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The Duchess brought back a fan favorite for today’s matches at Wimbledon. Here you see Kate being escorted by Philip Brook, chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. 

Thomas Lovelock/AELTC

Thomas Lovelock/AELTC

Many fans will recognize the frock as the Roksanda Ilincic dress worn for Kate, William and George’s arrival in Australia during the 2014 tour. (Check the end of the post for info about Rebecca Deacon’s dress.) 

In this photo Greg Rusedski, a former player, is to Kate’s immediate left.  

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

The Duchess meeting Oracene Price, the mother of Venus and Serena Williams.



Below, Kate greets ball boys and girls and other dignitaries.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kate attracted quite a crowd.

It was a gorgeous day for tennis.



The Duchess heading to her seat to watch the match between Serena Williams and Elena Vesnina.

BBC Tennis @BBCTennis

BBC Tennis @BBCTennis

Kate seated at Centre Court; Gill Brook (Mr. Brook’s wife) is on Kate’s right. Behind her to the right you can see Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame, to his left is his wife, Linda Gibb.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

From this angle you can see Sophie, Countess of Wessex second from the right. Almost directly behind the Countess is Dame Maggie Smith.



It turns out that Prince George also likes tennis, more from The Guardian:

He may be third in line to become king but it always pays to keep one’s options open. Prince George, two, is already playing tennis, his mother, Kate, revealed during a visit to Wimbledon on Thursday…

Serena Williams in action.



Another view.

Bob Martin/AELTC Facebook Page

Bob Martin/AELTC Facebook Page

We first saw Kate wearing this frock when arriving in Sydney, Australia in 2014.

i-Images/Polaris, Splash News.com, i-Images/www.i-Images.co

i-Images/Polaris, Splash News.com, i-Images/www.i-Images.co

The garment is a custom version of the Ryedale dress from the Roksanda Ilincic s/s 2014 collection. Below we show it in its original state. Kate Ilincic Ryedale Dress Pix Here are the changes made to the dress:

  • The neckline was squared off, it is not the rounded neckline seen above
  • Excess fabric was taken out of the belled sleeves
  • The colors were reversed; what is white in the photo above is yellow, what is yellow becomes white in Kate’s dress

This is the dress sometimes referred to as “the banana dress” by Kate fashion followers because Kate told a woman in Sydney that ‘William said I look like a banana.’  Another perspective on the colors from today’s Telegraph story by Emma Spedding:

Perhaps today it is more fitting to call this her ‘Slazenger dress’ though as the luminous colour with white blocks on the skirt and sleeves has led to tennis ball comparisons from some editors on the Telegraph fashion desk.  A refreshing alternative to tennis whites.

Now to Kate’s jewelry.

©Splash News/i-Images

©Splash News/i-Images

The Duchess was in the same earrings worn to last night’s Art Fund awards.



They are by Soru Jewellery, the brand’s Baroque Pearl Earrings in gold.

Soru Jewellery/Polaris/Soru Jewellery

Soru Jewellery/Polaris/Soru Jewellery

The earrings feature iridescent baroque pearls and Swarovski crystals in an 18ct yellow gold vermeil over sterling silver setting. They retail for £130 (about $170) and were purchased at Baar and Bass. The style will be available to order soon according to both Soru and Baar and Bass, either firm may be emailed if you would like to be put on a waiting list for the earrings.

Kate also wore her Ballon Bleu watch by Cartier.  

Kate carried a bag from a designer new to her wardrobe (as best we know), Victoria Beckham.

Joel Marklund/AELTC

Joel Marklund/AELTC

It is the Quincy Leather Tote Bag in textured white leather with dark green piping. The bag is made of 90% buffalo leather/10% calf leather; it features an adjustable strap that can be removed, canvas lining, and interior pockets. It originally retailed for £995, roughly $1300 at today’s exchange rates.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Our thanks to both Christin (@PackhamGown) and Michelle (@PerthsFashion) on Twitter for their ID assistance on Kate’s earrings and the tote.

The Duchess accessorized with the Malory pump in nude kid by Rupert Sanderson ($675). NOTE: An earlier version of the post used an incorrect product photo with a patent leather Malory, many thanks to Martina for her comment, it prompted me to locate a photo showing Kate’s heels.

©Splash News/Rupert Sanderson

©Splash News/Rupert Sanderson

We saw the return of Kate’s Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. It looks like it could be one of her folding pair, but I need to find a better photo to be sure which style she is wearing.



