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Day three of the royal tour brought two very different ensembles for the Duchess. Kate and William’s first engagement was at a contact center for the Salaam Baalak Trust. The organization helps children who live on the streets near the Delhi train station. It’s estimated that as many as 7,000 vulnerable children, most of them alone, arrive at the train station every year.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Trust has a total of 18 centers: 13 contact points and 5 shelters.  More from The Telegraph’s Gordon Rayner.

Street children told them how they had left their homes because of abuse or the hope of a better life, but face a constant battle for survival. Boys and girls as young as five arrive at the station every day, where people traffickers are waiting to pounce.

Kate India Day 3 Three New Delhi Salaam Baalak Trust Red Traditonal Print dress April 12 2016 Em Andrews

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@ByEmilyAndrews)

Kate and William met some of the boys living in one of the Trust’s shelters.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from Richard Palmer in The Express.

Charity workers told the couple how they focus on the children’s mental health and provide physical and medical care for them to help them get over the trauma of life on the streets.

The charity’s director Sanjoy Roy told the couple about the charity’s work.

“The boys come here for four hours of lessons and some food every day. When they’re not here, they’re at the railway station”.

©Splash News

©Splash News

We learn about the charity’s founder from Us Weekly:

Middleton and Prince William concluded their visit with Salaam Baalak’s co-founder Praveen Nair, 85, who established the charity 28 years ago with funding from her director daughter Mira Nair’s Oscar-nominated 1988 crime drama, Salaam Bombay.

Will and Kate visit street children in India

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kensington Palace posted a brief video of Kate leaving the shelter.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate wore a dress by UK-based ‘Glamorous‘. The dress is full length with long sleeves, a placed print at the hem and wrists, lace-up closure detail at the round neck and a flared semi-sheer skirt. Today’s Tip of the Tiara goes to WKW Facebook Friend Eva Mitterreiter-Dobra, she located the dress, something I never would have discovered on my own.

Emily Andrews, The Sun/Fashion ID

Emily Andrews, The Sun/Fashion ID

Glamorous says the Duchess was wearing their dress and they appear to be re-issuing the piece; according to the website they are taking pre-orders for May delivery. The dress is £50.  



The brand is sold at quite a few outlets, including ASOS, House of Fraser and Topshop. In fact, Kate Middleton Style found the dress at Shop Boem where it is called the Lace me Up Maxi Dress, priced at $40. Eva also discovered this tunic/dress in the same print, it is £24 on the Glamorous site.



The Duchess wore a new pair of flats from Russell and Bromley, the Xpresso. Described as being designed “in the softest blush toned suede, these feature a delicately pointed toe and are finished with a chic crossover strap,” the shoes are £175.  Our thanks to the folks at What Would Kate Do for identifying the shoes.

Russell & Bromley

Russell & Bromley

Kate wore the Filigree Bead earrings first seen on Sunday.

Kate Filigree Bead Accessorize Earrings India  copy



The next appointment on the itinerary involved a much more formal look, as the Duke and Duchess were having a private lunch with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Kate William Prime Minister Narendra Modi Green Lace Desdemona April 12 2016 Day three 3 India Tour

India Ministry of External Affairs

The luncheon was at Hyderabad House in New Delhi.  Once one of the largest palaces in India, it is now used primarily for meetings with foreign dignitaries, news conferences and other official functions. More about today’s event from US News & World Report:

The four-course meal, including vegetarian dishes as well as meat, was served as Indian classical musician Rahul Sharma played the santoor, similar to a dulcimer. Sharma included in his performance a rendition of the Beatles’ “Let It Be,” according to Indian media. Other guests included several Cabinet ministers and business leaders.

Kate William India Day 3 Lunch Prime Minister Narendra Modi April 12 2016 UK in India Kate Green Temperley Desdemona Lace

The UK in India

Kate wore a new frock from Temperley London, the brand’s Desdemona style.

Temperley London

Temperley London

The dress is 100% cotton, with that high neck Kate favors. It also features a “fitted waist and fluted hem with cotton voile pleats.” Here is a closer look.

Temperley London

Temperley London

In her story for The Daily Mail Rebecca English notes that a modesty panel was added to Kate’s dress.

