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The Cambridges wrapped up their tour of India and Bhutan with a visually stunning backdrop – the Taj Mahal.

Robert Jobson @TheRoyalEditor

Robert Jobson @TheRoyalEditor

William and Kate arrived from Bhutan midday and stopped at their hotel for a change of clothing and bite to eat before heading to the monument. (Our post about the Bhutan departure and other tidbits is here.) There were signs and banners welcoming the royal party to Agra.

Peter Hunt, The BBC

Peter Hunt, The BBC

It was a brutally hot day, temperatures were around 107℉. There was much discussion about whether or not the Duke and Duchess would sit on ‘Diana’s bench,’ so called because it is where The Princess of Wales posed for photos during a 1992 tour.

Gordon Raynor reports in The Telegraph special efforts were made to keep the bench cool.

With the 41C (106F) heat reflecting up from the marble bench, workers kept dousing the bench in cold water in order to keep it as cool as possible for the couple.

Authorities said there was extra security in place because of the visit but the attraction remained open to the public.  Below, the royals make their way out to pose for photographs in the famous gardens.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Aides told media today’s visit to the remarkable structure and grounds was about “making new memories” for the couple.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Kate looked cool and comfortable despite the temperature.

Richard Palmer

Richard Palmer

Her dress, a classic sheath silhouette.

Stephen Lock/i-Images

Stephen Lock/i-Images

The Duchess wore a piece by Naeem Khan.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

After posing for photographs the couple had a private tour.

James Whatling / Splash News

James Whatling / Splash News

From Gordon Rayner’s story in The Telegraph:

The couple were shown around by tour guide Rizwan Mohammed, 35, who said the Duchess had described the visit as the perfect way to celebrate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary, which falls on April 29.

Kate and William at Taj Mahal

The Mail shares more reaction:

As they came out William was asked: ‘What has today’s visit meant to you?’ to which he replied ‘It’s a beautiful place, stunning designs in there.’

Kate added: ‘It’s been really incredible to learn about the romance of the building and really beautiful architecture.’

Before leaving the couple signed the Taj Mahal guestbook.

Now to what Kate wore: her Naeem Khan frock is from the designer’s 2015 Resort collection.

Courtesy Photo/i-Images

Courtesy Photo/i-Images

It features traditional Mexican embroidery in china blue on white.

Robin Nunn / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

Robin Nunn / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

The dress is a basic sheath shape, with a fitted waist, short sleeves, and detailed embroidery. Kate’s dress has been customized; looking at the hem you see the addition of another tier of embroidery.

Naeem Khan Kate Resort 2015 Dress Hem Differences Taj Tour April 2016

More from The Telegraph:

The Mumbai-born 57-year-old, who moved to New York aged 20 becoming an assistant to the famed fashion designer Halston, has a textile heritage, and still uses his father’s India based embroidery workshops.



The designer has an A-list clientele; customers include First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan and entertainers ranging from Taylor Swift to Jennifer Lopez to Katy Perry.  Below, a portion of a January Us Weekly spread on the designer.

Us Weekly via Naeem Khan Facebook

Us Weekly via Naeem Khan Facebook

Mr. Khan is a gifted designer, and knows his way around a party frock or two.

Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan

The Telegraph has his reaction to learning the Duchess wore one of his designs:

“This is my happiest morning. My son got married last night and The Duchess of Cambridge wears Naeem Khan in India. I am in Heaven.”

He said he had provided Kate’s team with three possibilities when they contacted him several months ago but wasn’t told for sure The Duchess would wear his designs.

A selection of Naeem Khan is carried at Neiman Marcus, as well as Saks and select other retailers.

Kate’s accessories were simple. She did not carry a purse, holding her foldable Ray Ban sunglasses in her hands when not wearing them.

Splash News

Splash News

Her nude heels were a pair we saw throughout the tour, the LK Bennett Fern style in the brand’s ‘trench’ color. (The shoe is out of stock. If interested in being put on the retailer’s email list for updates on the style, you can do that by clicking here.)

LK Bennett/Splash Neews

LK Bennett/Splash Neews

The Duchess did wear the earrings we showed you yesterday, the pair purchased at a trinket shop after the hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

© Polaris/i-Images

© Polaris/i-Images

A bigger view.