Serena Williams was victorious in her match, more from CBS Sports.

Williams, the No. 1 player in the world, easily dispatched of unseeded Elena Vesnina in the Wimbledon semifinals to advance to her 28th Grand Slam final, her ninth at the All England Club.

The 6-2, 6-0 win took only 49 minutes, the shortest women’s match of the entire tournament.

She will play for the Championship on Saturday.



Kate and Sophie with the Brooks.

Joe Toth/AELTC

Joe Toth/AELTC

I’ve had a number of inquiries about the dress worn by Kate’s private secretary, Rebecca Deacon. It is the Kara by Madderson London. The dress is a classic shirtwaist and on sale for £98, still available in UK sizes 12 and 14.

Madderson London/Polaris

We’ll see you tomorrow for the Royal International Air Tattoo.


  92 Responses to “Kate in Roksanda Ilincic with New Victoria Beckham Bag for Wimbledon”

  1. I love this dress! But I think the earrings and heels are a bizarre choice for it. The earrings are arty and formal – I think she should wear clean, simple, modern silver earrings with this dress – hoops even. And much more casual shoes, although the nude is fine (but wouldn’t dark green be cool with the dark green piping on the bag?).

  2. I have wondered why Katherine had not worn anything by Victoria Beckham. The Beckham’s are personal friends and Victoria’s designs are surprisingly good. (OK, I did not expect much from a Spice Girl but she proved me wrong!) Perhaps a stunning dress from Victoria is in our future. As for her predictable style choices, my humble observations about the Brits is their love of uniforms. The Queen wears a uniform for her appearances. We know she will appear in a hat, gloves, dress, coat, and sensible pumps. I believe Katherine is developing her own form of uniform for public appearances.

  3. Am I the only one to think those earrings are just plain ugly?!?

    I thought the bag and the dress worked well, not so sure about the high heels… Love the sunglasses!

  4. I loved this dress the first time and still do. I think it was a great choice for tennis. The bag and her hair and makeup are also lovely. I loved the earrings last night; they might be a bit too dressy or “evening” for daytime tennis, but not overly so.

    I don’t mind the nude heels but I would probably have worn those sandals she wore to a polo event in LA–a bit more casual but still dressy enough for the royal box.

    overall she looks happy and engaged.

  5. Like the dress as much as the first time she wore it. Lovely summer colour and shows her figure with elegance and style.

  6. Er.. If I am not too mistaken that’s Professor Mcgonagall behind the Duchess. This made my day.
    Piertotum Wimbledon.

  7. I loved this dress the first time around and I still do. The colours and fabrics are perfect for the venue and season.

  8. Love the return of this unique dress, so summery and cheerful. I wish I could wear that color.
    It’s great to see Kate and Sophie supporting women’s tennis. I also enjoyed the selfie by Serena – that was a surprise!

  9. Dress – lovely, flattering, summery. Perfect length.
    Shoes – so so but if she likes them and feels comfy in them then that’s fine.
    Bag – gorgeous. Wish someone would give me one.
    Hair – blech. Messy, tucked behind in the usual haphazard style. If she’s always having to fidget with it then it is NOT a good style. Maybe it’s an old nervous habit, something to do with her hands, but she really needs to drop it.
    NOTE: Admin Edit

  10. I like this dress the first time around, and love it this time too! So apt for tennis-watching. A bit more formal, but I guess the VIP box dress code is different. Everyone there looks so formal!

    That is a great earring, and glad to see something so reasonably-priced and beautiful.

    Rebecca Deacon’s dress is also fun. I would not like to be in Kate’s shoes, but I’d love to be in Rebecca’s! She has the most fun job in the world.

  11. A pair of sandals would have been younger and more suitable for a nice day of watching tennis…as long as they were not her Weitzman cork wedges which should have been tossed two seasons ago!

  12. IMO this is one of Kate’s best dresses, so glad to see it again. It does look though like the fabric is sagging a bit – compare rear shot from Australia to today. A high quality garment should not do that after a couple of wears. But once again, I don’t think the dress was accessorized to take it to another level. The drop earrings don’t work – a more sporty colourful and dramatic earring would have been better and if she must wear a pump how about a peep toe? At this point I would like to get rid of all her nude pumps. The VB purse is fine, although a bit conservative for tennis.

