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The Duchess wore a new Catherine Walker coatdress for today’s National Service of Thanksgiving commemorating the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail &  Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Kate, William and Harry arriving for the service this morning, held at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Her Majesty on the way into the Cathedral with the Duke of Edinburgh. Today is also his 95th birthday.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

The guest of honor was actually a little late.

BBC News

BBC News

More from The Telegraph.

Apparently the Queen was delayed by 10 minutes because of a traffic accident at Embankment, but as the crowds caught sight of the vehicle they cheered.

I believe the railing seen in photos of the St. Paul’s steps is temporary, installed for the today’s event. 

©2016 Crown Copyright, PO Owen Cooban

©2016 Crown Copyright, PO Owen Cooban

St. Paul’s captioned this photo “Members of the congregation delighted by the Queen’s arrival for the National Service of Thanksgiving” on the Cathedral Facebook page

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral

HM wore a primrose yellow coatdress with matching hat, both by Angela Kelly.

BBC via The Royal Family

BBC via The Royal Family

More about today’s service from The Mirror

A total of 53 members of the extended Royal Family packed into the 18th century Cathedral for the service, which was also attended by dignitaries from around the world and Brits representing public service.

Princess Anne.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

From left to right: Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie, Prince Edward, Princess Beatrice, James-Viscount Severn, Prince Harry, Lady Louise Windsor, the Duchess of Cambridge, Sophie-Countess of Wessex, Prince William. 

©2016 Crown Copyright/Sergeant Rupert Frere, RLC

©2016 Crown Copyright/Sergeant Rupert Frere, RLC

Kate curtseys as Harry and William bow when the Queen leaves the Cathedral. 

© Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

© Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Following the service there was a Buckingham Palace reception for visiting Governors-General from Commonwealth Realms. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Those royals not attending the Palace gathering took part in a reception at the Guildhall.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

 You can see Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward in this shot.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Edward and Sophie’s daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, is wearing pink Zara and a Jane Taylor headband, according to Anna the HRH Countess of Wessex blog; below center, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent; Prince Harry is on the right. All are shown as they arrived at the Guildhall.  

All Photos by Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

All Photos by Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

There has been quite a bit of chatter about Lady Amelia Windsor’s look for today’s service. She wore a Chanel piece that blended the brand’s updated tweed with pleating on the front of the dress, as well as the belled bracelet-length sleeves. (I believe Lady Amelia has interned at Chanel.) Her grandfather is the Queen’s cousin, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. Lady Amelia made her Paris debut in 2013, she is 20 years old.      

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Lady Gabriella Windsor, seen below left, and Lady Frederick Windsor (née Sophie Winkelman), seen below right, also received positive comments for their sartorial selections. Lord Frederick (Freddie) is the gentleman in the center. 

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Lord Freddie is the only son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent (seen two photos above); Lady Gabriella is his sister.  

©Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Jason Dawson/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

 Kate speaking with guests at the Guildhall reception. 

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Now to what Kate wore, a wool crepe coatdress by Catherine Walker.  



In this video you can see how Kate’s coat moves. 

The garment combines elements from multiple Catherine Walker designs. Below left, the Rosa Coatdress; on the right, the Melrose Coatdress.

Catherine Walker / Splash News

Catherine Walker / Splash News

Some thought the piece reminiscent of a Catherine Walker style worn by Carole Middleton. Below we show the two pieces probably prompting that reaction; on the left, the ensemble seen at Kate and William’s wedding, and on the right, the look worn for Charlotte’s christening.


©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / PA Wire

Another view of Kate at St. Paul’s today.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

And a closeup of the lace


©James Whatling/Splash News

The Duchess accessorized with what has become her go-to bag, the Nina Clutch in trench (or nude) by LK Bennett.

© /LK Bennett

©Splash News / LK Bennett

She wore the Gianvito Rossi heels we first saw at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party in May.