Simon Perry Instagram

Simon Perry Instagram

It was an outstanding look for the Duchess, fresh and flattering.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the Taj Mahal

©James Whatling/Splash News

This tour has been a delight, filled with lots of pretty clothing but lots of educational experiences as well. It proved a great opportunity to learn more about a part of the world I don’t know well. Chatting with so many of you has made it especially fun. We have a number of wrap-up posts planned, including some polls asking for your favorites; I am intrigued to find out what you think when we get just a day or two away from the daily visual onslaught.


  • The Express story is here, The Telegraph’s story about the visit is here & its story about Kate’s dress selection is here
  • The Daily Mail’s story is here, The Mirror’s story is here,
  • PopSugar’s photo gallery is here,

  73 Responses to “Kate Wears Naeem Khan for Farewell to India & the 2016 Royal Tour”

  1. I adore this look!! I think it may be my favorite from this tour. She looks so fresh and comfortable and it is a very flattering look on her! I wish I could pull it off myself. And the fact she is wearing the earrings she got at the monastery I think is just so wonderful.

  2. anyone knows how can I get the dress’s image? I want the pattern of this dress.

  3. Ahhh….back to the Kate we all know and love! This style of dress, print, and color combo has always worked for her! I’m in love with it!

  4. I am not an expert at fashion. I usually consider beautiful what my eyes find beautiful. And Kate is always stunning. I am truly moved seeing that she actually wore the earrings. That’s a very big, humble gesture. And I’m overwhelmed. I am from India myself and I find it very flattering that the Duchess actually chose to wear the creations by Indian designers. Anita Dongre is almost a household name to every Indian fashionista. Even I own a dress and a skirt by her.

    On a special note. I visited Bhutan last month and went on a trek to the Tiger’s Nest monastery. It was a pilgrimage for me as I am a practising Buddhist myself. I also bought a bag full of trinkets from those stalls at the Monastery base camp. Oh I am so glad I did.

  5. What a beautiful and perfect look to finish out a (mostly) well done tour, fashion wise. This might be my favorite. Maybe.

  6. ooooh….I just got around to seeing this! I’m a couple posts behind. WOW! Love it. This looks great on her, it is unique and yet I feel like it would be a largely universal flattering dress.

    This is one of the few times I’ve liked her shoes on this tour. In this look, I feel the nude pumps are the right way to go. Don’t fight for attention with that dress, you know?

    The ring and dress look “AWWWE-SOME” (Singing voice) together.

  7. LOVE this look. It does remind me of the LK Bennett dress from the Australia tour but I also loved that dress!

    Someone commented that they are surprised Kate did not wear something that paid homage to Diana (presumably red?) and I’m not sure why she would; they very clearly did not want to recreate that Diana photo. But in addition, the blue and white of the dress really make her sapphire ring stand out, especially since she is not carrying a clutch. So the ring really “pops” against her dress. I’m sure that wasn’t done as a “homage to Diana” but it still stood out to me.

  8. “It was an outstanding look for the Duchess”
    Couldn’t have put it better myself! I gasped throughout this article, this dress is simply stunning and the craftsmanship is insane!! Down to the blue thread lining the very edges of the dress is it simply perfection and I love it! Usually when you show a side by side of the official brands runway pictures and Kate wearing the same dress, Kate ALWAYS looks better but this dress looks simply amazing on both model and Kate! Definitely my absolute favourite look by her, though i think it would have been better with navy shoes, however I think because she didnt carry a clutch, the intent was to have complete focus on the dress so the shoes were meant to blend in with her skin. Anyway this dress is simply fabulous I can’t get over it! lol thanks for this post x

  9. Perfection, absolute perfection! What a way to end this glorious tour. I cannot wait for the next one!

  10. A beautiful couple to say the least! Kate is stunning! I wish William had wore his pants a little looser. They tend to grab in places that should be smooth.

  11. Thanks for all the excellent posts this past week. It’s going to be a bit tough looking at Kate in plain coats and little percher hats again after this ! Although I have my favourite outfits, overall she kept me entertained and impressed. The tour seems to have been a big success in every respect.

    • “It’s going to be a bit tough looking at Kate in plain coats”

      I had the same thought! It was almost jarring to see her in the Emilia Wickstead jacket-dress when they arrived in Bhutan.

      I haven’t loved all her looks on this tour but I love that she’s been stepping outside of her usual style.

