If it were true the Queen didn’t like long hair, why would it have taken the Duchess 4+ years to cut it? Wedge shoes are not ‘banned’ and have been worn by the Countess of Wessex. It’s a myth that the Queen spends all her time criticising her relatives’ clothes/hair and demanding changes – where is the evidence?

            The wedding dress comments were with regard to the presentation of Kate’s dress on a headless mannequin. She didn’t criticise the dress itself in any way at all.

          • Or……Kate could have changed her mind/evolved her style/matured/anything over 5 years? It makes me sad to read all of these comments saying how much people miss her old hair, style, etc. Her ENTIRE life has changed in these 5 years, maybe SHE decided to give up her wedges or wear a longer skirt (also, longer skirts were “in” over the past few seasons). Maybe William liked her hair long so she wore it long for a while but was ready for a change. Maybe, just maybe, she does what she likes, and we should all let her.

            I would very much dislike if anyone in my life, let alone a stranger, wanted me to stay 27 for the rest of my life, and feel like we should afford Kate the same.

          • Precisely, Grace! :-)

      • The queen would never comment publicly regarding Kate’s appearance, but it is not hard to imagine that she would send feedback through official sources to influence Kate’s decisions, generally speaking.

  22. I love this suit! Was a huge fan of it during its initial appearance and remain a fan of it today.

    With regards to the hair, I am not a fan at all. The short ages the Duchess considerably. However, I bet this shorter hair/long bob/lob (short for “long bob”) would be sustainably improved without the bangs or fringe.

  23. Yes, I thought so. I knew that after the speech and bangs falling in her face that we would see a cut ASAP and the bangs would be gone. I think this may be a transitional cut to phase out the fringe.
    Suit is professional and appropriate for the engagement. Great color for this time of year with the Holidays approaching.

  24. I think Kate looks fresh and youthful in this cut and dress suit. Yes, she has beautiful hair, but it can tend to look heavy and weighed down when worn as long as she had been wearing it recently. She might have a few alterations done to the cut as the days go on to give it a bit more shape – we’ll have to wait and see. Also, I agree with the previous poster that a side part would be nice on her.

  25. I really like this colour on her. It works with her skin tone, at least on my monitor :)

    As for the haircut, I think it makes her look light and fresh and vibrant, and 100% age appropriate. Love it!

  26. I LOVE her hair. I think it looks amazing. I agree with one of the other commenters who pointed out that a haircut is necessary every so often to rid oneself of the dead ends. Not to mention, Charlotte is old enough now that I think Kate’s getting to that point where all that beautiful bouncy pregnancy hair starts to thin out and look a bit scraggly. Honestly, enough people complained when her hair was long that I would have thought everyone would love it now. And what’s with all the “mom hair” comments? I always thought “mom hair” was something more like Carey Mulligan’s: air dried, a bit scraggly, nothing like the obviously freshly blown out, freshly colored, freshly glossed, freshly cut perfection that is Kate’s. I am a mom, and let me tell you, what Kate has on her head is not attainable for me time-wise, either now or when it was long.

    I also agree with another commenter who pointed out that while she, and Kate (and I, for that matter) love the long-hair look, it doesn’t do much for our faces.

    As for the suit…? Color is nice, i for one don’t mind the repeat, and I think Kate looks superb. A complete win IMHO :) Too bad, however, that their royal highnesses weren’t really allowed to dress up like some of the traders. What a total joy that would have been!!

    • I 100% agree with all of your comments on her hair—especially your response to the “mom hair” comments. I was literally getting ready to type something similar when I read your comment and decided to simply reply and agree.

      I think she looks younger with this length hair and it suits her face shape. My only other comment is that I wish she would grow out the fringe—it does nothing for her.

      • Ditto, hair friends! And let it be known that I am neither a mom nor ultra-conservative in my beauty routine, and I rocked this haircut for most of last year.

    • For me, “Mom hair” refers more to the length than the way it is styled.

  27. I love the new haircut! I think it actually makes her look younger. It should also be easier to manage with two little ones. I often have my hair as long as the Duchess’s and whenever I cut it shorter it’s always a nice surprise how much less time it takes to maintain.

    • I can’t believe how long she’s kept the long hair with two tinies around. I mean those little people can get quite a grip when you least expect. Mums I’ve known have been pretty prompt in cutting off longer locks!