Temperley Desdemona Dress With Without modesty panel

The Desdemona is from the pre-fall collection; it may be pre-ordered; the price for the frock is $1395.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Kate accessorized with LK Bennett pieces.

©Polaris/LK Bennett

©Polaris/LK Bennett

Above you see the Natalie clutch, and below we show the Fern pumps in the ‘trench’ colorway. This color is currently sold out but the retailer is taking email names/shoe sizes on this page for those interested in purchasing a pair.

LK Bennett/Polaris

LK Bennett/Splash

Kate wore new earrings today.

Kiki McDonough/Polaris/Polaris

Kiki McDonough/Polaris/Polaris

The special edition earrings are by Kiki McDonough, made of green tourmalines, green amethysts and diamonds.  The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English spoke with the jeweler, they are said to have been made especially for Kate to celebrate Princess Charlotte’s birth.

We also saw Kate’s hair up again.

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Also today, Kate and William met with a group of advocates for women’s rights.

The UK in India

The UK in India

The meeting was actually Prince William’s idea. More from Simon Perry’s story in People:

He asked his staff for the opportunity “to hear directly from women working to support other women and girls. 

“He also wanted to get a sense of work being done to help young women to achieve their full potential and for men to become more supportive of the women and girls in their lives.” 

We will be back shortly with our post on the evening look by Anna Sui the Duchess wore in Kaziranga.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris)



  93 Responses to “Two Very Different Looks for the Duchess on Day 3 of the Royal Tour”

  1. The Desdemona dress would be my fave from the tour. Itis breathtaking. A beautiful color, regal cut,, and impeccably styled. Bravo!

  2. you are doing a stupendous job on these posts! Thanks so much.

  3. Is Russell and Bromely known by a different name in the U.S.? Thanks!

  4. I have to say with this green dress, although it is a beautiful color on her, the dress made her look frumpy, too high neck and not flattering. I was not a fan. I wish she would opt for V neck and show a bit more of her neckline. Maybe she has constraints that I don’t know about placed by being a duchess, but this dress did not do her any favors.

    The maxi I felt was so perfect for her occasions and adding the blue belt really made a huge difference.

  5. I really like EVERYTHING Kate has worn on this tour with the exception of those awful chest pockets on the white dress. I was also puzzled by her choice of a wool dress in India, it was a very hot area & British people have so little opportunity to wear very summery clothes without needing to still pack a jacket & umbrella – just in case – and she would have had plenty of opportunity to wear wool at home. It was a very plain dress, made better by the fine quality & would have been even better if she had (finally) followed the Queen’s tip of having curtain weights sewn into the hemline!
    The aqua dress should have had a longer lining too; I hate see-through materials, what’s the point, just wear a short dress if you must.
    I dress casually & liked the red maxi so much I went on Boem’s site & found the shorter tunic style but I left disappointed when I learnt it was polyester!
    I prefer the colours of the one she wore in the night.
    Fashions are a treat on this trip instead of plain-Jane formal wear. Those who hark back to Jackie O & the Queen in India should ditch their history books & embrace a new era. What Jackie O & presumably Elizabeth 2nd wore in India decades ago is no more relevant today than what the Queen Mother or Queen Mary wore there. All were stiffly formal & unapproachable to the ordinary person, who couldn’t identify with them. The royal family has had to modernise to continue & these two are getting there. I think this tour with them both looking so relaxed & happy will go some way to soften the bad press they were getting before they left.
    Two last fashion things – I wish Kate would ditch the hosiery for casual occasions & with midi-length dresses; I didn’t know she was wearing any with the white dress until she took her shoes off – and if the hose are invisible, what is the point?
    The other is, I wish Prince William looked as good as his wife. He looks a proper scruff in too-tight jackets & crumpled trousers in some shots – and the grey trousers he wore looked like jumble-sale rejects from the back. He could wear some other colour than blue for his suits too.

  6. I very much enjoyed today’s looks. I think her first look was very appropriate for location and activities. Nothing more comfortable than being able to sit cross legged in a nice long dress ;) They seemed to have a wonderful time interacting with children.

    Second look I LOVED! Oh the color was just lovely on her and I adore the structure of it, I think it was very flattering on her frame. It had a very Edwardian vibe and the skirt felt very 20′s and it came together so nicely. I am certainly enjoying all the up-dos this tour.