©Polaris/Net a Porter/Polaris

©Polaris/Net a Porter/Polaris

UPDATE JUNE 15: Kate wears Gianvito Rossi suede heels in the ‘Praline’ colorway. It turns out that ‘praline’ is the correct color name, with thanks to Tiffany C. and Elizabeth of Kate’s Closet, they learned that info from Gianvito Rossi. We show the shoe at My Theresa, where it seems to be available in all sizes ($675). It is also offered at Net-a-Porter where the color is called ‘antique rose,’ and it is available in most sizes ($675).

Kate’s hat is the Jane Taylor style first seen for Princess Charlotte’s christening.

©Splash News/Polaris

©Splash News/Polaris

A closer look at the hat and Kate’s updo.

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/i-Images

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris/i-Images

For jewelry the Duchess wore a new pendant paired with the aqua/diamond drop earrings we have seen previously.



On a side note, The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English shared via Twitter a fun Charlotte update.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

It is possible we’ll see Charlotte tomorrow, along with big brother George, at Trooping the Colour. One more look at Kate as she leaves St. Paul’s Cathedral.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

And another shot of the Queen and Prince Philip, with all best birthday wishes to both.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The service concluded with God Save the Queen.

  We leave you with ’90 Photos for 90 Years’ posted on Twitter by The Royal Family.


  89 Responses to “Kate in Catherine Walker for Church Service Honoring Queen’s 90th Birthday”

  1. I’m sure Kate’s wearing the “Blush” shade!

  2. I love the hat with the coat dress and think it is elegant. The shoes seem to be off and I am not sure if they are photographing wrong or just wrong. It seems a different shoe could have really made this look pop. Of course maybe she was opting for a pair that she has worn in rather then a new shoe to break in.

  3. Very pretty. Upon inspection of the line up, one can identify immediately which is the future queen of england.

  4. First the good—hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes and clutch—perfect. Also, the neckline on the coat was simply gorgeous and I was so happy to not have that “buttoned up to the throat” look. Hemline was exactly where it needed to be and again happy not to see a midi length. Tailoring on the coat was superb.

    Now the not so good—I think that she needed to lose either the frou frou hat or the lace on the front of the dress. IMO either would have worked fine but not both. Hat but no lace or lace but a much simpler hat—either would have been fantastic. The two together served to make this look a tad matronly.

    I don’t get the criticism of the shoes. I also do not get the love for lady Amelia’s Chanel ensemble—it didn’t fit correctly across the bust and looked funeral to me.

  5. Kate looks lovely. Her wardrobe choices will stand the test of time.

  6. This coat reminds me of the gorgeous blue and white lace Temperley Kate wore for tea on the Diamond Jubilee tour in Kuala Lumpur. The dress was much more successful than the coat in my opinion.

    Loved the hat with the white McQueen coat dress, but I’m not sure it works here.

    Also, in the “love it, but not sure it works here” department, I am seriously coveting Kate’s shoes, but agree that they don’t pair well with this dress.

    The Wessex Ladies won the day in the wardrobe department. Louise in a mini fascinator/headband made me so happy!

    My “better luck next time” award goes to the York Princesses. I wanted to like what Eugenie was wearing…maybe she could try again in the Fall with a different foundation garment and shoes that coordinated better. Beatrice’s coat is wearing her, unfortunately.

  7. I too am confused about the Duchess wearing suede shoes at this time of year. Is it now stylist to do so? I’m significantly older than the Duchess so maybe I missed a new rule similar to how now you can wear white shoes outside of the Memorial Day to Labor Day season. Would love any thoughts on this.

    • Isn’t the rule ‘wear what makes you feel good’?

    • This is always my concern as well. I was raised in a “suede is for fall and winter” midset, here in the Southern US. I would never wear suede in June! Then again, just as I realize that the South has some slightly more stringent fashion guidelines than the rest of the USA, perhaps there are different guidelines “across the pond.”

