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The Duchess wowed in a new gown by Roland Mouret for tonight’s Sports Aid gala at Kensington Palace.

ROTA / i-Images

ROTA / i-Images

It looked like a gorgeous evening to be outdoors at Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal)

Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal)

This year’s Sports Ball commemorated the charity’s 40th anniversary.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate has been patron of the organization since 2013.  More from The Evening Standard

The Duchess of Cambridge told of how she cannot wait to cheer on Olympic athletes in Rio as she hosted a special banquet at Kensington Palace to mark SportsAid’s 40th year. 

In the beautiful setting of Kensington Palace’s gardens Kate chatted to former Olympians and Paralympians supported by SportsAid and those hoping for medal glory with the organisation’s support.

Kate and Sharron Davies, a silver medalist at the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

At tonight’s event the Duchess spoke briefly.

SportsAid Facebook

SportsAid Facebook

From a written version of her remarks:

Some of you may know that I love sport.  I love cheering on teams and athletes that I am passionate about.  I love the physical challenge sport presents and the mental strength it gives us all.  And I love the way it so often brings people together to work as part of a team.

The brilliance of SportsAid is in really understanding just how much athletic competition gives to our country as a whole.

Below you see Kate with current and former SportsAid athletes in the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace.

SportsAid Facebook

SportsAid Facebook

Statistics show the charity’s dramatic impact; Richard Palmer has more in his story for The Express:

Almost two-thirds of the British team at London 2012 were former or current recipients of SportsAid’s support, winning 20 Olympic and 27 Paralympic gold medals between them.

© Eddie Mulholland/WPA-Pool/Splash News

© Eddie Mulholland/WPA-Pool/Splash News

Emily Andrews of The Sun shared these pictures on Twitter, on the right you can see the exposed zipper on the back of Kate’s dress.

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@ByEmilyAndrews)

Emily Andrews, The Sun (@ByEmilyAndrews)

For this evening’s dress Kate returned to a designer she’s not worn for quite some time, Roland Mouret.

Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret

Kate wore the ‘Nansen’ gown from the Resort 2016 collection.

Carolyn Durand, ABC News (@CarolynDurand)

Carolyn Durand, ABC News (@CarolynDurand)

The design showcases a look that’s all the rage: ‘cold shoulders,’ so called because of the cut-out design. The piece has a mermaid silhouette, and is made from a viscose/acetate blend with a touch of elastene for stretch and comfort. Other design elements include:

  • an angled neckline with multiple darts and tucks
  • a fitted silhouette with nipped-in waistline
  • an exposed back zipper
Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret

On the Roland Mouret website this color is called ‘royal blue.’  Here is an overview of retailers offering the dress:

The frock comes in other colors. The black version is 40% off at Net-a-Porter, $2226.



It is offered in pale blush at Harrods, where it is $3143; it is also carried in pale blush at FWRD, but that price is much lower, $2597. Neiman Marcus stocks the frock in midnight navy; that price is $2990.

Roland Mouret Nansen Gown Pale Blush Midnight Navy June 9 2016

Kate has worn one two other Roland Mouret designs that we’re aware of, the first was the Manon dress seen when departing Heathrow for the North American tour in 2011.

PA Wire/

PA Wire/

The other is the Ella, originally called the Lombard. We show the Duchess in that garment in December 2013 at the premiere of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” (below left); it was first seen at a private dinner in May of 2012 (below right).


©PA Wire/Splash News

Roland Mouret still offers the Ella in ivory/off-white ($4605), as does Net-a-Porter ($4610). HRH Duchess Kate also discovered the dress in a rich red color called claret at Net-a-Porter ($3985)



This evening Kate accessorized with footwear from Gianvito Rossi, the pair of black sandals we first saw on the tour of India and Bhutan.  The shoes are suede, with ‘pin-thin stiletto’ heels that measure 4.3″. They are $777 and available in only very small or large sizes at Matches Fashion.

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi

Kate carried the black satin Prada clutch that also debuted during the spring tour.



Tonight’s wow factor didn’t just come from Kate’s dress, the Duchess wore a new pair of earrings.



The style appears to match a pair of circa 2010 Cartier hoops currently for sale at Beladora, a vintage and estate jewelry boutique in Beverly Hills.