  7. I absolutely love the dresses worn today. The first look is very down-to-earth in that it’s so inexpensive! I love how Kate is never pretentious. However, I seriously dislike the pointed flats. They do not suit the look. I would’ve opted for the wedges she wore on the first day. Nevertheless, I enjoy her ease at putting together a look to walk around in the heat. Nothing too pompous for Kate. Such a breath of fresh air.

    And the green dress is gorgeous. This color looks amazing on her, and the fact that it is cotton just shows that comfort was a big key factor in choosing this dress. The modesty panels add structure, in my opinion, and it makes what would be a flouncy cotton dress into a structured, beautiful piece. Her hair and makeup are also gorgeous. This is Kate’s color!

  8. First look:
    -I find the red maxi charming.
    Second look:
    -adore the colour
    -very pretty lace
    -the pleats make it a bit over elaborate for my tastes
    -rating 9/10
    -nice earrings there

  9. I shan’t bore you again with another lecture on how the term ‘green amethyst’ is wrong :)

  10. I’m absolutely in Love with EVERYTHING she has worn on the tour. I wish I could own ALL of these dresses; the more casual looks I would wear everyday. I’m never thrilled with Kate’s choice in shoes, but that’s just personal preference; they are a bit boring and yet still overly fancy for me.

  11. just LOVE the dresses today especially the Temperley London, Desdemona style

  12. I’m interested in her choice to wear a bindi (why does it look like she has it in the first series of pictures but it is not in the last?) I’m not Hindu, but I always associated it more with religious expression rather than just wearing it as an accessory. I’m surprised it’s not mentioned in the post. Was there a reason she chose to wear a bindi?

    The clothes have been really interesting so far and I’m glad she’s acknowledging the local fashion and especially the modesty, but some of the looks have been a drastic diversion from her normal looks.

    I do agree with what Lauren said, especially visiting a place with such impoverished children, it’s nice she’s not wearing thousands of dollars of clothes.

    • Good question! It’s actually not a bindi, it’s kumkum – a touch of red powder to the mid forehead. When a girl or a married woman visits a house, it is a sign of respect or blessings to offer kumkuma to them when they leave. Men, women, girls, and boys apply a dot on their forehead of red turmeric powder, also when visiting a temple or during a pooja. I suspect someone have her a nice blessing and she is polite enough to receive it!

  13. The story of the street children’s charity is heartbreaking. What will become of them once they are too old to stay at the Salaam Baalak Trust? I’m so glad that the couple are bringing world attending to this charity.

    I think it’s very thoughtful of the Duchess to wear Indian-inspired dresses, and I’m fascinated by the modesty aspects–long sleeves, high necks, longish skirts. Is that a fashionable decision (maxis are in style right now) or is more modest clothing considered the best choice for this trip? I’m looking forward to seeing more. I’ve long thought that women’s clothes, even for business, are too abbreviated, especially compared to men’s. Men get to wear a suit that covers everything but their hands and face, but women’s dresses are often too short, tight, and sleeveless. Just watch the “presenters” on American TV. I don’t get it. It’s not dignified.

    The Temperley dress is pretty, but it seems to be too tight, and that’s not flattering. I’m sure we’ll see prettier dresses in the coming days. The Duchess always looks lovely with her hair up. Or down.

  14. Sorry, I thought the first dress of the day was a complete miss. Although the line is named “Glamourous” it really looked more “Little House on the Prairie”, with the dull colours, laced up bodice, long skirt and sleeves. With all the beautiful fabrics and colours that India is known for, why this? The Anita Dongre dress of the first day was much more attractive esp before the pa/stylist started tinkering. Why not an outfit that nods to the kurti/tunic style with pants that many Indian women wear? A welcome change from the high necked long full dresses. Dongre has some beautiful ones that could be modified for a more western feel. If you look at her designs, you’ll also see some that look very much like the inspiration for the white/black Temperley

    I’m also slightly uncomfortable with the cultural appropriation here – choosing a British designer that is copying Indian designs to wear to India. If you are going to wear outfits like this, why not by an Indian designer?

    Temperley dress 2. At least we got some colour. But this dress channels Edwardian England more than modern India. The mid-length skirts she is choosing cut at the widest point of the leg and aren’t flattering for anyone -even for someone whose legs are as slim as Kate’s. I think the solid fabric gores which are there to break up the lace and maybe add a bit of edge just seem to cheapen the look.