    • Ack! Life has been crazy and I am only now catching up on my royal watching! I rather like this outfit. I don’t usually love this pale blue on the Duchess, but today it works. Maybe the heat, or maybe her complexion has a bit more tan? I do agree with previous posters that I might have preferred her grey shoes and bag to this warm tan, possibly even a paler shade of nude would have been great. It’s a small quibble as this shade blends quite well with her legs/hosiery. Also, as someone else said, that as much as I love these (aquamarine?) gemstones, pearls might have continued the “cream embellishment” theme in a lovely way. And while I generally think she could stand to lose an inch or two off her hemlines, I think I might prefer to add two inches to this one. In the still photos, it looks perfect, but when I watched the video to see the movement of the dress (so fluid!), it felt like a lot of leg showing. May also be my envy of the Duchess’s fabulous gams.

  8. I love the dress- I’m okay with the hat but believe she needed a more sheer and lighter hose. If she really wanted to wear suede pumps they should have been super light in color or matched the blue.

  9. I think Kate fails to “finish” her look – the difference between “nice dress” versus “wow”.

    The coat dress is lovely and very appropriate. Elegant. But she does not complete the look – the beige shoes do not enhance the coat dress – in fact they are jarring since they do not match. Same with the purse.

    If she had worn a shoe and purse dyed to match the blue of the coat dress – or better still a white with blue spectator style pump – it would have finished off the outfit.

    Suede shoes are for fall/winter – she really needs to stop wearing them this time of year.

    Jewelry was perfect but the hat had a bit too much frou frou.

    We notice this sort of stuff because we are fashion critics (LOL) but I would say to most she looked just grand – elegant, ladylike.

    I’d like to see the Queen wear some brimless or smaller brimmed hats – this yellow hat is too hard edges.

  10. Kate is poorly dressed, I prefer it when she wears normal dresses – not tailored ones

  11. Oh, I just love this coat! I don’t think it’s aging at all. It’s nicely tailored to show her lovely figure, which isn’t the least bit matronly, and the lace is beautiful. The Queen’s coatdress was wonderful too, with the cheerful yellow and the scallops.

  12. I don’t believe that this coat dress is too “old”; rather, I find it timeless and elegant and it will still look as wonderful in pictures 20 years from now as it does today. Catherine’s hair and jewelry are also understated and ladylike. The problem IMO with the shoes and the clutch are that they are very warm toned while the dress is very cool toned. In decorating, you would not mix up the cool and warm like that and I think it should be avoided here as well. I know Catherine has some gray court shoes so I’m questioning this choice.

    • Agree on all counts. I think the dress is fine, she looks classic and elegant. Jewelry perfect. Would have liked the grey shoes with this.

      I must say, don’t know what the fuss about Lady Amelia is. Her dress pulled at the chest and overall she doesn’t look polished. Very pretty girl, though.

      Sophie Wessex and Lady Louise looked great. Liked Eugenie’s red. Veto on her sister’s look.

  13. This is a miss for me. I think the lace on Kate’s coat is too busy and pointy. The hat doesn’t look like it goes well with the outfit. I do love the shoes.

    I want to eat the Queen right up! She looks like a lemon bar (in a good way). I love the scalloped design on her coat. She always looks great but I feel the past year there have been a lot of “gasp!” outfits on the Queen.

    Beatrice & Eugenie should borrow Sophie’s stylist. Or something. I never understand why they wear the looks that they do.

  14. Stunning, just stunning. The Duchess looks absolutely beautiful….BRAVO!!!!

  15. I like it. It reminds me of a Wedgwood plate my mum had, so perhaps it’s fond memories. I have to think she’s very constrained in what she can wear to this event. I get why others don’t like it. If it reminds everyone of something your mum wore to your wedding, perhaps it’s time to rethink your choices.

    The shoes are awful, but her shoes have been a long-standing pet peeve of mine (and others). A simpler outfit and amazing shoe would have been a nice change – imagine how amazing a plainer version of the coat would be with the Paul Andrew Ordos pump in white with blue and white flowers?!