      • When she’s home on mom duty, she probably has it pulled back most of the time. It would be too tempting for the prince and princess, otherwise.

  28. The hair is nice and certainly makes her look more like a conservatively styled member of the British Royal Family. That said, it was her glorious long, bouncy, pre-fringe locks and glamour that brought me to this website in the first place, back to when she got married. I kind of preferred her being the “Hollywood” royal, with the gorgeous blow-dry, sun-kissed skin and to-die-for wardrobe. Maybe she fits in better with the rest of the family with this more reserved look or maybe it’s just that she is plain old exhausted with 2 young children to care for. Sorry to be mean, but she looks like she has aged about 10 years in half that time. On a brighter note, I always look forward to what she be wearing on Christmas day at Sandringham. One of my all time favourite Kate outfits was the plum coat and hat that she wore for her 1st appearance there. Hope she picks something really lovely to wear this year.

  29. Oh boy….I am laughing here because this is my exact haircut….also grown out from some bangs (although I had mine for years). I wonder when it was cut – it sure looked long enough for a huge up do last night – could it have been cut/styled in the morning before the day’s engagement? I would not be surprised since this is EXACTLY how my hair dresser styles it when she dries it after cutting. When I do it I dry the ends “in” rather than “out” if that makes sense.

    Overall, I really like the cut on her. I know there has always been so much talk of her signature long length and I think she kept it because it was what she was known for, maybe William liked it. I hope she really likes the cut and its exactly what she was looking for – something fresh and different but not so “styled” that she has to spend hours on her hair before she can do anything (when she doesn’t have a team to do it for her, lucky girl!).

    • She probably had some extensions put into the bun part last night. It is common with celebrities to do this with their up does. That way it gives their hair more volume and hold. I am guessing she probably did that with her hair last night as I doubt there would have been enough time to cut it and style it before the engagement today. Just my opinion.

  30. I love her hair…I think she even colored them lightly, which is amazing! Fashion mistake is that she wore a jacket on top of a DRESS! The dress is so classy by itself!

    • don’t understand how it is a fashion mistake to wear a jacket or blazer over a dress? This is something routinely done by business women everywhere (including myself) and I bet that the ladies on the trading floor she was visiting today often do the same (when not dressed so outlandishly as they were today).

      The dress is great by itself for sure but it is also short sleeved and it is winter time.

    • The dress and the jacket were made to go together, and I don’t think the dress alone would have been quite suitable for December. In addition, I think she was going for a sort of “business suit” look, owing to the nature of the engagement.

    • I much prefer a jacket with a dress rather than a jacket with a skirt.

  31. I like her hair BUT I think the shorter length means that she’s sticking with the fringe. As it grows out, it will be back to that peeking through hair look. I wish she’d left the bangs long, and then gotten another trim to blend them in.

    As to the suit, it looked absolutely perfect in 2012 when she accompanied HM to the fashion show. It’s now 2015, and the suit looks dated. It’s also too short for the role that she now plays. And while I know it’s L.K. Bennett, it doesn’t photograph expensive. It photographs like a high street suit.

    The one thing that might have redeemed it was black tights, or tights and boots, perhaps teamed with a black belt (not the one she wore last time, though). I’d put this in the back of the closet if I were her. She’ll never top its first appearance.

  32. She looks gorgeous.
    But obviously can’t win for losing when it comes to her hair…when she lets it grow it’s too long…when she gives it a cut it’s not “princess-y” enough.

  33. I love her new haircut and it looks very fresh without a dramatic change. I thought the picture of Carey Mulligan right above the one of Kate’s hair was interesting. You can see that they basically have the same cut, though styled in very different ways.

  34. You’d think Mulberry would reissue the Mulberry clutch in black suede! By the way, it’s on sale in some colors (not black, though).

  35. I LOVE the new haircut. She was swamped by the longer locks and it looked old-fashioned. Do hope the fringe is soon to be a thing of the past.

  36. The cut is fine, prefer it a few inches longer. Mainly it is the bangs. Agree with someone who said it is just a bit “Meh” and more average Mom look, in fact it looks like her mothers hair. I would loose the fringe and do better layers throughout to give it more interest while leaving all the layers long enough to be pulled back into buns/updos or ponytails etc. The suit is OK the jacket not my favorite. She looked good and pulled together.