    On the much discussed subject of the modesty panel, its pretty clear Kate bought the dress “off the rack” Its exactly the same as the one shown for sale on their site. The Daily Mail pix is an runway/promotional image. But I wouldn’t blame the modesty panels for Kate’s unfortunate look up top. There are strapless bras that provide shape and support – recently it often looks as if Kate isn’t wearing a bra at all. The most important part of a look is making sure you have the perfect undergarments for what you are wearing.. A proper stylist would never make a basic mistake like this one. But to come back to a theme – I don’t know why Kate is so covered up on this trip. I fear its sending a subtly wrong message to Indian women esp young ones about their society.

    Accessories. Neutrals – as usual. Perhaps Kate has lost interest in fashion (maybe understandable) and its reflected in the lack of great accessories. Very little jewellery, neutral basic shoes and clutches. I have no sense this is someone who enjoys playing around with a look. For example the yesterday’s white circle dress. There are some pictures of them at the Ghandi site where they have donned white/turquoise/coral scarves. The colour makes the white dress pop. Some coral or turquoise jewellery would have been perfect – brooches or bracelets. But she never wears bracelets – maybe because of clashing with the ever present engagement ring, which is too bad. I think she lets the basic dress do too much of the heavy lifting, when it could be enhanced so much more by the right jewellery, bags and shoes.

    But on the plus side, at least the hair has been tied back/up. This makes sense given the humidity and heat, and is a vast improvement on Day 2.

  15. I loved these first two looks today. The red dress is pretty and practical. I like that it’s affordable and available to the public.

    The jade green Temperley dress is stunning. Such a beautiful dress, and perfect for a private luncheon. This is another favorite for me.

    Kate’s hair has been lovely on this trip!

  16. Susan, I know that you have your hands full, but I am very curious about the hem on this morning’s dress. I would love to see one of your side-by-side comparisons. I think that she / Natasha removed some of the decorative elements at the bottom and added more dark blue. (it also seems more even — the original almost looks as if it is layered.) I also suspect that some volume was taken out of this dress and the one from Mumbai.

    • I would love ot be able to add that to a wrapup post, because it is different. Great topic! :)

    • I wonder if it is because she’s very tall, and it was necessary to lengthen the dress and the sleeve hems. I’m almost 6′, so I’ve had this done myself to garments, but it would make sense if they did it for that reason… :)

      • Except you will see that in the stock photo, there is a band of red before the blue — that is missing in Kate’s — which makes the dress less fussy and emphasizes the blue more.

  17. I think the red maxi dress was a great choice, both in terms of price point and style. The length and shape allowed the Duchess an opportunity to engage with children on their level in a natural and relaxed way.

    Absolutely agree about the foundation garments needing a change in the Temperley dress. The color is wonderful, but I’m not sure anyone’s figure would be flattered by the cut of the bust.

  18. I noticed on the ‘Glamorous’ dress that her dress seems to have a larger blue stripe at the bottom and also a navy piece at the belt line. Thoughts?

    • We have noticed it as well, it seems the dress was altered in terms of volume and the hem. I’m going to work a comparison into a future post. Good topic! :)

  19. Everything has been perfection!! The Temperly today is so beautiful on her! I check for new pictures first thing each morning. Thanks for this always informative blog!

  20. What fun dresses she has worn so far on the tour! It is nice to see her wearing more prints. But I am confused why she is wearing such high necklines in sweltering heat? Even if you are in a cooler fabric, a high neck will make you extremely hot (trust me, I am from the desert where we are 110*F or higher during the summer).

    I love the second dress, but it is not doing any favors for her bust area. I am shocked they missed that when planning her wardrobe.

    BTW…thanks for doing a great job on the blog!

    • I agree about the green dress…makes her bust look like a boy’s! Also, the dip seems to dip too much in the back.

  21. I love the first look, but understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I lean boho in downtime, so it’s right up my alley. I’m ecstatic she wore flats – I love me some heels, but wish she’d worn flats to play cricket the other day – jumping and playing crickets in towering wedges looked silly IMO.

    Why does she keep wearing Temperley??? WHY????? It’s bad, like most Temperley. I did like the formal Termperley outfit she wore yesterday, but it’s the only time I’ve like anyone in Temperley. That mint green dress is unflattering on the model.