    I don’t get the fawning over Lady Amelia Windsor’s outfit. It was funerial, ill-fitting, and she didn’t look like much thought went into the outfit beyond “I’m going to wear Chanel!”

    I love, love, love Lady Louise Windsor in Zara – wonderfully age and event appropriate.

  16. The dress is a very good colour for Kate and I love the neckline – a bit more open and not too done up. I also like her jewellery choice which,I think, works well.
    I agree with many however, there is too much lace down the front which makes the dress too mumsy and does look like something Camilla would choose. I also agree the shoe choice doesn’t work and a more positive colour would look nice.
    Sophie Wessex looks lovely, a very elegant style and combination.

  17. I know this is “What Kate Wore,” but may I first just put in a plug for the lovely Wessex ladies! Louise looks more and more like her grandmother at the same age and I love the pink coat and fascinator. Sophie also knocking it out of the park per usual.

    I love the ice blue color on Kate and was pleased to see this great hat make a reappearance, but agree that the lace is a little fussy and that different shoes/bag (maybe a pale pink instead of the more neutral tones?) might have “popped” a bit better.

    I think Bea and Eugenie are better at taking some of the fashion risks we wish Kate would take more of. Just now looking at Trooping the Colour pics and I see we’ll have more fun things to talk about later!

  18. Loved the colour of the coat dress. It’s good on Kate. Wonder how it would have looked if completely unadorned with the lace? Agree with posts that said the shoe colour was off. Now if you have budget constraints I might not say the same thing but com’on now. Blue Mouret was stunning. Shows she can do it. Maybe when on duty with the family she doesn’t want to upstage the other members. Today’s outfit was too safe. Riding in the carriage with Camilla they cudda been sisters!

  19. Question to any who may know. Why do only Kate, William and Harry bow/curtsey as the Queen is leaving the Church? All those around Kate,William,Harry, appeared to not be doing anything as Kate,William and Harry bowed for the Queen. Thank you to any one who may know the answer:)

    • It has to do with who outranks who and also whether the “underling” has been in the presence of the superior already in the day.

      The Queen outranks the Duke and Duchess and Prince so they are required to curtsy to her the first time they encounter her on any given day. A lot of the time, this encounter happens in private, but apparently the trio wasn’t in the Queen’s presence until services at St. Paul’s yesterday, so they acknowledged her rank the first time they saw her by curtsying to HM.

      That’s the gist of it, though it does get complicated especially when you factor in spouses, particularly those who “are royal” not by birth, but by marriage.

      Here’s an article that gives a little more detail which might be helpful: http://theroyalpost.com/2015/05/16/some-royal-curtsy-etiquette/


    • Ali, the website below may answer some of your questions about curtseys and bows. This is usually done the FIRST time one encounters a royal of higher rank. In answer to your question, perhaps the others not bowing, had already acknowledged the Queen earlier that day.


  20. I agree with most of the others. This outfit really shows all the problems with Kate’s “style”. The pale blue Walker is simply too old for her – it does look like something Camillia or her mother might wear. The appliqued lace is too fussy and formal, made worse with the addition of the hat. I’m very tired of the go-to coatdress look. And please, buy a few more shoes in different colours. The “nude” pumps are so boring. After a few years of this look, at this point it seems so unimaginative. If she is wearing this at 35, what will she be wearing at 50?

    Loved Lady Amelia’s look. She pulled off a rather busy dress with a great hat and a daring splash of yellow. Smart and very modern. No reason why Kate couldn’t do something similar.

  21. I love this coat, especially the color. The lace down the front is kind of fun. Obviously, for such an event, you are required to wear a hat or fascinator, but I would have worn a fascinator over a hat (just a personal preference.) I think the hat is a mite much.

    I truly love the color of this though. I love this color in life as I find it so flattering.