The earrings are rose, yellow and white 18K gold covered in diamonds. They measure 1-2/8″ in diameter and they’re offered at $36,250. (The original price is shown $56,000.)  Today’s Tip of the Tiara goes to Athena, she discovered the Beladora listing and posted a photo and link on Twitter.



There is also a pair at 1st Dibs with the same measurements, although the info from that vendor dates them to the 1990s.

©Splash News/1st Dibs

©Splash News/1st Dibs

Tiffany C. shared the 1st Dibs link, as well as a photo of actress Cameron Diaz wearing the earrings.

The earrings appear to be part of a Cartier set Kate owns, as they match the Cartier Trinity necklace first worn for a 2012 National Portrait Gallery exhibit featuring Olympic and Paralympic portraits.

©Splash News/Splash News

©Splash News/Splash News

The original retail price for the necklace was £49,000, about $71,000 at today’s exchange rates; that puts the cost of the two pieces somewhere around $127,000. (My guess is that the jewelry was a gift, I wonder if perhaps we’ll see Kate wearing the matching ring someday.) Knowing how Kate enjoys injecting thematic elements into an ensemble it would make sense she would wear something that loosely echoes an Olympic/Paralympic rings theme.

Kate Cartier Trinity Necklace Side by Side SportsAid earrings Beladora Earrings

©Splash News/i-Images/Beladora

This is a look that was met with almost unanimous plaudits from Kate fashion followers and fans. The color is very flattering for Kate; the jewelry and accessories worked well with the gown.


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    Stuart Weitzman

    Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

We’ll see you tomorrow for the National Service of Thanksgiving. 


  96 Responses to “Kate Dazzles in Diamond Earrings for SportsAid Gala at Kensington Palace”

  1. I remember when she wore the necklace to the National Portrait Gallery. I think I read at the time that the necklace and matching earrings were a present from Prince Charles. I guess her father-in-law likes her!

  2. Wow, very different to her usual look! The exposed zip lends a sporty air, as also the earings.The kids must have been wowed. The hair is nice too, a bit less styled, though I think a ponytail would showcase the neckline and earrings better….

  3. I loved this whole look until she turned around. I am so over exposed zippers, especially on high-end dresses that are worn with spectacular Cartier diamond earrings. On a sporty garment garment in a more casual setting, fine. But not here.

  4. En pointe

  5. Beautiful dress. Perfect color for her. Fits her like a glove. How does she stay so thin!

  6. Fantasic !!! Excellent colour! Sexy and classy!

  7. I’m practically singing. Kate looks amaaaazing! I normally dislike comparisons to Diana but the first thought I had was “wow, this is a Diana look”. By that I mean she looks incredibly glamorous. Her hair, that dress with the exposed shoulder and zipper. It’s all very different from the usual, safer choices she makes. This isn’t a risky choice by any means but I do feel it’s younger than the way she usually goes. I’m all for it. Love it.

  8. My newspaper (the Daily Mail) said Kate had a modern look & ‘edgy’ – whatever that means. I found it the usual conservative Kate look. The peep-shoulder was supposed to be the modern look. If I had not seen this in e-mails I would just have thought, okay, yes, another dress – I don’t find anything ‘edgy’ about it (if ‘edgy’ means ‘daring’?).
    It is a glorious shade of royal blue/cobalt & one of the colours that really suit Kate.
    I totally agree the athletes should have had a chance to change into more formal gear!
    I don’t know that underwear is needed with designer dresses, is that not included for Haute Couture?
    As for the zip, one postee said her exposed zip ended at the end of her bottom, it ended just underneath her bottom, politeness stops me saying more. Sophie once wore a tighter version of a blue dress that was even more ‘guess the spot’ than Kate’s – the trouble is people never consider how they look walking away in public…

  9. Love the dress and the look, but anyone else notice there seems to be some “crump-ling” going on in the bust area?

    Given how sleek-fitting this gown is, smooth/seamless undergarments would be de rigeur one would think. However, I wonder if the Duchess was wearing either a lace bra or cami underneath and that’s what I’m seeing… ?

    • I was wondering the same thing, but thought that maybe her bust didn’t fill out the structure of the dress.