  37. Krusty the Klown is the other character in the Prince William picture. It’s also a Simpson’s character.

  38. Maybe it’s just me, but the jacket seems to fit everywhere BUT the sleeves. It looks HUGE in the sleeves this time. In the other photos of her wearing the jacket it doesn’t look as huge, but all of a sudden the sleeves look enormous! And if you look at the side photo, the jacket is tailored really well everywhere except for those sleeves! What is up with that? I really liked this jacket/dress combo, but those sleeves are so weird!
    Also – I think Kate may be reading this blog because that chunky belt is gone, and the belt that comes with the jacket was worn today. Solid Choice on Kate’s part. I’m choosing to believe it was us that made her change her mind, lol!

    And let’s talk about that hair for a second.

    The cut is excellent. Her hair had been looking quite scraggly (I mean too long, and the bangs were awkward with that long hair, and it looked pretty damaged), and this is much more polished, and probably got rid of the dead ends she’s had for awhile. There comes a time when everyone has to have a dramatic cut like this to make your hair healthy again. I say this from experience, I did it myself about a year ago.
    The style however…well. This cut is very similar to what my hair currently looks like, and wearing curls and round brushing how she has it styled here is VERY difficult to pull off, and often looks totally out of place. Kate needs to wear her hair straight-ish (still round brushing), with a side part, and if she chooses to curl it, it should be curled under, towards her face. (Again, just my opinion, I’ve done this hair cut for awhile, and that seems to work the best). Kate could also style this with the barrel curls we’re used to seeing, but this flip outwards looks a bit silly. I think she’s got a new cut, and is unsure how to style it. I think within the next few engagements, we’ll see her figure out how to style it better. Again – I like the cut, but I think she needs to work on the style a bit.

    And since I mentioned Kate reading this blog – Kate, if you’re reading this – I mean no offense! I really like the cut!

    • Brooke you said every single thing I was thinking! I hate to be critical but the sleeves jumped out at me too in the photos. I also like the suit a lot better with its original belt.

      I don’t love shorter hair on Kate, but you are right that everyone with hair that long needs a good cut every once in a while to keep things healthy. It will be interesting to see if she keeps it this length or grows it out again!

  39. I absolutely love the shorter hair. It looks great on her and it even makes her bangs look good. That was the first thing I noticed when I saw pictures of her (before seeing any mention of her hair being cut). I like the dress – it’s something that us common women can wear to work or church but also I like the color. The color looks good on her – brings out her complexion and eye color. I would say it was all a win today.

  40. Well, of course Kate is impeccable no matter what she does. That said, I don’t love the hair. Maybe it’s the point, but it just “normalizes” her to the point of boring. I loved her long hair, pre-fringe, and I could just barely accept the fringe which looked amazing a couple of times, but most of the time blew around in a distracting way. Now her hair is just, meh. The ensemble is fantastic. I looooved it the first time around, so vintage-looking, so clean and sharp, and I love it this time too, but maybe not quite so much without that fabulous black hat she wore with it the first time. Kate is Great, no question, and whether or not I agree with her choices all of the time, it is so much fun watching her evolve as a mother and a royal. :)

  41. My feelings are neutral on the jacket, but I do really like this dress. I’d love to see a picture of Kate in it without the jacket on.

    BTW: I’m pretty sure that character beside William is another Simpson character. A clown of some sort.

  42. Next to William is Krusty the Clown, another character from the Simpsons.

  43. Wow those men in shorts & heels! That was something I didn’t expect to see today…lol

    I love this outfit and I had been wondering when we would see it again. The fit and color look wonderful on her. I may be one of the few but I love her haircut. It’s so fresh and opens her face up… plus it suits her (at least I think it does). Everyone changes their hairstyle once in awhile why can’t Kate do the same thing?

  44. Love her haircut, she looks refreshed. Great suit, glad she repeated. So much from the 2011′s I wish she would repeat with maybe just different accessories.

  45. I loved this look on Kate when she wore it in 2012. She looked like a 1940s pinup girl. Unfortunately I find it boring without the distinctive belt and hat.

    I do hope she lets her hair grow out again. Nothing wrong with giving it a good cut every so often, but I don’t want to see her with permanent “Mom” hair.