    The hair and accessories are MWAH! Love, love, love.

  22. I of course ordered the tunic dress!!! And the mint green dress is just beautiful!!! She brought a great collection of clothes on this tour.

  23. I must say I do not like the fashion choices for this tour, with the exception of Jenny Packham. While they’re more colourful than her usual selections, I think there are other items that would have made more sartorial sense.

    This does not take away from the charities with which she’s involved or the place they visited – this is just a comment on the clothes this trip.

    I agree with katefanatic above: the Temperley dress, while a gorgeous color, was fussy and staid and not her usual style

  24. Both dresses emphasize the Duchess’s gracefulness and elegance. She looks quite comfortable exhibiting this new bohemian flair. The Glamorous brand dress is pretty and a great choice for the nature of the engagement. Although I love that she’s wearing flats, I’m not in love with this pair. The color is so nondescript that she appears to be barefoot upon first glance.

    Even though I am not a fan of all over lace, the jadeTemperley is lovely. With many of the brands dresses, I do feel that the embellishment can be over the top and this is no exception. I think the vertical and horizontal lace pieces are overkill rendering the delicate
    top too busy. However, as they may be necessary for the dress’s foundation support, they may be non negotiable.

    The earrings are beautiful. I’m jealous.

    • I am still looking for the amber earrings she wore years ago! LOL

      Those flats are ugly. Toes too pointy and color too blah. She needs a shoe consultant! Or maybe look at what the models have worn.

  25. I realize this is a fashion blog, so I should likely keep my comments to the clothing, but I stand by something I said in a comment previously – some of the best fashion accessories from the beginning of time are proper posture, a beautiful smile and a crown of lovely hair. Or so my grandmother told me……While I may not always adore everything Catherine wears, I must say what a truly vibrant and lovely young woman she is, and what wonderful emissaries she and her husband are for Britain. It’s often so easy to criticize from the safety of my living room, but it’s hard to argue with that last photo of this post – a princess wearing a £50 dress, £8 earrings, and a smile that is a fashion triumph.

    (And P.S. I am adoring this blog, all the detail in the posts, and the things I’m learning about India I never knew. THANK YOU!)

    • Very nicely said Becca :-) I concurr.

    • Martina

      I agree! I think she’s been very thoughtful in her clothes for this tour, both in style and symbol.

    • Thank you for putting these thoughts into words. I completely agree.

    • That is so beautiful!! Thank you for such a lively comment :)

    • I heartily agree, Becca! I don’t “love” some of the dresses, but I think the are very appropriate to each venue she has visited. I also love the price ranges of the fashions. Well done, Catherine! Cost or something that costs less is not the point. If you love it, wear it. What Kate wears is her choice. I, for one, am enjoying the view! ;)

    • You said it perfectly!

    • nice comment but just yesterday somebody commented that she noticed that Kate is not walking upright and is slouching and I actually noticed too….

      • I agree about her posture, but wanted to focus on the positives of her fashion choices. The duchess’ poor posture is often a distraction for me. I do wish she would pull her shoulders back and lift her head. But she is usually smiling brightly and engaged with her job and, for me at least, that makes up for her slouch.

  26. I like both dresses. Very appropriate for each occasion. I like the green one more for a personal reason. It remembers me the traditional lace works my state (Ceará) is famous for with the tourists.

    I’m confused about the modesty panel, though. It was added just in kate’s version? Temperley london photos also show the same panel. Am I seeing it wrong?

  27. Again, both huge winners in different ways! Love the colours in the the Glamorous. Perfect for the occasion. As for the pale jade Termperly — it’s simply amazing on Kate. The colour flatters her skin and hair (and eyes), the style is chic, en vogue midi length — with an Indian vibe. Am also loving these Downton Abbey undos – what fun! Can’t wait to see more.

  28. I had the “wow” moment I was waiting for with the Temperley dress. She looked stunning. I agree that the modesty panel made her bust look bound up but overall, this is one of the dresses that I’ll remember for a long time!

  29. A meeting with a major head of state is fitting occasion for the duchess to bring out her best of tour, even given it’s up against stiff competition. I have such a grudge on Temperley for past misdemeanours that I find it hard indeed to like a second such within 24 hours, but this is pure magic.