  22. I think this look is just beautiful. She looked wonderful. I like that the coat had a v-neck and it wasn’t really long. The detail and color were fantastic. Her hair was perfect as were her accessories. This is one of my favorite outfits.

  23. Oh, and though this is about what Kate wore, I’d be remiss to not also note Her Majesty looked lovely today! A similar shade to her ensemble from Will and Kate’s wedding, which was another wonderful look. She really stands out in that color, and she looks every inch the monarch at 90. Style and class, while still decidedly her.

  24. Not my favorite look. The lace and the odd tailoring of the shoulders (which on the always impeccable Catherine Walker must be intentional), the dress feels dated and heavy.

    That said, her hair and hat are fantastic, and the jewelry is a lovely compliment to the icy blue color, which does set off nicely. Given her penchant for this particular shade (understandably, it’s great on her), I think this pendant will be nicely versatile.

  25. The Duchess looks beautiful! Yes, the lace is a little fussy, but the color is beautiful on her. No one else has mentioned it (as far as I’ve read) but this coat reminds me a great deal of one of my all-time favorite Kate looks: the ice blue Alice Temperley gown worn on the Jubilee Tour.

    I agree with just about everyone–I would have opted for a lighter pair of shoes and perhaps gone with a slightly simpler hat. Her makeup (yay for some lipstick) and updo were sophisticated. The jewelry is lovely albeit a little delicate and the color is lost against her skin and the color of the jacket. I would love to see Kate in pearls to really make this daytime ensemble pop.

  26. You might enjoy Matriarch, a biography of Queen Mary by Anne Edwards. Queen Mary is my favorite recent queen. Her life spanned from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II. She was engaged to one prince, who died, and married his brother. Her mom had terrible financial problems, and the crown had to bail her out. Plus Queen Mary bought gorgeous, gorgeous clothes and jewels.

  27. Catherine Walker garments are impeccably tailored. Yet, the coat dress that the Duchess wore looked more like what a “mother of the bride” would wear. The Duchess, as always, looks lovely but she needs to put on a bit of weight. She is beginning to look older than her years because of this and that’s something that can be avoided easily.

  28. That updo is to die for!!! Kate looked really beautiful!!! But those shoes….. Why that color!!! She has a lovely pair in off white that would have looked perfect with this outfit.

    Kate sticks to a decided color palette. It’s rare she deviates from the colors she usually prefers. I think her trip to India and Bhutan was a rare deviation on the color front.

    Fussy frou frou matronly – - don’t really care. She looked exquisite!!

  29. This is altogether perfect in my book. So elegant for the occasion. Thank you so much for this blog. It is an absolute delight to read all the detail and I look forward to your updates!

  30. I think the dress was fitting for the occasion. It was a little frou-frou but that’s how royal events tend to be. I HATE the shoes though. Not even nude, sort of an ugly brownish beige, and I can’t believe someone hasn’t told Kate that nude shoes do NOT go with everything. Especially pastel blues. Also the suede is rather fall/winter, and takes away from the springy look. I know Kate probably prefers neutral shoes because they hide the shortness of her calves, but my god, there are light blue shoes, pink shoes, any number of colors that would look good.

    Also is it just me or is Kate wearing thicker/tanner stockings than she normally wears? That actually does look matronly.

  31. Perfectly lovely look for the occasion, but not really anything spectacular. I agree that the hat is wrong and I also think that the matchy matchiness of the coat, lace, hat, necklace, and earrings is sent askew by the taupe shoes and bag. It seems to me that if Kate wanted a matchy look, she should have gone with either dyed to match blue shoes and bag, or white shoes and bag. If she wasn’t going for a matchy look, then she needed to choose jewelry without the blue stones and something different for head gear – although I am not sure anything other than white and or blue would work for the hat.