    • I noticed the fit difference too, but I think it looks more like she’s lost weight. My skirts do the same thing.

  13. Is that Dame Maggie Smith sitting behind her?

  14. I inquired about the Baroque earrings by e-mail and was told by Soru Jewelry they would be available in about 2 weeks. They will let me know.

  15. Kudos to Kate for ditching the clutch and carrying a real purse.

    I thought Kate looked like a tennis ball and William has said he doesn’t like the dress, but apparently she does.

    I thought Sophie looked lovely, love the color of her skirt.

    At this point, the nude heels are silly. Why is she trying to tower over everyone? She’s already tall.

    • I have no problem with such high heels, although I couldn’t walk ten feet in them. But I always wonder why Kate wears them to sporting events and other casual outings. It is a happy day for me if I can wear comfortable, walkable shoes. In summer sandals look very pretty and are much easier on the feet, legs and back. Maybe as she ages, Kate will know the joys of truly comfy shoes.

  16. I love this dress but not as much as the look on that ball boys face! No questions on what he’s thinking!!!! :)

  17. So glad she brought back this dress. I LOVE it, perfect for a tennis match outing.

  18. This is probably such a dumb question! But does anyone know why Rebecca would be carrying Kate’s bag as she entered? Clearly Kate carried it herself the rest of the time, as she made her way to her seat, etc.

    Is it some sort of protocol thing that I’m not aware of? Because it seems to me that handbag-toting would be something a lady-in-waiting might do, not a secretary? But I definitely could be wrong and I’m sure someone here knows the answer!

    • I was thinking the same thing…but concluded that perhaps it was just so she could have her hands/forearm free when shaking hands and chatting with everyone. And then took it to her seat as it had her sunglasses in it, etc.

    • Just a guess, but I think it might be because she was shaking hands and chatting with folks on the way in.

    • She most likely carries it when she knows Kate has to shake hands. She probably began with a lot of meet and greet at Wimbledon, so Rebecca held the bag, then when Kate went into the stands she handed it back to her.

  19. I’m so glad she brought back this dress. I like seeing her in brighter colors. I think the earrings were a bit much for a sporting event. I would have loved to see the Heavenly Necklaces earrings or the double drop pearl earrings on her today.

  20. It’s good to see Kate with a real handbag rather than a tiny clutch. It looks more grown up. I’d change the shoe colour slightly but otherwise, she looks just right for Wimbledon.

  21. Love the banana dress, but the shoes…..come on, Kate, you are at a tennis match. What’s with the super-dressy, really high heels?

    • You can see in the photos that everyone is dressed up–that is the protocol, especially for those sitting in the Royal Box area. As Kate typically wears high heels, it makes sense that she would continue to do so at this event. I love seeing this dress again and love the change to yellow from white featured in the original design.

    • I believe when Kate first wore this dress in Australia, that she said WIlliam stated she looked like a banana.

    • Seconded! I wouldn’t even call them super-dressy, just boring. They are exactly the type of shoes I wear to my conservative office, because it’s a CONSERVATIVE OFFICE. She’s not wearing pantyhose so a sandal with a slightly chunky heel would look amazing. I’m THRILLED she’s carrying a proper bag, and such a nice one at that.

  22. Hi, Kate was also wearing some sunglasses during the match. Do you know who makes them? Many thanks!

  23. Oh SO happy to see this dress again. Loved it in Australia — such a happy, striking site against the Opera House — and here so lovely. Fresh, modern, happy yellow — a color she looks great in. I agree the earrings are too boho for this outfit but perfect last night. Some crisp edgy silver earrings would have been great. And different shoes … we’ve never seen her in white shoes … without stockings you could imagine lovely white sandals with this outfit. Fun to see a new bag. Altogether, fabulous — hope we see this dress a lot more!

    • I agree with you, Melanie, that sandals and less formal earrings would work better for a sporting event. That said, I do love the earrings.

      As far as wearing white shoes goes, at Charlotte’s christening her shoes were almost white…perhaps a cream colour.

  24. I think she only has to wear stockings when she’s representing the Queen or on official duty. Pretty much she’s just going to watch a tennis game … may not be viewed as official at all so she can go stocking-free.

  25. Hello,
    I enjoy your site and would like your guys’ expert advice. Your website not only gives us all the wonderful details of what Kate wears but also gives us ways to replicate or “replikate” the style. Although I am an avid follower of Kate, I am still very perplexed as to how she puts her outfits together for each occasion. Since I am not a royal and you at What Kate Wore are obvious Kate style experts, I was wondering if you could do an article on how to dress like Kate for our everyday lives for places like work, school, dinners, dates, etc.