    The colour is heavenly on Kate, and I can totally forgive a return to lace given the present trend for sheer fabric, neat frilled collars and attic chic. Temperley quotes Spanish inspiration for the dress, but the raised neckline also hints at Edwardian Raj for me.

    Much has been made elsewhere about Kate’s use of ‘modesty panels’ but the lines the bodice pattern clearly invite a chemise-style just where it has been placed, and the underskirt has a shorter hemline than any Kate wears at present.

    I love the fluted contrast flares at the hem and the overall length is perfect on the maturing Kate. The outfit as a whole gets my best-of-tour vote because Kate’s updo is so exquisite, worn that bit higher so she can show off her gorgeous McDonough earrings to full effect. I sometimes find the lower ‘do’ as per Sunday night a touch matronly.

    The second outing of traditional Indian design in a maxi dress was neatly brought off with alterations to the high street find. The bold red was eye-catching enough for mixing with a small crowd. Once again Kate would have benefited from an under-slip as the wind folds such light fabric very close to her lean frame.

    I like the departure to the elegant flats, though personally I’d go for something more chunky for walking through the backstreets of Delhi. It’s all too easy to step in something. The simple hairdo and fun earrings brought an informal look together nicely.

    • I meant to add I’m so glad you put two outfits in one post — I was wondering how you could catch up otherwise.! Thank you so much for all this hard work, this is a crazy pace TRH are setting and even they look a touch weary on it.

  30. I pre-ordered the Glamorous tunic dress, and I’m so excited to get it! As much as I love the maxi dress on her, I don’t think it would lay as nicely on myself. The print is so pretty and right up my alley.

  31. I hate hate hate the first dress (red maxi) so much. Looks like a table cloth. I’m confused by her being so covered up (beyond a modesty thing at this point).

    I love the Temperley color. And the dress itself is great minus the neck (not my fav). The shoes are boring but I’ve come to expect that from her and I’ve come to peace with it…to a point.

  32. Excellent post Susan! Thank you so much for the information and photos!
    As for the dress, the online version shows it already with the panel on the torso.
    Maybe the skirt is longer, but the upper panel is already there!

    • Hi Alejandra, thanks for your comment. In the photo of the model leaning against the wall there isn’t a panel. But because it is confusing I made a new graphic with the two images side by side to better demonstrate the difference between the garments. :)

      • But Alejandra’s also correct, Temperley’s website has a listing for the dress (“coming soon”) with the modesty panel as Catherine is wearing it. :)

  33. The first look of the day is perfect. I love that she chose a very affordable dress for the occasion, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to be walking around children with nothing wearing a $1,000 dress. She looked very comfortable and cute.

    The Temperley dress… ugh. Why does she keep insisting on that high neck? I really like the color and the accessories but the dress is so… frilly. It feels like what someone would wear if they had been told what a stereotypical princess wears, but had never actually seen a princess. The hair is absolutely lovely.

  34. Love, love, love the minty green dress … beautiful on her. Love the box pleats and embroidery, not crazy about the collar. She needs to be wearing a different bra or have the bodice adjusted — hard to imagine no one advised that, but maybe she doesn’t have a crowd when she tries things on. But it’s lovely on her other than that. Not sure why the need for all the high collars — none of the Indian women seem to have them. They all have more open necklines.

    The reddish dress in the morning was perfect. Nice to have some sandals — and flats too! Nice change for her. I’m curious why she so often goes towards nude, when blue would have been nice with that dress.

  35. I like both of these! The Maxi dress is spot on! The Temperley dress is a bold color that is difficult for most of us to pull off, but I think she does it well. It photographs nicely as she’s walking with the PM. My one quibble is that it looks like she needs a better bra…

  36. Another hit today by the Duchess. The morning outfit is pretty and looks lovely on Kate. Love the shoes and the earrings. The beautiful green dress is gorgeous. Love the colour on Kate and the style. Kate favours the high necked look and I think in this colour and fabric it works very well. She looks cool and elegant. Love the hairstyle and accessories.I think Kate is spot on with her choices for this tour.

  37. I like the Temperley dress. We often complain that Kate dresses too plainly, so it’s refreshing to see this dress on her. I think the color, lace and garment structure of the dress really liven up the overall look. It’s busy, but she kept her accessories simple to downplay the animated frock.