    Nude shoes are not really neutral, anymore than black or navy or red. They just don’t go with everything and in this case they are a real miss. (Just my opinion, of course)

    Eugenie’s dress is lovely although a bit long for her height, and I agree something other than a black pump would have been better. From what I can see, Solhie looks lovely and is sporting anther great hat!

    • The design and tailoring of this dress is perfect. When I first saw a picture I thought “ooh I love it!” Then I saw another pic and thought….it looks like something Camilla would wear. Which is fine overall, Camilla dresses very nicely, but…Kate could have gone conservative and formal without going matronly.

  32. I like the dress/coat whatever. All-over lace didn’t bother me until I saw the hat…I think there was too much going on with the hat and coat together..A simple ivory hat without too much décor might have worked. By the way, this ensemble reminds me a lot of her outfit on the Easter when visiting Australia…

  33. Your photo has Beatrice and Eugenie switched. :) “From left to right: Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, Prince Edward, Princess Eugenie, James-Viscount Severn, Prince Harry, Lady Louise Windsor, the Duchess of Cambridge, Sophie-Countess of Wessex, Prince William.”

  34. I think she looked lovely today: formal and elegant. I love how the fabric moved and how well tailored the coat dress is. I enjoyed seeing the hat again too! The only issue I have with this ensemble is the suede shoes. The colour seems off, to me, with the dress and clutch, and suede is a heavy material (even in pink) for June and for the flowiness of the coat’s skirt. I think a nude or off white shoe (closer in colour to the hat and lace detail) would have been better. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  35. Lovely look. The lace itself is a little “eh” but the overall look is fresh and beautiful!

    I have to say Lady Louise blew me away. She has grown up into quite the young lady! I loved her outfit.

  36. Kate should have borrowed her mom wore to her wedding. Eugenie looks beautiful.

  37. FYI in the photo looking down on several members of the royal family, you mixed up Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. :) I had to double check via Google because I tend to mix them up myself!

  38. I’m in the “too much frou frou” club! I’m also tired of all the nude/beige/taupe shoes. They blend in so much, it sometimes looks like she’s not wearing shoes at all, but standing on tiptoe.

  39. I would of thought any day to wear the nude pumps I would of thought today would be the day! Not brown!

  40. This represents something of a hand-brake U-turn on the style front and I find myself struggling to switch from slinky Mouret to girlie birthday celebrations. I noticed most of the Royal ladies, including the Queen herself, went for a degree of fussiness, no one really nailed a clean classic look.

    But despite the abundance of lace on Kate’s coat I found myself warming to it as more pictures emerged. I’m trying to tell myself that embellishment is everywhere at the moment and I had better get used to it. It’s unfortunate that the other coat this reminds me of, on top of Carole Middleton’s, is the delicious sleek McQueen Kate wore on tour in Sydney.

    So if I grit my teeth and admire the lace, which in itself is very fine indeed, I find this Catherine Walker also has lovely sleek lines and subtle structured shoulders, and I can certainly concede that it is appropriate for the occasion.

    But I draw a line at that hat. That really is a fuss too far on top of the decorated coatdress, something with less frou-frou was called for. Love the updo.

  41. Kate is 2 for 2 !! I have always loved her in Walker and this may be my favorite so far. Cool and regal. Way to go Kate :)

  42. I don’t find it aging at all. It’s exquisite, all but the hem. One or two more inches would have let it lie just a little more gracefully. Or, a lower heel. I’m convinced Kate does not try on clothes with the shoes she will wear with them. Then, she adds heels and the proportions get nudged off.

    I would love to see her wear pearls with something like this. Her sweet aquamarine jewelry is just not significant enough for a royal occasion.

  43. Those earrings look like longer ones Princess Diana wore. Could they be the same, only shortened??

  44. This look is “fine”. It’s pretty and she looks pretty – but it is so disappointing to see her looking AMAZING in a young, fresh dress last night and then back to a matronly look like this one today. To have the style of your dress compared to your mother’s wardrobe is not what she should be going for, in my opinion.
    On the other hand, Eugenie looked fantastic. The fit of her dress was spot on and the cut-outs make it youthful and fun.