      I do love this look, regardless!

  10. This was a beautiful look for her, the dress and jewelry were perfection!

  11. Awesome dress. And I can’t wait for the Rio Olympics! It’s my chance to bump into her. Buying a ticket to Rio now. =P

  12. Excellent post and excellent look!
    Amazing! Love Roland Mouret!

  13. She looks amazing! The dress, earrings, hair – everything is YOUNG and fresh. She always looks her best when she wears age appropriate items and stays away from the more matronly looking garments.

  14. A+++.
    HRH looks amazing.

    I do wish they had let SportAid had let the athletes dress up; eveningwear and gym clothes make for an unfortunate juxtaposition.

  15. This is proof that the DOC can still dress conservatively while looking fresh and modern. I have often complained about the fact that she dresses so matronly so often, more like a contemporary of Camilla, and the defensive response from the commenting masses is always that she has to dress conservatively. To me, conservative does not mean dowdy, and this dress is a great example of how she can be appropriate and still look her age, and a bit more fashion forward.

  16. For once, i think the models represented this dress better than Kate did. Nothing wrong with her wearing it: the cutting is perfect, the color is stunning, and the details are very not so obvious but interesting enough for us to notice…..However, i still think it’s not the best cut for Kate’s figure…it made her look extremely narrow on the bottom. :(

    • Overall, I like the look: the color, “cold shoulder,” earrings, and exposed zipper.

      But I have to agree, the cut of the dress did nothing for her figure, especially from the side. So much so that I can’t rejoice in this look as much as other posters have been.

  17. Royal blue is certainly the Duchess’ color. She simply looks amazing in the gown. In a way it covers what needs to be covered, but the cutouts, darks, silhouette, and exposed zipper keep the gown looking youthful. The earrings are to die for and fit in with the theme of the event. To me, this look was a home run.

    As other commenters have mentioned, I do feel a little bad about those benefitting from SportsAid were in gym attire. I’m sure this was mandatory of them, but I’m sure some of them would have rather dressed up for the gala. Still, just a great event and looking forward to seeing some of those in attendance in the Rio games.

  18. What a lovely look! Fantastic color and the tailoring is superb. The neckline is one of the best she has worn in a while and the nod to the cold shoulder trend is lovely without looking silly. The hair and makeup are perfect. I think an updo would have made the look too formal for the event. Shoe and clutch choice also good.

    I do not think that the Duchess’ earrings are the same as the ones on the Beladora site—I suspect Kate’s are on posts (they are a complete circle with no bypass) whereas the referenced pair are not a complete circle and more of a bypass hoop design.

  19. I adore this dress! Beautiful style, gorgeous color, modern and up-to-date.
    Cold shoulder styles are often overdone. This one is perfect. It’s sleek and edgy, not sleazy. Hair, hoop earrings – lovely!

  20. As everyone knows, I rarely praise something the Duchess has worn unreservedly, but this morning — trumpets, please — I am going to do exactly that.

    I think this dress is a winner all the way around. It’s sleek, sophisticated, and admirably simple, so it addresses my minimalist sensibilities, but it’s also quite visually interesting. I haven’t been a fan of the exposed shoulder trend that is currently all over the stores, but this version works nicely owing to its greater creativity and subtlety.

    (I should mention that I actually recall the actress Francesca Annis wearing a dress very much like this, with the same shoulder treatment, in the British television series “Reckless” some years ago, so I can’t give Mouret full points for originality, but then, I rather doubt he ever saw it.)

    As far as creative visual interest is concerned, I realize that exposed zippers elicit wildly divergent opinions, but I rather like them, especially on otherwise very simple designs, where I think they do add a little useful, and edgy, punctuation. I have no objection at all to this one.

    This intense blue is, of course, one the Duchess’s favorite colors, and it looks great on her, but I’d disappear completely in it, since you need stronger coloring than mine to carry off that shade. If I were buying the dress, I’d go for the navy, in which I think it would work beautifully. I could have wished, by the way, that she’d worn her hair up, so as to show off the shoulder treatment a bit more effectively, but that might have looked a touch too formal for a SportsAid event.

    I’ve never liked that Cartier necklace, but the earrings are fine. I do wonder who splashed out on that set as a gift to her. Some friend.