  12. This has been a fascinating tour in terms of fashion! It was great to see the Duchess in so many bright colours and prints, even though I was surprised we didn’t see anything from an Indian brand – though there were a lot of ties to the country that I appreciated, like locally-produced textiles. While I wouldn’t wear a lot of the pieces myself, it was lovely to see Kate in such a departure from her usual outfits while still staying true to her style. My favourites were the two casual outfits at the safari and for the hike, as well as this dress. I’d love to get my hands on it but I fear that’ll be impossible at this point!

    Great coverage during the tour and looking forward to the wrap-up posts. :)

  13. Very glad to see Kate wearing an Indian designer – aside from the very brief appearance in the re-jigged Anita Dongre on the first day, she hasn’t worn one in the entire trip. I was surprised that she did not wear Nareem Khan who does magnificent evening dresses for the Bollywood party. Anyway enough said.

    The dress fits her beautifully, and again its nice to see a more modern design that reveals her legs and arms! I do find the overall look of the embroidery pattern rather repetitive of other outfits she has worn. I don’t feel she didn’t really take advantage of the incredible range of Indian fabric and embroidery.

    And of course nude heels. Why is it impossible to have at least one coloured pump? Its not like Kate makes it up as she goes along. All of these outfits would have been carefully planned out months in advance – including accessories. Pictures would have been taken and items packed according to outfit. If they weren’t, someone is not doing their job. I like the turquoise costume earrings and they may have worked very well with this outfit. I don’t know because they are impossible to see when Kate’s hair is down. Again, its a styling thing but if you’re going to wear your hair down, the best earrings to wear are every bright in colour or material. White would have worked and added some light around her face. With a dress pattern this busy not a lot was needed. Stylists’ work really only starts with choosing the base outfit – in this case the dress.

    • They are lapis, actually, and match the blue of the dress well. The earrings that were photographed at the monastery site were the same design but in turquoise. There is one photo out there in which she has her hair behind her ear and they can be seen but otherwise, I agree, not really visible.

    • The reporter said Kate’s earrings she purchased in Bhutan were blue–the turquoise in the reporter’s photo was to show the style. Also, there are photos that show the earrings on Kate at the Taj Mahal.

  14. I have loved the prints and colors that Kate has worn this trip, but this might be my very favorite. Love all around.

  15. Kate looks amazing! Elegant, timeless, cool…it reminds me of that dress from the Australia tour…was it LK Bennet?

    I don’t understand how Kate can wear her hair down in that heat. I would have to wear my hair up. Also I think the shoes do not go very well.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this tour. Even the few “misses”‘ were not off by much and came down to minor details. I’m sure they miss their children, but it seems evident that this has been a memorable and bonding experience for William and Kate. They are fortunate to have each other.

  16. Thank you for all your updates and posts. I’ve enjoyed them thoroughly and will miss seeing Kate daily, and in multiple outfits! I thought the fashion and charm on this tour was the best yet. Many thanks again!

  17. Love this dress and love that they coordinated colors. They are truly a team and I think that was the message they sent, the complete opposite of Charles and Diana. I was wondering if Kate would wear a dress in one of Diana’s colors from her picture as an homage, but upon reflection it wasn’t the point to mimic Diana. The point is that Kate’s experience is completely different from Diana’s, she is protected by William and happy in their life together. I must say that before the tour she hadn’t seemed like herself lately, she always had a smile but the spark was missing somehow. I thought perhaps the spotlight on her was getting to be too much and sh

    • Didn’t finish! I thought perhaps she wanted a quieter life and was weary looking at the years ahead which will bring an even brighter glare. I must say for all the fabulous clothes and jewels and homes, I do not envy her position. But on this tour she seemed so happy and relaxed, I think it rejuvenated them both. Looking forward to seeing this same spark back in the UK!

      • Although they must have missed the children, I think it must have been nice to get away (albeit on a public tour). I hope she retains the vibrancy she found again during this past week.

  18. I’d love to see photos taken of them inside the Taj Mahal. Much of the interior tile work is blue and white, and virtually all of it is in the spirit of the embroidered designs on the dress. It must have been stunning to see.

    Love that she wore Naeem Khan. He’s a genius.

    Thanks for the great coverage. It’s been a wonderful week!

  19. Love this dress. What is the fabric? Is it lined? How does she do it? And stockings? In 107′ weather? Do they walk fanning her while she’s not on camera? Anyone else would look damp!

  20. What a poignant way to close the tour. I actually teared up looking at the two photographs side by side. I’m glad they decided to pose there and make a new memory.