  38. Two lovely dresses today. This is the first time I’ve ever liked a midi skirt! I think it works because it flares from mid-thigh rather than from the waist. Beautiful colour too.

  39. Absolutely loved both the dresses!! Lovely colors, so perfectly suited to both occasions! And those are my favorite pair or Kiki McDonough earrings from a dozen or so pairs that the Duchess owns!

    Hair spot on for both engagements. Kate is absolutely treating us in terms of hair, jewelry, dresses, colors, shoes, risks taken, silhouettes et al in this trip!

    Waiting for the Anna Sui post :) Bless you for all the hard work you do for these posts Susan!! I am sure you will need a holiday after this trip is over :)

  40. Love both pair of earrings–completely different but beautiful. I also loved the afternoon hair style. The rest….why does she prefer suffocating necklines–there is nothing wrong with her neck. And ruffles after age 30 seem odd–she’s so elegant but has yet to find her own style. Diana’s tailored suits became a signature look in her 30s–perhaps Kate will find her way, too.

  41. I like the new flats – they complemented the long dress nicely. Not a fan of the mint Temperley dress though. I agree that it looks a bit restrictive and uncomfortable. I have very sensitive skin on my neck, so just looking at that lacy high neck makes me itch!

  42. Well, I think the maxi dress was perhaps a little too self-consciously “ethnic,” and I’m not sure a long dress was all that suitable for the occasion, despite the fact that this is a very casual and inexpensive dress. I suppose part of my problem is that I’ve just never warmed to “ethnic” dresses like that; they remind me of the stupendously fashion-disastrous decade of the 1970s. The shoes don’t quite work with the dress either, although I like them. I don’t like the earrings, but they DO work.

    My reservations notwithstanding, the Duchess looked quite nice in this outfit.

    I’m sort of on the fence regarding the aqua Temperley. It’s a little too lacy for me, though the light shade means that the lace effect is subtler than it might otherwise be. However, I find the look as a whole, with the updo, the high neck and long sleeves, and the midi length and pumps, a touch dowdy. On the model, the dress actually looks somewhat edgy, and I think to be genuinely effective, it needs to be creatively accessorized. I don’t expect much in the way of “edge” from the Duchess, and I realize that meeting a head of government called for a dignified presentation, but I can’t help thinking that the look really could have benefited from a little LESS dignity.

    The earrings are delicious. A gift from Prince William?

    • A gift from Kiki McDonough upon the occasion of PC’s birth, I believe :-). One of the nice perks of being the DoC.

      I think I would be having an issue with the matronliness of some of these dresses as well if they were for engagements in the western world. Given the location, I expected more covered looks and somehow, they do not seem frumpy in the current context to me anyway.

      • I wondered whether William had commissioned McDonough to make them after Charlotte’s birth. He seems to have purchased jewelry from her before.

        Yes, I’ve commented on the socially conservative culture of India a couple of times, and on the need to be cognizant of it, but I think the Duchess could have lightened up her look in the Temperley just by wearing her hair down.

        • PW has given her some Kiki pieces, so certainly possible that they were a gift from him. The wording of the press release made me think they were a gift from the designer though.

  43. I absolutely LOVED the mint green dress. Such a beautiful, interesting look, and very Kate. My favourite look of the tour thus far.

  44. Love the flats! Minor miracles exist! (Oh please, Kate, make flats fashionable again.)

    Her first dress proves that she could wear a burlap sack and look nice. I do hope she’s feeling okay though… her shoulder bones were really visible through the fabric.

    Temperley was a great color, but not my fave. Something on the top didn’t look right.

    Bring back her Canada tour hair stylist, please! Kate’s hair never looked better. (Why, oh, why did he have to try to capitalize on her fame?)

    • I agree about her hair stylist! This one just isn’t the same. He used to give her glossy sleek updos, while these tend to be too fussy and prim. And her regular “hair down” look just hasn’t been the same …

  45. Love this look on Kate. The whole outfit is so feminine and floaty and the flat shoes go perfectly with it. In fact these shoes would look even better with the Anita Dongre dress that the Duchess wore for the game of cricket on the first day. The wedges she wore with the AD dress didn’t seem to go with the outfit or for the occasion in my opinion. I wonder why Kate does not wear flats more often – especially with casual mid length/maxi dresses or pants. Queen Letizia is often seen in flats even though her husband King Filipe is really tall but they still look lovely together.