    All in all, a great look. Terrific.

  21. This look is outstanding. Her best in ages. This gown is more modern than some of her choices, with just enough edge. And I REALLY love the big earrings! I’m not a fan of the chandelier style she usually wears.

  22. This is much more like it. Blue suits her, the sleek, grown up style with a nod to fashion in the shoulders and she has the accessories right (at last). Edgy shoes and slightly blingy but classic earrings – she is a duchess after all and should have some diamonds. It’s a win from me and will be a timeless look. Well done Kate!

  23. Absolutely perfect tailoring. The color is her signature and my favorite. The cold shoulders, seaming detail and exposed zippers are younger design elements, so I think they work perfectly in a “sport” type event.

    Her hair is beautiful, but the video shows how when she wears it completely down and has a speech to make it falls forwards and covers her face. How much better it would have looked for one of the half up styles she wore during the last tour.

  24. I love this dress and the overall look. Sleek, sophisticated, and the right combination of classic and modern. Very well done.

  25. The DOC looks lovely… And her ensemble – $56,000 Cartier earrings, $5,000 Roland Mouret dress (pre-40% off), $800 Gianvito Rossi shoes, and $500 for Prada clutch – fits a gala setting… But it looks so misplaced in the photos with Sharron Davies and the children in T-shirts. Gave me a bit of a laugh actually.

  26. I almost never comment, but my goodness Kate looks incredible! And thanks again for this blog – you do such a great job.

  27. I think she looks wonderful! I don’t even mind the exposed zipper, and I love the colour.

  28. Gorgeous! Young, glamorous, sexy yet totally appropriate for the occasion; I think there’s even a nod to sportswear in the slightly functional fabric of the gown. She looks fab.

    Am surprised at the commenters complaining about her hair – my first thought on seeing the pictures was “Wow, her hair looks great again!” Especially in the formal photo in the garden. The fringe is almost a distant memory….

    • I think her hair looked amazing too. Better than it has in a long time, and it didn’t seem to fall onto her face so much during her speech.

    • totally agree—first thought when I saw the initial pics on twitter is “her hair looks the best it has in a long time” I thought the soft smooth waves were very Veronica Lake to me—lovely. Thank Goodness the fringe is nearly gone

    • I think there is a subgroup of Kate fans who just really really love it when her hair is BIG. And as she gets older and tends to go with a sleeker look (and likely gradually takes some length off), I think these folks are going to be disappointed more often than not.

      I love this dress and look, but agreed with a few other comments that it was an odd mismatch with the young athletes. That said, I am guessing given the schedule (likely other gala attendees wanted to meet the kids too), it just wasn’t feasible to have her meet them earlier in a more casual outfit.

      • Oh, I love the big hair too! That’s why I was so impressed with this, as it seems to be going back in that direction, after a perhaps slightly dowdy interlude.

  29. Once she’d seen the dress in that colour Kate must surely have known that she had to have it. It must also have helped to have no end of one of her favourite styling devices, immaculate seaming detail, creating interest on bodice, hips and even round the armholes.

    The cold-shoulder feature brings everything bang up-to-date within a truly classic silhouette, the fit and colour are superb. I love that the blue echoes the SportsAid colours and the earrings reference the Olympic logo. And this is one reverse-out zip I don’t mind as it’s less marked than the recent fashion and elegantly underscores Kate’s fabulous figure

    The decision to have o other statement jewellery other than those superb earrings was perfect and her hair looks lovely worn loose. All-in-all, a real winner from the Duchess.

  30. I think Kate has a statuesque figure–but this dress was a bit “Vegas” for me–especially with the sorta 70′s vibe hoops. The color definitely makes her stand out–but I think, for such a pricey gown, it looks cheaply made. It’s funny that someone mentioned Victoria Beckham–many feel she “ripped off” Roland Mouret’s designs–especially with the zipper! I think it’s interesting that Kate hasn’t worn Victoria Beckham as she is a British Designer, successful and William is on friendly terms with David Beckham. I have to say, when I saw her in the 2013 pic in the white dress with Zara bib necklace, she looked so much healthier and youthful. It disturbs me how thin she looks–though it is probably from juggling engagements, kids and probably fear of public scrutiny if she ever gained a single pound. I miss her fun hair and sportier, and equally elegant figure!