    On a completely superficial level, Kate’s look here is perfection. I love everything about it. And the story behind the earrings– I mean, does it get any better? She literally has access to the crown jewels but chooses locally-made earrings for the day they will have a very important photo taken. Well done, Kate.

    This has been such an enjoyable tour, and I just love coming straight to your site after every stop to get all the details. Your posts are always timely, eloquent and comprehensive… and much appreciated! :)

    • I totally agree with your sentiment about the earrings! It was such an incredibly thoughtful gesture. This has to be one of my fave Kate looks ever!

  21. Beautiful dress on the gorgeous Duchess. Unknown designer Naeem Khan is a genius and his embroidery is masterful. In one stroke he will now be famous. Good for him.

    • He isn ‘t umknown at all. Dresses ladies like Michelle Obama and other Hollywood royaltx. A third of his clients are in Asia and Arabia.

    • Mr. Khan is hardly “unknown.” He is, in fact, VERY well known. He has been Michelle Obama’s go to designer since her husband took office. He is also a staple on the red carpet.

      • Naeem Khan is a top designer and has been for about 15 years. He became famous designing for Halle Berry, among many other clients.

    • He is very well known within the fashion industry. Michelle Obama has been wearing his designs for years. He also typically dresses many celebrities during the awards season.

      • Thanks all…wrong use of word perhaps. Naeem Kham is known in the fashion industry but not as much as his work deserves among others. His clothes are superb.

  22. This is my favorite look of the entire tour. This is the classic, but trendy Kate that I love. She looks fantastic!

  23. A beautiful crisp dress for a sweltering but very moving day.

    As has been in case on previous tours, I am so impressed with the thought that Kate puts in choosing her clothes for each event.

    I loved the entire tour.

  24. At this point, I’m feeling a little toured out (hmm — does that work as a pun on “tired out”?), so I’ll be grateful for a bit of a rest, though not as grateful as our trusty, and surely by now exhausted, Admin, I’ll bet.

    Well, this is echt Duchess: a pretty, sheath-style dress with short or three-quarter-length sleeves. I like the silhouette in general, the blue and white color scheme looks very fresh, despite the fact that we see blue on the Duchess so often, and the dress worked nicely in the context of the Taj, one of the world’s most exquisite treasures of architectural design and ornament.

    I admire Naeem Khan’s evening dresses (Michelle Obama wore a stupefyingly beautiful example at a state dinner for the Indian Prime Minister — truly to die for), but I haven’t been all that familiar with his designs for daywear. If this is a typical example, my guess is that we’ll see the Duchess wear him again, but I doubt I’ll be looking out for any Khans for myself. I’m often willing to watch a high-priced item for months until it gets down to a price I can afford, but it has to be something I think I can’t possibly live without. This dress doesn’t fall into that category. It’s just a little — dull. I’d hoped for something with more sweep and romance.

    But it IS pretty. The Duchess looks charming in it.

    Here’s hoping that the Cambridges genuinely HAVE made “new memories” and that these will replace the old in the minds of media staffers, to the extent that the infamous “Poor Diana Alone at the Taj” photo can be retired and filed away. And to the person who suggested the other day that William’s clothes should be chosen to harmonize with his wife’s: you’ve gotten your wish. It looks to me as though the two of them coordinated their outfits with the photographs in mind.

    • William has just worn his usual blue jacket, & beige trousers (when he isn’t wearing blue ones or jeans). Kate just happens to have chosen blue to wear – instead of any other colour, her shades had to come back to blue sometime, it just so happens that she chose blue for this visit.
      NOTE: Quick admin edit

    • I’m interested that William’s jacket is the only solid colour against this architecturally detailed background. It bring the focus on to him as Diana’s son, while the blue worn by both matches the engagement ring the Duchess thoughtfully displays on her folded hands. That ring has now completed its journey, returning to the fated spot, resolving the angst of the past with a picture of marital harmony. Just my little fancy.

  25. Absolute perfection!

  26. Oh, gosh, I had a weekend long event last week and houseguests until today, so this is this first day I’ve been able to do more than a peak. The setting is, of course, glorious, with a background story of high romance. And Kates just plain looked superb in that dress, with it’s perfect fit, and a tribute to India as well. Brava!

  27. It’s been an amazing journey and a wonderful week.
    Truly magincal and amazing indeed!
    The dress is sooooooooooo perfect for the venue!