  46. I like the Glamorous dress very much, although it would have been equally lovely and appropriate hemmed to tea length. I am not a fan of the Temperley, It’s fussy, like so much of her line. And the Anna Sui (which I’m sure Susan will post on) is even more overdone.

    Now that we’ve gotten to see a good portion of her tour wardrobe, Kate’s choices are about 50-50 hits and misses. I am perplexed why she took so many maxi dresses, when it was perfectly fine for her to wear tea length or even knee length dresses. There seems to be so much fabric, and so many prints.

    By contrast, Jacqueline Kennedy wore mainly plain colothes, sleeveless and cap sleeved dresses, with a couple of gowns and some coats. Her clothes still look chic all these years later. I think we’ll look back on these choices and wonder what kind of advice Kate received.

    • I agree completely!

      • An interesting topic for a blog post (as if Susan has time) would be a comparison of what other royal ladies (the Queen, Camilla, Diana, etc) have worn in India. I love that Kate has been wearing full-length, especially since it gives her more freedom of movement, and is a nod to local cultural customs, but it is starting to be a bit much.

    • I doubt Jackie Kennedy was playing cricket or sitting on the floor with children from the slums. Different eras and different trips

  47. The Duchess and Temperley are knocking it out of the park with the designs featured on this tour. Last night’s dress was perfection and today’s mint dress is gorgeous. I love the bold color, cut, and lace. I think it fits her divinely and the color combo – the mint against her brown hair is striking. Her hair pulled back is so elegant and regal.

    The first dress is lovely and it is just right for the event. I’m sure this length of dress is a nice change for her, especially during events when she can get on the floor comfortably. I love the hair style – I’m always a fan of her hair pulled back.

  48. Not excited about the first look – it looks matronly, but I like that she added the belt. Adding a Belt=Classic Kate. Those shoes are also not my fave – very “old”. Rounded toe ballet flats would have been a better option. However, I LOVE the price of this dress and earrings. Perfect for the occasion.

    Obsessed with the mint Temperley dress! Such a great color for Kate. I agree with katefanatic about Kate’s chest area – I think she must be wearing a bandeau undergarment, and it’s making her look a bit saggy, and older than her 34 years. (Obviously she’s breastfed two children (I’m assuming), so that’s a factor, but still!) The hair was gorgeous! I love the updo’s we’re seeing, and those earrings are fantastic! My birthday is the same as Charlotte’s, (a few year’s difference, obvi!), but I would love some of those for myself to celebrate my May birthday!

    Thank you Susan for these updates!

  49. Am I mistaken, or does it look like she is wearing less makeup during the events where she will be outside, or walking around quite a bit? I assume it’s because the heat would just melt everything off. If so, she still looks great without it!

  50. I really like all these looks. The red casual dress is lovely. Although I do love the flat shoes she chose, even better – IMO – would have been round, closed toe leather shoes. But that’s a minor thing.
    The mint dress is darling! I love that is cotton, it is really pretty & dressed up without being too fussy. Those new earrings are gorgeous!

    • They are actually a year old – the earrings – custome made to celebrate Charlotte’s birth according to Kikki.0

  51. Loved the first look of the day—light and youthful and appropriate for sitting on the ground with youngsters. Also very affordable when you consider that they are visiting children who literally have nothing. I like the way it was styled and like but don’t love the flats. The inexpensive earrings and relaxed hair set just the right note. Basically perfect for the occasion.

    Second look of the day was back to the Temperley I have come to expect—fussy and busy and too much going on. I think that the modesty panels in the bodice look like her breasts are bound and seem too snug. This looks like a prissy high necked nightie to me. I also don’t think this shade is a good color on the beautiful duchess. Her hair was lovely and I like the shoes but I feel like the dress cuts her at a very odd spot on her calves and makes even her slim pins seem thicker than they are. I find that this look did nothing for her and that is a shame because is lovely.

    • Agree on the dress- it’s not flattered but she’s so attractive the look passes.

      I hate the cheap earrings- they are like a costume. Surely come one could come up with something original

    • I agree about the modesty panels in the bodice; she looks like she’s wearing a rubber band under there.

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