  45. I can’t help but notice that the pics of the Queen’s yellow outfit outside and then inside the church demonstrate quite well why critiquing color based on photographs is inadvisable. Lighting is everything when it comes to color in photos.

  46. Sheer perfection….wouldn’t change a thing.

    I don’t agree with those who find the look aging. Yes, this is conservative but the lace, the delicate pastel colour and the embellished hat look very regal.

    As a plus the hair in an up do adds a very polished look. Well done today, Kate!

    • I agree…this look is perfection. I caught a glimpse of it on Good Morning America as I was leaving for work this morning and it literally stopped me in my tracks. It was beautiful. I am increasing jealous of her closet!

    • I agree, sheer perfection!!

      • I with you! Just beautiful with the ice blue and white appliqué; so very great to see the hat again. Liked that she wore nude pumps – the same dress were shown on the Katherine Walker website with nude pumps – with nice up to date twist of suede. Perfect for the occasion. Does people compare the dress to her mother’s because it’s pale blue? ;-D

    • I agree. The lace is stunning and the fact that she looked so at ease in such a formal look tells me it was a good choice—she really sells it. And so does Eugenie in her red—I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look this good.
      And for those who have mentioned Lady Louise—I’m glad to see that I have company in thinking she is going to grow into a beauty.

  47. I love the coat, she looks lovely, but I would have preferred it in another color. I agree with the other poster that the pale blue with white lace is a bit matronly. A lovely lavender/grey like the Catherine Walker coat example in the post would have been a better choice.

  48. Lovely. The icy blue is a fantastic color on the Duchess and I find her to be stunning in this dress and well-suited to the occasion. I simply love her necklace & earrings.

  49. She looks fantastic and perfect for the occasion. What a gorgeous coat-dress, so elegantly tailored, and with a very beautiful neckline – much better than some of the high-neck styles of late.

  50. I LOVE this coat. 10/10.

  51. Lili
    I agree with your take. The dress is gorgeous but I too am not a huge fan of all the lace. I like the color however and found the hat with it just fine. I love Annes hat and saw the photos of Lady Amelia and her sister and thought they both looked great. Actually think all the Royals looked very good. All very appropriate and attractive. Lady Louise looked very pretty in her pink coat and hat. The Queens outfit was wonderful and can not wait to read about the giant pin she was wearing.

    • The Brooch is the Richmond brooch–a wedding gift to Princess Mary of Tech (Later Queen Mary) when she married the future George V in 1893

  52. It is disappointing after her age-appropriate look last night to see her in an outfit more suited to her mother or Camilla. I have also never been a fan of this hat.

  53. I like this look on Kate, perfect color and tailoring for the occasion and the season, if a bit on the conservative side as Catherine Walker designs typically are. I also liked Eugenie’s red dress but nude shoes and accessories would have been better for June than black. Beatrice’s coat dress was a mess – has she gained weight or is it just the awful cut, pattern and volume of that coat? The most fashion-forward was Lady Amelia in Chanel; love and covet that outfit! If you’re going to wear black in spring, that’s how to do it. Lots of photos on DM if you haven’t seen them.

    • Lady Amelia’s Chanel dress intrigued me, but it pulled across the chest, which I thought a significant design flaw.

      • I noticed the pulling but it may have just been a one shot problem. I have perfectly fitted dresses and tops and if they get tugged a certain way or twisted a bit the buttons can pull. That may not be the case here but it could be as it appears to fit so well.

        • Looked at some more photos of the Chanel dress and it does appear it needs the two side seams let out along the bust area by a smidge. She may not have noticed when she tried it on.

          • I see what looks like pulling but I think that may be the design of the dress. the flattened pleats go across the bust area and repeat just below the waist. It’s a bit odd but I’ve seen this with pleats before.