    Thank you for your dedication! It was a wonderful and poignant way to finish a super massive successful tour!

  28. First and foremost, thank you again for this amazing coverage of the tour. I have loved every minute of it and look forward to your upcoming additional wrap-up posts and polls – after you have gotten some rest.

    I enjoy and respect this forum (and FaceBook) in which I am both entertained and educated by others’ views and input. That said, If I may, I’d like to respond to a few comments I’ve read repeatedly throughout this tour.

    As for seeing the nude heels so often: Kate is traveling and moving quickly from place to place. Although she has many options in shoes, how many does she – and her staff – really want to deal with in these quick changes and repacks? Kate needs shoes that fit her feet really well so that she can depend on all her shoes fitting comfortably the moment she slips them on. Plus, since she is regularly wearing hosiery, open-toed and sling-back styles can create problems with foot slippage and runs. I know I certainly have “paired” down (pun intended) the number of shoes I take on short, many-outfitted trips. As for today in particular, the nude heels work well with William’s attire – they both are wearing a predominance of white and navy with khaki/fern as their neutral.

    Others complain that Kate’s hair should be down when it’s up and up when it’s down. Think about the number of engagements she has each day. (What does your hair do when it’s been up/down in heat?) I hypothesis that Kate and her stylists determine her most important look of the day, and work her other styles around that. And really, with such beautiful tresses, how wrong can she go?

    As for full skirts versus pencil skirts for plane travel, there’s so much more to her day than the few minutes on the stairs to/from the plane. There are all the ins-and-outs of cars which for which a fuller skirt provides more coverage, and then there’s the time in the air. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to keep my knees and ankles together for however many hours on a plane full of media. Yes, something underneath for the occasional fly-up is a good idea, but I believe Kate, again, wears clothing best suited for the whole of her experience and not just one segment of it.

    A number of comments regard William’s preponderance for navy suits. Although I, too, wonder why we don’t see him in gray, charcoal, and other equally formal color choices, or at least a broader selection of ties, I do find it interesting how many complaints there have been that Kate has been “too costumey” throughout the trip and yet some of these same commenters have wanted William to wear traditional Indian and Bhutanese outfits. Now that would be a costume. William is the future King of England. He has a look and reputation to uphold in all formal and international settings. His role is to represent the sovereign. (How do you feel when friends post photos of you from 20 years ago? William can’t afford those stomach-sinking images in his future.) Thus he has chosen a look that is dependable: just like the queen in her solid hats and coat dresses, we always know which one is William, front, back or side shot. Kate, however, is the cultural ambassador. She wears the fabrics and iconic designs that make us all sigh at how well she recognizes her locale and culture. Thus, they function as a team.

    I work in marketing and learned years ago that color, fabric, logo, shapes and sizes of printed pieces, etc, is never about my personal choice. It’s about what gets the job done the best way to meet and exceed the needs and objectives of the client. The look always is about them, not me. I commend Kate on how well she both chooses and wears clothing for herself and for the multitudes who watch her every move.

    All that said, I have been known to “channel my inner Kate,” which gives me, my family, and friends a giggle.

    Thanks again, Susan. This has been a wonderful week. Best wishes and many thanks to all who contributed.

    • Hear, hear–I agree with your post–very good points Susan!

    • Thank you for this! So well articulated.

    • I could not have expressed it better. Three cheers.

    • Susan, thank you for your comments. You are right on the mark. You have expressed so well what I wanted to say but didn’t have the “silver tongue” to do so. Well done you!

      • Bravo to Susan — our admin — for all her hard work. And to Susan, the commenter, too.

        Let’s not forget William and Harry are millennials. Yes, they’re royals and public figures, but they’re also guys in their 30s. I know very few men in their 30s these days who have a suit wardrobe, unless they work in finance. Most men have one or two suits, because they simply don’t wear them.

        It’s most likely that William decided a while ago that if he was going to wear a suit, it was going to be navy, and that way he can make simple choices on shirts and ties and shoes. Yes, Prince Charles has some pretty dandy suits, especially his double breasted ones, but he’s in his late 60s and you don’t often see him in casual clothes. Whereas, William looks like the kind of man who would rather wear casual, like 90% of men in his age group.

    • Well said, especially regarding the marketing perspective. That’s exactly what they are doing – and so very well, as you said. Thank you for your articulate thoughts!