  31. Stunning dress, spoiled by the tacky exposed zip!

  32. The Duchess looks simply gorgeous! But, so many negative comments! So many know-it-alls when it comes to how a royal duchess should or should not dress! Even ripping her apart on how she positions her hands! I love Kate, and I will continue to visit this site, but from now on, I will refrain from reading the comments, otherwise, my blood pressure will surely explode!

    • I agree 100% with Hazel Ann’s comment. A good many people who comment on this site seem to think that the Duchess of Cambridge is an inanimate paper doll who exists solely to be pulled apart by them! They presume to give her advice on how to dress, walk, stand, on her mannerisms, her make-up, her hair, her jewelry, on how to rear her children, on everything! I visit this site often because I admire the Duchess, and I love to see photos of her. It would be utterly presumptuous of me to find fault with what the Duchess chooses to wear, with her make-up, hair, etc. Her lifestyle will always be way beyond me, and she knows better than me (and better than the nosey-parkers who love to always disparage her) how to properly navigate her world. I’m just happy to watch her! Unfortunately, there are some people who can only be content when they denigrate those who have attained what they will never have! I, like Hazel Ann, will avoid the “Comments” section of this site like the plague!

      • This is a fashion site, not a fan site. The whole point of the comments section is to discuss what the Duchess wears and what people think about it. That’s it; that’s all. Having a negative opinion on something she wears, or on her accessories or hairstyle, is not synonymous with disliking her personally.

        We are not, in fact, here to discuss whether or not we like her personally.

        There are other sites where you can simply be a fan (or not), if that’s what you prefer, but that is not the point of WKW. We try very hard to explain this to participants, but for some reason, it’s been difficult to communicate the message. I suppose we’ll simply have to reiterate it frequently.

      • I agree with you about comments along the lines of “what a princess should wear” or anything related to what’s age-appropriate. But I find that after a bit, you know who will so this and just skip their comments.

  33. Wonderful dress let down by that vulgar exposed zipper. If I was in the market for such a dress I’d be taking it to someone to have that removed.

  34. I really love the dress. I thought the color was bold and her figure looked AMAZING in it!

    But I was disappointed that she was in an evening dress and the organization she was supporting dressed their athletes in t-shirts and shorts. Catherine is usually dressed more formally than those she is visiting when she’s calling on an organization, but this just seemed over the top. Either it’s a formal event and the athletes should be dressed accordingly or it’s not and she should be dressed down accordingly. Even if the organization wanted to make sure their logo was in the photo, they did so with those large banners on either side of the group in the front. I just feel awful for the athletes, meeting the Duchess in gym wear during a gala.

    • I imagine she would’ve felt a little awkward dressed to the nines meeting people in gym kit too! I believe there was a formal event to follow though?

    • Those attending the dinner (not the athletes in the group photo) were dressed in black tie. The gentleman introducing her to everyone was wearing a tux. It was a black tie event. She was not overdressed.

    • I suppose many of these children do not own and could not afford formal clothes, especially not clothes that would compare to Catherine’s ensemble. I think having them wear their “uniform” of logo T-shirt and dark pants or shorts is both practical and kind.

  35. Glamorous! I think her hair and makeup are gorgeous, though the hair does hide the dress design. That’s fine for me because I despise shoulder cutouts; I dislike these particular cutouts less than usual though! At least these cutouts look like a structural design element instead of a “trying to be sexy, so let’s cut out the shoulders of this cheap, droopy, clingy top”. I think this dress is very flattering to her figure.

    • Also, I have liked some exposed zippers in the past, but I do not care for this one, as it ends in an unfortunate place… right at the bottom of her, um, bottom!

  36. I can not say enough about how beautiful she looks tonight!! I loved that she showed more skin and not the usual high neck. It looks like she took some extra chances, even though this is still mild. I love this color on her and was so pleased to see her in something a bit sexier. Still waiting for the tiara and more diamonds!!! I hope we see more of a daring Kate. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful!

  37. Stunning! I think this is a lesson to all of us how expert alterations are necessary to fit our individual bodies. Not many people could fit into a dress like this off the rack without it being altered. I doubt Kate did either.