  26. I will have to look at her nylons, I have not picked up on her wearing heavier more old lady nylons.

  27. Great choice for Wimbledon – bright, sporty but still dressy enough for the Royal Box. (Though I do always feel it would be better described as a bespoke dress incorporating elements of the Ryedale, given how much has been changed!)

    Those front row seats look extremely comfortable! I hadn’t noticed before how much more plush they are than the ones behind.

  28. I like this outfit on Kate and it is very appropriate for Wimbleton. My only quibble is with the shoes. Kate wore a pair of shoes when she and William were in LA, I think to a polo match? Anyway, those would have been much better. The pumps to my eye are bit to dressy to wear with bare legs to a tennis match.

  29. The Duchess was on Serena’s SnapChat: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/07/the-duchess-of-cambridge-meets-excited-serena-williams-in-snapch/

    I love this dress. It’s pretty and festive and perfect for the tennis.

    For a moment, I thought Mrs. Gill was Mary Berry. We know Kate and William are fans of The Great British Bakeoff.

  30. Lovely look for a a summer day! I agree that the alterations made to Kate’s version of the dress make it a far better garment.

  31. Very happy to see this dress again and get loads of close-ups of seaming and fit. Such a fun pick to have caught the colours of the tennis balls, a witty take on a Wimbledon outfit.

    And delighted we have such a full account in pictures and words of the amazing earrings. I loved them with last night’s dress, I’m not so sure they work with the snappy Ilincic, they have more of a boho vibe for me. But it’s so interesting that Kate seems to be branching out into more chunky ear-wear.

    And wow — we finally have a nod to VB! It’s a lovely classic tote — green stripes though? Still, they’re restrained enough not to confuse the bold yellow of Kate’s dress and the white chimes well with the Ilincic contrast panels.

    Are the shoes new? Not sure how many Sandersons she has now — gorgeous shoes whatever. I have no problem with multiple pairs of courts of this quality.

  32. I think a summery, outdoor sports event is the right place to give this dress use. But am I only one who finds it funny that she quite literally matches a tennis ball? ;o)

  33. I haven’t a lot to say about this dress this time around. I loved it on its first outing, while lamenting the fact that I can’t wear that color, so I’m happy to see it again. I’m not convinced that it was quite the thing for tennis — the Duchess has worn a few items to Wimbledon that I wouldn’t have worn to watch tennis — and I really think the earrings were unsuitable with the dress and for the venue. They are evening items, I think. (And now that I can see them well, I have to say that I’m not thrilled by them. That’s just a matter of personal taste.)

    But basically, the Duchess looks fine. I happened to think just the other day that we might see that Roksanda again soon. Mere coincidence, since I am definitely not gifted with pre-cognition!

    • I agree with you on the earrings, they don’t seem to match the dress that well and are add a lot to what’s going on with with watch and how loud the dress is. I can’t help but wonder if she felt like she didn’t get to promote them very well last night since none of the shots of them were that clear? I know it might be taking the “Kate communicates with the public through her fashion choices” concept a little far to think that she checks how much press something got and might want to repeat it, but we barely saw those earrings last night and today was a good opportunity to let the press get clear shots of them. Or perhaps she is just really excited about her near earrings :)

      • Haha I had the same thought – either she wants to make sure the designer gets exposure, or she just really really likes them!

      • I think she probably likes her new earrings and also felt like grabbing them off the dresser instead of thinking of a different pair.

  34. The nude pumps she wore today are the LK Bennet Fern Nappa trench courts.

    • I thought they could be as well, but Rupert Sanderson sent out a notice indicating Kate was in their Malory, I think they are correct. When I have a better photo showing her heels I will add it to the post. Thank you for the input! :)

    • Martina, I agree with the confusion — perhaps because in the photos shown so far, I see no trace of a shiny patent finish like the one on the stock photo of the heels.

  35. I love this dress and still marvel at what a great idea it was to reverse the colors and lose those dreadful bell sleeves. Her version is far better than the original.

    Very cute that she wore last night’s earrings. They’re beautiful and I suspect they will be a favorite for a while.