  29. Well, I had one wish granted at least, Kate chose a slimline sheath. Good length and wind-proof to boot. It’s a fabulous dress and I’m delighted the duchess has featured another Indian designer. My only quibble is that the pattern is too complicated for the setting.

    Diana got it right when she used block colours against the ornate Mughal architecture. I also don’t understand choosing a pattern on a pale background when the Taj itself is famously opaline. Certainly no danger of upstaging Di here at any rate.

    Also wonder why not navy courts rather than washed-out nude. But still an elegant finale to an amazing tour of colour and break-out styles. So, back to greys and beige in rainy Blighty?

    • I love her nude shoes with the dress.

    • My opinion is that Kate wanted to make certain that she didn’t mimic or echo what Diana wore in any way on this engagement. It cannot have been lost on her that there would be side by side comparisons of the pics of today and 24 years ago. That’s why no block colors or etc and why she wore a completely different color palette and a sheath instead of a suit.
      I don’t mind the nude courts when it is this hot outside and I think she looked beautiful and fresh and this entire look was a win for me!

  30. Beautiful dress, but is there royal protocol against touching your spouse in public? The photos look a bit awkward and stiff.

    • I think it’s more of an Indian thing. An American friend of mine married an Indian man and he would never touch her or hold her hand if I was there, not even in their own home when we were all relaxing watching TV. She explained that that would be horrifying in India and he just would never do it. I would think they’re respecting that. Of course every one is different, but even at their young age (20s and 30s) he wouldn’t touch her in front of anyone.

    • My guess is that they are just really, really hot :)

      • I’m giggling at myself, because I immediately thought, “YES, they’re HOT, which is why they should be touching each other!” I totally misconstrued your intended meaning of the word “hot”!!!!!! :-)

      • Both my wedding and engagement pictures were on days over 105F in the Texas summer. We had to touch for the pictures, but man was it uncomfortable and gross!

        On our wedding day, the photographer told us to put our foreheads together as we were facing each other in the church courtyard, so we have a very romantic picture of a sweet embrace and big smiles as we look into each other’s eyes. The reality is that I told my husband as he smushed his sweaty forehead against mine, just before the camera click, “Your people will be my people… your sweat will be my sweat.”

    • Men and women do not touch in punlic in Imdia trafitionally.

  31. Clothes and posture – impeccable. I can not imagine waking up and knowing at some point during the day a photograph for the ages of comparison would be taken….and from every angle. The Taj Mahal is beyond sensual and very emotional.

  32. Perfection. And wearing the charming earrings purchased in Bhutan was brilliant. The Tour has been a delight in every way! Thank you Susan for your incredible posts!

  33. This is one of the best looks of the tour. Not the bright color I thought it would be. Very flattering on her. It doesn’t make her look so skinny. Bet they’re anxious to get home; back to their children and cooler weather.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Appreciate the hard work that goes into it.

  34. Yes, Naeem Khan! This is the one designer I’ve been hoping Kate would wear on this tour. And she looks sensational in it. I hope she starts using him for evening dresses as well.

    This has been my favorite tour as far as Kate’s wardrobe is concerned and it would be great if she would incorporate some of these ideas into her daily outfits back home. I didn’t love every design, but she looked wonderful in all of them and was always appropriate for the place and the occasion.

    Looking forward to the polls!

    • I agree! I did not love every dress in itself but overall I felt her looks on this tour were fresh and updated.

  35. Kate looks fabulous today! She has been so graceful throughout this tour, and she has done a great job of paying respect to her hosts.

    I am so impressed with how as a couple they took ownership of today’s visit and made it their own, while honouring their past.

    Thanks for your excellent reporting! I always turn to your site for the best recap of all of Kate’s comings and goings. I very much appreciate how you keep things positive and respectful, and give us insight into the causes and places she visits and supports.

  36. Bravo Kate! Perfect dress — stunning and lovely. Fits you perfectly. Sheaths are so right for your figure. On the model the dress looks too girly and short. On Kate it looks elegant and chic. So appropriate for the venue. Love that she wore the earrings from Bhutan. Does that woman ever sweat??

  37. The dress is beautiful. I’m going to have a hard time picking my favorite from the tour. Hopefully, you will divide the choices into day and evening wear, maybe day/evening/casual. Mr. Khan should be delighted. The Duchess looks perfect in his design.

  38. Literally had goosebumps looking at these pictures. Such a beautiful dress and monument.

  39. In love with this dress. We’ll done Kate!

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