  38. Her best look in a very, very long time. Beautiful dress except for the exposed back zipper, which rather than giving it edge, makes it look cheap. Too bad. The dress fits her perfectly, but with fabric this unforgiving she should have worn a seamless bra. Given the neckline is the focal point of the dress, an updo would have been a better choice – but she looks lovely in the group shot. Although we don’t see them in these pictures, her feet don’t look great. I wish she’d had a proper pedicure before this event. But this is a BIG improvement on what she’s been wearing for the last year or so.

    • Kate doesn’t seem to like pedicures does she? She always keeps her fingernails nearly groomed with what looks like a very natural polish (I always assumed so as that any chips would be hard to spot?). I remember one event went she wore some Jimmy Choose with a lovely red pedicure. It looked so much better, I just don’t like bare toes!

      • Her toes looked groomed neat and with polish. Her fingernails equally so. I happen to like that look and one that is easy to live with.

  39. She looks amazing, as always. I always looks forward to the new photos. Thanks.

  40. I love this dress. The “cold shoulders,” the mermaid shape, the colour — I think they are all just great together.

    One of the things I like best is the way that it lies at the neck/collar bones. So often in my observation dresses with an angular style are made of a rather firm fabric and don’t follow the natural curve of the body. This dress does, and it works beautifully to my eyes at least.

    I like exposed zippers, so you’ll find no complaint from me on that score either. I do think that there’s a certain stiffness in the zipper just below the hips — it doesn’t seem to curve all that well — but that’s a minor quibble.

    I can’t talk about the shoes because their existence in the world makes my feet hurt. They look tremendous, though!

  41. Although I normally love Kate’s blown out, full hair, this sleek styling was a perfectly balanced compliment to the super-slim lines of the Roland Mouret dress. Otherwise she would have had a top-heavy look. Hair, dress, simple earrings (regardless of cost), light and fresh make up- this is one of the best summer combinations she has ever put together (and there have been many).

  42. This shade of blue nicely echoes the charity’s logo as well

  43. Love this look! It’s modern unlike so many other ensembles Kate has been wearing lately. I found the new official portrait of her in that girly 3 quarter sleeve jacket and pleated skirt rather hideous. I’m applauding the look of this modern princess in “royal” blue and an edgy exposed zipper. Fantastic!

  44. Exposed zippers are a trademark of Roland Mouret, along with the seams and darting. What alarms me is how thin she looks. I’m not a fan of commenting on any women’s weight, but she practically disappears in the sideways pictures, and looks like a lollipop in some of the others. I have a couple of Mouret’s dresses, and they really accentuate curves (in a good way), leading me to think she really has no curves. On the positive, I do like the dress and the shoes – navy and blue is a modern combination.

    • I imagine it’s the public pressure, I can’t imagine being as scrutinised as she is. I bet she’s frightened to put on a single pound.

    • I try not to reply to people regarding this because it is one of my very sensitive topics, but since I have to travel through all of these comments before I can make my own, I saw this one so I will say something. I have Kate’s frame, although I’m much shorter. I’m very athletic, like Kate. I have a young nephew around Kate’s childrens’ age (16 months) who comes over all of the time. I am constantly eating but, yes, I have collarbones and scapulas that stick out. It’s just my fat distribution. It’s very painful to get comments like this in real life.

      Think about it this way, if you were talking to Kate in real life, would you tell her that?

  45. Kate looks stunning. That dress is perfect in my eyes. The color, The style..the jewelry.. perfection! Well done.

  46. I thought her makeup looked great!

  47. WOW – Kate hit a home run tonight, hair, earrings and that lovely dress!!!

  48. How on earth can anyone criticize Kate’s hair, etc.? She looks absolutely fabulous.

  49. Referring to “her” speech – mental strength and teamwork – her wardrobes as well as her l.i.f.e. require this. Brilliant – color, style, jewels. Team Catherine!!

  50. That exposed zipper is extremely ….. unfortunate. We’re supposed to be looking at the beautiful dress, not that cheap zipper.