  36. I prefer this dress as styled today to the Australia outing. Perhaps it’s because the bright yellow-green and sporty color-blocking are well suited to an athletic event. I also prefer Kate’s hair loose with this dress, as compared to the too-girlish style chosen in Australia.

    I was hoping for more good “reaction” shots — I love Kate’s spectator expressions!

    • Hopefully Kate will be back for the men’s finals. I’m 99% sure she will be there is Murray qualifies.

  37. Ugh. The nude shoes….

    • …well yes but I guess Kate could still be considered as experimental with her shoes compared to Anna Winter who has been wearing the exact same design of nude Manolo Blahnik shoes for decades….at least I have never seen her in anything else…

    • I just can’t believe she bought ANOTHER pair of nude heels. They look like all the rest. She must own like 10 pairs of almost identical nude pumps. :(. Plus this pair looks a tad too small.

      • I just wonder why she gets SO many similar pairs since breaking in new shoes is generally so painful. Why would you want to do it any more than absolutely necessary? And that’s one thing that she needs to do herself, she can’t pass that off to an employee. Ouch.

  38. I’ve been waiting for her to wear something by Victoria Beckham. I think that line is a great fit for her. I know it’s just a purse, but u wouldn’t be surprised to see her in some of her dresses as well.

    • I agree…VB’s styles are very clean sophisticated lines with just one small element of edginess. I think they would absolutely suit Kate’s style. Having said that …this purse doesn’t wow me. A lot of other designers (Coach, Micheal Kors, Kate Spade) would have something in a similar style at a much more affordable price point. Good news for those who want a copy-Kate.

      • Agree on the bag. I am all for high quality leather goods but purses have become insane with the value solely attached to the designer name and not a better quality or some incredible style/design that is different from other purses. I will splurge for high quality purses but balk at paying another $500 to $5,000.00 for a label on a purse, shoes, belt.

      • I’m thinking the purse may have been a gift from Victoria, so price never entered into the picture …

        • That could very well be Melanie. And even if it wasn’t a gift..I am sure the Duchess budget is far greater than mine! And I don’t fault her for it. I like that she wears a mix of designer and high street.

          I was speaking about us mere mortals. I am not opposed to spending the dollars on a high end designer on occasion but like Ali..it needs to be exceptional quality or some unique design element. I have eyed a number of VB items (usually her dresses) but this purse wouldn’t have been one of them. Nothing unique about it.

          • Laura love you comment and I should have included in mine that I do not fault Kate for spending her money anyway she wants. I know I spend way more on stuff that many would think was not of any better quality or design than a much less expensive version but for whatever reason I have decided it is worth it to me:).

  39. I just love this dress and I LOVE the alterations made for Kate. Well done. I can’t remember the last time we saw kate with a proper handbag and not a clutch, anyone know? Those earrings are great, seem pretty versatile as I can’t object to them being used at either the gala last night nor the tennis match today.

    So I will be visiting the UK in the middle of October this year. Does anyone know where to look for typical functions that the Royals might be attending during that time? Everywhere I’ve gone officially states that appearances are announced “up to” 8 weeks in advance, but I’m wondering if there are any events that happen annually in mid-October that are predictably reliable for a royal sighting?


  40. I would love to know where Rebecca Deacon’s dress came from. It’s so cute!

  41. In some of the photos, it appears that Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones) may be seated in the third row, behind Maggie Smith!

    • I believe you are correct (there’s a good shot in Wimbledon’s photo gallery). I almost didn’t recognize Dame Maggie Smith. Oh to be in that box and hear the conversations!

      I LOVE this dress on Kate, the yellow is so fun and youthful! I wish I could pull off yellow like that!

      • If I were seated in the Royal box at Wimbledon, I think I’d be more excited to be in the company of Maggie Smith, over everyone else. Maggie ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  42. Ooh those earrings look nicer on than they do in the picture!

    • I totally agree with you. Thought I don’t like them with this dress…they looked better with the dress she wore last night.

  43. Hmm, it’s weird how the dress and shoes are almost identical to the Australia tour (yet another nude pump, sigh) but Duchess apparently wasn’t wearing stockings today which gave her look a more youthful, summery feel. I like it. I actually like this dress a lot.

    Actually I’ve noticed this in the Duchess’s recent outings — it seems as if she either chooses to not wear stockings at all (today, and yesterday) but when she does wear them they look thicker, higher density, and less sheer than the stockings she used to wear. Maybe they last longer but they do seem less elegant and more matronly.

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