  46. I loved this suit the first time I saw it and I remain smitten. It’s perfect City-trader chic and much nicer with its proper self-belt. And the heels on her Weitzman courts for once look as if they might be lower than those worn by the men…

    The skirt remains a little too short and definitely not for playing table tennis in, but Kate is someone who likes to throw herself into things going on around her and I wouldn’t change her for the world. She has an impressive pair of legs to show off and can still get away with the shorter length when in more demure pose.

    And I love the new hair-do, I can’t believe we’ve finally seen this length on her and think it highly appropriate for her age. Only time will tell if the shorter length is temporary or if she will go back to her former heavy tresses, revived by the trim. So glad the fringe is still on the way out. There’s nothing wrong with maturity, it’s something which can add value to life rather than overplaying a youthful look (see under short skirt, above).

    She’s a mum of two now and has been through several rounds of Royal life. I think the contrast showed in the pictures we had of her in the two tiaras she has worn to the diplomatic reception, the earlier one showing a fuller face, the second looking a shade leaner and worn. She is coping with two lively tots at the moment after all.

    And love the understated jewellery that weighs in at a truly out-of-the-ordinary price. Beautiful.

  47. The mystery costume with William is Krusty :)

    Alas, it appears the fringe will be maintained, and generally I do prefer Kate’s locks darker and slightly longer. But I certainly can’t blame her for wanting a change. However, the new style seems to be an in-between length that reminds me of the mid-90′s – I wish she’d chosen a more dramatic/polished long bob if in the mood for a big chop.

  48. FYI, Kate is meeting Homer Simpson, while William is standing next to Krusty the Clown (another character from The Simpsons).

    Keep up the good work, love when I come back to a lovely surprise post!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  49. Thrilled to see this suit again as it is one of my favorites. I still prefer the first wear with the wider belt and hat but really enjoyed seeing this recycle today. I love that she has brought back a few items from 2012 which I consider her best year fashion wise. Her hair cut is super nice even though, I think, the bangs have been cut as well. I was hoping she was growing them out.

  50. An appropriate outfit for the event.The dress color looks different in different photos.Hmm..I think she would look better if she went easy on the eyeliner and if her hair was pulled back,it gets onto her face and that looks unprofessional.

  51. Great post! Thank you!

  52. My heart is racing! Can I say this? The Duchess looks like a total bad-***! The haircut is a YES YES YES for me. As I was reading the post, it struck me that the SW shoes are called “power” because that’s the word for her total look here. She looks powerful. I would have never guessed that this shorter hair length would be so attractive on her. I love it.

    Also — admin — that’s Simpsons character “Krusty the Klown” next to William, you said you didn’t know who it was ;)

    NOTE: Very small edit made by admin. :)

  53. I love the shorter hair and think the bangs work quite well with it. It’s a more sophisticated look than her previous lengthy locks but still very versatile. It really was time for her to go with a shorter look, but it’s not at all necessary for her to go VERY short or even just chin-length. Brava.

    I’d sometimes wondered when we would see this dress/jacket outfit again. I like it quite a bit, though I’m not the biggest fan of LK Bennett as everyone knows. The lines are quite attractive, I love nipped-in or belted jackets like that, and the color appeals to me.

    I have to say, though, that I think the dress is a little too short. I noticed that the first time the Duchess wore it, it wasn’t that easy for her to maintain real decorum when sitting. Possibly it’s time to retire the dress, but the jacket will remain useful. It can be worn with trousers, if she ever decides to wear them to engagements, or with something like a black pencil skirt and blouse.

  54. I love the new length! The longer length was dragging her face down. (I have a similar love of long hair, but a face that gets dragged down by it.) This is much better. I’d still like to see her take the part just an inch deeper, but overall it’s very pretty.

  55. As always, love! The character next to William in the dual picture of Kate with Homer is Krusty the Clown :) Keep up the amazing work! Also, are there any pictures of the bespoke Alexander McQueen she wore?

  56. i dont know why her new haircut would be polarizing. it’s not super short. it’s just a few inches shorter.

    people are weird.

    • I think it is only because she is known for having one of the most beautiful, envied heads of hair on the planet. With most other celebs, this cut wouldn’t be as huge a deal (IMO).

  57. Hooray! The ‘curtains’ are gone!! I’m so glad she finally cut her hair. The suit is one I’ve never liked. If it was styled with a different belt, different shoes, some ‘oomph,’ maybe I’d feel differently.

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