      • She looks beautiful ElizaMo, and the hat is especially nice. Quite often,, I like what she wears. She has great style.

      • Lady Gabriella has style, I’ve noticed quite often. I’m not so sure about the cream shoes with that red coat, and I haven’t liked everything she’s worn over the years, but whatever it is, Lady Gabriella tends to pull it off.

        In fact, the Kent side of the royal family seems to enjoy, rather naturally, a certain savoir faire where fashion is concerned. Lady Gabriella is innately chic, but so are her Kent cousins, Lady Helen Taylor, and the Ladies Marina and Amelia Windsor. Where Lady Helen is concerned, being the daughter of Katherine, Duchess of Kent, surely helps, but I suspect that the elegance and chic of Princess Marina of Greece, their grandmother, runs in the Kent women’s blood.

      • Wow, Princess Marina — that takes me back. Definitely a classy style gene at work there.

        Cream/nude seems to be the accessory colour of choice with red in summer, not quite sure what the alternatives are during the warmer days, but it would be refreshing to see a change.

        I thought maybe Gabriella’s hat was a touch overdone, but it’s so nice to see both her and Sophie Winkelman stick to classic coat styles with interest in the collar details.

  54. Unfortunately, I can’t be quite as positive about this coat as I was about the Mouret dress. The tailoring is spectacular — a back view of the coat reveals just how truly exquisite the fit and workmanship are– but the pale blue color combined with the lace applique makes the outfit look — a trifle elderly. Well, to be fair, I’ll say that it looks middle-aged, indeed like something Carole Middleton would wear, but I’M middle-aged, and I’d avoid that lacy effect on a coat precisely because I think it’s a little aging.

    I also think that the rather frilly cream percher hat worked better with the starkly unadorned lines of the McQueen christening coat. With the lace trim of the coat, it results in an overall look that’s just a little too frou-frou to suit my personal tastes.

    Don’t get me wrong: basically, the Duchess looks elegant and superbly well-tailored. I’m just quibbling with details. I realize, too, that I sometimes complain about childishness in the design of her clothes, so perhaps I’m being unjust here. It’s hard to strike a balance, especially in your 30s, when you’re leaving real youth behind and facing the onset of middle age, and when you’re also obligated to attend the sorts of ceremonial events, like this one, at which the Duchess must often be present. Most of the time, I think, she manages that balancing act very, very well, if not always the way many of the rest of us would do it.

    • “I also think that the rather frilly cream percher hat worked better with the starkly unadorned lines of the McQueen christening coat. With the lace trim of the coat, it results in an overall look that’s just a little too frou-frou to suit my personal tastes.”

      I see what you mean but I thought since this wasn’t just any ordinary church service, she could afford to be a little frou-frou. She probably chose the hat for this ensemble because the frilly trimmings went with the lace on the coat.

      I agree that the color+lace makes it look like a garment for an older person. I think Kate has some specific ideas of what should be worn to such events and she tends to stick with that. It must be hard to choose an outfit which is appropriate, stylish and maintains royal standards while also keeping with one’s personal style. I don’t think I would do a good job of it myself. :)

    • I’ve been trying to figure out all morning why the hat that I loved for the baptism seems so off today until I read your comment Lili. I think you’ve got it right. It appears fussy with all the lace embellishments on this dress. The blank canvas of the white McQueen set this hat off perfectly.

      I agree with you about the CW dress as well. Its never good when what you are wearing reminds everyone of two dresses your mother has worn. After her fabulous ensemble of last night, this is such a letdown.

    • Oops. I just posted mine and have only now discovered we have a double ‘frou-frou’ on the page here. Oh well, back to rack my brains for some alternative for future use ;-)

    • I also agree with your take Lili-
      I’m finding that this ice blue color is one that is also worn (quite) frequently by Camilla and Catherine’s mother. It’s a rather staid color IMO. A dash of more hue would have helped a lot.

      Beautifully tailored look. Just not a wow-er to me.

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