    • My thoughts exactly. I love everything else–the color, the cut, her hair and makeup, and those gorgeous earrings, but the exposed zipper just knocked 5k off the look. For people who think the exposed zipper makes the dress youthful–why? Is it because exposed zippers are trendy or is it because young people tend to not have the income to purchase gowns with invisible zippers and thus they buy the exposed zipper version?

      Either way, she still looks great, but I, too, would have had the dress tailored to replace the zipper.

  51. Very interesting dress. I think it would be a difficult dress to wear actually, with the very bold color, all the seams and darts, the cut-out shoulders and zipper – there’s a lot going on, a lot of people would disappear under all that, but she pulls it off.

    I notice in the picture in the gardens that she’s holding her hands that odd way again, the nervous clutching of the fingers. I certainly sympathize, it’s hard to know what to do with empty hands, even when you’re not being photographed from every angle. It just looks very awkward. I do wish she’d practice something else to do with her hands when she doesn’t have a clutch to hold. Maybe lightly grasping higher up by the wrist, keeping the fingers relaxed. It would visually change the proportion of her arms and hands just enough that they would look much more graceful.

    Note: This is the sort of minute detail we practice in ballet, if you’re wondering why I would care. Those kind of details can really change the whole effect though. It’s the kind of thing when we do our hands and arms well, people focus on the face and the movement, but if the arms are stiff, that’s all people see.

    • The young lady to the right of Catherine has a relaxed hand clasp. I don’t understand why people clasp their hands at all though. I think it usually makes the person look like they are clutching themselves like a child who needs to use the restroom. I never clasp my hands in pictures. Is this something generally done for formal portraits? The groomsmen in our wedding were told to clasp their hands, but I thought it was to keep them from fidgeting. The ladies had bouquets.

  52. Victoria Beckham called. She wants to borrow this for the next Spice Girls reunion.

  53. She is absolutely stunning in that dress – in the truest sense of the word. It’s a total eye stopper. Just lovely.

    Not a fan of the exposed zipper though, but small price to pay for such a gorgeous dress.

  54. I liked the colour and style of the dress and the overall look, until I saw the back view. There is something about an exposed zipper that looks all wrong to me. A zipper is about function and I don’t think there is anything stylist or polished about it. I sew quite a lot of my own clothes and am always careful about installing the zipper, to hide it as much as possible. Perhaps an exposed zipper can look funky on a causal outfit, but on an elegant gown it takes away from the sophistication.

    • For me, the zipper works. Gives the dress a little bit of edge and accentuates her shape. When well done, exposed hardware can be a great design detail that gives the clothing more interest and appeal.

  55. I think it’s a great look overall. My one quibble is the exposed zipper. I don’t object to the concept, I just don’t like it in formal wear. But the color and fit are great and the overall look is fresh and modern. Well done.

  56. I love the dress and it does show off her figure well. The color is delightful. The hair on the other hand is so bad. And the lack of makeup leaves me wondering if she really needs a colorist to help with night events. A brighter lip and bigger hair would do so much…

    • Catherine’s thin lips are not able to display stronger color and not disappear. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with nude or pale pink lipsticks.

  57. This is a fantastic look!! I love the color and the fit is fantastic. Two thumbs ways up.

  58. She wore Mouret to leave for Canada as well. It was gorgeous!

  59. By my count this is the third Mouret design Kate has worn; there was another dress she wore at the start of the Canada tour back in 2011: http://whatkatewore.com/2011/06/30/kate-mixes-showcases-international-designers-for-royal-tour-kickoff/

  60. My first thought was how bad and flat Kate’s hair looked! It’s like she gave her hairdresser a night off and did it herself.
    The dress is young and fresh – but it does show how very very thin she is!
    Nice but the hair lets it down for me


  62. I think she looks smashing. She seems to favor this shade of blue, and that is a great thing because it looks great on her. The Cartier earrings were a nice surprise for me because I love seeing her wear hoops.

  63. Maybe the earrings were a gift from William for their 5 year anniversary?!

  64. She looks gorgeous! A supreme choice. But there is something too dreary about it.

  65. Yes Kate, yes!!!! Perfect, stunning, sleek, modern — yes! And you’re rocking big earrings, yes!!!

  66. I love those earrings and they look fabulous with her long dark hair. She looks great- almost sexy but still royal.

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